FIA / FIM Main Event
Santa Pod Raceway, 24th-27th May 2019

Pro Peak Performance Test and Tune Day

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Thanks to Chris Parker for letting us know that that is team member Cristiann Carlo driving Nick Good's second Super Pro ET dragster. Cristian up against sponsor Pete Walters this time, but Pete shut off before staging for a fluid leak. 0.0877 Rt for Cristiann, 7.6236/174.32 at the stripe. Staying in Super Pro ET next up was Scott Hauser, shold have been running alongside Daniel Giles but Daniel was pushed back before his burnout and was towed back to the pits. 0.0428 RT for Scott and 7.5727/173.71 at the stripe.

Next, Ron Bartlett and Elaine Hancock in a Super Pro ET v Pro ET match. The usual big burnout from Ron. 0.0842 RT for Ron, 0.0416 for Elaine, Elaine's altered did a left turn at the hit but she stayed with it. Ron to the stripe in 8.4063/163.04 and Elaine in 10.9236/115.92, I am guessing another PB, well done Elaine and team! Steve Saunders next for Super Pro ET, up on the revs and jumped out of stage, then a few feet out the same thing. Reversed for another go, no problems this time and a great run 8.8399/154.14.

First run of the day for Norbert Kuno in his Pro Mod. Hold before staging, Chief Starter Ian Marshall on the track radio. On the green 1.0216 to sixty with clear shake marks on the track, Avenger went left and Norbert pedalled, pulled it back towards the middle of the lane, another pedal before the eighth 4.9249/120.90 and went through in 8.5060/118.06.

Closing the day was Top Metanol FC racer Sandro Bellio for sponsor Dyno Unlimited. So far no shake to speak of on any of his passes. Some shake this time but Sandrooo drove through it. 0.9388 to sixty, car headed right but Sandro stayed with it, 3.6378/208.77 at the eighth, off it and chutes out before the stripe, took out both of the finish line reflectors but a 5.5583/224.37 had the team jumping up and down.

That's testing done for today, we will get today's gallery posted in an hour or two and as an added bonus you can listen to Nitro FM for the next couple of hours via the link on the Event Index.


Super Pro ET v Pro ET, Glenn Pallant v Amu Watkins. 0.0564 RT for Amy and 9.7515/137.79 at the stripe, Glenn there in 9.0187/140.73. Someone's motor was on the limiter towards the stripe, couldn't say who from here. Tom Watkins and Neill Watkins followed for a Pro ET pair, 0.0844 RT for Tom and there first 9.5232/142.90 to Neill's 11.4533/115.05.

Paul Brown next in the Two Seat Dragster. Again a passenger in the rear seat, Aimee from Santa Pod's office. 7.7525/172.41 and probably another permanently smiling face.

Bengt Ljungdahl next in his Pro Stock, the team very happy with the way things have gone after the initial hiccup. Another nice run! -0.0033 RT, 0.9873 to sixty, 4.2579/166.14 at the eighth, 6.6239/208.02 at the stripe. No-one appears to have told Bengt about the traditional sandbagging in Pro Stock at these test days.

More cars yet to come.


Next Pro Mod pairing Michel Tooren with his first run of the day and Kev Slyfield with his second. Michael to sixty in 1.0401, Kev's tyres stood up and he lost drive, the car sat there in the equivalent of stunned silence as Michel was off and running, driving through shake with a pedal before the eighth 4.2011/177.68 and drive it through to a 6.5311/230.53. Kev rolled forward slowly then added some gas, more more throttle, 10.1986/108.72 at the eighth then gave it up 15.0878/79.68.

Roger Johansson next in his Pro Mod, 1.0505 to sixty then shake and shut it off, idled through to a 12.7300/57.03.

Dirk Peiler followed in his Comp Eliminator Dart. Nice aggressive burnout then 1.0864 to sixty, car started to drift and Dirk shut it off, 10.6247/74.30.

A Pro Stock pair next, Michael Malmgren and Stefan Ernryd. Hazy rather than smoky burnout for Michael and quite a long time in pre-staging preparations. Michael to sixty in 1.0041, 1.0192 for Stefan but a puff of smoke from his motor as the car moved left and he was off it before 330 feet. Michael meanwhile on a good pass, 4.2809/165.92 at the eighth then backed out of it at the thousand, 6.7478/182.13. Stefan idled through in 9.7621/93.87.

Jacqueline and Lara Bartlett matched up in their Junior Dragsters, 0.3300 RT and 9.4033/68.73 for Jacqueline and 0.2606 RT and 8.1351/80.36 for Lara.

Not done yet, stay tuned.


Next up after clean-up Mattias Wulcan in his Top Doorslammer. Storming 0.9189 sixty, 3.8571/198.07 at the eighth then off it at a thousand and chutes out, 6.4413/138.13. Mattias' crew who came to collect the timing slip... shall we say his command of colloquial English left Your Reporter in no doubt that he was disappointed. Disappointed! Fellow TD racer Andres Arnover followed, 1.0169 to sixty with tyres screeching, car moved left, off the gas and idled through 11.6338/68.23.

