Tierp Internationals
Tierp Arena, 15th-18th June 2017

Söndag / Sunday

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Final results

Micke Gullqvist's 5.836 in the Pro Modified final is a new European ET record.

FIA Top Fuel Dragster: Duncan Micallef 5.5115/195.51 bye, Antti Horto no show
FIA Top Methanol: Sandro Bellio 5.5427/419.91 def. Dennis Habermann 5.3853/430.62
FIA Pro Modified: Micke Gullqvist 5.8360/400.00 def. Åke Persson 6.0993/386.27
FIA Pro Stock: Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5310/334.99 def. Stefan Ernryd 7.2257/312.86

EDRS Pro MC Top Fuel Bike: Peter Andersson 7.9010/221.86 def. Sverre Dahl 6.5169/265.75 DQ
EDRS Pro MC Supertwin: Anders Hörnström 6.6688/333.33 def. Greger Johansson 6.9418/304.23
EDRS Pro MC Pro Stock Bike: Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 7.2679/267.08 def. Robert Karlsson 7.3504/251.16
EDRS Pro MC Super Street Bike: Mogens Lund 7.2229/309.99 def. Anders Blanck 7.3934/310.17

Top Doorslammer: Victor Jansson 3.9434/310.34 def. Andreas Sjödin 3.8425/215.24
Comp Eliminator: Daniel Jedborn (7.41) 13.2666/117.11 bye
Pro Street: Johan Källberg 7.6353/267.99 def. Seppo Raussi 7.6333/289.23
Super Comp: Micke Nilsson 8.8898/250.12 def. Kristina Nygren 8.8602/252.69
Super Gas: Johan Renström 9.9094/213.96 def. Patrik Wickman 9.9116/202.63
Super Street: Jonas Larsson 10.9199/195.94 bye, Ulf Axelsson shut off
Stock / Super Stock: Christer Lidberg (10.46) 10.9492/155.75 def. Anders Lindh (10.29) 16.8938/106.07
Junior Dragster: Atle Poolsar (8.01) 8.0663/121.79 def. Niklas Larsson (7.91) 7.9770/132.78

Super Comp Bike: Kimmo Rantala 8.7520/247.93 def. Emil Östlund 8.8777/250.81
Super Gas Bike match race: Magnus Pollack 3, Iiro Reinola 0
Junior Drag Bike: John Rolfstad (9.60) 9.6162/109.89 def. Tim Christensen (12.20) 14.4226/86.19

Today's pictures will be posted in a few hours, stay tuned.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster final

Duncan Micallef 5.5115/195.51 bye, Antti Horto no show

Antti out with engine and clutch damage so the Maltese Lion got the bye for the event victory. 0.8830 to sixty, 2.2578/272.04 at 330 feet, shut off before the eighth 3.7236/230.28.


FIA Pro Modified final

Micke Gullqvist 5.8360/400.00 def. Åke Persson 6.0993/386.27

Replay of yesterday's SM final, same result. Micke away first 0.0832 to Åke's 0.0940, the much better sixty 0.9605 to Åke's 1.0330, Åke looked to be driving through high-frequency shake which lost him some time. Micke visibly ahead at the eighth 3.8401/314.14 to 4.0330/300.17. Micke's 5.836 is a new European ET record backed up by several of his previous passes, well done Micke and team!


FIA Top Methanol final

Sandro Bellio 5.5427/419.91 def. Dennis Habermann 5.3853/430.62

Dennis with the better reaction 0.0617 to Sandro's 0.0814, Sandro to sixty cleanly in 0.9839, Dennis with slight shake 0.9155. Dennis with the much better eighth 3.5510/345.71 to Sandro's 3.6665/337.92 but couldn't quite make up Sandro's head start.


