Tierp Internationals
Tierp Arena, 15th-18th June 2017

Lördag / Saturday

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Stock / Super Stock eliminations round 2 winners

Anders Eriksson (10.75) 10.7584/194.88 bye, Erik Wallin (10.41) 10.5067/202.85, Glenn Appelgren (10.55) 10.5600/189.27, Christer Lidberg (10.46) 10.5538/183.42, Anders Lindh (10.28) 10.2657/204.78, Thomas Strand (10.93) 11.0201/192.86, Mathias Munther (11.19) 11.2510/188.68, Uffe Edwardsson (10.24) 10.2874/206.34, Tarmo Mikkola (9.90) 9.9199/190.54

That's all for today, tune back in a few hours for today's gallery.


Swedish Pro Modified Championship final

Micke Gullqvist 6.1196/360.72 def. Åke Persson 6.0323/390.46

Micke visibly away first 0.0295 to 0.1568 and the better sixty 0.9713 to Åke's 0.9954. Micke's Camaro drifted right and I think I heard a pedal in there, Micke to the eighth in 4.0470/303.03 to Åke's quicker 3.9890/304.57. Micke's RT advantage did the job. Congratulations to Micke on another Championship.


Comp Eliminator eliminations round 2 winners

Clean-up in the shutdown area after the race between Angelica Bäckman and PerErik Lindgren.

Lars-Georg Johansson (7.73) 7.1320/289.86, Hannu Flink (7.12) 6.5739/340.05, Daniel Jedborn (7.73) 7.1233/243.68, Mikael Holmström (7.23) 6.8200/326.09, Angelica Bäckman (7.61) 7.0918/302.18, Krister Adeen (7.23) 9.5302/171.97 bye


Pro Street eliminations round 1 winners

Peter Nordlund 7.6711/263.67 bye (Micael Ericsson no show), Peter Trång 7.6278/286.62, Fredrik Gravningen 7.7616/284.21, Johan Källberg 7.6038/271.36, Preben Bærentzen 7.6758/287.69 bye (Gideon Liljegren no show), Seppo Raussi 7.6064/286.78, Alexandra Wingård 7.8064/282.28, Pelle Arvidsson 7.7137/246.24


Super Comp eliminations round 1 winners

Marita Granholm 8.8194/262.65 bye, Leif Andersson 8.9770/269.33, Kristina Nygren 8.9399/245.79, Amanda Sjöström-Andersson 8.9140/258.13, Mikael Nilsson 8.9241/257.27, Julie Nataas 9.1483/225.56


Super Gas eliminations round 1 winners

Fredrik Eklund 10.0316/216.61 bye, Johan Rehnström 9.9384/224.72, Stefan Andersson 9.8722/207.85, Lina Braathen 10.1619/215.48, Christer Uhlin 9.8774/216.87 bye (Patrik Wickman no show), Garth Haworth 9.6832/213.61, Håkan Mattsson 10.8665/230.08, Annica Larsson 9.9221/220.77 bye (Åke Hedberg no show)


EDRS Pro MC Super Street Bike qualifying session 4 (left lane first)

Emil Östlund no time DQ; Ida Johansson 23.5016/48.59, Dag Wagenius 7.7871/303.54; Ida Zetterström 8.8512/268.39, Kim Hilander 7.8464/300.33; Pelle Lakmaker 15.2386/67.28, Mathias Bohlin 7.4003/297.03; Roberth Häggblom 7.7988/291.89, Anders Blanck 7.2091/321.05; Mark Hope 8.2704/286.78, Henri Kolehmainen 7.5976/264.97; Björn Friström 9.9164/158.50, Robert Nilsson 7.1264/322.29; Vehsa Ruhanen 7.3298/325.30, Mogens Lund 7.0676/330.88

Emil left before the lights ran. Smoke from Dag's motor in the shutdown area, track checked and all OK.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Mogens Lund 7.0676/330.88
  2. Robert Nilsson 7.1264/322.29
  3. Anders Blanck 7.2091/321.05
  4. Vesa Ruhanen 7.3284/304.91
  5. Henri Kolehmainen 7.3311/305.43
  6. Björn Friström 7.3608/314.69
  7. Mathias Bohlin 7.3748/313.23
  8. Mark Hope 7.6052/311.96
  9. Kim Hilander 7.7178/304.74
  10. Roberth Häggblom 7.7487/298.34
  11. Dag Wagenius 7.7871/303.54
  12. Pelle Lakmaker 7.8246/306.12
  13. Ida Zetterström 8.1746/267.72
  14. Emil Östlund 8.4698/267.06
  15. Ida Johansson 9.8630/230.67


EDRS Pro MC Pro Stock Bike qualifying session 4 (left lane first)

Fredrik Kempe no time DQ, Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 12.0246/106.74; Alex Hope 7.3931/287.69, Kenneth Holmberg 7.2744/296.38; Timo Savolainen 7.1564/300.00, Robert Karlsson 11.3161/100.50

Fredrik to sixty in 1.3902, Thomas already there at 1.1279. Fredrik's bike then headed right and took out the 264 foot reflector (330 foot speed start). Thomas off the gas just past 330 feet, don't think he knew that Fredrik was behind him. Alex to sixty in 1.1545 to Kennth's 1.1457, the eighth in 4.7156/242.15 with Kenneth visibly in front 4.6431/246.58. Timo to sixty in 1.1282 to Robert's 1.0702, Robert lost gears about 200 feet out and shut off. Timo to the eighth in 4.5599/28.96

