Tierp Internationals
Tierp Arena, 6th-9th June 2019


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Top Fuel Bike racer Thomas Pettersson had some strong runs at the Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway. On his 1427cc turbocharged methanol engine, his PBs are 6.524 over the quarter and 4.151 over the eighth. During the 6.524 he clicked the bike off at 1000ft and the team are aiming for a 6.4s run this weekend. The team left the engine unchanged after the Main Event. Thomas has had assistance on the clutch from Peter Andersson who tunes the air system used to operate the bike's lockup clutch. Peter himself is entered into Top Fuel bike with a similar machine. Thomas thanks his crew and sponsors. Pit note © Mike Kraaij.

Pro Stock Bike and Super Comp Bike racer Kalle Lyrén hasn't raced since last August at Tierp, where he made a historic run of 6.95/311kph on his Pro Stock Bike. He has left the set-up as it was, changing only the Vance & Hines exhaust on the 1855cc two valve V&H engine. His best 60ft is 1.06 and eighth bests are 4.42/257kph. Kalle is very busy with work and family and so will attend only the two Tierp rounds, this weekend being FIM-E and August being for the Nordic Motorcycle Championship (NMC). He thanks his family and is sponsored by his own company and supported by father Roger Lyrén. So Kalle's aims this weekend are primarily to improve his personal bests as well as going rounds. Pit note © Mike Kraaij.

Super Twin racer Gert Jan Laseur did well at the Main Event, managing a strong 6.72@199.88mph. He improved the launch setup and damage was limited to a small problem on the cylinder head which he repaired after the race. Gert Jan will attend all rounds in the FIM-E championship this year depending on several factors. On the tuning front, he left the setup as it was at the Main Event and with his crew chief Sander and two other crew members have been concentrating on increasing the clutch amount to make stronger 60ft times. Gert Jan uses a Vickers 196cu in injected nitro engine. His best eighth time to date is a 4.289@281kph. He has achieved a 1.1 60ft time and if all goes well the team are hoping for a 6.5s time slip. Pit note © Mike Kraaij.

Super Twin racer Svein Olaf Rolfstad's racing season starts at this event. He tested during May but could not make many runs and the bike's belt broke as well. The team changed the oil system on the engine in an attempt to improve on last season's best of 6.234/230kph. He said 'On that run we were too soon to get on the limiter and so lost time and speed'. A good friend Steinar Opheim designed and made the engine casings, now called RPD, or 'Rolfstad Pro Dragracing'. As well as this he made the twin cams, cylinder, cylinder heads, cams, pushrods and rocker arms. The pistons and valves are from a top fuel dragster engine. The team will run in the EDRS Super Twin Top Fuel championship. Best times are 1.03 60ft, and 4.002 at the eighth. The weight has reduced to 475kg without the racer aboard. Svein believes the bike is capable of high five second times and the 1970cc engine can rev to 8000rpm to help achieve this. Svein would like to thank all his friends and family for helping make his racing career happen. Pit note © Mike Kraaij.

Pro Street racer Tommy Abrahamsson drives a '67 Chevrolet Camaro built by Joakim Andersson with a tube chassis, big block Chevy of 632cu in, with Dart block, Big Chief heads, JE pistons, Callies crank, Magnaflow fuel pump and Powerglide gearbox. His best was a 7.644/279kph to go eighth in the order.

Pro Street racer Peter Nordlund has a '61 Ford Starliner built by Pat Bennett race cars in Virgina, USA. The engine is 652ci and he uses a Leanders clutch, Lenco gearbox. Peter was 3rd in the 2018 EDRS Championship.

Pro Street racer Ossi Oikarinen who is new to the class and from Finland, runs a ’37 Chevy Coupe, with a NOS assisted engine. His background is in Formula One, where he was with Arrows, then at Toyota in the early 2000s as race engineer and then worked with BMW Sauber and Ferrari. He is also a member of the Woodstock TMFC team. You can see updates on his progress this weekend here. He currently lies in fifth with a 7.630 after running several 7.6s in previous sessions.

