Tierp Internationals
Tierp Arena, 6th-9th June 2019

Söndag / Sunday

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Final results

FIA Top Fuel Dragster: Anita Mäkelä 4.0344/383.52 def. Micke Kågered 5.9586/188.61
FIA Top Methanol: Jonny Lagg 5.5336/433.04 def. Silvio Strauch 5.4893/414.75
FIA Pro Modified: Jan Ericsson 5.8365/389.05 def. David Vegter 7.0792/234.99
FIA Pro Stock: Jimmy Ålund 6.6075/338.35 def. Michael Malmgren 6.6204/333.75

FIM Europe/EDRS Pro Nordic MC Top Fuel Bike: Filippos Papafilippou 6.6394/369.61 def. Rikard Gustafsson 6.7035/266.80
FIM Europe/EDRS Pro Nordic MC Supertwin: Marcus Christiansen 6.4867/344.17 def. Gert-Jan Laseur 8.0902/187.37
FIM Europe/EDRS Pro Nordic MC Pro Stock Bike: Kalle Lyrén 6.9875/307.34 def. Fredrik Fredlund 8.5066/161.00
EDRS Pro Nordic MC Super Street Bike: Vesa Ruhanen 8.0391/212.77 bye, Anders Blanck broke

Comp Eliminator: Lars-Georg Johansson (7.49) 10.4457/135.88 def. Jens Eklund (7.33) 15.0951/117.31
Super Comp: Micke Nilsson 9.2672/205.87 def. Pontus Garefelt 9.9368/166.20
Super Gas: Christer Uhlin 9.9225/206.89 def. Kenny Åsberg 9.8426/196.08 DQ breakout
Super Street: Uffe Lundgren 11.0646/165.04 def. Christer Gustafsson DQ left before lights ran
Stock/Super Stock: Mathias Munther (11.11) 11.1553/178.87 def. Lars Johansson (12.41) 12.3993/171.21 DQ breakout
Pro Street: Peter Trång 7.6413/288.932 def. Ossi Oikarinen 7.6197/249.31
Street: Sami Holm 8.6074/253.28 def. Maurtiz Rådberg 8.5764/238.41 DQ breakout
Junior Dragster: Eskil Dahls (7.90) 7.9332/.130.75 def. Atle Poolsar (7.90) 7.9950/132.00

Super Comp Bike: Rasmus Östlund 8.5462/244.57 def. Peter Svensson 8.6352/250.81
Super Gas Bike: Trygve Kjærstad Helgerud 9.7372/204.70 def. Jenni Pekkarinen 9.4369/223.75 DQ breakout
Junior Drag Bike: John Rolfstad (6.90) 6.9862/145.790 def. Seth Friström (6.90) 6.7507/159.62 DQ breakout

Simon has posted his final set of pit notes, which you can check out via the Event Index. Today's gallery will be posted later this evening.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster final

Anita Mäkelä 4.0344/383.52 def. Micke Kågered 5.9586/188.61

Micke got the 0.1279 to 0.1791 holeshot over Anita, Anita had the better sixty 0.8592 to 0.8742. Micke hit shake and shut it off before 330 feet 2.3873/238.31, Anita through 330 feet in 2.1907/309.63 and to the eighth in 3.1227/437.25 where the car made a move left and she got off the gas. Heard a pop right after Anita shut off, I am guessing blower panel.


FIA Pro Modified final

Jan Ericsson 5.8365/389.05 def. David Vegter 7.0792/234.99

David visibly moved first 0.0423 to 0.1900, 1.0224 to sixty driving through shake, Jan with a clean sixty 0.9891. David had lost time by the eighth and shut it off, Jan having made up the start line deficit at the eighth 3.8366/316.72 to David's rolling 4.1770/262.90.


FIA Top Methanol final

Jonny Lagg 5.5336/433.04 def. Silvio Strauch 5.4893/414.75

Visible 0.0879 to 0.3048 holeshot win for Jonny. Jonny to sixty in 0.9565 to Silvio's 0.9341, Jonny hit shake and the dragster moved left, Jonny pedalled and lost time towards the eighth 3.7298/349.29 to Silvio's 3.5992/334.99, a move to the right in the second half, but Jonny's start line advantage did the job.


