FIA/FIM Main Event
Santa Pod Raceway, 25th-28th May 2018

Pro Peak Performance Test and Tune Day

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The rain is getting heavier and the radar doesn't look good so we have been called for the day.

The webcast will be stopped shortly. We will post today's gallery when we have had dinner so stay tuned for that.


Martin Bishop ready to stage on his Pro Stock Bike but signalled to shut it off, rain in the shutdown area.


The rain was just spots and the track crew sprung into action as they always do and with the same result as always. I mean a perfect track not more rain just as they finished. Understandably brief burnout for Timo, everything still warm I'd imagine. 0.9309 to sixty, brief pedal, more shake but drove through it, 3.6289/209.95 at the eighth and 5.4872/264.22 at the stripe.

Erich Gruber and Rudi Zirzi matched up on their Super Street Bikes, 7.7221/182.89 for Erich, 1.2394 to sixty and 7.2314/196.28 for Rudi - shows the benefit of having Simon Giordmaina as a tuning consultant - but a big puff of smoke right on the stripe. Track crew sent for a look as the next pair pulled their burnouts. That was Yannick Richard and Eric Richard and they were sent into stage as the track was fine. Eric into the sixes, 6.9657/190.52, felicitaions Eric! That with legs flailing off the pegs. 8.8679/163.12 for Yannick.


400-foot burnout from Fast Freddy, backing up at the usual high rate of knots whilst the electric Jaguar waited patiently. 0.1140 RT for Freddy, 1.0377 to sixty, driving through shak eeven when the pick-up headed left, 4.0082/189.56 at the eighth and 6.1081/220.35 at the stripe, a mere 7.4081 seconds ahead of the Jag's game 12.8561/105.95.

Michael Malmgren followed with his second run of the day in his Pro Stock. 1.0139 to sixty, car headed left but Michale stayed with it, 4.3319/164.11 at the eighth, off the gas and chutes out at the thousand, 6.8185/177.84 at the stripe.

Stefan Ernryd followed in his Pro Stock. A 'phut' from the motor at the first attempt at firing up, then lost fire after the burnout but restarted without drama. 1.0095 to sixty, sounded like a brief pedal, 4.3645/155.14 at the eighth then off it and chutes out before the stripe 7.5695/121.73.

Reining FIA Top Methanol Champion Timo Habermann next up Long burnout with a slight zing of the motor just before he got off the gas. Backed up and signalled to shut off for spots of rain.


Rob Elsom next up in his Nostalgia Fuel FC. Big cloud of smoke from one bank after the burnout and the motor briefly attempted to lean out but Rob caught it. 1.2907 to sixty, a pedal and back on it, off the gas before the eighth, 9.4721/102.41 at the stripe.

Next up Fast Freddy in his Pro Mod taking on an electric Jaguar. Arse/plate conjunction coming up I'd say.


David Smith and Amy Watkins next in a Pro ET match, Amy also a Nostalgia Super Stock racer. Great 0.0056 RT for David, 9.5678/139.82 at the stripe, 9.9170/134.87 for Amy.

Third Super Pro ET licencing pass for Matt Peters in one of Norbert Kuno's Avengers. The last run counted for sixty feet I think which means this should be an eighth-mile and chutes. 1.3228 to sixty and off it, 17.1631/49.69 at the stripe.

Pro ET v Comp Eliminator match followed, Oliver Krautberger and Belinda Bull. Oliver still sans hood after lobbing it last week. Wheels-up launch and shake for Belinda, stayed with it though, 7.5654/187.23 to Oliver's 9.0701/151.54.

Super Comp v Super Gas next, Andy Williams v Dave Fulton, 0.0673 RT for Andy, 0.0452 for Dave, 9.2422/150.58 for Andy, Dave there in 9.9300/149.13. Paul Przybyl and Daniel Giles followed in a Super Pro ET match. Daniel away first 0.0183 to Paul's 0.0647, first to the stripe also 7.5090/175.79 to 9.8337/83.94. Super Gas v Super Comp, Bob Molden v Leah Kellett, 0.088 RT for Leah to Bob's gentlemanly 0.2298, 8.8615/164.89 for Leah and 9.6437/139.40 for Bob.

