2010 FIA Main Event
Peak Performance Day

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First to run last was Chris Hannam on his Supertwin. Very strong burnout, 1.250 to sixty feet, 4.9373/140.80 at the eighth, sounded as if Cannon was taking it a bit easy and the motor faltered for a moment in the second eighth, shut off early to an 8.210/125.26 but a good start.

Steve Venables next up on his Super Street Bike, 1.253 sixty foot time which is the quickest SSB sixty foot I think I have ever seen, huge wheelie at about 70 feet, calmly brought it down and back on the throttle and still a 7.811/183.51 - what would that have been without the wheelie! Thomas Granica next on his SSB, great run, 7.854/182.04...that'll be the Eurodragster.com decals he is now carrying. Alexander Rose next, again SSB, 8.728/161.34. The SSBs didn't stop coming, Pete Bellenie next on his new bike. On and off the throttle, something not right, 15.136/50.37. Chris Reed followed on his SSB, 7.798/188.92. Do you get the idea that it's going to be an all seven-second sixteen-bike SSB field this weekend? Graham Dance next, 8.239/177.82, some time lost to tyre spin at the hit. Nigel Barker closed out the mini SSB session and the day with a superb 7.758/192.21.

We are now going to work on today's pictures but they will be a couple of hours as we need to step out of the office for a short while soon, so come back after 20:00 and we should have the pictures for you then.


Norbert Kuno made his second and final pass of the day, interesting choice of burnout track as the car was visibly to the left of the centre of the lane when it burned out. 0.644 RT and instant shake at the hit, the motor cut out - that was so violent I wouldn't be surprised if the kill switch moved.

Dan Larsen next in his Top Methanol FC. Nice run but again driving through shake. 0.9704 to sixty feet, the shake moving the car to the right but Dan stayed with it, the shake made the weather station fall down when the car was 300 feet out! 3.823/194.38 to the eighth and 5.827/243.71 at the quarter.

Robert Joosten followed in his 1970½ Camaro Pro Mod. Short burnout again, then -0.026 RT and instant shake and a zing of the motor, motor shut off and Robert rolled to a 15.635/52.66.

Last run of the day for Fred Hanssen in the Islanders Top Methanol Dragster. Was he saving best for last? Oh yes! 0.026 RT, 0.923 to sixty feet, driving through shake which made his rear slicks visibly flap about, 3.5437 at a huge 213.75 at the eighth, and 5.389 at a whopping 263.58 at the quarter. Well done guys!

That's all the cars for today, a small collection of bikes is waiting in the pairing lanes so stay tuned.


Last run of the day for Street Eliminator racer Colin Lazenby was an 8.822/171.74 with the rear tyres smoking for the first few hundred feet. Tommy Leindahl next round from the collection area, nice pass again for the carpet slipper-resembling Pro Stock Cobalt, 0.086 RT and 1.009 to sixty feet, a tiny amount of shake which Tommy drove through, 4.397/159.53 at the eighth and shut off and chutes out a touch early but still 6.841/200.63.

Mats Eriksson next in the Green Goblin Pro Mod. 1.053 to sixty feet, blackstriping then shake, off the throttle at 300 feet, 8.796/100.31. First run for Richard Sundblom in his very neat new Pro Stock Cobalt, 0.995 to sixty feet, blackstriping and taking a long way round, 4.3871/160.76 at the eighth and shut off a little early but still 6.816/199.76. Great run!

Marc Meihuizen next in his Pro Mod, would he sandbag it this time? Hell no! A storming run. 0.996 to sixty feet, 3.981/184.87 to the eighth and 6.094/231.36 at the stripe. A new PB I believe, nice one Marc!


Lots of smoke from Martin Bishop's Pro Stock Bike as he went up on the revs but 1.306 to sixty feet, then heading for the centre line and shut off, 9.352/93.11 at the stripe. Wayne Saunders followed on his Super Street Bike, 7.707/185.81, the gear shifts sounding smoother than on Wayne's last run. Kev Charman next up on Davide Ricci's Funny Bike. I don't know quite what was going on there, maybe Kev trying to put the bike into gear, but one of his crew went for the lever as Kev was kicking it and it looked as if he was trying to kick the crew member. 1.2133 to sixty feet, you could hear the tyre spinning a lot of the way, stayed in his own lane this time and clocked 9.003/135.37 at the stripe.

