Melbourne Round 4, SLC Round 6, NSA Sprint
Melbourne Raceway, 7th-8th August 2021


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Thanks to Straightliners timekeeper Martyn Greathead for supplying a list of best times which you can see by clicking here (pdf format).

Cars (see below for details of cars): Zoe Gadd 10.28/71 vs Pete Eborall 9.26/79, Simon Glenn 7.56/96 vs Bob Main 11.37/63, Albert Carter 10.89/65 vs Martin Williams 12.25/57, Holly Chandler 8.62/82 vs Craig Brown 10.03/72, Dave Jones ('53 Ford Pop) 13.88/41 vs Rob Firth 10.02/56, Rob's '38 Ford 8 suffered an oil filter coming off resulting in a big oil-down in the right Supercharged Outlaws lane. Officials decided that with the amount of work to clean up the oil, today has been called. We will post Tog's gallery of on-track and off-track photos later this evening, thanks for tuning into our report and we'll be back in the morning.

NSCC eliminations final

Ian Walley 6.65/117 def. Pete Smith 7.06/101

Bikes (see below for details of rides):

JJ Ball 12.22/67 vs Rob Kneeshaw 8.11/94, Carl Mountford 7.51/118 vs Chris Hill 8.56/86, Daniel Leather 7.69/112 vs Oliver Tindall 7.33/102, Paul Hussey 7.58/102 vs Ashley Hodgson 6.90/115, Andy Ball 7.91/83 vs Mark Taylor 6.46/116, Mikey Ball 11.19/69 vs. Terry Mountford 7.63/94, Ashley Hodgson 6.65/113 vs Maxine Taylor NTR red, William Mountford 14.93/38 vs Alfie Barraclough


Cars (see below for details of cars): Zoe Gadd 10.32/72 vs Steven Horsfall 9.46/77, Simon Glenn 7.65/91 vs Pete Eborall 9.36/80, Albert Carter 10.77/65 vs Carl Morgan 10.01/68, Allan Schofield 6.01/119, will he get a five second eighth mile timeslip this weekend? Holly Chandler 8.58/81 vs Jamie Parker 7.37/100, Rob Firth 8.90/86 vs Adam Potter 8.05/79, Mark Baker 13.95/43 vs Dave Mears 9.97/75.

Bikes (see below for details of rides): JJ Ball 11.06/68 vs Carl Montford 7.53/115, Mickey Blackburn 7.25/109 vs Terry Mountford 7.65/87, Ashley Hodgson 6.95/111 vs Rob Kneeshaw 8.10/94, Chris Hill 8.45/88 vs Andy Higham 7.47/100, Paul Hussey 7.45/103 vs Rod Spry ('75 Kawasaki 836cc) NTR red, Dan Leather 7.25/108 vs Oliver Tindall 7.29/103, Maxine Taylor 6.78/104 vs Gilbert Cook 7.11/104, Alfie Barraclough 17.52/28 vs William Mountford 14.84/38, Mikey Ball 10.88/69 vs Rob Brittain 7.84/95.


Cars: Steven Horsfall (Camaro '78 HRG22) 9.60/76, Pete Eborall (Golf) 9.22/80 vs Zoe Gadd (VW Lupo 1.9) 10.51/71, Simon Glenn (Sharp Shooter Austin pickup gasser 6.6ltr) 7.74/95 vs Albert Carter (BMW 1.6ltr) 10.81/65, Sandra Lee Wood (Ford 100e 545ci HRG16) NTR vs Andy Roundthwaite (Escort '76 5.8ltr) 8.65/85, Holly Chandler (Beetle '67 1.9ltr) 9.32/82 vs Craig Brown (Honda Civic HRG67) 10.10/65, Pete Youhill (Pontiac Firebird '90 9.5ltr) 5.87/125 vs Dave Mears (Trans Am) 10.07/75.

Followed by Graham Beckwith announcing the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame's will be selling memorabilia at the gazebo next to race control tomorrow.

