Tierp Internationals
Tierp Arena, 15th-18th June 2017

Torsdag / Thursday

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01:15 Friday

Thursday pictures have now been posted and can be checked out via the Event Index page. There are 290 pictures in all; if you do not see all 290 updated thumbnails when you load the gallery page then click on your Browser's Refresh button.


Junior Drag Bike qualifying session 4

Improvement for Oliver Amunden, 0.2297, stayed #5. Eemi Hekkala into #2 spot in the last pair at 0.1284.

Super Gas Bike qualifying session 4

Only Iiro Reinola turned out for this session, improved still further to 9.6206.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 4

8.5397 improvement for Emil Östlund consolidated his #1, Bianca Nilsson impproved to 8.5515 to stay #2. OK that went one pair as Nichlas Sverin came in at 8.5048 to take over top spot. Peter Svensson #6 with an 8.6746. Final run of the day, Tomas Jonsson stayed #11.

That's qualifying done for today. We will bring you today's gallery in a couple or three hours once we have had dinner.


Simon has posted today's final set of pit notes which you can check out via the Event Index.

Pro Street qualifying session 4

First pair and no time for Johan Källberg as he left before the lights ran. Next pair and a fantastic run for Preben Bærentzen, up to #1 all the way from #13 at 7.6045. Next pair and Seppo Raussi up to #10 at 7.6723 and there is more in there as there was a bit of a bounce off the line courtesy of shake. Gideon Liljegren up to #12 in the other lane at 7.7833. Kjell Marum and Not Quite As Fast Freddy Gravningen next up, 7.5461 breakout for Kjell, 7.8123 improvement for Fredrik put him #12. Next pair and Michael Ohlsson lost drive at the hit, idled through. Looked like first gear not engaged for Benny Arvidsson, that or on and out of it, several bunny hops then off he went but several seconds lost.


Stock / Super Stock qualifying session 4

Erik Wallin (11.00) up from #25 to #21 at 10.4796. Wheelie of the Day so far for Mathias Färm, heading for the centre line but stayed with it and calmly pulled it back on landing. Johan Stam (11.40) up from #30 to #23 at 10.9157. Dan Williams (10.95) next up the ladder, #9 to #6 at 10.0076. Fredrik Friberg (11.00) up from #22 to #20 at 10.3852. Last pair and Hans Nilsson (10.25) moved up from #32 to #27 at 9.7915.

For our UK readers Dan is #6 and Rick #24.


Super Gas qualifying session 4

First pair and Thomas Hauge in to #5 at 9.9397. Next pair and #4 for Annica Larsson at 9.9401. Johan Renström with a 9.9260 against a previous best of 9.9259, how about that? 9.9204 improvement for Jan Hallman but stayed #3. Penultimate pair and Helena Olsson up to #6 at 9.9398. Patrick Wickman closed the session but no improvement.

Super Comp qualifying session 4

8.9207 for Micke Nilsson in the first pair, good for #2. Wild burnout by Lina Wallberg, right slick actually went out of bounds but not an issue during a burnout. Then just edged out of stage going up on the revs after the lights ran and lost a couple of seconds of ET. Julie Nataas closed the session, up one place to #7 at 8.9851.


Super Street qualifying session 4

Big burnout by Jonas Larsson before the first pair, the track disappeared there for a moment. Next pair and a 10.9450 improvement for Christer Gustafsson moved him up from #6 to #4, we won't mention the Reaction Time. Last pair and a lost run for Stefan Bengtsson, just left before the lights ran.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 4

First pair and a 0.0058 for Pontus Söderlund moved him up from #13 to #1. Squeaker -0.0037 for Victor Heleander next pair. Hampus Sundqvist and Maximilian Marnell side by side ro very close 0.0640 and 0.0650 RTs, Maximilian up to #14. Emy Tegnemo up from #19 to #15 at 0.0652. 0.0732 for Felicia Rudnert moved her up from #29 to #16. Jesper Norin next up the ladder, #17 to #10 at 0.0396.

Villiam Svensson and Oskar Norling ready to stage when it started to rain. Great job by the track crew once the rain stopped and here we are again. Oskar up to #18 at 0.0740.


