FIA / FIM Main Event
Santa Pod Raceway, 27th-30th May 2016

Pro Peak Performance Test and Tune Day

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Chris Polidano next to the bleach box in his Top Methanol Dragster. The motor started but then never went to nitro despite frantic work and much gesturing and running for kit. Chris shut it off.

Robin Orthodoxou was next in his Comp Eliminator altered, motor sounded very rough in the burnout and the car really didn't make any progress for the revs the motor was making. Robin rolled to a halt and shut off at 1000 feet.

All eyes back on Chris Polidano but he climbed out of the car.

That's all for today, stay tuned and we will have today's gallery for you in a couple of hours.


Last run of his day for Pro ET racer Mark Bailey, nice wheelie then 9.0137/146.68 and he's back in Pro ET territory. Mark Sheridan followed in his Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator Cuda. 6.4515/111.13 to the eighth and shut off at about 1000 feet to 10.4820/101.66.

Second run of the day for Andy Frost in Red Victor 3. Sat in the bleach box for a long while then shut off and was pushed back. Barry Giles next around the corner in the Giles and Hartley Super Pro ET dragster. 0.0117 RT, 7.3744/179.88 which judging by Daniel's reaction is a new best, well done guys! Whatever ailed Frosty easily sorted as he was straight back. Languid burnout then a storming launch, 1.0876 to sixty, lots of tyre shake then a pop and smoke as Frosty got off the gas, 11.4818/54.69.

Matt Smith next up in the Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator Nissan. Rolled through stage when he went up on the revs and elected just to hit it anyway, so no time or speed. Stefan Winter followed in the Comp Eliminator Mercedes. Nice-looking run, 8.2420/159.02.


Joe Kellett next to the line in his new Super Pro ET dragster. 0.069 RT, 8.2582/163.05. Gino Bernadine's Pro ET Escort right behind Joe in the bleach box. Nice run, 9.4614/139.06.

Final Top Fuel Dragster licence pass for Steve Ashdown next. Nice burnout and our office gassed out with nitro fumes (which is how we like it). Nice run! 0.9240 to sixty, shake marks to about 100 feet but Steve stayed with it. 2.3913 to 330 feet, 3.4224/244.83 at the eighth and smoke from the motor just before the stripe 4.3250/247.74.


Fantastic run for Rudi Lorsi on the SSB! 1.3558, 5.0090/159.59 at the eighth, 7.4668/196.37 at the stripe. Well done Rudi, Simon and team! In the other lane Mark Hope on his Comp Bike had problems off the line and pulled to a halt by the wall about 400 feet out. Quick hold for retrieval. Alex Hope next along with his Pro Stock Bike, great run. 1.1032 to sixty, 4.6467/149.67 at the eighth and 7.3264/179.19 at the stripe.

Shaun Hyde followed in his VW Pro Beetle. Shut off as the top end was not clear but then restarted only to shut off and push back. Belinda Bull back for her third run of the day in her Comp Eliminator pick-up. Awesome run! 1.0473 to sixty with front end high in the air, 4.5439/154.13 at the eighth and 7.1215/179.23 at the top end. sponsor Andy Robinson followed in his Pro Mod. 1.1277 to sixty with clear shake marks on the track, Andy drove through the shake. 4.2707/175.02 at the eighth, stayed with it all the way to the stripe 6.4741/224.47.

Bengt Ljungdahl next up in his Pro Stock. Looked like a planned half-pass. 0.9585 to sixty, 4.2587/156.69 at the eighth then shut off, 7.2841/142.56 at the stripe.


Second ever run for Nick Mugridge in the former Super Mod Camaro. Again bypassed the burnout until he has had a bit more seat time. Through the gears, very smooth. 10.3178/135.76. Gary Gooing followed in the Topspeed Automotive Sreet Eliminator Supra. Fogged out the start line which was a good start. Even better finish with a 7.7236/175.76, superb run. 1/2617 to sixty and 5.0049/149.11 at the eighth. Mike Coates was next along in the Comp Eliminator slingshot. The motor not at all happy that time, sounded laboured, 19.4410/50.08. Collin Morrice followed in the Super Comp / Super Gas Camaro. -0.0002 squeaker of a red, but a great SC run 8.9029/152.18.