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Kalle Lyrén 7.0369/308.04
  2. Robert Karlsson 7.0495/304.74
  3. Kenneth Holmberg 7.1173/300.50
  4. Timo Savolainen 7.1564/300.00
  5. Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 7.2598/292.84
  6. Alex Hope 7.3317/281.25
  7. Fredrik Kempe 17.2829/58.37


EDRS Pro MC Supertwin qualifying session 4 (left lane first)

Trond Høiberget 10.3199/222.22 bye; Vidar Ravnsborg 7.2342/296.70 bye; Teemu Kettula 8.5998/227.18, Ulf Ledström 9.5182/231.86; Greger Johansson 6.9239/282.87, Samu Kemmpainen 8.2241/335.40; Anders Hörnström 7.0127/316.90, Roman Sixta 6.6500/339.84; Tommy Grimes 10.9789/125.61, Petri Mattsson 8.1692/186.27

1.3660 to sixty for Trond but then the motor note went lower and lower, motor struggling by the sound of it. Vidar into the ladder on this run. 1.1836 to sixty, 4.7448/260.87 at the eighth. 1.2642 to sixty for Teemu, motor sounded reluctant but he stayed with it. Very lazy motor for Ulf, 1.4083 to sixty and having to hang off the side of the bike to keep it from going right. Greger to sixty in 1.1686 and the eighth in 4.4423/274.11, Samu's tyre went up in smoke and he had to feather the throttle passing the Tree then again a few yards further. Then tye slick stuck but he had lost too much time. Anders to sixty in 1.1370 to Roman's 1.1478, Roman with a clear lead at the eighth 4.3666/282.87 to Anders' 4.5580/257.51. A new PB or close to it to ROman I think, if so then well done Roman! Tommy to sixty in 1.2735 and going great guns but then got off it before the eighth, nothing visibly wrong. 1.1824 to sixty for Petri and again off it before the eighth.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Tommy Grimes 6.4187/316.53
  2. Roman Sixta 6.6500/339.84
  3. Petri Mattsson 6.7322/280.37
  4. Svein Olav Rolfstad 6.8019/275.51
  5. Greger Johansson 6.9239/282.87
  6. Anders H&ornström 6.9482/329.47
  7. Vidar Ravsborg 7.2342/296.70
  8. Teemu Ketula 8.3687/201.64
    --- DNQ ---
  9. Semu Kemppainen 8.2241/335.40
  10. Torsti Kettula 8.3909/215.57
  11. Ulf Ledström 8.5007/237.47
  12. Erling Opheim 8.7912/204.39
  13. Trond Høiberget 11.2412/208.41


EDRS Pro MC Top Fuel Bike qualifying session 4 (left lane first)

Thomas Pettersson 7.1793/291.73 bye; Peter Andersson (U) 9.8444/201.79, Jan Sturla Hegre 7.3336/208.57; Sverre Dahl 6.0366/373.70, Peter Andersson (Ä) 7.7258/263.41

Nice run for Thomas. 1.1062 to sixty, 4.5592/249.65 at the eighth, stayed #4. Jan Sturla to sixty in 1.0621, off it right on the eighth 4.2285/252.52. 1.2245 to sixty for Peter and off the gas before the eighth. Sverre to sixty in 1.0445 to Peter's 1.1758, fishtailing to the eighth 3.9687/307.87 to Peter's 4.8153/233.77

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Rikard Gustafsson 6.0093/369.10
  2. Sverre Dahl 6.0366/373.70
  3. Jan Sturla Hegre 6.3555/338.77
  4. Thomas Pettersson 7.1793/291.73
  5. Peter Andersson (Ä) 7.7258/263.41
  6. Peter Andersson (U) 9.8444/201.79


FIA Top Fuel Dragster qualifying session 4 (left lane first)

Timo Lehtimäki 4.2984/452.64 bye; Liam Jones 3.9125/496.78 bye; Micke Kågered 8.0080/134.97, Anita Mäkelä 3.9008/494.05

Timo to sixty in a conservative 0.9654, 330 feet in 2.4079/279.79, all eight lit at the eighth 3.4379/400.00, smoke from the motor in the last knockings and then a big puff from the left bank in the shutdown area. Track checked and OK. Great run for Liam! 0.8633 to sixty, 2.1985/309.81 (192.51 mph) at 330 feet, 3.1303/438.31 (272.35 mph) at the eighth, a body panel flew off the car at the eighth. Liam's terminal speed equates to 308.75 mph. Into #1 spot and a new PB, well done Liam and team! OK into #1 spot for a few minutes. Micke to sixty in 0.8694 then off it before 330 feet. Anita to sixty in 0.8669, 330 feet in 2.2036/310.34 (192.84 mph), the eighth at 3.1218/448.50 (278.68 mph) and into #1 spot. Anita's terminal speed equates to 306.99 mph.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Anita Mäkelä 3.9008/494.05
  2. Liam Jones 3.9125/496.78
  3. Duncan Micallef 3.9590/489.13
  4. Antti Horto 3.9997/489.57
  5. Timo Lehtimäki 4.2984/452.64
  6. Stefan Gunnarsson 5.0673/225.19
  7. Micke Kågered 5.2067/221.40
  8. Stig Neergaard 5.5144/458.40


Simon has posted another set of pit notes which you can check out via the Event Index.