What a match-up we had then! Andy Bond in his Street Eliminator Chevy and Freddy Fagerström in his Pro Mod pick-up. Andy moved first 0.1357 to 0.1374, Freddy with a storming 0.9770 sixty to Andy's 1.2545, 4.0076/194.19 eighth for Freddy to Andy's 5.0780/149.06, Freddy off the gas and chutes out at 1000 feet, 6.5185/148.22 to Andy's 8.3187/128.31.

Simon Gustafsson next up in the Samantha Racing Pro Stock. 1.1369 to sixty but from the engine note it sounded for all the world as if Simon's foot had been pushed back off the pedal. Back on it, motor was whining some, off the gas before the eighth 5.0060/116.54 and idled through to a 9.0176/108.98.

More to come yet, stay tuned.


First run of the day, and season, for Anita Mäkelä in her Top Fuel Dragster. Great launch, 0.8374 to sixty with wheels slightly up, 2.1592 to 330 feet, 3.1108/240.24 at the eighth and a puff of smoke from the motor, possibly blower belt, 4.1772/205.19 at the thousand. Call for clean-up in the shutdown area.


Super Pro ET pair between Johan Oomen and Pel Norman, Pel's third run of the day and Johan's first. pedals from Johan as the Viper moved about its lane, 8.4721/137.71 off the gas, in the other lane Pel drove through some shake off the line, 7.7695/176.37.

Metthew Carabott followed in the Mister Whippy Top Methanol Dragster. Nice burnout but a big twitch from the rear and (of the car) as Manty got off it. Up on the revs in stage this time after footbrake launches earlier, and a fantastic run! 0.8959 to sixty, 3.5243/211.03 at the eighth, car swaying left and right, 5.3917/261.15 at the quarter. Nice one Matthew, Joe and team!


Comp Eliminator and Outlaw Anglia/Super Pro ET match next, Gideon Liljegren and Colin Millar. Unusually restrained burnout for Colin. Big shake for Gideon and off the gas, Colin got about 200 feet then the Pop made a move right and he got off it. 13.4356/83.94 for Gidde and 10.2640/94.82 for Colin.

More Super Pro ET next, John Tebenham and John Gerritsen. John G's motor has been on the dyno of sponsor Dyno Unlimited. John G to sixty in 1.0386, drove through shake, to the eighth in 4.5444/144.37 and off the gas in the second half, 7.9071/128.37 at the eighth. 1.3260 to sixty for John T, 5.7090/121.06 at the eighth, 9.0280/141.56 at the eighth.

A few more cars to run yet, stay tuned.


Back to Pro Mod and second run today for Dmitry Samurokov's Pro Mod, tuning by Adam Flamholc - one of a few whom Adam is helping this weekend. Screaming burnout then -0.0022 red, 0.9912 to sixty, drove through shake but it was moving the car left, still shaking at 330 feet, off the gas before the eighth 4.4775/128.13, idled through to 8.1588/117.17.

Nick Davies followed in the ICE Automotive Firebird Pro Mod. 1.0724 to sixty, car started moving left and right, 4.5976/140.71 at the eighth off the gas with a puff of smoke, idled through 7.3920/158.50.

Second run for Glenn Borg on his Funny Bike. 1.1204 to sixty, rode through shake, 4.4265/158.48 at the eighth , straight down the middle of the lane, 7.0447/183.57.

A oair of Super Street Bikes next, Yannick Richard and Rick Stubbins. Rick to sixty in 1.2547 and the quarter in 7.3038/198.03 and Yannick to sixtyu in 1.2864 and the quarter in 7.8127/175.76. Knut Möller and Mark Hope next on theoir SSBs, Knut's tyre spun and screeched, idled through to 28.5440/38.80. 1.2848 to sixty for Mark then a big wheelie about 200 feet out, off and on the gas, 8.2743/177.12.

First run for Marc van den Boer on his Supertwin. 1.4313 to sixty, 5.3945/146.65 at the eighth, 8.1710/161.32 at the stripe.

Neil Midgley followed on Chris Hannam's Supertwin. Great run! 1.0778 to sixty, shake at 300 feet but rode through it, 4.2328/175.05 at the eighth, backed out of it in the second half but still 6.7558/166.10.

Purdie Hadfield next in her Junior Dragster. 0.0625 RT and 7.9396/76.04 at the eighth.


Peter Kunc around the corner in his Pro Mod but then signalled to shut off, a sled required after Jean's run. Both lanes groomed. On the restart a very gentle burnout for Peter then 1.1077 to sixty, shake all the way past the Tree and headed left, off the gas about 250 feet out. Idled through to 10.3430/85.55.

Stig Neergaard followed in his Top Fuel Dragster. No-nonsense burnout then 0.8791 to sixty, mild shake marks in the lane, off the gas about 100 feet out, idled through to 8.6390/56.47.


OK so the Green Goblin Pro Mod is now black and white... L-G said this morning that Mats Eriksson had a aurprise for us. Very nice paintjob. 0.9776 to sixty, shake further out and a pedal, 4.4162/154.55 to the eighth, off the gas, 7.3790/125.14.

Jean Dulamon next in the nitrous Pro Mod. Great burnout then appalling shake off the line, hard right turn, 1.1751 to sixty, a speculative pedal then off it and idled through to a 9.7005/128.30.

More Pro Mods and a Top Fuel Dragster in the lanes.