Next up Rob Elsom's Nostalgia FC.


First run of the season for Top Fuel Dragster racer Anita Mäkelä. Thundering burnout, nice peppery noses up here in the office. 0.8255 to sixty with shake, from here it looked as if the blower belt broke about 200 feet out. 8.6341/66.02 at the thousand.

Björn Mårtensson followed in his Top Fuel Dragster. Short burnout then a quick adjustment to the idle before reversing. real bad shake, 0.9341 to sixty, car started to slide left and Björn called a halt. 8.5228/85.54 at the stripe.


next SSB match Rudi Zorzi and Pete Field. -0.0050 RT for Rudi, screeching tyres for both, Pete writing several Ss on the track, off and back on th egas, 8.4509/185.85 to Rudi's 8.4320/181.41. Dave Thomas and Mark hope then paired up, 7.6543/190.51 for Mark to Dave's 14.9337/43.47 shut off after the sixty. Daniel Donat Lencses back on his SSB after pushing back earlier, ET Bike racer Bradley Head in the other lane. 7.2473/210.02 for Daniel, close to the European speed record, 11.3244/111.40 for Bradley.

Lorcan Parnell closed for the bikes with a from the Storm Funny Bike. 1.1711 with bad shake after unloading from the wheelie landing, 14.4258/49.02.

Junior Dragster match followed between Caitlin Wilson and Tom Kaye. 0.0203 RT for Caitlin, 0.0202 for Tom, Caitlin there first 7.9892/84.25 to Tom's 8.0009/83.32.

Next around the corner Billy Everitt in the Alien Super Pro ET altered. Nice burnout to the Tree. 1.1983 to sixty, front end skipping, 8.1143/168.52 at the stripe. Pro ET next, Guy King one of several Nostalgia Super Stock racers running in the class this weekend. -0.0019 squeaker, 9.6360/141.63.

The traditional cry of "Incoming!" as Comp Eliminator racer Robin Orthodoxou reappeared around the corner. 300-foot burnout and found reverse this time. Nice run! 1.0575 to sixty, drove through shake as if he didn't care - on previous form probably didn't - 7.0805/193.64.

Next up, Top Fuel Dragster testing.


Next to the bleach box was Tony Betts in the Venom Nostalgia FC. 1.0322 to sixty, a lot of clutch dust, shake to 250 feet or so and got off the gas, 9.3211/91.96.

pro ET match followed between Arnold Hol and Jack Bishop, 9.9015/141.58 for Arnold to Jack's 9.7742/133.31, Arnold there first courtesy of a huge red.

Jan Zimmermann and Tom Watkins in a Super Gas v Pro ET match, 0.0094 RT for Jan but an even better 0.0012 RT for Tom, Jan clocked 9.3704/143.87 to Tom'a 9.4805/144.39. Pro ET racer Neill Watkins followed with an 11.3601/115.63.

Team match next between SSB racers Mike Ölen and Roberth Häggblom, 8.0869/177.83 for Roberth to Mike's 7.9896/177.12. Steve Mead v Steve Venables SSB match followed, 7.2064/199.88 for Steve M which I would imagine is a PB, 8.2081/157.42 for Steve V taking a long way round. 1.2309 sixty for Steve M.

Alex Hope, we think, followed on his Pro Stock Bike, "We think" because the bike was entirely white, no numbers or other marks, but Chris Hope was crewing. 1.1443 to sixty, sounded as if tyre was turning, off the gas before the eighth, 9.5281/91.61 at the quarter.

Back to the SSB matches, Margot Schmidt v Graham Balchin, 1.2569 sixty for Graham and 7.1557/204.26, 8.1579/175.08 for Margot. Jake Mechaell paired up with Rick Stubbins, new PB again for Jake 7.4892/193.87 and a superb 7.0660/203.35 for Rick.

Single for Comp Bike racer Dave Batcheler (See what I did there?), feathered the throttle 100 feet out and off the gas past the eighth, 11.3963/81.39. Second run of the day for Phil Crossley on his Funny Bike, 1.1333 to sixty, feathered the throttle in the second half, 8.5180/167.28.