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 3

First pair and a great 6.9021 for Mika Eloranta (7.23) moved him up from #11 to #6. Next pair and Mikael Holmström going great guns albeit right along the centre line but then smoke from the motor in the second half and the car visibly slowed before the stripe. Track checked during which a few spots of rain fell, Grace at trackside reported that the rain felt warm. On the restart a great 6.6074/342.86 from Krister Adeen (7.23) moved him up from #21 to #3 and we understand on a class record, well done Krister! In the other lane Robert Athursson (7.37) was going great guns then about 150 feet out his Camaro made a move to the right and a trail of fluid was clearly visible issuing from under the car. Robert pulled over to the side of the track and then either took the braking gently or let it stop itself, either way he did the sensible thing. Had it stopped about 1000 feet out. Clean-up ensued.

On the restart an improvement for Lars-Georg Johansson (7.73), 7.1749 good for a move up to #5. Bjørn Johansen (7.56) shut off before staging and was pushed back, Pär Eriksson (7/23) took the bye. Fantastic run! 6.7122/334.57 and into #6 spot. #1 qualifier Stig Olsson (7.38) closed the session in the slingshot, rolled through stage and then the car took a right turn just before 330 feet so he shut it off.


Top Doorslammer qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Jukka Kiiskinen 5.2958/228.43 bye; Stefan Carlsson 14.3494/79.73, Åke Eliasson 4.0777/293.80; Laura Saksa 4.5185/269.73, Anne Britt Nilssen 4.1709/283.17; Anders Edh 4.2458/280.23, Rimbert Vahlström 3.9269/307.87; Victor Jansson 3.9637/314.50, Michael Nord 3.9955/294.28; Lenn Lindell shut off, Andreas Sjödin 3.8978/313.59 bye

First outing today for Jukka. Tyres spun then up in smoke, 1.2559 to sixty, a pedal and back on it, close to the guardrail but stayed with it. Also Åke's first outing today. Same again for Stefan, spin and lost drive. Great 0.9882 sixty for Åke, slight fishtail but no drama. Good baseline run. Laura's motor sounded to be struggling during the burnout. 1.0356 to sixty for Laura but then shake, pedalled and didn't really recover, Anne Britt in the other lane was visibly pulling away. 1.0474 for Anne Britt, improvement but stayed in place. Visible 0.0341 to 0.059 holeshot for Anders but then had to drive through shake, 1.0447 to sixty. 0.9942 to sixty for Rimbery, slight move to the left but had it well under control and the Champ into #1 spot. Victor to 1.0547 with shake, 0.9805 for Michael. Looked like Victor's relief plate blew right on the eighth. Michael's car looked like it was shot from a gun, accelerating hard all the way to the stripe in a haze of clutch dust. Lenn fired up and immediately shut off, or the motor stopped itself, and he was pushed away. Andreas took the bye, fantastic run! 0.9667 to sixty, straight down the middle of the lane, on the gas all the way to the stripe and into #1 spot.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Andreas Sjödin 3.8978/313.59
  2. Rimbert Vahlström 3.9269/307.87
  3. Lenn Lindell 3.9291/313.95
  4. Victor Jansson 3.9452/311.42
  5. Michael Nord 3.9955/294.28
  6. Åke Eliasson 4.0777/293.80
  7. Anne Britt Nilssen 4.1709/283.17
  8. Anders Edh 4.2458/280.23
  9. Laura Saksa 4.4527/265.52
  10. Jukka Kiiskinen 5.2958/228.43
  11. Stefan Carlsson 14.3494/79.73


Super Gas Bike qualifying session 3

9.6432 for Iiro Reinola to consolidate the #1 position.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 3

Emil Östlund into #1 in the second pair at 8.5483. Next pair and a breakout for Peter Svensson, 8.4566. Kimmo Rantala closed the session, lost some time off the line.

Quick groom of the track then Top Doorslammer Q2.


Junior Drag Bike qualifying session 3

No changes to the standings in this session.

On hold for spots of rain. It is very light, we'll be back soon.


