Tierp Internationals
Tierp Arena, 7th-10th June 2018


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Pro Street racer Michael Ohlsson is 11th with a 7.6762. The overall class spread between 1st and 16th is 0.1668s. He said 'The car is launching fine but I want more speed at the top end. We've had ignition problems and have missed two runs. We changed spark plugs and altered the timing but that hasn't helped'. The car runs a nitrous-assisted 632cu in engine.

Pro Street racer Anders Back is 19th with a 8.5225. He said 'We have had issues after I released the transbrake button and the engine cut out due to lack of fuel. The engine should run the numbers, but the problem is recurring. I increased the fuel pressure as much as we can. The Procharger engine setup is new and it runs fine on the dyno but not on the track. I think I will need to by a Racepak to diagnose the problem more.

Pro Street racer Christer Åberg said 'Our new blown methanol engine is putting out lots of power and the car is overpowering the race track. I think the problem is the rear end ratio, we need to get a better ratio for the launch. We raced last weekend on a eighth mile track and ran three 4.9s in a row so need to tune the car to the track'. Christer is joined by mechanic Johan.

Top Fuel Dragster racer Stig Neergaard is here supporting rookie racer in the class Dennis Nilsson, who licensed the day before the National Finals at SPR last September. Stig explained that he decided to enter the Tierp Internationals only after winning the Main Event, but was up against a deadline which he missed. Dennis has had problems with the roll cage of his car being too small (there was too little space between it and his crash helmet). Mats Eriksson of ME Racing Services has offered to rebuild it overnight, but the car will need to receive a new SFI chassis certification.

International and British Drag Racing Halls of Fame member Dennis Priddle is here as a guest of honour to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of drag racing in Sweden. He attended the first race back in 1968 with Tudor Rose which he took over the driving of after engine owner Rex Sluggett suffered a foot injury. Dennis is carrying the first issue of legendary Swedish drag racing and hot rod magazine Start & Speed with Tudor Rose on the front cover.

Pro Modified licencee Per Magnusson is driving Patrik Wikström's OFAB Camaro with Patrik's specially consructed Boss supercharger. The car now has a torque converter which caused problems with slippage during testing and the licensing run.

Super Twin Bike racer Per Bengtsson was racing for an indisposed Tommy Grimes. He said 'I consulted with my doctor who gave me clearance and am looking forward to getting back in the saddle. We're really here to test'. Accordingly his first run was a gentle 13.35.

Top Fuel Bike racer Jan Sturla Hegre took time to support his mother Kristin who has a new bike here this weekend. Her first pass on it was a familiarisation run. Her next pass was a straight as a dye 8.15/230.

Super Twin Bike racer Marcus Christiansen who broke the track record at SPR's Main Event with a stellar 6.337, ran a good 6.56/349 to go second in the first session.

Super Twin Bike racer Torsti Kettula ran a new PB of 7.43/257 to go fifth. His previous best was 8.39/215. His unblown bike has a PRP 168ci engine, UPM heads and direct drive.

Top Fuel Bike racer Sverre Dahl ran a great PB of 5.926/337 in the first session. His bike has a Yamaha billet nitro engine, Karling clutch, and Bentec gearbox. His previous best was 5.938/384 at the 2017 Drag Challenge at Gardermoen.

Super Twin Bike racer Hans Olav Olstad ran a new record 6.319/351.79 in the first session of qualifying. He ran well at the Main Event with new parts on the bike and he will be looking to back his run up for an official record.

Pro Stock Bike racer Thomas Olsen is in a reduced field of three with Bo Thorselius and Kenneth Holmberg. Kalle Lyrén and Timo Savolainen had to withdraw with lack of parts.

Pro Stock racer Hannu Kalliomäki has this Pontiac GXP which he raced at Alastaro and Tierp in 2015-17. The car was built in 2008 by Jerry Bickel, and like other GM Pro Stock cars has a DRCE 2 engine, Winberg crank, Ace 6.25 clutch, Liberty 5 speed box, and Mark Williams/Bickel rear axle. His run today was aborted after getting out of the groove but he has run a best of 6.738/333.73 in previous outings.

Pro Stock racer Tommy Leindahl runs a Chevrolet Cobalt built 2008 by Rick Jones and returned to the sport in 2017 after a five year break. He is the only member of the class to use a Leanders clutch and has run a best of 6.765/325,50. In the first session he ran 6.799/323 which put him on the bump spot at the end of Friday. There are three qualifying sessions on Saturday.

Pro Stock racer Sampsa Palos has a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt built by RJ Racecars in which he has run a best 6.692/334.37. However a launch and shut-off in the first session was followed by being pushed back in the second session.

Pro Stock racer Magnus Petersson missed the Main Event but he got back on form quickly here, with a 6.70 and 6.77, the second run slowed by tyre shake.

Pro Stock racer Thomas Lindström has been on good form running 6.63/335 and 6.58/339 and was in second place after two sessions.

