No-Prep Nationals
Melbourne Raceway, 19th-20th June 2021


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That's the end of racing today, we'll post Tog's gallery later this evening and join us for racing tomorrow.

Thanks to Straightliners timekeeper Martyn Greathead for supplying a list of best times which you can see by clicking here (pdf format).


No Prep Big Tyre round 4

Chris Newsam (MG ZS) Bye
Marc Manning ('34 Ford) def. Justin Woolner ('67 Camaro), Marc edging a win after a great start
Pete Youhill (Pontiac Firebird) def. Rod Atkinson ('75 Nova), Pete left on a tyre spinning Rod and kept it straight and tidy to go to the final tomorrow.


Bike RWYB: Rob Briers (Bandit 1500) 7.41/100 vs Dan Leather (GSXR Turbo 1100) 7.28/90, Gordon Allan (Buell 1205) 7.24/95 vs Pete Field (Aprilia Tuono 1100) 7.61/101.

Adam Smith (Maverick '71) 9.85/78 vs Alex Smith Mercedes C63 8.45/90, Henry's Revenge 23T Altered (is this the ex-John Powis chassis anyone?) 7.16/71, nice first run after what we expect is a rebuild.

Pete Field (Aprilia Tuono 1100) 7.28/105 vs Rob Briers (YPVS 350 '77) 9.51/72, Andy Rounthwaite (Escort Mk2) 9.77/80 vs Daniel Grant (Subaru) 8.18/86.

Next the final of NSCC, Ian Walley (Cortina Mk2) 6.67/113 def. Derek Beck (TVR Chimera) 8.10/93.

Scott Presland (Toyota Hilux) 9.56/76 vs Terrence Morgan ('36 Morris) 9.37/72


Dan Grant 8.17/88 vs Mitchell Crawford 8.63/74 Pel Norman (Shogun Capri) returned after the earlier backfire to record 5.75/123, fantastic run, well done Pel! vs Paul Smaile (El Camino) 8.66/83, Darren Peart (Cortina Mk III) 6.09/121. Ollie H Smith (Topolino Competition Coupe) 7.21/97.


Terrence Morgan (Morris 1936 12/4 305ci) 8.98/76 vs Derek Beck (TVR Chimera) 8.20/99, Scott Presland (Toyota HiLux) 9.60/76 vs Ian Walley (Cortina Mk2) 6.67/115.

No Prep Small Tyre Final

Phil Drewitt (Ford Anglia '54 540ci) def. Chris Goodale ('69 Camaro), Phil leaving first and winning by a couple of car lengths.


No Prep Small Tyre Semi Finals

Chris Goodale ('69 Camaro) def. Adam Smith (Ford Escort Mk1 6.6ltr)
Phil Drewitt ('54 Anglia 540ci) Bye

No Prep Big Tyre round 3

Marc Manning ('34 Ford) bye
Pete Youhill (Pontiac Firebird) def. Paul Grainger ('66 Anglia) as Pete left first, got squirelly at 500ft and then spun again with the chutes out, Pete and the car perfectly fine.
Justin Woolner ('67 Camaro) def Ian Challenor (Willys Coupe), close race and Justin pulling in front for the win.
Chris Newsam (MG ZS 460ci) def. Warren Watts ('75 Mustang 2), straight run for Chris, pulling away.
Rod Atkinson (Nova '75) def. Dave McCallan no-show.


Bike RWYB: Ashley Hodgson (GSXR 1000) 6.90/112 Rob Kneeshaw (GSXR 750) NTR, Oliver Tindall (TL1000R) NTR vs Pete Field (Aprilia Tuono 1100) 7.40/112, Dan Leather (GSXR Turbo 1100) 7.23/112 vs Rob Briers (Bandit 1500) 7.62/100, Gordon Allan (Buell 1205) 7.24/91 vs Mark Taylor (GSX '82) 6.55/115, Andy Higham (Deofol) 7.72/97 vs Patrick Rawnsley (ZX12R) 6.78/123, Dave Grundy (Triumph Triple) 7.16/109 vs Gilbert Cook (Bandit 1200) 7.12/94, Maxine Taylor (BMW 1000RR) 6.45/121 vs Trevor Houlden (GSXR 1100) 7.12/108.