FIA Pro Stock final

Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5310/334.99 def. Stefan Ernryd 7.2257/312.86

Stefan's tyres didn't light on the burnout. Bengt away first 0.0441 to Stefan's 0.0510, Stefan hit shale a few feet out, 1.1673 to sixty, Bengt away cleanly 0.9709. Stefan pedalled a couple of times and stomped on it again, Bengt way ahead by the eighth 4.1939/270.95 to Stefan's 4.7914/260.24.


EDRS Pro MC Top Fuel Bike final

Peter Andersson (U) 7.9010/221.86 def. Sverre Dahl 6.5169/265.75 DQ

Peter away first 0.1263 to 0.1987, Sverre with the much better sixty 1.0529 to Peter's 1.2422 and the much better eighth 4.0227/301.00 to Peter's 4.7743/233.67, but then Sverre hit the 1000-foot reflectors DQing his run.


EDRS Pro MC Supertwin final

Anders Hörnström 6.6688/333.33 def. Greger Johansson 6.9418/304.23

Anders away first 0.3507 to 0.3915 and the better sixty 1.1259 to 1.1550, visible lead at the eighth 4.3531/280.67 to Greger's 4.5079/264.32.


EDRS Pro MC Pro Stock Bike final

Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 7.2679/267.08 def. Robert Karlsson 7.3504/251.16


EDRS Pro MC Super Street Bike final

Mogens Lund 7.2229/309.99 def. Anders Blanck 7.3934/310.17

1.2041 sixty for Anders.


Top Doorslammer final

Victor Jansson 3.9434/310.34 def. Andreas Sjödin 3.8425/215.24

Holeshot win for Victor, 0.0216 RT to Andreas' 0.1623. Victor to sixty in 0.9989 to Andreas' 0.9632.


Super Gas Bike match race 3

Magnus Pollack 10.2988/212.85 def. Iiro Reinola 10.5140/221.86


Junior Dragster eliminations round 4 winners

Atle Poolsar (7.98) 8.0588/128.48, Niklas Larsson (7.91) 8.0289/124.37

Stock / Super Stock eliminations round 4 winners

Christer Lidberg (10.46) 10.4745/202.10 bye, Anders Lindh (10.29) 10.3509/189.91

We are now down to finals in all classes. Finalists will need some time to turn round and collect, stay tuned.


Comp Eliminator eliminations round 4 winners

No second smi-final, Krister Adeen broke last round.

Daniel Jedborn (7.62) 6.9197/261.12

Super Gas Bike match race 2

Magnus Pollack 9.8472/226.32 def. Iiro Reinola 10.3957/220.32

Super Comp Bike eliminations round 3 winners

Kimmo Rantala 8.8138/251.63, Emil Östlund 8.6595/229.49


Pro Street eliminations round 3 winners

Johan Källberg 7.6107/265.62, Seppo Raussi 7.6332/272.59

Super Comp eliminations round 3 winners

Holeshot win for Kristina Nygren in her race with Leif Andersson, courtesy of a 0.0049 RT.

Kristina Nygren 8.9241/247.59, Micke Nilsson 8.9275/269.33 bye

Super Gas eliminations round 3 winners

Johan Rehnström 9.9503/236.74, Patrik Wickman 9.9514/218.36

Super Street eliminations round 3 winners

Ulf Axelsson 11.1078/193.34, Jonas Larsson 10.9808/195.02 bye


FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 3

Micke Gullqvist 5.8798/397.94 def. David Vegter 5.9642/285.44

Micke away first 0.0769 to David's 0.0950, the better sixty 0.9767 to David's 0.9889 and an appreciable lead at the eighth 3.8742/311.96 to David's 3.9087/307.17. Excellent race!

Åke Persson 16.0711/64.85 bye, Jimmy Ålund no show

No Old 51, as yet no word why. Bullet dodged for Åke, 1.0272 to sixty with tyres shaking and motor screaming for mercy, car headed for the centre line and Åke backed out of it.


EDRS Pro MC Super Street Bike eliminations round 3

1.2026 for Anders the quickest SSB sixty foot time I think I have ever seen.

