Tierp Internationals
Tierp Arena, 6th-9th June 2019

Fredag / Friday

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Simon has posted another set of pit notes which you can check out via the Event Index.

FIA Top Fuel Dragster qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Björn Mårtensson 5.1336/220.95, Maja Udtian 3.9812/442.26, ; Liam Jones 3.8914/464.32 bye, Dennis Nilsson broke; Stig Neergaard 4.1110/384.89, Jndia Erbacher 6.3397/154.99; Anita Mäkelä 3.9115/483.87, Micke Kågered shut off

Maja did it all in this one. The better sixty 0.8699 to Björn's 0.8820, appreciable lead at 330 feet 2.2282/306.47 (190.43 mph) to Björn's 2.2507/294.60, then a huge ball of flame from Björn's motor and his dragster turned right, played no further part. Maja through the eighth in 3.1646/437.60 (271.91 mph), a move right and left and off the gas a touch early, terminal speed equates to 274.93 mph. Clean-up in the shutdown area where Björn's dragster stopped. Dennis' motor tried very hard to stop after firing up, almost as if it paused for breath then carried on as the crew emptied the petrol bottle into the bug catcher. Dennis had trouble getting reverse, crew tried to help but no dice. Dennis drove down the track with Liam ready to stage, his crew's body language was quite something. That was a real red mist job but worth it: 0.8551 to sixty, 2.1739/313.23 (194.63 mph) at 330 feet, 3.1006/440.46 (273.69 mph) eighth with candles still lit and then off it a touch before thre stripe with the dragster approaching the centre line. Stig to sixty in 0.9000, 0.8640 for Jndia, Jndia off it at the 330 foot point 2.3272/221.86, Stig to 330 in 2.2633/307.17, 3.2000/435.48 at the eighth and off the gas. Micke stopped on the way back from the burnout and shut it off, pushed back. Anita took the bye, 0.8681 to sixty, 2.2103/304.05 at 330 feet, 3.1317/442.62 at the eighth, stayed with it and the terminal speed equates to 300.66 mph.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Liam Jones 3.8914/464.32
  2. Anita Mäkelä 3.9115/483.87
  3. Maja Udtian 3.9812/442.26
  4. Stig Neergaard 4.1110/384.89
  5. Timo Lehtimäki 4.2618/438.31
  6. Björn Mårtensson 5.1336/220.95
  7. Micke Kågered 5.1739/233.46
  8. Jndia Erbacher 5.4199/207.21
  9. Dennis Nilsson 5.9192/308.75
  10. Tethys 9.1591/87.79

That's all for today, tune back in a couple of hours for today's gallery.


FIA Pro Stock qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Bengt Ljungdahl 6.7013/336.24 bye; Christian Sagelv 13.5077/118.81, Sampsa Palos 18.2960/63.63; Tommy Leindahl 6.9100/301.17, Magnus Pettersson 6.7421/329.67; Stefan Ernryd 9.9939/147.26 bye, Simon Gustafsson shut off; Thomas Lindström 6.6576/335.82, Robin Norén 6.6591/335.40; Jimmy Ålund 6.5858/339.62, Michael Malmgren 6.6319/327.87

Looked like a gentle launch for Bengt - maybe to get past the shake zone - 1.0491 to sixty, then picked up, 4.3325/267.59 at the eighth. Shakefest next pair, 1.2714 to sixty already shaking for Christian and 1.0614 for Sampsa then shake. Both off the gas. Tommy to sixty in 1.0113 heading for the guardrail but he stayed with it, 1.0104 to sixty for Magnus. Tommy still pulling it straight at the eighth, Magnus visibly ahead 4.3305/262.14 to Tommy's 4.4284/256.65. Simon shut off after the burnout and was pushed away. Stefan took the bye, 0.9944 to sixty but heading further and further left and got off the gas to pull it away from the guardrail. Great match between Thomas and Robin! Thomas to sixty in 1.0019, Robin in 1.0069, no sign of shake for both, Robin had the better eighth too 4.2844/266.80 to Thomas' 4.2881/266.93. Two clean runs and looked side-by-side all the way. Another great match between Jimmy and Michael. Jimmy to sixty in 0.9943 to Michael's 1.0112, just the faintest thump of shake for one of the two, couldn't tell which. Jimmy to the eighth in 4.2419/270.14 to Michael's 4.2654/267.99 and into #1 spot.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Jimmy Ålund 6.5858/339.62
  2. Michael Malmgren 6.6157/338.13
  3. Thomas Lindström 6.6445/336.87
  4. Stefan Ernryd 6.6469/334.37
  5. Robin Norén 6.6493/335.20
  6. Bengt Ljungdahl 6.7013/336.24
  7. Simon Gustafsson 6.7406/327.87
  8. Magnus Pettersson 6.7421/329.67
  9. Tommy Leindahl 6.8194/320.86
  10. Christian Sagelv 6.9720/312.86
  11. Jonas Boberg 7.1506/324.52
  12. Sampsa Palos 18.2960/63.63


FIA Top Methanol qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Sandro Bellio 12.7308/87.75, Daniel Jedborn 13.5890/80.86; Silvio Strauch 5.6049/409.71, Jonny Lagg 5.4587/415.07

Daniel edged into deep stage then list the red creeping forward as the Tree ran. Hit the gas and tyres lit up instantly, stayed on the gas for a second or so, dragster made a move and Daniel got off the gas. Sandro to sixty in 0.9570 but then shake and through the smoke from Daniel's tyres looked like a move left, either way off the gas. Silvio to sixty in 0.9489, Jonny in 0.9682. Jonny looked to drive through minor shake, car moved left and right, Jonny with the better eighth 3.6258 at a big 355.50 to Silvio's 3.6912/332.10. Jonny had a cylinder out in the second eighth and the dragster moved towards the guardrail approaching the stripe.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Jonny Lagg 5.4587/415.07
  2. Silvio Strauch 5.6049/409.71
  3. Sandro Bellio 12.5108 (12.7308/87.75)
  4. Daniel Jedborn 13.5890/80.86


FIA Pro Modified qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Michel Tooren 8.3604/164.48 bye; Åke Persson 6.2692/383.25, Rolf Simonsson 6.8670/255.20; Michael Joneskog 6.2351/386.54, Jimmy Ålund 12.8476/72.02; Roger Johansson 7.1389/305.78, Marcus Perman 21.2000/51.91; Lars Järpler 11.7839/121.59 bye, Jere Rantaniemi shut off;

