Bug Jam
Santa Pod Raceway, 21st-23rd July 2017


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We have now posted today's gallery which contains 75 pictures courtesy of Julian and Grace and which includes last night's festivities as well as what little happened today. You can check it out via the Event Index page; if you do not see all 75 updated thumbnails when you load the Gallery then click on your Browser's Refresh button.


The entire length of the track is soaked, given the amount of time it would take to dry and with the radar showing more rain coming we have been called for the day.

There will be a small off-track gallery but we will post that when we get back to base later.


Good afternoon and welcome to our coverage of Bug Jam qualifying brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

The Webster Race Engineering / Nimbus Motorsport webcam will be on-line broadcasting live video and commentary / Nitro FM audio so long as the track is open. Thanks to Doyousee.me for the provision of streaming services.

Right now that "So long as the track is open" is sadly relevant we have a wet drag strip courtesy of yesterday's downpour and then more overnight and this morning. The track crew are on the job of clearing water from the track surface.

The traditional Raceday Good Morning to our US Correspondent and purveyor of, frankly, rubbish jokes Kathy Hileman who is tuned in from Essex, NH. Hello also to the Eurodragsterholics especially to Kai Plathan and his faithful hound Otto tuned in from Vehkataipale in Finland and to Ivar Kolberg tuned in from Norway. Thanks to everyone for their support.

Stay tuned and as soon as things improve we will be back with an update. Remember that "So long as the track is open".

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