FIA Pro Stock final

Jimmy Ålund 6.6075/338.35 def. Michael Malmgren 6.6204/333.75

Jimmy away first 0.0349 to Michael's 0.1023, Michael had the quicker sixty 0.9912 to Jimmy's 0.9993, a faint shake for one after sixty, couldn't tell who, Jimmy had the slightly better eighth 4.2578/268.72 to Michael's 4.2581/267.59.


FIM Europe/EDRS Pro Nordic MC Top Fuel Bike final

Filippos Papafilippou 6.6394/369.61 def. Rikard Gustafsson 6.7035/266.80

Rikard to sixty in 1.0392 and Fil in 1.1222, Fil's tyre up in smoke and he feathered then got off the gas. Rikard drifting left then rolled off the gas at the eighth and Fil got back on the throttle and overhauled him in the second half.


EDRS Pro Nordic MC Super Street Bike final

Vesa Ruhanen 8.0391/212.77 bye, Anders Blanck broke

Anders' bike would not go into gear for the burnout. His crew worked frantically and Anders even got off the bike himself to try to fix it but Vesa was eventually signalled to take the bye.


FIM Europe/EDRS Pro Nordic MC Supertwin final

Marcus Christiansen 6.4867/344.17 def. Gert-Jan Laseur 8.0902/187.37

Gert-Jan's bike threw a belt at the eighth and that was his race done.


FIM Europe/EDRS Pro Nordic MC Pro Stock Bike final

Kalle Lyrén 6.9875/307.34 def. Fredrik Fredlund 8.5066/161.00

Fredde was heading for the centre line and had to back out of it at the eighth.


Stock/Super Stock eliminations round 4 winners

Mathias Munther (11.07) 11.1117/190.54, Lars Johansson (12.39) 12.4103.171.48

Street eliminations round 3 winners

Mauritz Rådberg 8.5733/242.81, Sami Holm 12.4894/85.77 bye

Now collecting finalists.


Super Street eliminations round 3 winners

Uffe Lundgren 11.1258/187.50, Christer Gustafsson 10.9656/200.22 bye

Super Gas eliminations round 3 winners

Christer Uhlin 9.8959/208.09, Kenny Åsberg 9.8556/202.10 bye

Super Comp eliminations round 3 winners

Micke Nilsson 8.9796/249.19, Pontus Garefelt 9.6468/180.84 bye

Super Gas Bike eliminations round 2 winners

Jenni Pekkarinen 9.6316/226.80, Trygve Kjærstad Helgerud 9.6885/210.61

Super Comp Bike eliminations round 3 winners

Rasmus Östlund 8.6236/250.12, Peter Svensson 8.8168/248.05


Comp Eliminator eliminations round 4 winners

Jens Eklund (7.64) 7.0314/319.91, Lars-Georg Johansson (7.49) 11.2548/84.28 bye

Pro Street eliminations round 3 winners

Peter Trång 7.5893/289.23, Ossi Oikarinen 7.5723/254.96

Junior Dragster eliminations round 4 winners

Atle Poolsar (7.92) 7.9631/132.45 bye (Hampus Sundqvist no show), Eskil Dahls (7.90) 7.9717/130.21 bye


Stock/Super Stock eliminations round 3 winners

Mathias Munther (11.14) 11.1253/190.34, Iiro Mikkola (9.85) 9.8039/213.19 bye (Iiro Mikkola no show), Thomas Strand (10.08) 10.1073/207.85, Lars Johansson (12.39) 12.4152/170.35

Street eliminations round 2 winners

Thorbjorn Back 12.0314/157.34 bye, Mauritz Rådberg 11.7449/130.28, Sami Holm 8.6413/252.45


EDRS Pro Nordic MC Super Street Bike eliminations round 2

Vesa Ruhanen 6.9897/336.24 def. Dag Wagenius 14.0585/86.57
Anders Blanck 7.2070/318.02 def. Ida Zetterström 8.6811/253.05

Brief hold for rain after Vesa and Dag raced. Ida's tyre spun up at the hit and the bike made a move, feathered the throttle but lost a lot of time.


