FIA / FIM European Finals
Santa Pod Raceway, 8th-11th September 2016

Pro Peak Performance Test and Tune Day

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We have now posted today's gallery, which can be checked out via the Event Index. There are 125 pictures in all; the on-track pictures are all by Julian and the pit shots are a mix of Julian's work and a selection kindly provided by our good friend Bob Roberts of Andy Robinson's Pro Modified team. If you do not see all 125 updated thumbnails when you load the gallery page then click on your Browser's Refresh button.

Tune back in the morning and we'll bring you all the Sportsman qualifying news.


We have been called for the day; we were expecting a Pro Mod but we have just been informed that it is not coming due to an oil leak. Tune back in a couple of hours and we'll have today's gallery for you.


Another checkout pass for Ben Barnwell in the Team Extreme Escort. 1.8424 to sixty then added more wellie, tyres spun and smoked and the Escort turned left, a pedal then back on it. 12.1791/88.05 at the stripe, chute out and a very happy Team Extreme.


Super Street Bike racer Jemma Venables first to take advantage of the extension. 1.2593 sixty, that was looking good from the start, 4.7774/159.10 at the eighth and 7.2826/190.48 which I think is a PB, well done Jem and Steve!


First run of the day for sponsor Andy Robinson in his Pro Mod. Burnout to the Tree then 1.0216 with vicious shake and motor screaming for mercy, shut off about 150 feet out as the Camaro made a move right, idled through in 12.0452/80.39.

Tyler Ashdown next around the corner for his latest Super Comp licencing pass. 1.2582 to sixty, all the way through to 8.8348/150.64 and I would imagine that's his licence signed. Well done Tyler!

Daniel Donat Lencses next up on his Super Street Bike. 1.2476 to sixty, 4.7169/159.64 at the eighth and a nice 7.2418/190.49 at the big end. Alex Hope followed on his Pro Stock Bike. 0.0757 RT, 1.1134 to sixty, 7.2838/184.34 at the finish line.

Back on four wheels and Dave Nicol round for another go in the Pro ET dragster. Tight -0.0004 RT, 9.5677/137.75.

Race officials just announced that the track will be staying open until 18:00.


I am predicting a 7.3 for Daniel Giles although what's this? Left lane, he has been running right lane all day until now. 0.0125 RT, 1.0730 sixty, 7.3825/180.59 at the stripe. Staying with Super Pro ET, John Przybyl next out of the lanes with the Przym Paintworks dragster. 0.0487 RT, 1.0807 sixty and 7.4899/179.17 at the quarter.

Chris Reed under our office for another pass on Richard Gipp's Funny Bike. Nice burnout then a great run, 1.1942 to sixty, a little shake, 5.0143/141.27 at the eighth and 7.8312/171.07 at the stripe.

Third run of the day for Stefan Ernryd in his Pro Stock. Nice burnout but then the motor was hunting in the manner of a blown-alcohol motor and Stefan shut it off before staging. A quick fuss around the car and fired it back up. 0.9925 sixty, 4.5385/147.71 to the eighth and shut off. 7.7392/133.37 at the stripe.


A quick groom of the track and Martin Smith was next out with the Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator Bentley. 1.4584 to sixty, sounded to be taking it gently, shut off at the eighth and idled through in 9.8115/114.65. Dave Nicol followed, 9.5734/136.92 from the Pro ET rail.

Second run of the day for Ian Brown in the Super Pro ET Camaro. Great burnout then 0.0196 RT, 1.2211 to sixty, shut off at the eighth 5.3995/120.52 and chute out after the stripe 9.4281/109.74. PB going to be blown away next pass one suspects.

Dave Thomas next for the two-wheeled contingent, 8.3473/172.41 for the Super Street Bike.


Another SSB next up, Jemma Venables so looks like the grunt from the motor last run was nothing serious. 1.4716 to sixty, 7.7035/193.64 at the stripe.