Michel Tooren back for another attempt at the final Pro Mod licencing pass. Superb burnout, the rest of Northamptonshire briefly disappeared and there was a lot of hooting from the crew. Licence won! 1.0110 to sixty, 4.2088/174.85 at the eighth, 6.4172/224.50 at the stripe and a delighted crew. Well done Michel and team, and congratulations on the licence!


A quick break to groom the track then on we went. First up Yannick Richard (8.50 Bike) and Graham Dance (SSB). 8.4851/118.37 early shut off for G, 8.9522/160.17 for Yannick. Chris Reed (Pro Stock Bike) and Eric Richard (Funny Bike) were next up, great 7.2284/176.40 for Eric and 9.2011/155.79 for Bois. Eric's front wheel came down just before the eighth. SSb v SSB next, Eddy Smiley and Thomas Granica, 7.9191/173.06 for Eddy whilst Thomas pulled a 1.3162 sixty but the tyre blackstriped and the bike started to drift so Thomas shut off 19.7104/50.88. Erich Gruber and Jemma Venables next to the line, 7.4348/192.13 for Jem Ven and 7.8482/182.15 for Erich. Ivana van den Berg next to appear on her Twin. Most stable run yet, 10.5000/133.27.

Thaliah Gibb and Aaron Fensome then matched up in their Junior Modified Advanced dragsters. 0.0903 RT for Thaliah and 7.9110/81.81 at the eighth, 8.1253/79.38 for Aaron.

Bob Glassup followed in his Nostalgia Fuel FC. Nice noisy burnout and then a great launch, 1.2776 to sixty with clutch dust, off the gas at 330 feet 3.3053 and through the stripe in 10.7167/80.10.


Second run of the day for Super Pro ET racer Wouter van Leesrum, great run! 7.3506/176.47. James Forster was next in his Pro ET Mustang, 11.7036/116.68. Jon Giles followed in his Super Comp / Super Gas Willys. 0.0231 RT, 9.25323/138.21.

Micke Gullqvist followed in his Camaro Pro Mod. 1.1105 to sixty with bad shake, off the gas and then got back on it, not full throttle just enough to get along the track, 11.0402/86.86.

Next passenger ride for Colin Theobald in Bruce was a 12.1155/115.08. Matt Smith followed in his Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator Nissan, 1.2888 to sixty and then the tyres screeched and he shut off, 9.6088/100.30. Thomas haas next up in his Super Pro ET Valiant. 1.1821 to sixty, 5.1935/133.73 to the eighth and 8.1273/166.62 at the stripe.


Roger Johansson next up in his Pro Mod which certainly sounds different with the zoomie headers. 1.0820 to sixty with shake, a couple of pedals but gave it up. 13.6958/60.61.

Next round the corner, Top Fuel Dragster racer Anita Mäkelä for her first run of the season. Dom Lagana and Jake Sanders providing tuning input. 0.8395 to sixty, appalling shake passing the Tree and shut off as the tyres blackstriped about 100 feet out. 8.9365/77.24.


Pro ET racer Mark Bailey was first to run after the clean-up. Nice big wheelie, 8.9988/147.15. Tim Moore followed in his Super Gasser, 0.0263 RT, car started to wander and Tim shut off, 14.3351/53.51. Next up was Barry Giles in the Giles and Hartley Super Pro ET dragster, 7.4024/179.15, crew very happy with that.

Yannick Richard (8.50 Bike) and Mark Hope (Comp Bike) followed, Yannick's motor cut on the start line, 7.9877/180.67 for Mark. Shaun Branch and Glenn Borg then faced off on their Funny Bikes. 7.7328/179.97 fo rshaun, a great start for Glenn 1.1985 to sixty and 3.2987 to 330 feet but the bike was heding for the centre line and he had to shut off, 11.9238/65.99. His body language was clearly something along the lines of "Oh, how unfortunate". Next up was Ivana van den Berg on her Twin, lost fire in the burnout but quickly restarted. gentle launch, straight run, 10.5680/133.35.

