FIA / FIM Main Event
Santa Pod Raceway, 24th-27th May 2019


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Pro Modified racer Roger Johansson struggled to get down the track in the first two runs and his best was a 7.267/163. his nitrous Mustang has great potential as demonstrated by his 5.7s pass last September in the same 903ci engined car.

Pro Modified racer David Vegter's team spent the last few days rebuilding the engine, however there was no time to test on Thursday and so the car's handling is the next item needing attention. A checkout half pass this morning produced a 7.42/110 but the second had tyre shake resulted in an early shut-off eleven. The engine is making more power with Fueltech engine management and state-of-the-art Hammer blower, but getting the power to the ground is problematic.

Pro Mod racer Jan Ericsson suffered tyre shake in the afternoon heat after a great 5.892/242 fastest speed of the session which put him into second place. In the afternoon, he had to lift after instant tyre shake. However on the basis of three consecutive five second passes in The Doorslammers of 5.89-5.93, he will be back at the top tomorrow.

Pro Modified racer Micke Gullqvist, seven time FIA champion, is working on dialling in a new torque converter setup. A best of 6.38 last weekend was not what he wanted, and today's best of 6.52 was after a lengthy pedal to get the car straight following tyre shake on the launch.

Pro Modified racer Jimmy Ålund had run in The Doorslammers last weekend albeit without the winning performance of 2018 when he received a cheque for £10,000, and his best then was 5.882/241. Today his 5.867/239 in session one took him to the top of qualifying, although his second attempt was full of shake and he stopped on track.

Pro Modified racer Norbert Kuno ran a 6.934/177 in the first session, but had to tow back to the pits with a problem in session two and so ended the day in 20th out of 24 cars. Norbert has two Pro Mod cars here with Matt Peters hoping to get enough track time to get licensed, and on Thursday he managed a successful launch. Without further licensing opportunities this event, the team are considering whether to take the car to Tierp or to try to do licencing passes at the private test on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Pro Modified racer Michel Tooren is another racer who has migrated to the Fueltech engine management system, and it produced great results today with a 5.969/241, after launching pointing leftward towards the centre of the track in the first session. The team was absolutely delighted after all the hard work in tuning the car's electrics and making the changes to the fuel system over the winter, and they thank Adam Lambert of Precision Racing suspension and Luke Robinson for their advice.

Pro Modified racer Freddy Fagerström had an engine rebuild after damage at The Doorslammers, recording a best of 6.344 on Sunday. The team were ready by Thursday and made a couple of early lift off passes that indicated the rebuild had been successful. In the first session he went 6.239/228, but did not show for the second session after low oil pressure.

Pro Modified racer Peter Kunc has a nitrous 903ci Pat Musi engine in his Corvette, built by Tim McAmis in 2000. The car has a clutch; in session one the engine sounded odd and he shut it off. In session two, the same happened but on restart the engine note improved and he went 6.526/211 to go 16th with two more sessions tomorrow.

Pro Modified racer Marcus Hilt suffered tyre shake issues and lifted on both passes. US blown Pro Mod pioneer and guru Camp Stanley is here to advise Marcus on tuning and driving matters. New for this year, the car has a Jan-Cen supercharger from Mike Janis and Fueltech engine management.

Pro Modified racer Nick Davies ran a 6.476/229 in session one. He said 'We're making progress and the 6.23/233 at Easter was promising. We have a boost management issue and are trying to find a clutch setup that works. We are using a Hyperaktive boost management system, but in reality are still testing and our target is to qualify. Our biggest concern is chute deployment with the cross wind so I dumped the chute early'. In session two the tyres spun off the startline.

Pro Modified racer Kev Slyfield suffered shake in session one and shut off early. In session two, he fed in power more progressively on the throttle however a 6.789/221 was good only for 19th at the end of the day.

Pro Modified racer Mats Eriksson said after session one's 6.18/231 'We are struggling in the middle of the track, the tyres started to spin, but I got back on it as I needed a qualifying time. Now we have one, we can relax and solve our problems. The car has a new Docol R8 chassis we first ran at Tierp last August, and the doors and roof are carbon fibre'. His second run was a great 5.977/239.

Pro Modified racer Kim Kristiansen, racing the ex-Marc Meihuizen car with the same crew chief as Marc, Morten Søndergaard. He suffered tyre shake in both sessions today and could only run a 7.122 for 21st place.

