2007 Big Bang
Sunday (qualifying eliminations)

Photos ©Peter Donaldson

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Super Modified racer Craig Gibbs - truly his father's son.

We turn the tables on VW Sportsman racer Julian Robinson who is photographer for Herts VW Club.

This was Steve Parfitt's first competitive event in VW Sportsman.

VW Sportsman racer Paul Herbert took the Eurodragster.com/LA Racing Parts Perfect ET Award with a perfect ET to four places.

Ian Dale won't be competing in VW Pro at next week's Springspeed Festival because it clashes with the Dorset Steam Fair.

Ian Norman went into #2 spot off the trailer in this morning's Outlaw Anglia qualifying.

Paul Wright had his blown-alcohol Outlaw Anglia into the sevens.

Andy Burfitt's dad Dave bumped him down the 9.50 Bike field yesterday, Andy returned the compliment this morning.

Andy Kirk's son Lee got in touch to let us know that Andy set a Personal Best speed in his Super Mod this weekend.

Also setting PBs was Alex McIntosh whose Real Steel Street Eliminator Mustang is now an eight-second runner.

RSSE racer Ian Hook has the dilemma of how hard to run a borrowed motor but he is running low nines and making it look easy.

Overseen by Eurodragster.com Home and News sponsor Paul Watson, 9.50 Bike racer Andy Haley ran three 9.50s in a row today.

Chris Reed was one of seventeen qualified in the 9.50s, that's a new record.

Julian Harris made it all the way to the 9.50 Bike final.

It didn't take long for Andy Hone to get back into Super Modified finals.

Just as we predicted in the Easter Thunderball gallery, Paul Mander was the next Super Modified racer into the sevens.

Ray Tucker was pulling storming burnouts in his 'Vette but made a first-round exit.

Wilf himself told us that would not have been here this weekend but for sponsor Real Steel going above and beyond.

Steve Nash has only made a few runs in his new RSSE Cougar and is already right on the class ET record.

Take a look inside the car - has anyone got any idea what VW Sportsman racer Rhodri Price is doing?

Harvey Smith has dubbed his VW Sportsman car "The best Baja by far". In the interests of balanced reporting we must point out that it's the only Baja in the class.

Abi Tether's local window cleaner bases his entire round on the twenty one windows in her VW Sportsman camper.

A good weekend for Graeme Freeman as he won VW Sportsman and his football team Birmingham City were promoted.

Dan Smith went two rounds in VW Sportsman at his first ever race.

Jet FC pilot Martin Hill and front man Richard Henry are very close.

Luke Robinson pondering over whether to go after RSSE racer Colin Lazenby after another long burnout.

Glynn Morgan's name and "Winner in VW Pro" share the same sentence for the umpteenth time.

Occasional pit note contributor Chris Jones took the 9.50 Bike win.

Colin Lazenby one second before we told him that we were joking about a protest.

This is what happens after two days of working out ET-based qualifying in your head in real time before the next pair runs.

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