FIA Pro Stock qualifying session 4 (left lane first)

Robin Norén 22.7651/41.86 bye; Jan Palmqvist 6.8798/322.58, Sampsa Palos 9.0502/165.04; Richard Sundblom 6.7066/333.54, Simon Gustafsson 6.8021/327.27; Magnus Pettersson 7.0818/262.14 bye; Thomas Lindström 6.6245/334.78, Hannu Kalliomäki 6.8416/329.27; Michael Malmgren 6.6935/331.70, Stefan Ernryd 6.5890/339.62; Jimmy Ålund 6.5556/342.42, Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5656/340.26

Bad shake for Robin, 1.3353 to sixty but off the gas by then, put the chutes out about 100 feet out. Jan to sixty in 1.0176, Sampsa in 1.0468. Sampsa off the gas just before the eighth. Jan to the eighth in 4.4320/257.76, getting close to the guardrail in the second half and pulling it back quite unsubtly past 1000 feet. Nixxon to sixty in 1.0233, Simon in 1.0215, a little thump of shake from one car but not easy to tell which from here. Nixxon to the eighth in 4.3269/264.97 to Simon's 4.3754/260.49. Nixxon in the ladder tomorrow, Simon spectating although first alternate. Magnus on a bye, 1.0312 to sixty and 4.3758/257.39 to the eighth then shut it off at 1000 feet. Thomas to sixty in 0.9872 to Hannu's 1.0085, and an appreciable lead by the eighth 4.2520/266.54 to Hannu's 4.4225/260.24, track just a bit long for Hannu's car I think. Michael to sixty in 1.0045, Stefan in 1.0033, Stefan was visibly pulling away by the eighth 4.2473/270.14 to Michael's 4.3046/264.45. Another new PB for Stefan, well done Stefan and team! Another great Jimmy-Bengt match to end the session. Bengt away first 0.0374 to 0.0477, the better sixty 0.9763 to Jimmy's 0.9987, and the better eighth 4.2226/270.00 to Jimmy's 4.2318/271.36. Improvement for Jimmy but stayed #2.

Thanks to our good buddy Andy Marrs for letting us know that this is the quickest-ever European Pro Stock field.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5287/340.69
  2. Jimmy Ålund 6.5556/342.42
  3. Stefan Ernryd 6.5890/339.62
  4. Thomas Lindström 6.6245/334.78
  5. Michael Malmgren 6.6408/334.57
  6. Christian Sagelv 6.6723/335.61
  7. Magnus Pettersson 6.6735/333.95
  8. Richard Sundblom 6.7066/333.54
    --- DNQ ---
  9. Simon Gustafsson 6.8021/327.27
  10. Hannu Kalliomäki 6.8264/322.97
  11. Jan Palmqvist 6.8403/317.09
  12. Tommy Leindahl 6.8780/316.53
  13. Tommy Lundström 7.1276/311.96
  14. Sampsa Palos 7.3586/324.91
  15. Robin Norén 7.9262/209.30


FIA Top Methanol qualifying session 4 (left lane first)

Jonny Lagg 5.4893/420.23 bye; Micke Larsson 6.7109/391.59, Jürgen Nagel 6.4969/387.10; Petteri Liimatainen 5.5387/408.16, Linn Engan Karlsen 5.9019/387.37; Timo Habermann 5.4309/418.93, Ari Pietilä no time DQ Sandro Bellio 5.5433/412.53, Dennis Habermann 5.4227/424.86

Jonny to sixty in 0.9377, dragster drifted left and a pedal about 250 feet out, 3.6544/350.65 at the eighth. Micke edged out of stage going up on the revs starting the clocks, stopped just out of stage and then hit it but had lost time. Jürgen to sixty in 1.3369, the eighth in 4.4422/303.54, looked like a soft set-up. Linn went for a bit of a wander around her lane backing up from the burnout. Petteri to sixty with the front wheels up 0.9520, Linn in 1.0210. Petteri to the eighth in 3.6212/334.37 to Linn's 3.8747/313.77 approaching the centre line. A new PB for Linn certainly in competition, wasn't there for her licencing passes, well done Linn! Ari left before the lights ran, good-looking run although close to the guardrail. Timo to sixty in 0.9191, a pedal about 100 feet out, 3.5787/342.21 at the eighth. Great pair between Sandro and Dennis. Sandro to sixty in 0.9705 to Dennis' 0.9230, Dennis visibly a little ahead at the eighth 3.5622/341.34 to Sandro's 3.6659/336.45, more to come from Sandro as he was off it and had the chutes out before the stripe.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Sandro Bellio 5.2833* (5.5433/412.53)
  2. Timo Habermann 5.4138/432.35
  3. Dennis Habermann 5.4188/428.23
  4. Jonny Lagg 5.4893/420.23
  5. Petteri Liimatainen 5.5261/406.32
  6. Linn Engan Karlsen 5.6419* (5.9019/387.37)
  7. Micke Larsson 5.6669* (5.9269/394.74)
  8. Ari Pietilä 5.6724* (5.9324/391.87)
    --- DNQ ---
  9. Jürgen Nagel 6.2369* (6.4969/387.10)



FIA Pro Modified qualifying session 4 (left lane first)

Swedish Pro Modified Championship eliminations round 2 (counts for qualifying)

Micke Gullqvist 5.9097/397.06 def. Jimmy Ålund 6.1697/382.98 DQ

This is one of those races we wanted to see, the Pro Mod Face against the Pro Stock Face now encroaching on his territory. Well, maybe next time. Jimmy had two goes at the burnout then edged out of stage going up on the revs lighting the big cherry by -0.3102. Micke to sixty in 0.9715, the eighth at 3.8998/310.34, not a foot wrong.

