10th Anniversary Dragstalgia
Santa Pod Raceway, 9th-11th July 2021


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The rain increased to a downpour so we have been called for the day. We'll post the galleries in a couple of hours time and will be back in the morning. Have a great evening!


It has begun to rain heavily enough to dampen the track, so we are on hold. We'll let you know if there is a prospect of restarting racing before the 8pm cutoff, but in the meantime we will begin work on the galleries.


Great to see Ben Kennedy back after his incident at the Festival of Power, great effort team! 10.7755/118.86 plus smoke in the shut down area, hopefully nothing too serious. Doug Bond in Nuthin II Fancy slingshot as Joe is unable to attend due to a last minute problem, all the best to Joe and see you back at the track soon. Doug's burnout didn't strike the tyres then he was shut off for fluid on track. On hold for clean-up with a 30 minute dinner break, so that's the end of RWYB for today. Back with qualifying session 1 around 17:20.


Paul Singer (NSS Duster) 12.986/109.34 followed by Spencer Tidswell's Outlaw Anglia 9.730/137 with gas. Andy Jackson in the Hammerman (ex Econorail) 10.834/130.63, the first ten for this Ian Fraser-designed and built car, sounding high gear only and not bogging on the launch as before, well done Andy and team! Billy Jones (GC Willys) 10.804/123 vs Stuart Flitton 10.799/126, 0.0531 between them at the stripe. Scott Collin a troubled 13.754/108 vs Ben Rushforth (Outlaw Anglia) 8.851/156.87, PB for Ben, well done! Jason Hollamby (GC Falcon) 11.970/110.

James Auld (WB dragster) 13.969/87 vs Simon Rickwood (NSS Nova) 9.763/132, followed by Keith Freeman (SO 5 window coupe) 9.839/138, then Tom Margesson 11.274/122 alongside a gorgeous 50s GMC van. Then the Wildcat driven by Ian Wild 12.861/103.73, resetting his PB again, well done Ian! Tim Bull 10.184/136, followed by Mark Dibley in the Ansen Outlaw Anglia, test pass to 16.461/81. Paul Dale (Ford 105e SO) 8.539/159 new PB, well done Paul and team!


Alan Lloyd (Gonzo the Great) 8.6387/141.15 first vs Dave Gibbons (Rough Diamond) 8.8668 146.69, Alan going on a wander at the end. Next Georgina Smith 10.167/132 in Phil Toppin's Vette, after much effort in starting it. Followed by first run for Mick Hannah in the immaculate Haggis Hunter, strong burnout then pushed back by the starting line crew, pushed back as Bobby Wright went for a wander in Alturd to 10.680/131. Followed by a '37 Ford with Gasser attitude, wide tyres and patina.

Stuart 'Kiwi' Thompson went 9.909/136, Adrian Portelli 10.7419/124.74 vs Ash Lawson 10.5395/129.11, Lee Chiles 9.9802/134.40, Bev Tyrrell 14.021/99. Dave Simcock (NSS Challenger) 11.246/99 vs Ronnie Mercer 11.0172/125.61. Next Paul Houston went on his best pass of the day 9.102/164.88, great speed alongside Ray Turner 13.2130/99.8. Lee Johnstone in Ain't No Saint 10.066/132 vs Jamie King 11.586/129 in the Ventora previously campaigned by Roy Walker.


WB slingshot Keith Crampton, car moved around at 60ft, 10.506/131, followed by Robin Read, forward motion restored. Launch was fine, 1.12 to 60ft but the engine started to lean out at half track and the chute came out, and 8.767/94 to the stripe. On hold for clean-up.


Dave Caruso in the Heavy Chevy, 1.73 launch with tyre spin to 9.220/148, getting closer to the eights. Matthew Hollins in a WIllys Coupe went 12.263/110.33, followed by Graham Scrivens (Anglia) 10.624/128.68 vs Richard Warburton (Prozac Willys) 11.392/110.57 for a new PB, well done Richard and Rachel! Then Rob Brindle (OA) 10.52/125.

Andy 'Fadster' Hadfield with a burnout on the limiter, wheelie bars set very low to get the car to launch flat, but starter Ian Marshall spotted some fluid and Fadster was pushed back. Matty's Zephyr 10.605/125 vs Don Scott 9.846/136 was next. Bryan Whitfield took his '57 Chevy to 13.507/108.82. Tom Margesson went 11.419/121.81.

