Hillingdon Speed and Spares APIRA Open Sport Nationals
Shakespeare County Raceway, 29th-31st August


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Final Sunday qualifying lists are as follows:

Final qualifying lists - Car classes (pdf format)

Super Pro ET
Super Comp
Super Gas
Super Street
Pro ET
Sportsman ET
Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator
VW Pro
VW Sportsman
Wild Bunch
Outlaw Anglia
Lucas Oil Junior Dragster

Final qualifying lists - Bike classes (pdf format)

Funny Bike
Comp Bike
Super Street Bike
8.50 Bike
9.50 Bike
NAST Supertwin ET
Junior Dragbike


Today's gallery has now been posted and can be checked out via the Event Index. There are 35 pictures in all; if you do not see all 35 updated thumbnails when you load the gallery page then click on your browser's Refresh button. Tune in tomorrow for eliminations.


Race officials have decided that, with rain still heavy and the weather radar looking unfavourable, racing is cancelled for the rest of the day. Tune in tomorrow for eliminations and in the meantime our gallery from today will be posted in the next hour or so.


Many thanks to Steve Moxley who has given us some ACU Bike notes from the pits. You can read Steve's reports on www.eatmyink.com and www.acu.org.uk.

In Funny Bike, Dave Buttery built his gearbox since the last meeting and is looking for a new clutch setup. He is also having problems with the gear shifter which is sticking in second gear. Phil Crossley was running his new bike without nitrous and said that the first runs with the new bike are a learning curve. Allan Davies had a PB speed and his quickest run at SCR with a 7.598/178.70, his first 7.5s run here. Unfortunately a head stud broke on that effort. Pete Le Gros ran a PB for both ET and speed at 8.246/171.71 yesterday. He has new parts made for his nitro combination and is looking forward to running at the National Finals to improve further still. Len Paget is testing a new 1640cc four valve engine before next weekend's FIM Euro Finals at Santa Pod. He was pleased running two 7.50s at speeds in excess of 181mph.

In Competition Bike, Sean Mills of Big CC suffered a damaged clutch and had to fit a new one and is trying to find a combination with it. Sean had suffered engine damage at the Springspeed Nationals and had to miss the Summer Nationals as a result. Dave Smart ran PBs for speed and ET yesterday, including his first run above 180mph with a 7.866/183.11. Dave has changed his clutch and is working on his 60ft times with the new setup. Mick Winyard is testing new parts and after running a seven yesterday is back to previous settings. Phil Leamon had a chain break and has had to withdraw, and Paul Hambidge has found fuel in his engine cylinders and had to go home without making a pass.

In Super Street Bike, Graham Dance is trying new parts before running at the FIM Euro Finals. Mark Hope is still working out new bike issues, running the machine in 8.50 Bike last year prior to a new wrap being applied for 2015. This is his first National Championship meeting for him riding this year, although he has been supporting brother Alex who has been running in UK, Sweden and Germany this year. Chris Reed has made a lot of changes to the setup, but with a worn tyre is suffering big traction issues. He reported that his speed at the top end was 188mph but the data showed the tyre was rotating at 218mph.

The webcam is still switched off as it is raining. Stay tuned.


Sportsman ET qualifying top five after session 5

  1. Gill Medley (15.25) 15.259/89.19
  2. Alan Medley (13.45) 13.462/103.04
  3. Geoff Cowley (14.98) 14.997/93.19
  4. Felicity Gibbs (17.07) 17.092/82.00
  5. Stephen Cherrett (19.36) 19.401/70.54

No change in the top five this session. The top ten out of twelve qualifiers are covered by less than 0.1s. It is now raining harder, and the webcam (which is running on a 4G stick with a limited data allowance) will be stopped for the duration of the rain delay. We will let you know on the race report when action is due to restart.


Super Comp qualifying after session 5

  1. Stuart Doignie 8.904/160.06
  2. Conrad Stanley 8.908/149.99
  3. Martin Curbishley 8.920/155.04
  4. Andy Williams 8.974/157.82

No improvements in this session.


Pro ET qualifying top five after session 5

  1. Liz Malcolm (11.20) 11.200/118.16
  2. Tim Stanbury (9.40) 9.454/144.36
  3. Glenn Pallant (9.94) 9.945/136.15
  4. Leigh Morris (10.90) 10.905/120.98
  5. Colin Felstead (9.90) 9.907/136.99

No change in the top five in this session. The top 18 of 20 qualifiers are better than +0.1s off dial.


We got to the stage in Pro ET of restarting engines and then there were more spots of rain. Stay tuned.


Super Street Bike qualifying top five after session 4

  1. Alex Hope 7.633/183.67
  2. Graham Dance 7.639/172.92
  3. Chris Reed 7.944/188.81
  4. Sam Sykes 8.401/167.50
  5. Mark Hope 9.004/157.73

Improvement for Sam Sykes but no change in position. As Street Eliminator cars chose not to run in this session, we are next into session five. After a few pairs of Pro ET we have spots of rain on the window. Stay tuned.


Outlaw Anglia qualifying after session 4

  1. Cliff Griffin 7.881/183.05
  2. Mat Cooper 8.256/162.12
  3. Jedd Guy 8.370/160.58
  4. Simon Barlow 8.918/161.58

No improvement in this session. Mat Cooper got sideways towards the top end and lifted.

Wild Bunch qualifying top five after session 4

  1. Phil James (9.35) 9.362/142.42
  2. Keith Crampton (10.96) 11.001/117.57
  3. Alan Loten (9.15) 9.199/139.51
  4. Dick Sharp (9.05) 9.151/152.08
  5. Sarah Howells (8.90) 9.090/168.17

No change to the top five. Bob Hawkins ran a squirrelly 7.22.


Super Gas qualifying after session 4

  1. Stuart Doignie 9.902/156.03
  2. Bob Molden 9.988/117.25
  3. Jon Morton 9.845/149.77

Bob Molden improved but stayed in position.

8.50 Bike qualifying top five after session 4

  1. Paul Furlong 8.581/159.79
  2. Jay Roe 8.589/153.34
  3. Andy Haley 8.593/159.29
  4. Martin Walker 8.603/149.06
  5. Jake Mechaell 8.624/158.60

Jay Roe moved up one position.


9.50 Bike qualifying top five during session 4

  1. Wayne Bradley 9.518/136.21
  2. Brett Cordelle 9.522/145.41
  3. Jonathan Kasziba 9.546/134.12
  4. Rick Sawatzki 9.567/120.69
  5. Fred Furlong 9.629/119.62

Wayne Bradley took the no.1 spot and Jonathan Kasziba up to no.3; we briefly went on hold for spots of rain and then action resumed.


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There won't be pit notes this weekend as your pit reporter is acting as race reporter and News Editor Tog will be taking pictures of the on-track action.

The weather here is dry with high cloud and qualifying is due to commence at 10am. We are mid way through Session Four and another two full sessions are scheduled today. The running order is here.

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