2007 Open Sport Nationals
Monday (eliminations)

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Final results:

Super Modified: Andy Kirk 7.804/180.46 def. Tim Garlick 7.949/171.91
Super Pro ET: Barry Giles (7.74) 7.704/171.59 def. John Everitt (7.94) 10.054/99.21 red
Pro ET: Paul Baynton (10.97) 10.975/122.85 def. Chris Hodgkins (9.67) 9.674/138.21
Sportsman ET: John Parker (13.50) 14.634/76.53 def. Nick Gay (14.10) 16.727/74.85
Super Comp: Paul Knight 8.913/157.56 def. Belinda Bull 8.895/156.92
Super Gas: Conrad Stanley 9.915/162.39 def. Dave Catton 10.004/130.33 red
Super Street: Bob Lees 10.872/120.36 def. Martyn Sanger 10.815/117.77
Junior Dragster: Anna Stanley (9.10) 9.135/70.20 def. Peter Walters (8.48) 8.500/77.32
Real Steel Street Eliminator: Steve Nash 8.167/178.62 def. Jason Weir 9.027/153.41
Nostalgia Fuel Altered Association: Frank Bennett 7.018/193.18 def. Clayton Round 7.249/192.55
Outlaw Anglia: Pete Ashworth 8.759/154.42 bye, Paul Wright no show
VW Sportsman: Paul Herbert (13.30) 13.367/94.23 def. Martin Ayton (14.80) 14.505/88.03
Outlaw Flat Four: Frank Hoffmann 12.732/108.31 def. Bernard Newbury 15.905/53.37
Wild Bunch: Roy Wilding (11.24) 11.308/116.92 def. Terry Clifford (10.20) 10.333/123.38

Top Fuel Bike: Steve Woollatt 6.747/216.26 def. Steve Carey 7.606/184.42
Funny Bike: Stu Chamberlain 7.788/173.42 def. Neil Midgley 14.255/43.93
Pro Stock Bike: Dave Beck 7.490/176.10 def. Richard Gipp 7.809/176.71
Comp Bike: Kev Charman 7.684/170.73 def. Phil Leamon 8.449/155.59
Super Street Bike: Dave Smith 7.680/189.53 def. Gary Bowe broke
9.50 Bike: Andy Burfitt 9.600/148.64 def. Julian Harris 9.631/139.68
Supertwin Gas: Chris Stebbings 9.841/132.37 def. Les Harris 9.802/130.07
Supertwin ET: John Hackney (10.00) 10.160/110.82 def. Dan Baldwin (15.54) 16.057/82.16
Junior Drag Bike: Tyler Clutterbuck (10.95) 11.011/57.11 def. Scott Collier (13.20) 13.245/46.39

Notable in the above is a father and daughter win in Super Gas and Junior Dragster, Conrad and Anna Stanley, well done guys!


Outlaw Flat Four eliminations round 3 winners: Bernard Newbury 10.165/133.49, Frank Hoffman 12.275/112.25 bye

9.50 Bike eliminations round 4 winners: Julian Harris 9.552/140.06, Andy Burfitt staged (bye)


Junior Dragster eliminations round 3 winners: Peter Walters (8.45) 8.521/77.19, Anna Stanley (9.07) 9.164/70.09

Supertwin ET eliminations round 3 winners: Dan Baldwin (15.44) 15.572/84.20, John Hackney (10.46) 10.534/126.86 bye

Super Comp eliminations round 3 winners: Belinda Bull 8.886/161.26, Paul Knight 8.912/157.53 bye

Pro ET eliminations round 4 winners: Paul Baynton (10.99) 10.971/122.24, Chrs Hodgkins (9.71) 9.684/138.08 bye


Super Street eliminations round 2 winners: Bob Lees 10.932/123.73, Martyn Sanger 10.830/111.28

Super Pro ET eliminations round 3 winners: Barry Giles (7.74) 7.743/170.68, John Everitt (7.96) 8.131/166.86 bye