Ashley Hodgson (GSXR 1000) 7.02/113 Rob Kneeshaw (GSXR 750) 8.33/89, Oliver Tindall (TL1000R) 7.38/99 vs Pete Field (Aprilia Tuono 1100) 7.45/103, Dan Leather (GSXR Turbo 1100) 7.52/104 vs Rob Briers (Yamaha YPVS 350)


Mark Savage (Dodge D100) 9.53/78 vs Paul Smaile ('75 El Camino) 8.72/83, Andy Rounthwaite (Escort) 9.86/75 vs Abi Bailey-Unsworth (Renault Sport Megan) 10.04/68, Graham Crook (MG ZX). Followed by a white Model T altered, struggling with staging due to stall speed, Graham Crook (MG ZX) 10.55/71 vs George Ralph (Stingray) 10.36/68, Dave Wiggins (Nova) 7.83/80.


Scott Presland (Hilux '90 305ltr) 9.62/76 vs Dave Mears (Pontiac Trans Am '77) 9.89/75, Terrence Morgan (Morris 12/4) 9.27/73 vs Carl Morgan (Morris Std 10) 10.15/68, Sandra Lee wood (100e) 15.77/34 with engine problems vs Ian Walley ('68 Cortina) 6.94/116, Derek Beck (TVR Chimera) 8.82/74 vs Rick Swaine (Mustang '95) 11.41/61, Steve Unsworth (Mustang GT) 7.51/102 Adam Smith (Ford Maverick '71 5ltr) 10.19/74, George Ralph (Stingray) 10.37/67 Brian Huxley ('68 Mustang) 6.42/103, Grant Tulley ('55 Beetle Bad Influence) 8.97/79 vs Graham Butler ('32 Ford pickup rat rod) 7.32/102, Pete Eborall (Golf) 9.43/78, John Andrews ('52 Pop) 8.92/82 vs Zoe Gadd (Lupo) 10.62/72, Rob Leyman (Chevy C10) 7.12/103 vs David Mahoney ('68 Camaro) 7.28/106, Graham Crook (MG ZX) 10.53/70 vs Brian Nixon (Taz Racing 105E Anglia) 7.46/79 on another hairy run.

Mitchell Crawford (Camaro) 9.54/60, Daniel Grant (Subaru) 8.85/90, Nik Wilson (Quartermixer RED 274ci) LB3A vs Dave Glover (Rebellious RED) pushed back for a leak.


No Prep Small Tyre round 2

Chris Goodale (Camaro '69 540ci) def. Owen Forrest (Chevy Nova '71 9.2ltr), very close race!
Adam Smith (Escort 6.6ltr) def. Dave Wiggins (Nova '63 283ci) Dave getting a big jump and Adam catching him just at the line.
Phil Drewitt ('54 Anglia 540ci) def. Derek Beck (TVR Chimera), Phil leaving first and pulling away.


Fred Walmsley ('27 T 4.1ltr) 12.22/55 vs Paul Smaile ('75 El Camino) 8.57/83, Steven Anderson ('55 Chevy) 9.54/73 vs Peter Nash ('55 Chevy 396ci) 8.99/80, Andrew Bosomworth (Dodge Coronet '66) 7.00/103 vs Michelle Wallington ('69 Beetle) 13.40/51, Pete Eborall (Golf) 9.32/79 vs Graham Butler (Ford '32 Rat Rod) 7.50/102, Graham Crook 11.16/69 vs Zoe Gadd 11.00/70, Daniel Grant (Subaru) 12.43/42 vs Mitchell Crawford (Camaro) 9.61/77, Pete Lane (Barracuda) 7.96/90 vs Michael Midgeley (11.40/60), Alex Smith (Mercedes C63) 8.99/89 vs Andy Rounthwaite (Escort '76) 10.35/72, Andrew Murphy (B Sting altered) 6.68/107 vs Ollie H-Smith 7.28/99. Bob Molden (Peugeot 205) 7.27/101. Abi Bailey-Unsworth (Renault Sport Megan 2 ltr) 16.16/65 vs Miles Robinson (Ford '37 Coupe) 12.37/50