Åke Persson 5.9615/391.87 bye, Jan Ericsson no show

No Jan, not yet had word why. Nice pass for Åke and consistent too. 1.0106 to sixty, 3.9426/312.14 at the eighth.

Jan Brännvall shut off, Roger Johansson 6.2976/332.92 bye; Håkan Persson 6.0751/382.44, Rolf Simonsson 6.9308/265.23; Norbert Kuno 8.3229/181.03, Freddy Fagerström 6.2623/358.09; Michael Joneskog 6.0990/393.01, Micke Johansson 6.4176/363.64; Kim Kristiansen shut off, Bruno Bader 6.1969/328.07 bye; David Vegter 5.9805/387.65, Andreas Arthursson 6.2975/307.34

Jan shut off before staging. Nice bye for Roger. 1.0173 to sixty, 4.0872/291.42 at the eighth, feathered the throttle in the second half then shut it off before the stripe. Håkan to sixty in 1.0475, Rolf in 1.0802 and visibly accelerating hard. Black smoke from Rolf's motor started to obscure our view of the car. Håkan to the eighth in 4.0179/306.30, Rolf off the gas and slowing at 4.2828/273.00. Norbert to sixty in 1.0102, Freddy in 1.0098. Norbert's Avenger started to drift left and he shut it off as he got very close to the guardrail before the eighth. Freddy with no such problems, quite s atraight run for him, 4.0638/290.79 at the eighth and up the ladder. Great run for Michael! 1.0643 to sixty, 1.0362 for Micke, looked like he had to drive through shake passing the Tree. Michael to the eighth 4.0943/317.27 visibly before Micke 4.2418/289.39, Micke shut off a touch early. Kim shut off after his burnout and was pushed back. Bruno took the bye, slight double-step off the line as the front end came up, 1.0598 to sixty then ran right down the centre line from 330 feet, the eighth in 4.0049/301.51. David to sixty in 0.9988 to Andreas' 1.0434, David accelerating as if shot from a gun, to the eighth in 3.9302/306.99, Andres not far behind at 4.0676/318.77 but then a pop from his motor in the second half and he slowed before the stripe.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Micke Gullqvist 5.9071/395.89
  2. Jimmy Ålund 5.9308/381.63
  3. Åke Persson 5.9604/392.16
  4. David Vegter 5.9805/387.65
  5. Andreas Arthursson 6.0403/373.96
  6. Kim Kristiansen 6.0583/375.52
  7. Håkan Persson 6.0751/382.44
  8. Michael Joneskog 6.0990/393.01
  9. Bruno Bader 6.1057/372.41
  10. Norbert Kuno 6.2111/369.36
  11. Freddy Fagerström 6.2623/358.09
  12. Jan Ericsson 6.2647/381.09
  13. Roger Johansson 6.2976/332.92
  14. Micke Johansson 6.3495/363.88
  15. Hussain Al Shammari 6.5852/339.52
  16. Michel Tooren 6.6395/260.87
    --- DNQ ---
  17. Rolf Simonsson 6.9308/265.23
  18. Jan Brännvall 7.5733/245.79
  19. Matts Logren 7.7565/310.70


Super Street eliminations round 1 winners

Marie Wallin 10.9214/171.05 bye, Ulf Axelsson 10.9184/197.51, Christer Gustafsson 10.9504/209.95, Kent Forschner-Hell 11.0993/193.27, Uffe Lundgren 10.9694/189.21, Jonas Larsson 10.9417/196.72 bye (Kennth Öberg no show)


Simon has posted a set of pit notes which you can check out via the Event Index.

Top Doorslammer eliminations round 1

Lenn Lindell 3.9778/310.34 def. Michael Nord 3.9706/293.64

Victor Jansson 3.8953/311.06 def. Anne Britt Nilssen 4.1806/261.37
Stefan Carlsson 4.0306/301.34 def. Rimbert Vahlström 4.3285/228.72
Andreas Sjödin 3.8839/314.14 def. Anders Edh 4.1543/282.72

0.0227 to 0.1043 holeshot won it for Lenn. Michael had the better sixty 0.9667 to 1.0193 and went a long way round trying to catch Lenn but there was 0.0740 in it at the stripe. It then started to rain quite heavily but another great job by the track crew had us ready again very quickly.

On the restart Victor strapped a very visible 0.1215 to 0.4591 holeshot on Anne Britt. 0.9859 to sixty to Anne Britt's 1.0325, car drifted left but nothing serious and a daylight win. Stefan in as an alternate for Åke Eliasson. Stefan away first 0.0362 to 0.0964 and the better sixty 1.0182 to Rimbert's 1.0219. Rimbert looked to pedal once and I think I heard his blower panel pop just before the eighth.0.358 win for Stefan. Big 0.0559 to 0.1353 holeshot for Anders, Andreas quickly started to make it up, 0.9608 at sixty to Anders' 1.0383, 0.1910 in it at the stripe.