Rick Stubbins and Graham Balchin next up on their SSBs. 1.2978 sixty for Rick, 7.2732/198.99. Graham's tyre blackstriped, sixty, he was off the gas before the eighth, 11.4586/75.67. Daniel Donat lencses and Pete Field matched up, 7.6000/186.65 for Daniel whilst Pete started well with a 1.2584 sixty but shut it off at the eighth. Rudi Zorsi and Mogens Lund then went head to head again. Nice sixty for Rudi 1.2997, 7.6116/198.13 at the stripe to Mogens' 7.6163/187.36.


Webcam is back, sorry about that but not our fault, and a big Thank You to Julian of Nitro FM for jumping in and getting internet access back.

Second run of the day for sponsor Chris Isaacs in the Isaacs and Tramm Pro Mod. 1.0974 to sixty with violent shake and the Duster turned hard left, Chris had his hands fill there. Shut it off about 100 feet out whilst looking south-west, 12.4066/78.17.

Joe Kellett followed with another run in his new Super Pro ET dragster, 8.2561/163.06. Second run of the day for Thaliah Gibb in her Junior Dragster. 0.0261 RT and 7.9792/80.64 at the eighth. Gino Bernadine next round the corner in his Pro ET Escort, rolled through the beams then hesitated, then put his foot down. Collin Morrice followed in the Morrice Boys Camaro, Super Comp or Super Gas trim this time? 0.0232 RT, 9.0349/152.15 so Super Comp.

Another passenger ride for Colin Theobald in Bruce, passenger none other than Contributing Photographer Grace Roaf. 0.097 RT and 12.0627/115.04 at the stripe. Rick McCann next in Keith Williams' Pro ET Chevelle up against Nick Edwards' W Pro Beetle. 10.4143/124.09 for Rick and a huge cloud of smoke in the shutdown area, problems for Nick in the other lane, 16.8837/118.04. Trail of oil found in the shutdown area, on hold for clean-up.


First run of the day for Chris Polidano's Top Methanol Dragster. Great burnout but then shut off before returning.

We have lost our internet connection hence the webcast stopping. Julian of Nitro FM is on the case.


A quick bit of track grooming then Mike Coates' Comp Eliminator slingshot was next round the corner. Another nice wheelie, broef pedal, 9.0678/142.98. sponsor Nic Williams next in his Pro ET Camaro, left lane this time. Superb Super Stock wheelie, went through three gears then shut off. 12.2627/74.41.

Erich Gruber and Thomas Granica then paired up with their SSBs. Great runs for both, 7.5732/186.48 for Thomas and 7.8928/181.40 for Erich. Alex Hope fillowed on his Pro Stock Bike. 0.0266 RT, 1.1267 to sixty, 7.2905/179.21, great stuff! Eddy Smiley and Steve Venables next up on their SSBs, Ven's first run of the day although he ran in the 7.1s here at Santa Pod at the weekend. 1.2374 sixty boded well for Ven, 7.0562/200.64 confirmed it. Great 7.9902/173.73 for Eddy. Ivana van den Berg followed on her Twin. 10.6390/133.62, much more stable run.

Rudi Zorsi and Mogends Lund followed on their SSBs. Mogens there first 7.5935/181.36 to Rudi's great 7.6315/192.21, again a happy crew.


Super Pro ET racer Wouter van Leersum's first run of the day. Great burnout and great run! 1.0871 to sixty, 4.7777/146.30 at the eighth, 7.434/185.01 at the stripe. Stefan Winter next up with his first run of the day in his Comp Eliminator Mercedes. Went to stage way out of the groove until Chief Starter Dave Warren stepped in and moved him across the lane. Nice run! 1.1300 to sixty, 4.9978/138.57 at the eighth, 7.9173/152.05 shut off early. Fellow Comp racer Belinda Bull next to the line. Another meaty set of burnout tracks then 1.0768 to sixty, 4.7019/130.63 at the eighth, already shut off at that point, 8.5460/106.89 at the quarter mile.

