NSRA Nostalgia Nationals
Santa Pod Raceway, 5th-7th May 2023


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Stuart 'Kiwi' Thompson (NSS Plymouth Duster) 9.8759/138.53 v Stewart Arthur (NSS Road Runner) 13.1920/103.24. Steve Matthews (GC 57 Chevy) 9.6630/134.80. Gulf Minor 13.2312/101.19, Darren Scannell (Mk1 Escort TAZ011) 9.6795/139.85 v Kev Preston, Austin pickup (TAZ007) 9.2761/140.35. Gary Cork (Dodge Coronet) 11.7562/113.49 v Bob Gallagher (NSS Ford Fairlane) 21.0017/83.32, Holly Butcher (NSS 1965 Dodge Dart 14.0929/96.92). '39 Ford 11.6002/121.76. Connor Hall (NSS Plymouth Barracuda) 12.4536/106.51 v Alan Huckle (1965 Ford Falcon) 14.0910/98.51.

Brian Watson brought out the O Black Betty slingshot (ex Famoso Speed Shop slingshot), looks fantastic, lost fire on the burnout. Simon Prest (GC 1964 Mercury Comet) 11.4099/118.95. Ben Kennedy 9.8380/133.63, well done Ben! v Luke Hoskins (OA75) 9.9862/115.09. Phil Hobson (Dodge Coronet) 12.2071 110.67. Glynn Boardman (NSS Omega) 10.0019/136.85 v Duncan Watts (NSS Challenger) 9.7133/132.12, Chris Cockburn (Willys 41 Coupe) 13.6522/104.28. Dave Mott (100e) 13.0870/101.70, Jason Dodd (Firebird) 10.7658/124.75 v Paul Dodd (Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme) 11.2976/118.35. Keith Freeman (SO 5 window coupe) 9.9886/139.07. Simon Glenn (GC Austin Pickup) v Gary Carr (NSS Monte Carlo) pushed back for spots of rain.

As we are past the scheduled close time the cars have been sent back to the pits and we are done for the day. Thanks for looking in and come back later for Julian's gallery.


Robbie Grabham's second pass in Freddies Revenge 7.2758/188.17, with bouncing and a lot of movement around the lane, and of course Robbie refusing to lift! Jamie Hughes (100e) 10.8305/125.83 v Glenda Thompson (NSS Charger) 14.2570/98.10, Lee Johnstone 10.3118/130.90 v Dave Mott 13.1382/100.97. Then Matthew Dowdy (NSS Chevy Nova) 13.1113/105.77 as Darren Hussey's Angry Bird was pushed back. James Auld (WB dragster) 12.7899/103.61. Then Isaac Butcher (WB slingshot) 12.7409/113.21 v Gary Atkinson (WB Topolino) 9.3889/140.35.

Simon Glenn (GC Austin pickup) 12.6103/108.16, Ian Tweddle (Outlaw Anglia) 118515/100.85 v Connor Hall (NSS Barracuda) 12.5309/104.91. Next John Dalrymple ('33 Willys) 10.0253/128.66 v Scott Collin (100e) 9.3200/147.22. Jason Pickett (GC '55 Chevy) 10.9530/118.32. Graham Scrivens (E93A Anglia) 22.2594/35.45 v Darren Hussey (Angry Bird Falcon) 13.7008/125.52. Pause to sled the track.


Bob Main (NSS Plymouth Superbird) 14.9824/82.56 v Pete Wiseman (NSS72 Challenger) 9.9107/135.29, Graham Barton (GC Austin) 10.7937/120.75 v Neil Francis (NSS Plymouth Savoy) 12.7223/106.89.