Fluid leak sorted for Pete Field's Super Street Bike. 1.2683 to sixty, 4.7551/160.81 at the eighth and 7.2112/197.18 at the stripe.


Jens Eklund back in the Comp Eliminator Audi, left lane again. Storming launch, 1.1068 to sixty, 4.6750/152.06 at the eighth and 7.2786/189.70 at the stripe.


Second run of the day for John Przybyl in the Super Pro ET dragster. +0.0873 RT, 7.4875/178.45 at the stripe. David Withington next into the bleach box, left lane, lost fire just before the burnout but re-fired easily enough then backed away and stopped in front of the garage. Daniel Giles next round the corner in the Super Pro ET dragster. +0.0759 RT, 7.3663/180.61.I am guessing tomorrow's dial-ins will start with 7.3. David Withington back for another go. Brief burnout then 11.4801/119.48.

Onto two wheels and Pete Field next up on the On Board Power Super Street Bike, shut off before staging for a fluid leak. Graham Dance followed on his SSB, nice run. 1.3295 to sixty and 7.4015/192.14 at the stripe. Martin Bishop was in the bleach box to watch that one then took his turn on his Pro Stock Bike. 1.1347 to sixty with sligh hesitation from the motor, 7.4942/177.80 at the stripe.

Back to four wheels and Dave Nicol is certainly getting his money's worth in the Biohazard Pro ET dragster. 1.3668 to sixty, 9.5407/138.61. Martin Smith round the corner for the second run in his Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator Bentley. 8.4068/184.37, smooth-looking run. Pro ET next and Sara Unsworth back with the Gecko Racing Mustang. Quicker and quicker! 10.9250/122.72.

Daniel Donat Lencses followed on his Super Street Bike. 1.2449 to sixty, sounded to miss a gear about 300 feet out and lost time to that, 7.5092/188.12. Alex Hope next up on his Pro Stock Bike, 0.0670 RT, 1.1211 to sixty, 4,6347/150.54 at the eighth and 7.3085/179.23 at the stripe, nice run.


Third run of the day for Jemma Venables on her SSB. 1.5798 to sixty, motor grunted at half track and Jem got off the gas, 8.9125/120.60. Graham Balchin followed, 1.2620 to sixty, a feather of the throttle at half track and then shut it off before the stripe, 7.4275/166.67.

Stefan Ernryds' Pro Stock next round the corner for the second run of the day. 0.9875 to sixty, 2.9282 to 330 feet, tyre tracks stop right on the 594 foot mark, 4.5704/149.17 at the eighth and rolling through to 7.7662/131.05.

Dave Wilson followed in his injected-nitro Top Methanol Dragster, which is for sale. Nice burnout, again we reaped the benefit of having the office door open. 1.0973 to sixty,4.2094/187.98 to the eighth and 6.2422/238.72 at the stripe. The run looked clean and drama-free from here, no cylinders obviously misbehaving, at a bit of a loss to explain the ET and speed.

Immediately around the corner after Grumpy was Nick Davies in the Havoc Fuel Altered for his second run of the day. 1.0882 to sixty, 2.8625 to 330 feet then looked to have high-frequency shake and the altered made a move right, Nick shut it off and went through in 8.6894/106.17.


Next run for Richard Hann on his Super Street Bike a nice 7.3981/195.44. Had to have two goes at getting his right foot on the rest.

Tyler Ashdown followed in the Thug Motorsport Super Comp dragster, repeated second observed run after rolling the beams last time. Nice transbrake lanch, 1.2466 to sixty, off the gas just about the eighth 5.7269/108.97 with the motor smoking. 10.1881/83.65 at the stripe. Stoped short in the shutdown area and retrieval called.

Ten minute warning on the track radio for Dave Wilson's injected-nitro Top Methanol Dragster.