Peter Kunc 6.2757/368.10, Stian Rusånes 6.4945/359.52; Micke Johansson 6.7270/349.29, Olof Andersson 7.5060/207.77;

Kim Kristiansen 6.1672/386.54, Freddy Fagerström 6.0751/380.28; Jan Ericsson no time, Mats Eriksson no time; Andreas Arthursson 5.8457/408.24, David Vegter 5.9583/392.44

Michel to sixty in 0.9992, blackstriping and heading left, 2.6633/210.61 at 330 feet, wrenched the car right, briefly on three wheels, shut it off. Åke's motor sounded to struggle for the first hundred feet or so, 1.0552 to sixty to Rolf's 1.0403. The motor note picked up, 4.1983/303.20 at the eighth ahead of Rolf's 4.2027/280.67, Rolf's car almost disappearing behind soot from the pipes. Rolf looked to shut it off early. Michael and Jimmy held before burnouts as the track crew checked the right lane. Michael to sixty in 1.0760, Jimmy in 1.0467 then bad shake which he briefly withstood then shut it off. Michael to the eighth in 4.1592/299.83 and drove it through. 0.9907 to sixty for Roger, 1.1389 for Marcus whose tyres were already shaking. Roger hit shake after the Tree and the Mustang made a move, off the gas to get it straight then gave it some throttle. Jere was shut off for a leak returning from the burnout, visible trail of fluid on the track. Lars took the bye, 1.0410 to sixty then shake and a move right, shut it off. Oil clean-up kit deployed in Jere's lane.

On the restart Peter to sixty in 1.0833, Stian after a long wait on the line in 1.1006. Peter got to the eighth in 4.1666/298.51, Stian behind at 4.3069/288.31. Big cloud of smoke from Stian's motor on the stripe and down the shutdown area, track checked and all OK. No burnout for Micke J, motor sounded to be misfiring. But a good launch, 1.0844 but then a move left. Olof to sixty in 1.0734. Micke feathered the throttle and got to the eighth in 4.4244/268.79, Olof's motor sounded to be suffering, to the eighth in 4.4886/263.93. Micke off the gas after 1000 feet, Olof off the gas in the second half and the car disappeared behind a cloud of smoke. Top end crews mobilised and low loader called to the top end.

On the re-restart a classic Freddy burnout with roll-out to the eighth and high-speed back-up. And a classic match! two clean launches, 1.0630 to sicty for Kim and 0.9917 for Freddy. No visible shake for either. Freddy with the better eighth 3.9943/303.03 to Kim's 4.1048/303.88, Kim was slowly but visibly catching Freddy towards the end. Mats edged out of stage going up on the revs, when his stage light went Jan went with him. Two lost runs. Great pair to end the session 1.0039 to sixty for Andreas, 1.0105 for David, no visible shake. Advantage for Andreas at the eighth 3.8944 at a big 321.05 to David's 3.9296/309.99.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Andreas Arthursson 5.8457/408.24
  2. David Vegter 5.9492/392.73
  3. Jan Ericsson 5.9535/391.87
  4. Mats Eriksson 6.0317/379.48
  5. Freddy Fagerström 6.0751/380.28
  6. Kim Kristiansen 6.1672/386.54
  7. Michael Joneskog 6.2351/386.54
  8. Åke Persson 6.2692/383.25
  9. Peter Kunc 6.2757/368.10
  10. Stian Rusånes 6.4945/359.52
  11. Micke Johansson 6.5156/300.00
  12. Micke Gullqvist 6.5674/255.80
  13. Rolf Simonsson 6.8670/255.20
  14. Lars Järpler 7.0022/241.07
  15. Roger Johansson 7.1389/305.78
  16. Olof Andersson 7.2222/237.26
  17. Jere Rantaniemi 8.1130/250.46
  18. Michel Tooren 8.3604/164.48
  19. Jimmy Ålund 12.8476/72.02
  20. Marcus Perman 18.3618/67.72


EDRS Pro Nordic MC Super Street Bike qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Nichlas Sverin 7.7958/300.50 bye; Roberth Häggblom 7.8607/291.73, Dag Wagenius 8.1425/260.24; Bjorn Friström 7.3255/317.46, Kimmo Pulakka 8.0615/276.36; Ida Zetterström 7.5754/235.29, Vesa Ruhanen 7.6430/272.45; Mathias Bohlin 7.6323/248.50, Anders Blanck 7.3039/318.21;

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Mathias Bohlin 6.9575/338.98
  2. Ida Zetterström 7.1136/314.14
  3. Bjorn Friström 7.2464/320.67
  4. Anders Blanck 7.3039/318.21
  5. Vesa Ruhanen 7.5434/266.67
  6. Roberth Häggblom 7.6341/302.86
  7. Nichlas Sverin 7.7958/300.50
  8. Kimmo Pulakka 7.7965/298.01
  9. Dag Wagenius 7.9302/271.77


FIM Europe/EDRS Pro Nordic MC Top Fuel Bike qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Jan Sturla Hegre 6.6053/266.37, Peter Andersson-Ström 17.6549/58.43; Thomas Pettersson 6.5744/331.90, Peter Andersson 7.2156/309.46; Rikard Gustafsson 5.9097/383.80, Filippos Papafilippou 6.4481/333.13

Jan Sturla to sixty in 1.0428, Peter in 1.2464 already getting off the gas. Jan Sturla on a straight and hard run, 4.1017/296.22 at the eighth but then smoke from both sides of the motor and off the gas. Improvement for Thomas good for a place up the ladder and must be in PB territory. Fil staged to the left of centre of his lane. Fil with the better sixty 1.0154 to 1.0620, Rikard with the much better eighth 3.9270/320.67 4.1744, speed to follow. Fil looked to shut ot off before the stripe.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Rikard Gustafsson 5.9097/383.80
  2. Filippos Papafilippou 5.9367/318.58
  3. Thomas Pettersson 6.5744/331.90
  4. Jan Sturla Hegre 6.6053/266.37
  5. Peter Andersson 7.1904/311.42
  6. Peter Andersson-Ström 7.9241/211.18
  7. Hans Eriksson 10.1559/133.33