Part time photographers have appeared so I guess that one of our Top Fuellers is in the lanes. Meanwhile a great burnout for Marck Harteveld in his Pro Mod, stopped rolling at the eighth. I give you the winner of today's worst tyre shake. 1.0465 to sixty but appalling shake and caterpillar tracks, shut off about 150 feet out. 15.5509/52.23 at the quarter.

Matt Smith followed in his Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator Nissan. 1.2990 to sixty, just pulled up its skirts and started to run then a squeal from the tyres and the car moved to the left and Matt shut off about 150 feet out, 10.1617/95.27.


Rudi Zorsi back on his SSB after the motor cut out at the hit a short while ago. 1.3769 to sixty then sounded like gear selection problems and shut off about 300 feet out, 12.0221/63.09.

First run this season I think for Junior Dragster racer Thaliah Gibb, eager to get back into it with a -0.0252 RT but a nicely-judged 7.9716/81.83. Fittingly followed by Barry Giles whose son Daniel is married to Thaliah's sister Kirsty. Crisp burnout then 0.0854 RT and 7.4717/177.07.

Next up sponsor Andy Robinson in his Camaro Pro Mod, new motor in the car. Long, screaming burnout then careful check of the wheelie bar height. 0.004 RT but rolled the beams losing ET, 1.2125 to sixty, sounded like the motor was misfiring. Shut off before 330 feet, 13.2497/62.54.

Bengt Ljungdahl back for his second run of the day in his Pro Stock. Motor sounded like a bucket of bolts when Bengt went up on the revs and the car rolled out of stage. Hit the brakes and reversed for another go. Wow! Storming 0.9545 to sixty, car drifted left and Bengt yanked it back to the middle of the lane before shutting off about 300 feet out, 9.1002/90.68. That was a great launch.

Chris Reed next up, on Richard Gipp's Pro Stock Bike. 1.3008 to sixty, gear shifts were audible but sounded laxy, 8.9528/138.67. Daniel Donat Lencses next round on his Super Street Bike. Blackstriped before sixty feet, had another go but the tyre blackstriped again and Daniel shut off, 15.3750/47.15.

Aaron Fensome followed in his Junior Dragster. 0.0444 RT, 8.1077/79.52.

Jon Giles next under the Tower in his Willys Super Gasser. 9.4091/153.14, Super Comp ½ trim I guess. Thomas Haas back for another go at his first run of the day after being shut off for a fluid leak from his Super Pro ET Valiant earlier. 8.3904/154.21 which included a pedal as the car headed for the right guardrail.

Shaun Hyde's VW Pro Beetle was due to run alongside Nick Edward's Beetle but Nick was having transmission problems in the bleach box so Shaun took the bye. Wheelie again and a few pedals then off the gas, 14.9857/75.28. Nick then got to the line, took it gently then fed in more power, 11.4009/121.87.

A very welcome return to the track for Andy Frost in the street-legal Red Victor which is intended to run in the fives although this is the car's first outing with this set-up so don't be expecting the fives this weekend. OK not today. Shane Tecklenburg also a welcome return, providing tuning consultancy for Frosty. Great burnout and then careful pre-launch checks. 1.1971 to sixty then the tyres started to shake, the Victor moved around its lane and Frost shut it off at 300 feet, probably planned that anyway. 11.1251/92.31.


Mark Bailey next round the corner in his Pro ET Cuda. Another nice wheelie, 9.0010/147.15, nicely judged for Pro ET!

Great to see Nick Mugridge back on track, in Tim Mugridge's Camaro which formerly ran in Super Modified. Understandably eschewed the burnout for this first run but did it all right as you'd expect of a National Champion, took it gently, went through all the gears, 14.0297/92.35 and I bet that felt good.

First appearance of the season for Pro Stock Bike racer Martin Bishop. 1.1571 to sixty, 8.0232/149.12 at the stripe, the gear shifts sounded a bit odd, almost as if it went from second to fourth and back, that's the way the engine note aounded anyway. First run of the day for Super Street Bike racer Mogens Lund, Walter Sprout supervising. Fellow SSB racer Rudi Zorsi in the other lane so this should be a good one... I said should... Rudi's motor cut out at the hit and Mogen's motor sounded very rough and the bike hardly moved. Got it into gear but only just made the top end, 22.9826/22.81.