Mick Hannah in the Haggis Hunter SO slingshot dragster, car rocking from side to side with the Donvan 417ci engine 'hunting'. What looked like a planned launch to 1.2866 then coasted across the finish line, and pushed by a marshal to the first exit. Followed by Gary Carr in the 'interim' Monte Carlo. Then Ford Skipp (WB slingshot) 10.0064/135.60 v Brian Savidge ('32 roadster) 10.8466/123.85. Rollin Gold 12.9481/98.18 v 39 Ford 11.6274/122.15. Then Paul Lorne (100e) 11.9075/109.63 v Niamh Smith (GC Austin Devon) 12.8578/104.43. New GC car for Chris Layram (1953 Ford Anglia) 11.3535/112.89 v John Sleath 9.7703/136.95, Adrian Portelli (NSS '66 Charger) 10.9492/121.39 v Matt Southcott (Plymouth Scamp) 8.9464/150.58, well done Matt!


Matthew Dowdy (Chevy Nova) 13.0752/106.02 v Lee Chiles (Valiant) 10.0320/132.91. Julian Davison (100e) 13.5534/101.49 v Allan Schofield (WB 23T altered) 11.3721/75.04 missing gears in the second half. Father and son matchup Paul Dodd (Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme) 11.5503/117.01 v Jason Dodd (Firebird) 11.0505/121.82. Garu Cork (Coronet) 11.7691/112.92 v Doug Harwood (OS Barracuda) 10.3045/130.99, Danny Wilson (Ford Zephyr) 10.414/146.16 with a pedal v 39 Ford 11.9834/119.28, Pete Christmas (NSS Demon) 10.7865/122.41 v Andrew Bishop (Barracuda) 10.3859/120.87, Simon Prest (GC Falcon) 11.5411/116.99 v Billy Jones (GC Willys coupe) 10.7700/120.54

Stewart Arthur (NSS Road Runner) 13.6550/101.93 v Dean Maudsley (Chevrolet Coupe) 12.4325/109.23, Keith Bartlett (Roarin Rat) 11.0230/125.92. Then Keith Freeman (SO '32 5 window coupe) 10.0373/119.19 v Simon Boot (SO Camaro gen 2) 10.1548/152.18, Simon had reported that his wheelie bar wheels fell off during his previous run.


Dean Maudsley's GC Chevrolet Coupe 12.3839/104.79, Pal Singer (NSS Duster) 12.5749 107.51 v Chris Tyhurst NSS Chevrolet Chevelle 12.4960 112.75. Al Golding's second pass in the Firenza Coupe, a wheels up 10.3081/95.87 v Pete Wiseman 9.9355/135.28. Steve Foreman 15.9040/86.35 v Rollin' Gold 13.0707/104.67. Another GC Tri Chevy matchup Ray Turner 11.0558/118.83 v Steve Matthews 9.7346/133.72. Then Joe Stevens (SE Stiletto) 9.3994/145.74 v Stuart Flitton (100e) 10.9181/123.50. Jim Tucker (SO Hellfire Hemi Ford 3 window coupe) checkout pass to 23.8008.

Colin Wood (Husky) 11.1837/130.17 v Gulf Minor 12.8155/103.71, Simon Glenn (GC Austin pickup) 12.2136/109.22. In the next pair, Greg Tait in a WB Topolino to 10.3351/128.04. Paul Riley (Morgan) 10.9151/123.86.


Simon Prest (GC Falcon) 11.5526/115.31 v Gary Carr (in an 'interim' Monte Carlo for him with a new WBR SBC) 13.8255/103.59. THe 100es of Mark Haswell 9.6995/140.24, great first run in 2023, and Jamie Hughes 11.2058/128.40. Short pause for cleanup.

On the restart, Matt Southcott (Outlaw Street Plymouth Scamp) 10.3278/139.01 v Ben Kennedy (Outlaw Anglia) 12.0061/83.50, followed by Adam Nowak (NSS Roadrunner) 11.0559 120.45 v a rapid Dart with red white and orange paint (SST700) 9.5733/137.79.