FIM Europe/EDRS Pro Nordic MC Supertwin qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Kristin Hegre shut off, bye; Gert-Jan Laseur 16.6016/103.79, Hans Olav Olstad 6.8868/283.32; Teemu Kettula shut off, Harri Piensalmi 7.0342/no speed bye; Svein Olav Rolfstad 6.9013/246.80, Tommy Grimes 6.6953/274.25; Roman Sixta 6.8667/336.87, Torsti Kettula 7.2170/239.04; Martijn de Haas 19.2122/61.29, Samu Kemppainen 6.9653/328.67

Kristin's motor banged and stopped after the burnout and the bike was pushed away. Gert Jan to sixty in 1.2210 with tyre smoking, shut it off. Hans Olav to sixty in 1.2035, 4.4746/293.16 at the eighth then a flash and puff of smoke from the motor at about 1000 feet. Teemu shut off before staging. Herri took the bye, 1.1246 to sixty and 4.5804/257.27 at the eighth where something came off the bike, maybe a wheelie bar panel. Feathred the throttle and got back on it. Terminal speed displayed as 9.75 kmh, obviously not; as some sort of indication the thousand speed was 305.60. Track crew were picking up small pieces in the first few feet and the lane was swept. Svein Olav to sixty in 1.0994, Tommy in 1.1466, Svein Olav's bike started fishtailing but he stayed with it, 4.0724/285.71 at the eighth to Tommy's 4.2500/294.92. Then smoke from Svein Olav's motor and it went silent, Tommy rolled off the gas before the stripe. Roman to sixty in 1.2142 to Torsti's 1.1542, Torsti had the quicker eighth 4.3896/270.81 to Roman's 4.5573/275.37, Torsti off the gas in the second half. Martijn to sixty in 1.1832 to Samu's 1.1541, Martijn almost immediately off the gas. Samu to the eighth in 4.4933/238.10, a puff of smoke and he feathered the throttle, maybe the puff was the front wheel coming down.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Marcus Christiansen 6.4240/344.39
  2. Tommy Grimes 6.6953/274.25
  3. Samu Kemppainen 6.7421/338.13
  4. Martijn de Haas 6.7980/331.90
  5. Roman Sixta 6.8206/337.92
  6. Hans Olav Olstad 6.8868/283.32
  7. Svein Olav Rolfstad 6.9013/246.80
  8. Harri Piensalmi 7.0342/no speed
  9. Torsti Kettula 7.2170/239.04
  10. Trond Høiberget 7.7899/246.24
  11. Teemu Kettula 15.5470/94.67
  12. Gert-Jan Laseur 16.6016/103.79


FIM Europe/EDRS Pro Nordic MC Pro Stock Bike qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Kenneth Holmberg 7.7871/274.53 bye; Fredrik Fredlund 7.0437/307.52, Kalle Lyrén 7.0455/309.28

Nice bye for Kenneth, 1.1444 to sixty and 4.9604/228.04 to the eighth, sounded to shut it off a touch early. Fredde and Kalle with bracket bikes, 1.0854 and 1.1001 to sixty respectively and 4.5022/252.69 to 4.5098/253.52 to the eighth respectively. Kalle's 309.81 is a new speed record backed up by his 309.28 in this session, well done Kalle, Roger and team!

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Kalle Lyrén 7.0404/309.81
  2. Fredrik Fredlund 7.0437/307.52
  3. Janne Koskinen 7.1572/300.67
  4. Kenneth Holmberg 7.7871/274.53


Nostalgia Funny Car match race (1000 feet)

Tobba Jansson (Nitrocalpyse) 5.8534/270.41 def. Erik Wallinder (Tre Kronor) 6.3444/297.85

Next up is today's second Pro session.


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 10

Odd Erik Fossum (7.18) got rid of the shake and promtly went 6.3297 to consolidate the #1 spot. In the other lane Fredrik Olehag edged out of stage. Smoke from Lasse Britsmar's Firebird towards the stripe, track checked and all OK. Slight improvement for Roger Forsström (7.80), 7.1269 held #6. 1.0540 to sixty for Andres Arnover but again the car headed left and almost had the centre line, a correction from Andres and the car stepped to the right, had to get off the gas. 8.8493 for Robin Sattler on 9.64 index, stayed #2. Per Mikkelsen was pushed away without starting. 7.1148 on 7.59 for Johan Pripp closed the session, good for #14.


Street qualifying session 10

8.4180 for Torbjörn Israelsson, got it working again after earlier issues, big breakout but hopefully, no that he's got his race car back, the sub-.50 stricture doesn't apply as it does in Pro Street. 8.6292 for Sami Holm was good for #5. Last pair of the session and Micke Svensson and Rolf Berglund improved still further side-by-side, 8.6160 and 8.6225, #2 and #4 respectively. Rolf took a long way round blackstriping all the way.

Pro Street qualifying session 10

7.7021 for Peter Nordlund in the first pair, that was going to be a 7.6 but the big Starliner made a move to the left near the eighth and lost Peter some time. 7.6916 for Preben Bærentzen held #16 and gave us an all 7.6-second field... that must surely be the quickest Pro Street field ever. The presents not yet done with though, 7.6096 for Tommy Abrahamsson gave us a top five in the 7.60s of which three were 7.600s. Pär Norgren next up the ladder with a 7.6035 good for #5, in the other lane Mats Lusth improved still further to a 7.6235 for #10, crew very pleased with that.


Stock/Super Stock qualifying session 10

Johan Stam (11.40) improved to 10.7201 but stayed #21. 10.5132 for Carla Pittau on 11.55 index, stayed #8. Similar story for Jörgen Lindgren (12.55), 12.0204 but stayed #27.


Super Street qualifying session 10

Improvement to 10.9104 for Christer Gustafsson good for #4 spot.

Super Gas qualifying session 10

9.9116 for Kenny Åsberg in the final pair moved him to #3.

Super Comp qualifying session 10

8.9012 for Leif Andersson in the first pair moved him to top spot. Peter Andreasson improved to 9.1355, stayed #10. 7.7256 breakout for Schuby Schubert in the final pair.