Kev Melling (PSB) 8.865/112 off the throttle at the end vs Rod Spry 9.901/129. Followed by Gary Norman on Conquest 2 double Norton, 11.752/116.25, the new transmission helping no end. Richard Peachey (Suzuki PSB) went 9.470/136.08. Followed by an azure Nova with passenger which went 11.291/120.


Ian Wrattan first run 12.587/106.68, followed by Ian Johnson lot of wheelspin to 11.059/131 and Andy Park left before the tree ran not recording any times. Graham Butler 10.551/125.11 vs Chris Goodale (NSS Camaro) 10.452/128. Next up the Slick Tricks Juniors of Lara and Jaqueline Bartlett, 8.166/78 to 8.109/79. Then the Norton of Matt Norman to 16.312/76. David Shelly's Malibu 10.527/127.

Ted Booth in Mighty Mouse Anglia, with nitrous wheelied to 9.829/140 against Tim Bull 10.116/135. Lee Pike 9.25/149 vs Mick Checkett, Mick straighter 7.96/167. Paul Hammond's '32 roadster next alongside a '60s Mustang convertible, Paul giving chase and getting there first. Steve Heaven again guided by Diana, new PB 8.256/161.32, well done Steve and team, and hi to Russ who is tuned in from Spain. Robin Read, in his previous (historic?) rear engined Daimler dragster was started but the car wouldn't move forward.


Brian Huxley (Can Do Toyota) 10.625/128 vs Steve Matthews (Honky Tonkin') 10.669/134.

Bobby Wright in Alturd to a 10.327/135. Followed by Adam Clayton in his new Firecracker, formerly the Matt Wright 'Cuda FC and rebodied with a Topolino and a alky burning Hemi, originally built by Bill Felstead, now with grandad Bill Sherratt on the team. Adam bounced on the launch, with fuel out of the breathers, otherwise perfectly ok, and came to a halt as the engine cut out. Pushed back from 60ft for another try.

Followed by Steve Johnson who burnt out leaving a deposit on the track. Ginner pushed the car back, holding the fuel cap which had come off. Martyn Jones also on Steve's team. Steve pushed back, fuel cap refitted, fired up and staged to 1.09 60ft, went right and lifted. Launch much better, Steve and his team will get it working.


Phil Moules again giving chase to daughter Loz and driving past the finish line alongside her. Andy Lambert (Kawasaki z900 PSB) 9.814/122 vs Rod Spry (Kawasaki H2 PSB) 11.200/118. Tyne Blight (Suzuki) 10.422/137. Jack Bishop to a 9.8441/130.97, quick pass. Stuart Flitton 10.8994/126.55 vs Scott Collin 10.9451/124.92.


Graham Barton in High Anxiety 10.783/122 against an immaculate Cortina Mk1. Followed by Claire Rule on her PSB, 8.630/150.06, great run! Andrew Bosomworth to 11.270/123.51 on his first run. Ian Johnson driving Olds Thunder Omega, changing roles from tuner to 10.853/128. Graham Butler's rat rod to 10.399/126.87. Phil Evans (Willys pickup) 9.354/145.24, big improvement, well done Phil!

Then David Shelly's Malibu 10.538/127.94 vs Tim Bull's Thames van 10.063/136.57. Andy Robinson's NSS to 10.162/130, no relation to the Andy Robinson of Pro Mod fame. Chris Tyhurst to 10.274/128.10. NSS runners Gary Semper 13.561/99 vs Gary Cork 12.192/111.63.


Gasser Circus Green Onions Ray Turner (Dragstalgia ever-present) 13.0455/102 vs Mick Allen Quick Buck 11.418/117. Then Spencer Tidswell's new OA, 9.721/137, great first pass but wayward at 60ft. Pete Grange Cougar 9.869/94.11 vs James Auld, first time out in two years for James 14.226, driving round a loose 1320ft reflector which Pete's chute dislodged.

Rob Brown's WB dragster 8.654/154.20. Then Keith Freeman 9.874/137.69 and Brian 'Star' Savidge 10.647/125.93. Followed by Bobby Wright's WB 'Alturd' 10.205/134.82 getting close to his best of 9.8. Ian Wild in his Wildcat Jag altered 13.151/104 alongside John Dalrymple's 14.451/58 in his newly painted (car prepared by Phil Moules, Darren Hussey and Jason Chapman) '33 Willys Coupe. Pause for recovery.


