FIA / FIM Main Event
Santa Pod Raceway, 26th-29th May 2017


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We watched it coming on the radar and hoped against hope, but it is now pelting with rain so we have been called.

We will post today's gallery when we get back to base so tune back for that in a few hours.


FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 2

Jimmy Ålund 5.9613/236.11 def. Bobby Wallace 6.2286/226.90

Bobby's burnout to the left of centre. Several very high-altitude nitrous purges before staging. Bobby away first 0.0354 to 0.0777, Jimmy with the quicker sixty 0.9740 to Bobby's 0.9844. No real sign of shake for either. Jimmy pulling ahead by the eighth 3.8969/189.43 to Bobby's 4.0444/180.54. Jimmy took the stripe by 0.2250, PBs for both, well done Jimmy, Bobby and teams!

Marcus Hilt 10.2727/76.81 def. Kev Slyfield 8.6540/96.69 DQ

-0.0114 red for Kev handed it to Marcus. Marcus to sixty in 1.4556 with tyres blackstriping, off the gas before 330 feet 3.7701, maybe saw Kev's red light.

Micke Gullqvist 5.9514/243.80 def. Bruno Bader 6.0649/231.61

Bruno visibly away first 0.0351 to 0.1090 and the quicker sixty 0.9554 to Micke's 0.9617. Micke drove through shake just as he passed the Tree but no real effect from the shake as he got to the eighth in 3.9163/190.15. Bruno to the eighth in 3.9546/185.75 but Micke was noticeably pulling away in the second half and took it by 0.0396.

David Vegter 6.1333/236.41 def. Wayne Nicholson 7.1172/207.04

David visibly moved first 0.0888 to 0.2144, 1.0127 to sixty, Wayne to sixty in 1.0207 with shake, a long pedal then back on it watching David get to the eighth in 4.0348/185.75, Wayne to the eighth in 4.7213/158.57 by which time David was almost at the stripe, Wayne off the gas around the eighth and David took it by 1.1095. Clean-up of Wayne's lane in the shutdown area.


FIM Europe Super Street Bike eliminations round 2

Daniel Donat Lencses 7.4884/191.39 def. Gary Bowe 9.5910/92.13
Rick Stubbins 7.1530/202.39 def. Steve Venables 8.0467/132.45
Dave Thomas 7.8496/176.40 def. Franklyn Borg 7.7984/192.21

Problems for Garry Bowe at 300 feet or so, rolled to a half half way down the shutdown area and retrieval called. Having been shut off on the line for the first time of asking the race between Robert Nilsson and Mogens Lund will take place after Pro Modified E2.


A big thumbs-up to the track crew who have not stopped working since the rain started.

FIM Europe Pro Stock Bike eliminations round 1

Alex Hope 7.3243/169.82 def. Martin Newbury 9.2637/127.78
Charly Abraham 7.6230/169.81 bye, Martin Bishop no show
Kenneth Holmberg 7.2251/181.37 def. Len Paget 7.3832/176.46
Fredrik Fredlund 7.0621/188.13 def. Fredrik Schack 7.6211/169.18 sponsor Martin's bike hesitated off the line, then te tyre bit, then hesitated again. Alex long gone, 1.1175 to sixty and 4.6334/150.46 at the eighth. No sign of Bish, no word why. Charly took the bye, rolled the beams so 1.2664 to sixty, 4.8984/147.65 to the eighth. 1.0819 o sixtyfor Len, 1.0920 for Kenneth, pulling away by the eighth 4.5632/150.38 to 4.6555/147.04 and the stripe by 0.1522. Fredrick S got out on Fredde 0.0622 to 0.1003 but Fredde was soon out in front and took it by 0.5209.

Simon has posted a set of pit notes which you can check out via the Event Index.

The racing surface is still being sledded. Stay tuned.


Alex Hope's and sponsor Martin Newbury's Pro Stock Bikes ready to stage but held for spots of rain.