Richard Hann next on his SSB, 7.898/179.21. Second run of the day for Scott Baldwin on his SSB, 7.889/183.58. Garry Bowe followed on his SSB, very nice run, 7.566/184.32. Christian Jäger next up on the Black Seven Funny Bike, 7.996/166.07, still sounded leisurely so more to come there I think. Another Funny Bike next, Tim Blakemore on the Kawasaki, rolled the beams and shut off then pulled over. Graham Balchin closed this bike session with a 7.565/180.63 from his SSB.


Quite late in the day for a first run but Jean Dulamon wheeled his nitrous Pro Mod round the corner, nice burnout then hesitation off the line, 1.499 sixty foot time says it all, shake and a move towards the right guardrail and Jean shut off, 8.7491/115.35. Jon Giles and Collin Morrice paired up again. Collin away first 0.016 to 0.034, looked like both cars in Super Gas mode as John clocked 9.955/142.48 and Collin 9.848/145.33. Maja Udtian next to run in the Islanders Junior Dragster. -0.020 red light and 9.765/63.70 at the eighth.

Eurodragster.com sponsor Derek Flynn followed in the Gold RV Top Methanol Dragster. Lots of lovely nitro fumes coming up through the floor of Race Control. Tyres up in smoke at the hit and straight off the throttle, 23.338/29.38. Peter Schöfer followed in his TMD. 0.079 RT, 0.930 to sixty feet, 3.577/209.66 at the eighth and 5.454/257.59 at the stripe. The track temperature just before Peter pulled his burnout was 30.3 C and air conditions 17.6 C, 34% humidity and 29.44 inches of air.

Bruno Bader was next around the corner in the Gotham City Pro Mod. Nice 200-foot burnout and finally stopped rolling at the eighth. Another sandbagging run, 0.997 to sixty feet, a storming 3.997/183.37 at the eighth, and shut off way early with chutes out, 6.366/169.82. Another case of "What would that have been?".

More blown-alcohol action next only TMFC this time, Danny Bellio. Excellent 0.9683 sixty foot time, then enough shake to be felt here in Race Control and shut off at about 300 feet, 9.136/95.45.

Stig Neergaard's Top Fuel Dragster last on four wheels in this session. Another crisp burnout as this morning, 0.872 sixty foot, shake about 100 feet out and shut off just before the eighth 3.301/205.86 but still clocked 5.883/146.25.


First run the day for Kenneth Vik of the VEIDEC Pro Stock Bike team, 1.094 to sixty feet, 4.644/149.64 at the eighth, nice straight run, 7.329/178.48 for Bike Low ET of the day. Kenneth's rear tyre was spinning through the finish line and it sounds as if he had a bit of a moment up there. Chris Reed and Niclas Sverin folowed on their SSBs, a Personal Best of 7.983/169.19 for Niclas to Chris' 10.430/157.37. Well done Niclas!

Another SSB match-up next, Thomas Granica and Rick Stubbins, lots of spin for Thomas and he shut off early clocking 16.756/80.51 whilst Rick clocked 7.698/187.34. Alexander Rose v Steve Mead next, Steve there first 9.078/162.47 to Alexander's 9.496/160.18. Still more SSBs, Nigel Barker v Steve Wood. Nigel first to the stripe 8.140/185.14 to 8.976/162.64. Steve Venables was next improving still further to 7.510/189.71 and then Graham Balchin closed out the bike session with a 7.676/187.33.


Nice run to start with for Super Pro ET's Brendan Clancy, 1.096 to sixty feet but then the 'Vette headed for the centre line and Brendan shut off, 9.527/96.43.

Michael Malmgren next to the line in the Lahega Pro Stock, nice 150-foot burnout then 0.018 RT, 1.019 to sixty feet, 4.516/131.33 at half track by which point he had already shut off. 8.383/102.80 at the quarter. More Pro Stock next as Jonas Dantanus made his first run of the day. 0.073 RT, 1.019 to sixty feet and awful shake, a long pedal then back on it, 8.033/134.52.