Pro Street racer Seppo Raussi from Finland who was the 2016 and 2018 EDRS Pro Champion races a Purple Pontiac GXP which was self built in 2011 with Tami Brander chassis. The engine is a petrol fuelled big block Chevy of 632cu in with NOS, Dart block, Brodix heads, Ross pistons, Lunati crank, Magnafuel fuel pump, and Powerglide gearbox. He is in 15th with a 7.748 on the 7.60 class index. We looked to see what the tightest field has been and found in 2017 at the Scaninavian Internationals in August the spread between first and sixteenth was a mere 0.104s.

Pro Street racer Felix Nilsson, aged 19, has a '57 Chevrolet Bel Air with 25.4 chassis, a Procharged big block Chevy of 555ci, with Dart Big M block and Dart Pro 1 heads, JE pistons, Callies crank, Bosch 044 fuel pump, JW Powerglide gearbox, and Strange rear. Suffering converter issues has only been able to run a 10.582 and is placed 22nd and last.

Pro Street racer Peter Trång has a Pontiac Firebird Built 2001 by Worthy Racecars. The engine is a Chevy 582cu in on nitrous with a Powerglide gearbox. He ran a 7.661 to go 10th.

Pro Street racer Pelle Arvidsson drives a '69 Dodge Dart. His engine is a Mopar 600 cu in with NOS and Predator heads. The crew chief for the team is Jarmo Löllö. He ran a perfect 7.6001 in the fifth session which made him no.1 qualifier.

Pro Street racer Michael Ohlsson has a Chevrolet Nova built by Amarillo Racecars. The engine is a big block Chevy of 632cu in on NOS, and he ran 7.619 to go fifth.

Pro Street racer Mats Lusth has a Pontiac GTO that was built in 2008. The nitrous assisted engine propelled the car to 7.640/283, which placed him in ninth.

Pro Street racer Lars Berglund was 2018 EDRS Pro Champion, with his Pontiac Grand AM built in 2004 by himself and Rickard Wiksten. The engine is a NOS big block Chevy of 632cu in. His 7.612 placed him third.

Pro Street racer Pär Norgren Blue Dodge Avenger is an old Pro Stock car built in 1997 by Jerry Haas. The ubiquitous-for-the-class big block Chevy of 565cu in on NOS propelled him to a 7.668, good for twelfth.

Pro Street racer Fredrik Gravningen from Norway has the only Pick Up in the class, a Chevy. He is aged 24, and unusually for the class runs a blown methanol combination. His 7.786 made him 17th qualifier and he will have at most three sessions tomorrow to attempt to get into the ladder.

Pro Street racer Anna Knutes Age 20 has a Ford built by Jerry Bickel in 2006, powered by a Chevy 632 engine on nitrous and gasoline.

Pro Street racer Christer Åberg Chevrolet Corvette ran a best ever 7.32 and was excluded from the event. The car was built in 2001 by Steele Fab, BBC 540cu in blower methanol engine (which was new in 2018). Before the run the team expressed that they had previously been excluded but the class is so tight, Christer has to aim for the index.

Stock/Super Stock racer Peter Lindberg has a ’70 Plymouth Cuda with 440 Six Pack, PPM Super Stock heads, Diamond pistons, Aeromotive fuel pump, Pro Trans auto gearbox, and Moser 9 inch rear axle. He runs the car in SS/EA with a 10.35 index and his best time is 9.551/223kph, which placed him in 16th out of 31 cars qualified so far.

Street racer Rolf Berglund was the 2017 and 2018 EDRS champion. He races a 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo which he built with Mikael Hedqvist from 2008 to 2012. The car has a Reher Morrison BBC 565ci on NOS and VP109 fuel, Dart Big M block, Brodix heads, Ross pistons, Callies Magnum crank, BG400 fuel pump, TH400 gearbox, and Ford 9 inch rear. The class requires 10.5 inch tyres and also an index of 8.60, more than a tenth below that and a racer will be excluded from the event. Rolf displayed his championship credentials by going number one with a 8.625/260kph.

Street racer Sami Holm races a 1966 Chevy Nova II built 2014-16 by Rickard Beltramo. The chassis is 25.4 SFI spec, and the engine is a NOS assisted BBC of 632 ci, with a Powerglide gearbox. His time today was a 8.6982 which places him fourth.