FIM Europe Top Fuel Bike eliminations round 1

Rene van den Berg 6.5436/194.70 def. Stuart Crane 6.9734/172.36
Steve Woollatt 6.4504/192.22 def. Flippos Papafilippou no time broke
Otto Knebl 7.5534/167.28 def. Lorcan Parnell 8.5105/110.05
Rikard Gustafsson 6.4355/233.70 def. Thomas Pettersson no time DQ

Stu whacked Rene at the Tree 0.0761 to 0.1640, had the better sixty but then Rene started to reel him in. Rene held his nerve as the bike headed for the gardrail, throttle open until he overhauled Stu then pulled it away from the rail in the shutdown area. Fil beat Steve off the line 0.0835 to 0.1538 then his motor quit and he eventually rolled to a halt just before the quarter. Steve to sixty in 1.0825, eighth in 4.1587/178.39, started to drift towards the centre line and shut it off past 1000 feet. Then a brief hold for spots of rain. On the re-start Otto's tyre briefly blackstriped and the bike headed left, had to feather the throttle at the eighth 4.6106/134.81, Lorcan momentarily looked to be reeling Otto in but shut it off before the eighth. 1.0731 to sixty for Thomas, 1.1894 for Rikard, Rikard with the better eighth 4.3553/187.81 to Thomas' 4.3985/161.21. Rikard heading the for the centre line but held on to it and put the chute out right on the stripe. Right in the last few feet Thomas' bike moved right and he took out both quarter mile reflectors. 7.0266/161.90 in the timing console for Thomas but with Rikard also in the vicinity I would not like to say that that was correct.


FIM Europe Supertwin eliminations round 1

Roman Sixta 7.0871/204.41 def. Bruno Salesse 9.9184/121.19
Martijn de Haas 6.7212/206.03 bye

Roman close to the guardrail but kept his nerve, held the throttle open and steered it away. In the other lane Bruno's motor faltered after launch, never really recovered and backed out of it before the stripe. Not-entirely-clued-up cameraman stood in the stage beams as Martijn pulled forward, starter Dave Warren gently but not necessarily subtly manhandled him out of the way. Martijn to sixty in 1.1887, 4.4254/175.64 at the eighth.


Simon has posted a set of pit notes which you can check out via the Event Index.

FIA Pro Stock eliminations round 1

Michael Malmgren 6.6712/206.03 def. Magnus Pettersson no time

A brief hold after Top Methanol for spots of rain. Long wait for Michael whilst Magnus' crew adjusted the wheelie bars. Instant shake for Magnus and shut off before sixty feet 1.4960. 0.9753 to sixty for Michael, high frequency shake which he drove through, 4.2789/162.77 at the eighth.

Simon Gustafsson 6.8172/202.58 def. Stefan Ernryd 6.6777/199.73

Stefan very close to being timed out by the Autostart as Simon had long been in stage. Car-length 0.1675 to 0.5676 holeshot by Simon and whatever Stefan did after that he was not going to catch up. Simon to sixty in 1.0163, Stefan in 0.9896, Simon to the eighth in 4.3825/160.57 to Stefan's 4.2898/164.85, Simon had it by 0.2606, Stefan shut it off a touch early.

Thomas Lindström 6.6923/203.31 def. Robin Norén 6.7648/202.58

Thomas away first 0.0957 to 0.1290, the much better sixty 0.9795 to Robin's 0.9968. Simon's car was moving left and right but he stayed with it, 4.3440/161.14, clear lead for Thomas by then 4.2900/162.84. 0.1058 win for Thomas but a new PB for Robin, congratulations Robin and team!

Bengt Ljungdahl 6.6420/207.07 bye

Number one qualifier bye for Bengt. 0.9842 to sixty, 4.2680/163.82 to the eighth, car made a move in the second half but Bengt had it covered.