Joel Kerr's first run 9.6275/89.78, backing out of it after the car drifted right, a huge amount of work on the car by Joel since a propshaft failure last year. Then the '41 Willys Coupes Chris Cockburn 13.1477/104.07 v Shawn Hindon 12.1091/114.17. Martyn Hallam (GC '33 Willys Coupe) 10.1050/125.81 v Graham Barton (GC Austin) 10.8315/119.60. Dominic Sharpe (OS Firebird) 10.3136/134.48.


Matthew Dowdy (NSS Chevy Nova) 13.2452/106.14, first run in his new race car, well done to Matthew! Spencer Tidswell (Outlaw Anglia) 10.5268/133.24 v Graham Scrivens (E93A Anglia) 10.3763/129.93, Colin Wood (Husky) 11.5728/124.41 v David Mott (Fordson 100e) 13.6936/102.54, John Sleath (NSS Camaro) 9.7781/137.33.

Pair of Modified 100es, Paul Lorne 12.6758/83.32 with a bit of a wiggle v Stuart Flitton 11.437/123.18, Lee Chiles (Valiant) 10.0645/133.24 v Max Reed Dodge Dart 13.8044/100.96. Pair of WB dragsters, James Auld 12.8257/102.89 and Wrathchild with Rob Brown 15.1347/51.34, both Marras sharing Wrathchold as Rebel is being worked on to rebuild its engine.

Pair of gassers Billy Jones (Willys Coupe) 14.6675/51.38 v Niamh Smith (Austin Devon) 12.9439/98.74, then Jason Pickett (55 Chevy) 11.0401/118.21 vs Bob Main (NSS Superbird) 13.1095/105.88. A chopped, black Willys 41 went 15.5383/62.63. Then Keith Bartlett with Roarin' Rat (after work at Williams Bros Racing) 11.0609/122.85. Paul Hammond ('32 roadster) 11.1545/117.62 v Paul Dodd (Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme) 11.4188/116.51. Then Glenda Thompson (NSS Charger) 14.9009/98.16 v Pete Wiseman (NSS Challenger) 10.1683/132.94. Andy Park (SO Ford Model Y) 10.203/130.29. /


Dean Maudsley (GC 39 Ford Coupe) 14.3848/93.83, Jason Dodd (NSS Pontiac Trans Am) 18.4331/44.06 with shift problems v Alan Huckle (1965 Ford Falcon )14.1603/98.30, Purple Willys 33 Coupe 11.0338/121.07 vs Connor Hall (NSS Barracuda) 12.5278/106.14, Phil Hobson (NSS Dodge Coronet) 12.211/110.00. Glynn Boardman (now in a Olds Omega) 12.0350/134.51. Ray Colecough (Dart) 9.8068/136.03 Paul Riley (Morgan roadster) 11.0975/123.48, Lee Johnstone 10.6121/130.55.Simon Glenn (GC Austin pickup) 17.3073/89.77 vs Duncan Watts (NSS Dodge Challenger) 10.0811/139.89


Graham Barton (Austin GC) 10.8805/121.42 vs Kev Preston, Austin pickup (TAZ007) 10.5180/114.74, Doug Harwood - Barracuda 10.3877/130.53 vs Allan Schofield (T Altered) 9.2776/153.67. Ford Skipp 10.3927/136.58, Ford really getting to grips quickly. Bob Gallagher (NSS Falcon) 15.1002/88.18. Steve Foreman (Impala Coupe) Adam Nowak (NSS Roadrunner) 11.0817/121.07 vs '39 Ford 11.9283/118.62, Domninic Sharpe (OS Firebird) 10.9729/132.05 v Julian Davison (100e) 13.2780/102.55, Rollin Gold (Nomad 861XVF) 15.3158/92.73 v Simon Devos (Frankenstein Chevy AFX46) 12.1245/110.81.


John Dalrymple's '33 WIllys 9.9892/134.47 as Darren Hussey's Angry Bird was pushed back. Next Scott Collin's new 100e build Adrenaline Rush 9.4267/146.21, great opener, well done Scott!