Pro Stock racer Jimmy Ålund was back in the car that he won multiple championships with, and after a launch issue in session one ran a solid 6.635/340 which placed him fourth, the quickest speed of all indicating the car was making lots of power.

Pro Stock racer Christian Sagelv in his Ford Mustang ran a great 6.68/325 to go fifth after two sessions, remember that there are zero Fords in Pro Stock in the US at the moment so kudos to Christian for maintaining faith with the blue oval.

Pro Stock racer Michael Malmgren ran close to his PB in session one, his 6.598 being only six thousandths off his best. This made him no.3 qualifier by the end of the day. Michael has the distinction of having raced every year in FIA Drag Racing Championship which he has won twice, in 2002 and 2003.

Pro Stock racer Bengt Ljungdahl, last year's champion, stamped his authority on the class with a 6.541/339.62 in the first session, and 6.531/340.06 in the second session to go no.1 at the end of Friday.

Pro Stock racer Stefan Ernryd, winner of the Main Event, suffered violent shake in session one, crossing lanes to make the exit, and went 6.70/334 to go sixth. Undoubtedly he will be looking to get quicker in tomorrow's three sessions.

Pro Stock racer Robin Norén, runner up at SPR with a new PB of 6.652/333, suffered shake in both runs and ended as 10th with a 7.474.

Top Methanol Funny Car racer Johnny Oksa went 5.87/406 in session one, and then in session two the engine quit after the burnout. He ended the day in sixth position.

Top Methanol Funny Car racer Mikael Larsson struggled again after a problem-filled SPR visit, and in the first session his throttle didn't operate properly on either the burnout or the run, and on the second he suffered shake and then a blower burst panel went pop.

Top Methanol Dragster racer Jonny Lagg ran a new PB of 5.3988/421.55 to go third after two sessions. In the first session his tyres went up in smoke at the hit.

Top Methanol Dragster racer Timo Habermann suffered tyre smoke in the first session but then did a great 5.3147/474 with a minute pedal in the second session.

Pro Street racer Roger Kullander was qualified 18th at the end of Thursday with a 8.448 on the 7.60 cut-off. His Ford Mustang GT, self built in 2012, has a Tim McAmis chassis, Hairy Glass body, Fulton 738ci BBC engine on pump gas, Fulton heads, JE pistons, Turbin 4500 clutch and ATI gearbox.

Pro Street racer Dabuel Hållestam runs a '59 Plymouth Built in 1989 by L Andersson (Was Bankrobber II) using a tube chassis with a 7.5 tag, Reher Morrison 588ci engine, Dart Big M block, Raptor heads, Ross pistons, ATI Super Glide 2 gearbox, Ford 9 inch Strange rear. He is qualified 17th with a 7.8126, outside the 16 who will race on Saturday and Sunday.

Pro Street racer Lars Berglund is qualified no.1 with a 7.6032. He drives a Pontiac Grand AM built in 2004 by Lars and Rickard Wiksten, NOS BBC 632cu in, NCP block, Dart heads, Diamond pistons, and TH400 gearbox.

Pro Street racer Pelle Arvidsson is qualified on the bump with a 7.8091. His '69 Dodge Dart, which has run a best of 7.53/293, has a Mopar 600 cu in engine with NOS and Predator heads and PG trans.

Pro Street racer Alexandra Wingåard suffered problems on the launch, rolling the beams in two attempts and having tyre spin in her first run and was in 23rd at the end of Thursday. Her turbo Mustang runs on E85 fuel.

Pro Street racer Peter Trång's Firebird was built in 2001 by Worthy Racecars and has a Chevy 582cu in engine on NOS and PG gearbox. At the start of Friday he was seventh with 7.6758.

Pro Street racer Anders Back was 19th with a 8.5225 at the start of Friday. His Corvette C5 was built in 2003 by US firm Suncoast, with tube chassis, Chevrolet 555cu in on E85 with blower, and PG box. Transmission woes seem to be keeping the car from running its potential.

Pro Street racer Christian Kongshem from Norway runs a '66 Nova built in 2005 by US racer Pat Bennett. The Chassis is tagged to 6.0, engine 598ci Dart with Brodex heads, Ohio crank, Magnafuel pump, and PG gearbox. His best time was 7.6307 which placed him fifth.

Pro Street racer Mikael Norén's Dodge Demon has a 580cu in Mopar engine with NOS. The engine features a Mega block, Indy heads, Magnafuel fuel pump, Turbin clutch and JW Powerglide. He is in 11th place with a 7.7043.

Pro Street racer Jens Lönngren has a naturally aspirated 632ci engine in his Chevrolet Cobalt running on VP109 fuel, and he is in 21st with a 9.5759. In his first two passes the tyres spun and then he broke out with a 7.5876 and didn't start in the last session of Thursday.

Pro Street racer Magnus Lidberg has a '71 Chevrolet Camaro with Alston chassis, BBC 632cu in with Dart big M block, Dart heads, Callis crank, Magnafuel 500 fuel pump, and PG gearbox. He ended Thursday 13th with a 7.7226.

