Melbourne Round 4, SLC Round 6, NSA Sprint
Melbourne Raceway, 7th-8th August 2021


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NSCC eliminations final

Ian Walley 7.10/116 def. Douglas Hague 9.29/84

Bikes (descriptions below): Ashley Hodgson 6.62/113 vs Carl Mountford 7.56/115, Daniel Leather 7.04/110 vs William Mountford 14.50/50, David Storrie 6.54/119 vs Terry Mountford 7.54/93, Mick Varey 7.19/105 vs Gary Shipley 10.32/68, Mike Pacey 9.49/76 vs Gill Pacey 11.57/63, Eric Cope 8.80/87.

Cars (descriptions below): Dave Bowker 9.38/82 vs Craig Brown 9.72/73, James Murray 10.29/75 vs Ryan Walls 8.43/86.

Bikes (descriptions below): Ashley Hodgson 6.53/108 vs Terry Mountford 7.30/99, Carl Mountford 7.46/117, Mick Varey 7.99/73 (with three wheelies), David Storrie 6.62/121 vs Ashley Hodgson 7.48/76, Eric Cope 8.63/88.

Cars (descriptions below): David Bowker 10.03/57. That's the last run of the day, thanks for looking in and look out for our gallery of photos by Tog which we will post later.


Cars (descriptions below): Ryan Walls 8.58/86, Phil Winstanley 8.21/95, Dave Bowker 9.44/81 vs Paul Jowett-Lawton 10.04/61 (with drivers door opening on run!), Ryan Walls 8.63/85, Paul Jowett-Lawton 10.05/74 vs Dave Bowker 9.81/77, Ryan Walls 8.44/87 vs James Murray 10.01/74, Phil Winstanley 7.98/98.

Bikes (descriptions below): Ashley Hodgson 6.58/109 vs Mick Varey 7.37/105, David Storrie 6.75/121 vs Eric Cope NTR red, Daniel Leather 7.16/97, William Mountford 14.92/40 vs Carl Mountford 13.61/42, Ashley Hodgson 6.62/117 vs Daniel Leather 7.20/114, David Storrie 6.65/113 vs Gill Pacey 11.51/64, Mick Varey 7.37/105 vs Jack Taylor 10.59/63, Gary Shipley 10.33/68 vs Carl Mountford NTR red. Andy Higham 8.08/91 vs Eric Cope 8.29/87, Mike Pacey 9.90/75 vs Daniel Leather 7.26/109


Cars (descriptions below): Ryan Walls 8.58/86 vs Dave Bowker 9.81/77, Justin Hooper 12.05/64 vs Zoe Gadd 10.69/70, Martin Williams 11.77/58 vs Gavin Wynn 8.44/86, Chris Dunn 9.64/78 bye

Bikes (descriptions below): Oliver Tindall 7.42/102 vs Mick Varey 7.39/104, Ashley Hodgson 6.73/117 vs Daniel Leather 7.25/113, Dave Storrie 6.81/114 vs Carl Mountford 7.48/117, William Mountford 14.48/40 Terry Mountford 13.82/38, Gary Shipley 10.41/68 vs Gill Pacey 11.49/63, Mike Pacey 10.13/74 vs Eric Cope 8.22/86, Jack Taylor 10.89/66 vs Rob Briers 7.26/88

Cars (descriptions below): James Murray 9.92/71 vs Ryan Walls 8.54/83, David Bowker 9.66/83 vs Justin Hooper 14.01/50, Zoe Gadd 10.25/72 vs Paul Jowett-Lawton 9.96/70.

Bikes (descriptions below): Ashley Hodgson 6.78/104 vs David Storrie 6.92/120, Mick Varey 7.29/105 vs Daniel Leather 7.29/111, William Mountford 14.70/40 vs Carl Mountford 7.70/115, Mike Pacey 9.87/75 vs Gill Pacey 11.15/65, Gary Shipley 10.42/67 vs Eric Cope 8.37/85, Andy Higham 7.71/100.