Pro Street qualifying session 3

Great first pair, Mikael Noréren up from #7 to #2 at 7.6107 and Johan Källberg up from #8 to #3 at 7.6145. See why I love Pro Street? Improvement for Peter Trång but stayed #6, bit of a lively launch for Micael Eriksson in the other lane and backed out of it. Another great run for Mats Lusth, 7.6057 to take #1 spot. In the other lane Pelle Arvidsson had problems and was off it by 330 feet. Huge burnout again by Fredrik Gravningen in the Chevy pick-up. Improvement to 7.8749 but stayed #11, in the other lane Benny Arvidsson built up the revs, edged forward enough to trigger the clock, went a few feet under power then gave it up. 7.6671 for Kjell Marum but stayed #7. 7.5908 speaker for Seppo Raussi, in the other lane Kenneth Lingvald's Camaro was fishtailing more and more seriously, he held it to about half track then thought better of it and backed off. Michael Ohlsson shut off after the burnout and was pushed back. Alexandra Wingård took the bye, great run, 7.8949 good for #12. Preben Bærentzen closed the session, tyres screeched on launch and had to pedal but still a 7.8976 good for #13.


Stock / Super Stock qualifying session 3

Glenn Appelgren (10.90) first up the ladder several pairs in to the session, #31 to #21 at 10.4331. Rick McCann (10.50) up from #23 to #21 at 10.0248. Next pair and aborted runs for both Bo Nylund (11.70) and Mathias Färm (10.55). Björn Bondesson (11.25) and Uffe Edwardsson (11.25) swapped places, now #2 and #3 respectively, Björn at 10.2077. Next pair and Fredrik Frisberg (11.00) up from #34 to #20 at 10.4849. Aborted run for Krister Fogelin (10.95) next pair. Lars Johansson (13.45) next up the ladder, #9 to #4 at 12.4533. Jarmo Grönman (11.35) closed the session, motor hesitated coming down from the wheelie, but still an improvement 10.2479 to consolidate his #spot.

For our UK readers Dan Williams is #9 and Rick McCann #22.

Quick break for track prep.


Super Comp qualifying session 3

Pair of 8.87 breakouts by Kristina Nygren and Julie Nataas to open the session. Track crew had a long look at Julie's lane but then signalled the next pair to fire up. Michelle's tyres didn't light on the burnout but the track very warm, 8.6214 breakout shows you just how good the track is even if you don't burn out. Smiles from the crew. First outing for Kevin Danielsson. 9,5734 good for #7. Another Perfect ET, this time by Marita Granholm, 8.9005 consolidate her #1 spot. Grattis Marita! Lina Wallberg having been pushed back earlier out for another go. Wheelie on launch and the crew were very happy with that.


Pro Modified licencing pass

Michael Joneskog 6.7171/356.20 bye

Very, very straight burnout by Michael, you could use the tyre tracks as a ruler. Just edged through stage going up on the revs. 1.1620 to sixty with shake, a pedal then off he went. 4.4905/281.54 at the eighth, on the gas all the way but lost time to shake.


A big Hello and a hug or two to Diana Macrae, aka DD of the Podington Peas, who is tuned in from the UK. Hope you are enjoying the coverage DD.

Super Street qualifying session 3

After naughtiness last session Isak Lagg right-side and in at #2 at 10.9427. Next pair and Marie Wallin up from #4 to #1 at 10.9134. Tomas Hägg up from #6 to #5 in the last pair, 10.9514. Stefan Bengtsson drove back to the pits after the session concluded.

Super Gas qualifying session 3

Christer Uhlin up from #6 to #3 in the first pair at 9.9801. Next pair and Annica Larsson up from #7 to #3 at 9.9455. Not to be outdone Angelica Larsson moved up from #7 to #1 at 9.9139, in the other lane Patrick Wickman moved up from #13 to #5 9.9419. Two consecutive double-breakouts followed, then a Perfect ET for Fredrik Edlund, 9.9005, good for #1 of course, grattis Fredrik! 0.0058 breakout for Stefan Andersson last pair.