Alex Hope's second run of the day in Pro Stock Bike. Motor hesitated at the hit as the front end went up, down and up, 1.2277 to sixty and 7.4495/178.51 at the quarter.

Ian Brown next round the corner in the new Thatadoo Racing Super Pro ET Camaro. Ian made his first pass in the car here at VW Action and made his 9.0 checkout there look very easy. This one an observed run, 1.2695 sixty and off the gas.


Bois quickly back for another turn on Richard Gipp's Funny Bike. 1.3843 to sixty with a feather of the throttle, 5.4435/125.23 at the eighth and audibly feathering it again in the second half 9.0563/118.36.

Jens Eklund followed in the Comp Eliminator Audi, musthave found the left lane to his liking as he is there again. Fantastic run! 1.1064 to sixty, 4.6776/152.56 to the eighth and 7.2822/188.19 at the stripe.


Sara Unsworth back in the Pro ET Mustang, again the motor sounded like it really wanted to stop and in fact did stop a couple of times either side of the burnout. Again the run looked good, 11.3408/122.77.

Tyler Ashdown back very quickly for another observed run in the Super Comp rail. Rolled through stage going up on the revs so no time.

David Withington next in the Pro ET Manta. Gentle launch, 1.7103 to sixty, 11.436/118.89 at the stripe. Staying with ET but up a level Daniel Giles was next up in the Giles and Hartley Super Pro ET rail. 0.0734 RT, 4.6719/147.14 eighth and 7.3741/179.16 at the stripe. Back to Pro ET and Dave Nicol swapped to the left lane for his latest pass in the dragster. 1.3964 to sixty with tyres squealing, 9.6545/136.47. James Forster also taking the left lane in the 4 Star Mustang, 0.0896 RT and 11.9240/114.64 at the big end.


A Super Street Bike session followed. Graham Dance went first at 7.5076/190.52 then Pete Field at 7.2427/196.20. Interloper Chris Reed on the Gipp Racing Funny Bike went next, the bike tried very hard to throw him off at launch and he was off the gas within moments, retrieval called. Quick prep of the track followed.

Erich Gruber and Daniel Donat Lencses went side-by-side. Daniel there first at 7.3666/190.44 to Erich's improving 7.9536/174.41. Graham Balchin followed on a bye, 1.2744 to sixty and 7.3226/198.83 at the stripe, crew very happy with that. Steve Venables closed out the SSB mini-session, 1.2548 to sixty, fantastic 7.0769/205.09, again a bang at each shift.


The Pro ET theme continued as James Forster was next out in the 4 Star Mustang. Left lane this time. -0.0299 RT, 11.9050/115.19.

John Przybyl next in the Przym Paintworks Super Pro ET dragster. 0.0684 RT, 1.0842 to sixty, 7.5361/175.68 at the stripe. Billy Everitt followed in the Alien Super Pro ET altered, second licencing pass. Excellent burnout then shut off before staging as spots of fluid were found on the track after the burnout.


First outing of the day for Stefan Ernryd in his Pro Stock. I always find it disconcerting when PS motors start with a bang but it must be OK as it's not uncommon. Burnout to the Tree then 1.0084 to sixty driving through high frequency shake, 4.7044/147.74 at the eighth and off the gas, 7.6541/143.90 at the stripe.

Dave Nicol followed in his Pro ET rail, 9.4609/137.76.


Jemma Venables' second outing on her Super Street Bike, 1.4382 to sixty then the power came in. 5.1267/158.53 at the eighth and 7.6746/183.60 at the stripe. Dave Thomas next on his SSB, 0.0850 RT and 8.6307/173.73 sounded like the tyre blackstriped a couple of hundred feet out.

Tyler Ashdown out for his second licencing pass in the new Super Comp rail, a contender for Best Appearing Car I would say. Nicely-controlled burnout then 1.2591 to sixty, gear change and off the gas.

Ben Barnwell next up in the Team Extreme Escort but pushed back before firing up.

