Tierp Internationals
Tierp Arena, 7th-10th June 2018


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Stock/Super Stock racer Ari Körkkö has been racing this '69 Camaro for many years. It was built by Ari Jocke, and has run a best of 9.02/237.05 with its 427 BBC with Diamond pistons, BG400 fuel pump, TH400 gearbox and Ford 9 inch rear. He is 18th of 32 qualifiers with a best of 9.2441 on 10.05 index after four sessions.

Stock/Super Stock racer Anders Lindh has this Pontiac GTO 428cu in engine, 12 Bolt rear and is 22nd with a 10.1770 on 10.80 index.

Stock/Super Stock racer Fredrik Frisberg has a Plymouth Sport Fury 1964 that has run a best of 10.36/209. It has a Chrysler Max Wedge 426 cu in engine, CP pistons, Aeromotive fuel pump and Pro Trans 727 gearbox. He is 23rd with a 10.3837 on a 11.00 index.

Stock/Super Stock racer Peter Johansson has a '69 Camaro which this morning ran a new PB of 9.9528 on his 10.20 index to go 31st. Conditions are excellent this morning leading to a string of PBs and breakouts in single index classes.

Stock/Super Stock racer Iiro Mikkola from Finland has a '69 Camaro with 350cu in engine, McClay 200 gearbox, and Mark Williams 9 inch rear. He is no.17 with a new PB of 9.7731. Iiro was 2016 EDRS Pro runner up.

Stock/Super Stock racer Mathias Färm has a Mustang Mach 1 built by Lennart Thoresson and Mathias, with a Blair Patric 428 CJ engine, C4 gearbox by Joel's On Joy of Detroit. He is no.1 after four sessions with a 9.3783 on a 10.55 index.

Stock/Super Stock racer Per Fagerström has this Camaro built in 2002, the engine is a 427 ZL1. He ran a new PB of 10.1594 on a 11.00 index to go 15th.

Street racer Sami Holm is qualified 12th with 9.5133 after four sessions, having broken out with a new PB of 8.5845 on the class index of 8.6. His Chevy Nova II 1966 was built from 2014-16 by Rickard Beltramo, with a 25.4 SFI spec chassis, a NOS BBC of 632 ci, PG, and Ford 9 inch rear.

Street racer Helena Olsson was second after four sessions with new PB of 8.6268. She has a Dodge Daytona with a BBC 427ci n/a engine on E85, PG gearbox and Ford 9 in rear axle.

Stock/Super Stock racer Kai Suilo from Finland went 9.6767 on his 10.20 index to go 21st after a wayward run in the first sesson. His 2015 Camaro has a LS7 COPO engine of 427ci, with Aeroflow fuel pump, ATI TH400 gearbox, and Strange 9 inch axle.

Stock/Super Stock racer Åke Hedberg whose Nova was built in 1992 by US class specialist Clark Holroyd, is 28th with a 10.6135 on 11.00 index after two sessions.

Street racer Marcus Gustafsson is fourth with a 8.6792 on the 8.6 class index. He drives a Plymouth valiant built in 2004, with BBC 460 engine, AFR heads, Magnaflow pump, Turbin clutch, TH400 gearbox, and Dana 60 rear.

Stock/Super Stock racer Thomas Westberg is ninth with a new PB of 11.2033 on a 12.15 index. His engine is a Chevy 305 cu in and transmission is TH200.

Street racer Torbjörn Israelsson did not run in either of the first two sessions, being pushed back after his burnout with a minor leak. He later ran a 8,6957 to go 6th at the end of Thursday. His Volvo 242 has a tube chassis, Volvo B230 engine 2.5ltr with turbo on E85, Halvarsson heads, DP pistons, SPM crank, Bosch 044 fuel pump, PG gearbox, and Ford 9 inch rear. His best times are 8.25/262.

Street racer Jörgen Holmgren is no.1 after a 8.6049 in session two. His 1956 Anglia 100E has a 7.5 tagged chassis, turbo Pinto 2.0ltr engine on E85, Mahle pistons, Waterman pump, AFT clutch and Liberty 5 speed gearbox and he has run a best of 8.47/252.

Street racer Mauritz Rådberg has a Chevelle built by Håkan Bönström. The engine is a Steve Schmidt 585cu in with Dart Block, Canfield heads, JE pistons, Callies crank, Magnafuel pump, and PG gearbox. He is qualified 9th with 8.7996.

Street racer Rolf Berglund was 2017 EDRS class champion. He drives a Chevrolet 1987 Monte Carlo, self built in 2008-12 with the help Mikael Hedqvist, Reher Morrison BBC 565ci on NOS and VP109, Dart Big M block, Brodix heads, Ross pistons, Calliss Magnum crank, BG400 pump, TH400 gearbox. He is third with a 8.6519.

Street racer Gideon Liljegren ran a PB 8.5661/259.62, but breaking out and going to the bottom of the qualifying standings. His '66 Chevelle has an original chassis, Chevy 582cu in on NOS and petrol with Merlin block, Brodix heads, Diamond pistons, Ohio crank, and PG trans.

Street racer Terje Sætherhaug from Norway has a Pontiac Firebird steel body, BBC of 565ci naturally aspirated on MS109, with Dart block, AFR heads, Callies crank, and TS PG gearbox. He struggled to get down the track in session one and broke out in session two with a 8.5514, and is 7th out of 14 with a 8,7095.