Michael Joneskog back for his next Pro Modified licencing pass.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 3

First pair and Tindra Christensen moved up the ladder #6 to #3 at 0.0328. 0.0405 and 0.0403 sode by side for Niklas Larsson and Patrik Lind moved them up to #6 and #4 respectively. Next pair and Hampus Sundqvist up from #2 to #1 at 0.0092. Two pairs later and former #1 Fanny Andersson with the chance to take it back from Hampus, not this time. Emil Eriksson then up to #1 from #12 at 0.0086. Roman Sixta up from #16 to #6 next pair, 0.0379. Next up the ladder Eskil Dahls, #14 to #4 at 0.0209 followed by Victor Heleander #14 to #10 at 0.0495. Next pair and Villiam Svensson pushed back before staging, chain disengaged I suspect, quickly sorted. Nelly Ericsson then up from #28 to #10 at 0.0413. Villiam Svensson back paired with Kevin Granholm, #27 v #26, Villiam up to #21.


Pro Modified licencee Michael Joneskog's motor would not fire so he was pushed away.

Junior Drag Bike qualifying session 2

Seth Friström up from #7 to #1 in the first pair at 0.0262. John Rolfstad next up the ladder, #7 to #4 at 0.2341. Former #1 Trygve Kjærstad Helgerud pulled a red, no improvement for Fabian Hulth in the other lane. Tim Christensen lost fire in the bleach box and was pushed away. Looked to take it very well, body language certainly wasn't sulky.

Super Gas Bike qualifying session 2

Only Iiro and Magnus in the class. Small wheelie for Iiro but still an improvement 9.7174.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 2

Tony Andersson up from #9 to #2 first pair, 8.6407. Next pair and Bianca Nilsson up to #1 from #4 at 8.6058. In the other lane Emil Östlund up from #3 to #2 at 8.6291. Boy Soprano wheelie for Rasmus Östlund next pair, kept a hold of it though (the bike). Toni Suokas up from #10 to #7 at 8.8226 then next pair Peter Svensson up from #12 to #5 at 8.6815. Kimmo Rantala closed cycle 2, no improvement.


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 2

Mikael Holmström did not start and was pushed away. Fredrik Olehag (7.56) took an easy-sounding bye, feathering the throttle and never full on. Andres Arnover (6.89) drove through shake, pedal and back on it, 7.2199 good for a move up to #11 from #20. In the other lane Jesper Stenberg (7.00) had problems off the line and idled through. Next pair and Robert Arthursson (7.38) never made it to the start line, pushed away. Jens Zimmerman (7.86) took the bye, motor bogged off the line and it was a good few seconds before it picked up, then shut it off at about half track. Bucking Bronco ride off the line for Krister Adeen, gave it up after getting a bounce on about 60 feet out/ 6/7145 for Hannu Flink (7.27), smoke in the shutdown area but no concern. First run for Daniel Jedborn (7.73), motor sounded lazy and then sounded to drop out of gear and the note shot up, Daniel off the gas. In the other lane PerErik Lindgren (9.41) up to #8 at 9.1652. Stig (7.38) up to #1 from #2 at 6.6565, in the other lane Bjørn Johansen (7.56) had problems and shut it off. Improvement for Angelica Bäckman (7.61) 7.1148 but stayed #4, looked like another checkout pass for Lars-Ove Berglund (8.74). Final pair and Pär Eriksson (7.23) drove through shake and moved up to #10 at 7.0696, in the other lane Lars-Georg Johansson (7.73) moved up from #7 to #5 at 7.2527.

Next up another Pro Modified licencing pass for Michael Joneskog.


Pro Street qualifying session 2

Long burnout by Fredrik Gravningen in his Chevy pick-up, inevitable comparisons with another Fredrik with a Chevy pick-up. Big shake for Gideon Liljegren, left turn and a pedal, Fredrik up to #8 at 7.9133. Fantastic pair between Johan Källberg and Peter Trång, 7.6990 staying #4 and up from #10 to #2 at 7.6650 respectively. Another nice pair next, Mats Lusth up from #3 to #2 at 7.6327 and Mikael Norén up from #8 to #4 at 7.6798. Problems getting going for Benny Arvidsson, car pedestrian off the line but then picked up enough to need the chutes. Next pair and Peter Nordlund took over the lead from #10 at 7.6097, the car skated some in the first half without which he may have broken out. Kjell Marum in the other lane up to #5 at 7.6675. First outing for Alexandra Wingård, 8.4451, crew looked a bit disappointed. In the other lane smoke from Micael Eriksson's motor in the shutdown area but all OK I think. Michael Ohlsson up from #9 to #6 at 7.6709. No time for Seppo Raussi, left before the lights ran, 7.6704 for Pä Norgren in the other lane but already #2 with his earlier 7.6179. Preben Bærentzen not having made a run last session closed this one, 8.2091 with a feather of the throttle at about 330 feet. Excellent session, this is a class which Your Reporter doesn't see in the UK but is one which he quickly learned to love very much.