Junior Dragster eliminations round 2 winners

Atle Poolsar (7.92) 7.9501/131.51, Emil Eriksson (9.25) 9.3123/114.43, Fanny Andersson (7.93) 8.0092/131.16, Victor Heleander (7.90) 8.0665/115.85, Marcus Andersson (9.62) 9.6112/103.45, Stine Aune Hasselvold (8.24) 8.3487/123.97, Niklas Larsson (7.90) 7.9331/134.80

Track grooming then Top Doorslammer E1.


Junior Drag Bike eliminations round 1 winners

Seth Friström (no dial-in) 10.3179/117.49 bye, John Rolfstad (9.60) 9.9731/107.74, Eemeli Halkkaka (8.03) 7.9917/137.44, Tim Christensen (9.70) 11.7393/82.25


Super Gas Bike qualifying session 8

9.7180 improvement for Magnus Pollack but stayed in place.

Super Comp Bike eliminations round 1 winners

Niclas Sverin 8.1600/270.95 bye, Björn Linde 8/5805/261.88 bye (Peter Svensson no show), Tony Andersson 8.5936/285.71, Kimmo Rantala 8.6377/256.41, Emil Östlund 8.6000/224.16, Rasmus Östlund 8.5393/266.01, Tomas Jonsson 8.6596/266.93


EDRS Pro MC Super Street Bike qualifying session 3 (left lane first)

Mogens Lund 7.1313/327.67 bye; Anders Blanck 7.3410/319.15, Mark Hope 8.2832/271.49; Dag Wagenius 8.2334/306.99, Ida Johansson 17.9063/42.09; Emil Östlund 8.4698/267.06, Pelle Lakmaker 7.8246/306.12; Kim Hilander 9.3840/191.15, Ida Zetterström 8.1746/267.72; Mathias Bohlin 9.7599/285.41, Roberth Häggblom 7.7487/298.34; Henri Kolehmainen 7.3645/283.32, Björn Friström 14.0427/116.81; Robert Nilsson 7.4722/317.09, Vesa Ruhanen 7.3179/293.96

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Mogens Lund 7.1313/327.67
  2. Robert Nilsson 7.3049/318.02
  3. Vesa Ruhanen 7.3284/304.91
  4. Henri Kolehmainen 7.3311/305.43
  5. Anders Blanck 7.3410/319.15
  6. Björn Friström 7.3608/314.69
  7. Mathias Bohlin 7.3748/313.23
  8. Mark Hope 7.6052/311.96
  9. Kim Hilander 7.7178/304.74
  10. Roberth Häggblom 7.7487/298.34
  11. Pelle Lakmaker 7.8246/306.12
  12. Ida Zetterström 8.1746/267.72
  13. Dag Wagenius 8.2334/306.99
  14. Emil Östlund 8.4698/267.06
  15. Ida Johansson 9.8630/230.67


EDRS Pro MC Pro Stock Bike qualifying session 3 (left lane first)

Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 7.2598/292.84, Fredrik Kempe no time; Kenneth Holmberg 7.1173/300.50, Alex Hope 7.3957/288.62; Robert Karlsson 7.0551/306.47, Timo Savolainen shut off

Thomas lost fire before staging, crew ran with the starter. Bunny hops at launch from Fredrik then motor cut out and bike stopped 100 feet out. Thomas to sixty in 1.1349 and the eighth at 4.6194/245.90. Great run for Kenneth, 1.1050 to sixty to Alex's 1.1458, 4.5302/249.42 to the eighth to Alex's 4.6999/240.21. Slightly long way round for Alex. Timo shut off in the bleach box. Robert on the bye, 1.1010 to sixty and 4.5075/252.81 at the eighth.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Kalle Lyrén 7.0369/308.04
  2. Robert Karlsson 7.0495/304.74
  3. Kenneth Holmberg 7.1173/300.50
  4. Timo Savolainen 7.1834/291.73
  5. Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 7.2598/292.84
  6. Alex Hope 7.3317/281.25
  7. Fredrik Kempe 17.2829/58.37


EDRS Pro MC Supertwin qualifying session 3 (left lane first)

Jaska Salakari shut off, bye; Svein Olav Rolfstad 6.8019/275.51 bye; Ulf Ledtsröm shut off, Erling Ephim shut off; Ulf Ledström 8.5007/237.47, Erling Opheim 8.7912/204.39; Teemu Kettula 8.3687/201.64 bye; Petri Mattsson 7.3641/254.84, Torsti Kettula 15.5644/79.02; Trond Høiberget 11.2412/208.41, Greger Johansson 7.2709/250.23 ; Semu Kemppaiunen shut off, Anders Hörnström 9.2454/204.16 bye; Roman Sixta 6.7722/330.07, Tommy Grimes 31.0319/39.51