Bikw RWYB: Ashley Hodgson (GSXR 1000) 6.77/112 vs Andrew Frankland (GSXR750) 8.37/93, Rob Kneeshaw (GSXR 750) 12.05/80 Dave Grundy (Triumph Street Triple) 7.31/109, Chris Urwin (GSXR '85) 9.86/68, Pete Field (Aprilia Tuono 1100) 7.42/111, Gordon Allan (Buell 1205) 7.40/93 Gilbert Cook (Bandit 1200) 7.22/103, Patrick Rawnsley (ZX12R) NTR Mark Taylor (GSX '82) 6.51/116, Maxine Taylor (BMW 1000R) 6.38/118 Leigh Williams (Hayabusa) 6.66/114, Andy Higham (Deofol 500) 7.46/98 Trevor Houlden (GSXR1100) 7.54/101, Oliver Tindall (TL1000R) 7.69/100 vs Gregory Shaw (GSXR1000) 7.45/104, Rob Briers (Bandit 1500) 7.35/98 vs Dan Leather (GSXR Turbo 1100) 7.36/97.

Ashley Hodgson (GSXR 1000) 6.75/111 vs Andrew Frankland (GSXR750) 8.35/88, Rob Kneeshaw (GSXR 750) 8.21/89 Dave Grundy (Triumph Street Triple) 7.48/107, Pete Field (Aprilia Tuono 1100) 7.31/102 vs Chris Urwin (GSXR '85) 10.53/65, Patrick Rawnsley (ZX12R) 6.45/121 vs Gordon Allan (Buell 1205) 8.28/76, Gilbert Cook (Bandit 1200) 7.22/103 Leigh Williams (Hayabusa) 6.60/114.

Ashley Hodgson (GSXR 1000) 7.63/96 vs Trevor Houlden (GSXR1100) 6.97/111, Maxine Taylor (BMW 1000R) 6.60/123 vs Mark Taylor (GSX '82) 8.81/48, Rob Briers (Yamaga YPVS 350) NTR vs Dan Leather (GSXR Turbo 1100) 7.80/97, Oliver Tindall (TL1000R) 7.22/100 vs Gregory Shaw (GSXR1000) 7.63/96.


No Prep Big Tyre round 1

Dave McCallan (Chevy Pickup) def. Kris Thorburn ('79 Mustang), Kris doing a pedal job after a great launch for both but not able to catch up.
Paul Grainger ('66 Anglia 7.5ltr) def. Darren Peart (Cortina MkIII 8 ltr), double burnouts, then Darren trying a more cautious approach and getting outrun by Paul who went into the emergency braking area after the turn-off.
Warren Watts (Mustang 2 '75) def. Pel Norman (Capri Mk1 '73), wild burnout for Pel Norman, both having a second burnout, Pel suffering a backfire on the launch and coming to a halt as the fire crew immediately extinguished a small fire, Warren going easy for the shock win.
Ian Challenor (Willys Coupe) def Phil Drewitt (Ford Anglia '54), both spun the tyres but Ian was first to recover to take out the former Super Gas National Champion.
Ben Newsome (Camaro '67) def. Rob Leyman (Chevy C10), Ben smoking at the line, found to be transmission fluid from a broken bracket.
Pete Youhill (Pontiac Trans Am) was next up for a bye, lifting after 200ft.
Chris Newsam (MG ZS 460ci) def Ian Walley (Cortina MkII '68 350ci) in a close race.
Mark Manning ('34 Ford Coupe ) David Pearce (Ford Pop '53 468ci), both went before the tree ran, Mark Manning adjudged the winner under the first or worst rule.
Rod Atkinson (Nova) def. David Mahoney ('68 Camaro) Rod leaving much the quicker and David struggling for grip in his effort to catch up.
Justin Woolner ('67 Camaro) def. Lee Huxley ('68 Mustang), another great race, Justin just squeaking the win.