NSCC eliminations round 3

Ian Walley 6.63/117 def. Martin Rawlinson 8.26/90
Pete Smith 6.87/123 def. Dave Beck 8.10/99


Bikes: Mikey Ball (Honda 125cc) 11.40/69 vs Simon Naylor (Yamaha Banshee Quad 500cc) 8.03/89, Carl Mountford (Kawasaki ZX10R) 7.49/117 vs Terry Mountford (Aprilia 1000cc) 7.77/86, Mickey Blackburn ('84 GSXR 1100) 7.70/108 vs Rob Kneeshaw (GSXR 750) 8.12/94, Daniel Leather (Suzuki GSXR1000) 7.34/108 vs Ashley Hodgson (Suzuki GSXR1000) 6.72/115, Adrian Licence (Suzuki '72 500cc) NTR red vs Oliver Tindall (Suzuki TL1000R) 7.37/101, Nicholas Turner ('61 Aerial Arrow 250cc) 12.64/71 vs Chris Hill (Kawasaki ER6F 650cc) 8.54/82.

JJ Ball (Honda 125cc) 10.56/68 vs Rob Brittain (Harley Sportster) 7.96/95, Gilbert Cook (Genspeed Bandit) 7.87/104 vs Andy Higham (Deofol 500cc) 7.72/101, Alfie Barraclough (Orion Dirt Bike 50cc) 18.86/29 vs Jack Taylor (Old Sprint Bike 50cc) 17.75/36, William Mountford (Pit Bike 110cc) 14.81/38, Maxine Taylor (BMW 1000RR) 6.57/103 vs Chris Goddard (MZ ETZ 250cc) 9.75/81, Paul Hussey (Suzuki 1150cc) 7.61/99


Cars: Steven Kendall (BMW M3 3.2ltr) 9.35/93 vs Zoe Gadd (VW Lupo 1.9) 10.79/72, Roy Preece (Vauxhall VX 4/90) 10.83/58 vs Martin Williams (Firebird) 11.79/62, Kris Thorburn ('69 Mustang 7.4ltr) 7.21/103 vs Jamie Parker (Audi TT 2.5ltr) 7.34/102, Pete Eborall (Golf) 9.32/79, Rob Firth (Ford 8 '38 5.6ltr) 10.29/51 vs Simon Glenn (Sharp Shooter Austin pickup gasser 6.6ltr) 7.77/95, Allan Schofield (dragster 454ci) 6.02/119 vs Marc Manning ('34 Ford 8ltr) 6.42/107, Rick Swaine ('95 Mustang) 11.07/65 vs Andy Roundthwaite (Escort '76 5.8ltr) 8.57/85, Bob Molden (Peugeot 205 427ci) 6.64/110 vs Sandra Lee Wood (Ford 100e 545ci HRG16) 7.86/92, Kevin Nicks Fastest Shed 10.44/72 vs Adam Potter (Subaru 2 ltr) 7.87/97, Holly Chandler (Beetle '67 1.9ltr) 8.75/83, Des Taylor (Thundergod '23T 8ltr) 6.43/98, bit out of shape and chutes deployed. Mark Flavell New Track Record 5.53/143, well done Mark and crew!

NSCC eliminations round 2

Martin Rawlinson 8.59/88 def. Douglas Hague 9.12/83
Ian Walley 6.97/116 def. Carl Morgan 9.85/70
Derek Beck 8.04/98 def. Steve Horsfall 9.44/77
Pete Smith 7.04/119 bye


Bikes:Mikey Ball (Honda 125cc) 11.01/69 vs Jack Taylor (Old Sprint Bike 50cc) 17.64/36, Carl Mountford (Kawasaki ZX10R) 8.39/73 vs Terry Mountford (Aprilia 1000cc) 7.70/93, Mickey Blackburn (Hayabusa Turbo) 7.56/104 vs Graham Newbould (Hayabusa turbo) 8.08/106, Simon Naylor (Yamaha Banshee Quad 500cc) 8.40/87 vs Leigh Williams (Hayabusa 1300cc) 6.57/113, Stewart Berry (Hayabusa) 6.77/113 vs Andy Higham (Deofol 500cc) 7.66/100, Rob Kneeshaw (GSXR 750) 8.25/93 vs Colin Fallows (Yamaha FZR600) 8.25/91, Chris Hill (Kawasaki ER6F 650cc) 8.72/85 vs Oliver Tindall (Suzuki TL1000R) 7.36/102.