Stock / Super Stock qualifying session 2

Christer Lidberg with problems staging, Thomas Strand signalled to take the bye. The Tree ran and Christer sat there for a good while before launching. Staging problem was somewhere between the stage beam and the Tree, Tech Crew rushed to fix it. Tech guy, timekeeper and all-round good guy Oscar did a great job with the eyes of the whole facility on him and in warm temperatures. First outing for Lars Johansson (13.45) in at #6 at 12.5583. Erik Wallin up to #20 next pair. Next up the ladder Yrjö Wallius (10.80) #20 at 10.3708 and P-A Lindström (11.00) #18 at 10.5091. Mathias Munther (11.85) up to #13 at 11.1886. Anders Eriksson (11.40) up from #18 to #14 at 10.7434. Porblems for Fredrik Frisbreg (11.00), idled along the track, in the other lane Tomas Kaakinen (10.00) up to #26 at 9.6965. Next pair and similar story for Dan Williams, idled along the track, nothing visibly wrong. Björn Bondessdon in at #2 at 10.2621. Improvement for Ari Körkko, 9.2120 on 10.05, but stayed in place. Anders Lindh (10.80) up to #22 at 10.3629. Last pair and Jarmo Grönman (11.35) took over the lead at 10.2861.


Super Comp qualifying session 2

Side by side breakouts for Julie Nataas and Tommy Abrahamsson to open the session. Marita Granholm into #1 next pair at 8.9022. and in the other lane Amanda Sjöström-Andersson up to #2. Micke Nilsson up to #3 next pair. Final pair and Leif Andersson up from #9 to #3 and Kristina Nygren back up to #2.


Super Street qualifying session 2

Christer Gustafsson first up the ladder, #7 to #3 at 10.9720 in the second pair. Two pairs later Uffe Lundgren up from #5 to #1 to 10.9269. Isak Lagg into the naughty zone at 10.3958.

Super Gas qualifying session 2

First pair and Angelica Larsson and Thomas Hauge side-by-side to #4 and #5 respectively. Garth Haworth left before the lights ran. Paired breakouts for Helena Olsson and Stefan Andersson. Christer Uhlin not having run earlier came in at #5 at 10.0144. Jan Hallman up to #1 at 9.9257 next pair, in the other lane Fredrik Fredlund up to #4 from #7.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 2

Pontus Söderlund up from #28 to #13 first pair at 0.1199. 0.1089 good for a move from #29 to #10 for Riina Raussi. Ludvig Sundqvist up from #21 to #18 at 0.1995. #28 to #19 for Stine Aune Hasselvold at 0.2028. Big move for Patrik Lind, up from #29 to #3 at 0.0368. Roman Sixta Jr up from #27 to #13 at 0.1091, in the other lane Pontus Garefelt up from #13 yo #5 at 0.0513. Wilma Andersson next up the ladder, #25 to #15 at 0.1143. Joakim Eriksson's dragster stopped a couple of yards off the line. Jesper Norin next to make a move, #16 to #7 at 0.0733. A move up the ladder for Emil Eriksson, #20 to #11 at 0.0870.


Simon has posted today's first set of pit notes which you can check out via the Event Index.