Back to two wheels and Chris Hannam made his second attempt at a run for the day. 1.244 to sixty feet for the mean-sounding Supertwin and then shut off, 15.047/52.59.

A quick bit of track grooming and we'll be back with you. The pairing lanes are full so don't go too far.


Nice second pass of the day for Fred Hansen in the Top Methanol Dragster. 0.9391 to sixty feet, 3.6078/209.12 at the eighth even though the car made a bit of a move to the right, and 5.4829/259.17 at the big end. Marcus Hilt followed in his Pro Mod with Camp Stanley overseeing things. Came back a long way from his burnout, almost into the water again. 1.054 to sixty feet, small amount of shake which Marcus drove through, 4.1953/164.72 at the eighth and then off the throttle, 7.2058/126.62 at the finish.

Tommy Leindahl next to the start line with his Cobalt Pro Stock, with its leopardskin pattern and its shape that car looks like one half of a pair of carpet slippers, at least from Race Control. 1.002 to sixty fgeet, 4.377/160.80 at the eighth and 6.811/202.48 at the stripe, very nice run. Bernard Saz followed in his differently interesting Comp Eliminator Citroen Traction. 1.323 to sixty feet then on and off the throttle all the way, 10.969/107.96. Roger Johansson next, didn't have to look out the window just listen to his back-up crew shouting at him on the radio. 1.014 to sixty feet and then violent shake and a hard move to the right, shut off to 9.476/89.43.

Still more Pro Mods to come, Graha, Ellis next to appear. 250-foot burnout then 0.989 sixty foot time, bad shake and up on two wheels, both right wheels, by the look of it. Shut off to 9.360/95.85 and probably blurry vision and a bit of a headahce.

A Super Pro ET match-up next, Bob Doyle against Jack Brewster, nice 0.002 RT for Jack, 8.820/153.63 for Bob and 8.596/158.47 for Bob.

Back to Pro Mod and an eagerly-awaited first run for Mats Eriksson. 150-foot burnout then 0.008 RT, 1.0478 to sixty feet then shake and the Green Golblin made a move to the left and Mats shut it off, 10.930/77.77.

18.3 C outside, 35% humidity and 29.44 inches of air.


Christian Jäger's second run of the day was an improved 8.318/160.28 for the Black Seven Funny Bike. The team looked relieved with that one. Tim was next up, also on a Funny Bike. So far today Tim has done four burnouts and then shut off although that was planned each time. Nice 1.221 sixty feet and then shut off before half track, 9.557/91.76. Wayne Saunders was next on his Super Street Bike. 1.296 sixty foot which is pretty good for SSB and 7.748/179.91 at the stripe. The returning Nigel Barker next on his SSB, welcome back with an 8.451/164.27. Steve Wood followed, very languid launch but then picked up, 9.282/150.07. Staying with SSB judging by the half-hour burnout, and indeed it was, Richard Hann clocked 8.305/153.74 having to feather the throttle as the bike got close to the wall, and sounding to have problems shifting gear.

A switch to Funny Bike and Kev Charman was next out of the collection area. Very nice-looking bike it is too. The rear tyre was shrieking as the bike headed left and then Kev crossed lanes in between the 330 foot and 594 foot reflectors. Next was Graham Dance on his SSB, 1.2843 sixty foot time, 7.928/175.75 at the stripe. Graham Balchin was lined up behind Graham D, bike again sounded to have trouble changing gear and Graham shut off to a 10.529/72.89.


Kalle Lyrén was first up after the clean-up on his Pro Stock Bike. Nice burnout and then 0.055 RT, 1.199 to sixty feet, 7.700/174.39 at the stripe. Nice run, but a call for a track check in the shutdown area.

Marc Meihuizen followed in his Pro Mod. 150-foot burnout. Talk about sandbagging, what a run that would have been! 1.016 to sixty feet and 4.013/183.40 at the eighth driving through quite a big move, then off the throttle and the 'chute out at about three quarter track, but still 6.362/179.24.