Ivana ven den Berg quickly back with her Twin. Fishtailing again but not as badly, 10.8407/132.83.

Another SSB duo next, Pete Field and Graham Balchin. Great 7.2996 for Pete, off the gas early judging by the 164.85, 7.8407/189.72 for Graham having ridden out a couple of wheelies.

First run of the day for Top Fuel Bike Champion Ian King, his crew saying yesterday that the aim was to blow the cobwebs out. The whole tower lurched back and forth when Ian hit the gas for the burnout. 1.0770 to sixty, sounded like the tyre was turning, off the gas at 330 feet, 8.4200/101.28.


First run of the day and I think only second or third run at all for Bob Glassup's beautiful Nostalgia Fuel FC. Brief burnout, car turned right. Very crisp launch, 1.1971 to sixty, lots of clutch dust, a pedal then on it again for another second or so. 12.2638/60.13 at the quarter.

Pro ET racer Gino Bernadine towed back to the pits earlier, back again for another go at it. Rolled it off the line then put the wellie in, 15.4183/115.35.

Martin and Matt Smith next in their Topspeed Autmotive Street Eliminator Bentley and Nissan respectively. Clear holeshot for Matt, both looked to have problems and shut off early. 8.6795/149.56 for Martin to Matt's 9.4341/103.51. James Forster and Nic Williams next for Pro ET, 11.7223/116.41 for James, huge but well-controlled wheelie for Nick but shut off at about half track, 11.9522/77.35.

Much better pass for Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator racer Gary Gooding 8.1327/161.31, something came off the car at about 1000 feet. Colin Theobald followed up with another passenger ride with Bruce, 12.2334/113.49.


Michel Tooren next up, scheduled for his final Pro Modified licence pass. 1.0012 to sixty then started to hit shake and shut off about 200 feet out. 11.2071/76.46.

First run of the day for Pro Mod racer Micke Gullqvist. Micke told me yesterday that he was planning a couple of test hits to 300 feet, the idea being to get up into second gear because at that point you have learned what you need to learn about a run. 0.9887 to sixty, shake marks after that but I think I heard the shift, off the gas at about 200 feet to a 10.4324/79.11.

Yannick Richard (8.50 Bike) and Eddy Smiley (SSB) next up. 8.7688/158.49 for Yannick to Eddy's 8.8509/150.63. Eddy looked to back off in the second eighth. Erich Gruber (SSB) and Mark Hope (Comp Bike) next, Mark there first 8.1154/175.72 to Erich's Yannick's 7.9786/180.68. Ivana van den Berg next on her Twin. Burnout then lost fire but quickly restarted. Hesitation off the line but much less violent launch, got off the gas for a second or two then back on it and through the gears, 14.1265/106.80. First run of the day for Graham Dance on his Super Street Bike. Slight bog off the line then picked up, still a 7.9291/161.39. Fellow SSB racer Jemma Venables followed, nice run! 1.3058 to sixty, 7.4651/186.53 at the stripe.

Aaron Fensome was next up in his own PWRD-liveried Junior Modified Advanced Dragster. sponsor Pete Walters on the line to watch. -0.0045 red, 8.1025/79.93 at the eighth.

First run of the day, and I think first run at all with this set-up for Mark Sheridan whose 572 ci turbo Cuda is running in Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator this weekend. Nice burnout. Quick check under the car but given the OK to stage. Looked like a planned launch, off the gas about 100 feet out. 21.8508/45.38.


Roger Johansson our first Pro Mod of the day. His Mustang, unusually for a Nitrous car, is sporting zoomie headers. Roger told me that the idea is to add downnforce which would then mean that he could take some weight off the front end. 1.0308 to sixty, 2.8486 to 330 feet, the car was heading for the centre line and Roger shut it off. 9.5140/84.90 at the quarter.

Collin Morrice next in his Super Comp / Super Gas Camaro. 0.0396 to sixty, 9.8847/148.14 at the eighth. Super Gas trim that time then!