Mogens Lund 7.1330/289.08 def. Vesa Ruhanen 7.4041/290.48
Anders Blanck 7.3810/313.77 def. Robert Nilsson 7.3804/317.27


EDRS Pro MC Top Fuel Bike eliminations round 2

Peter Andersson (U) 7.7266/233.87 bye
Sverre Dahl 6.9989/235.09 def. Thomas Pettersson 10.5111/120.05 DQ

Peter to sixty in 1.2256, 4.7474/242.59 at the eighth. Sverre's burnout so short that I thought something in the motor had broken. -0.3187 red for Thomas. 1.0530 to sixty for Sverre, had to feather the throttle at the eighth and then got off the gas altogether, race already won.


EDRS Pro MC Supertwin eliminations round 2

Greger Johansson 7.3233/238.10 def. Tommy Grimes 10.1802/133.00
Anders Hörnström 6.8734/321.05 def. Roman Sixta 9.8765/152.33

Big holeshot for Tommy 0.1886 to Greger's 0.5343, Greger's run done at that point. Then about 100 feet out Tommy's slick started to haze, smoke from the motor, Gerger's tyre alsmo smoking some. Feathering of the throttle from both, Tommy's slick still blackstriping and he shut it off as the bike moved left. Greger's tyre hooked up after one feather and he passed Tommy before the eighth. Roman's tyre up in smoke at the hit, one feather and gave it up. Not at all partisan timekeepers said "Yes!" in unison.


EDRS Pro MC Pro Stock Bike eliminations round 2

Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 7.4066/285.41 bye
Robert Karlsson 7.4054/248.73 def. Alex Hope 7.4055/288.77 DQ

From the engine note sounded like a relatively lazy launch for Thomas, 1.1567 to sixty and 4.7077/240.64 at the eighth. -0.0153 red for Alex. 1.1081 to sixty for Robert, 4.5078/249.77 at the eighth, sounded like gear selection problems, shut off and sat up at about 1000 feet but the win already his. Almost identical ETs.


FIA Top Methanol eliminations round 2

Sandro Bellio 5.5853/417.31 def. Jonny Lagg 5.5588/418.60

Jonny was on the receiving end in the first-ever Dragster v FC race under these rules, could he get revenge? Even considering the staggered start Sandro whacked Jonny at the Tree 0.1404 to 0.4075, Jonny to sixty in 0.9611 to Sandro's 0.9928, shake for Jonny but a very deft pedal sorted that, Sandro with the better eighth 3.6944/335.20 to Jonny's 3.7258/351.33, Jonny ran out of track.

Dennis Habermann 5.5134/407.55 def. Micke Larsson 5.8721/392.73

0.2793 RT for Dennis, 0.4616 for Micke so a lot of Micke's advantage gone on the line. Micke to sixty in 1.0052, Dennis in 0.9630 then his tyres shook and flapped, a very brief slap on the pedal. Dennis visibly pulling away at the eighth 3.6543/341.56 to Micke's 3.8636/315.42.


FIA Pro Stock eliminations round 2

Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5658/339.84 def. Thomas Lindström 6.6500/335.20

Thomas away first 0.0310 to 0.0698, Bengt with the quicker sixty 0.9956 to 1.0021, then more advantage at the eighth 4.2260/271.08 to Thomas' 4.2780/266.67. Nice race!

Stefan Ernryd 6.6132/337.92 def. Magnus Pettersson 6.6741/333.75

Stefan away first 0.0895 to Magnus' 0.1099, Magnus with the better sixty 0.9963 to Stefan's 1.0015, very slight shake for Magnus lost him a fraction, Stefan with the better eighth 4.2570/268.79 to Magnus' 4.2895/265.10.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster eliminations round 2

Antti Horto 4.0934/467.53 def. Stig Neergaard 25.1582/23.57

Stig just away first 0.1144 to 0.1444, his tyres up in smoke immediately, 1.3201 to sixty, the dragster moved right and Stig shut it off. Antti to sixty in 0.8880, 330 feet in 2.2576/296.54 and the eighth at 3.2536/407.85, some haze around the back of the car, possibly tyres turning slightly, looked like a flash of flame out of one bank right on the stripe.