Top Doorslammer qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Anders Edh 4.2874/278.64 bye; Anne Britt Nilssen 4.2533/276.50, Laura Saksa 4.4527/265.52; Michael Nord 3.9978/295.73, Lenn Lindell 3.9291/313.95; Andreas Sjödin 3.9698/276.07, Stefan Carlsson 18.6073/54.04; Rimbert Vahlström 4.1015/308.92, Victor Jansson 3.9452/311.42

Great opener for Anders. Original all-steel body on the Camaro I'm told. 1.0418 to sixty, gentle fishtail but nothing serious. -0.0616 red for Anne Britt not that it matters in qualifying, looked to drive through minor shake 1.0535 to sixty. Laura to sixty in 1.0530, no sign of shake, straight run. Adam Flamholc working with Lenn this weekend. Great pair of runs! -0.0221 red for Michael and -0.0196 for Lenn, Michael with the quicker sixty 0.9966 and a slight move left and right, 1.0084 for Lenn and a very happy team. Big speed with it. Track check in Michael's lane and the sweeper called, track crew picking up small pieces of something. Adam also working with Stefan and team. Stefan's Camaro looks to be coated in radar absorbent paint, looks great. Stefan lost drive at the hit and rolled slowly down the track. 0.9790 to sixty for Andreas, no dramas, very nice run for #2. Rimbert's car hesitated off the line, 1.0838 to sixty, didn't look like shake but a couple of pedals sorted it having lost time. 1.0168 to sixty for Vixtor and into #2.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Lenn Lindell 3.9291/313.95
  2. Victor Jansson 3.9452/311.42
  3. Andreas Sjödin 3.9698/276.07
  4. Michael Nord 3.9978/295.73
  5. Rimbert Vahlström 4.1015/308.92
  6. Anne Britt Nilssen 4.2533/276.50
  7. Anders Edh 4.2874/278.64
  8. Laura Saksa 4.4527/265.52
  9. Stefan Carlsson 18.6073/54.04


Super Gas Bike qualifying session 1

9.50 index, two bikes entered. Iiro Reinola 9.7266 good for #1, 9.9138 for Magnus Pollack.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 1

Tony Andersson and Björn Linde not far apart in the first pair, 8.8751 and 8.8409 respectively. Toni Suokas and Kathrine Wagenius next, 8.6351 for Kathrine put her #1 at that point. Rasmus Östlund 8.8224 and Kimmo Rantala 8.7130 good for #2. Tomas Jonsson and Ulf Fridolfsson in at #4 and #5 respectively. Emil Östlund into #2 at 8.6588, in the other lane Peter Svensson''s bike hesitated at the hit, got it back but not before losing several seconds. Peter Östlund and recent UK visitor Bianca Nilsson next, Bianca's bike repaired after the off at Santa Pod. 8.6665 good for #3 for Bianca, Peter shut it off early.


Junior Drag Bike qualifying session 1

Reaction Time qualifying for the Junior bikes here. First up Fabian Hulth and Seth Friström. Squeaker -0.0040 for Seth, 0.3207 for Fabian. Eemeli Halkkala and second-generation racer John Rolfstad next up, 0.3358 and 0.9539 respectively. Trygve Kjærstad Helgerud into #1 at 0.1545 and Oliver Amundsen in at #4 at 0.4106. Last up Tim Christensen in at #4 at 0.3743.


Pro Modified licencing pass

Michael Joneskog 6.2308/373.44 bye

Michael well-known as a very successful Top Doorslammer racer. Great burnout and a great run, licence gained I'd say. 1.0526 to sixty, 4.1123/299.33 at the eighth, 5.2593/342.64 at 1000 feet.

Hold for clean-up of the right lane (Michael ran in the left), to do with Jimmy Tihvan's smoky pass I suspect.