Joe Kellett followed in his new Super Pro ET dragster. 1.1593 to sixty, 5.2957/131.35 at the eighth, 8.2920/159.03 at the quarter.

Next up sponsor Chris Isaacs in the Isaacs and Tramm Pro Mod Duster fresh from having replacement turbos fitted. The motor sounded to take a long time spooling down after the burnout but that was more likely turbo noise as opposed to engine noise. 1.2609 to sixty with hideous shake, a pedal then back on it firstly feathering then adding in more right foot, 8.2779/156.86 at the stripe.


The sun came out during the lunch break and it warmed up immediately.

First up after the lunch break was Belinda Bull in her Comp Eliminator pick-up. Great burnout, two meaty tyre tracks. Shut off for a fluid leak on return from the burnout.

Patiently waiting in the left lane bleach box was Shaun Branch on his Funny Bike. Great run! 1.2590 to sixty, front wheel came down and the bike sounded to be bouncing. 5.0840/139.44 at the eighth and 7.8675/177.14 at the quarter. Glenn Borg next up for his second Funny Bike run of the day. 1.3310 to sixty but no gear shift, shut off by 330 feet, 12.3774/60.86. Eric Richard followed on his Funny Bike, the usual dependable wheels-up first few hundred feet. 1.1612 to sixty, 7.3434/176.45, crew very happy with that so I am thinking PB or close to it.

Daniel Donat Lencses and Rick Stubbins next up for a Super Street Bike pair. Daniel to sixty in 1.3276 with tyre squealing, 7.7022/181.40. Rick to sixty in 1.3225 and an effortless-looking 7.3466/196.24.

Second run of the day for Barry Giles in the Giles and Hartley Super Pro ET dragster. 7.4810/176.42, nice run.


First run of the day for Thomas Haas in his Super Pro ET Valiant. Shut off in stage for a fluid leak.

First run of the day also for Pete Field on his Super Street Bike. Instant spin, bike turned left and the tyre wrote an S on the track. Shut off, 15.3922/55.69.

Shawn Buttegieg next up against Jemma Venables both on SSBs. Huge 0.1048 to 0.5248 holeshot for Shawn, 1.3055 to sixty, 4.8393/161.89 at the eighth and a cracking 7.3497/185.13 at the stripe. Jemma to sixty in 1.5042, eighth 5.2430/152.18 and 7.8515/177.76 at the top end.

Colin Theobald next with another passenger ride in Bruce. 12.2079/114.91.

We're now on hold for lunch.


First run of the day for Alex Hope on his Pro Stock Bike. 1.1211 to sixty, 4.6189/150.12 to the eigth, shut off about 1000 feet out, still 7.7152/131.96 at the stripe.

Rusi Zorsi (SSB) back for his third run of the day. 1.3299 with the front wheel in the air, very well controlled, 7.6942/190.52 at the stripe and Simon and crew very happy with that one - not without reason. Ivana van Den Berg back on her Twin, dad and Top Fuel Bike racer Rene supervising. Sama again, spin and a vicious fishtail. Timing system set to the eighth, 7.5578/99.04.

Mark Hope on his Comp Bike next up, against Graham Balchin on his Super Street Bike. Bucking Bronco ride for Graham and blackstripe for Mark both shut off. 14.0479/56.67 for Mrk and 11.1978/67.77 for Graham.

Next pair Sarah Unsworth (Pro ET) up against Gary Gooding (Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator). 10.8461/123.74 for Steve, hesitation off the line and 11.5452/131.77 for Gary. Dave Nicol next along in his Pro ET dragster whilst Bob Glassup's Fuel FC warmed up in the background. Dave didn't hold it on the line, moved before the lights ran.

Aaron Fensome next round the corner in the Santa Pod Raceway Junior Modified Dragster. 0.0584 RT, 9.5018/70.92 at the eighth.

Rick McCann followed in Keith Williams' Pro ET Chevelle. Another nice wheelie. 10.3924/124.17 at the stripe.