FIM Europe/EDRS Pro Nordic MC Top Fuel Bike eliminations round 2

Filippos Papafilippou 5.7838/367.85 def. Jan Sturla Hegre 6.0490/332.51
Rikard Gustafsson 5.8126/406.63 def. Thomas Pettersson 7.7032/241.18

Fil rode out the usual fishtail, not quite quick enough to back up the 5.724 but another chance yet and this 5.783 is itself a record backed up by the 5.786, well done Fil, Marius, Ian and team! Jan Sturla close to the guardrail towards the stripe, smoke from the motor as he shut it off but we think a new PB, well done Jan Sturla and team! Rikard does the first half of a new speed record of 406.63 kmh or 252.67 mph, a new PB ET into the bargain, well done Rikard and team!


FIM Europe/EDRS Pro Nordic MC Supertwin eliminations round 2

Marcus Christiansen 6.5386/350.65 def. Samu Kemppainen 6.5491/351.33
Gert-Jan Laseur 7.1545/254.00 def. Tommy Grimes 26.1677/41.35

Tommy's tyre up in smoke at the hit, looked from here as if a belt broke as a result but either way he was out of the running.


FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 3

David Vegter 5.8363/398.82 def. Andreas Arthursson 7.4692/211.18

Andreas started to spool up the turbos and then took it back down again at which point the lights ran. David was gone in 0.1093, Andreas moved after 1.6974, his race was already done. David to sixty in 1.0004 and the eighth in 3.8408/315.79, a move left and right in the eighth and a straight second half. Andreas off the gas before the eighth.

Jan Ericsson 5.8457/397.06 def. Mats Eriksson 5.9477/386.54

Jan got away first 0.0865 to 0.1075, Mats had the better sixty 0.9471 to Jan's 0.9977. Jan straight to the eighth 3.8534/3176.27, Mats' Crown Victoria was moving left and right through the eighth 3.8866/302.35 and got close to the guardrail in the second half, pulled it back.


FIA Pro Stock eliminations round 2

Michael Malmgren 9.5630/247.25 def. Stefan Ernryd 11.2653/128.36

Stefan into full stage before Michael moved forward. Stefan away first 0.0600 to 0.1000, Michael hit bad shake and got off the gas before sixty feet 1.2883 as his car turned left. Stefan had got through sixty in 0.9993 and was pulling out good lead but then hit shake and shut it off, smoke from the motor. There was a stunned silence for a moment and then Michael realised that Stefan was off it and got back on the gas himself, overhauled Stefan.

Jimmy Ålund 6.5716/340.48 def. Robin Norén 6.6252/336.66

Robin visibly got away first 0.0826 to Jimmy's 0.1042 and had the better sixty 0.9857 to 0.9961. Jimmy had done a lot of the job of pulling it back by the eighth 4.2354/270.68 to Robin's 4.2589/266.93.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster eliminations round 2

Micke Kågered 4.0065/485.18 def. Tethys 4.3542/364.37

Short hold for light rain before this race. Micke away first 0.1171 to 0.1295 and the better sixty 0.8934 to 0.9065. Clear lead for Micke at the eighth 3.2037/428.57 to Tet's 3.3908/392.73, smoke from Tet's motor after the eighth. Micke's car was skating about its lane after the eighth, tyres hazing, and made a move left just before the stripe, you could see some of the decals on the side of the car.

Anita Mäkelä 3.8527/508.00 def. Maja Udtian 6.3311/155.57

Brief burnout for Maja. Anita visibly away first 0.0126 to Maja's 0.1492 and the better sixty 0.8433 to Maja's 0.8709. Maja's tyres started to smoke and the dragster made a move left, she was off it by 330 feet 2.3608/225.28, Anita on her way 2.1589/312.50 and blackstriping through the eighth 3.0834/445.18. A gentle move right then left in the second half but held it and drove it out the back door. Anota's terminal speed equates to 315.66 mph.