Duncan Micallef 3.9351/485.61 def. Micke Kågered 8.6758/134.87

Micke away first 0.0956 to Duncan's 0.1293, same story as Stig for Micke, tyres straight up in smoke, 0.9924 to sixty with the tyres boiling and the dragster moving right. The Maltese Lion to sixty in 0.8691, 2.1944/309.46 at 330 feet, 3.1325/432.35 at the eighth. Slight move left then right through the eighth, blackstriping all the way.


Super Gas Bike match race 1

Vertical wheelie for Iiro... how that bike did not chuck Iiro off I do not know, great save.

Magnus Pollack 9.8983/225.47 def. Iiro Reinola 10.5713/219.78

Super Comp Bike eliminations round 2

Nichlas Sverin 8.8066/225.66, Kimmo Rantala 8.7084/250.12, Emil &Oum;lstlund 8.5728/253.88 bye, Rasmus Östlund 8.7945/250.12

Stock / Super Stock eliminations round 4

Christer Lidberg (10.46) 10.4599/201.87, Anders Lindh (10.29) 10.3695/184.36, Uffe Edwardsson (10.29) 10.3061/205.40 bye

Pro session next up.


Top Doorslammer eliminations round 2

Andreas Sjödin 3.8831/315.05 bye, Lenn Lindell did not start
Victor Jansson 3.8969/313/04 def. Stefan Carlsson 4.1067/298.34

Lenn was lined up for the left lane but his crew moved the car to the right lane during the clean-up after Comp Eliminator. When the crew went to start Lenn's motor it turned over very, very slowly and made coughing noises, never started. The crew opened the butterflies on the hat and a lot of smoke came out, never seen that before. A visibly frustrated crew pushed Lenn away. Andreas took the bye, 0.9841 to sixty, no sign of shake, very clean and straight run. Stefan away first 0.0301 to 0.0732 but Victor started catching him up by sixty 0.9973 to 1.0721. Lots of clutch dust from Victor's car.


Simon has posted another set of pit notes which you can check out via the Event Index.


Comp Eliminator eliminations round 3 winners

Huge cloud of smoke from Krister Adeen's exhausts bank about 300 feet out. Stopped on the shutdown area, safety crew were there in moments. Clean-up crew called to the second half.

Hannu Flink (7.07) 6.6281/335.82, Daniel Jedborn (7.62) 8.7804/158.40 bye (Mikael Holmström no show), Krister Adeen (7.23) 8.3657/157.43


Super Comp eliminations round 2 winners

Leif Andersson 8.9432/272.04, Kristina Nygren 8.9666/240.21, Micke Nilsson 9.0420/232.26

Pro Street eliminations round 2 winners

Peter Trång 7.6406/285.56, Johan Källberg 7.6149/261.37, Seppo Raussi 7.6415/287.69, Pelle Arvidsson 7.7542/247.48

Quick break to groom the track.


Super Street eliminations round 2 winners

Ulf Axelsson 11.0429/192.24, Christer Gustafsson 11.2049/181.03, Jonas Larsson 10.9889/196.29

Super Gas eliminations round 2 winners

0.0015 RT for Annica Larsson in her race with H˚kan Mattsson.

Johan Rehnström 10.2263/171.48, Lina Braathen 9.9155/180.97, Patrik Wikman 9.9842/208.41, Annica Larsson 9.9277/213.86


Stock / Super Stock eliminations round 3 winners

Erik Wallin (10.41) 10.5223/188.15, Christer Lidberg (10.46) 10.5850/187.43, Anders Lindh (10.20) 10.3101/202.78 bye, Thomas Strand (10.92) 11.0426/190.41, Uffe Edwardsson (10.29) 10.3238/204.47


A big Good Afternoon (here) with hugs to Kathy Taylor and with a manly handshake on his uninjured hand to Bob Roberts, both tuned in from the UK.

FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 2

Micke Gullqvist 8.9743/194.95 bye, Michael Joneskog no show

No Michael, no word yet on why. Would Micke take a full pass for lane choice or a squirt for data? 1.0997 to sixty but tyres already shaking and the Camaro turned right. A pedal and the car moved around its lane, Micke shut it off.

David Vegter 5.9556/385.99 def. Jan Ericsson 11.2830/125.73

250-foot burnout by David, 200 feet for Jan. Jan away first 0.0722 to 0.0912, to sixty in 1.0685 with tyres starting to shake, David to sixty in 0.9878. Jan's engine note shot up courtesy of the shake and he shut it off. David long gone, 3.9038/308.04 at the eighth.

Jimmy Ålund 5.9255/383.25 def Håkan Persson 6.0519/381.36 DQ

Håkan recovered from his oil shower last round but pulled a -0.0364 red handing it to Jimmy. Jimmy to sixty in 0.9901, 3.8759/310.88 at the eighth. Smoke from Håkan's motor in the shutdown area.

Åke Persson 6.0558/389.33 def. Freddy Fagerström 6.1998/362.90

Great race! Åke away first 0.1119 to 0.1712, Freddy with the better sixty 1.0155 to 1.0247, Åke's car swaying left and right. Åke with the better eighth 4.0151/306.82 to Freddy's 4.0389/295.73. Freddy close to the centre line at the eighth.


EDRS Pro MC Super Street Bike eliminations round 2

Mogens Lund 7.0888/327.27 def. Kim Hilander 8.0129/257.02
Vesa Ruhanen 7.1794/326.48 def. Henri Kolehmainen 7.2565/311.78
Robert Nilsson 7.2469/317.27 def. Mathias Bohlin 7.3501/308.40
Anders Blanck 7.3259/309.10 def. Björn Friström 8.9336/172.03


EDRS Pro MC Top Fuel Bike eliminations round 1

Peter Andersson (U) 8.4956/286.62 bye, Rikard Gustafsson no show
Sverre Dahl 8.1764/264.84 def. Peter Andersson (Ä) 8.2359/219.24
Thomas Pettersson 7.0432/203.64 def. Jan Sturla Hegre 9.0527/137.61

Rikard went home yesterday having broken the crank, easy bye for Peter. Great visible 0.2256 to 0.8913 holeshot for Sverre then potential disaster as his slick went up in smoke past the Tree. Several unproductive feathers of the throttle to try to get it back and the tyre eventually bit enough, Peter was ahead at that point but Sverre got past him far enough to get off the gas and get the chute out. Jan Sturla's motor sounded to be misfiring and the bike was approaching the guardrail into the bargain, off the gas and chute out at about 1000 feet.


EDRS Pro MC Pro Stock Bike eliminations round 1

Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 7.3638/286.47 def. Timo Savolainen 7.2108/285.87 DQ
Robert Karlsson 7.1061/303.88 bye, Fredrik Kempe no show
Alex Hope 7.3782/286.93 def. Kenneth Holmberg 7.3704/293.16

-0.2307 red for Timo threw away a great run. No Fredrik, Robert took the bye. 1.1000 to sixty, 4.5300/250.35 at the eighth close to the centre line. 0.0630 to 0.2292 holeshot won it for Alex.


EDRS Pro MC Supertwin eliminations round 1

Greger Johansson 7.6948/234.68 def. Svein Olav Rolfstad 22.2238/48.62
Roman Sixta 6.6804/328.47 bye, Vidar Ravnsborg shut off
Anders Hörnström 6.7763/307.69 def. Petri Mattsson 7.2575/231.26
Tommy Grimes 7.6199/237.99 def. Samu Kemppainen 20.3880/50.90

Svein Olav got the jump on Greger 0.2613 to 0.4513 but lost drive about 100 feet out and idled along the track. Greger very close to the guardrail in the second half and feathered the throttle. Vidar shut off before staging. 1.1576 to sixty for Roman, 4.3535/281.69 at the eighth, very close to the centre line at the stripe. Petri got a 0.1849 to 0.3989 jump on Anders but then had to feather the throttle at the eighth and Anders got past him, two happy timekeepers to my right. 0.1328 to 0.2173 holeshot for Tommy then both his and Samu's tyres went up in smoke. Both feathered, Tommy managed to recover, a bang from Samu's motor. Tommy's engine note started to drop and he was off the gas at about 1000 feet.