Jaska shut off for fluid after the burnout. I was impressed to see that Jaska has a crew member charged with wiping fluid off his leathers. Judging by the clean-up it was a spray of oil. Nice run for Svein Olav, 1.1377 to sixty, nitro flames visible in the strong sunlight. 4.3351/284.96 at the eighth but then smoke from the motor in the second half and close to the guardrail in the shutdown area. Ulf and Erling ready to run then shut off as oil was found in Svein Olav's lane. Clean-up crew called to the top end. Ulf to sixty in 1.3051, Erling in 1.3714, Ulf's bike got close to the centre line and he feathered the throttle. Erling also feathering, not on full throttle in the second half. 1.2690 to sixty for Teemu, much improved run, shut it off after the eighth 5.0751/227.18. Vidar Ravnsborg pushed his bike back to the pits as Petri and Torsti fired up. Petri to sixty in 1.2575, Torsti in 1.2667. Then about 100 feet out a flash of flame, smoke, and small metal pieces from Torsti's motor. Petri to the eighth in 4.6447/253.28 then shut it off after 1000 feet. Trond's bike again struggling, 1.4790 to sixty. Greger to sixty in 1.1631 and the eighth in 4.5819/268.52 feathering towards the stripe. Samu shut off before staging. Anders took the bye, 1.1361 to sixty and then off the gas before the eighth as the bike got very close to the centre line. Tommy's ture up in smoke at the hit then a sideways jet of smoke from th emotor, shut it off. Roman to sixty in 1.1614, the eighth in 4.4192/276.26.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Tommy Grimes 6.4187/316.53
  2. Petri Mattsson 6.7322/280.37
  3. Roman Sixta 6.7422/325.89
  4. Svein Olav Rolfstad 6.8019/275.51
  5. Anders H&ornström 6.9482/329.47
  6. Greger Johansson 7.1971/259.74
  7. Teemu Ketula 8.3687/201.64
  8. Torsti Kettula 8.3909/215.57
  9. Semu Kemppainen 8.4379/275.79
  10. Ulf Ledström 8.5007/237.47
  11. Erling Opheim 8.7912/204.39
  12. Vidar Ravsborg 9.4843/176.18
  13. Trond Høiberget 11.2412/208.41


EDRS Pro MC Top Fuel Bike qualifying session 3 (left lane first)

Thomas Pettersson 9.5264/143.35 bye; Peter Andersson (Ä) no time, Sverre Dahl 6.0759/338.77; Jan Sturla Hegre 6.3744/341.12, Peter Andersson (U) 10.5694/141.25

Thomas to sixty in 1.0979, bike drifting left and was rolling off the throttle by the eighth 4.8669/175.67. Great run for Sverre! 1.0380 to sixty, 3.9649/310.88 at the eighth, close to the centre line in the second half, there wa sa fag paper in it. No second half numbers for Peter (Ä), I suspect that Sverre's proximity to the centre line may have had something to do with that. Jan Sturla to sixty in 1.0630, Peter (U) in 1.2425. Jan Sturla's motor sounded to hesitate just briefly before the eighth 4.1089/293.16, Peter had shut it off by the eighth.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Rikard Gustafsson 6.0093/369.10
  2. Sverre Dahl 6.0759/338.77
  3. Jan Sturla Hegre 6.3555/338.77
  4. Thomas Pettersson 7.2425/280.10
  5. Peter Andersson (Ä) 8.0304/239.89
  6. Peter Andersson (U) 10.5694/141.25


FIA Top Fuel Dragster qualifying session 3 (left lane first)

Liam Jones 4.2930/327.27 bye; Anita Mäkelä 4.4702/282.87, Micke Kågered 5.2067/221.40; Stig Neergaard 7.6006/122.67, Duncan Micallef 3.9590/489.13; Stefan Gunnarsson 5.0673/225.19, Antti Horto 3.9997/489.57

Word from Simon in the pits is that we won't be seeing Björn Mårtensson due to late arrival of parts. Front end of Liam's dragster just jumped in the air at the hit, came down quickly, 0.8575 to sixty then 2.2181/301.00 at 330 feet. Motor hesitated briefly about 400 feet out, it was barely perceptible, off the gas by the eighth 3.2265/381.63. More word from Simon in the pits is that having broken yesterday's motor big time Anita's team changed the motor overnight and so Anita was planning a half pass in this session. Micke looked to have trouble getting reverse after the burnout, back-up guy sprinted to help, reverse found. Anita to sixty in 0.8700, Micke in 0.8732. Micke's tyres blackstriping past the Tree. Anita strong at 330 feet 2.2056/306.64 (190.54 mph), Micke looked to be shaking 2.2303/289.39. Both off the gas before the eighth, Anita as planned 3.2406/333.13 and Micke 3.5967/249.31. Anita will be pleased with the new motor I think. Stig to sixty in 0.9011, Duncan in 0.8585, Stig's tyres started to go up in smoke and he pedalled, car made a move and he was off the gas before 330 feet. Duncan to 330 feet in 2.2056/303.88 and the eighth in 3.1605/428.57 (266.37 mph), white smoke out of the right bank but on the gas all the way, into the threes and over 300 mph at 303.53. Stefan to sixty in 0.8984, Antti in 0.8904, Stefan to 330 feet in 2.2668/291.73 with tyres turning, Antti with no such problems 2.2422/305.95. Just after 330 Stefan's tyres stated to smoke and he got off the gas, caught it very quickly, 3.5287/267.99. Antti to the eighth in 3.1970/427.55 and on the gas to the stripe, his speed equates to 304.20 mph.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Duncan Micallef 3.9590/489.13
  2. Antti Horto 3.9997/489.57
  3. Anita Mäkelä 4.1005/395.31
  4. Liam Jones 4.1598/443.71
  5. Timo Lehtimäki 4.3380/452.64
  6. Stefan Gunnarsson 5.0673/225.19
  7. Micke Kågered 5.2067/221.40
  8. Stig Neergaard 5.5144/458.40