Cars (descriptions below): Pete Smith (Audi 427ci) 7.52/111 vs Phil Winstanley (Minor V8) pushed back after engine sounded unwell and cut out. Dave Bowker 9.36/82 vs Paul Jowett-Lawton 10.04/67

NSCC eliminations round 3

Douglas Hague 9.32/86 def. Craig Brown 9.83/74
Ian Walley 7.13/112


Bikes (descriptions below): Oliver Tindall 7.47/103 vs Ashley Hodgson 7.01/111, Gilbert Cook (Bandit 1200cc) 7.26/109 vs Mick Varey 7.38/105, Dave Storrie 7.07/116 vs Carl Mountford 7.54/118, Mike Pacey 10.11/75 vs Terry Mountford 7.84/93, Gill Pacey 12.50/61 vs Gary Shipley 10.81/65, Eric Cope 8.19/86 vs Rob Briers 9.61/78, William Mountford NTR vs Alfie Barraclough 19.05/28.

NSCC eliminations round 2

Douglas Hague 9.61/85 def. Shaun Wilson 10.25/71
Craig Brown 9.87/73
Ian Walley 7.05/116 def. Martin Rawlinson 8.89/87


NSCC eliminations round 1

Martin Rawlinson 9.96/88 bye
Shaun Wilson 10.61/70 def. Steve Horsfall no-show
Douglas Hague (Nissan 350Z) 9.73/84 def. James Murray (Monaro) 10.49/74
Craig Brown 9.80/74 def. Dave Mears (Trans Am '77) 10.54/72
Ian Walley (Cortina) 7.76/106 def. Paul Winstanley (Morris Minor 6.2ltr) 9.90/74

Bikes: Dave Storrie (BMW S1000RR) 7.20/119 vs Ashley Hodgson (GSXR 1000) 7.32/114, Mike Pacey (Lambretta) 10.62/75 vs Oliver Tindall (Suzuki TL1000R) 7.83/93, Gill Pacey (Yamaha TZR 125cc) 11.07/71 vs Mick Varey ('81 Katana 1100) 7.44/102, Gary Shipley (Kawa Ninja 250cc) 10.92/67 vs Rob Briers (Yamaha YPVS 350cc'77) 9.85/77, Jack Taylor 17.09/38 vs Alfie Barraclough 17.11/30, Eric Cope 8.518/87 vs Carl Mountford 7.81/116, William Mountford 14.54/40 vs Terry Mountford 8.20/85, Daniel Leather 8.00/88 vs Tyne Blight 11.10/59. Decided that bike eliminations won't take place in view of the conditions earlier.

Cars: Paul Jowett-Lawton 10.21/67 vs Chris Dunn 9.68/77, Stephen Stead 10.16/79 vs Dave Bowker 10.21/81, Pete Eborall 9.29/81 vs Ryan Walls 9.19/8, Zoe Gadd 10.18/72 vs Gavin Winn 8.44/87.


Road tyred cars: Stephen Stead (Skoda Fabia) 11.71/74 vs Gavin Winn (Audi S3 2ltr) 9.24/NSR, Dave Bowker (Vauxhall Astra) 11.52/62 vs Pete Eborall (Golf) 10.16/76, Chris Dunn (Civic) 10.60/77 vs Paul Jowett-Lawton (Commer van) 11.05/74, Gavin Winn (Audi S3 2ltr) 8.89/85 vs Ryan Walls (Mitsubishi Evo 2ltr) 9.03/85, Stephen Stead (Skoda Fabia) 11.10/79, Zoe Gadd (VW Lupo) 10.83/72 vs Justin Hooper (VW Caddy 1.9ltr) 19.00/51, Pete Eborall 9.74/80 vs Dave Bowker 11.48/64, Paul Jowett-Lawton (Commer van) 11.33/69 vs Chris Dunn (Civic) 10.58/77, Gavin Winn 8.49/86 vs Ryan Wallis 8.69/87, Stephem Stead (Fabia) 10.44/76, Justin Hooper (VW Caddy) 12.30/65 vs Zoe Gadd 11.27/72, Paul Jowett-Lawton (Commer van) 10.47/73 vs Pete Eborall 10.21/76.