FIA Top Methanol eliminations round 1

Steph Milam 6.0418/235.31 def. Jonny Lagg 6.1718/220.17

Here we go then, the first-ever staggered-start race in European Top Methanol, Steph with the FC's 0.26 head start under the new rules. Steph with a 0.2104 RT to Jonny's 0.1107, Steph's sixty 1.0238 to Jonny's 1.0229. Steph hard on the gas even though the FC was moving left and right and bouncing, a move to the right at one point. Jonny's motor sounded to be misfiring and Steph was going reat guns at the eighth despite all the directional distractions 3.9830/188.86, Jonny to the eighth in 3.9915/183.95. Valiant effort for Jonny but Steph took it by 0.2903.

Timo Habermann 5.5159/265.11 def. Rod Harrison 6.3074/172.40

Timo visibly moved first 0.1021 to 0.2061, the better sixty 0.9134 to Rod's 0.9996. Timo drove through shake and a move to the left when the shake stopped, 3.6673/208.57 at the eighth. Rod to the eighth in 3.8293/181.27 then shut it off.

Dennis Habermann 6.4786/147.67 bye

Number one qualifier bye for Dennis. 0.9210 to sixty with shake, a brief pedal as the car moved to the right, 2.4217 to 330 feet then off the gas before the eighth 3.6810/17.30.


European Nitro Funny Car Series eliminations round 1

Kevin Kent 5.7805/122.17 bye, Birgitte Bremnes shut off

Birgitte was into her burnout before Kevin's motor fired up, sounded for a moment as it if wanted to lean out but stayed lit. Birgitte's motor stopped as she got off the burnout, start line crew rushed to her aid and pushed the car back. Kevin took the bye, 0.9191 to sixty, driving through shake, more shake from 200 to 300 feet then the tyres hourglassed, the FC moved right and Kevin shut off.

Steve Ashdown 11.8012/60.21 bye

Number one qualifier bye for Steve on his first competitive outing in the Undertaker FC. 0.9982 to sixty then the motor growled and cylinders went out, from here looked like broken blower belt behaviour. Idled through. Some fluid clean-up at the start line.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster eliminations round 1

Liam Jones 4.4790/184.23 bye

Number one qualifier bye for Liam. Perfectly timed fire-up as the last chord of the National Anthem died away, brought a lump to the throat quickly followed by fizzy nose and tears in the eyes from the nitro coming up through the floor of the office. 0.8808 to sixty, shake passing the Tree but drove through it, 2.2236 to 330 feet, tyres started to turn with smoke and a move just before the eighth 3.3012/212.79.

Antti Horto 3.9748/297.60 def. Micke Kågered 4.3228/205.17

Micke moved first 0.0950 to 0.1033, Antti started the reeling-in process by sixty 0.8599 to Micke's 0.8838. Antti to 330 feet in 2.2060 to Micke's 2.2348, Micke's tyres looked to be turning a little and then an hourglass about 400 feet out. Amtti storming through the eighth 3.1633/263.19, Micke losing time and speed to the blackstripe 3.2548/235.11. Antti drove out the back door and took it by 0.3397.

Duncan Micallef 3.9975/302.83 def. Anita Mäkelä 4.0375/297.82

Duncan just away forst 0.1068 to 0.1082, the better sixty 0.8608 to Anita's 0.8651, nitro flames clearly visible from both motors, Duncan's flames looked to be mixing up but the numbers don't say so. Duncan with the better 330 foot 2.2258 to Anita's 2.2431 and the advantage atthe eighth 3.1919/260.94 to Anita's 3.2283/260.13. 0.0414 win for the Maltese Lion and a three-second pass, congratulations Duncan! Looking at our records, kindly compiled for us by the original and forever the best stats authority Andy Marrs, that was the quickest-ever side-by-side Top Fuel race of the 1000-foot era by all of 0.0001 seconds.

Stig Neergaard 4.1638/272.68 def. Urs Erbacher 4.5483/192.13 sponsor Urs away first 0.1121 to 0.1349, the better sixty for Stig 0.8523 to 0.8962, Urs drove through shake, Stig with the better 330 foot time 2.2987 to Urs' 2.3160. Urs' tyres started to turn before the eighth, a pedal and off it 3.4117/211.91. Stig through the eighth in 3.3148/251.45 then something came off his car, looked like a spill plate. 0.3617 win for Stig.