Sportsman ET eliminations round 3 winners: Nick Gay (14.10) 14.264/80.26, John Parker (13.50) 13.482/103.47bye


Outlaw Anglia eliminations round 3 winners: Pete Ashworth 10.404/111.52 bye, Paul Wright 7.720/181.18

Wild Bunch eliminations round 3 winners: Roy Wilding staged, Terry Clifford (10.20) 10.337/123.59

Real Steel Street Elminator eliminations round 3 winners: Jason Weir 9.353/153.98, Steve Nash 8.959/178.86


Super Gas eliminations round 3 winners: Conrad Stanley 9.995/137.72, Dave Catton 9.796/148.01 bye

Pro Stock Bike final:

Dave Beck 7.490/176.10 def. Richard Gipp 7.809/176.71

Top Fuel Bike final:

Steve Woollatt 6.747/216.26 def. Steve Carey 7.606/184.42

Steve Woollatt got a big start line advantage and stayed way out in front all the way.

Super Street Bike eliminations round 3 winners: Gary Bowe 8.036/176.10 bye (Steve Venables shut off), Dave Smith 7.791/187.99

Trackside conditions are 68.0 F, 45% humidity and 30.15 inches of air, track temperature is 84.1 F.


Supertwin ET eliminations round 2 winners: Dan Baldwin (15.30) 15.491/84.52, Steve Partridge (12.85) 12.888/103.09, John Hackney (10.00) 10.089/116.54

Funny Bike eliminations round 1 winners: Neil Midgley 7.597/157.35, Stu Chamberlain 7.851/174.05

A great riding job by Steve French as his bike headed for the guardrail, I swear that bike was over at an angle of 45 degrees as Steve fought with it.

Supertwin Gas eliminations round 2 winners: Chris Stebbings 9.680/130.84, Les Harris 9.600/135.55

Supertwin Fuel eliminations round 1 winners: Andy Smith 9.302/142.46 bye


Junior Dragster eliminations round 2 winners: Dan Giles (8.70) 8.822/67.67, Jayne Kay (8.03) 8.090/81.67, Peter Walters (8.48) 8.452/78.26 bye (Matthew Seamarks no show), Anna Stanley (9.05) 9.106/70.53


9.50 Bike eliminations round 3 winners: Shaun Spiers 9.596/147.35, Andy Burfitt 9.512/152.43, Julian Harris 9.666/125.06

Pro ET eliminations round 3 winners: Chris Hodgkins (9.71) 9.733/138.02, Paul Baynton (10.97) 10.994/121.69, Ian Brown (10.76) 10.774/112.76

Ron Bartlett ran a perfect 9.900 in this session but wasn't carrying the requisite decals so the Eurodragster.com / LA Racing Parts money is still available.

Outlaw Flat Four eliminations round 2 winners: Travis Rider 10.442/126.66 bye, Bernard Newbury 10.077/134.30, Frank Hoffmann 11.851/120.89

Another new PB for Bernard Newbury, well done Bernard! A PB too for Frank Hoffmann, well done Frank!

Sportsman ET eliminations round 2 winners: Nick Gay (14.05) 14.154/94.77, John Parker (13.50) 13.539/102.51, Harrison Brown (12.57) 12.645/87.19


Real Steel Street Eliminator eliminations round 2 winners: Andy Frost 7.890/188.53, Steve Nash no time, Jason Weir 9.043/153.64, Colin Lazenby 8.207/178.32 bye

Andy Frost backed up his earlier 7.876 and the 188.53 on this run was backed up by Andy's previous pass for a new speed record, well done Frosty! A double red for Wilf Stacey and Steve Nash, Wilf pulled a clear red but Splinter got a red without moving and the Tree never ran, the win was awarded to Splinter. An awesome driving job by Jerry Charles as the Capri made a hard move to the right and he really had his hands full to keep it in his lane, congratulations to winner Jason Weir on another PB. Colin Lazenby also had his hands full on his bye as the big Chevy wanted to run down the centre line but Colin pedalled a couple of times and stayed with it.