Next Super Street Bike match Kristian Jasz and Daniel Donat Lencses. Daniel to sixty in 1.2121 and the quarter in 7.2841/188.22, Kristian to sixty in 1.3557 and the stripe in 7.8864/180.72. Dave Thomas and Margot Schmidt followed, Dave's tyre spun up and he lost time, 7.8299/181.30 for Margot and 9.4357/163.06 for Dave.

First rnu of the seaosn for Martin Bishop on his Pro Stock Bike. 1.1292 to sixty, 4.8539/144.43 at the eighth and 7.6070/175.22 at the quarter.

Robin Orthodoxou next in his Comp Eliminator altered, lots of revs for no forward movement in the burnout. Back to the bleach box for another go, same result so shut it off.

Ethan Lisle's Pro ET Comet next, to be honest it didn't look out of place amongst all the Pro Mods in the lanes. Nice run, 10.0031/135.21.

Going single-lane for clean-up. A number of Pro Mods up next.


Second run of the day for Archie Wray in the Junior Stock Dragster, 12.5323/51.31 at the eighth; I think the dial-in is set for E1.

First run of the season for Mark Smith on his new Funny Bike. 1.1433 to sixty, riding through shake, heading left at the eighth 4.8532/140.35, shut off by the stripe 8.7111/103.50.

Stu Crane followed on his Funny Bike. 1.1510 to sixty, 4.7650/149.05 at the eighth, 7.5124/172.41, looked like an effortless run. Steve Wood and Graham Balchin followed on their Super Street Bikes. 1.2347 sixty and 7.1986/191.33 for Graham, 1.3969 to sixty and 8.6054/161.31 for Woody. Mathias Bohlin and Steve Venables continued the SSB matches, this should be a good'un... 1.2148 to sixty for Mathias, a great 6.9892/204.40 for Mathias, grattis Mathias and team! Ven to sixty in 1.2640 then just before the eighth his chain broke and flew into the air, 8.2028/117.46.


On the restart a Super Street Bike match between Mark Hope and Erich Gruber, 1.3319 sixty and 7.8219/178.52 for Erich, instant tyre spin for Mark and idled through 23.3743/46.85.

Pro ET v Super Comp next, Gino Bernadine v Arndt Putzmann. I originally typo'd that "Super Cop" which I quite like. -0.0086 red for Ardnt, shake and a few pedals, 9.8377/119.88 there first, 9.6465/145.21 for Gino. Super pro ET match followed, Collin Morrice v Jens Könnecke. 0.0344 RT for Collin, Jens there first 8.1310/164.82 to Collin's 8.7110/151.03.

Second run of the day for Aaron Fensome in the Accelerate for a Cause and a Cure Super Pro ET dragster - hello again Derek and Fiona Flynn. 1.0402 to sixty, slight drift right, off the gas before the eighth 5.1343/99.39, through the top end in 10.3186/81.96. Super pro ET match next, Nick Good's second dragster and sponsor Pete Walters. Pete shut off beforee staging for a fluid leak, 1.1707 sixty and 7.7439/176.42 for Nick's dragster.

Third run of the day for Daniel Giles in the Giles and Hartley Super Pro ET dragster. 0.0303 RT, 7.3935/180.65 at the stripe. Leah Kellett followed in the Dolly Daydream Super Comp dragster. 0.0564 RT, 8.8421/164.25.

Graham Dance and Alex Hope matched up on their Super Street Bikes. 1.2798 to sixty and 7.2906/196.33 for Alex and 1.3527 to sixty and 7.5043/193.03 for The Daddy.


Next round the corner Andy Bond in the Street Eliminator Chevy. Nice-looking pass to the eighth 5.1466/150.13 then shut it off, 8.4944/124.57 at the stripe. Steve Field followed in the Wild Bunch dragster, running in Super Comp this weekend. Slight move right and I think Steve just tickled the throttle a little but still 9.0345/144.88.

Marcus Perman next up in his Pro Mod. Quick check under the car before staging, all OK. 1.0129 to sixty, drove through shake and then the car made a hard move and Marcus shut it off, idled through to a 9.1308/95.66.

Matt Peters in Norbert Kuno's spare blown-alcohol Avenger - how cool is it to have a spare Pro Mod - derated to run Super Pro ET. Shut off in the bleach box for a track check. On the restart a gentle burnout, then 1.2126 to sixty, car started to move right, shut off to a 12.1637/64.10.

Yannick Richard and Mark Dainty matched up on their Super Street Bikes, 1.2791 and 7.8833/172.34 for Yannick, Mark sounding to have problems getting drive and shut off 15.7428/55.22. Knut Möller and Pete Field next, 1.2878 sixty and 7.9701/173.75 for Knut and 1.3398 sixty and 13.3252/57.17 for Mark.

Next pair shut off for a sled of the right lane.


Next round the corner Sandro Bellio in the Top methanol FC. A great shake-free launch earlier, what does he have for us this time? Again no shake to speak of, 9.9478 to sixty, 3.6440/208.77 at the eighth, off the gas and chutes out before the stripe, 5.6448/192.11.

Jonny Lagg followed in the Top Methanol Dragster, looks just perfect in its new colours. Motor leaned out and almost stopped on the way back but picked up again. Same result, just got a bit further this time, a few feet then the tyres went up in smoke, clear hourglass marks on the track. 1.2774 to sixty and idled through to an 18.5704/38.95.