First run of the day for recent News contributor Kenneth Holmberg. 1.1284 to sixty, tyre turning and bike was moving right, off the gas about 150 feet out, 13.9763/58.05.


First outing for Paula Atkin in her now turbo-equipped Pro Mod, which will be running in Comp Eliminator this weekend. Lost fire coming off what was a great burnout but quickly restarted. Idled off the line, a couple of stabs, no time recorded.

Second run of the day for Oly Whitehouse, on the gas to about 80 feet then sounded to miss a gear, got it back, cruised the rest of the way to a 15.7293/98.42. Next up Super Pro ET racer Sylvain Nowak and Super Street racer Nicole Parker. 8.6243/160.74 for Sylvain and 10.6694/131.81 for Nicole. Bernard Saz and Dave Russell followed in a Super Pro ET match. Dave certainly won the burnout part of the match-up. -0.3464 red for Dave, 1.2990 to sixty for Bernard, the Hotroen with a big twitch at the eighth, rolled off the throttle to an 8.8498/116.38, 1.3546 to sixty for Dave but a puff of smoke about 300 feet out and shut it off, 11.7895/78.03. Alexandre Jacquot followed with an 8.6822/155.76 from the Super Pro ET Probe.

Sandro Bellio followed in the Top Methanol FC. 200-foot burnout and rolled to a halt past the eighth. Rolled the beams on the revs, -0.1188 red, awful shake then tyres up in smoke and off the throttle, 13.9528/65.70.


Next after Stefan was reigning FIA European Champion Bengt Ljungdahl in his Pro Stock. Started the burnout not far behind the start line and stopped it not far after. 0.9752 to sixty, 4.5184/126.46 at the eighth getting off the gas by then, chutes out at the thousand, 8.5730/97.34.

Word from race officials is that we will be running until 18:00.


Next up Stefan Gunnarsson in his Top Fuel Dragster. US tuner Mike Domagala in attendance as well as, of course, European legend Peter Lantz. Nice burnout, office now full of nitro fumes. 0.8454 to sixty, shake from 100 feet to 200 feet then the tyre mark starts to hourglass. 2.2759 to 330 feet already off the gas by then, 3.9519/126.48 at the eighth and 5.9950/105.42 at the thousand. Stopped on the shutdown area with clutch locked up, retrieval called.


Junior Dragster match-up between Lukas Schmidt and Caitlin Wilson followed, 0.0223 RT for Caitlin to Lukas' 0.1654, there first 7.9208/83.16 to 10.7613/60.30. Frankie Taylor then matched up with Tom Kaye, Chief Starter Ian Marshall signalling Tom's team to hurry it up a bit. -0.0284 RT for Frankie, 0.1112 for Tom, 7.9807/82.11 for Frankie to 7.9396/83.94 for Tom.

First run of the day for Peter Wacker in his Pro Mod. 1.1821 to sixty with shake, a couple of pedals and off it when the car got close to the centre line, 10.0401/93.91.

Arndt Putzmann followed in his Super Comp VW. The usual spectacular launch, one pedal, 9.5632/126.67.

Great pried burnout between Scott Crookston and Colin Millar in their Outlaw Anglias, even in our office you could hear cheering from the grandstands. 0.0220 RT for Scott, 8.1680/163.04. -0.1105 RT for COlin, shake and a pedal, 8.8446/160.70 at the stripe.

First run of the day for Rhiannon Bellenie in her Pro ET dragster, 10.2489/134.80, in the other lane second run of the day for Hans Niesner a 9.8821/139.44.

Aaron Fensome next out licencing in the blown-alcohol dragster. Great burnout. 1.0327 to sixty with wheels up, skated a bit abou t250 feet out and rolled off the throttle, 8.9533/97.32. Licencing pass also for Matt Peters in one of Norbert Kuno's Pro Mods although detsined for Super Pro ET. Foot launch, 1.3985 to sixty and off the gas, 18.1150/48.11.

Leah Kellett and Andy Harrison followed in a Super Comp v Super Gas match. 0.1297 RET for Leagh, 0.2915 for Andy. Leah there first as she should, 8.9779/164.24, Andy with a 9.6496/147.17.