Big Tyre round one will be up after car RWYB, Craig Brown first (Civic 1.6) 10.40/66 Scott Presland (HiLux) 9.68/76, Shaun Wilson (MGB) 10.22/66 vs Dave Mears (Trans Am) 9.94/75, Steve Horsfall (Camaro '78) 9.21/79 vs Terrence Morgan (Morris 12/4 '36) 8.91/74, Mark Presland (100e Prefect 3.5ltr) 10.51/65 vs Carl Morgan (Morris Std 10 '34 3.5ltr) 10.07/68, Rick Swaine ('95 Mustang) 11.56/63 bye, Wayne Courtenay (Escort '89 2 ltr) 10.62/67 vs Sandra Lee Wood (100e '60 9 ltr) 8.35/91, Ian Walley ('68 Cortina 350ci) 7.23/115, new class track record, well done Ian!

Derek Beck (TVR Chimera) 7.91/95. Abi Bailey-Unsworth (Fiat 500) 13.36/53 vs Michelle Wallington ('69 Beetle 2.5l) 12.93/59, Graham Butler (Ford '32 Rat Rod) 7.27/102 vs Sally Woolner ('67 Camaro 632ci) 6.85/113, David Mahoney ('68 Camaro) 7.48/104 vs Rob Leyman (Chevy C10 '74) 7.14/105.

Russ Pursley (Dutton Phaeton '89 7.1ltr) 6.60/119, new class record for Russ, beating Ian Walley's record just set, well done Russ!

Graham Crook (MG ZX) 10.71 vs Zoe Gadd (Lupo) 10.52/72, Michael Midgeley (BMW) 8.88/91 vs Alex Smith (Mercedes C63) 8.48/90, Mark Savage (Dodge D100 9.41/75 vs Daniel Grant (Subaru STI) 7.75/94, Pete Eborall (Golf) 9.29/79 vs Mitchell Crawford (Camaro) 9.19/78, Andrew Murphy (B Sting) 6.93/106 vs Nik Wilson (Quartermixer RED) 6.79/111, great run for both! Daniel Spensley (Golf 6 ltr) 7.55/83, Brian Nixon (105E) 7.62/75 vs Nina Coombes 8.82/85. Pete Lane 8.25/85


No Prep Small Tyre round 1

Derek Beck (TVR Chimera 4.6ltr) def Graham Baldwin (Challenger), Graham not blazing the tyres but falling behind
Adam Smith (Escort '72 6.6ltr) bye
Dave Wiggins ('63 Nova 283ci) def. Russ Pursley (Dutton Phaeton '80 7.1ltr) DQ red light
Owen Forrest (Nova '70 9.2ltr) def. Joel Kerr (Jaguar XJ-R)
Phil Drewitt (Anglia '54) def. Paul Smail (El Camino '75 6.3ltr)
Chris Goodale ('69 Camaro 540ci) def. Steve Unsworth (Mustang GT 4.6ltr) close race


Back to bikes. Ashley Hodgson (GSXR 1000) 6.98/111 vs Gilbert Cook (Bandit) 7.20/104, Pete Field (Aprilia) 7.66/106 very wayward vs Colin Fallows (Yamaha FZR) 8.61/87, Rob Kneeshaw (GSXR 750) 8.52/88 vs Patrick Rawnsley 6.69/122, Andrew Frankland (GSXR 750) 8.62/88 vs Dan Leather (GSXR 1000) 7.53/105. Phil Tomlinson (GSXR 1000) 6.72/115 vs Jason King (GSXR Turbo 1000) 7.98/109, Andy Higham (Deofol 500) NTR vs Trevor Houlden (GSXR 1100) 7.11/109, Dave Grundy (Triumph Triple) 7.11/107 vs Gordon Allen (Buell 1205cc) 7.39/97, Chris Urwin (GSXR 750) 9.91/71 vs Maxine Taylor BMW 1000RR 7.05/120, Stuart Eccles (Kawasaki '83) vs Colin Fallows (Triumph 650cc '69) 7.81/88, Colin running a class track record, well done Colin!, Rob Briers (Bandit 1500) 7.42/100 Mark Taylor (GSX 1428cc) 7.74/113, Stewart Berry (Hayabusa) 7.01/114 vs Oliver Tindall (TL1000R) 8.48/63, Dan Leather (GSXR turbo 1000) 7.95/100