Neil Francis in his Plymouth Savoy NSS 12.3019/106.28 vs Niamh Smith's first 12 in her gasser 12.954/100.71. Then first run for Andy 'Fadster' Hadfield, marshals looking under the engine compartment after it lost fire following the burnout, and was pushed back for a slight leak. Pause for clean up in the Slick Tricks lane.


Ralf's Speed Shop 10.6387/126.60, then Belly Tank to 18.7408/68.95, Lee Johnstone 10.1086/132.07 vs Holly Butcher's 1965 Dodge Dart 14.3812/97.87. Next the Topolino Supercharged Outlaws of Ian Merryweather with Banzai to 9.2478/107.02 and Robbie Grabham, 7.3735/190.41 on a wayward pass, great driving Robbie!

Stewart Arthur's Coronet 13.8056/99.49 vs Jason Hollamby's GC Falcon 10.7645/121.16. Brian Savidge in Quartermasters group 10.7508/123.39 vs a yellow 5 window coupe 11.8653/113.31. Then Colin Wood with the Husky now adorned with a vriety of decals to 11.7722/127.20 vs the orange Ford Consul Mk2 11.1331/122.17. John Wilson's Barracuda 14.1802/96.44 against a blue Mustang Fastback 13.2288/94.07. Chris Tyhurst's second pass 12.4516/113.18. 32 Ford Quarter Master 5 window '32 sedan 13.4801/103.58 v Graham Scrivens 10.2218/129.19.


Mike Couch (SO Lil Hemi Hustler slingshot) with Thomas Cook Abbott crewing, went to the left after the launch and stopped on to the right side of the track. Pause to recover Mike's slingshot. Lee Chiles (NSS Plymouth Valiant) 9.8744/135.32 vs Gulf Oil liveried Morris Minor 13.2807/99.92.

Richard Warburton, great to see Rachel crewing, bit of a misfire to 17.7642/53.89 vs Kevin Baker's Austin A40 18.9879/51.68, both off-form on their first runs of the event. Adrian Portelli 10.9876/121.07 v Linda Thompson 14.3163/97.67. Then two Tri Chevy gassers Ray Turner Green Onions 10.9581/118.86 v Steve Matthews (Honky Tonkin') 9.8191/133.29. Joe Stevens in his Stiletto 9.6256/149.04 vs Dean Maudsley's Chevy Gasser 13.2684/98.31. Followed by two Supercharged Outlaws, Keith Freeman ('32 5 window coupe) 9.7651/139.40 vs Simon Boot (2nd gen Camaro), up on the tyres on the launch to 11.7481 at a fast 146.70.


Matt Southcott (OS-12) now in a tube chassis Plymouth Scamp 9.2068/149.07 vs Paul Hammond (blue '32 roadster) 11.1487. Pete Wiseman (NSS) 10.4202/133.21 vs Alan Huckle 1965 Ford Falcon 14.1115/99.83. Bob Main 14.6736/93.89 Bob Gallagher (NSS) Ford Fairlane 18.9617, Jamie Hughes (Modified 100e) 11.9953/120.55. Jason Dodd (NSS Firebird) 10.9449/123.08 v David Mott (Modified 100e) 13.0839/102.53. Paul Riley

Rollin' Gold Chevy Nomad with 377ci engine went 12.8643/103.56, show quality paint. Danny Wilson (Ford Zephyr) 10.5693/129.39 v Darren Scannell (Ford Escort Mk1) 10.759/104.91. Andy Park (Ford Model Y) 10.3824/128.84 after mods over the winter, great first pass on the new setup.