First run of the day for Gino Bernadine's Pro ET Escort, -0.0083 RT and 10.6509/138.95 at the stripe, sounded to be driving through the clutch.


First run of the day for News contributor Stefan Ernryd. The car looks great in Plum Crazy. Spin off the line, 1.0070 to sixty, a pedal and bad shale. tyre marks stop at 200 feet, 11.7750/75.10 and a headache I would imagine.

Next up recent News contributor Dennis Habermann in the Mitsuboshi-sponsored Top Methanol Dragster. 0.9145 to sixty with shake, the briefest of pedals and back on the gas. 3.5757/213.96 at the eighth, off the gas by 1000 feet, 5.6642/198.13 at the stripe.

Super Pro ET racer Mike Hollar and Super Comp / Super Gas racer Jon Giles paired up next. Mike edged out of stage starting his clock, Jon away in 0.0942 and to the stripe in 9.8524/152.64. Mike through the top end at 149.06 mph trailing smoke which got worse and worse until both cars had disappeared. Word came on the track radio that the car was dropping fluid when it came to a halt, but no trail was found in the shutdown area.

Michael Malmgren followed in his Pro Stock. Real pleased to see his burnout front man still on the team. 0.998 9to sixty, nice clean launch from here, 4.3079/157.86 at the eighth then chutes out, 7.5406/121.77.

Til Schöninger and Simon Grough went head-to-head in a Pro ET / Super Gas match, Simon there first 9.8801/154.18 to Til's 9.8912/134.46. Super Pro ET match-up followed, Daniel Giles and Paul Przybyl. 0.0220 RT for Daniel, 0.2207 for Paul, Paul hit shake and shut off as the car started to move around its lane. 7.5063/175.74 for Daniel.

Meggie Talbot followed on her Junior Drag Bike. Nice run! 0.0303 RT, 9.2549/72.77 at the eighth. Erich Gruber and Rudolfo Maduro followed on their Super Street Bikes, Rudolfo lost fire before the burnout so Erich took the bye. 1.3576 to sixty and 7.6890/185.88 at the stripe... very happy crew. Daniel Donat lencses and Graham Dance next, in another SSB match-up, Daniel was pushed back before his burnout then Graham lost fire on the line. Len Paget came to his aid with the starter then G took the bye, 1.3472 to sixty, subtle feather of the throttle, 7.6626/190.48.

Yannick Richard and Eric Richard paired on on their 8.50 Bike and Funny Bike respectively, nice 7.0879/196.23 for Eric after riding out shake, 8.5928/164.25 for Yannick. Dave Thomas on his Super Street Bike then went head-to-head with Bradley Head on his ET Bike. Dave there first 8.6236/174.41 to Bradley's 10.7999/148.64.


Guy King and Tom Watkins first after the restart with a Nostalgia-Super-Stock-Pro-ET-this-weekend match-up. Tom away first 0.0494 to 0.3261 and there first 9.5052/144.33 to 9.6127/141.18.

Next up Freddy Fagerström in his Pro Mod pick-up. 250-foot burnout to open today's account and speedy back-up causing his crew to signal him to slow it down a bit. 1.0834 to sixty with shake which lost him some ET then looked to pick up, 4.2042/181.34 at the eighth and 6.3630/228.17 at the stripe.


First run of the day for Johan Oomen in the Super Pro ET Viper. 1.0953 to sixty, heading left, banged both eighth-mile reflectors and shut it off, 8.8446/104.67. On hold to put the reflectors back.


Second run for the day for Simon Fulton in the Blitzkrieg Super Gasser. Car made a move about 300 feet out and Simon got off the gas, 12.7188/80.80. Andy Thetford followed in his Pro ET Camaro. -0.0285 RT, feathered the throttle all the way, 11.0459/115.49.

Next round the corner Jan Ericksson in his Pro Mod. Fantastic run! 1.0167 to sixty, 3.9749/192.13 at the eighth, 6.0045/240.20 at the stripe. Smoke in the shutdown area but no worries expressed on the track radio.