FIA Pro Stock eliminations round 1

Thomas Lindström 6.6398/333.54 def. Michael Malmgren 20.2043/61.32

Thomas away first 0.0490 to Michael's 0.0871, Michael with bad shake almost immediately, came up through the floor here, sixty in 1.1078 and gave it up after one pedal. Thomas to sixty in 0.9904 and the eighth in 4.2656/266.80.

Stefan Ernryd 6.6053/338.13 def. Christian Sagelv 6.7194/323.55

Christian away first 0.0535 to Stefan's 0.0813, Stefan started to get it back by sixty 1.0041 to 1.0184 and a visible advantage at the eighth 4.2551/269.19 to Christian's 4.3290/264.71. No visible problems for Christian, just straight beaten, but that is a new car with lots more left in it and Christian has hardly been hanging around in it thus far.

Magnus Pettersson 6.7347/331.29 def. Jimmy Ålund 13.0316/100.06

Jimmy visibly moved first 0.0122 to Magnus' 0.1381 but hit shake almost instantly, pitching the car to the right, 1.1262 to sixty feet heading towards the centre line. 1.0066 to sixty for Magnus, Jimmy pedalled and got off the gas. Magnis to the eighth 4.3308/263.29.

Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5430/340.05 def. Richard Sundblom 6.7002/333.95

Nixxon away first 0.0899 to 0.1665 but Bengt started to put Nixxon's butt on the plate by sixty feet 0.9751 to 1.0138, visible lead by the eighth 4.2012/270.54 to 4.3189/264.45.


FIA Top Methanol eliminations round 1

Sandro Bellio 5.5219/416.67 def. Ari Pietliä 5.8020/398.23

Ari visibly spaned Sandro at the Tree 0.1621 to 0.3464 but the process of reeling Ari in started immediately, Sandro with the better sixty 0.9583 to 0.9687 and visibly overtaking Ari by the eighth 3.6415/338.13 to 3.8079/313.59. Ari's FC drifted towards the centre line but he had it covered.

Dennis Habermann 5.3876/424.86 def. Linn Engan Karlsen 5.8618/386.54

Linn made the most of the head start 0.1412 to Dennis' 0.1734 but Dennis got straight on with the job of reeling Linn in with the better sixty 0.9095 to Linn's 1.0054 and visibly getting the advantage at the eighth 3.5384/342.86 to Linn's 3.8402/315.05. Great run for Linn, new PB unless I am mistaken, well done Linn and team!

Jonny Lagg 5.6626/409.40 def. Petteri Liimatainen 6/8353/357.14

Petteri's first competitive round in Top Methanol and he got the jump on Jonny 0.0812 to 0.1127, the better sixty 0.9479 to Jonny's 0.9682 but then hit shake so bad that something came off the car, maybe another piece for Grace's collection. Jonny sounded to pedal once, Petteri pedalled several times and the tyres picked up but far too late. Jonny with the huge advantage at the eighth 3.7913/343.73 to Petteri's 4.6742/271.36 and maintained the lead all the way through the second half. Grace reported in from trackside that it was a Go Pro camera which came off Petteri's dragster.

Micke Larsson 5.9439/388.49 def. Timo Habermann 6.5036/392.73

Micke didn't take advantage of the handicao losing some of it to Timo 0.2313 to 0.1810. Timo to sixty in 0.9944, Micke in 1.0236, Timo hit had shake and pedalled several times with tyres shaking and smoking. Micke to the eighth in 3.9003/310.88, Timo given it up by that point 4.4061/283.17.