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 1

7.1966 for Angelica Bäckman (7.61) a great start, Lars-Georg Johansson (7.73) with a superb burnout and then 7.4723. Fredrik Olehag (7.56) edged out of stage then sat there with motor running, crew went to investigate but all must have been OK since Fredrik put in his run although having moved out of stage the clock was running. Estonian visitor (Hello Kristian!) Andres Arnover (6.89) had problems getting the tyres to light in the burnout. 6.9487 for Mikael Holmström (7.23), very happy crew, PB I am guessing, well done Mikael! Into #2 into the bargain. Andres' Mustang started to blackstripe and took a right turn, pedal then back on it. 7.1788 for Robert Arthursson (7.37), problems off the line for Jens Zimmermann (7.86) and gave it up. PerErik Lindgren (9.41) now in a doorslammer, looked like a checkout pass to me. In the other lane a fantastic 6.6739 for Hannu Flink (7.27) put him #1. I think I spotted today's first Simon Victim, Mats Lundkvist (7.86) sporting Eurodragster.com decals. 7.2081 put him #1, that's Paul Foote Ink's decals for you. Lasse Britsmar (7.90) took it gently off the line then put in the power, checkout pass maybe. Stig Olsson (7.38) into #3 with a 6.8530, Bjørn Johansen (7.56) in at #5 at 7.2744. Pär Eriksson (7.23) lost a moment to squealing tyre but the Volvo really picked up after that, but shut off in the second half. Lars-Ove Berglund (8.74) in the Lightning McQueen Probe which has a long UK pedigree. Took it gently, checkout maybe. Bad shake for Krister Adeen (7.23), shut off and idled along the track. Jöran Persåker (6.89) next up in the pick-up. Relatively gentle launch then put in the power, 8.3037. Last in this session Jimmy Tihvan (7.37) having been pushed out of line earlier on. Great burnout. Small tyre spin then looked liked tyres were rubbing, smoke from both sides.

Next up a Pro Modified licence pass for Michael Joneskog.


A big Good Morning to Anders Envall tuned in from Ibiza, they're all from Barcelona Bostic, and to our good buddy Spencer Tramm tuned in from Cambridge. Hoep you are enjoying the coverage guys.

Pro Street qualifying session 1

Pro Street has a 7.60 breakout, quicker than 7.50 and you are out full stop I understand. Benny Arvidson and Peter Nordlund first up, Benny pushed back before staging. 7.9618 for Peter, looked to drive through a little shake. Fredrik Gravningen with gear selection issues off the line, motor went to zing but he got it back. 7.5462 for Kjell Marum in the other lane. Wild ride off the line for Kenneth Lingvald, shake and a hard right turn, pedalled and hit it again and the car wheelied and headed for our photographer Elisabeth so he gave it up, no points for hitting photographers especially not ours. Great 7.6757 for Mats Lusth, in the other lane Micke Norén's incrementals weren't far off matching Mats' but he had the chute out in the second half. 7.7088 good for #2 for Lars Berglund next pair. A lot of smoke from Micael Eriksson's motor in stage, significant looks from start line crew but his team appeared unconcerned. Shake and a move left then track check and quick clean-up. 7.7867 for Seppo Raussi put him #3. Tyre spin, left turn and pedal for Gideon Liljegren, Annette Birkenes with a 7.4756 which if I understand it properly is her weekend done but the track announcer just said different, Your Reporter however thinks that Eurodragster.com have got it right. Great match between Johan Källberg 7.7100 and Michael Ohlsson 7.7317. Preben Bærentzen shut off before staging. Pär Norgren took the bye, 7.6179 good for #1.


Stock / Super Stock qualifying session 1

First pair and Theodor Brandt 11.1761 against 12.00 and Glenn Appelgren 10.6550 against 10.90. Mathias Munther 11.2382 against 11.85 good for #2 at that point. Lars Björklund 11.4175 against 12.00. Next pair and Thomas Strand in at #2 with a 10.9866 against 11.70. Wheelies a bit slow to start this morning, come on guys. OK so P-A Lindström must have heard me, great wheelie but then shut it off early, car did look to thump down on landing. Track checked, all OK. In the other lane Erik Wallin rolled the beams. Next pair and a superb wheelie then 10.0660 against 11.00 good for #1 for Jonas Bengtsson. 12.5482 against 13.45 put Lars Johansson #2 at that point. Christer Lindberg in at #3 with 10.5322 against 11.40 and first left lane wheelie to boot. Mathias Färm in at #1 next pair, 9.5781 against 10.55. Next up our very own Rick McCann and Göran Larsson, 10.0909 against 10.50 for Rick good for #12. 9.2325 against 10.05 for Ari Körkkö good for #6. 10.0421 against 10.95 for our own Dan Williams put him #3. Burnout of the day so far by Björn Bondesson, fogged the start line, then 10.2287 against 11.25 put him #1. Uffe Edwardson in at #2 with a 10.2768 against 11.25. Last pair Fredrik Frisberg and Lasse Bodén, Fredrik crept off the lane and played very little part in proceedings. 11.0870 against 11.50 for Lasse.