Stefan Ernryd's Pro Stock is at the head of the lanes, Stefan suited up and being strapped in as I type.


First run of the day for Martin Smith in the Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator Bentley. Great launch, 1.4388 to sixty and going great guns then a bang and off the gas for a couple of seconds, back on it, 9.5063/154.70.


First after lunch was David Withington in the Pro ET Manta, 11.4626/119.81. Jens Eklund followed with the Comp Eliminator Audi, great run! 1.1100 to sixty, drifted right a little maybe for Julian's benefit, 4.7001/151.06 at the eighth and 7.3062/187.34 at the stripe.


Nigel Turner around the corner for his first run in the Gold RV rail. Gentle burnout, sounded like a misfire but I suspect that it was more that the revs were kept low for the first outing. 1.0749 to sixty, off the gas before the eighth 4.8263/120.56, 9.2590/88.36 at the stripe. Very nicely driven, Nigel is hardly a rookie at dragsters but for his first outing in that car it was still impressive.

Tim Garlick next in the Apache Nostalgia Funny Car. Great, aggressive burnout and man did we get tear-gassed here in the office, that is why we leave the door open of course. 1.0426 to sixty, tyres started to shake and the FC turned right, Tim off the gas about 150 feetout and idled through to 12.7395/51.40.

We are now on thirty minutes' lunch break.


First outing today for Pro Stock Bike racer Martin Bishop. Brief shake and spin at the hit which made the motor zing for a moment but stayed with it, 7.5871/174.38.

James Forster followed in is Pro ET Mustang. 0.0210 RT, best RT we have had here so far today, 11.9891/114.17.

Next run for SSB racer Dave Thomas, 1.5548 to sixty then put in more power, 8.4350/171.75.

In the lanes now a welcome return for the blown-alcohol Super Pro ET rail belonging to Derek Flynn of sponsor Gold RV, which is to be driven this weekend by Nigel Turner. As I type it has been joined by the Apache Nostalgia Funny Car.


Third run of the day for Daniel Giles in the Super Pro ET rail. 0.0427 RT, 1.0696 sixty, 7.3843/180.57.

Next run for Graham Dance on his Super Street Bike, 1.3538 to sixty, 7.6264/189.71 at the stripe. Richard Hann followed on his SSB, 1.2984 to sixty, 7.5289/192.99 at the stripe.

Nick Davies next around the corner in the Havoc Fuel Altered. Storming burnout then 1.1046 to sixty, heading right then tyre shake and the car got quite a bounce on as Nick got off the gas about 200 feet out. 11,6223/66.28 at the stripe.

Erich Gruber back for another go on his SSB. 1.4390 to sixty, 8.1021/169.17 at the quarter.

Huw Button the next passenger with Bruce, 12.3538/112.24.


Tyler Ashdown next round the corner in the new Thug Motorsport Super Comp rail. Steve Ashdown oerseeing and Paul Marston and Mick Howling assisting. Lost fire coming off the burnout, Paul looked at the dash and shook his head, car pushed back. Scoop removed, motor fired up happily and scoop replaced. Foot launch, 1.3473 to sixty and off the gas. Track check for small fluid leak.

The Havoc Fuel Altered is at the head of the lanes.


First run for Alex Hope on his Pro Stock Bike. Motor cut out at the hit. Pushed back and Pete Field put in his second run of the day on his SSB. Staged on the left of Daniel Giles' still clearly-visible burnout tracks. 1.2641 to sixty, 4.8103/157.45 at the eighth and 7.3303/191.33 at the stripe, nice run!

Alex then came back for another go. 1.1375 to sixty, 4.6721/150.04 at the eighth, 7.3628/176.42 at the stripe, great run and I'd guess a useful baseline.