Comp Eliminator eliminations round 1

               FIA & FIM(E) Main Event 2017. Santa Pod Raceway. England
                                   TSI SYSTEM
                                ELIMINATION ROUND 1

29/05/2017 11:00:20                              12  COMP ELIMINATOR   
Results CarNum  Driver                R.T.     E.T.    O/U    INDEX  MPH

      1       KEV PERKINS         + 0.1698  7.5912 -0.4088  08.00 181.30
Win   203     ANDY HONE           + 0.1218  7.5462 -0.4538  08.00 182.70
Foul  88      GUIDO UHLIR         - 0.0395  8.4515  0.8915  07.56 162.45
Win   801     ROBIN SATTLER       + 0.0745  9.3802 -0.2698  09.65 112.74
Win   55      ROB SMALLWORTH      + 0.1234  7.5186 -0.4814  08.00 180.58
      727     ROBIN ORTHODOXOU    + 0.0458  7.6096  0.0496  07.56 184.27

* = Disqualified 


FIM Europe Super Street Bike Cup eliminations round 1

Kristian Jasz in as an alternate for Graham Balchin. Great 0.0070 RT for Steve Venables in his race with Mathias Bohlin. Bianca Nilsson in as an alternate for Anders Blanck whose motor broke in the warm-up this morning.

Daniel Donat Lencses 7.2813/198.98 def. Kirstian Jasz 7.9246/183.53
Mogens Lund 7.2423/197.18 def. Jemma Venables 7.6435/193.87
Robert Nilsson 7.2865/193.77 def. Rudi Zorzi 7.5408/189.73
Rick Stubbins 7.1427/200.60 def. Eddy Smiley 7.9312/175.08
Steve Venables 7.1894/206.07 def. Mathias Bohlin 7.5514/193.91
Dave Thomas 7.7650/182.89 def. Pete Field 11.7999/71.24
Franklyn Borg 7.9968/171.71 def. Bianca Nilsson 8.4671/166.07
Garry Bowe 7.2083/205.15 def. Mark Hope 7.6559/185.12


FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 1

Bobby Wallace 6.2555/221.26 def. Andy Robinson 14.4527/51.21

Bobby away first 0.0881 to sponsor Andy's 0.0920. 0.9945 to sixty for Bobby to Andy's 1.0216, Andy's tyres already shaking hideously by then and he was off to about 100 feet out. 4.0575/178.93 at the eighth for Bobby and I think I heard him feather it just slightly in the second half. New PBs for Bobby, well done Bobby and team!

Micke Gullqvist 5.9335/243.69 def. Marco Maurischat 6.4493/221.45 sponsor Marco visibly away first 0.1002 to 0.1526, Micke to sixty in 0.9580 to Marco's 1.0000 with shake. Marco had to pedal losing him time and Micke's tyre tracks imply that he pedalled briefly about 100 feet out, however maybe not as a storming 3.9018/190.95 at the eighth for Micke, 4.2624/174.95 for Marco.

Wayne Nicholson 10.4283/76.16 def. Bert Englefield no time DQ

Bert bulbed by the Autostart, looked to have trouble nudging the car into stage. Wayne to sixty in 1.0205 then shake and the Vette turned left, Wayne off the gas but through to round 2.

Marcus Hilt 6.3869/225.87 def. Norbert Kuno 6.4219/225.52

Marcus visibly away first 0.1353 to Norbert's 0.2151, Norbert with the much better sixty 0.9902 to Marcus' 1.0562, Norbert then hit shake and had to pedal. Very little shake for Marcus by the look of things. Marcus looked to be pulling ahead at the eighth 4.2039/177.01 to Norbert's 4.2123/174.06. Smoke from both motors at the stripe.

Kev Slyfield 6.1112/229.06 def. Håkan Persson 6.1462/237.78

Kev away first 0.0713 to 0.0974 and the better sixty 1.0079 to 1.0307. No sign of shake for Kev, a touch for Håkan. Kev to the eighth in 3.9804/229.06 to Håkan's 4.0757/187.21. Kev's accelerataion looked to be levelling out in the second half but it was actually Håkan reeling him him at a rapid rate, but ran out of track, Kev there first by 0.0611. New PBs for Kev, well done Kev and team!