Wild Bunch eliminations round 2 winners: Terry Clifford (10.20) 10.304/124.57, Darryl Howells (10.24) 12.472/125.57, Roy Wilding (11.30) 11.263/112.68

VW Sportsman eliminations round 2 winners: Paul Herbert (13.30) 13.369/94.29, Martin Ayton (14.80) 14.883/82.51

Super Street Bike eliminations round 2 winners: Scott Baldwin 8.088/182.33, Dave Smith 7.679/192.36, Gary Bowe 8.045/177.65, Steve Venables 7.866/192.18


Super Pro ET eliminations round 2 winners: Spencer Tramm (8.83) 8.851/135.92, Barry Giles (7.73) 7.743/170.78, John Everitt (7.94) 7.967/168.41 bye

Outlaw Anglia eliminations round 2 winners: Paul Wright 7.762/179.63, Rob Stone 9.162/143.56, Pete Ashworth 8.364/155.12

Comp Bike eliminations round 2 winners: Phil Leamon 8.547/154.95 bye (Conrad Skett broke), Kev Charman 7.681/165.35


Super Gas eliminations round 2 winners: Dave Catton 9.919/135.12, Conrad Stanley 10.138/125.04, Frank Mason 10.069/143.54 bye

Sportsman ET eliminations round 1 winners: Nick Gay (14.24) 14.079/94.39, Geoff Cowley (15.28) 15.344/91.71, Ian Jackson (13.88) 14.200/92.78, Ian Petrie (17.12) 17.198/77.52 bye (Steve Gilmour no show), John Parker (13.50) 13.484/101.79, Harrison Brown (12.30) 12.584/103.93 bye

Super Modified eliminations round 2 winners: Tim Garlick 7.864/174.43, Andy Kirk 7.738/180.90 bye

Andy Hone, having changed the motor in his Scorpio, put in a 7.591 checkout pass, nice one Fred!


Nostalgia Fuel Altered Association session 5 (left lane first): Tony Betts shut off, Clayton Round 9.042/95.61 bye, Bob Glassup 11.441/67.82 bye, Joe Bond 16.473/47.63, Frank Bennett 8.096/146.55, Tony Betts 17.646/44.78 bye, Neil Townson 7.736/158.09 bye

Tony's altered left oil on the track on the way back from the burnout and he shut off before staging. Clayton took a half pass, the motor hesitated for a moment off the line and the tyres shook but Clayton drove through the shake. Then it was discovered that we had about half a mile of oil in Clayton's lane. Clayton came to visit us in Race Control and said that tyre shake cause the oil filter to come off, and that he had no idea that anything was wrong until his oil warning light came on.

Bob first after the clean-up, a planned half pass to save parts as the Xtreme altered is to be shipped to the USA on Wednesday for its appearance at the California Hot Rod Reunion. The engine sounded a little rough and the blower belt flew at about 500 feet. A red light for Joe not that it matters in qualifying, the altered's engine sounded to be labouring and Joe was off the throttle before 300 feet. Meanwhile Frank had a wild one, the altered moving about its lane and making a hard left turn at about half track. Oil leak fixed, Tony up for the second time of asking. Tony's altered almost disappeared in clutch dust as it passed the Tree then the tyres went up in smoke and the car turned hard left, Tony did a great job of holding onto the car and keeping it off the rail. A nice burnout and a great pass for Neil, the altered making gentle moves about its lane but Neil had it covered and shut off at about 1000 feet.

Derek Flynn followed the NFAA in the Gold RV Racing Top Methanol Dragster. A nice 6.362/220.18 with another hesitation off the line and it sounded as if the transmission was suffering in the last couple of hundred feet but still a great speed and more to come.

Trackside conditions are 66.9 F, 50% humidity and 30.15 inches of air, track temperature 81.6 F.