Nostalgia Super Stock, i.e. Pro ET this weekend match next, Neill Watkins v Tom Watkins. -0.0370red for Tom and 9.5344/142.52, 0.0176 RT for Neill and 11.4721/113.20. Elaine Hancock and Steve Saunders followed, Pro ET v Super Pro ET, Steve taking a long way roudn and having to pedal after a step to the left 10.1809/92.69, Elaine with a steady 11.0234/114.35. Her earlier ten-second pass was a PB so congratulations for that.

Paul Brown followed in the Two Set Dragster, a passenger in the car this time but from here not easy to see who it was... and that plucky passenger was SPR employee Max Frost who just popped up here with a large smile on his face. Nice run, 7.7876/171.76.

First run of the day for Pro Modified racer Roger Johansson. 1.0685 to sixty, shake and the pitched right, shut it off about 200 feet out and idled through 10.3700/81.98.

Bengt Ljungdahl followed in his Pro Stock. The crew were very happy with this morning's run, especially the sixty foot time. Chief Starter Ian Marshall on holding-the-door-open duties whilst the crew adjusted the wheelie bars. Great rnu! 0.0067 RT, another superb sixty at 0.9747. A slight move right but nothing serious, 4.2690/167.14 at the eighth, 6.6453/207.56 at ths stripe.

0.0023 RT for Super Gas racer Simon Fulton and 9.9518/145.29 at the quarter.


Dave Thomas next on his Super Street Bike against a bike unidentifiable save by the number 906. Dave looked to roll out of the beams slowing down his ET, 9.4768/173.74, 906 shut off and idled through to a 28.3477/23.93.

First runs of the day for Supr Street Bike racers Kristian Jasz and Daniel Donat Lencses. 1.2672 sixty and 7.2428/201.54 for Daniel and 1.3681/187.43 for Kristian. Mathias Bohlin followed on his SSB, 1.2234 to sixty and a fantastic 7.0577/205.32 at the stripe. p>Eric Richard next on his Funny Bike. Amothert gentle-looking launch but still 7.8259/155.26, however a puff of smoke and an "Oh god I'm dying" grunt from the motor. Looked from here like a trail of fluid in the shutdown area but must have been an optical illusion, aheck of the track and all OK, word from the top end crew was that the bike was covered in fluid but none of it on the surface.


First run of the day for Lloyd Perkins in the Comp Eliminator Oldsmobile. Well, a process of elimination says it's Lloyd as Kev is outside the car. Nice burnout but then stopped on the way back from the burnout, still running at the start line so no reverse. Kev went to the start line to see Lloyd forward but the car didn't move so Kev went back and signalled Lloyd to shut off, car pushed back.

Ron Bartlett followed in the Super Pro ET Anglia, Pro ET and Nostalgia Super Stock racer Amy Watkins in the other lane. Red for Ron, to be honest I didn't see him move, the clock however started, 9.3755/161.30 to Amy's 9.6112/136.95. Simon Fulton followed in his Falcon Super Gasser. Quick check under the front of the car before staging, signalled to shut off and pushed back. Crew guy lost his shoes to the track on the push back.


Great to see Wayne Nicholson back with his Pro Mod after his guardrail interface at Easter. Hit the throttle for the burnout but no forward movement, shut off and pushed away.

Firt outings of the day for Patrick Dubois and Scott Crookston, both running in Super Pro ET this weekend. Great paired burnout and then 0.0062 RT for Scotty and 7.6262/173.66, earlu shut off 8.2795/129.02 for Patrick, was heading left in the first half.

Michael Malmgren followed in his Pro Stock. Hideous shake at the hit, the back of the car jumped up. 1.3234 to sixty then a pedal and back on it, 7.8454/132.57 at the stripe.

Kev Slyfield next up in his Pro Mod. On the throttle for a fraction then off, just as I thought the throttle cable had broken Kev got back on it but hit shake and shut off, idled through, 14.2710/59.58.

Pro ET v Super Pro ET match next, Ronnie Mercer in his Anglia and Fabien Dubois in his dragster. 9.6003/135.61 for Ronnie, 0.0706 Rt and 7.3515/181.95 for Fabien.


Second run of the day for Neil Midgley on Chris Hannam's Supertwin. Cannon visited us earlier and was very pleased with this morning's first run. Nice 1.0970 to sixty then blackstriping and a feather of the throttle, 4.4566/168.54 at the eighth, off the gas at 1000 feet or so, 7.0945/158.50.

Graham Balchin and Rick Stubbins in a Super Street Bike match, Graham there first 1.2760 sixty and 7.2848/197.29 to Rick's 1.3236 and early shut off 10.0794/82.42. Steve Venables back for another go, 1.2479 sixty, 4.8169/149.64 at the eighth, hesitation from the motor and off the throttle before the stripe 8.1564/115.67.

Frankie Taylor and Purdie Hadfield matched up in their Junior Dragsters. -0.0526 for Purdie, 0.2455 for Frankie, 7.8426/82.09 for Purdie to Frankie's 8.0032/79.22. Archie Wray followed in his Junior Stock dragster, staged over on the shiny side, 0.0748 RT and 12.5236/51.56 s the eighth.