Retired Funny Car racer Bill Sherratt was cackling the Yesterday's Dream slingshot dragster in the Trade Area. If you love cackling historic dragsters, Dragstalgia is the event for you.

Top Fuel Dragster racer Jndia Erbacher was delighted to have run a 3.945/302 in the second session, after an early shutoff in the first, to go fourth in the order. 'I love my team!' she said.

Top Fuel Dragster racer Maja Udtian shut the engine off early in the first session to record a 4.272/213 which was third quickest at that time. However in session two the car wouldn't move forward and the team signalled her to shut it off. What later transpired was the pressure sensors on the inlet manifold and oil pan were reversed leading the car to shut off after the manifold pressure went up on the car starting. So what was third place in the first session became sixth after a slew of three second passes. With eight cars entered, Maja is qualified.

Pro Stock racer Simon Gustafsson has the same 'retro' paint design as before, but the car is a new Dodge Dart GT built by team member Mikael Sjökvist for Samantha Racing. The team took a year and a half off following damage at Alastaro 2017 . The car has a Dodge Hemi engine, Liberty five speed gearbox, Leanders clutch. The team includes Jan Jönsson and Peter Zetterberg. After testing on the eighth mile track at Malmö, Simon recorded a best of 7.053/159 in session two, with much promise for tomorrow.

Pro Stock racer Robin Norén ran a 6.667/207 and 6.642/206 to go fourth by the end of the second session in their 2005 Jerry Bickel Pontiac GTO. As well as their own Gray Motorsports engine, the team are developing a DRCE2 engine for Comp Eliminator racer Lasse Britsmar. Pro Stock guru Markus Svensson has joined the team, and his experience will help them improve their performance.

Pro Stock racer Stefan Ernryd, whose team includes former Samantha Racing driver Ulf Wagnhester as crew chief, is hoping to improve on his second place in 2018's championship and concentrating on racing has meant Stefan selling his Ernryd Cars business to Anders Hedin Investments, although he continues to have some involvement. Stefan's Dodge Dart is the same as last year and he is keen to keep carburettor engines in the class - 'It takes a lot of money, time and testing to get injected engines to the same level of performance'.

Pro Stock racer Bengt Ljungdahl, champion in 2017 and 2018, is hoping to make it three titles in a row. His Gray Motorsport powered 2015 Camaro is as last year, with new parts to refresh it, and Bengt's focus and determination remain undimmed. He drove through shake to a 6.611/207 in session one, but the car drifted left in session two.

Top Fuel Dragster racer Liam Jones was one half of the quickest side-by-side drag race in European history when his 3.893/312 was bettered by Anita Mäkelä's 3.870/311. Liam's was his fifth consecutive three second pass, indicating his well-established team have a great handle on the car's setup. The car has a new wrap for 2019 and support by CBD Asylum continues. Liam's team said there is plenty of scope for more fuel input with the pump, but they want to avoid getting too rich a mixture. The potential is there for a low 3.80 though.

Top Fuel Dragster racer Tethys was last in a Top Fueler at the 2016 Euro Finals. He said 'I did a deal with Urs Erbacher to run the car earlier this year - although we were talking about it earlier, it was finalised quite late. The deal includes sponsorship from online sports betting casino which I'm grateful for. I'm looking to do full passes, whether I do all the sessions depends on how I get on. in the first session, the engine was not pulling hard enough and I lifted after two seconds. Although there was some flame, it was nothing major, just losing a bit of oil. Thanks to my crew Ben Allum, Lewis Neill and Jake Charman. We will go to Tierp and take stock after that'. His run in session two, a 4.416/215, placed him seventh at the end of day one of Pro qualifying.

Competition Eliminator racers Nigel and Jordan Payne had a dilemma when Jordan, feeling unwell for a couple of weeks, was diagnosed with glandular fever and advised against racing by his doctor. 'My doctor said don't do anything strenuous', he explained, 'but my event entry had gone in. Thanks to Kathy Taylor and Carole Ismail, the officials allowed my Dad to drive the car on condition it was re-scrutineered'. Nigel attempted a pass on Friday evening but found the battery was flat, however the car, tuned up for Jordan to drive, ran a 7.534/180 to go fourth. The team thank their crew including Paul Mander, and sponsors Geoff Stilwell of BUA Motorsport and VP Racing Fuels.