Pro Street eliminations round 2 winners

Preben Bærentzen 7.6036/296.22, Peter Trång 7.6039/288.31, Ossi Oikarinen 7.6117/270.95, Stefan Bjöns 7.6798/288.00

Super Comp eliminations round 2 winners

Micke Nilsson 9.4436/189.47, Amanda Sjöström-Andersson 9.0228/235.09, Pontus Garefelt 8.9954/259.24


Super Gas Bike eliminations round 1 winners

Magnus Pollack 9.7758/234.58 bye, Jenni Pekkarinen 9.7138/222.22, Joel Fredlund 10.1463/228.62, Trygve Kjærstad Helgerud 9.6495/205.56 bye (Risto Torniainen no show)

Super Street eliminations round 2 winners

Uffe Lundgren 10.9431/199.19 bye, Sebastien Jacobsen 11.0614/194.04, Christer Gustafsson 10.9811/198.31

Super Gas eliminations round 2 winners

Christer Uhlin 9.9111/209.46 bye (Håkan Mattsson no show), Erik Jansson 9.6584/208.98 bye, Kenny Åsberg 9.9493/190.81


Simon has posted a further set of pit notes which you can check out via the Event Index.

Super Comp Bike eliminations round 2 winners

Peter Östlund 8.7638/254.84, Rasmus Ostlund 9.0163/197.87, Per Olsen 8.6710/261.37 bye, Peter Svensson 9.1465/197.51

Drama in the second pair, smoke from Kathrine Wagenius' motor and a trail of fluid from the Tree onwards in which the rear tyre ultimately slipped and the bike went over past the eighth depositing Kathrine on the track. Kathrine did the clever thing and slid, didn't try to flail around or get herself up until she had stopped, then stood up as the ambulance approached. Bike stopped right on the finish line.

There was a hold for clean-up and then for a number of rain showers, a couple of them absolute deluges. But you know the track crew here, they never give up.


Simon has posted a set of pit notes which you can check out via the Event Index.

FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 2

Andreas Arthursson 5.7892/412.21 def. Freddy Fagerström 5.9545/382.17

300-foot burnout for Freddy then away first 0.0742 to Andreas' 0.0793 and the quicker sixty 0.9678 to 1.0070, Andreas had the advantage at the eighth 3.8590/324.71 to Freddy's 3.8988/308.04 but I'd say that we had two winners of this race. Well done Freddy and team! Andreas getting close to record territory again.

David Vegter 7.5213/204.16 bye, Jimmy Ålund no show

No Jimmy, no word why as yet. David took the bye, 1.0095 to sixty then shake, hard move left and was right by the centre line, off the gas before the eighth 4.1687/226.51.

Jan Ericsson 6.1597/314.69 def. Roger Johansson 6.7070/272.31 DQ

-0.0026 red for Roger handed it to Jan. Jan to sixty in 0.9965, the eighth in 3.9400/305.43. Roger hit shake, his motor flashed flame about 100 feet out and the Mustang made moves about its lane, passenger side door looked to have unlatched, off the gas after the eighth.

Mats Eriksson and Micke Gullqvist ready to fire up and it started to rain. The track got quite wet but it was just a sharp shower and the surface did not take long to dry.

Mats Eriksson 6.0496/388.49 def. Micke Gullqvist 5.9113/396.18

0.0818 to 0.2256 holeshot won this for Mats. Micke quicker to sixty 0.9616 to 1.0049 and much quicker to the eighth, 3.8991/311.24 to 4.0001/304.15, Mats' Crown Victoria was swaying left and right but he held on for the win.


EDRS Pro Nordic MC Super Street Bike eliminations round 1

Vesa Ruhanen 7.3888/322.39 def. Björn Friström 7.7425/257.76
Ida Zetterström 7.6917/290.64 def. Nichlas Sverin 7.7677/288.92
Anders Blanck 7.1730/312.68 def. Kimmo Pulakka 7.9862/285.71
Dag Wagenius 7.8991/307.34 def. Mathias Bohlin 8.2666/292.84


FIM Europe/EDRS Pro Nordic MC Top Fuel Bike eliminations round 1

Jan Sturla Hegre 7.1371/247.03 def. Peter Andersson 7.3624/292.68
Rikard Gustafsson 6.5957/301.01 def. Peter Andersson-Ström no time DQ
Thomas Pettersson 8.0089/271.08 def. Willeem Been 8.6562/164.99
Filippos Papafilippou 5.7245/367.85 def. Hans Eriksson no time broke

