2007 Easter Thunderball
Monday (eliminations)

Photos ©Roger Gorringe

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Håkan Fällström had an initiation by fire to Fuel FC when the blower let go and blew the Avenger body clean off the car. From Race Control we watched hundreds of spectators all try to run in different directions.

Andy Willsheer is not slumping asleep (he's not driving) but is in a Digital Hunch seeing if his latest picture will earn him a modest stipend. We think this covers all the salient points.

John Spuffard blasted his Personal Best ET and speed out of sight and achieved the team's ambition to exceed 300 mph.

Robert Joosten took home the first MSA Pro Modified event win and the Championship record.

NFAA Champion Clayton Round started the season with another victory.

Urs Erbacher suffered a fearsome-looking explosion in the Pro Fuel Shootout final.

With an early shut off 4.7500 we'd say that Lex Joon knows how to work the newly-legalised electronic timers.

Leif Helander returned to the fray today none the worse for yesterday's guardrail excursion.

The front end of Steve Nash's new Cougar has developed an attraction for the sky.

Paul Mander's Plymouth Arrow will be the next Super Modified into the sevens.

Freddy Fagerström and Dave Wilson both shut off in the Top Methanol final so there was no event winner.

Siw Nystad wanted to win the Pro Fuel Shootout for her mum's birthday.

Dave Wilson shut off in the TM final because the engine had no oil pressure.

Joe Bond made the third-fourth place run-off in the NFAA.

Andy Robinson's Stude went all blurry as he hit terrible tyre shake.

Jason Macan has learned one of the secrets of inclusion in Eurodragster.com photo galleries.

Frank Mason's 'Vette dropped fluid just as he left the line in the Super Gas final, luckily none got under the wheels.

David Coleman of Power Point Communications hard at work on the camera.

Neil Ellis and Glynn Morgan faced off in the VW Pro final.

Martin Lewis is the other half of the Team IS Sportsman ET team, Steve Partis being the other.

Stu Chamberlain originally led Funny Bike qualifying and got through to the final but then didn't show.

Chris Hartnell's slingshot seemed a little off-form but he took the Wild Bunch win.

Steve Warner took SPR start line crew Bob Day for an eight-second passenger ride.

Tim Garlick redlit away his chances in the Super Modified final.

Steve Pateman chose not to contest the Real Steel Street Eliminator final, instead driving up the old fire-up road leaving Andy frost to solo.

Nigel Payne's 'Vette is back on form this weekend.

Freddy Fagerström's crew runabout seats three people and can also pull burnouts.

Jon Morton took the event win in Super Gas.

Sportsman ET racer Paul Webster tells us that his is the fastest Mini Cooper of its type on the planet.

Noah Stutz' Junior Dragster was one of four vehicles campaigned by Team Erbacher.

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