2007 FIA European Finals
Peak Performance Day

Photos ©Roger Gorringe, Tog (Test Weekend, Tuesday)

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Ian Jackson ran half passes in his turbocharged Street Eliminator 'Vette and then went most of the way with a low nine at the end of the day.

Justin Krekelaar's Outlaw Anglia was running consistent 9.7s.

Not a very happy birthday for Steve Venables as his Super Street Bike put out a rod and then oiled the track.

Mark Bishop's very pretty Vegas Hustler altered runs in Pro ET.

Dan Larsen holds Low ET of the weekend so far, a 5.785 from the Boxter Top Methanol FC.

Joe Lann is headed for 9.50 Bike next year and ran into the mid-tens today.

9.50 Bike racer Chris Jones had a few turns on Mark Fisher's Super Street Bike and went as quick as 8.117.

Both of Santa Pod Raceway's Junior Dragsters saw plenty of action today.

Super Comp racer Belinda Bull took part in the obligatory "Show the street car how it's done" exercise.

Roger Goring is appearing at next weekend's race and ran easy 6.2s with the Firestorm Jet FC.

Kev Brooks' historic Roarin' Rat Chevy ran mid to high tens all day.

Stu Doignie was right around the 9.9s in his Super Gas BMW.

Simon Rowland is the new owner of Nick Good's Pro ET dragster and looked very comfortable in the car.

Sarah Day got back into the Double Trouble Super Comp/Gas roadster and was in the eights in very short order.

Nigel Holland races in Sportsman ET and when he goes out of competition goes trackside to photograph.

Martin Curbishley's Super Comp/Gas roadster was pulling the front wheels high in the air on every pass.

Ricky Gowen is getting to grips with his ex-Comp Eliminator FC.

Rich Gilbertson had added a lot of gas to his roadster and ran an 8.1 at the end of the day, blasting his Personal Best.

Gordon Appleton planned a number of half passes and a full pass at the end of the day; at the end of the day his Camaro Pro Mod left before the lights ran.

John Tebenham's Probe is the quickest Cosworth-powered race car on the planet.

Sam Freeman was back on track in his Double Density Super Pro ET altered.

This hot rod pulled great wheelies on every pass.

Spencer Tramm enjoyed his day running into the 8.7s in his Quantum Leap Corrado.

Nick Good's new ride was formerly Gary Malin's Super Pro ET rail; Nick got into the sevens today.

Norway's Linda Thun Tønseth has raced Junior Dragster, Super Comp and Pro Mod and today she started licencing in one of Rune Fjeld's Top Fuel Dragsters.

Linda clocked a 0.895 sixty foot time on her first pass.

Micke Nord was either shaking or sliding on just about every run in the second MSS Motorsport Mustang.

Julian Webb made his first runs in the Split Second Jet Dragster. Julian took it easy as per the Jet licencing rules and was up to 122 mph by the end of the day.

When Mark Fisher could get a turn in on his own bike he recorded new PBs of 7.789 and 190.63.

Mats Eriksson is quickest Pro Mod so far this weekend at 6.667, with an early shut off for shake.

Roger Johansson's Mustang Pro Mod has been plagued by shake again today.

This is what happens when you burn out a Pro Mod over Gold Dust track prep.

Roger awaiting the call forward to stage.

Gordon Appleton's Pro Mod has also shaken occasionally today...is that tyre touching the track surface?

Laurie Bamford's Pro ET Nova pulled nice wheelies and got into the 10.0s.

Your reporter covets Steve Phillips' Sportsman ET Super Bee.

Mark Perkins clocked low tens in his Street Eliminator Mustang.

Linda Thun Tønseth is very comfortable and is already impressing race officials in Rune Fjeld's Top Fueller; her second licencing pass was a 6.469/147.65 shut off before half track.

When the Peak Performance Day ended, VW Action kicked in and Richard Henry led Martin Hill in a flame and thunder show in the Fireforce 3 Jet FC.

Martin clocked a 6.0 at 272 mph on this evening's pass.

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