Run three of the day for SSB racer Erich Gruber. Rolled through stage going up on the revs first time, then shut off before staging again. First run for Steve Venables on his SSB. 1.3806 to sixty, 4.9418/158.51 at the eighth with a bang at each gear shift, 7.4338/196.31 at the stripe. Another shot at it for Erich Gruber. Lights ran and no movement on the green, right hand came up as if to punch it down on the bike but thought better of it. Graham Balchin followed with his first run of the day on his SSB. 1.2787 to sixty and 7.3846/193.76 at the stripe, nice straight trouble-free run.

Danielle Hopkins next in with Colin and Bruce, 12.3190/112.51. Sara Unsworth followed with the Gecko Racing Pro ET Mustang whose motor really didn't want to stay running in the burnout box. No such problems on the run though, 11.5171/119.82.


Second run of the day for Daniel Donat Lancses on his SSB. Lost fire in pre-stage but restarted. 1.2725 to sixty, 7.4395/183.62 at the quarter.

Daniel was followed by Ben Barnwell in the Team Extreme Escort. Gentle burnout, then up on the revs then to sixty feet, 1.9099 and shut it off, idled through.

More Super Street Bike action, Dave Thomas' second run of the day. 1.6042 to sixty, 8.5652/171.09 at the stripe.

First run of the day for Chris Reed on the Gipp Racing Funny Bike on which he is contesting Top Fuel Bike this weekend. 1.5944 to sixty, 6.4358/108.33 eifghth and 10.2323/124.08 at the stripe, gentle pass with languid gear shifts.

One for the home team next, James Forster of Santa Pod Raceway in his Pro ET Mustang. 7.6310/92.31 at the eighth and 11.9000/114.74 at the top end.


David Withington next up in his Pro ET Manta. Lost fire before the burnout but quickly restarted. 11.2678/120.42 at the stripe.

Billy Everitt next round the corner, motor took some persuading to start but was happy enough in the end. Competent burnout then a quick check of the track for spots of fluid but all OK. Just a launch, 1.2095 to sixty feet.


First outing of the day for Jemma Venables on her Super Street Bike. Nice basline pass, 7.7173/191.25.

Daniel Giles was next round the corner as advertised, rapid 1.0836 to sixty and 7.3893/179.16 at the stripe. Jens Eklund next up for his first run of the day in the Comp Eliminator Audi, first run I can remember seeing him make in the left lane as I think I am right in saying that all of his VW Action runs were right lane. 1.1088 to sixty with front wheels up, 4,7118/150.54 at the eighth, 7.3372/185.87 at the stripe.

Junior Dragster racer Billy Everitt currently suiting up for a licencing pass in the Alien Super Pro ET altered.


Chris Smith of the start line crew the next in Bruce's passenger seat, 12.3050/112.21.

The Giles and Hartley Super Pro ET dragster is at the head of the lanes again, Daniel Giles just suiting up.


First run of the day for Super Street Bike racer Graham Dance, whilst Graham was burning out Dave Nicol drove his dragster back to the pits. 1.4765 to sixty with engine making a growling noise, 7.8023/188.93 at the stripe. Erich Gruber followed on his SSB, 1.3992 to sixty, 8.1001/152.60 at the stripe, sounded to shut it off a touch early.

Next up Sara Unsworth in the Gecko Racing Pro ET Mustang. Small wheelie at the hit, 11.5781/117.96. Familiarisation pass for Ben Barnwell in the Team Extreme Escort which we will be racing in Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator. Took it gently, 15.6102/78.82.

Pete Field followed on the On Board Power Super Street Bike. 1.3963 to sixty, sounded to have a misfire then problems shifting and shut it off. 9.9146/83.34.

As I type a nitro motor is being warmed up in the pits.


Podington Pea Martin Stanberry the next happy victim of Colin Theobald and Bruce, 12.3823/112.23.

Dave Thomas followed on his Super Street Bike. Blackstriped off the line which lost him some time, 8.4351/168.55.


Next run for Dave Nicol's Pro ET dragster, heard a gear shift this time. 9.5409/138.17.