First run of the afternoon for Andres Arnover in his Top Doorslammer. 1.0419 to sixty driving through shake, engine note going up slowly, 4.1063/185.89 at the eighth and 6.3001/218.23 at the stripe.

Scott Hauser and pel norman in a Super Pro ET match-up, nice match too, 7.5834/172.98 for Scott and a 7.7779/164.81 for Pel which had his crew cheering. Andy Bond followed in his Street Eliminator Chevy. 1.2686 to sixty, 5.1909/149.10 at the eighth and off the gas, 8.6002/122.19. John Tebenham back with his Super Pro ET Pop, in the other lane Alan Medley in his Pro ET Oldsmobile, 9.1631/141.57 for JT got him there first to Al's 10.9358/122.15.

First run of the day for Super Street Bike racer Graham Dance a nice, untroubled-looking 7.6846/184.36.

Knut Möl;er and Margot Schmidt matched up on their Super Street Bikes. Knut's rar tyre screeched and he backed out of it, Margot on a good one, 1.3130 to sixty and 5.2392/140.80 at the eighth, to the stripe in 8.0699/171.11. Clean-up in both lanes.


Track cleared Mattias came back for another go. Understandably a brief burnout. Storming 0.9120 sixty then bad shake, shut it off about 200 feet out and idled through 9.3414/77.60.


Primer grey Pro Mod, first run for Dmitry Samurokov. 1.0312 to sixty driving through shake, started sawying left and right, some time lost to shake before the eighth and off the gas 4.2589/157.82, 7.5411/117.15 at the stripe.

Matthew Carabott followed in the Mr Whippy Top Methanol dragster. 0.9298 to sixty, 3.6688/181.11 at the eighth rolling off the gas, 6.5478/143.44.

First run of the day for Mattias Wulcan in his Top Doorslammer, shut off on the way back from the burnout, a gaggle of people at the top end so I am guessing some issue getting Matthew off the track.


First run of the day for Glenn Borg on his Funny Bike, bucking bronco ride with added misfires, 10.8943/126.31.

Meggie Talbot next on her Junior Drag Bike, 9.9554/66.04. Staying on two wheels, Erich Gruber and Mark Hope matched up on their Super Street Bikes, 7.5950/187.28 for Mark to Erich's 7.9524/164.85. Eric Richard followed on his Funny Bike, 1.3701 to sixty and 8.0544/158.01 at the quarter. Staying with Funny Bike, first run of the day for Thomas Pettersson. 1.0844 to sixty and 4.2221/171.69 art the eughth, a feather just before the stripe, 6.7753/167.94.

Super Street Bike match between Mathias Bohlin and Pete Field, Mattias to sixty in 1.2118 and Pete in 1.3706, Mattias off the gas before the eighth and clocked 13.7822/50.35, Pete's motor hesitated just before the stripe 8.2170/125.56.

First run of the day for Alex Hope on his Super Street Bike and a nice run it was, 1.3025 to sixty, 4.8606/160.21 at the eighth and 7.3279/197.15 at the stripe. In the other lane Steve Venables was shut off before staging for an oil leak. Fellow SSB racer Mark Dainty followed, 1.3700 to sixty, motor note going up as the tyre was blackstriping, shut off before the eighth and idled through 12.1300/66.27. Steve Wood next up on his SSB, 1.4074 to sixty and shu toff before the stripe 9.7113/101.97.


First after lunch was sponsor Pete Walters in his blown-alcohol Super Pro ET dragster. Kept the revs down on the burnout, then a low-rev launch, 1.2702 to sixty, a couple of pedals then off it at the eighth, idled through 14.1966/51.85. Nick Good's second Super Pro ET dragster next, Nick on the entry list judging by the race number but that wasn't Nick since he was standing on the line. Double pedal off the line but still 1.1785 sixty, 9.9029/83.31 at the stripe.

Stefan Ernryd back with his Pro Stock, team member Nettan told us over lunch that the problem earlier was a battery not oil pressure. 1.0166 to sixty, engine revs sounded very high, a pedal and revs went high again, shut it off before the eighth and idled through, 9.0859/102.56.

Gideon Liljegren next in his Comp Eliminator Grand Prix. Nice run, 1.1004 to sixty with some blackstriping, 7.6129/180.58 at the quarter.

First run of the day for Glenn Pallant in the Super Pro ET Consul Capri. Great run! 1.4423 to sixty, 5.8127/124.53 at the eighth and 8.9887/154.69 at the stripe. One very happy crew, and more to come there since Glenn took a slightly long way round.

Next up Bobby Wallace with his second run of the day in Willys Pro Mod. 1.0311 to sixty, again a move left towards the eighth 4.0751/185.63, 6.2730/214.89 at the stripe. Now add the best parts of both of today's runs and that will be something even more spectacular.

Third run of the day for Ethan Lisle oin the Pro ET Comet a 9.9975/134.55, quickly followed by Collin Morrice in the Super Pro ET/Super Gas Camaro. Great 0.0074 RT, 8.7269/151.04.


Second run of the day for Leah Kellett with the dragster in Super Comp mode. 0.0531 RT, 8.8787/163.12 at the stripe.