Super Comp qualifying session 1

Very unsubtle throttle stop for Julie Nataas, she must have gone all of two yards before it kicked in. 8.7819 and Leif Andersson with an 8.4238 in the other lane. Mikael Nilsson close but no cigar at 8.8248. Great run for Marita Granholm off the trailer, 8.9196. Amanda Sjöström-Andersson really needs to marry a guy named Jones if I, with my ancient fingers, am to type her name within 8.90 seconds. Near-squeaker 8.8973. In the other lane Michelle Rosander pushed back, although on the up side the classic 70s-model dragster looks great in purple. Lina Wallberg going great guns but then shut off in the second half.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 1

Here we go then. First racer to leave the line at the 2017 Tierp Internationals Niklas Larsson at 0.097 and a nicely-judged 7.9759 to go with it. 0.0820 for Victor Heleander in the second pair. Victor's mum Nettan more usually seen on the start line as Chief Starter spending the weekend as a Junior Dragster parent. 0.0214 for Hampus Sundqvist next pair good for #1 at that point. Three pairs and two deep stages. Nice 0.0396 for Almathea Granholm alongside brother Kevin. Blip of the throttle for Patrik Lind rolled through stage, crew pulled him back then a squeaker -0.0069. Next pair and a 0.0811 for Nina Björnsson, six of twelve in the 0.0s at that point. Similar story for Marcus Andersson, blipped it through stage and pulled back. 0.0894 for Oskar Norling in the other lane. Nicely judged 7.9118 for Atle Poolsar. 0.0859 for Eskil Dahls good for #6 at that point. Next pair and Fanny Andersson into #1 at 0.0191.

Super Street qualifying session 1

Kenneth Öberg and Jonas Larsson to open. 10.9500 for Jonas a great run off the trailer. Next pair and Kent Forschner-Hell left before the lights ran, quick clean-up out to sixty feet after he launched, then the burner summoned but not used. 0.0599 RT for Åke Törnqvist, Marie Wallin in at #2 at that point at 10.9617. Slightly naughty 10.6407 for Stefan Bengtsson, I have seen naughtier though. 10.8916 for Christer Gustafsson, the old guy still got it although slightly too much, 10.9798 for Tomas Hägg in the other lane good for #3 at that point. 0.0380 RT for Isak Lagg and a 10.4452 won't do him many favours this session.

Super Gas qualifying session 1

First pair and a lot of smoke from Garth Haworth's motor in the shutdown area, Garth slowed right down just before the end of the track, top end crew ran to assist. 0.0082 RT for Jan Hallman next pair and a 9.9332 for #1 spot, in the other lane a 9.9838 for Stefan Andersson good for #2 at that point. 9.9511 fir Björn Jonsson, in the other lane Lina Braathen's '55 Chevy didn't move, pushed back. Then a check of the left lane after Garth Haworth's issue, looked like pieces picked up but no fluid. On the restart 9.8359 and 9.8811 for Thomas Hauge and Annica Larsson. 9.8904 approaching a squeaker for Patrick Wickman. Similar story for Kåkan Mattsson with a 9.8922. Final pair Johan Rennström and Fredrik Adlund, 9.9259 good for #1 for Johan.


Good morning and welcome from Tierp Arena for our coverage of the Tierp Internationals brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

It's a pleasant morning, sun and high cloud, already quite warm and a gentle right-left breeze. The track looks just great having had a lot of loving care and is awaiting its first quota of Junior Dragsters, which are due at 08:30.

A big Good Morning to the Eurodragsterholics and Thank You for your support, especially Kai Plathan and Otto tuned in from Finland and Ivar Kolberg tuned in from Norway. With the usual exceptions, those of you on the day job today please don't get yourselves in trouble with the boss.

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Courtesy of Tomas Pettersson we have provisional running orders for today and tomorrow which you can check out via the Event Index. Today we have four cycles of qualifying planned, each cycle being scheduled for two and a quarter hours. Get yourself a coffee, sit back, and join us again for all the news when the wheels start to turn.

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