FIA Pro Stock qualifying session 3 (left lane first)

Simon Gustafsson 9.5118/157.25 bye; Robin Norén 7.9262/209.30, Christian Sagelv 6.6723/335.61; Sampsa Palos 7.3586/324.91, Thomas Lindström 6.6527/334.37; Tommy Leindahl 6.8780/316.53, ;Jan Palmqvist 6.8403/317.09 Tommy Lundström 7.1941/313.95, Magnus Pettersson 6.6864/334.57; Hannu Kalliomäki 8.9264/174.31, Richard Sundblom 6.7101/331.90; Stefan Ernryd 6.6144/338.13, Michael Malmgren 7.9126/203.54; Bengt Ljungdah;l 6.5287/340.69, Jimmy Ålunf 6.5723/341.34

Simon to sixty in 1.0452, motor screaming, sounded like gear selection problem and shut off about 300 feet out. Robin to sixty in 1.2027 with thumping shake, pedalled and tried again. Christian to sixty in 1.0141, Robin had lost a lot of time to the shake by the eighth 4.9222/248.05, Christian way ahead and on a stormer at the eighth 4.3031/266.67. I believe a new PB for Christian, grattis Christian and team! Sampsa's car looked lazy off the line, 1.1293 to sixty to Thomas' 1.0097. Sampsa's motor struggling to the eighth 4.8863/250.93 then shut off in the second half, Thomas long gone at the eighth 4.2794/267.46. Really not much between Tommy and Jan. Tommy to sixty in 1.0254 to Jan's 1.0275, Tommy I to the eighth in 4.3998/256.65 to Jan's 4.3991/259.62, improvements for both but still out of the top eight. Tommy II sat on the line for 2.27 seconds before launching. Mcgnis to sixty in 1.0080 and was a long way towards the eighth 4.3094/266.14 before Tommy II was on his way. Tommu II to sixty in 1.0893, the eighth in 4.6526/248.50, looked to lose a little time in the second eighth. Hannu to sixty in 1.0060 with shake which pitched the car towards the guardrail, pulled it back but shut off before the eighth. Nixxon to sixty in 1.0035, the eighth in 4.3152/263.93. Improvement but stayed in place. Michael close to being bulbed as Stefan was in stage for an appreciable time before Michael went in. Stefan to sixty in 1.0080, 1.0031 for Michael. Nothing visibly wrong for Michael but shut it off before the eighth. Stefan to the eighth in 4.2530/268.66. Great match to end the session! Bengt to sixty in 0.9719, Jimmy in 0.9952, Bengt hauling the mail at the eighth 4.1936/280.95 to Jimmy's 4.2372/269.73. Cars looked side by side all the way, Bengt into #1.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5287/340.69
  2. Jimmy Ålund 6.5568/341.99
  3. Stefan Ernryd 6.6144/338.13
  4. Michael Malmgren 6.6408/334.57
  5. Thomas Lindström 6.6512/334.99
  6. Christian Sagelv 6.6723/335.61
  7. Magnus Pettersson 6.6735/333.95
  8. Richard Sundblom 6.7101/331.90
  9. Hannu Kalliomäki 6.8264/322.97
  10. Simon Gustafsson 6.8294/310.17
  11. Jan Palmqvist 6.8403/317.09
  12. Tommy Leindahl 6.8780/316.53
  13. Tommy Lundström 7.1276/311.96
  14. Sampsa Palos 7.3586/324.91
  15. Robin Norén 7.9262/209.30


FIA Top Methanol qualifying session 3 (left lane first)

Jürgen Nagel 7.0590/253.16 bye; Ari Pietilä 5.9324/391.87, Timo Habermann 5.4209/432.00; Jonny Lagg 12.5887/117.06, Micke Larsson no time DQ; Linn Engan Karlsen 6.2000/372.93, Petteri Liimatainen 5.6831/402.99; Dennis Habermann 5/4693/422.54, Sandro Bellio 6.6678/375.00

Jürgen to sixty in 1.1111 driving through shake, the FC made a move for the centre line and Jürgen pedalled and tried to pull it back. Looked in peril of taking out the eighth reflectors but shut off before the eighth 4.3637/283.91 and pulled it back. Ari to sixty in 0.9916, Timo in 0.9216. Ari's FC headed towards the centre line but he held on to it, 3.9035/309.46 at the eighth. Timo with no real sign of shake save the the routine stuff, to the eighth in 3.5929/346.15. Micke overstaged, the top two bulbs went out and Micke hit the gas. Jonny awaited the green, 0.9650 to sixty sounding strong but bad shake and shut off. Petteris crew had problems starting the motor but kept calm and it fired as Linn was pulling her 300-foot burnout. Thump from Petteri's motor in the burnout, I thought the blower panel had gone but all OK as he got back to the start line without drama. Linn to sixty in 1.2252, some shake, Petteri 0.9774 with the tops of his tyres flapping. Dragster made a move to the right but Petteri had it tamed. Linn to the eighth in 4.0881/313.59, Petteri well ahead at 3.7323/325.69. Sandro just edged out of stage as the lights ran lighting the red and starting the clocks. He sat still looking at the red before hitting it. Dennis to sixty in 0.9457, no obvious shake, 3.6176/340.69 at the eighth.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Sandro Bellio 5.4059* (5.6659/371.90)
  2. Timo Habermann 5.4138/432.35
  3. Dennis Habermann 5.4188/428.23
  4. Petteri Liimatainen 5.5261/406.32
  5. Micke Larsson 5.6669* (5.9269/394.74)
  6. Ari Pietilä 5.6724* (5.9324/391.87)
  7. Linn Engan Karlsen 5.8197* (6.0797/380.55)
  8. Jürgen Nagel 6.7790* (7.0590/253.16)
  9. Jonny Lagg 12.5887/117.06