Kirsty Giles duly given her passenger ride in Bruce; Colin kindly pointed out because I hadn't noticed that he is writing the passenger names on the back window... imagine how much better these race reports would be if I used my eyes, but I don't use them because it wears the batteries out. Colin and Kirsty through the stripe in 12.3416/113.06.


Next Super Street Bike of the day Richard Hann's. 1.3659 to sixty, 7.6027/192.24 to open his account.

Daniel Giles followed in the Super Pro ET dragster. 1.0833 to sixty, 4.6967/147.14 at the eighth, 7.3932/180.59. Close to a best I think, nice work! Daniel's wife Kirsty is next up for a passenger ride in Bruce.


First passenger ride of the day for Colin Theobald in Bruce, unless my eyes deceive me that was SPRC marshal Holly Donisthorpe in the seat. 12.2755/113.32. The Giles and Hartley Super Pro ET dragster is at the head of the lanes and Daniel Giles is currently suiting up.


Super Street Bike racer Erich Gruber next to the start line. Motor hesitated off the line, 1.5832 to sixty, 8.1714/177.13.


Quick turn-round by Dave Nicol. Motor screaming, didn't hear any gear shifts, 9.6653/136.13. Spots of fluid cleaned up on the start line.


Solo run for Colin Theobald in Bruce. 91.97 mph at the eighth, 12.1141/115.09 at the stripe.

Next up was Daniel Donat Lencses on his Super Street Bike. 1.2532 to sixty, 4.8777/152.08 at the eighth, 7.4847/185.14.


First to the track today Dave Nicol in the Biohazard Pro ET dragster. Looked like a relatively gentle launch, 9.4389/139.86.


Thanks to DJ of Santa Pod Raceway we now have today's entry list and we have runners from Pro Stock, Super Street Bike, Super Pro ET, Pro ET and Super Gas. Track Announcer Colin Theobald is giving a number of passenger rides in Bruce, and whilst I was in Signing On Jens Eklund signed up to run in his Comp Eliminator Audi. I would imagine that we will have many more on-the-day sign-ons. So strap in!

No formal start time yet but safety crews look to be getting ready to go on station so it won't be long now. Webcam will be started up in a few minutes regardless.


Good morning and welcome from Santa Pod to our coverage of the Pro Peak Performance Test and Tune Day brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

The Webster Race Engineering / Nimbus Motorsport webcast is currently scheduled to be on-line from about 09:30 broadcasting live video and trackside audio so long as the track is open. The start of the webcast is contingent upon the start time so if it turns out to be 10:00 then the stream will start just before then.

The plan for today is a live report plus a gallery at the end of the day. We do not currently have today's entry list; we know that Pro Modified racer and sponsor Andy Robinson plans to run (good morning Bob) but that is the only declaration so far. As soon as the entry list arrives we will let you know whom else to expect. If you are not familiar with the Pro test days here at Santa Pod then do not be surprised if things start slowly - there is a bit of a tendency amongst the Pros not to want to be the first out.

It is currently overcast but very mild here at Santa Pod, a gentle left-right breeze. The track crew are just finishing a marathon job of scraping the track to 250 feet or so, a job on which they were well-advanced when Your Reporter arrived yesterday lunchtime. Gold dust, sledding and glue to follow. The timing crew are out setting up the beams and there is a new Christmas Tree to test today. Chief Timekeeper Steve Horn told us yesterday that this Tree is three inches higher than the previous incumbent due to a rule change. Also yesterday painting was completed of the start line refuges and guardrail.

A big Good Morning to all of the Eurodragsterholics and especial reassurance to our good Markus Münch that he is not fired for non-attendance. A particular Hello to those of you tuned in from your day jobs; as ever with the exception of Tobbe Ekström please don't get yourselves into trouble with your managers.

Stay tuned and when the first motor fires we'll start to bring you the news.

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