Second run of the day for Meggie Talbot on her Junior Drag Bike. 0.5873 RT and 9.3493/72.16 at the eighth. The bike really picked up about 150 feet out.

Tom Kay followed in the Blackbelt Racing Junior Dragster. 0.1310 to sixty, 7.9967/83.33 at the eighth.

Second run of the day for Jack Bishop in the Pro ET Cuda, headed right on launch, brief pedal, 10.0321/132.04.


Second run of the day for Super Comp racer Andy Williams a 9.3126/145.25, the stop kicked in very quickly after launch.

Also great to see Steve Johnson back in the Motor Mouse slingshot. A real Brains Trust on the start line included Richard Walters and sponsors Derek Flynn and Pete Walters. Severely wheels-up launch and banged back down off the wheelie bar just as severely, on and off the throttle all the way, 14.8084/80.07.

Back to two wheels, Dave Batcheler on his Comp Bike. A couple of hesitations of the throttle, 8.9411/159.04. Mark Hope followed on his Super Street Bike, second run of the day a 7.6523/190.54, nice run, sixty was 1.3490 and sounded as if there was more in there.

Phil Crossley next up on his Funny Bike, Top Fuel Bike runner this weekend, looked like a bedding-in pass to me. 1.2530 to sixty, feather of the throttle, 9.3300/153.11. First run of the day for Rick Stubbins on his Super Street Bike, 1.3186 to sixty, 7.2078/200.77 at the stripe. So we are on a test day and we have already had three 200 mph SSBs all of which made it look effortless. How excited are we for the race?

First run of the day, and the season, for Martin Bishop on his Pro Stock Bike. 1.1657 to sixty, 7.4304/182.16, straight run with no dramas, didn't look like the guy has had an off-season at all.

First run of the day for Rudi Zorzi on his Super Street Bike, into stage and up on the revs but then pulled out of stage, shut off and pushed back. Bradley Head followed on his ET Bike, 11.6060/145.25, looked much easier than his previous runs. Second run of the day for Thomas Granica on his SSB, again Hi Peter, 1.4046 to sixty and then sounded to jump out of gear about 190 feet out. Stopped on track just past the eighth. Clean-up in Thomas' lane.


First run of the day for John Gerritsen in the blown-alcohol Super Pro ET Bel Air. 1.1062 to sixty, drove through shake, off the gas before the eighth 4.7226/121.19 and chutes out at 1000 feet, 9.3087/78.02.

Bruno Bader followed in his Pro Mod. 1.0315 to sixty driving through shake, a pedal and then hard on the gas. 4.1977/183.38 at the eighth and 6.3011/232.49 at the stripe. Some smoke in the shutdown area but no concerns expressed on the track radio. Clean-up and scrape of the right lane start line after Bruno ran.

Real great to see Belinda Bull back on track in the Comp Eliminator pick-up. 1.0830 to sixty with wheels in the air, brief pedal and then off the gas after the eighth, planned early shut off I think, still 7.7628/138.11.


Second run of the day for Jake Mechaell on his Super Super Street Bike. 1.4663 to sixty heading for the centre line but hung on to it, 7.9850/189.78. Margot Schmidt followed on her SSB, 1.4244 to sixty and 8.4302/171.10 at the stripe. Next SSB Dave Thomas. Very long burnout. 1.7649 to sixty, 8.4768/176.44.

First outing of the day for Mikael Ölen on his Super Street Bike. 1.5181 to sixty and shut off after the eighth, 9.8937/136.03.

Chris Orthodoxou followed in his Apocalypse Pro Mod which is running in Comp Eliminator this weekend. Short but businesslike burnout, shook the office that's for sure. The chute-pin bras are now white and blue. 1.3050 to sixty, a couple of feathers of the throttle, 8.5108/166.59.

Super Gas match-up followed, Jan Zimmermann and Andy Harrison. Andy nudged out of stage, 9.4347/144.77 for Jan and 10.0647/147.65 for Andy. Oly Whitehouse, who will be running in Street Eliminator this weekend, followed on a bye, 17.1517/76.41.

Arnold Hol and David Smith next up on a Pro ET match. Arnold shut it off a touch early, 10.6918/121.06, 9.6189/139.89 for David.