Adrian Licence (Suzuki '72 500cc) NTR red vs Tyne Blight (Suzuki EFE 1500cc) 6.28/111, Nicholas Turner ('67 Yamaha 350cc) 11.05/68 vs Ashley Hodgson (Suzuki GSXR1000) 6.70/115, Gilbert Cook (Genspeed Bandit) 7.20/105 vs Mark Taylor (Suzuki GSX '82) 6.65/116, Daniel Leather (Suzuki GSXR1000) 7.13/108 vs Rod Spry (Kawasaki '75 836cc) 7.20/113, Paul Hussey (Suzuki 1150cc) 7.83/95 vs Ian Wicks (Hayabusa) 6.84/113, JJ Ball (Honda 125cc) 10.68/68 vs Andy Ball (Yamaha 250) 7.90/90, Alfie Barraclough (Huskey Boy 50cc) 19.14/28 vs William Mountford (Pit Bike 110cc) 14.88/37, Chris Goddard (MZ ETZ 250cc) 9.60/80


Cars: Lee Green (BMW 335D)8.53/89 vs Pete Eborall (Golf) 9.27/80, Marc Manning ('34 Ford 8ltr) 6.33/114 vs Carl Morgan (Morris Std '33 3.5ltr) 9.90/70, Pete Youhill (Pontiac Firebird '90 9.5ltr) 5.84/126, Allan Schofield (dragster 454ci) 6.07/117, Mark Flavell broke after burnout, sidelined.

Jamie Parker (Audi TT 2.5ltr) 7.94/99 vs Steven Kendall (BMW M3 3.2ltr) 9.08/92, Barbara Hobson (Colt 1.5ltr) 10.41/72 vs Sandra Lee Wood (Ford 100e 545ci HRG16) NTR red, Albert Carter (BMW 1.6ltr) 10.85/65 vs Zoe Gadd (VW Lupo 1.9) 10.38/72, Roy Preece (Vauxhall VX 4/90) 10.58/67 vs Adam Potter (Subaru 2 ltr) 7.97/97.

Holly Chandler (Beetle '67 1.9ltr) 8.85/82 vs Andy Roundthwaite (Escort '76 5.8ltr) 8.70/84, Angelo Lanni (Henry's Revenge 5.8ltr) 6.99/99, Paul Grainger (Ford Anglia 105e 4ltr) 6.63/122 vs Keith Freeman (El Loco '32 Ford) 6.89/108. Martin Williams (Firebird) 11.55/62 vs Mark Baker (Fiesta 1.6ltr) 14.15/50, Bob Main (Chevy Belair '56 5.7ltr) pushed back for leak, Graham Crook (Ford Coupe) 10.38/67, Pete Eborall (Golf) 9.84/70, Rob Firth (Ford 8 '38 5.6ltr) 10.46/89 vs. Bob Molden (Peugeot 205 427ci) 6.66/105, Simon Glenn (Sharp Shooter Austin pickup gasser 6.6ltr) 7.79/95, Des Taylor (Thundergod '23T 8ltr) burned out but drove down the track when the throttle stuck, and came to a safe halt in the shut down area.