Steve Andersen (Chevy 55 5.3ltr) 12.09/48 vs Peter Nash (Chevy 55 396ci) 11.31/44. Followed by Dave Glover in the rebuilt Rebellious, back after being raced in Malta by the Borg brothers to 6.7s before returning to the UK driven by Clayton Round, 13.10/41 first run. Dave Waudby Fiesta 11.39/63 alongside Butchers Van 8.34/90. Then Adam Smith in a Ford Maverick '71 5 ltr 10.12/77 vs Fred Walmsley '27 T Flathead 14.73/48. Kevin Nicks in the World's Fastest Shed went 10.60/67.


George Ralph (Corvette '72 350ci) 10.55/66, Mile Robinson ('3 7 Ford Coupe 14.25/35), Andy Rounthwaite (Escort Mk2 '76 5.8ltr) 12.48/40 easy first pass. Followed by Andrew Bosomworth (Dodge Coronet '66 8.2ltr) 7.08/94 vs Bob Main (Plymouth Superbird) 9.68/73, two Nostalgia Super Stock racers. Ollie H-Smith in Couped Up Wild Bunch Comp Coupe ran 7.38/99 in his first pass, followed by Andrew Murphy in B Sting (Topo 362ci) losing fire and pushed back. Pete Eborall (Golf 1.8) 10.03/63 vs Pete Lane (Barracuda) 8.06/89. Simon (Nissan GTR) 7.20/110 Nina Combes (Lexus LS400 4 ltr) 8.96/85. Followed by two more , Craig Greenfield (Topolino 6.5ltr) lost fire, pushed back vs Nik Wilson (Quartermixer 274ci) 6.86/114.


David Mahoney ('68 Camaro 6.7ltr) 8.03/100 vs Alex Smith (Mercedes C63 6.2ltr) 8.64/90, Mitchell Crawfird (Camaro 6.3) 8.79/88 vs Robert Morgan (B Sting Altered 363ci) 7.52/95, Gord Hartley (Ford '34 5 ltr)10.61/60 vs Michael Midgeley (BMW 3.5ltr) 9.15/87, Mark Savage (Dodge D100 '73 6ltr) vs Brian Nixon (Taz Racing Anglia '63 7.5ltr) 8.07/70, Brian on a wild ride the car going every way but straight. Rob Firth (Ford 8 '38 5.6 ltr) broke at 60ft with rear Jag suspension failure vs Terrence Morgan (Morris 12/4 '36 5 ltr) 8.88/77


Adam Smith (Ford Escort 6.6ltr) 7.64/95 Zoe Gadd (Lupo 1.9ltr) 10.62/70, Shaun Wilson (MGB) 10.38/69 vs Michelle Wallington ('69 Beetle 2.5ltr) 18.87/44, Stuart Jeffrey (Astra VXR 2ltr) 10.14/77 vs Ryan Smith (Focus ST 2.5ltr) 9.33/81, Graham Crook (MG ZX 2.5ltr) 10.58/73 Carl Morgan (Morris Std 10 '34 3.5ltr) NTR, Daniel Spensley (VW Golf 6ltr) 6.84/108 vs Abi Bailey-Unsworth NTR, Graham Butler (Ford Pickup 32 5.3 ltr rat rod) 7.17/103.


Andy Higham (Deofol 500) 7.73/96 vs Gregory Shaw (7.50/97), Oliver Tindall (Suzuki TL1100R) 7.27/101,vs Stewart Berry (Hayabusa) 6.85/100, Rob Briers (Yamaha YPVS 350) 9.58/71. We then returned to No Prep, whose remaining races are recorded below. The preliminary round is to give all racers a chance to win some cash.


A break before the last three pairs as bikes were permitted to run in the meantime. Dave Grundy (Triumph Street Triple) 7.10/110 vs Askley Hodgson (GSXR) 6.81/115, then Colin Fallows (Yamaha FZR 600cc) 8.32/91 Gilbert Cook (Bandit 1200cc) 7.20/102, Rob Kneeshaw (GSXR750) 8.50/90 Chris Brack (Honda CB 500) 9.93/75. Then oil discovered in the shut down area, so we are on hold.