Super Gas Bike qualifying session 10

9.5669 for Joel Fredlund in the first pair good for #4. 9.5232 for Jenni Pekkarinen moved her up to #3. Last pair and Trygve Kjærstad Helgerud had problems, stopped about 150 feet out.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 10

8.5032 for Thomas Jonsson took over the lead and that was with a large wheelie a couple of hundred feet out. Jens Karlsson with a 7.9201 breakout next pair. First run of the event for Andreas Ramkvist, shut it off and idled for most of the way but a time on the board. 8.5776 for Kathrine Wagenius in the last pair good for #5.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 10

Victor Heleander seen into stage by none other than Jonnie Lindberg; as Track Announcer PiPPi said, it is quite a man who flies all the way from Brownsburg to stage a Junior Dragster. And, if time permits, to tune a Pro Mod. 0.0141 for Justin Ericsson moved him up to #8. 0.0133 by Pontus Söderlund took over #8 with the last run of the session.

Junior Drag Bike qualifying session 10

No changes to the standings in this session although John Rolfstad clocked another impressive RT at 0.0036.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Dennis Nilsson 5.9192/308.75, Björn Mårtensson 6.0929/180.54; Timo Lehtimäki 4.2618/438.31, Tethys 9.1591/87.79; Micke Kågered 5.1739/233.46, Stig Neergaard 4.2539/338.13; Jndia Erbacher 5.4199/207.21, Liam Jones 5.2900/211.35; Maja Udtian shut off, Anita Mäkelä 4.1315/347.71 bye

Dennis looked and sounded to be driving through the clutch, 1.1967 to sixty, 0.9190 for Björn. Björn quickly pulled away with a visible lead at 330 feet 2.3864/231.26 to Dennis' 3.1202/199.48. Björn was off the gas before the eighth 4.0973/198.53, Dennis there in 4.6387/265.10 but the motor sounded to be labouring and he was off it before the thousand. Timo to sixty in 0.9226 with cylinders out on the right side, Tet to sixty in 0.8916, a bang and fireball from Tet's motor about 250 feet out, safety device put a chute out. Timo to 330 feet in 2.3493/285.41 and the eighth in 3.3792/393.30, the cylinders still out on the right bank. A bizarre fire-up for Stig, as soon as the motor fired the revs went up and the car started rolling forward as his crew all jumped back and/or ran out of the way. Car stopped, one brave crewman went back and sorted out the idle. Micke to sixty in 0.9566, Stig in 0.8877 through a cloud of clutch dust. Stig with the better 330 foot 2.2449/309.63 to Micke's 2.3611/291.42, Micke off the gas not long after. Stig to the eighth in 3.2081/384.07 ahead of Micke's 3.6522/264.71, Stig off the gas after the eighth. Liam away first 0.1273 to 0.1624, Jndia with the very slightly quicker sixty 0.8624 to Liam's 0.8625. Liam looked from here to have a cylinder out but had the better 330 foot 2.2252/278.35 to Jndia's 2.2654/267.59 then Jndia's blower belt departed the car right on the eighth 3.7816/236.43 to Liam's 3.6224/243.90, Liam off the gas at the eighth. No burnout for Maja, car rolled forward and stopped before the Tree, came back and then shut off before staging. Anita took the bye, to sixty in 0.8562, 330 foot time of 2.1974/313.23, 3.1200/400.59 at the eighth and got off the gas right there.

Your Reporter subsequently got a text from Tethys saying that it was the whole set: block, blower and heads. Tet's attendance in Q2 is not yet assured.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Anita Mäkelä 4.1315/347.71
  2. Stig Neergaard 4.2539/338.13
  3. Timo Lehtimäki 4.2618/438.31
  4. Micke Kågered 5.1739/233.46
  5. Liam Jones 5.2900/211.35
  6. Jndia Erbacher 5.4199/207.21
  7. Dennis Nilsson 5.9192/308.75
  8. Björn Mårtensson 6.0929/180.54
  9. Tethys 9.1591/87.79


FIA Pro Stock qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Sampsa Palos 53.2368/13.39, Tommy Leindahl 6.8194/320.86; Jonas Boberg 7.1506/324.52, Christian Sagelv 6.9720/312.86; Magnus Pettersson 6.7901/330.07, Thomas Lindström 6.6445/336.87; Simon Gustafsson 6.7406/327.87, Stefan Ernryd 6.6469/334.37; Robin Norén 6.6493/335.20, Bengt Ljungdahl 25.5860/46.68; Michael Malmgren 6.6157/338.13, Jimmy Ålund 6.6366/339.84

Sampsa edged out of stage as the lights ran, hit it and had instant shake. Tommy came up as Robin Norén on the timing console but got sorted. Tommy to sixty in 1.0202, car headed left but he stayed with it and steered it back. 4.3794/259.24 at the eighth. Sampsa finally rolled to a halt just past the stripe. Jonas to sixty in 1.0774, Christian in 1.0356. Jonas drove through shake which we felt here in Race Control, Christian with a clear lead at the eighth 4.5401/261.75 to 4.6816/253.05. Big cloud of dust at the end of the track, one of the cars into the kitty litter. Magnus to sixty in 1.0233, Thomas in 1.0169 and Thomas' car really picked up about 100 feet out, as if someone sped up the film. Thomas to the eighth in 4.2860/268.26, Magnus in 4.3713/260.62. Stefan with the better sixty 1.0150 to Simon's 1.0155, to clean launches with no sign of shake. Stefan with the visible advantage at the eighth 4.2818/266.80 to Simon's 4.3317/264.19. Robin to sixty in 1.0056, Bengt lost drive, got to sixty in 1.2240 - I didn't hear or feel shake but Bengt is probably in the shutdown area now saying "Are you kidding Tog?". Robin to the eighth in 4.2782/267.06. Michael to sixty in 1.0130, Jimmy in 1.0194. Brief shake for one, I am guessing Jimmy, very difficult to tell as it was so brief and no pedals audible. Michael with the better eighth 4.2692/269.46 to Jimmy's 4.2931/269.60.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Michael Malmgren 6.6157/338.13
  2. Jimmy Ålund 6.6366/339.84
  3. Thomas Lindström 6.6445/336.87
  4. Stefan Ernryd 6.6469/334.37
  5. Robin Norén 6.6493/335.20
  6. Simon Gustafsson 6.7406/327.87
  7. Magnus Pettersson 6.7901/330.07
  8. Tommy Leindahl 6.8194/320.86
  9. Christian Sagelv 6.9720/312.86
  10. Jonas Boberg 7.1506/324.52
  11. Bengt Ljungdahl 25.5860/46.68
  12. Sampsa Palos 53.2368/13.39