SSB pair followed, Jemma Venables and Robert Häggblom. Jem's tyre spun at the hit, no such problems for Robert, 8.3861/153.25 to Jem's 17.7579/38.53. Fellow SSB racer Rudolfo Maduro next up but held whilst Jem cleared the shutdown area. When he got to go it was 1.3660 to sixty with tyre squealing and bike weaving, eventually had to shut it off to an 11.0187/81.55. Daniel Donat Lencses and Steve Mead next round the corner, another SSB match. Fantastic runs! 7.2444/205.35 for Daniel and 7.2540/197.17 for Steve.

Erich Gruber and Pete Field finished the SSB pairs, 7.8039/181.42 for Erich and a troubled 13.9131/51.81 for Pete after a 1.2698 sixty. Meggie Talbot followed on her Junior Drag Bike, 9.4637/72.16 to the eighth.

We have Pro Mods in the lanes.


Eric Angeloni first after lunch in his Super Pro ET dragster. 1.1147 to sixty but then didn't hear any gear changes, on the limiter and off the gas, 9.5412/81.95. Sylvain Nowak followed in his Super Pro ET Vette. Some hesitation off the line, 1.8795 to sixty feet, 9.1470/11.29 at the stripe.

Recent News contributor Robin Orthodoxou next, squiggly 330-foot burnout but then did not come back, carried on down the track and back to the pits. Pro ET racer Oliver Krautberger next up, 9.0111/162.61.

7.7187/199.76 the first run of the day for Super Street Bike racer Graham Balchin, that was with a feather of the throttle not far out, 1.4320 to sixty.

next round the corner Hans Niesner for Pro ET and Arndt Putzmann for Super Comp. We saw Arndt bring the house down a couple of times at the Doorslammers last weekend. 10.2018/138.97 for Hans, troubled 11.9316/133.32 for Arndt, had to feather the throttle a couple of times.

Back to two wheels and first outing today for Funny Bike racer (TFB this weekend) Lorcan Parnell... now, that was interesting. Lorcan rode out shake and bucking-bronco'ing and still ran 7.0177/192.13. A very promising run.

Frankie Taylor and Lukas Schmidt matched up in their Junior Dragsters. 0.0668 RT for Frankie, -0.0496 for Lukas, Frankie there first 8.4267/77.59 to 11.0063/58.18. Caitlin Wilson next Junior to run, 0.0843 RT and 7.9780/84.09 at the eighth.

Yannic Richard and Eric Richard matched up on their 8.50 Bike and Funny Bike. For reasons I don't quite get the timing system was set for 1000 feet so 7.4186/150.06 for Yannick and 6/0447/155.80 for Eric. I suspect that the timing system was set for Top Fuel Dragster given that Eric is, strictly, Top Fuel Bike this weekend.


250-foot burnout for Sandro Bellio in the Top Methanol FC, rolled to the eighth before returning. Didn't sound to be on full throttle on launch, conservative tune-up I think 1.1087 to sixty, 4.0909/177.70 at the eighth, off the gas and chutes out, chutes took out both 1000 foot reflectors. 7.4285/97.93 at the stripe.

Next up a licencing pass for Matt Peters in one of Norbert Kuno's Pro Mods now fettled for Super Pro ET. Issues starting the motor but got it sorted. Brief but good burnout then stabbed the throttle. 1.6528 to sixty already off the gas, idled through to 19.9515/45.74.

Dave Fulton next round the corner in the Blitzkrieg Super Gasser, 10.2779/145.22. Bernard Saz followed in the Super Pro ET Hotroen. 9.5475/159.05. First run of the day for Til Schöninger's Pro ET Honda Prelude, 10.8537/96.10. Next up Rudy Wessly in his Super Pro ET Camaro, big burnout but lost fire and pushed back.

Now on lunch break, stay tuned.


First run of the day for Super Pro ET racer Alexandre Jacquot. 1.2676 to sixty, car headed right and a feather of the throttle, 9.6370/115.96. Jack Bishop next in the Pro ET Cuda, 10.1073/131.40.