Georgina Smith in Phil Toppin's Vette 10.879/125 alongside The Van With No Name and Dave Russell 9.971/87.52, slightly wiggly at the top end. Followed by Dragstalgia ever-present Rob Tyrell in his NSS 10.508/129. Then NSS runners Chris Tyhurst 10.800/125 vs Simon Glenn 13.260/110, Stuart 'Kiwi' Thompson 9.869/138 vs Simon Rickwood 9.716/134, Ash Rawson 11.541/126 vs Richard Grainger 11.531/118.

Hi to Colin Millar who has a family wedding this weekend, see you at the Summer Nationals. OA new boy Pete Hulbert 13.740/86.86, in the next pair an immaculate Charger gen 1. Not So Mellow Yellow Tri Chevy (Diana has identified the driver as Adam Kruczynski who imported it from Omaha with its 355 Chevy engine, Pontiac 5 speed gearbox and 4.11 axle) 14.977/94 against Jumpin Jalopeno 11.815/111. Followed by the Junior Dragsters of Slick Tricks, 8.178/78 to 8.116/79. Kevin Melling to a great 8.51/149 against Lee Gilmore's 9.84/103 on their Old School Stockers.


Tim Garlick in Apache made a test pass, engine sounding characteristically crisp. 1.0931 to 60ft, no tyre shake, off at half track, 4.1973/171.05 to half track and 7.1931/133.63 to bring this morning's session to an end. Half hour lunch break means action will recommence around 13:15.


Steve Matthews 10.492/134.14 in Honky Tonkin' first run for him, followed by Damien Halliwell 10.752/125 up against a grey Tri Che's galy 13.310/102. Followed by Ain't No Saint with Lee Johnstone, going for a nine, 10.124/130. Some really cool vehicles coming to the line, be sure to catch Julian's gallery tonight.

After the tractor sledded the right lane to 60ft, Rob Brindle made his first pass in his new build Outlaw Anglia, unusually a right hand drive chassis configuration and built by Eurodragster.com sponsor Jed Guy of Short's Hot Rod Shop, Ginner also behind the car. Steady launch to 11.856/115.36 checkout pass. Danny's Zephyr 11.296/103.84 vs Matt Hollins 12.103/111. Then Lee Pike on a solo 9.503/121. Don Scott 9.804/136 vs Pike Murray (Willys Coupe) 12.33/110.


Jack Bishop in his NSS 9.879/131 after a lot of new parts. Followed by Gary Cork 11.885/112.63 with a bit of a misfire at the top end. Jon Webster in attendance with a customer Ford Zephyr Mk1, looking stock but parachute on the back, 10.651/125 and more to come. Followed by Des Taylor in Thundergod Ford T 8.249/153 alongside Chris Tyhurst's '32 three window 10.316/128. Then Paul Houston's Firebird with Mark Todd as crew, soft launch and feeding power in to 9.495/153. Then Ronnie Mercer to 11.226/125, we're sure he will turn the nitrous on later in the meeting...

Adrian Sidwell with the Opus he has run for 47 years still having problems down track. Then rolling burnouts from Stuart Flitton 11.756/114 and Scott Collin 10.844/126. Jake Cawthorne with Flag Jumper to 11.819/113, Simon Glenn in his Austin pickup to 12.152/111, quickest of the day for him. Next Katie Booth (OA/GC) 10.449/130 and Paul Singer (Duster) 13.250/108. Then the ex Rob Smallworth '55 Chevy 14.7/82 vs Tim Bull 10.107/136.


Steve Johnson 14.122/55 as the rear tyres unloaded after coming down from the wheelie followed by Gary Parke 8.0388/160. Bryan Whitfield followed with a 13.2825/108.59, the planned match with Nick Davies now not able to be run due to problems with Nick's pickup. Another day...