FIA Top Methanol qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Silvio Strauch 5.7877/397.06 bye; Jonny Lagg 23.8412/41.65, Sandro Bellio no time

Silvio's first FIA outing in the ex-Schöfer dragster. 0.9553 to sixty, dragster headed towards the centre line, a brief pedal and wrenched it back towards the centre of the lane. 3.8387/321.24 at the eighth and then close to the guardrail towards the stripe. Sandrooo for Eurodragster.com sponsor Dyno Unlimited edged out of stage going up on the revs, Jonny's tyres went up in smoke instantly, 1.4678 to sixty already off the gas.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Silvio Strauch 5.7877/397.06
  2. Jonny Lagg 23.8412/41.65


A big Hello and Thank You to Spencer Tramm for proof-reading and to Robin Jackson for Personal Bests.

FIA Pro Modified qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Micke Johansson 6.5156/300.00 bye; Michael Joneskog 23.8334/52.67 bye; Jere Rantaniemi 8.1130/250.46, Lars Järpler 7.0022/241.07; Rolf Simonsson shut off, Åke Persson 27.3050/50.92 bye; Olof Andersson 7.2222/237.26, Peter Kunc 6.5338/340.38; Marcus Perman 18.3618/67.72 bye; Stian Rusånes 7.3988/209.14, Kim Kristiansen 6.1738/387.93; Freddy Fagerström 6.2100/382.98, Roger Johansson 15.1763/80.42; David Vegter 5.9492/392.73, Andreas Arthursson 5.8816/408.16; Jimmy Ålund 21.0662/48.18, Jan Ericsson 5.9535/391.87; Mats Eriksson 6.0317/379.48, Micke Gullqvist 6.5674/255.80

Nice 100-foot burnout for Micke to open the session. Off his tracks on the way back, was skirting the central refuge, but all straight by the time he got back to base. 1.0630 to sixty, got a couple of hundred feet out then the engine note really picked up. 4.1798/294.60 to the eighth. Two runs, two MJs. Michael's motor zinged at the hit, had the tyres been spinning they'd have smoked so I am guessing transmission issues. Off the gas and idled through. Jere's tyres did not light in the burnout, as I looked up the car was shooting forwards. Shake and smoke at the hit, 1.2448 to sixty, off the gas then back on it but had lost a lot of time. Lars to sixty in 1.0824, no visible shake, 4.3228/275.37 to the eighth then off the gas and chutes out at about 1000 feet. Rolf shut off before staging and was pushed back. Åke up on the revs and edged out of stage. Off the gas and sat there as if wondering whether to come back and have another go but then idled it down the track. Olof left Peter for dead at the Tree and had the better sixty 1.0545 to 1.0604, had to pedal as the Chevy went left and got close to the guardrail. Peter with the lead with the better eighth 4.1715/267.59 to 4.2897/259.49. Olof off the gas past the eighth. Marcus' motor stopped shortly after starting, crew came back and quickly refired. Instant bad shake for Marcus, 1.1033 to sixty with the hides already rattling, car turned right and he got off the gas. Kim to sixty in 1.0602, Stian sitting on the line for an age but then to sixty in 1.0440, off the gas before the eighth. Kim to the eighth in 4.1216/305.78, no dramas and into #1. Freddy to sixty in 1.0335 with shake, Roger with instant shake, 1.2255 to sixty and the Mustang turned right, off the gas and pulled it straight. Freddy to the eighth in 4.1362/303.71. David with the better sixty 1.0101 to Andreas' 1.0341, not much shake to speak of for either. David to the eighth in 3.9238/310.70 to Andreas' 3.9298 at a much faster 321.24. Jimmy with almost instant shake, 1.1337 to sixty, a left turn and off it. Jan to sixty in 1.0185, car was heading for the centre line but he stayed on the gas and pulled it back, 3.9310/312.32 at the eighth. Storming sixty for Micke G 0.9777 to Mats' 1.0077, Micke's Camaro drifted left but he kept with it, Mats' Crown Victoria drifted right. Micke with the better eighth 3.9562/291.58 to Mats' 3.9698/304.57, Mats pulled the car away from the guardrail. In the second half a puff of smoke from Micke's motor and one chute out, I am guessing blower panel.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Andreas Arthursson 5.8816/408.16
  2. David Vegter 5.9492/392.73
  3. Jan Ericsson 5.9535/391.87
  4. Mats Eriksson 6.0317/379.48
  5. Kim Kristiansen 6.1738/387.93
  6. Freddy Fagerström 6.2100/382.98
  7. Micke Johansson 6.5156/300.00
  8. Peter Kunc 6.5338/340.38
  9. Micke Gullqvist 6.5674/255.80
  10. Lars Järpler 7.0022/241.07
  11. Olof Andersson 7.2222/237.26
  12. Stian Rusånes 7.3988/209.14
  13. Jere Rantaniemi 8.1130/250.46
  14. Roger Johansson 15.1763/80.42
  15. Marcus Perman 18.3618/67.72
  16. Jimmy Ålund 21.0662/48.18
  17. Michael Joneskog 23.8334/52.67
  18. Åke Persson 27.3050/50.92


EDRS Pro Nordic MC Super Street Bike qualifying after session 1

  1. Mathias Bohlin 6.9575/338.98
  2. Ida Zetterström 7.1136/314.14
  3. Bjorn Friström 7.2464/320.67
  4. Anders Blanck 7.4467/315.24
  5. Vesa Ruhanen 7.5434/266.67
  6. Roberth Häggblom 7.6341/302.86
  7. Kimmo Pulakka 7.7965/298.01
  8. Nichlas Sverin 7.9191/282.28
  9. Dag Wagenius 7.9302/271.77


FIM Europe/EDRS Pro Nordic MC Top Fuel Bike qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Peter Andersson-Ström 7.9241/211.18, Willem Been no time; Hans Eriksson 10.1559/133.33, Jan Sturla Hegre 9.0143/214.71; Peter Andersson 7.1904/311.42, Thomas Pettersson 6.6156/328.37; Filippos Papafilippou 5.9367/318.58, Rikard Gustafsson 6.0956/359.52