Street racer Kim Petersson's Camaro self built 2010, tube chassis, SBC 434ci NOS engine on MS109, Dart Little M block, AFR heads, Rossler pistons, and custom crank. Kim is 5th qualifier after doing a couple of wheelies in session one, and breaking out in session two with a 8.5654, and later running a 8.6856.

Junior Dragster racer Veeti Kortelainen from Finland is aged 9 and has raced since 2017. He races a Hardens race cars dragster and was 14th after the fourth session with a 0.0319 reaction time.

Junior Dragster racer Justin Ericsson has a 2012 Halfscale dragster with Blossom 506cc engine and went 0.1942 in to go 21st out of 27.

Junior Funny Car racer Celina Hanssen from Norway is the sole car of this type and is racing in Junior Dragster. She went 0.0823 to go 21st after the fourth session. She is part of the Islanders team, also represented by Mari Udtian in Super Comp.

Junior Dragster racer Hanna Kongshem from Norway is aged 13, and has raced since 2012. Her RPC Gunslinger dragster was built in 2011 by Rick Deyli, with a JR Titan engine. Crew chief and Dad is Christian Kongshem. She went 0.1593 to go 24th after the fourth session.

Junior Dragster racer Håvard Kongshem went an excellent 0.0090 to go 3rd after the fourth session. He is aged 13 and has raced since 2012. His RPC Gunslinger car was built in 2008 and like sister Hanna, has a JR Titan engine.

Junior Dragbike racer Samuel Rundström, who is aged 15, qualified seventh with a 0.2047 reaction time (in the EDRS, Junior Dragbikes qualify on RT rather than against a dial in). He races a Honda CBR 600cc machine.

Junior Dragbike racer Trygve Kjærstad Helgerud from Norway, aged 15 and in his fifth year of racing, qualified second with a great 0.0024 RT. He rides a Kawasaki 600.

Junior Dragbike racer Eemeli Helkkala, aged 16, has a Kawasaki ZX-6R 600cc bike and qualified no.1 with an excellent 0.0018 RT. He is part of Rantala Racing.

Stock/Super Stock racer Thomas Strand has this '72 Pontiac Le Mans with a 455 HO engine and TH200 gearbox. His best is 10.699/196.96 (all speeds kph) and he ran 10.718 on a 11.70 index to go sixth after session one.

Stock/Super Stock racer Lars Björklund has a 327cu in Camaro with Powerglide and has run a best of 11.09/191kph and went second with a 10.8393, on a 12.00 index

Stock/Super Stock racer Jonas Bengtsson's Camaro has run a best of 9.96/212 in A/SA and went 10.0334 on a 11.00 index to go 7th. The car has a 427 cu in engine.

Stock/Super Stock racer Theodor Brandt is aged 19, and raced Junior Dragster since 2011. His Nova was built in 2014 by Pete Dodge and has a 350 cu in engine, Dart block, TH200 gearbox and 12 bolt rear end. It has run a best of 11.00/191 and ran a 11.0542 on a 12.00 index to go 10th.

Stock/Super Stock racer Erik Wallin went 10.229 on the 11.00 A/SA index to go 19th after session four. The car's best is 10.30/205 and has a 427cu in BBC engine.

Stock/Super Stock racer Glenn Appelgren's Super Stock Dodge Polara is 25th with a 10.497 on a 11.05 GT/L index. has run a best of 10.43/205.7. It has a 383 ci engine, Aeromotive fuel pump, Dodge 727/Mancini Racing gearbox, and DTS D60 rear end.

Stock/Super Stock racer Anders Eriksson is 13th after session four with a new PB 10.486 on a 11.40 index. The car has a 402cu in BBC with TH350 gearbox and GM 12 bolt rear axle and he was the 2016 EDRS champion.

Stock/Super Stock racer Vilma Palasmaa from Finland has this '68 Camaro which has run a best 10.91/190. This morning he ran 11.082 on the C/SA 11.55 index to go 27th out of 32 qualifiers (33 cars are entered). 396cu in engine with CP pistons, TH350 gearbox and 12 bolt rear axle

Stock/Super Stock racer Rick McCann reported a problem at the race he ran at Söderhamn a couple of weeks ago. Carla Pittau wrote: "Rick hooked up too well and went right whilst up in the air, quite high. When he landed he was too close to the wall (it’s a narrow track) and hit it. We need a door skin and a fender". In the end with quite a bit of panel beating, Rick brought the re-fettled car out in the first session and went 20th with a 9.819 on 10.50.

Stock/Super Stock racer Lars Johansson has a ’66 Chevrolet Belair started in category in 2015. The car has a 283 cu in engine, BG fuel pump, PG gearbox and 12 bolt rear and he went 12.320 on a 13.45 index to go fourth after the fourth session.

Stock/Super Stock racer Jimmy Arvidsson has a Ford Fairlane from 1966 and has run a best of 10.38/209 with a 427 medium riser engine and Jerico gearbox. He was pushed back before staging so hasn't made a qualifying run in the first session. He later ran 10.6603 on his 10.95 index to go 30th.

Stock/Super Stock racer Jörgen Lindgren went 12.424 on a 12.45 index to go 32nd. His Chevrolet Bel Air from '62 has a 327 cu in engine, Holley pump, Jerico gearbox, and 12 bolt Chevy/Mark Williams axle.

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