Bikes: William Mountford 21.05/40 vs Jack Taylor 17.12/37, Alfie Barraclough (Huskey Boy 50cc) 19.11/27

Cars: Tom Burley 10.12/80 vs Chris Dunn 9.88/79, Gavin Winn 8.59/85 vs Ryan Walls9.26/87, Stephen Stead 10.04/77 vs Justin Hooper 19.80/32, Zoe Gadd 10.28/72 vs Pete Eborall 9.87/77, Ryan Walls 8.56/86 vs Gavin Winn 9.16/79.

Bikes: Jack Taylor 17.17/37 vs Alfie Barraclough 17.25/28, William Mountford 14.87/40. Eric Cope (Lambretta 250cc) 8.87/88.

Cars: Dave Bowker 9.67/83 vs Stephen Stead 10.04/81, Ryan Walls 9.04/85 vs Pete Eborall 9.59/80, Gavin Winn Audi S3 8.45/85, Zoe Gadd 10.52/72


Thanks to Straightliners timekeeper Martyn Greathead for supplying a list of best times which you can see by clicking here (pdf format).


Cars: Richard Stapley (Vauxhall Lotus Viva 2.2ltr) 10.21/76 vs Stephen Stead (Skoda Fabia 1.9ltr) 10.54/76, Gavin Winn (Audi S3) 9.06/85 Pat Brookes (Audi TT) 10.75/70, Shaun Wilson (MGB) 10.14/70 Pete Eborall (Golf) 9.48/80, Douglas Hague (Nissan 350z) 9.56/83 Dave Mears (Pontiac TransAm '77 6.6ltr) 10.18/75, Bob Main (Chevy Bel Air '56) 12.74/24 Chris Dunn (Civic 1.8ltr) 10.18/75, Fiona Scott (Skoda Octavia) LBTA, Sandra-Lee Wood (Ford 100e) 8.19/91 vs Carl Morgan (Morris Std 10 '34 3.5ltr) 9.93/71, Rick Swaine ('95 Mustang 5ltr) 10.76/68 vs Steven Horsfall (Camaro '78 6.3ltr) 9.65/77, Keith Freeman (El Loco '32 Ford) 7.34/100 vs Chris Thorburn ('69 Mustang 7.4ltr) 7.74/101, Ian Walley (Ford Cortina '68 5.7ltr) idled down track as rain started, so lunch break whilst it clears.


Bikes: JJ Ball (Honda 125cc) 10.46/69 vs Terry Mountford (Aprilia 1000cc) 7.86/94, Carl Mountford Kawasaki ZX10R) 7.55/115 vs William Mountford (Pit Bike 110cc) 14.43/40, Stewart Berry (Hayabusa) NTR red vs Ashley Hodgson (Suzuki GSXR 1000) 6.66/117, David Storrie (BMW S1000RR) 6.81/112 vs Chris Hill (Kawasaki ER6F 650cc) 8.84/86, Mick Varey (Suzuki Katana '81 1100cc) 7.23/105 vs Colin Fallows (Yamaha FZR 600cc) 8.86/88, Ron Kneeshaw (GSXR 750) 8.38/93 vs Andy Ball (Yamaha 250cc) 7.94/91, Gill Pacey (Yamaha TZR 125cc) 13.17/57 vs Oliver Tindall (Suzuki TL1000R) 7.56/100, Mike Pacey (Lambretta '85 225cc) 10.64/75 vs Gary Shipley (Kawasaki Ninja 250cc) 10.39/67, Eric Cope (Lambretta 250cc) 8.51/88 vs Rob Briers (Suzuki Bandit 1500cc) 6.69/118, Jamie Brooks *Suzuki GSX 1400cc) 7.75/109 vs Daniel Leather (GSX 1000) 7.46/108, Mikey Ball (Honda 125cc) 10.57/70 bye, Jack Taylor (Old Sprint Bike) 17.36/38 vs Alfie Barraclough (Opion Dirt Bike 50cc) 17.16/29