Jan Sturla's tyre went up in smoke and he was on and off the throttle with flashes of flame from the motor, Peter was well-placed to take advantage but his bike was skating and fishtailing and tried to pitch him off, then he had to lean to get it vertical again. Peter A-S left before the Tree lighting the big red, then bis tyre started to spin and moved the bike right, crossed lanes at the eighth but behind Rikard. Thomas ready to stage before Willem came forward for his burnout. A quick squirt of a burnout for Willem then forwar to stage. Thomas with problems off the gas about 500 feet out, Willem then off the gas after a couple of feathers of the throttle as the bike moved left. Thomas then realised that he could take it and got back on the gas, chased Willem down and passed him. Track crew took a good look at Willem's lane but all good. The first half of another new European ET record for Fil. 0.9979 to sixty, 2.5662/247.93 (154.06 mph) at 330 feet, 3.7585/335.82 (208.67 mph) at the eighth. Well done Fil, Marius, Ian and team! Hans shut off almost immediately and stopped in the seocnd half, retrieval called.


FIM Europe/EDRS Pro Nordic MC Supertwin eliminations round 1

Marcus Christiansen 6.4768/349.97 def. Torsti Kettula 6.7402/316.72
Samu Kemppainen 6.5335/354.80 def. Teemu Kettula 14.8378/97.44
Tommy Lee Jones Grimes 6.1958/335.82 def. Martijn de Haas 6.7222/336.66
Gert-Jan Laseur 6.8421/313.41 def. Svein Olav Rolfstad no time

Awesome pass for Tommy! 1.0883 to sixty, 2.7652/233.67 to 330 feet and 4.0654/309.10 at the eighth, the first half of a European ET record, well done Per, Tommy and team!


FIM Europe/EDRS Pro Nordic MC Pro Stock Bike eliminations round 1

Fredrik Fredlund 7.6246/279.07 def. Marurice Bertrand no time broke
Kalle Lyrén 6.9695/309.63 bye, Kenneth Holmberg no show

Maurice's motor stopped at the hit. No Kenneth after being pushed away yesterday, Kalle took the bye and another new European ET record, well done Kalle, Roger and team!


FIA Top Methanol eliminations round 1

Jonny Lagg 5.6350/435.48 def. Sandro Bellio 5.8304/306.64

Sandrooo for Eurodragster.com sponsor Dyno Unlimited had the 0.22 second advantage on the Tree but Jonny made up some of that with a 0.1087 to Sandro's 0.1185. No sign of shake for either, Jonny with the better sixty 0.9513 to Sandro's 0.9648 and to the eighth in 3.5862 at a big 359.20 to Sandro's 3.6913/338.13, Sandro was off the gas and had the chutes out before the stripe.

Silvio Strauch 5.5613/403.59 def. Daniel Jedborn 13.8339/73.45

Daniel moved first 0.1150 to Silvio's 0.1850, Daniel's tyres up in smoke a few feet off the line, a pedal as the dragster made a move and then a big move as he tried the gas again, off it. Silvio long gone, 1.0446 to sixty and 3.6370/333.95 at the eighth.


FIA Pro Stock eliminations round 1

Stefan Ernryd 6.7521/332.72 def. Thomas Lindström 31.2375/35.09 DQ

Thomas handed it to Stefan with a -0.1293 red then to pile Pelion upon Ossa hit terrible shake. Stefan to sixty in 0.9774 and the eighth in 4.3354/259.49.

Robin Norén 6.6123/336.87 def. Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5589/338.13

Robin strapped a visible 0.0974 to 0.1732 holeshot on Bengt and it won him the race. Bengt had all the incrementals, the better sixty 0.9630 to 0.9841 and eighth 4.2044/267.52 to Robin's 4.2494/267.19 but it was not enough to catch Robin.

Jimmy Ålund 6.6172/341.34 def. Christian Sagelv 9.7463/149.29

Christian away first 0.0435 to to 0.0831 and the better sixty 1.0016 to Jimmy's 1.0074 but then shake, a pedal and another go but then smoke from the motor and Christian was off the gas before the eighth. Jimmy long gone, through the eighth in 4.2799/270.68. Track crew made a careful check of Christian's lane.