NSCC eliminations round 1

Derek Beck (TVR Chimera '98 4.6ltr HRG23) 7.99/97 def. Nick Fitt (Beetle 2.1ltr HRG59) NTR red
Ian Walley (Cortina Mk2 5.7ltr HRG3) NTR red
Martin Rawlinson 8.72/87 def. Craig Brown 10.06/72
Douglas Hague (Nissan 350Z) 9.38/82 def. Shaun Wilson (MGB) 10.35/67
Peter Smith 7.39/98 def. Rick Swaine 11.33/62
Steven Horsfall 9.31/79 def. Dave Mears 10.08/74
Carl Morgan 9.94/70 def. James Murray 10.12/74


Bikes: Mikey Ball (Honda 125cc) NTR red vs Carl Mountford (Kawasaki ZX10R) 7.83/115, William Mountford (Pit Bike 110cc) NTR red vs Jack Taylor (Old Sprint Bike 50cc) 17.67/37, Leigh Williams (Hayabusa 1300cc) 6.71/111 vs Alfie Barraclough (Orion Dirt Bike 50cc) 17.83/27, Simon Naylor (Yamaha Banshee Quad 500cc) 8.24/87 vs Terry Mountford (Aprilia 1000cc) 7.76/84, Gilbert Cook (Genspeed Bandit) 7.33/96 vs Graham Newbould (Hayabusa turbo) 8.28/92.

Ashley Hodgson (Suzuki GSXR1000) NTR red Colin Fallows (Yamaha FZR600) 8.80/90, Jason King (Suzuki GSXR turbo 1000cc) 11.66/44 vs Andy Ball (Yamaha 250) 7.89/84 (new class record), Graham Sykes 9.49/86 vs Stewart Berry (Hayabusa) 6.91/116, Daniel Leather (Suzuki GSXR1000) 7.36/108 vs Chris Hill (Kawasaki ER6F 650cc) 8.55/86, Rod Spry (Kawasaki '75 750cc) 7.03/94, JJ Ball (Honda 125cc) 10.97/68, Paul Hussey (Suzuki 1150cc) 7.63/101 vs Andy Higham (Deofol 500cc) 8.20/78, Kevin Melling (Kawasaki H2 '75 800cc) Kevin having problems with the staging beams with the low profile front three spoke wheel and tyre DNS, ran a short while later for NTR red. Oliver Tindall (Suzuki TL1000R) 18.63/27 vs Alfie Barraclough (Orion Dirt Bike 50cc) 19.12/28

Cars: Steven Kendall (BMW M3 3.2ltr) 10.54/90 bye, Barbara Hobson (Colt 1.5ltr) 10.47/71 vs Sandra Lee Wood (Ford 100e 545ci HRG16) 8.15, Holly Chandler (Beetle '67 1.9ltr) NTR red vs Kris Thorburn ('69 Mustang 7.4ltr) 7.33/102, Mark Baker (Fiesta 1.6ltr) 13.99/43 vs Albert Carter (BMW 1.6ltr) 10.77/65,


Bikes: William Mountford (Pit Bike 110cc) 14.93/37 vs Carl Mountford (Kawasaki ZX10R) 7.54/115, Rob Kneeshaw (GSXR 750) 8.31/91 vs Daniel Leather (Suzuki GSXR1000) 7.43/105, Mickey Blackburn (Hayabusa Turbo) 8.55/105 vs Colin Fallows (Yamaha FZR600) 8.42/93, Leigh Williams (Hayabusa 1300cc) NTR red vs Ashley Hodgson (Suzuki GSXR1000) 6.63/115, Mikey Ball (Honda 125cc) 11.11/69 vs Terry Mountford (Aprilia 1000cc) 7.88/86, Jack Taylor (Old Sprint Bike 50cc) 17.51/37 vs Alfie Barraclough (Orion Dirt Bike 50cc) 17.25/29, Paul Hussey (Suzuki 1150cc) 7.96/75 vs Andy Ball 8.01/90 (new class record).

Chris Spry (Kawasaki '75 750cc) 7.51/102 vs Karl Holland (Suzuki GSXR1000) 6.97/113, Oliver Tindall (Suzuki TL1000R) 7.59/101 vs Gilbert Cook (Genspeed Bandit) 7.33/105, Rob Brittain (Harley Sportster) 8.02/95 vs Mark Taylor (Suzuki GSX '82) 6.51/115, Adrian Licence (Suzuki '72 500cc) 9.15/74 vs Simon Naylor (Yamaha Banshee Quad 500cc) 8.08/84, JJ Ball (Honda 125cc) 11.86/68 vs Chris Goddard (MZ ETZ 250cc) 9.91/73. Followed by Kevin Nicks with a demo run of the amazing powered wheelie bin! Now on a lunch break, join us later for this afternoon's action.