A couple of Super Street Bike followed. First up was Steve Venables, nice run, 1.356 to sixty feet, 4.967/154.75 to the eighth and 7.538/188.06 at the stripe. Mick Templeman was next, 1.412 to sixty feet, 5.332/143.01 at the eighth and 8.066/177.13 at the finish.

Robert Joosten's first run of the day and the Pro Dutch Pro Mod sounded a lot healthier than yesterday. Great burnout and lots of careful preparation before staging. Instant spin at the hit, though, 15.187/60.94.

Back to Super Street Bike and a good checkout for Scoot Baldwin, 1.335 to sixty feet, 5.267/141.22 at the eighth and shut off at about 1100 feet, 8.561/119.92. Thomas Granica followed but shut off after what sounded like a troubled burnout. Alexander Rose's second run of the day was shut off at the top of second gear, sounded like a problem getting in to third, 22.529/29.96 at the stripe. Garry Bowe the next SSB racer to the line, blackstriped all the way but we think a new PB, 7.589/180.62. Good sixty foot time of 1.300.

Dan Larsen was next on four wheels in his Top Methanol FC. Nice run! 0.043 RT, 1.014 to sixty feet, straight as you like, 3.835/196.01 at the eighth, 5.850/241.42. Bert Englefield followed with his first run of the day in his Pro Mod. A hestation off the line, 1.167 to sixty feet, a long pedal to get it away from the centre line, 4.735/159.63 at the eighth and then pretty smooth to the stripe, 7.122/209.86. Staying on four wheels Colin Lazenby clocked 8.316/175.08 in the Street Eliminator Chevy.


Clean-up completed, Niclas Sverin was first on to the track with his SSB. This would be a good time to say Hello and thank you to Karin who has kindly sent us a couple of snippets about Niclas. Sounds like problems shifting but 8.406/169.16 a nice pass with more to come. On to Pro Stock Bike and Stavros Svrachnos was first up for the VEIDEC PSB team. 1.123 to sixty feet, 4.827/143.92 at the eighth and 7.600/172.41 at the stripe, sounded like it was on the limiter in the second half.

Paul Ingar Udtian followed with his first run of the day in the Islanders Top Methanol Dragster. 0.052 RT, a storming 0.906 sixty foot, straight down the lane to half track 3.674/196.91, a move to the right in the second half but stayed with it, 5.649/249.03 shedding pieces of blower belt across the finish line. The tractor has been called to the top end to sweep the track, stay tuned.


First up after the lunch break was Micke Lindahl in the Kendall Oil Pro Mod. Nice burnout, 1.017 to sixty feet, a bit of a move at half track 4.136/180.47, then a huge cloud of smoke at about 1000 feet, 6.363/214.93. Micke stopped short in the shutdown ara and oil was found in his lane.

The track temperature after Micke's burnout was 38.8 C. Air temperature at the same time was 18.2 C, humidity 36% and air pressure was 29.44 inches.

We're on hold for clean-up, stay tuned.


Jon Giles and Collin Morrice paired up for a Super Gas v Super Comp run, 9.945/142.52 for Jon and for Collin a tremendous 0.001 RT and an excellent 8.906/149.62. First run of the day for Bob Doyle's Super Pro ET Datsun, 0.024 RT and 9.001/152.57 with a slight hesitation off the start line.

Rolf Amman next to appear in his Pro Mod, great new paint on the repaired body. Brief but straight burnout, and a tremendous pass. 1.067 to sixty feet, straight as you like, a move to the right at half track but Rolf stayed with it, 4.243/172.20 at the eighth, another move in the second half but Rolf hung on to it and stayed on the gas, 6.504/218.02. As Spencer pointed out, first Pro Mod to get down the track.

Danny Bellio closed the morning session with his first pass of the day in his Top Methanol FC, the car sporting a Eurodragster.com/Gold RV Perfect ET Award sticker on the back window! 0.968 to sixty feet, not much shake, off the throttle about 150 feet out, 9.147/95.47.

We'll be back at 2:00.


Track cleaned, Rick Stubbins took his pass. 1.299 to sixty feet, 7.533/188.84 at the stripe, nice run but getting close to the centre line at the top end. Richard Hann next to make his first run of the day, 1.419 to sixty feet and 8.016/175.78 at the stripe.