Great to see Willem back and it was plain from the launch that he wanted to announce his return. 1.0383 to sixty to Peter's 1.2775 but the bike started to fishtail, Willem got off the gas and really had his hands full as the bike was turning seriously left and right. Got it stopped about 300 feet out. Peter to the eighth in 4.8387/240.53 and off the gas in the second half. Willem's bike came back on a dolly so I am guessing something locked up, and the track received a thorough sweeping so bits to be cleared, hopefully just a belt shredded. Hans lost fire before the burnout but quickly restarted. Jan Sturla with the slightly better sixty 1.2506 to 1.2730, but then the motor faltered and Jan Sturla was off the throttle for some considerable time before squeezing it back open. Hans to the eighth in 5.3341/172.08. Peter to sixty in 1.2129, Thomas already on a stormer 1.1136 and 4.2700/276.50 to the eighth. Great pair to end the session! Fil to sixty in 0.9997, Rikard left for dead at the Tree got to sixty in 1.0879, Fil with the better eighth fishtailing 3.8096/325.11 to Rikard's 4.0498/313.04. Fil's chut ecame out at 1000 feet.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Filippos Papafilippou 5.9367/318.58
  2. Rikard Gustafsson 6.0956/359.52
  3. Thomas Pettersson 6.6156/328.37
  4. Peter Andersson 7.1904/311.42
  5. Peter Andersson-Ström 7.9241/211.18
  6. Jan Sturla Hegre 9.0143/214.71
  7. Hans Eriksson 10.1559/133.33


FIM Europe/EDRS Pro Nordic MC Supertwin qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Torsti Kettula 7.7136/208.57, Teemu Kettula 15.5470/94.67; Harri Piensalmi 20.5923/63.14 bye, Greger Johansson shut off; Kristin Hegre shut off, Roman Sixta 6.8206/337.92 bye; Tommy Grimes 8.7713/152.54, Svein Olav Rolfstad 8.0627/172.69; Trond Høiberget 7.7899/246.24, Martijn de Haas 6.7980/331.90; Hans Olav Olstad no time (bye), Gert Jan Laseur shut off; Samu Kemppainen 6.7421/338.13, Marcus Christiansen 6.4240/344.39

A brace of Kettulas to open the session. Torsti to sixty in 1.1779, Teemu in 1.2622, Teemu's bike heading for the centre line and quickly shut it off. 4.5494/253.05 to the eighth for Torsti then shut it off. Greger shut off by the Tree on the way back from his burnout. Harri took the bye, tyre straight up in smoke and there was a dull bang from the motor although it continued running. Kristin shut off before staging. Roman took the bye and what a great-looking run it was. 1.1840 to sixty, front wheel took its time coming down as befits a Supertwin, 4.5029/275.93 at the eighth. Great to see Tommy back with Per Bengtsson's Beast team. Tommy to sixty in 1.1176, Svein Olav in 1.0892, Svein Olav's bike was trying hard to toss him off but a happy ending as he just managed to miss the eighth mile reflectors. Tommy already off it by the eighth and Svein Olav was rolling off the gas pulling it straight. Trond to sixty in 1.3670, Martijn visibly quicker at 1.1787 and had a lead by the eighth 4.4622/278.06 to Trond's 5.0251/257.14. Trond was off the gas before the stripe. Gert-Jan shut off after the burnout. Hans Olav took the bye, briefly anyway as his motor cut out at the hit and he stopped a few feet out. Samu to sixty in 1.1587, Marcus in 1.1413, Marcus visibly pulling ahead by the eighth 4.2248/291.89 to Samu's 4.4283/286.92 with the front wheel still in the air.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Marcus Christiansen 6.4240/344.39
  2. Samu Kemppainen 6.7421/338.13
  3. Martijn de Haas 6.7980/331.90
  4. Roman Sixta 6.8206/337.92
  5. Torsti Kettula 7.7136/208.57
  6. Trond Høiberget 7.7899/246.24
  7. Svein Olav Rolfstad 8.0627/172.69
  8. Tommy Grimes 8.7713/152.54
  9. Teemu Kettula 15.5470/94.67
  10. Harri Piensalmi 20.5923/63.14


FIM Europe/EDRS Pro Nordic MC Pro Stock Bike qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Kalle Lyrén 7.0404/309.81 bye, Bo Thorselius shut off; Kenneth Holmberg 7.8798/277.63, Fredrik Fredlund 7.0605/307.87; Maurice Bertrand no time, Janne Koskinen 7.1572/300.67;

Bo didn't get the bike into gear for the burnout, two goes with the motor screaming but the slick not moving then shut it off. Great opener for Kalle, clean pass, 1.1006 to sixty and 4.5123/253.64 at the eighth. Kalle's 309/81 will be a speed record if he backs it up, well done Kalle, Roger and team! Fredde with Main Event damage fixed, quickly pulled out a lead over Kenneth who I suspect took this as a checkout pass. Maurice to sixty in 1.1510, Janne in 1.1131, then Maurice shut it off. Janne long gone, 4.5676/249.08 at the eighth. Maurice stopped at the eighth and retrieval called. Safety crews mobilised at the top end, word came back that Janne had touched the guardrail.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Kalle Lyrén 7.0404/309.81
  2. Fredrik Fredlund 7.0605/307.87
  3. Janne Koskinen 7.1572/300.67
  4. Kenneth Holmberg 7.8798/277.63


Top Methanol Dragster licence pass

Daniel Jedborn 5.4509/410.96 bye

Great run! 0.9992 to sixty feet then the car visibly picked up even more. No shake and all candles lit, 2.4999/261.00 to 330 feet, 3.6358/356.20 at the eighth, 4.6026/402.99 at the thousand. Terminal speed equates to 255.36 mph. Final licencing pass I'd have thought, and I'd have thought that after that performance we will now see Daniel in qualifying.