Bob Main 17.3653/74.78 and Gary Atkinson 10.1403/126.65. A couple of pairs later, Tyne Blight 9.952/141 against Lee Gilmore 10.196/118, both PSB Suzukis. Steve Heaven with our Diana as back up girl 8.408/159 with more to come. Barry Woodford 12.700/106 vs unidentified buggy which went through with a 17. Paul Hammond with a blue '32 roadster 11.217/120 against a cool Outlaw Street 60s Mustang 12.464/109 which we passed on the M1 on the way up.


Paul Dale (Ford 105e) alongside Mick Checkett (Cannonball slingshot) Mick to 8.151/166.67 to a 17s for Paul. Then Richard Warburton 13.577/93 vs Phil Evans 10.837/104. Dave Caruso in the Heavy Chevy with engine builder Rob Loaring in attendance, 9.346/145.83 as he heads towards the eights. Gary Semper's NSS vs Andy Hadfield who double stepped off the line to 12.508/59.19, Andy being helped by Kev Slyfield's crew this event.

Pete Wiseman's Challenger alongside a 100e, Pete going 10.024/134, big improvement from earlier. Dez Brown (Magnette) 10.514/132 vs Tim Bull (100e) 10.572/137. Dave Mahoney 9.427/146 to Matthew Hollins' Willys Coupe 12.341/111. Kevin Whiting's Topolino 10.812/122 vs Brian Savidge first 10.481/127. Then Graham Butler 10.670/124 vs Bev Tyrell 13.832/100 whose car has 'For Sale' on the rear window. Damien Halliwell 11.025/124.11, followed by Lee Johnstone 10.080/132.12.


Cool red truck and roadster up next, followed by Brian Huxley in son Marc's Toyota, more throttle to 10.375/129.56, Marc very happy with that. Kev Melling 8.66/150 and Dean Stevens 8.99/144 on their PSB Kawasaki H2s, Mark Nipper Stevens looking delighted with those times. Then the paired Slick Tricks junior dragsters of Jacqueline and Lara Bartlett, 8.033/80 to 8.108/79 in favour of Jacqueline. Next Nic Williams with his Camaro with the 327ci engine from the Impala, 10.467/127.25. The bronze rat rod moved over and stopped at the eighth after some smoke. On hold for a few minutes.


Claire Rule on her PSB with a hesitant start from the machine, 13.882/135.64 with more to come. Then Chis Cockburn (WW) vs a red Malibu which ran 10.474/129. Followed by Mark Dibley in his new Ansen Anglia on a first test 16, good to see cars transferring hands and staying on track. Richard Granger 11.838/118 vs Ash Rawson 10.528/130. Bob Main in a black Coronet, he must have quite a collection back home. Adrian Portelli in his Charger gen 1 to 10.697/125. Pete Grange's Cougar (still for sale), front wheels up and 9.819/106.79, passenger rides coming up later.

Then Keith Freeman backed up by Martin 'Duck' Hill (no relation) with tyre shake to 10.695/138. Followed by father vs daughter '41 Willys coupes, Phil Moules vs Loz Moules in her self built Scimitar powered, Phil politely waiting at 1320ft as Loz came through, looks as if auto restorations and building are in the genes. Followed by Gary Cork's Coronet 11.971/112.06. Graham Scrivens 10.96/129 in his Anglia.


Tim Bull in the 100e with LS power 12.571/117.16 against a rapid white '57 Chevy. Followed by the ex Brian Payne now in the hands of Danny Wilson now in Zephyr 13.003/106.26. Graham Butler (rat rod '32) 10.689/121 vs Jake Cawthorne (NSS) 11.766/114.18, Chris Tyhurst (32 3 window) 10.453/127, followed by Tom Margesson 11.4996/120.87. Damien Halliwell brought his SE car out to 10.772/126.51. Next a guest driver in Phil Toppin's Vette, Georgina Smith going 1.569 60ft and 12.610/108, great first try! Then Lee Johnstone in Ain't No Saint 10.0505/133.68, thanks to a new torque converter, a new PB by three tenths against Lee Chiles, who got into a serious twitch at 330ft as he steered it away from the block which remained intact, and lifted.


Happy Birthday to Steve Matthews in Honky Tonkin' who was shut off on the start line and pushed back. Followed by a test run between Lara and Jacqueline Bartlett, both ran 8.17 at 78mph! Followed by Phil Evans' Willys pickup to 9.631/145 and a Golf Oils coloured Morris Minor 14.154/95. Followed by Gary Norman on the double Norton Conquest 2, 11.985/115.64, big improvement as the venerable bike got off the line a lot quicker. Rod Spry's PSB went 11.18/118. Next Bryan Whitfield with 13.136/105.06 practice before going up against Nick Davies later.