Michael Malmgren 6.5954/339.84 def. Simon Gustafsson 6.7299/333.13

Simon moved first 0.0566 to 0.0940 but Michael started the job of reeling him in immediately with the better sixty 1.0012 to 1.0185, very faint shake for Simon, Michael visibly edging ahead at the eighth 4.2533/269.06 to 4.3390/264.32


FIA Top Fuel Dragster eliminations round 1

Tethys 5.6992/188.02 def. Stig Neergaard 6.9456/102.31

Fire-up nicely co-ordinated with the end of the National Anthem. Tet briefly pre-staged on his front wing by the look of it, then the pre-stage went out as Stig moved into full stage. Tet calmly edged it forward before the Autostart bulbed him then got a 0.1554 to 0.1747 jump on Stig. Stig with the better sixty 0.8843 to Tet's 0.8876 then shake and smoke for both, a pedal from both and back on it, then both off it at the same moment and it was a race of momentum from there on in. Tet was ahead at the eighth rolling at 3.8526/222.68, Stig through the eighth slowing in 4.2902/187.62.

Micke Kågered 4.1002/427.89 def. Liam Jones no time DQ

Liam left first 0.0941 to Micke's 0.1271 and the much better sixty 0.8554 to 0.9030, Liam's tyres started to turn before 330 feet, Micke to 330 in 2.2792/295.57 to Liam's 2.3875/259.37. Liam's tyres went from smoking to blazing and the dragster made a move right, Liam pulled it back left, then it turned right again and we saw the side of the car, then the dragster shot across to Micke's lane, well behind Micke who had gone through the eighth in 3.2456/420.56.

Anita Mäkelä 3.9269/427.22 def. Jndia Erbacher 6.4148/152.63

Patrik's team had real problems starting the motor, black smoke and orange flame from the pipes, meanwhile Jndia's crew fired up her motor and were getting agitated wanting Patrik's team to move the car car out of the way, one more go at firing up the car and then Patrik's crew to their credit pushed the car back at lightning speed. Quick burnout and reverse by Jndia then got away first 0.1101 to Anita's 0.1337, Anita pulled it back quickly with a 0.8473 sixty to Jndia's 0.8745. the much better 330 foot 2.1714/311.06 to 2.3437/218.80 then Jndia gave it up. Anita to the eighth in 3.0961/440.10 then shut it off before the stripe.

Maja Udtian 3.8487/507.52 def. Timo Lehtimäki no time

Maja away first 0.1063 to 0.1355 and that was the end of Timo's race, smoke from the motor and the car stopped dead. Maja to sixty in 0.8521, 330 feet in 2.1740/315.79 (196.22 mph), the eighth in 3.0832/451.13 (280.32 mph) and drove it out the back door. Blasted her PBs again and over 500 kmh. Well done Maja, Rune and team! Maja's terminal speed equates to 315.36 mph, a squeak below the speed record (which is 509.20 kmh) and a hair off the ET record also (3.842 seconds). Timo's motor vey reluctant to stop.


Junior Dragster eliminations round 3 winners

0.0097 RT for Eskil Dahls.

Hampus Sundqvist (8.62) 9.0684/111.99, Atle Poolsar (8.00) 7.9959/131.74 bye, Eskil Dahls (7.90) 7.9688/130.75

Junior Drag Bike eliminations round 1 winners

John Rolfstad (6.90) 6.8134/159.86 bye, Seth Friström (6.90) 6.9567/154.73


Comp Eliminator eliminations round 3 winners

Odd Erik Fossum (7.18) 6.5110/270.41, Jens Eklund (7.64) 8.5912/186.14, Lars-Georg Johansson (7.62) 6.9940/289.54


FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 1

Freddy Fagerström 6.1381/372.16 def. Jere Rantaniemi 8.0069/206.58

200-foot burnout for Freddy and then a high-speed back-up even by his standards, crew gesturing him to slow it down. Jere away first 0.0745 to Freddy's 0.1924, 1.0360 to sixty with incipient shake, Freddy to 0.9889 then a move to the right. Jere pedalled and gace it another go but was turned it in by 330 feet. Freedy to the eighth in 4.0093/296.05.