First run for Joe Kellett in his new Super Pro ET dragster built by sponsor Hauser Race Cars. Very nice-looking car, the usual Hauser work of art. Geof and Scott on the start line keeping an eye on things and in fact no less than eight interested spectators around the car. 0.010 RT, off the gas at 1000 feet, 8.7336/119.88.

Colin Theobald next up with a passenger in Bruce. Gentle launch, 0.08 RT, 12.3959/113.48.

Sarah Unsworth's first run of the day, running in Pro ET this weekend, Nic Williams in the other lane. Big wheelie for Nic and there first 9.9522/129.85 to Steve's 11.5067/123.04.

Next round the corner Bengt Ljungdahl in his Pro Stock, very pretty car. Great screaming burnout. The usual wheelie bar checks then Bengt's crew Markus Svensson went to touch the parachutes or rear spoiler as Bengt went up on the revs in stage, got a finger wave from Chief Starter Ian Marshall for that. Reversed out then back into stage. 0.1033, 0.9824 to sixty and then hit shake about 70 feet out. Shut off about 200 feet out, 11.6098/60.36.


Second run of the day for Mike Coates' Comp Eliminator slingshot. Big wheelie, Mike pedalled to get it down then the motor started to smoke. Backed out of it in the second half, 9.5760/127.66.

Glenn Borg next up on the Funny Bike. Lots of care to line him up. 1.1487 to sixty but already heading left and shut off before 330 feet, 15.0477/38.91. Stopped in the shutdown area and retrieval called.

Ivana van den Berg next up on her Twin. Blackstriping from the hit and a hundred feet or so of vicious fishtail but kept a hold of it, 11.8329/131.02.

Shaun Hyde's first run of the day in his VW Pro Beetle. Wheelie and left turn, on and off the throttle a few times then called it a day and idled through. 15.2276/54.62.

Tim Moore next around the corner in his Super Gasser. 0.1448 RT, shut off at the eighth, 12.9917/60.47.

Brief hold now for another TV spot.


Santa Pod Raceway's Junior Modified Dragster next up, we think Aaron Fensome in the seat testing silencers again. 0.0878 RT and 9.1423/70.48 at the eighth.

Daniel Donat Lencses (SSB) and Yannick Richard (8.50 Bike) paired up next. 7.6146/185.89 for Daniel with a great 1.2948 sixty, 8.9669/154.20 for Yannick.

First run of the day for Barry Giles in the Giles and Hartley Super Pro ET dragster. Fair bit of fussing around the motor before staging. 0.0197 RT, 7.4661/177.05.


Next up Super Gas racers Collin Morrice and Jon Giles in a repeat of one of the pairings of the day last Sunday. Jon away first 0.00342 to 0.0382 and first to the stripe by 0.0731, 9.9258/150.60 to Collin's 9.9949/148.09. Rick McCann followed with his first run in Keith Williams' Pro ET Chevelle which he will be campaigning this weekend. 0.0347 RT, nice wheelie, 10.4739/124.06 at the stripe. Gino Bernadine was set to run in the other lane but ultimately towed back to the pits.


Gary Gooding back for another go. Very nice burnout then again up on the revs, off them and reversed away from the start line.

Rudi Zorsi followed on his Super Street Bike, Malta's Simon Giordmaina supervising. Great run! 1.3643, 5.1473.151.05 at the eighth, 7.7535/185.88 at the stripe.

Dave Nicol's next pass 9.2316/132.50, sounded to be misfiring at the top end.


First run of the day for Pro ET racer and sponsor Nic Williams. 100-foot wheelie, nicely controlled. Straight good-looking run, 9.9296/130.27.

Yannick Richard back for another go. Hesitation off the start line again, 9.9159/155.22.

Back to Pro ET and first run of the day for Mark Bailey, wheelie and pedalled as it came down. 6.3716/112.51 at the eighth, 9.8013/142.98 at the eighth. Third run of the day for Dave Nicol, 1.2420 to sixty, sounded to run out of gears in the second half again, 9.2208/131.73.

Shaun Branch next to the line, as been in to the mid-sevens in recent testing. Awful graunching sound at the hit, off and on the throttle, picked up a couple of hundred feet out, 8.8757/172.37.