Cars: Barbara Hobson (Colt 1.5ltr) 10.43/73 vs Lee Green (BMW 335D) 10.78/79, Simon Glenn (Sharp Shooter Austin pickup gasser 6.6ltr) 7.95/85 vs Rob Firth (Ford 8 '38 5.6ltr) 10.94/48, Paul Grainger (Ford Anglia 105e 4ltr) 7.13/109 vs Adam Potter (Subaru 2 ltr) 7.90/96, Kris Thorburn ('69 Mustang 7.4ltr) NTR red vs Luke Gill (VW T25) 10.91/63, Angelo Lanni (Henry's Revenge 5.8ltr) 6.99/84. Angelo currently shaking the car down with Ford 351ci power but says he plans to upgrade to a supercharged BBC and go into the Supercharged Outlaws - despite the name, the car is a new build chassis which Angelo will apply to get tagged to 7.50s later in the year.

Pete Eborall (Golf) 9.34/79 vs Zoe Gadd (VW Lupo 1.9) 10.44/72, James Murray (Monaro) 10.10/73 vs Graham Crook (Ford Coupe) 9.84/72, Sandra Lee Wood (Ford 100e 545ci HRG16) 9.31/83 vs Pete Smith (Audi 427ci HRG28) 7.47/113, Ian Walley (Cortina Mk2 5.7ltr HRG3) 6.87/112 vs Marc Manning ('34 Ford 8ltr, Marc with revised rear suspension and headed to Super Pro ET at the Euro Finals) 6.81/112, Albert Carter (BMW 1.6ltr) 10.75/65 vs Craig Brown (Honda Civic HRG67) 10.22/72.

Andy Roundthwaite (Escort '76 5.8ltr) 8.68/86 vs Bob Molden (Peugeot 205 427ci) 6.74/108, Derek Beck (TVR Chimera HRG23) 7.81/98 vs Simon Glenn (Sharp Shooter Austin pickup gasser 6.6ltr) 8.36/88, Barbara Hobson (Colt 1.5ltr) 10.18/74 vs Lee Green (BMW 335D) 9.23/88. Zoe Gadd (VW Lupo 1.9) 10.73/70 vs Luke Gill (VW T25) 14.66/52, Pete Eborall (Golf) 9.31/79 vs James Murray (Monaro) 9.91/74, Roy Preece (Vauxhall VX 4/90) 10.07/70.


Bikes: Mikey Ball (Honda 125cc) NTR vs Ashley Hodgson (Suzuki GSXR1000) 6.60/118, Daniel Leather (Suzuki GSXR1000) 7.29/106 vs Carl Mountford (Kawasaki ZX10R) 7.35/118, Chris Hill (Kawasaki ER6F 650cc) 8.78/86 vs Alfie Barraclough (Orion Dirt Bike 50cc) 20.31/26, Leigh Williams (Hayabusa 1300cc) NTR vs Karl Holland (Suzuki GSXR1000) 6.96/103, Oliver Tindall (Suzuki TL1000R) 7.55/101 vs Stewart Berry (Hayabusa) 7.17/113, Rod Spry (Kawasaki '75 750cc) 6.49/95 vs Colin Fallows (Yamaha FZR600) 8.80/89.