Roger Johansson's yodelling crew guy was next on the start line quickly followed by the blue Mustang. Nice burnout for Roger, true to form his crew guy shouted back-up instructions over the radio and was clearly audible up here in Race Control. 1.024 to sixty feet then huge shake past the Tree and Roger shut off, 12.233/56.39. Eurodragster.com sponsor Graham Ellis was next Pro Mod racer up, another big burnout then 0.994 to sixty feet then shake and the 'Bird started to head for the guardrail and Graham was off it before half track, 8.232/115.07. Norbert Kuno followed on, that certainly is one hell of a scoop atop the supercharger. Nice straight burnout. Crept the beams and then the rear slicks spun up at the hit, 14.773/78.56.

Back to two wheels and first run of the day for Funny Bike racer Christian Jäger. Gentle launch, 9.231/146.76, the crew didn't look too happy with that. Nice run for Graham Balchin's SSB , 7.793/185.07 and very happy crew. A 9.778/174.41 first run for Niclas Sverin on his SSB, bike sounded to hesitate a little way down the track but a big speed for the ET. Wayne Saunders followed, 1.365 to sixty feet and 7.867/183.60 at the stripe for his first run of the day. Garry Bowe next in the right lane, 1.356 to sixty feet and 7.734/182.82, nice straight pass.

18.3 C outside, 37% humidity and 29.44 inches of air.


Long burnout for Pro Stock racer Michael Malmgren - in the bleach box a long time before moving forwards - then lots of adjustments to the wheelie bars. 0.048 RT, 1.037 to sixty feet, off the throttle just past 330 feet, 8.216/111.95 at the stripe. Brendan Clancy next in his Super Pro ET Corvette, nice run, 7.838/173.66.

Back to SSB and Steve Meads' second run of the day was 8.244/175.03, straight and the gear shifts sounded better this time. UK Champion Rick Stubbins followed with his first run of the day. Nice burnout but then shut off as fluid from Brendan Clancy's 'Vette was found in the lane.

We're on hold for clean-up, stay tuned.


One for the Sportsmen next, Steve Saunders in his Super Pro ET Zephyr. 0.155 RT but then lost drive a few feet out and sidelined the car.

First run of the day for Micke Lindahl in the Kendall Pro Mod. 1.0421 to sixty feet, terrible shake past the Tree and the Camaro turned hard left with the left front wheel up, Micke shut off and pulled it straight, 11.147/75.83. Maja Udtian followed in the Islanders Junior Dragster. 0.096 Rt and 9.707/65.36 at the stripe.

Back to two wheels, Steve Venables next SSB racer out. Long burnout and 1.349 to sixty feet, very straight run with smooth gear shifts, 7.689/182.08. Graham Dance next for the SSBs. Motor stopped after a few seconds but he re-started no problem. 1.282 sixty foot which is plenty quick for an SSB so we knew it would be a good one, 7.940/175.04 at the stripe, well done G! What looked like a checkout pass for Alexander Rose on his SSB, 9.5911/151.68.


First Top Fuel run of the day by Stig Neergaard with John Smith as ever supervising. A little adjustment to the idle after starting and then a very abrupt and crisp engine note in the burnout rather than the usual languid sound. More adjustments before staging and then 0.881 to sixty feet, cylinders out on the right side, the car started to drift right at about 300 feet. 3.415/192.76 at the eighth and 6.188/142.55 at the stripe.

Chris Hannam next up on his Supertwin, nice burnout but then the motor was idling very fast and Cannon shut it off.

Next round the corner was Peter Schöfer in the Bavarian Thunder Top Methanol Dragster. Another crisp burnout followed by an "Ouch!" on the track radio from one of the start line crew. 0.127 RT, 0.944 sixty foot, driving through shake, 3.664/207.68 at the eighth and 5.562/256.08 at the stripe.


First run for Pete Bellenie on his new SSB was 1.668 to sixty feet then off the throttle at half track, 12.4517/68.38. That was an observed run and doubtless that one will have got the thumbs-up. Graham Balchin followed, Brian Johnson here again working with Graham. 1.469 to sixty feet, blackstriping and shutting off at 100 feet, 16.752/55.49.