Billy Everitt followed in the Alien Super Pro ET altered. New set-up on the car this year. 9.1180/127.57 feathering the throttle as the car drifted in the second half. Back to Super Pro Et and Paul Przybl next up in the Przym Paintworks dragster. 1.2534 to sixty, car started to move about, 5.1346/129.12 at the eighth and made a move left, Paul off the gas before the stripe 8.9837/104.91.

Cailtin Wilson and Tom Kaye followed in their Junior Dragsters. Caitlin visibly moved first 0.0471 to 0.1437, and there first 8.0089/83.79 to Tom's 8.0261/83.02.

Allan Davies back with the Top Fuel Bike. Nice run! 1.3580 to sixty, very straight pass, 5.5522/139.50 at the eighth and 8.3688/157.43 at the stripe.

Andy Harrison and Dave Fulton next in a Super Gas match. Dave with a twitch before the eighth backed out of it, 11.7796/80.08, Andy possibly in Super Street mode 10.7158/145.39. Dave Russell and Jens Könnecke followed with a Super Pro ET match. Jens away first 0.1157 to .01184, Dave to the stripe first 8/8706/158.45, Jens with a 9.4343/104.44 having shut off after a pendulum started towards the eighth.

SSB match between Pete Field and Jemma Venables, both recent News contributors. Jemma shut off after the burnout so Pete took the bye. Tyre screech to sixty 1.5647 then backed out of it after the eighth, through the top end in 10.2131/89.80. Yannick Richard followed on his 8.50 Bike, 9.0059/159.59, straight run with no dramas. Back to Super Street Bike and Mark Hope followed, 1.3650 to sixty and 7.7635/188.92 at the stripe.

Next up Jan Zimmermann in the Super Gas Chevelle. Well I say Super Gas, 9.4125/143.50. Leah Kellett followed in the Super Comp dragster. 0.1088 RT, 8.8953/164.88. Also for Super Comp, first run of the day for Andy Williams in the Wild Child dragster. 1.2256 to sixty, going great guns but then serious moves left and right towards the eighth and shut off, 9.7900/104.73.

Sandro Bellio waiting round the corner in the Top Methanol FC.


Thomas Granica first after the clean-up, on his Super Street Bike. A big Hello to Peter. 1.3372 to sixty, 5.1351/150.64 to the eighth, drifted towards the centre line and off the gas before the stripe, 7.9540/150.60. Jake Mechaell followed on his SSB, first outing I believe. Rode it like he stole it! 1.2972 to sixty, drifted right, close to the rail, 5.5475/119.28 at the eighth, 8.8179/150.11 at the stripe.

Bob Molden next up in the Pro ET Peugeot. 0.4015 RTwhich we won't mention, 9.6118/139.87.

Back to SSB and Dave Thomas and recent News contributor Steve Mead paired up. 1.4347 to sixty for Steve, 1.8238 for Dave, 8.2944/179.24 for Steve and 14.9453/43.22 for Dave off the gas before the eighth.

Allan Davies followed on the Top Fuel Bike, Frank Brachtvogel supervising. Great burnout but then shut off before staging and pushed back.


Brief clean-up then David Smith next to the bleach box in his Modurstang Pro ET Challenger. 0.0121 RT, puff of smoke just before the eighth but not a problem, 9.6961/139.39.

First run of the day for Andy Harrison in the Super Gas Sierra. 0.0887 to sixty, no dramas, 9.7663/145.31.

Daniel Donat Lencses next on his Super Street Bike. Gentle launch, 1.6542 to sixtu, fed in the power slowly, 8.3836/187.43. Bradley Head followed on his ET Bike. 0.7208 RT, 11.9490/131.33.

First run of the day for Neil Midgley on Chris Hannam's Supertwin. Nitro fumes up through the floor in the burnout, we approve mightily. Great run! 1.1078 to sixty, rode through shake to 300 feet or so, 4.2851/160.82 at the eighth drifting left a little, shut off at about 1000 feet, 7.4421/130.27. Word on the track radio is that the bike is covered in oil. Track crew taking a look. No oil but some "bits", maybe shredded belt, track being swept.