Street racer Thorbjorn Back has a beautiful Chevrolet Corvette C2, built 2007 by Tim McAmis, with a BBC of 500ci, Dart block, Pontiac Big Chief heads, Ross pistons, Sonny Bryant crank, and Powerglide gearbox. He ran a best of 8.6379/223kph to go third.

Street racer Torbjörn Israelsson runs a Volvo 242 with beam/tube chassis, Volvo B230 engine 2.5ltr with turbo on E85 fuel, Halvarsson CNC'd heads, DP pistons, SPM crank, and Powerglide gearbox. His times were off the index, let alone his personal best of 8.25/262 following transbrake issues.

Street racer Jörgen Holmgren has a 1956 Ford Anglia 100E with chassis tagged to 7.5s, and is powered by a turbo Pinto 2.0 litre engine on E85 fuel, wit Mahle pistons, Waterman fuel pump, AFT clutch, Liberty 5 speed gearbox, and 8 3/4 in axle. He ran a 9.226 which puts him in eighth, on the bubble as the class runs a eight car ladder.

Street racer Mikael Svensson has a Corvette C2 with a big block Chevy engine and single carb, naturally aspirated with a TH400 geqarbox. The street registered car ran a 8.743 which places him in sixth.

Pro Street racer Odd Roar Øgård from Norway has a 2015 Ford Mustang GT, built 2007 by Fast Forward Racecars in the US, with a 25.2chassis, steel body, small block Ford Proline 449ci turbo engine on E85 fue. The engine has Brodix heads, Diamond pistons, Bryant crank, and Aeromotive fuel pump. The power goes through a ProTorque CV 2 clutch, Rossler TH 210 gearbox, and Strange axle. He was not able to match his personal best of 7.48/307, and he is currently outside the 16 car ladder.

Pro Street racer Alexandra Wingård has this classic Mustang, powered by a E85 fuelled turbo engine, and she ran a 7.630 to go third after four sessions.

Pro Street racer Carina Mogren who is in her first event here, runs a ’70 Camaro, built in 1981 by Ulf Söderwall and Morgan Widerström, with a NOS assisted BBC 632ci, Brodix Big Chief heads, JE pistons, Callies crank, Holley fuel pump, and Powerglide gearbox. She ran a 7.801 which placed her 16th on the bump spot.

Pro Street racer Magnus Lidberg has a '71 Chevrolet Camaro with Alston chassis, a big block Chevy of 632cu in with Dart block and heads, Callies crank, Magnafuel 500 pump, and Powerglide gearbox. His 7.634/269 was a new PB which places him in sixth position.

Pro Street racer Michael Maderer from Germany runs a BMW 850 CSI which he built up in 2015, using a Suncoast Race Cars chassis, carbon body, Bob Ingles Pro Stock engine 500cu in, BG400 fuel pump, and Stig Olsson Powerglide. He went to the top of the standings with a 7.612/273.

Stock/Super Stock racer Mathias Munther was runner in the 2018 EDRS championship. His 340ci '72 Plymouth Duster runs in F/SA with a 11.85 index, and his 11.19/189 was good for 20th place after three sessions. The category is run to NHRA rules, with NHRA indices utilised - the vast majority of the cars here would be competitive in NHRA competition.

Stock/Super Stock racer Jarmo Grönman from Finland, with the Mountain Dew team has a 2016 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet built by Tami Brander with a Bo Butner 429ci Ninja engine. The engine runs without power adders, and has a Holley ECU and G-Force 5 speed gearbox. Pasi Mikkonen is the crew chief and 2019 is Jarmo’s 30th year in sport. The car runs in FS/C with a 10.30 index, and his 9.470 ET placed him in 16th.

Stock/Super Stock racer Jörgen Lindgren has a Chevrolet Bel Air built in 1962 with a 327 cu in engine, Holley fuel pump, Jerico gearbox and 12 bolt Chevy Mark Williams rear axle. His 12.1877 was 0.3623 under the K/S index of 12.55.

Stock/Super Stock racer Tomas Paulsson has a Chevy Nova with a 350ci engine rated at 300hp which runs in F/SA. He is in 24th with a 11.326 on his index of 11.85.