Rob Kneeshaw (GSXR 750) 8.24/94 vs Mark Taylor (Suzuki GSX '82) 6.53/116, Mickey Blackburn (Hayabusa Turbo) 7.95/102 vs S201 6.80/115, Andy Higham (Deofol 500cc) 7.52/101 vs Terry Mountford (Aprilia 1000cc) 7.82/87, Simon Naylor (Yamaha Banshee Quad 500cc) 8.56/84 vs Gilbert Cook (Genspeed Bandit) 7.22/103, Rob Brittain (Harley Sportster) 8.04/94 vs JJ Ball (Honda 125cc) 10.73/67, William Mountford (Pit Bike 50cc) NTR vs Jack Taylor (Old Sprint Bike 50cc) 17.56/37, Kev Melling (Kawasaki H2 800cc) 7.81/107.


Cars: Martin Williams (Firebird) 11.95/62 Martin Rawlinson (Dodge Challenger 6.4ltr HRG15) 8.48/89, Graham Crook (Ford Coupe) 10.23/67 vs Steven Horsfall (Camaro '78 HRG22) 9.35/78, Holly Chandler (Beetle '67 1.9ltr) 8.66/83 vs Simon Glenn (Sharp Shooter Austin pickup gasser 6.6ltr) 7.63/92, Lee Green (BMW 335D) 9.09/88 vs Barbara Hobson (Colt 1.5ltr) 10.33/74, Albert Carter (BMW 1.6ltr) 10.79/66 vs Pete Smith (Audi 427ci) 7.60/101 (with a finish line wiggle). Andy Roundthwaite (Escort '76 5.8ltr) 8.76/86 vs Shaun Wilson (MGB) 10.39/66.

Mark Flavell (Steel River Hot Rod 7.8ltr) 5.88/142, Des Taylor (Thundergod '23T 8ltr) 6.34/100 (his burnout blew startline marshal Al Perkins' hat off!). Des now with a solid rear after removing the old shock absorbers. Pete Youhill (Pontiac Firebird '90 9.5ltr) 6.21/94 (with early lift), Allan Schofield (Dragster 454ci) 6.11/113, Allan's first run at Melbourne Raceway. Luke Gill (VW T25) 12.21/62 vs Kevin Nicks Fastest Shed (powered by 4.5ltr Audi) 10.19/70, Carl Morgan (Morris Std '33 3.5ltr) 10.14/69 vs Pete Eborall (Golf) 9.43/80, Graham Crook (Ford Coupe) 10.48/65 vs Zoe Gadd (VW Lupo 1.9) 9.43/80.


Bikes: Blade Dummer (Aprilia 125cc) 12.17/68 vs Ashley Hodgson (Suzuki GSXR1000) 6.67/116, Carl Mountford (Kawasaki ZX10R) 7.56/100 vs Daniel Leather (Suzuki GSXR1000) NTR, William Mountford (Pit Bike 50cc) 15.17/38 vs Alfie Barraclough (Orion Dirt Bike 50cc) NTR, pause to re-set right lane timers. Oliver Tindall 7.42/101 vs Terry Mountford 8.29/75, Karl Holland (Suzuki GSXR1000) 6.96/109 vs Stewart Berry (Hayabusa) 7.09/111, Paul Hussey (Suzuki 1150cc) 8.23/74 vs Colin Fallows (Yamaha FZR600) 8.95/87.

Simon Naylor (Yamaha Banshee Quad 500cc) 8.11/84 vs Chris Hill (Kawasaki ER6F 650cc) 8.68/85, JJ Ball (Honda 125cc) 10.91/67 vs Ian Wicks (Hayabusa) 6.78/118, Andy Higham (Deofol 500cc) 7.54/100 vs Tyne Blight (Suzuki EFE 1500cc) 7.28/113, Andy Ball (Yamaha 250cc) 8.12/785 vs Rob Brittain (Harley Sportster) 8.00/93, Mickey Blackburn (GSX 1100 '84) 8.03/103 vs Gilbert Cook (Genspeed Bandit) 7.41/104, Chris Spry (Kawasaki '75 750cc) 9.91/55 vs Graham Newbould (Hayabusa turbo) 8.01/109