Jens Könnecke back very quickly in the Super Pro ET Olds. 0.0332 RT, a pedal before the eighth, 8.3218/163.04 at the top end.

Next round the corner Leah Kellett in the Dolly Daydream Super Comp dragster. Two burnouts then 0.0991 RT, 8.9401/163.66.

Graham Dance next on his Super Street Bike. 1.5380 to sixty, 5.5949/141.67 at the eighth, 8.6348/177.07 at the stripe smoking and then smoke all the way down the shutdown area. Track crew took a look but all OK.

Next and also for Super Street Bike recent News contributor Margot Schmidt, 1.6863 to sixty and 9.4236/156.94 at the stripe. Check of Margot's lane, Billys'and-mop clean-up.


First run of the day for Erich Gruber on his Super Street Bike, Pro Stock Bike racer Len Paget helping out on the start line. 1.7565 to sixty, 8.7177/177.78.

Next up Jens Könnecke in the Super Pro ET Oldsmobile, 1.1688 to sixty and 8.2409/161.89 at the quarter.

Aaron Fensome next on a licencing pass in the blown-alcohol Super Pro ET dragster. sponsor and former car owner Derek Flynn supervising. Scheduled half pass. Very competent burnout. Then 1.1520 to sixty with shake, chute shook out, off the gas immediately and idled through, 13.883/67.95.

Next up Lukas Schmidt in his Junior Dragster. Lots of banging from the motor. 0.1760 RT, 10.2633/57.02.


Yannick Richard's first run of the day on his 8.50 Bike a 9.1660/153.11, sounded to be misfiring in the second half.

Aaron Fensome's Super Pro ET dragster is in the lanes but he is a while off strapping in by the look of things.


Caitlin Wilson back in the Miss de Meaner Junior Dragster. 0.0800 RT, from here it looked as if the front wheels just left the deck. 8.0834/84.26 at the eighth.


First run of the day for Daniel Giles in the Super Pro ET dragster. 0.0833 RT, 1.0575 to sixty, 7.5864/173.66. Drifted very slightly left in the second half but had it covered.

Mark Hope followed on his Super Street Bike. 1.4230 to sixty and then more power came in. 8.0017/184.32 at the top end. Fellow SSB racer Dave Thomas next up, 1.7930 to sixty with audible tyre spin, 8.8618/173.07.


Daniel Giles not yet strapped in, so next to the bleach box was Frankie Taylor in the Banshee Junior Dragster. 0.1657 RT, 8.6068/76.80.


Next round the corner Caitlin Wilson in the Miss de Meaner Lucas Oil Junior Dragster. Got a Pro Tree, 0.8326 RT but I think we can let her off given the Tree, 8.0385/83.81 at the eighth.

We have the Giles and Hartley Gearhead Garage Super Pro ET dragster in the lanes.


Second run of the day for Bradley Head another gentle one, 13.9410/125.81, sounded to miss a gear just before the stripe.


Bradley Head opened the day on his ET Bike. Took it gently, 2.8223 to sixty and 15.6948/54.55 at the stripe.


Still spots in the air but in the meantime why not check out a gallery of Diana's shots from yesterday's Press Day. You can take a look via the Event Index.


Good morning and welcome from Santa Pod Raceway for our coverage of the Pro Peak Performance Test and Tune Day brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

Today's plan is for a frequently-updated report on the on-track action, and a photo gallery at the end of the day courtesy of Julian. The Webster Race Engineering / Nimbus Motorsport webcam will be on-line broadcasting live video and trackside audio so long as the track is open.

Currently a little chilly and misty with a tailwind here at Santa Pod, but dry. The tractor is already out there and the surface is squealing under the sled. Hopefully when the sun gets up a bit it will burn off the mist.

A big Good Morning to all the Eurodragsterholics out there, especially Kai Plathan and the faithful Otto in Finland and Ivar Kolberg in Norway. Hello also to Annie Lee... it's Thursday today Annie. To those of you tuned in from your day jobs, please don't get yourselves in trouble.

Your Reporter is off to hang the cameras and microphones for the webcast. Stay tuned and when the wheels start to turn we'll bring you the news.

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