2007 FIA Main Event
Saturday (qualifying)

Photos ©Roger Gorringe

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Dave Cherrett lost his front wheel in Pro ET qualifying but brought the Dark Revenger to a safe halt.

Today we got our first look at Leo van der Kuijl's Super Pro ET Mercury Coupe, what a beautiful piece it is.

Rasmus Olsen made his first passes in FIM/Pro Stock Bike.

Anders Jakobsson set a new European Pro Stock Bike ET record of 7.2430 on day one of the new season.

It didn't take Roel Koedam very long to get into the sixes on Ton Pels' Supertwin.

Supertwin #2 qualifier Gunther Sohn holds high speed so far of 208.28 mph.

Denmark's Sören Hartvig is currently tenth in Top Fuel Bike.

Steve Woollatt currently leads Top Fuel Bike with an easy-looking 6.4871 on The Dealer.

Check out the shape of Neil Midgley's rear slick during Top Fuel Bike qualifying.

Michael Malmgren opened his account with a new European Pro Stock ET record of 6.803.

Tommi Haapanen had a little bit too much power in the first round of Top Fuel Dragster qualifying.

Belgium's Danny Bellio is a welcome addition to FIA Top Methanol Funny Car.

The Leanders brothers' Top Methanol FC looks great in its new colours.

Timo Habermann clocked a new Personal Best of 5.8209 in Top Methanol Dragster qualifying.

Check out the shake marks behind Peter Schöfer's Top Methanol Dragster.

Pro Mod racer Rolf Amman tried to write his initials on the track during his burnout.

Danny Cockerill recorded Europe's first 230 mph Pro Mod terminal speed...

...in the very next pairing Robert Joosten saw Danny's 230 and raised him a 232.93.

Pelle Eriksson's tow vehicle is a miniature version of his Pro Mod Willys.

Håkan Fällström is now piloting a Firebird Fuel FC after the whoopsie with the Avenger body at Easter.

The new Showtime Fuel FC made its first passes today.

Ton Pels was presented with his British Drag Racing Hall of Fame trophy by Ian Messenger.

Fredrik Fredlund had the honour of making the first pass of the 2007 European Championships on his Pro Stock Bike.

Hans Olav Olstad's Supertwin is now sporting a rear wing.

Kev Charman is currently qualified amongst the Top Fuel Bikes.

Adam Flamholc settled in to Pro Stock very quickly and has already run as quick as 7.0582.

Lex Joon leads Top Fuel Dragster with an early shut off 4.8429 which we projected to a high 4.7.

Thomas Nataas was second Top Fuel Dragster racer into the fours at a huge 310.04 mph.

Arvid Grødem's first pass of the day is still good for #2 spot in Top Methanol FC.

John Tebenham set a new world record for a Cosworth engine of 7.7781 in Comp Eliminator qualifying.

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