Cars: Nissan 350Z 10.09/81 vs Martin Rawlinson (Dodge Challenger 6.4ltr HRG15) 11.06/87, Kris Thorburn ('69 Mustang 7.4ltr) 7.43/103 vs Rob Firth (Ford 8 '38 5.6ltr) 8.95/85, Martin Williams (Firebird) 11.63/61 Steven Horsfall (Camaro '78 HRG22) 9.31/78, Rick Swaine (Mustang) 11.08/64 vs Zoe Gadd (VW Lupo 1.9) 10.37/72, Graham Crook (Ford Coupe) 10.64/66 vs Luke Gill (VW T25) 11.38/61, Holly Chandler (Beetle '67 1.9ltr) 9.00/81 vs Bob Main (Chevy Belair '56 5.7ltr) 12.08/58, Happy Birthday to Bob!

Carl Morgan (Morris Std '33 3.5ltr) 10.18/69 vs Simon Glenn (Sharp Shooter Austin pickup gasser 6.6ltr) 7.88/92, Craig Brown (Honda Civic HRG67) 10.30/72 vs Ian Walley (Cortina Mk2 5.7ltr HRG3) 7.50/107, Barbara Hobson (Colt 1.5ltr) 10.26/74 vs Lee Green (BMW 335D) 8.93/89, Albert Carter (BMW 1.6ltr) 11.05/65 vs Adam Potter (Subaru 2ltr) 7.87/98, Marc Manning ('34 Ford 8ltr) 6.90/104, Keith Freeman (El Loco '32 Ford) 6.90/107.


Bikes: Ashley Hodgson (Suzuki GSXR1000) 6.75/115 vs Carl Mountford (Kawasaki ZX10R)7.98/114, Blade Dummer (Aprilia 125cc) 11.82/68 vs Daniel Leather (Suzuki GSXR1000) 7.42/110, Stewart Berry (Hayabusa) 8.77/54 vs Oliver Timdall (Suzuki TL1000R) 7.77/95, Karl Holland (Suzuki GSXR1000) 7.08/108 vs Simon Naylor (Yamaha Banshee Quad 500cc) 8.24/86, Chris Spry (Kawasaki '75 836cc) 6.81/91 vs Jack Taylor (Old Sprint Bike 500cc) 20.62/23.

Gilbert Cook (Genspeed Bandit) 7.36/103 vs Terry Mountford (Aprilia 1000cc) 11.95/71, Alfie Barraclough (Orion Dirt Bike 50cc) 17.60/29 William Mountford (Pit Bike 50cc) 14.87/37, Paul Hussey (Suzuki 1150cc) 8.04/89 vs Graham Newbould (Hayabusa turbo) 8.20/101, Rob Brittain (Harley Sportster) 8.14/94 vs Mark Taylor (Suzuki GSX '82) 6.69/115, Andy Higham (Electric push bike) 21.90/27 vs Chris Hill (Kawasaki ER6F 650cc) 8.53/86, Chris Goddard (MZ ETZ 250cc) 9.71/80, Ian Wicks (Hayabusa) 7.02/112.


Cars: Pete Eborall (Golf) 9.34/79, James Murray (Monaro) 9.89/75, Martin Rawlinson (Dodge Challenger) NTR red vs HRG16 9.39/82, Shaun Wilson (MGB) 10.17/70 vs Dave Mears (Trans Am) 10.16/74, Rick Swaine (Mustang) 11.03/66 vs Rob Firth (Ford 8) 9.20/62, Martin Williams (Firebird) 11.71/61 Steven Horsfall (Camaro '78 HRG22) 9.49/77, Zoe Gadd (VW Lupo 1.9) 10.34/72 vs Albert Carter (BMW 1.6ltr) 10.79/65.

Graham Crook (Ford Coupe) NTR vs Luke Gill (VW T25) 13.00/52, Derek Beck (TVR Chimera HRG23) 8.20/92 vs Nick Fitt (Beetle 2.1ltr) 10.46/67, Keith Freeman (El Loco '32 Ford) 7.52/104 vs Craig Brown (Honda Civic) 10.23/71, Pete Smith (Audi 427ci) 7.89/104 vs Andy Roundthwaite (Escort '76 5.8ltr) 8.99/84, Barbara Hobson (Colt 1.5ltr) 10.41/69 vs Simon Glenn (Sharp Shooter Austin pickup gasser 6.6ltr) 8.15/88, Mark Baker (Fiesta 1.6ltr) 12.76/44 vs Lee Green (BMW 335D) 8.70/89.