David Vegter 6.7548/162.47 def. Jean Dulamon 7.9760/127.36

Huge holeshot for David 0.1237 to 0.4535 for Jean. 1.0127 to sixty for David and a brief pedal. 1.1088 to sixty for Jean with shake kicking in, Jean tried to drive through it but quit as the car went for the 330 foot reflector. 4.2530/172.28 to the eighth for David then sounded like his blower panel blew.

Bruno Bader 6.0341/232.85 def. Marck Harteveld 6.3068/227.80

Bruno looked to have trouble gettingout of reverse. Marck visibly moved first 0.0936 to 0.1634, shaking a few feet off the line but tried to drive through it, 1.0317 to sixty. No such problems for Bruno, 0.9912 to sixty and 3.9396/187.99 to the eighth and visibly pulling away from Marck's 4.1604/180.31. Bruno took the stripe by 0.2029.

Jimmy Ålund 6.0568/232.87 def. Freddy Fägerstrom 6.2973

Jimmy away first 0.0836 to 0.1371, 1.0179 to sixty with light shake to Freddy's 1.0163 with shake and a pedal. 3.9782/188.07 eighth for Jimmy to Freddy's 4.0883/178.88, Jimmy visibly pulling away in the second half.


Super Pro ET eliminations round 3

Although decided on a breakout the finish line margin between Scott Hauser and Dave Russell was 0.0089 seconds or 23.98 inches. Scott Hauser +0.0085 on dial-in.

               FIA & FIM(E) Main Event 2017. Santa Pod Raceway. England
                                   TSI SYSTEM
                                ELIMINATION ROUND 3

29/05/2017 10:14:45                              22  SUPER PRO ET      
Results CarNum  Driver                R.T.     E.T.    O/U    INDEX  MPH

      212     MICK HOWLING        + 0.1855  8.4573  0.1573  08.30 155.73
Win   453     MARTYN JONES        + 0.1311  6.0506  0.0506  06.00 192.89
Win   640     JOHN PRZYBYL        + 0.0515  7.6705  0.1805  07.49 154.67
      593     SCOTT CROOKSTON     + 0.1633  8.9678  0.0878  08.88 152.60
      90      BILLY GANE          + 0.1465  8.1591 -0.0209  08.18 166.65
Win   68      BRIAN PATEMAN       + 0.0543  8.8149  0.0549  08.76 149.58
      782     DAVID RUSSELL       + 0.0715  8.7532 -0.0068  08.76 150.53
Win   3001    SCOTT HAUSER        + 0.0473  7.5785  0.0085  07.57 172.99

* = Disqualified 

Next up FIA Pro Modified E1.


Good morning and welcome from Santa Pod Raceway for our coverage of the FIA / FIM Main Event brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

No Webster Race Engineering / Nimbus Motorsport webcast from us today; Web TV for the rest of the event will be provided by Trakbak Racing and Track Group Europe and you can check that out by clicking here. Anyone contacting us with queries or comments about a webcast with which we have nothing to do should not be suprised at the reception they receive.

We had some rain overnight but it's not cold out there and the racing surface looks pretty much dry. The shutdown area is getting extra attention but from here even that does not look at all bad. Currently overcast with a very gentle breeze.

The traditional raceday Good Morning to our US Corespondent Kathy Hileman who is tuned in from New Hampshire. Hope you are having a good day Kathy. A big Good Morning, too, to all of the Eurodragsterholics especially, as ever, to Kai Plathan and Otto tuned in from Finland and our faithful fan Ivar Kolberg who is tuned in from Norway.

As ever we will endeavour to update the Pro reports in between pairs so keep hitting Refresh. It's not always possible but we will give it our best shot.

The current running order has an 09:30 start with Super Pro ET E3, E1 of Pro classes is scheduled for 09:45. Stay tuned and as soon as the wheels start to turn we'll bring you the news.

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