Junior Dragster eliminations round 3 winners

Atle Poolsar (7.92) 8.0238/128.69 bye, Fanny Andersson (7.95) 7.9474/127.57, Victor Heleander (7.90) 8.0562/119.95, Niklas Larsson (7.90) 7.9914/124.00


FIA Top Fuel Dragster eliminations round 1

Antti Horto 3.9633/490.91 def. Timo Lehtimäki 4.4396/329.07

Antti away first 0.1512 to 0.1571 and the much better sixty 0.8916 to Timo's 0.9378. A visible lead for Antti even by 330 feet 2.2247/310.34 (192.84 mph) to Timo's 2.3548/288.46 then smoke and a flash of flame from Timo's motor before the eighth and he was off the gas. Antti to the eighth in 3.1665/430.97 (267.79 mph). Clean-up crew summoned to the top end but then turned back so whatever it was not a big problem. 305.54 mph for Antti.

Micke Kågered 3.9526/463.12 def. Liam Jones 4.1464/438.31

Micke visibly moved first 0.0598 to 0.1003 and had the better sixty 0.8609 to Liam's 0.9151. Micke with a visible advantage at 330 feet 2.1798/305.95 to Liam's 2.3081/297.85, smoke and then a stab of orange flame from Liam's right bank. Micke way ahead at the eighth 3.1334/425.53, 3.2903/409.71 for Liam. New PB for Micke, his first-ever three-second pass, well done Micke and team!

Duncan Micallef 4.3806/308.75 def. Stefan Gunnarsson 4.7339/251.28

Stefan away first 0.1108 to 0.1326, Duncan had the better sixty 0.8786 to 0.9022 and the better 330 foot 2.2548/399.33 to Stefan's 2.2707/303.71. Looked from here as if Stefan's blower relief panel blew, a small flash of flame. Then looked from here as if Duncan's blower belt broke. Stefan slowing at the eighth 3.3950/306.95 and Duncan slowing although by not quite as much 3.2548/366.60.

Stig Neergaard 4.0504/412.21 def. Anita Mäkelä 4.0117/477.45

Something looked to come off Stig's car in the burnout, crew unconcerned. Stig visibly away first 0.0873 to Anita's 0.1283, Anita just with the better sixty 0.8656 to Stig's 0.8666, Stig made that up at 330 feet 2.2201/299.00 to Anita's 2.2390/300.33. Stig with the slightly better eighth 3.1879/419.91 to Anita's faster 3.1983/424.86, a bang from Stig's motor and he started to slow but his RT advantage was too much for Anita and he took the stripe by 0.0110.


FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 1

Michael Joneskog 6.0800/389.61 def. Bruno Bader 6.4496/269.33

Michael's first competitive round of Pro Modified competition and he got away first 0.0800 to 0.1105. Bruno sounded to double-step off the line. Michael to sixty in 1.0389 to Bruno's 1.0471, Bruno was starting to get the better of Michael at the eighth 3.9647/301.34 to 4.0714/313.04 but then a big puff of smoke from Bruno's motor and he shut off at about 1000 feet.

Håkan Persson 6.4093/298.34 def. Norbert Kuno 10.3028/139.07 DQ

-0.1255 red from Norbert handed it to Håkan. Håkan to sixty in 1.0847, to the eighth in 4.1118/300.33 with smoke from the motor which got heavier and heavier and he was off the gas just after 1000 feet. Track checked and all OK. Simon called in from the pits that Håkan was treated to an oil shower.

Freddy Fagerström 6.1807/364.86 def. Kim Kristiansen 6.7309/367.35

300-foot burnout from Freddy, Kim sat and watched and then did pretty much the same himself. Freddy visibly away first 0.1078 to 0.3915, sixty in 1.0182 to Kim's 1.0705 then Kim's tyres started to spin and went up in smoke with the motor screaming Kim pedalled and the tyres hooked up but too much time lost. Freddy to the eighth in 4.0245/295.57, Kim in 4.5923/287.69. Unusually straight run for Freddy.