Roger Johansson 5.9990/387.10 def. Åke Persson 5.9932/370.62

0.0612 to 0.1250 holeshot win for Roger. Roger with the better sixty 0.9931 to Åke's 1.0065, didn't see or feel any shake fo either, Åke was pulling it back at the eighth 3.9387/306.99 to Roger's 3.9630/308.22, cars lloked side-by-side and Åring;e ran out of road.

Mats Eriksson 6.0797/388.31 def. Michael Joneskog 11.2362/97.97

Micke away first 0.0310 to Mats' 0.1181, Mats with the better sixty 1.0165 to Micke's 1.0524. Micke hit shake and the car took a step to the right, pedalled and gave it up. Mats meanwhile was all over his lane, left and right and still making moves at and past the eighth 4.0283/304.05. "If Mats had gone straight that would have been a 5.6."

Jimmy Ålund 6.0972/391.87 def. Dmitry Samurokov no time DQ

Dmitry probably intending to holeshot left as Jimmy staged. Jimmy possibly dodged a bullet there as the motor briefly but audibly hesitated at the hit. 1.1406 to sixty which reflects the hesitation, 4.0846/317.09 at the eighth.

David Vegter 5.8617/398.52 def. Kim Kristiansen 7.8058/216.61

David visibly moved first 0.0556 to Kim's 0.1306, to the eighth in 1.0080 to Kim's 1.0316, Kim hit shake and pedalled and lost time as the car started to make moves, David with a storming eighth 3.8662/315.60 by which point Kim had given it up as the car got close to the centre line, 4.5399/224.25.

Micke Gullqvist 5.8581/397.96 def. Peter Kunc 6.2307/361.20

Peter visibly moved first 0.0227 to 0.1451, Micke had already started making it up by sixty 0.9699 to Peter's 1.0137. Micke stormed through the eighth just right of centre of his lane 3.8555/314.14, Peter visibly behind at 4.1167/297.52.

Jan Ericsson 5.8795/396.18 def. Marcus Perman 6.3562/331.70

Marcus in as an alternate for Rolf Simonsson and made a good show of it at the Tree leaving first 0.0603 to Jan's 0.0632. Jan with the better sixty 1.0125 to 1.0261 then a move right but stayed with it and was visibly ahead by the eighth 3.8825/316.53 to Marcus' 4.1324/286.93.

Andreas Arthursson 6.0222/397.35 def. Micke Johansson no time DQ

Micke moved out of stage going up on the revs then hit it. Andreas to sixty in 1.0463, a little shake evident, 4.0216/310.70 at the eighth.


A bit of agg with internet access here due to a power problem at the server centre but judicious use of Your Reporter's phone as a hotspot means we should be OK.


Good morning and welcome from Tierp Arena for our coverage of the Tierp Internationals brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

It's a nice day here, sun and cloud, not quite as warm as it has been but still most pleasant, quite the breeze coming through the start line tunnel.

The traditional raceday Good Morning to our US Correspondent Kathy Hileman tuned in from New Hampshire, hope all is OK with you Kathy. A big Good Morning to the Eurodragsterholics, especially to Kai Plathan, the boys and the Mrs tuned in from Finland and to Ivar Kolberg in Norway. Hello also to Nev and Libby Mottershead and to our Eurodragster.com colleagues Kirstie, Julian and off-track photog Diana who are tuned in back in England.

There is Web TV today for a small fee; you can check out the link via the Event Index. Since said Web TV is not being provided by us, any queries or comments about it should not be directed to us, thank you.

As you may have seen from the running order kindly provided by Marie Selander, we start at 09:30 with the first round of FIA Pro Modified, then Sportsman eliminations and half an hour of ceremonies at 10:00 with FIA Top Fuel Dragster following at 10:30. As usual during racing we will do our best to post between each pair so keep hitting Refresh.

Between now and 09:30 why not check out yesterday's gallery of 215 pictures courtesy of Lena and Remco, and Simon's pit notes which included more contributions from Mike. You can view both via the Event Index.

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