Paul Spiers next up in his Super Comp Camaro, nice 0.0730 RT and 8.9524/148.09 at the stripe, didn't take Paul long to get into Super Comp trim! Colin Lazenby next on one of his occasional outings in his Street Eliminator Chevy. 200-foot burnout, 8.867/170.44.

Eurodragster.com Blogger Will Hanna on the start line heralded the first appearance of today for Top Methanol Dragster racer Fred Hanssen. Three attempts to start the motor but all OK, nice burnout. 0.0352 RT, 0.931 to sixty feet, 3.628/204.05 at the eighth with the car moving to the right, 5.555/247.85 at the stripe.

16.9 C outside, 39% humidity and 29.44 inches of air.

Stig Neergaard next up in his Top Fuel Dragster.


The Morrice Boys Super Comp/Super Gas Camaro was next, 8.798/149.66 for Collin Morrice. Super Gas racer Jon Giles next...well, he's meant to be a Super Gas racer but after a 0.0376 ET he clocked 8.877/144.39, maybe a change in class on the cards but either way a Personal Best, well done Jon!

SSB racer Mick Templeman's first run of the day on his SSB was 8.6346/175.04 with some hesitation so there is more to come there. Next up was Sweden's Niclas Sverin on his SSB, 1608 miles from Färila in Sweden to get here leaving on Monday morning. Nice burnout but then leaked what looked like water onto the track and he was shut off.


Another SSB next, Thomas Granica. Lost fire after the burnout but quickly restarted. 1.419 to sixty feet, 8.8053/145.26 at the finish, a good baseline pass and in the left lane which unlike the right has no visible groove as yet. Fellow SSB racer Steve Mead next up. Long, long burnout then 1.4889 sixty feet, sounded like slight problems changing gear at half track, 8.287/171.71. 1.3869 to sixty feet for Garry Bowe and first seven of the day, 7.782/179.81 and Low ET of the day so far.

First run of the day for Super Comp racer Paul Spiers, as you will have read on Eurodragster.com News Paul has had a lot of work done on the car. Easy-sounding burnout then 0.195 RT, 1.375 sixty foot, 9.356/146.18 at the stripe and the crew looked happy with that. Second run for Jack Brewster had an improved but still naughty -0.0234 red light, 8.584/156.84.


Graham Balchin's SSB blackstriped away from the line on its first run then from here it sounded as if Graham had a problem changing gear. 1.399 to sixty feet and then off the throttle by about 300 feet, 11.082/78.16 at the stripe.

Another Graham next, Pro Mod racer and Eurodragster.com sponsor Graham Ellis. Perfect, straight 150-foot burnout then 0.0980 RT, 0.987 to sixty feet then the 'Bird hit shake and turned left almost taking the 330 foot reflector with it. 12.139 at the stripe, 68.38 mph.

Third Graham in a row, SSB racer Graham Dance who had a great time testing at the weekend. 1.362 to sixty feet, some blackstriping off the line, 8.196/170.42 at the stripe.


First Super Street Bike racer to run of several entered today was Chris Reed. The bike really sounded to be struggling to burn out but got there in the end. Then no launch to speak of, just drove up the track, 22.311/48.70.


First to venture out today was Super Pro ET racer Jack Brewster. Jack's wife stuck to the track in her flat-bottomed shoes, eventually she stepped out of them amidst much hilarity, meanwhile Jack clocked 8.604/155.74 with a huge -0.2390 red light.

Next up was Tim Blakemore, a burnout on his Funny Bike and then shut off.


No-one on track yet, the usual brinksmanship waiting for someone else to be the first. Michael Malmgren has had his GTO on the start line checking the ride height and suspension but that's all so far.


Good morning and welcome from Santa Pod for our coverage of the Pro Peak Performance Day brought to you in association with American Car Imports.

The Webster Race Engineering/Nimbus Motorsport webcam is on-line and will be posting a picture every sixty seconds until the track closes on Monday.

It's a nice day here at Santa Pod, bright and warm. We'll be back to you with the weather station readings shortly.

We are expecting a busy day today with more than thirty already entered and several expected to enter today. Stay tuned and as soon as the wheels start to turn we'll bring you all the news.

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