Jan Ericsson 6.0783/380.55 def. Andreas Arthursson 7.5885/200.89

Jan got the visible jump on Andreas 0.2603 to 0.4204, also the better sixty 1.0307 to Andreas' 1.0353. Jan down the middle of the lane, Andreas drifted left. Jan to the eighth in 4.0030/303.71, a bang from Andreas' motor just before the eighth 4.2408/235.40 and his race was done.

David Vegter 5.9823/387.10 bye, Roger Johansson shut off

Roger never made it into stage, shut off for fluid. David to sixty in 1.0067 and the eighth at 3.9309/306.47. Not seen very much in the way of shake from anyone so far today. Grace at trackside reports that she is keeping the part of David's car which it threw at her on the way past.

Åke Persson 5.8997/394.45 def. Micke Johansson 10.0579/154.77

One of the safety crew was looking underneath Micke's car even before it started althoug possibly checking that Roger hadn't left anything for Micke's tyres to soak up on the way through. Storming and clearly visible jump for Micke 0.0042 to Åke's 0.2267, kiss of death from Your Reporter as Micke hit shake not far off the line, 1.1995 sixty. Åke already on a stormer at the sixty 0.9958 and 3.8919/313.41 at the eighth, Micke pedalling several times and giving up just after the eighth 5.7570/178.51.

Jimmy Ålund 5.8997/382.44 def. Hussain Al Shammari 6.3371/336.45

Jimmy went into full stage before Hussain was in pre-stage and waited patuently whilst Hussain's crew carried out checks. The Tree ran very quickly after Hussain went in, Jimmy away first 0.1707 to Hussain's 0.3358. Jimmy straight on a stormer, 0.9807 to sixty to Hussain's 1.0279 and to the eighth in a meteoric 3.8503/311.06 to Hussain's 4.1332/292.68. haze from Hussain's motor.

Micke Gullqvist 5.9102/394.16 def. Rolf Simonsson 9.1821/158.92

Rolf in as an alternate for Michel Tooren. One should really cast a veil over the RTs, Micke away first 0.4325 to Rolf's 0.5667 but Micke to sixty in 0.9693 to Rolf's 1.0331 with black smoke from the motor. Micke to the eighth in 3.8939/309.63, Rolf already shut off 4.8333/176.13 with the car half-visible through the soot.


Simon has posted today's first set of pit notes which you can check out via the Event Index.

EDRS Pro MC Super Street Bike eliminations round 1

Mogens Lund 7.0662/327.67 bye
Kim Helander 8.3832/286.78 def. Mark Hope 11.2767/118.84
Vesa Ruhanen 7.3246/320.28 def. Ida Zetterström 8.6809/271.49
Henri Kolehmainen 7.5181/256.78 def. Pelle Lakmaker 7.7916/301.17
Robert Nilsson 7.4153/310.88 def. Ida Johansson no time broke
Mathias Bohlin 7.4170/312.68 def. Roberth Häggblom 7.7521/295.73
Anders Blanck 7.2957/311.42 def. Emil Östlund 8.1746/233.46
Björn Friström 7.4143/314.69 def. Dag Wagenius 7.8526/295.89

Pre-race ceremonies then Pro Modified E1.


Junior Drag Bike eliminations round 2 winners

John Rolfstad (9.60) 9.8170/110.77, Tim Christensen (10.20) 13.0064/76.09


Good morning and welcome from Tierp Arena for our coverage of the Tierp Internationals brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

Again a pleasant morning, sun and high cloud, very gentle southerly breeze. Just stepped outside to call home as we have a birthday in the house and there are encouraging warm-up noises from the pits.

We posted yesterday's gallery just after 23:30, if you like your parachute and other top end shots then you can check that out via the Event Index page.

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