Stock/Super Stock racer Carla Pittau's Chevrolet Camaro was rebuilt in 2017 in the UK by Williams Bros Racing and painted by Eurodragster.com sponsors OCS Paint. Carla's engine is a 350ci LT1 small block, with a TH350 gearbox and GM 10 bolt axle. She ran a best of 10.539 on her D/SA index of 11.55, which places her in seventh. Long time crew Dave and Chris Buckland flew in yesterday from the UK to support Carla and Rick McCann.

Stock/Super Stock racer Jonas Bengtsson has been in the class since 2017 and runs a 427ci 1969 Chevrolet Camaro in A/SA. On a index of 11.00 he ran a 9.952/212kph which placed him fourth.

Stock/Super Stock racer Rick McCann was the 2018 EDRS Pro Champion. The recently reprayed Chevrolet Camaro Z28 has best 9.84/216 in S/SS on a GT/HA index of 10.5 but slowed to a 9.988 after launch issues. The car has a 400cu in small block engine with 1975 heads, Magnafuel fuel pump, TH350 gearbox, and GM 12 bolt rear.

Stock/Super Stock racer Åke Hedberg has a Cheva Nova built 1992 by Clark Holroyd running in A/SA with a big block engine. He ran 10.339 on a 11.00 index to go 22nd after four sessions.

Stock/Super Stock racer Theodor Brandt, aged 20, was 2018 EDRS Champion (this championship having different races to the EDRS Pro Championship). His white Chevrolet Nova was built in 2014 by Pete Dodge. It has a 350 cu in engine, Dart block, TH200 gearbox, and 12 bolt rear end. Against a 12.00 G/SA index, he ran a 10.9125 to go number two after four sessions. Theodor raced Junior Dragsters from 2011.

Stock/Super Stock racer Per Fagerström runs a Chevrolet Camaro built in 2002, with a 427 ZL1 engine in B/SA with a 11.25 index. His best so far is 10.118/211kph and he is in 12th place.

Junior Dragster racer Hannes Rautila (aged 8) licensed at the start of June and runs a Junior Stock car with a Briggs & Stratton 206cc engine under the eponymous banner of H.T.R. Dragracing Team. His first run was a RT of 0.9592, with 15 out of 19 cars making the 8am call, a usual time for US events but somewhat early in Europe...

Junior Dragster racer Eskil Dahls is new to this event and, although aged 15, has been racing for six years. She runs as Team Björkdalen and had a RT of 0.1156 to go eighth in session one. Eskil runs a JMA car.

Junior Drag Bike racer John Rolfstad, aged 14, is son of Super Twin racer Svein Olaf Rolfstad who built the bike John rides. The Suzuki 600cc machine went 6.714 in the eighth, or +0.2292 on his dial in.

Super Gas Bike racer Joel Fredlund, son of Pro Stock racer Fredrik is making his Tierp debut this event on a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 naturally aspirated. His run in session one was 10.549, and his PB is 9.78. Fredrik reported that he has an all-new gearbox after he suffered parts failure at the Main Event at Santa Pod, and so will be competing at this event, which is a FIM-E round.

Super Gas Bike racer Bo Sørensen from Denmark has a 2007 Yamaha R1 with a 1000cc engine. With a stock configuration and no power adder he nevertheless can hit the class index of 9.50 with ease. In 2018 he competed at Malmö, which he won, and Mosten.

Super Gas Bike racer Jenni Pekkarinen from Finland has a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 built in 2006 and runs with her father Jouni as crew. Jouni said 'Although we have come from Finland we live less than 200km from the ferry which goes to Kapellskär near Uppsalla, 150km from the track'. She is one of few bikes in the class that have run here previously and went 9.641 to go no.1 in the first session.

Super Comp Bike racer Björn Linde has a Kawaski ZZR1400 with turbo which has gone 8.46/277kmh, but his first run here was 9.811/224 placing him eighth. Björn is running with the colours of his employer Swecomposite, usually known in connection with business founder and PSB racer Kenneth Holmberg.

Super Comp Bike racer Tony Andersson has a wheelie and slick bike, unusual for the class, and the Honda 1300cc engine has a turbo and Hays clutch with most other engine parts stock. Tony broke out with a 8.4813/260kph which placed him eleventh of twelve qualifiers in session one of five planned for today.

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