Pro Street racer Christer Åberg had big tyre spin and smoke in his second and third session passes and then didn't start, and he ended the day in 24th and last position. His 'Vette was built in 2001 by Steele Fab, and has a BBC 632cu in NOS engine with Dart block and heads, PG and Dana 60 rear.

Pro Street racer Peter Nordlund's '61 Ford Starliner was imported from the US and was built by Pat Bennett race cars in Virgina. It has a 652ci engine, Leanders clutch, Lenco gearbox. He finished Thursday in 10th with a 7.6926.

Pro Street racer Pär Norgren was second at the end of Thursday with a 7.6040 run in the first session. He has a Dodge Avenger built in 1997 by Jerry Haas, powered by a BBC of 565cu in on NOS, with Dart heads, JE pistons, Callies crank, Neal Chance clutch, and Stig Olsson PG.

Pro Street racer Johan Källberg was 6th with a 7.6516. His Toyota Celica is powered by a SBC turbo engine.

Pro Street racer Michael Maderer from Germany has a BMW 850 CSI self built in 2015, with Suncoast Race Cars chassis, carbon body, a Bob Ingles Pro Stock engine 500cu in, and Stig Olsson PG. He is in fourth with a 7.6297.

Pro Street racer Seppo Raussi from Finland has a Pontiac GXP which was self built in 2011 with a Tami Brander chassis, pump gas fuelled BBC 632cu in on NOS, with Dart block, Brodix heads, Ross pistons, Lunati crank and PG gearbox.

Competition Eliminator racer Robert Arthursson did a pedal in session one after shake and the car moving to the left, and then improved in the following sessions, ending the day as no.1 with a 6.4964 on a 7.32 index. His Camaro, built in 2009 by Vanishing Point, has a methanol turbo 2JZ engine of 3060cc with a Liberty Extreme gearbox.

Competition Eliminator racer Christer Adeen ran a 6.66 in session two and improved to a 6.615 in session four to finish the day fifth. His Volvo S60 built in 2016 by ME Racing Service has a Volvo turbo engine.

Competition Eliminator racer Roger Forsström's car is also powered by Volvo. The car is a C70 built 2012-14 by team, and the engine, fuelled on E85, has 2100cc displacement, with Stock block and ported heads, CP pistons, billet crank, Eastwest clutch, and Liberty 5 spd gearbox. He finished Thursday eleventh with a 7.7005 on a class index of 8.06.

Competition Eliminator racer Odd Roar Øgård from Norway showed us his engine setup, originally built for radial racing in the US. He said 'I bought the car brand new ten years ago, it had a white body and had only done ten test and tune runs in the US. It's all steel and runs at 2700lb weight for the class which I have achieved by keeping it steel and retaining the door cards and dash. The engine is a small block Ford of 449ci with a 118mm Precision Turbo, about the largest you can get, and it runs at 40psi. The engine puts out 1600-1800hp. The single turbo and having the intercooler in the passenger seat area means I can use the stock hood'. With a 6.0 chassis tag, the car is an example of how Pro Street cars are becoming state-of-the-art as well as running the 7.6 numbers. Odd is eighth with a 7.6435.

Competition Eliminator racer Mats Lundkvist went 7.1899 on his class index of 7.85 to go sixth after five sessions. He has a 1993-built Jerry Haas Camaro with a SBC 421cu in featuring a Dart Little M block, GM18 heads, Wiseco pistons, BG400 fuel pump, Ace clutch, Liberty 5 spd gearbox, and Ford 9” rear.

Pro Street racer Anna Knutes, aged 19, is in her third year in racing, her father Hans having raced for many years in Comp Eliminator. She said 'The car was built by Rick Jones and bought from Finland. It has a 632cu in Fulton engine with just a little nitrous. I've run in Pro street for two years now and am thinking of moving up to Super Pro Street which has a 6.80 class index. That will mean increasing the engine size to 732cu, and taking off 90 kilos in weight. I'm enjoying racing and we are doing 7-10 events each year in Scandinavia'.

Competition Eliminator racer Viljar Mäesepp from Estonia had a wayward pass in session one yesterday and the car hit the reflectors, but improved to a 7.1801 in this morning's fifth session which placed him 14th. his Nissan 300zx Twin turbo was built in 2011 by VKM Motors, and has a VQ35HR Nissan engine of 3.5ltr and Lenco 4 speed gearbox. His best is 6.63/338.

Competition Eliminator racer Niklas Heikkilä races a Ford Thunderbird that we have seen several times before, firstly in 2005 in the hands of Hans Knuters. He ran a 6.7989 in it on a 7.50 class index to go fourth after five sessions.

Competition Eliminator racer Lars-Georg Johansson went 7.1054 on a 7.32 class index to go tenth after five sessions. His Camaro was built in 2006 by Mig Själv and NS Race cars and features a blown methanol SBC 326cu in engine, with a custom made billet block, Splayed Valves head, JE pistons, Bryant crank, Enderle fuel pump, East&West 8" clutch and Liberty 4-spd gearbox.

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