Andy Park 9.879/135 to Simon Glenn 13.406/106. Followed by Richard Warburton in the now-blown Willys Prozac 13.107/105 checkout pass. Brian Savidge's 32 roadster to 10.514/126 vs Pete Hulbert's 14.373/76.56. Pete Wiseman's Challenger 10.799/129 in the right hand lane.


On the restart the yellow tri-Chevy against NSS309 Duster, followed by Gary Cork's Dodge Coronet (NSS740) 12.9096/110.55 against a '56 Chevy which stopped on track. Lee Gilmore's PSB to 9.611/138.55. Then two GC cars, Katie Booth 10.618/130.13 vs Lee Pike 9.270/149.09. Followed by Gary Atkinson's '34 Coupe against a yellow 5 window, 10.274/125 for Gary against 12.350/99 for the skinny-tyred 5 window. Next the CSL367 Anglia 10.287/129.18. Mick Allen 11.5912/121.08 vs Ronnie Mercer 11.2066/125.95. Easy run for Paul Smail's El Camino.


Brian Savidge to 10.5379/126.66 alongside the Willys Coupe formerly driven by the much missed Gerry Treit. Next the NSS cars of Andy Robinson 10.092/132 and Don Scott 9.815/138.65, big cars moving quick. Stuart Flitton (100e) 10.862/126 and Paul Hammond (32 roadster with ICE Automotive power) 11.172/120. Gary Semper's Firebird 13.477/100.14 followed, a number of invited class cars testing. Tom Margesson with Tinseltown Hustler on a test run to 11.463/121. Next a AMC Gremlin in yellow against Adam Cuthbert's Outlaw Anglia, 9.597/141.58 for Adam as the Gremlin seemed to live up to its name, 20.7/34 and some fluid behind it in the right hand Auto Glym lane.


Brian Huxley in the Can Do Toyota, as a treat from son Marc, to 10.7033/128.07. Dez Brown with his MG Magnette to 10.5077/132.17, followed by Dave Mahoney 9.117/147.24, strong start for Dave's 68 Camaro. Adrian Sidwell's Opus with four cylinder cross flow engine against the Rat Rod in metallic bronze, followed by Paul Houston from Scotland in his SE Firebird, first run for several years to 10.0655/116.28. Then Peter Christmas in his Duster to 11.5716/113.74. Jack Bishop with a new born baby back in the pits 9.8623/129.80 to Simon Glenn's GC pickup 12.999/112.18.


Stuart Flitton (Ford 100e) 10.8163/126.56 vs Scott Collin, 6.915 came up for Scott but sadly looks like a timing system glitch. Next Chris Tyhurst (32 three window) to 10.5565/128.41. Next up Simon Foster's 3 window against Ricky Stapleton's blue '32 roadster 11.2170/120.92.

The Heavy Chevy 9.869/138 the team remembering Keith Alder Barber who passed away earlier this year. Next a great yellow Tri Chevy, we will identify the driver later, 13.848/99.28. Kevin Melling 8.877/116 vs Rod Spry 10.2113/129.41 on their Old School Stocker bikes. Scott Collin's second attempt was 10.861/125.81, a few tenths off his 10.48 PB and headed for a passenger ride later with Monica.


Good morning and welcome to our coverage of Day 1 of Dragstalgia 10 from Santa Pod Raceway. The weather here is dry with high cloud and temperature 16C forecast to rise to 21C.

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The order for today is set out in SPR's event timetable, there will be pre-1980 RWYB until 1700, when session one of invited classes begins, the track due to close at 19:30 but possibly extended to 20:00 depending on conditions.

Greetings to Eurodragsterholics who are tuned in. We've some birthdays and anniversaries over the weekend which we will announce on the appropriate day; today, it's a very Happy Birthday to photographer Callum Pudge who will be here during the weekend to supply fantastic imagery. Greetings also to Laura Turburville and Chris Wilson who were married yesterday.

The stream will be up in due course and you'll be able to follow the results here as the cars go down the track. So keep an eye on us and we'll bring you all the news.

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