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 9

First pair and another near-guardrail experience for Krister Adeen, shut it off before the eighth. Keld Jakobsen's motor did not start and he was pushed away. Jens Eklund (7.80) took the bye, 7.0470/320.86, still #2 with the previous 7.0186. First run for PerErik Lindgren, first eighth looked good but then a big cloud of smoke behind which the car disappeared. Track checked and all OK, next pair fired up. Different lane but same result for Odd Erik Fossum, shake and smoke, motor screaming for mercy, car turning left and right. Big improvement for Jesper Stenberg (7.18) with a 7.5253 good for #23 but similarly to PerErik the car disappeared behind a cloud of smoke at the stripe, track checked and OK. 7.2408 on 7.59 for Johan Pripp good for #15.

Nine complete cycles of Sportsman qualifying with no down time at all, that speaks for itself. Well done all.

Next up another licence pass for Daniel Jedborn in in the Top Methanol Dragster, then Pro Q1. Have that Refresh button ready.


Simon has posted today's first set of pit notes which you can check out via the Event Index.

Street qualifying session 9

First pair and an 8.6679 good for #6 for Sami Holm. Next pair and a great 8.6011 took Thorbjorn Back to top spot, Jörgen Holmgren in the other lane with problems off the line, car slowed and one of the safety crew started to run to assist but then Jörgen got back on the gas.

Track work, Comp Eliminator, then into Pro Q1,

Pro Street qualifying session 9

Anna Wingård's motor did not start before the second pair and the Mustang was pushed back. Third pair and a 7.6479 for Peter Trång good for #12. Seppo Raussi with a 7.6012 and that is "only" good enough for #4 - how's that for an indication of the quality of this class. Anna came back for another go but shut off in the bleach box and was pushed back to the pits.


Stock/Super Stock qualifying session 9

Mathias Färm (10.55) up to #5 with a 9.4925. No Carla Pittau this session, hopefully all OK. Last pair and a slight improvement for Tomas Kaakinen (10.00), 9.4839 good for #27.

On hold for a groom of the track.


Super Street qualifying session 9

Ulf Axelsson not happy with something, quickly shut it off in the first pair. 10.9050 for Isak Lagg next pair good for #1. Christer Gustafsson's Challenger did not start and was pushed away.

Super Gas qualifying session 9

9.9153 for Christer Uhlin moved him up to #2. Penultimate pair and Håkan Mattsson back up to #1 at 9.9024.

Super Comp qualifying session 9

9.0016 for Tina Olsen Frog in the second pair but stayed #9.


Super Gas Bike qualifying session 9

No changes to the standings in this session.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 9

Improvement to 8.6348 for Tony Andersson good for #8. 8.6080 for Emil Östlund good to maintain #7. 9.3161 for Björn Linde but stayed #11. Last pair and Per Olsen left before the lights ran so no time.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 9

First pair and a fag rice paper -0.0016 RT for Hampus Sundqvist. Next pair and a0.0923 for Hannes Rautila good for #18 and that was eighteen of nineteen in the 0.0s. Pontus Söderlund with a close one too, -0.0032. A 0.0505 moved Justin Ericsson up to #15.

Junior Drag Bike qualifying session 9

Improvement to 0.0029 for Seth Friström but stayed #2 behind John Rolfstad's 0.0025.


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 8

First pair and same again for Odd Erik Fossum, shake and screaming motor, right turn and shut it off. Improvement for Roger Forsström (7.80) at 7.1980, stayed #8. In the other lane Janne Kretz edged out of stage going up on the revs. Hit it anyway after a moment but no time or speed of course. Robert Arthursson (7.05) going great guns, 1.0291 to sixty and 4.1306/275.51 at the eight but thickening smoke from the motor, shut it off just before the stripe. Track checked and all OK. A number of Andreas Arthursson's Pro Mod team came to watch Andres Arnover's session-closing bye, Ulf Stadig of Andreas' team had an interest as he had given Andres some assistance at pre-Main Event testing... 6.1410/394.45 driving through some shake which moved the car towards the line. Did Andres back out of it? Hell no, just stayed under power and pulled it away and then straight (in that order).


Pro Street qualifying session 8

Great 7.6007 for Anna Knutes in the first pair, up to #3. Fourteen of sixteen in the 7.6s at this point, three 7.60s, bump 7.7368, we have to be getting close to a bump spot record for this class. Second pair and a 7.7045 improvement for Peter Nordlund but stayed #15. Preben Bærentzen with a 7.7277 took the bump spot lower still. Next pair and a 7.6356 moved Pär Norgren up from #12 to #10. 7.6815 for Fredrik Gravningen moved him up to #14 and lowered the bump spot to Peter Nordlund's 7.7045, fantastic! Next pair and Felix Nilsson shut off after his burnout, stopped about 400 feet out, quad sent for retrieval.

Quick hold to give the track a wash and brush-up... well, without the wash.


Street qualifying session 8

Helena Olsson into #1 in the first pair at 8.6208. Sami Holm's Nova rocked in and out of stage up on the revs, red as the Tree ran at just the wrong moment for him at least. Jörgen Holmgren's Anglia stopped off the line, pushed back. Next pair and Torbjörn Israelsson drove it gently off the line before the lights ran.


Top Methanol Dragster licence pass

Daniel Jedborn 15.1230/87.55 bye

Tyres up in smoke at the hit, 1.3747 to sixty with tyres smoking, a pedal and off it.


Stock/Super Stock qualifying session 8

9.5311 improvement for Mathias Färm (10.55) was good for #9. Side-by-side improvements for Lars Nyberg (10.70) with a 10.0877 for #24 and Lars Björklund (12.00) with a 10.9588 for #6. Squeaker -0.0060 red for Carla Pittau.

Next up another Top Methanol Dragster licence pass for Daniel Jedborn.


Super Street qualifying session 8

-0.0044 squeaker RT for Uffe Lundgren but made up for it with a 10.9043 to consolidate his #1 spot. Next pair and Isak Lagg up from #6 to #3 with a 10.9168. 10.9136 for Jonas Larsson took over #3 spot one pair later.

Super Gas qualifying session 8

9.9430 improvement for Christer Uhlin in the first pair, stayed #7. 9.9164 for Håkan Mattsson strengthened the #2 spot.

Super Comp qualifying session 8

8.9243 in the first pair moved Micke Nilsson up from #5 to #4.


Super Gas Bike qualifying session 8

9.3704 breakout for Trygve Kjærstad Helgerud in the first pair. Magnus Pollack into #1 at 9.5011 in the final pair.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 8

8.5306 in the third pair moved Rasmus Östlund up to #3.