Dirk Peiler next with the Comp Eliminator Dodge Dart. Very crisp burnout but I think I saw a puff of smoke from the front of the motor as Dirk hit the gas. Certainly something not right, shut off after the burnout and pushed back.

First outing for Steve Field in the Wild Bunch dragster, running in Super Comp this weekend. 9.2034/145.32, a couple of moves left and right but merely standard slingshot fare. Elaine Hancock followed in the Pro ET altered, 10.9466/115.33.

Great new colours on John Gerritsen's blown-alcohol Super Pro ET Chevy. Unusually in the left lane, wonder if he is still using chutes as a tuning aid... and the answer is yes. Very straight run. 1.0378 to sixty, 4.3511/165.44 at the eighth, chutes out past 1000 feet, 6.7663/182.12.

Next round the corner Freddy Fagerström in the Pro Mod pick-up. A mere 100-foot burnout but rolled further and as usual tried to set a back-up speed record. We're not objecting, you understand. 1.0154 to sixty, drive through shake, truck swaying left and right, off the gas just before the eighth 4.1338/167.80, 7.1603/137.80 at the stripe.

Frankie Taylor next in the Junior Dragster, 8.0984/78.98. Gino Bernadine followed in the Pro ET Escort, slgith move right off the line but had it covered, 9.2889/144.85.

Super Street Bike match followed, Dave Thomas and Erich Gruber, Erich there first 8.0880/175.05 to Dave's 9.4637/167.29.

Dirk Peiler back for another go with the Comp Eliminator Dart. Another nice burnout but shut off for fluid on return from the burnout. Clean-up ensued.


Third run of the day for Andres Arnover in his Top Doorslammer Mustang. Tyres really screeching. 1.0453 sixty, gentle move left and off it about 200 feet out, 10.8213/73.56.

Second run of the day for Paul Brown driving rhe Two Seat Dragster. A couple of burnouts then -0.0085 RT and 7.8818/170.44, didn't take him long to get the idea of that!

Dale Leeks next up on his Funny Bike. 1.1521 to sixty, a bang and something came off the bike at the eighth 4.9291/111.40, off the gas, 9.6941/81.40 at the quarter. Stopped on the shutdown area.

Quick hold for a sled of the track in Dale's lane.


Always good to see our Maltese friends here, the Mister Whippy dragster in a very welcome return with Matthew Carabott at the wheel making licence passes - Manty Bugeja will be driving at the event proper. Hit the gas for a screaming burnout right below our office and the tower lurched. Shut off for a fluid leak before staging.

Next up Jonny Lagg in the injected-nitro Top Methanol Dragster. Nice burbling start-up on alcohol then that great sound as the nitro kicks in and the car becomes evil and grows fangs. Tyres up in smoke at the hit, 1.4737 to sixty already getting off the gas, 16.1802/55.83 idling through.

John tebenham next up with his Ford Pop, running in Super Pro ET this weekend, he does of course have another runabout also. The Pop apparently divested itself of most of its oil in one go last weekend but a new oil filter set-up has sorted that. Burnout worthy of Colin Millar, on JT's way back Pro ET racer Ethan Lisle burned out and joined the fun. 10.0216/135.73 for Ethan whilst JT had problems launching, a couple of attempts and just nudges forward. Backed up a few feet and shut off then pushed back.

Latest run for Meggie Talbot's Junior Drag Bike a 9.8604/66.13.


Second run of the day for Pro ET (usually Outlaw Anglia) racer Ronnie Mercer. Headed right, following Robin Orthodoxou's tracks for a fair way but then back to the middle of the lane, 9.5870/137.78. Colin Millar followed in his Outlaw Anglia running in Super Pro ET this weekned. Gentle launch, didn't see any nitrous purge, 1.2423 to sixty, 8.4042/160.72 at the top end.

Great to see Steve Saunders back in the Super Pro ET Zephyr. 1.2691 to sixty but then moves left and right, feathered the throttle, 10.1550/95.87. Tom Watkins followed in the Pro ET Dodge Charger doing Pro ET duty this weekend, 9.5212/142.91.

Back to Super Pro ET, Scott Hauser unusually in the left lane in the dragster of sponsor Hauser Race Cars. 1.0599 to sixty and 7.6070/173.05 at the stripe. Gino Bernadine followed in the Pro ET Escort, gentle launch then pu tthe power ni further down, 13.1828/142.46.

Next run for Meggie Talbot on her Junior Drag Bike a 9.8920/66.38. Knut Möller and Margot Schmidt matched up on their Super Street Bikes, 8.0245/169.81 for Knut and 8.1017/175.04 for Margot. Check of Knut's lane and a quick clean with Billy's.


Erich Gruber and Mathias Bohlin in a Super Street Bike match. Mattias' tyre screeched at the hit, bike turned left. 8.1780/173.72 for Erich to Mattias' 12.4153/74.45.

Second run of the day for Alan Medley in the Pro ET Oldsmobile, -0.0265 RT and 11.0238/122.18 at the stripe.

First run of the day for Gideon Liljegren in his Comp Eliminator Grand Prox, fresh from the Doorslammer. 1.0877 to sixty, 4.9087/125.80 at the eighth, shut it off right there, 8.9660/94.49 at the stripe. Leah Kellett followed in the Dolly Daydream dragster, Super Comp mode with engine builder and sponsor Jeff Bull in attendance. Serious throttle stop on that run, 1.2955 to sixty, 8.9596/163.14 at the stripe.