Bikes: Ashley Hodgson (Suzuki GSXR1000) 6.67/117 vs Leigh Williams (Hayabusa 1300cc) 6.89/112, William Mountford (Pit bike) 15.32/38 vs Carl Mountford (Kawasaki ZX10R) 8.23/107, Alfie Barraclough (Huskey Boy 50cc) 20.82/25 vs Jack Taylor (Sprint Bike) 17.28/37, Terry Mountford (Aprilia 1000cc) 10.63/50 Daniel Leather (Suzuki GSXR1000) 7.33/110, Chris Spry (Kawasaki H2) 7.19/103 Graham Newbould (Hayabusa turbo) 9.71/89, Levi Baber (Kawasaki 125) 11.22/67 vs Chris Hill (Kawasaki ER6F 650cc) 8.56/85

Kevin Melling (Kawasaki H2) 6.15/120 (quickest so far) Simon Naylor (Yamaha Banshee Quad 500cc) 8.34/84, Karl Holland (Suzuki GSXR1000) 6.96/103 Jeff Baron (Superbird III 250cc) 8.23/90, Chris Goddard (MZ ETZ 250cc) 11.99/76 vs Colin Fallows (Triumph '69 650cc) 8.86/89, Rob Brittain (Harley Sportster 1200) 7.96/96 Mark Taylor (Suzuki GSX '82) 6.71/115, Andy Higham (Deofol 500cc) 7.72/99


Derek Beck (TVR Chimera) 8.12/96 vs Pete Eborall (VW Golf) 9.36/80, followed by National Street Car Club runners Martin Rawlinson (Dodge Challenger HRG15) 9.33/89 vs Shaun Wilson (MGB) 10.47/67. Sandra Lee Wood (Ford 100e 545ci HRG16) 9.84/77 vs James Murray (Vauxhall Monaro 350ci HRG27) 9.89/73, Dave Mears (Transam HRG1) 10.55/71 bvs Rick Swaine ('95 Mustang HRG2) 10.94/68, Steve Horsfall ('78 Camaro) 9.51/78 vs Rob Firth (Ford 8 '38) 9.13, Luke Gill (VW T25 12.77 vs Graham Crook (Ford Coupe ) 11.29/60, Mark Baker (Fiesta 1.6) 13.56/39


Good morning and welcome to day 1 of our coverage of Melbourne Raceway's August meeting, including Straightliners Championship round 6, NSA Sprint and No Prep racing. The weather is dry with temperatures of 14C forecast to rise to 20C with wind of 11mph. We arrived in Yorkshire in heavy rain yesterday but that has now disappeared and the sun is shining between the clouds.

Racing will commence shortly and the format is for racers to run individually rather than in class groups and the timing team led by Martyn Greathead uses their computer database to sort into classes for eliminations tomorrow. We'll report on racing as it runs. The No Prep competition has unfortunately been truncated and the organiser is abesse liceat, but there are plenty of other vehicles putting in runs, including a few Supercharged Outlaw members and a prospective new member. We'll identify them as we go.

There will be some off-track activities this evening including an auction of items donated by Funny Car racer Mark Flavell towards funds for Melbourne Raceway and Graham Beckwith of the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame will be raising funds for that organisation. Also partly in celebration of the first anniversary of the track re-opening, a band will be performing.

Hi to all Eurodragsterholics tuned in, special greetings to Kai Plathan who is tuned in from Finland, sponsor and Photo Finish Award provider Bob Roberts, and other members of Eurodragster Diana, Kirstie, Julian and Kieran. Have a great day all and keep pressing F5 for the latest update.

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