Cars: Pat Brookes (Audu TT 3.2) 10.38/66 Martin Rawlinson (Challenger 6.4ltr) 9.85/96, Stephen Stead (Skoda Fabia) 9.89/77 vs Richard Stapley (Vauxhall Lotus Viva 2.2ltr) 10.30/75, Gavin Winn (Audi S3 2ltr) 8.98/85 vs Pete Eborall (VW Golf 1.8ltr) 9.38/80, Adam Potter (Subaru 2ltr) 8.43/79 vs Dave Mears (Transam '77) 10.19/75, Chris Dunn (Civic 1.8ltr) 9.83/77 vs Tom Burley (Astra 2ltr) 9.74/81, Carl Morgan (Morris Std 10 '34 3.5ltr) 9.92/71 vs Paul Jowett Lawton (Commer van 6.5ltr) 9.36/77, Martin Williams (Firebird 2.8ltr) 12.30/52 vs Fiona Scott (Skoda Octavia) 10.77/64, Craig Brown (Civic) 9.75/74 Justin Hooper (VW Caddy) 11.52/64, Zoe Gadd (VW Lupo 1.9ltr) 10.50/71. Sandra-Lee Wood (Ford 100e 9ltr) 11.20/59.


Up and running! Bikes: Mick Varey ('81 Suzuki Katana 1100cc) vs 7.65/105 Jamie Brooks (suzuki GSX 1400cc) 8.42/99, Stewart Berry (Hayabusa) 7.53/114 vs Nigel Limb (Triumph Daytona 865cc) 9.24/76, William Mountford 15.08/40 vs Terry Mountford (Aprilia 1000cc) 13.83/36, Ashley Hodgson (GSXR1000) 6.72/108 Chris Hill (Kawasaki ER6F 650cc) 10.04/93, Eric Cope (Lambretta 250cc) 8.05/88 (New Class Record) vs Colin Fallows (Yamaha FZR 600cc) 8.27/93, well done Eric!

Mikey Ball (Honda 125cc) 11.32/69 vs Gill Pacey (Yamaha TZR125cc) 12.02/62, Rob Kneeshaw (Suzuki GSXR 750) 8.09/95 vs Oliver Tindall (Suzuki TL1000R) 7.64/101, Garu Shipley (Kawasaki Ninja) NTR red vs Micke Pacey (Lambretta '85 225cc) 10.66/73, Alfie Barraclough (Orion Dirt Bike 50cc) 19.23/28 vs Jack Taylor (Old Sprint Bike 50cc) 17.25/37, Jason King (Suzuki GSXR Turbo 1000cc) 12.09/44


Good morning and welcome to day two of our coverage of Melbourne Raceway's Round 4 2021 race, incorporating Straightliners Championship Round 6 and NSA Sprint.

Yesterday was a dry day, contradicting the weather forecast yet again and producing a great day of racing. The National Street Car Club had their qualifying and eliminations, and Ian Walley's Mk2 Cortina was victorious in the final, defeating the Audi of Pete Smith.

We had overnight rain, the extent of which became clear when driving through Selby and encountering a lake in the middle of the road. At Melbourne Raceway, there is some clear sky over the track and the drizzle has abated. The temperature is 14C forecast to rise to 20C with wind of 11mph. The sweeper is out on track and doing a great job of collecting surface water, but we will have to rely on the wind and temperature to complete the job.

Hi to all Eurodragsterholics who have been following the coverage. Former editor Tog has supplied photos for two galleries from yesterday so you can see the diversity of the vehicles running here, with action shots and off track photos as well. Greetings to those who write regularly, including Kai Plathan with Otto, and to Kathy Hileman in New Hampshire, who are tuned in. We had a surprise visit from Kirstie Tramm and Tom Atkinson yesterday, on holiday in the area and so here in the capacity of spectators, it was good to catch up. Birthday greetings to Camp Stanley who last weeekend was at Clastres crewing for Pro Modified racer Marcus Hilt, have a great day whereever you are!

Get well wishes to Tush Usher, Supercharged Outlaw racer Jim Usher's dad, who suffered a minor heart attack a couple of days ago and is reoocovering in hospital. Get well soon Tush, and see you back at the track before too long.

There was a successful auction to raise money for work at Melbourne Raceway and a generous amount was raised. Today the fundraising focus moves to the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame for which Graham and Carolyne Beckwith assisted by Kenny and Bev Coleman of Engine Data Analysis are manning a gazebo containing all manner of drag racing memorabilia. It's by the signing on building and well worth a visit.

We'll give you bulletins on drying operations here at Melbourne Raceway and let you know as soon as racing is imminent.

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