Second run of the day for Frankie Taylor in the Junior Dragster. 0.1616 RT, 8.0951/78.68 at the eighth.

Aaron Fensome followed in the Acceerate for a Cause and a Cure Super Pro ET dragster, which is a great opportunity to send greetings and best wishes to sponsors Derek and Fiona Flynn. 1.2412 to sixty, 5.0719/138.59 at the eighth and shut it off, 8.6788/111.91 at the stripe.

Robin Orthodoxou followed in the Comp Eliminator altered. Burnout far too civilised but we'll let him off this once. -0.0098 RT, 1.1141 to sixty, heading inexorably for the guardrail and had to shut it off, 9.4996/91.21. Arndt Putzmann next up in the Super Comp Beetle, hesitation off the line but for him a very straight and untroubled 9.4992/149.57.


Second run of the day for Daniel Giles in the Super Pro ET dragster. 7.3766 off the trailer would do me but Daniel said that that first run could have been quicker. And quicker it was, 1.0584 to sixty, 4.6560/147.14 at the eighth, 7.3655/171.68 at the quarter.

First outing for Simon Gustafsson in the Dodge Dart Pro Stock. The legend "The retro Dodge!" in the back window... the team's old Avenger must hold some kind of record for runs made in the class. Left before the lights ran but certainly a shake-free sixty, shut it off at half track.

Purdie Hadfield vying with Meggie Talbot for making the most of her entry fee. 0.0458 to sixty, on tha gas all the way, 7.9599/80.22 at the eighth. Didn't take her long to settle into a JMA did it?


A nice little bike session lined up now looking at the pairing lanes. First up Steve Wood and Mark Hope on their Super Street Bikes. Mark there first 7.6675/184.30 to Woody's 8.6832/153.62. Mark's rear tyre smoked a little off the line towards a 1.3371 sixty. Yannick Richard next on his Super Street Bike, first FIM outing in the class if I recall correctly. 1.2899 to sixty, 5.1881/141.19 at the eighth, 8.0287/168.55 at the stripe. Roberth Haggblom and Mark Dainty next, also for Super Street Bike. 7.7069/182.88 for Roberth and 8.1455/168.57 for Mark.

Eric Richard followed on his Funny Bike, conservative-looking pass. 1.2963 to sixty, 5.1172/143.97 at the eighth and 7.9649/163.07 at the quarter. First outing for Stu Crane on his Funny Bike. 1.1856 to sixty with blackstriping, 4.8468/145.29 at the eighth, 7.6785/167.89 at the top end.

Stefan Ernryd fired up his Pro Stock but then shut it off, pushed back. Fired up again, same result, shut it off. Oil pressure issue, back to the pits.


Our first legitimate "Sandrooo!" of the year, although believe me we have been doing it anyway, Sandro Bellio for sponsor Dyno Unlimited in his Top Methanol Funny Car. Shake-free 0.9871 to sixty then looked like a little shake and the car headed left but Sandro stayed with it. 3.7151/204.92 at the eighth, another move left and Sandro got off it and put the chutes out, the left chute took out the 1000-foot timing reflectors, pulled it back to the centre of the lane, 6.3687/123.86 at the quarter.


Pro ET pairing of Alan Medley and Elaine Hancock, Alan visibly away first 0.0356 to 0.2587, And there first 10.8696/124.06 to 11.0576/113.88. Simon Fulton next up, Falcon in Super Gas trim, 0.0167 RT, 10.2910/139.10.

Third run of the day for Purdie Hadfield in the Junior Dragster. 0.0680 RT, off the gas at about 400 feet, 8.6140/57.23. Quick turnround for Meggie Talbot on her Junior Drag Bike, 9.8383/66.32. Even quicker turnround, back for another go within a few minutes, 0.0801 RT and 9.7557/67.97 at the eighth.

First run of the day for Pel Norman in the Super Pro ET Nova. Gentle launch then the power came in and the car started to go for the centre line, Pel held on to it then one particularly unsubtle move right and off the gas, 8.8443/128.66. Next up, Andy Bond in the Street Eliminator Chevy. Visibly a ranging pass first time out, similar this time out with a deep stage into the bargain. Shut it off at the eighth, 9.4062/103.98 at the quarter.


First outing for Michael Malmgren in his Pro Stock. 100-foot burnout then 0.0698 RT, 1.0093 to sixty then two small pieces came off the car, looked like a couple of washers or similar, 4.9766/106.18 at the eighth already off the gas, 9.5252/89.07 at the stripe. Word came back from the top end that the wheelie bars were hanging loose so that explains that one.

Paul Brown's mum came up for a timing slip and confirmed that it wss indeed Paul in the Two Seat Dragster.

Neil Midgley next on Chris Hannam's Supertwin. 1.1133 to sixty, tyre blackstriping, 4.3723/169.79 at the eighth moving back left after a drift to the right, off the gas after the eighth, 7.0768/153.18. That run definitely looked quicker.

Second run of the day for Andres Arnover in his Top Doorslammer. 1.0507 to sixty, shake in the same place as last time, off the gas about 300 feet out as the car moved left, 9.4030/94.10.