Super Comp eliminations round 2 winners: Belinda Bull 8.996/140.39, Jon Morton 9.315/125.48, Paul Knight 8.894/158.48

Outlaw Flat Four eliminations round 1 winners: Pete Englezos 11.329/121.97, Bernard Newbury 10.126/133.94, Frank Hoffmann 13.732/107.15, Dave Dinning 11.706/116.76 bye (Jim Smith no show), Peter Shattock 12.472/103.83 (Richie Webb no show), Travis Rider 10.499/125.94

A Personal Best for Bernard Newbury, well done Bernie!


Junior Dragster eliminations round 1 winners: Charlotte Watts (9.91) 10.021/59.92, Annalieze Gibb (13.00) 13.190/46.73, Zak Johnson (8.95) 9.047/71.88, Matt Seamarks (7.90)9.087/71.56, Jayne Kay 8.049/81.08, Peter Walters (8.45) 8.513/77.32, Anna Stanley (9.05) 9.089/70.87, Dan Giles (8.70) 8.733/72.93

Super Street Bike eliminations round 1 winners: Graham Balchin 7.948/186.63, Mark Watkins 7.879/188.21, Richard Stubbins 7.929/183.37, Gary Bowe 8.068/174.49, Dave Smith 7.870/187.16, Steve Venables 7.832/188.50, Scott Baldwin 8.088/179.08, Ivan Birch 8.612/172.07


VW Sportsman eliminations round 1 winners: Steve Parfitt (13.05) 13.269/99.68, Abi Tether (17.10) 17.578/60.07, Martin Ayton (14.60) 14.940/93.41, Paul Herbert (13.36) 13.356/97.02 bye

Trackside conditions are 68.2 F, 46% humidity and 30.18 inches of air, track temperature 86.7 F.


Pro ET eliminations round 2 winners: Liz Malcolm (10.94) 10.956/119.39, Chris Hodgkins (9.70) 9.753/133.39, Ron Bartlett (9.90) 9.902/136.55, Ian Brown (10.76) 10.842/113.82, Dan Page (11.32) 11.298/116.21, Paul Baynton (10.95) 10.986/121.81

Supertwin Gas eliminations round 1 winners: Chris Stebbings 9.685/132.73, Chris Mott 9.948/126.37, Les Harris 9.722/134.26 bye

Wild Bunch eliminations round 1 winners: Ed Yates (9.21) 9.303/141.45 (Darren Law no show), Roy Wilding (11.30) 11.349/112.80, Terry Clifford (10.20) 10.418/124.18, Alec Coe (8.50) 14.952/48.59 bye (Neil Ward no show), Darryl Howells (10.10) 10.300/129.56 bye


Pro Stock Bike eliminations round 1 winners: Dave Beck 7.516/172.47, Richard Gipp 7.757/166.53

Supertwin ET eliminations round 1 winners: Dan Baldwin (15.30) 15.939/79.86, John Hackney (9.99) 10.319/103.24, Steve Partridge (12.85) 13.460/98.72, John O'Sullivan (12.50) 12.530/105.41, Pete Harrison (12.10) 12.323/109.71

Junior Drag Bike eliminations round 1 winners: Tyler Clutterbuck (10.85) 11.081/57.54, Scott Collier (13.30) 13.312/45.27


Top Fuel Bike eliminations round 1:

Steve Woollatt 24.133/42.78 bye

The engine revs shot up at the hit and the bike hardly moved, I'm guessing a belt, Steve idled through.

Steve Carey 7.314/187.18 def. Ian Turburville 7.779/159.19

Turbo got a daylight holeshot on Steve 0.117 to 0.493, Steve rode through the usual fishtail as Mister Spokehead started to move towards the centre line, 0.089 in it at the stripe.


9.50 Bike eliminations round 2 winners: Chris Jones 9.808/131.02, Richard Sawatzki 9.591/144.32, Shaun Spiers 9.753/128.36, Andy Burfitt 9.614/138.54, Augy Harrison 9.772/134.12, Julian Harris 9.545/138.55 bye

Super Street eliminations round 1 winners: Bob Lees 10.881/129.80, Martyn Sanger 10.956/107.65, Neil Grant 10.873/133.07, Mark Watkins 10.844/113.97

Trackside conditions are 68.2 F, 46% humidity and 30.18 inches of air, track temperature is 82.2 F.