Gary Gooding followed in his Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator Supra. Up on the revs in stage then off them again and reversed away from the start line.

nice pairing next, SPR Track Announcer Colin Theobald and Pro ET racer and SPR employee James Forster. These cars can run similar sorts of times. 0.0836 RT for Colin, looked like body parts came off the car just past the eighth. Three pieces whatever it was. James there first by 0.0674, 11.8704/115.34 to Colin's 12.0800/113.49.


First after the clean-up was Mike Coates in the Fiddle Head Comp Eliminator dragster. Nice run, front end visibly skipping to sixty feet 1.2219. Shut off at about 1000 feet, 8.6583/134.86 at the stripe.

Eric Richard followed on his Funny Bike. Very nice run, front end high in the air as usual. 1.1748 to sixty, 4.78378/150.56 to the eighth. 7.4666/169.80 at the stripe.

Eddy Smiley next up, first run in Super Street Bike trim with Erich Gruber in the other lane. Eddy to sixty in 1.4612, 5.3402/134.83 eighth, 8.2302/168.54 at the stripe, looked to be feathering it in the second half. Erich to sixty in 1.3960, the eighth in 5.3441/143.02 and the top end at 8.0981/175.74.

Chris Reed followed with his first pass on Richard Gipp's Pro Stock Bike. Sounded to have trouble shifting gears. 1.2958 to sixty, off the gas by the eighth 5.5199/113.34 and 10.1974/81.69 at the stripe.


Yannick Richard next on his 8.50 Bike (although the class is not being contested this weekend). Motor hesitated off the line, 13.5311/155.79. Erich Gruber and Thomas Granica followed on their Super Street Bikes, 1.3597 to sixty for Erich with blackstriping, the bike moved to the right and Erich shut off. Peter's rear tyre spun up at the hit and the bike turned hard left and crossed lanes just behind the right-drifting Erich. Fluid clean-up ensued in Thomas' lane.


After Dave Nicol ran we had a photo shoot on the start line with Harold Bull's historic Strip Duster slingshot for a BBC TV feature tomorrow evening.

Next around the corner was Dave Nicol on his second run of the day. 1.2452 to sixty, 9.2176/131.73. Martin Smith and Matt Smith Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator next, 7.9461/185.13 for Martin, new PB well done Martin! 7.9246/183.58 for Matt. It was difficult to tell who, but one of cars pedalled briefly.

Rudi Zorsi and Daniel Donat Lencses next up on their Super Street Bikes. 8.0575/182.13 for Rudi, blackstriping past sixty feet. 1.3274 to sixty for Daniel, 8.4462/164.84 at the stripe.


First up today: Dave Nicol in the Biohazard Pro ET dragster. 1.2408 to sixty, 5.6869/118.63 at the eighth, sounded to run out of gears in the second half. 9.1755/131.78 at the stripe.


Good morning and welcome to our coverage of the Pro Peak Performance Test and Tune Day brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

As a lot of our readers are on their day jobs today, and as it is not unknown for corporate internet access to block streaming video, we have decided to do a live report today so once we start then keep hitting Refresh to see the latest news. The Webster Race Engineering / Nimbus Motorsport webcam will be on-line broadcasting live video and trackside audio so long as the track is open. We'll be out there very shortly hanging off the front of Bankside VIP mounting the BurnoutCam and trying not to electrocute ourselves.

Right now it is overcast and hazy with low cloud, but mild. We had rain overnight so the track is damp, but the track crew are already out there doing their thing. We are due to start at 09:30 but will keep you apprised about that.

A big Good Morning to the Eurodragsterholics. We will do all we can to keep you up to date today but if you are on your day jobs then please don't get yourselves in trouble. This is apart from Tobbe Ekström who has a cunning plan.

We have a varied entry list today with entrants from Pro ET to Top Fuel Dragster and from Pro Stock Bike to Top Fuel Bike. Usually on these Test Days we don't see the Pro racers for a few hours as (a) they wait for the Sportsmen to put rubber on the track and (b) no-one ever wants to be the first out.

Tune back nearer to 09:30 and we will bring you the news about the start time. The webcast will commence a few minutes before the track opens.

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