After the clean-up Pete Field (Aprilia Tuono) 7.69/97 Daniel Leather (GSXR 1000) 7.68/100, Rob Briers (Bandit 1500cc) 7.47/97 Gordon Allan (Buell 1205cc) 7.58/95, Maxine Taylor (BMW1000RR) 6.42/123 Trevor Houlden (GSXR1100) 7.58/102, Gregory Shaw (Suzuki GSXR) 7.57/108 vs Mike Austin (Kawasaki 1400) 6.94/117. Drama as Mike Austin exited his Kawasaki after the finish line, the bike ended on its side. Mike was perfectly ok and the clean up took us into the lunch break.


No Prep Small Tyre preliminary round

Russ Pursley def. Steve Herdman Escort
Steve Unsworth (Mustang) def Graham Baldwin (Challenger 543ci) who did a 1/8 mile burnout!
Derek Back (TVR Chimera 4.6ltr) def Dave Wiggins (Chevy Nova 283ci) who left very late
Joel Kerr (Jag XJ-R) def Owen Forrest (Chevy Nova 9.2ltr) in a close race
Phil Drewitt (Anglia 540ci) after a long burnout def Paul Smaile (NSS249 El Camino 396ci)

No Prep Big Tyre preliminary round

Rob Leyman (Chevy C10) def. David Mahoney Camaro in a close duel.
Paul Grainger ('66 Anglia 7.5ltr) def. Warren Watts ('75 Mustang 2)
Pause for clear up with coolant on track. Ian Challenor (Willys Coupe) def. David Pearce (Ford Pop '53).
David McCallan (Chevy Pickup 7.6ltr) def. Kris Thorburn (Mustang Boss 461), very close race which Dave won from behind.
Marc Manning (Ford '34 Coupe) Bye, lifted just before finish line as the car got a little squirrely.
Pel Norman (Shogun Capri 10.3ltr) def. Darren Peart (Cortina Mk3 8ltr), long multiple burnouts for both, Darren getting sideways and crossing the centre line.
Ben Newsome (Camaro '67 9.3ltr) def. Chris Newsam (MG Rover ZS 460ci).
Justin Woolner ('67 Camaro 632ci) def. Ian Walley (Cortina MkII 350ci) close race, Justin kicking up some dust on the right hand of the racing surface.
Rod Atkinson (Chevy Nova '75 9 ltr) Bye run Lee Huxley ('68 Mustang 8.5ltr) def Phil Drewitt (Ford Anglia '54 540ci), Lee having to pedal at the tree.
Pete Youhill (Pontiac Firebird 9.5ltr) Bye, drama for Pete as the car got sideways and spun in the shut down area following a chute release. The car and Pete are perfectly fine.


Dave Mears (Trans Am) went 10.12/74, Stuart Jeffrey in a Astra went 9.95/77 alongside Steve C10 8.75/90. Then Steve Horsfall's '78 Camaro improved to 9.45/78. Justin Woolner 6.70/99 with tyre shake alongside Shaun Wilson (MGB 1.6). Graham Crook MG ZX 10.71/68 vs Ryan Smith Focus ST 9.51/77. Terrence Morgan Morris 1936 12/4 305ci 12.89 vs Chris Brack Chevy Camaro 11.85/64 with axle tramp.

Rob Firth Ford 8 '38 8.42/86 vs Dave Waudby Fiesta 11.42/94. Fred Walmsley Model T Flathead 12.69/49 vs Abi Bailey Unsworth Fiat 500 13.00/51. Then Sandra Lee Wood's 100e V8 10.33/87 vs Alex Smith Merc C63 6.2ltr 9.02/89.