Super Pro ET eliminations round 1 winners: Steve Neimantas (7.83) 7.934/156.79, Barry Giles (7.76) 7.741/170.73, Dave Ward (8.73) 20.753/52.57 bye (Ashley Bell no show), Mark Flavell (7.44) 10.363/58.07, John Everitt (7.94) 7.968/168.36 bye, Spencer Tramm (8.83) 8.844/134.77 bye (Ian Hanson no show)

Super Gas eliminations round 1 winners: Dave Catton 9.879/146.80, Frank Mason 9.835/146.37, Jon Morton 9.646/146.87 bye (Steve Dunn no show), Bob Doyle 9.869/138.70 bye (Mick Howling no show), Conrad Stanley 9.925/155.46 bye


Real Steel Street Eliminator eliminations round 1 winners: Colin Lazenby 8.757/174.05, Jeff Meads 8.775/161.74, Jason Weir 13.182/74.76, Wilf Stacey 9.066/150.00, Steve Nash 8.632/177.35, Jerry Charles 8.788/173.00 bye (Al Simms no show), Andy Frost 7.876/188.48 bye

Andy Frost into the sevens, too quick to be backed up by the 8.010 in qualifying but the 8.010 is now backed up for a new ET record, well done Frosty! The 188.48 is the first half of a new speed record and it's the quickest and fastest run ever in this incarnation of Street Eliminator. So a pretty good run all round!

Trackside conditions are 66.7 F, 47% humidity and 30.18 inches of air, track temperature is 82.1 F.


Super Modified eliminations round 1 winners: Andy Kirk 7.818/180.56, Tim Garlick 7.843/175.04, Paul Mander 7.996/176.49 bye (Andy Hone no show)

Andy Chilton took a wild ride in his race against Andy Kirk as his Rover made a hard left turn off the start line, Andy did a great job of keeping it off the guardrail and brought the car to a halt with a trail of oil behind it. Then we noticed a smoking and twisted piece of metal on the start line which on inspection turned out to be a rod.


Outlaw Anglia eliminations round 1 winners: Paul Wright 9.460/116.34 bye, Pete Ashworth 9.202/139.17, Steve Wells 9.522/134.85 bye (Justin Krekelaar no show), Rob Stone 9.232/142.76, Richard Colby 9.405/146.51, Simon Barlow 13.855/104.29 bye (Ian Norman no show)


Super Comp eliminations round 1 winners: Tethys 8.955/153.56, Paul Knight 8.928/152.73, Chris Johnson 9.111/132.92, Sean Lathan 9.240/128.20, Jon Morton 9.137/147.77, Belinda Bull 9.342/136.16

Comp Bike eliminations round 1 winners: Conrad Skett 8.215/157.97, Kev Charman 7.723/167.12, Al Young 8.515/164.66, Phil Leamon 8.410/152.74

Trackside conditions are 65.8 F, 52% humidity and 30.27 inches of air, track temperature is 71.8 F.


Good morning and welcome from Shakespeare County Raceway for day three of the Open Sport Nationals. It's race day and we're here to bring you all the news in association with American Car Imports.

The Webster Race Engineering/MPM Oil webcam is on-line and is broadcasting a picture every sixty seconds.

Three for three on the weather front, another lovely day here at SCR. Trackside conditions right now are 64.9 F, 54% humidity and 30.21 inches of air.

The traditional raceday Good Morning to our US correspondents Ed O'Connell and Kathy Hileman who are as usual tuned in from Rye, NH. Hope you're having a good weekend guys and it's your turn for a public holiday next week...not that that matters nowadays, eh Ed?

Eliminations are set to start at 10:00 with Comp Bike; stay tuned and as soon as the track opens we'll be back with the results.

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