Chris Tyhurst's Chevelle stumbled off the line, 16.7868/102.86, them Nïamh Smith with Nogbad the Bad went 13.9060/99.06. Chris Cockburn drove back to the pits after suffering a fluid leak. Gary Cork's Dodge Coronet 11.8226/113.20, Ian Wild's WB Comp Altered Wildcat 15.0306/91.96, Graham Scrivens (Anglia) 10.2275/129.94.

NSS runners Connor Hall (Plymouth Barracuda) 12.5991/105.77, Andrew Bishop's Barry the Plymouth Barracuda 10.3248/123.18, newcomer John Wilson's Dirty Barry Plymouth Barracuda 14.1745/97.74, Neil Francis's Plymouth Savoy 12.2769/108.03, Max Reed's Dodge Dart 13.7578/101.85.

Rich Butcher's son Isaac in the WB 4th Dimension slingshot's second run 13.9260/105.03, great to see Al Golding back in his Firenza coupe to 9.2146/144.79, John Sleath (NSS Camaro) 9.7808/136.47, Ian Tweddle (Outlaw Anglia) 11.8025/103.03, Paul Lorne (Modified 100e) 11.4274 103.61,


Ford Skipp had his first run in the Chasin' Time slingshot, blipped the throttle and ran through to 11.2747/126.98, great effort for a first pass! Next, Ralf's Speed Shop '27 Ford 11.1498/126.51 v Stewart Arthur's NSS Coronet 14.5496/98.82. The '39 Ford (JLG) ran 12.0256/116.25. Next a couple of pickups, 60s Chevy 12.0727/108.33 first vs Ford '57 13.5141/101.65. Then the '41 Willys Coupe of Shawn Hindon 12.1837/112.93 vs the Ain't No Saint Volvo with Lee Johnstone who ran to 10.8091/129.53.

Pete Christmas's Dodge Demon 10.8017/123.38 v Holly Butcher with a Dodge Dart 19.7344/93.25. Followed by Brian "Star" Savidge in his '32 Ford Roadster to 10.8530/122.43. Then Paul Singer's 390ci Plymouth Duster to 12.7774/106.28.


Current estimated restart time is around 12:30.


The rain stopped and track drying has commenced, the jet dryer and other vehicles working the top end. Stay tuned.


Simon Glenn (GC Austin pickup) 13.3634/94.42. Then Wild Bunch dragsters of Alan "Skippy" Skipp 10.8188/119.93 and a new competitor FB85 who idled up the track. Then a '39 Ford to 11.9294/118.34. The gorgeous black Chevy Impala of Steve Foreman 15.8712/85.35 vs the '41 Willys Coupe of Shawn Hindon (WW4) who didn't record a time.

Now on pause for rain which started at the top end and moved down the track to cover it; stay tuned.


Good morning and welcome to Santa Pod Raceway for the first day of the NSRA Nostalgia Nationals, being held over this Coronation Weekend. The weather is cloudy and dry with temperature 13C rising to 16C with wind 13mph from the South West. Density altitude is 500ft forecast to rise to 1000ft with up to 67 grains of water, which is higher than before, not quite the mineshaft conditions at the last two SPRC events.

The plan for today is run what ya brung starting at 09:30 and finishing at 17:00, with a 30 minute lunch break at around 13:00. There will be cars from the invited classes testing as well, so keep an eye on our report, and, this evening, our gallery from Julian. The list of entries is healthy in all invited classes and on top of these we have Modified 100e and Outlaw Street so there will be plenty of cars wanting to make passes today. You will see from our news update that Colin Millar has carried out a complete rebuild of his six second Flyin' Fyfer Outlaw Anglia, with new body and running gear, we can't wait to see this on track and thanks very much to Colin for giving us his exclusive blog on the build which you can see at this link.

Hi to all Eurodragsterholics, to Diana who is on a weekend break away from the track, to Kirstie who will be stepping in for pit photography on Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to all who gave compliments about our Festival of Power coverage, it is much appreciated.

There will be a short pause whilst final track prep takes place, and hopefully we'll be under way soon.

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