Quick break for track grooming.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 8

First pair and a 0.0045 for Niklas Larsson good for a move to #4. The top six in the 0.00s at that point. 0.0604 improvement for Almathea Granholm but stayed #15. Eskil Dahls up to #3 at 0.0024, the top ten now in the 0.00s and seventeen of nineteen in the 0.0s.

Junior Drag Bike qualifying session 8

No changes to the standings in this session.


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 7

Robert Arthursson pushed back before staging in the first pair. Keld Jakobsen (7.13) too the bye, improved to 6.9357 for #15. Fredrik Olehag (7.45) back from his burnout and ready to stage then Klaus Romahn (7.68) pulled a 100-foot burnout. Fredrik's crew guy was a study in patience. 7.5989 improvement for Klaus good for #16. Well, Andres Arnover is on his way back, 6.1179 on 6.67 index and up to #11. Side-by-side improvements for Krister Adeen (7.13) with a 6.5295 and Bjørn Johansen (7.45) with a 7.1962, Krister #8 and Bjørn #15. Next pair and hideous shake and a zinging motor for Odd Erik Fossum. Shut it off and idled through to the emergency exit. Lars-Georg Johansson (7.62) with a 7.0324 improvement stayed #10. Improvement too for Gideon Liljegren (7.68) with a 7.6358 next pair but stayed #18. Johan Pripp (7.59) up to #16 with a 7.3749 in the penultimate pair. First run of the event for PerErik Lindgren, sounded to run out of gears but more sessions left.


Pro Street qualifying session 7

Second pair, Max Hoffbrandt did not start and was pushed away. 7.8081 improvement for Preben Bærentzen's bye good for #18, although the bump spot was 7.7575 at that point. 7.6707 for Stefan Bjöns next pair, stayed #13, in the other lane Alexandra Wingård's Mustang was rocking in and out of stage as she went up on the revs. Next pair and Magnus Lidberg left before the lights ran, on the green Anna Knutes' car didn't move and she was pushed back. Next pair and Seppo Raussi was pushed back before staging. 7.6339 for Mats Lusth was good for #8, next pair and Jan Fricke Fredriksson improved his own bump spot to 7.7368. 300-foot burnout and rapid back-up for the other Freddy with a pick-up, in this case F Gravningen esq, #17 going into the run and still #17 after. 0.0023 breakout for Ossi Oikarinen in the last run of the session, track 17.43 centimetres too short for Ossi.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 7

First pair and Ludvig Sundqvist pushed back before staging. Lina Andersson goes right side, up from #18 to #15 at 0.1286. Pountus Söderlund next up the ladder, #10 to #8 at 0.0161. 0.0587 good for #13 for Stine Aune Hasselvold. Hampus Sundqvist up to #10 at 0.0245, at that point 0.0641 got you sixteenth of nineteen. No Marcus Andersson in this session, had a few issues yesterday but is on the ladder and hopefully will be back later.

Junior Drag Bike qualifying session 7

No changes to the standings in this session.

Super Gas Bike qualifying session 7

9.5347 fro Tryngve Kjærstad Helgerud good for #3 in the first pair. Improvmen for Joel Fredlund, 9.6779 but stayed #5.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 7

Improvement for Björn Linde in the first pair, 9.3713 but stayed #11. Jens Karlsson still making like The New Graham Dance, 7.9270 breakout. 8.6107 improvement for Emil Östlund good for #6, next Östlund to the start line also improved, Rasmus with an 8.5903, #6. The three Östlunds are in fifth, sixth and seventh places.

Super Street qualifying session 7

Squeaker -0.0065 red for Sebastien Jacobsen in the second pair. No changes to the standings in this session.

Super Gas qualifying session 7

First run of the event for Kenneth Öberg, looked to be taking it gently, eleven-second pass. In the other lane Peter Uhlman stopped off the line, pushed back and start line crew were picking up small pieces. Last pair and Erik Jansson took over top spot with a 9.9075.

Super Comp qualifying session 7

9.1449 improvement for Tina Olsen Frog in the first pair, stayed #9. Next pair and Amanda Sjöström-Andersson edged out of stage, crew went to investigate and then she drove up the track and took the emergency exit. Next pair and Kristina H¨gglund Nygren took over top spot at 8.9088. At that point eight of eleven were in the 8.9s. Perfect 0.0008 RT for Schuby Schubert, well done Schuby! 7.5957 breakout not quite so good but if you were tuned in yesterday then you will understand what that is about.

Stock/Super Stock qualifying session 7

Squeaker -0.0005 RT for Krister Fogelin, shut it off in the second half. Imrprovement for J&oum;lrgen Lindgren (12.55) 12.1475 but stayed #28. Björn Bondesson with a nice 0.0059 RT two pairs later. #1 qualifier Lasse Bodén did not turn out for this session but oversaw Lasse Nyberg (10.70) who improved to a 10.1158 for #24. Jarmo Grönman on a bye sounded to have transmission problems in the second half.

Street qualifying session 7

Torbjörn Israelsson with problems before staging, Helena Olsson took the bye and improved to 8.7643 for #7. Issue sorted Torbjörn took a thirteen-second bye. 200-foot burnout for Mauritz Rådberg, in the other lane Jörgen Holmgren's 100e was pushed back. 8.6476 bye for Mauritz good for #4. 300-foot burnout for Rolf Berglund went down well with the spectators, but then broke out by 0.0011 seconds - quick calculations indicate that the track was 7.94 centimetres too short for Rolf. Last pair and a 8.7116 improvement good for #8 for Mikael Svensson.


Good morning and welcome from Tierp Arena for our coverage of the Tierp Internationals brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

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The plan today is for two complete cycles of Sportsman qualifying - on which subject a big Well Done to race officials and racers for getting in an extra cycle yesterday - then the first Pro session at 12:50. Another Sportsman cycle follows the Pros and then the second Pro session commences at 16:50. As you can see we are using the split-screen reports, the data on the right kindly provided by Time-Tree. Today we will be posting commentaries on Sportsman classes and then the usual full reports and standings for Pro classes. As ever, in those classes in which it is practical we will do our best to post between each pair. so keep hitting Refresh.

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