A lot of smoke out of the Bad Influence VW alongside the 'Vette of George, followed by a track check. Mark Presland ran an improved 10.46 in his 100e as Russ Pursley's 427ci Dutton waited in the right lane, then switched lanes, definitely one of the quickest, 7.38/103 on an easy checkout pass. Followed by the Graham's LS1 Rat Rod to 7.48/101. Lee Huxley next in the left lane, engine missed on launch to 6.92/102. Then Rob Leyman's '74 C10 Chevrolet Pickup (OS-9). Ian Walley's Mk2 Cortina powered by BBF with nitrous 7.36/110 breaking traction at 300ft. The Mk1 Golf of Daniel Spenseley powered by V8 went to an out of shape 7.54. Nina Coombe's Lexus went 10.63 spinning the tyres.


Dave Mears Pontiac Trans Am ran 10.73 against the Rat Rod OS-28 of Graham Butler (1932 Ford Pickup) then Steve Horsfall (Camaro) ran 9.49 vs the Butchers Shop Super Minx estate. Wayne Courtenay 10.45 vs Scott Presland 9.70 next, followed by David Mahoney and Pete Lane's Barracuda. Sean Wilson in an MGB ran 10.50 alongside Craig Brown in a 1600 Civic. Bad Influence VW, beautiful looking car, was pushed back.

In the bikes Ashley Hodgson ran on GSXR1000 alongside Mark Taylor, Mark going to 6.77/113 on his '82 GSX 1428cc. Oliver Tindall went alongside Colin Fallows. Daniel Leather's GSXR 1000 7.97/97. Pete Field vs Philip Tomlinson, Pete on a street bike to 7.55. Simon Naylor (Yamaha) vs Patrick Rawnsley (Kawasaki). Gilbert Cook ran a Bandit 1200cc to 7.58/100.


Phil Tomlinson ran 6.89 on a Suzuki GSXR 1000cc, followed by first of the cars.

OS-26 George Ralph Chevrolet Corvette 10.43/66mph followed by Jophn Andrews (MMZ6998 Pop 350ci) to 9.00/83 and Sandra Lee Wood (DAS811 100e with 9 ltr V8), Sandra pushed back for a leak. Then Pete Lane vs Scott Presland (Toyota HiLux) 9.77 and David Mahoney 7.73/107 vs Carl Morgan (pre war Morris Rover V8) 10.19/69. The Big Bird Lexus of Nina Coombes (OS-88) then ran 9.44, with Mark Presland (Prefect Rover V8) 10.73/60.


Racers are running in mixed groups so we will note times as we can an post a complete list at the end of the day. Patrick Rawnsley (600) on a Kawasaki 6.59 vs Trevor Houlden (425) (GSXR600) 7.48 were first down, followed by Ian Wicks (Hayabusa) 6.87 and Dave Grundy (Triumph) 7.16. Ex Jet Dragster racer Colin Fallows took a historic bike to 8.41. Clive Tindall on a Suzuki TL1000R pushed back Stewart Berry going on to record 7.22. Speed figures will be on the detailed printout which we will post to the end of the day. Colin Fallows on a historic supercharged Triumph 850cc from 1969 complete with 60s style fairing ran a 8.35.


In the racer briefing Straightliners boss Trevor Duckworth thanked racers for coming along, and said that a lot of work has been done on the entrace/exit road to the track. During racing No Prep will be started by an 'instant green', i.e. no amber bulbs after staging, and the usual sportsman tree will be used for other classes. No times and speeds will be published for No Prep but we will do our best to describe the action and the winners.


Good morning and welcome to our coverage of No Prep 4 at Melbourne Raceway.

Your reporter and guest photographer arrived in the Melbourne area yesterday afternoon and spent some time in the hospitable company of our principal sponsor Nimbus Motorsport owner Steve Clark. We arrived at the track and signed on and there will shortly be a drivers' meeting before competition commences at 10:30.

The weather is cloudy with temperature 15C rising to 16C in the afternoon. The track is dry and prepped, and we'll let you have the news from the track as close to it occuring as we can.

Greetings to Eurodragsterholics from around the world, including Kai Plathan whose faithful Otto returned after an extended wander in the woods nearby. Greetings to our colleague Kieran who will be photographing the Retro Show at Santa Pod Raceway tomorrow and to Julian, Diana and Kirstie who are tuned in from home.

Sit back, press F5 and we'll update you with the latest news.

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