Meggie Talbot starts her defence of her FIM Europe Junior Drag Bike Cup this weekend, first run of the day 9.8062/66.38.

He is here...


Bengt Ljungdahl back for another go, whatever ailed the car certainly fixed, a great screaming 100-foot burnout. Lost fire out there but quickly restarted and returned. Michael Malmgren an interested spectator as Bengt prepared to stage. Nice run! 0.0680 RT, 0.9750 to sixty, 4.2572/166.54 eighth with a little move left, 6.6504/201.53 at the stripe.

Ethan Lisle and Ronnie Mercer next up in a Pro ET match. Ethan keft first 0.1696 to 0.4678 but Ronnie there forst 9.6050/138.22 to Ethan's 9.9466/136.03. Pro ET v Street Eliminator next, Stuart Hodgson v Andy Bond, looked like a deliberately gentle 9.1139/108.24 for Andy, meanwhile Stuart's Beetle left wheels-up, headed right, and close to the Tree, pedalled and straightened it out and got back with it, 10.7657/130.92. Elaine Hancock followed in the Pro ET altered, straight trouble-free run, 11.0569/114.45.


Bengt Ljungdahl followed in his Pro Stock. First burnout attempt not altogether successful, one tyre spun and the other didn't, car turned left. Similar story with the second attempt. Seen back into the water, forward again for another go at the burnout and tyres seriously shook. Shut it off and pushed back. Two Seat Dragster next up, driver Steve Warner outside the car overseeing things so I am guessing another driver under training. Very competent burnout then 0.1143 RT, 5.0179/142.09 at the eighth and off the gas in the second half, 8.3418/118.35. Pro ET racer Paul Brown's mum and dad on the start line watching, ballast in the passenger seat, so I think we might make an educated guess about the identity of the driver.

Bengt's Pro Stock still behind us, crew working on it.


First outing today for Bobby Wallace in the Willys Pro Mod. 0.9944 to sixty, car started to move left but Bobby held on to it, 4.0530/185.55 at the eighth, another move left and close to the centre line but still Bobby stayed with it then shut it off at about 1100 feet, 6.3730/187.33.

Erich Gruber next on his Super Street Bike. Motor hestated off the line, 1.7080 to sixty but then picked up. 5.8271/141.22 at the eighth and 8.5981/175.76 at the quarter. Frankie Taylor followed in the Banshee Racing Junior Dragster. 0.2206 RT, 8.5195/79.38.

Next up Dominik Schlieper in the Super Comp/Super Gas Karmann Ghia. Small wheelie, 1.3515 to sixty , missed second-third, then missed third-fourth and shut if off past the eighth, 12.5859/74.78 at the stripe.


Pro ET racer Ethan Lisle in the white Comet after suffering damage to his primary car at Easter. 0.0143 RT, 1.5542 to sixty, 10.1891/134.01 at the stripe, nice opener. Daniel Giles followed in the Giles and Hartley Super Pro ET dragster. Brief but crisp burnout then 1.0569 to sixty, 7.3766/179.88. I think that is Daniel's first run this season, no signs of rust.

Purdie Hadfield followed in her Junior Dragster. 0.2094 RT, off the gas about 200 feet out, 9.8667/42.24.


Andres Arnover next around the corner in his Top Doorslammer Mustang. Nice burnout, that car is almost as quiet in a burnout as the Isaacs and Tramm Pro Mod. 1.0350 to sixty, shake starting as he passed the Tree, feather of the throttle then off the gas as the car started to move left, 11.0391/72.04.


First out Arndt Putzmann in his Super Comp Beetle. Up on the revs then motor stalled at the hit, stopped a few feet out. Restarted and reversed to the start line. Same again, stalled at the hit, this time just drove it down the track, 25.0536/81.69.

Purdie Hadfield followed with her first run in the new (to her) Twister's Sister Junior Dragster. 0.1910 RT, on the gas to sixty feet and the car made a bit of a move, off the gas and idled through 11.4091/42.09. Purdie's first words on getting out of the car: "That was brilliant!".


A big Good Morning to Mrs Webster and the Pine class, hope you are having a good day. Your Reporter is 55 years old but when he does these real-time race reports, to say nothing of his day job, he still uses some of the maths which he learned at your age, so it's definitely worth paying attention kids. Jeanette also reports that Jon Webster says Thank You for the Spiderman pictures.

The webcam is about to go on-line.


Good morning from Santa Pod Raceway for our coverage of the Pro Peak Performance Test and Tune Day brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

It's a nice day here, sun and high cloud, mild, great conditions.

Today's plan is to bring you real-time reports on the on-track action, and a gallery at the end of the day courtesy of Julian. The Webster Race Engineering/Nimbus Motorsport webcam will go on-line at about 09:15 and will broadcast live video and trackside audio until the track closes for the day.

A big Good Morning also to the Eurodragsterholics, especially Kai Plathan and the faithful Otto in Vehkataipale, Finland, and Ivar Kolberg who is tuned in from Norway. Great to know you are tuned in guys. As ever, to those of you tuned in from the office, please don't get your butts kicked by your manager.

The track will open between 09:30 and 10:00 but these events quite often start slowly because no-one wants to be first out. So keep an eye on this report and on the webcam and as soon as the cars and bike start coming we'll be here with the news.

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