FIM Supertwin racer Glenn Borg, from Malta, at this event last year ran a PB of 6.57/206mph. Over the winter the team have lengthened the chassis by two inches to make the bike more stable. The bike also has a new rear wheel, the previous one having been set up for a car tyre. With turbo methanol mechanicals unchanged, the goal of the team is for the bike to run straighter and have quicker ETs. The wider rear wheel carries a 10.5 inch slick, the minimum width for a Top Fuel Bike tyre. Glenn thanks his family and his crew, from Greece and Malta, and the bike's name General Lee harks back to the Dukes of Hazzard. Pit note © Mike Kraaij for

FIM Supertwin racer Marcus Christiansen, 2018 European Champion, is back after having tested on the eighth mile track at Malmo, Sweden on 11 May. The team made many changes for the new season, and one of them is the debut of the carbon wheelie bar which is a world first for a drag bike. They also made a new upward-pointing exhaust system that makes more pressure on the 15 inch rear slick. They also made the bike around 25kg lighter for quicker ETs. Mechanically, a new crank case from PRP with new cams and stronger rocker arms. Marcus and father Claus thank Mosten Raceway as a new sponsor this year and all others who make this possible. Pit note © Mike Kraaij for

FIM Supertwin racer Martijn de Haas was runner up last year after winning the title for the three previous years. Over the winter the team imported a new Donald Johnson frame from the US. Into this has gone the same 186ci PRP nitro injected engine as last year. The newly fabricated fuel tank is at the front, which normally is behind the rider's seat. Martijn's crew chief and brother Joeri designed and engineered new engine plates using CNC and high grade aluminium, designed to be lighter than their predecessors. As well as Joeri, Martijn's crew includes girlfriend Colinda and longtime friends Ronald and Vi. He also thanks Vincent Pels from Zodiac, who with his father Ton, is missed at this meeting, and mother Marianne. Pit note © Mike Kraaij for

FIM Supertwin racer Christian Jäger is again riding the ex-Aka Riemer bike. The team have switched to UPM (Ultimate Precision Machinery) cylinder heads on their PRP 161ci nitro injected V-Twin engine, with new pistons and rods. The team are also using a 2D data logger system that is more familiar to MotoGP teams. Christian has also trained a lot to become physically fitter for riding these bikes. A new sponsor is Harley Davidson, RheinNecker from Rucheim, Ludwigshafen in Germany. Support also comes from Hockenheimring. Christian thanks his team and sponsors and looks forward to receiving six second timeslips. Pit note © Mike Kraaij for

Good Vibrations Motorsports/Przym Paintworks Super Pro ET racer Fabien Dubois is in the 701ci engined dragster for this event and the car ran 7.3905 on a 7.32 dial to go 27th at the end of Friday. Saturday starts with the penultimate Super Pro ET qualifier before going into Pro Qualifying at around 10:30am.

Good Vibrations Motorsports/Przym Paintworks Super Pro ET racer Martin Curbishley has the same team, Lisa Farmer, Jay O'Dell and Steve Lunn, and same sponsors, Fix Auto. But he is in a different car, the dragster of Conrad Stanley. Martin said 'The setup is similar with the engine a 468ci naturally aspirated and running on C16'. Following a 9.0s checkout on his first pass in the car, Martin's runs improved during the day to 8.913 for him to go third at the end of session five. Thanks go to Stuart Cameron of Fix Auto.

Pro Modified racer David Vegter suffered major engine damage after the engine kicked a rod out on the burnout at The Doorslammers last weekend. He said 'The block was damaged and we took it back to Holland for repair at a machine shop. We then fitted all new pistons, rods and crank which we had as spares. So after a huge amount of work, involving several late nights, we are ready to race again, thanks to my crew. We hope the car will work and we are going for the Championship'.

Top Doorslammer racer Ingo Ekert from Germany has a fantastic wrap job by sponsors Peter Walters Race Design on his Mats Eriksson-built Dodge Challenger. The car has a Brad Andersen Engineering engine with Stage 5 heads, Kobelko 14/71 blower and Bruno-Lenco gearbox, and Ingo is planning on racing selected Top Doorslammer events in Sweden as well as his home race at Hockenheim.

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