FIA Pro Modified qualifying session 3 (left lane first)

Swedish Pro Modified Championship eliminations round 1 (counts for qualifying)

Micke Gullqvist 5.9071/395.89 def. Michael Joneskog 6.7539/229.59

Micke away first 0.2145 to 0.2683 and the better sixty 0.9836 to Michael's 1.0713, sounded like Micke drove thought high-frequency shake although maybe not as he was going great guns at the eighth 3.8939/309.28 to Michael's 4.1087/294.44, Michael got off the gas and put the chute out past the eighth. Micke #1 qualifier.

Jan Ericsson 6.2647/381.09 def. Andreas Arthursson 14.8526/73.99

Andreas whacked Jan at the Tree 0.0273 to 0.1403 but then hit shake, 1.1375 to sixty and off the gas. Jan looked to roll the beams slightly affecting his sixty 1.2452, got to the eighth in 4.2013/305.95.

Åke Persson 5.9884/391.87 def. Micke Johansson 6.3495/363.88

Micke away first 0.2284 to 0.2557 then Åke started to reel him in with the better sixty 1.0375 to 1.0411, both drifting towards the centre line but staying with it, Åke with the much better eighth 3.9704/311.42 to Micke's 4.1743/291.26. Smoke from Åke's motor in the shutdown area.

Jimmy Ålund 5.9308/381.63 bye, Rolf Simonsson shut off

Rolf shut off before staging and was pushed back. Jimmy took the bye, 0.9893 to sixty feet, slight drift towards the centre line but pulled it back. 3.8795/309.99 at the eighth.

Håkan Persson 6.3286/366.35 bye; Matts Logren 24.8225/35.10 bye; Jan Bränvall 7.5733/245.79 bye; Freddy Fagerström 6.6627/357.85, Hussain Al Shammari 5.9844/340.26 DQ; Roger Johansson 7.9901/244.34, Norbert Kuno 6.2683/364.37; Michel Tooren 6.6395/260.87, Kim Kristiansen 6.0583/375.52; Bruno Bader 6.1057/372.41, David Vegter 5.9964/386.62

Håkan to sixty in 1.0441, lots of clutch dust, drift left towards the centre line but pulled it back. 4.1612/289.39 at the eighth. Instant shake for Matts, and I mean really terrible shake, 1.5651 to sixty and something came off the car. The car was wobbling left and right as it slowed down, I am guessing something in the rear axle broke so maybe it was that and not actual tyre shake... cause or effect? Jan to sixty in 1.3021, looked and sounded to be driving through the clutch, more revs than the forward motion implied. Eighth in 4.7577/256.53 then shut it off befoe the stripe. 500-foot burnout for Freddy, not to be outdone Huissain made a move for the centre line in his burnout. Freddy to sixty in 1.0764, Hussain already hauling at 0.9675. Freddy hit shake, pedalled twice, headed for the centre line, pedalled again and pulled it back with his foot firmly planted. Meanwhile Hussain was really hauling the mail at the eighth 3.8535/311.42 way ahead of Freddy's 4.4537/284.41. Grace photographing at the top end called in that one of Freddy's headers was hanging down and scraping along the track in the shutdown area. Hussain's run subsequently DQ'd for a technical infraction. Roger to sixty in 1.0222, Norbert there in 1.0157. Roger's Mustang made a move left and he backed out of it before 330 feet. Norbert to the eighth in 4.1170/290.17, smoke from the motor in the second half. Michel to sixty in 1.0521, looked to be driving through shake, Kim to sixty in 0.9958. Robert had lost time by the eighth 4.2095/291.42, Kim visibly ahead at 3.9679/297.85. Mist then a huge cloud of smoke from Michel's motor past 1000 feet, the car disappeared from here. Clean-up crew called to the top end. Great match to end the session! Bruno to sixty in 1.0369, David already with the advantage at 1.0064. Bruno looked to drive through shake, David's car made a move left but he stayed wit it, nothing serious. Bruno to the eighth in 4.0019/301.84, David visibly ahead at 3.9439/306.64.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Micke Gullqvist 5.9071/395.89
  2. Jimmy Ålund 5.9308/381.63
  3. Åke Persson 5.9604/392.16
  4. David Vegter 5.9964/386.62
  5. Andreas Arthursson 6.0403/373.96
  6. Kim Kristiansen 6.0583/375.52
  7. Bruno Bader 6.1057/372.41
  8. Michael Joneskog 6.1623/384.07
  9. Norbert Kuno 6.2111/369.36
  10. Jan Ericsson 6.2647/381.09
  11. Håkan Persson 6.3286/366.35
  12. Micke Johansson 6.3495/363.88
  13. Hussain Al Shammari 6.5852/339.52
  14. Michel Tooren 6.6395/260.87
  15. Freddy Fagerström 6.6627/357.85
  16. Jan Brännvall 7.5733/245.79
  17. Rolf Simonsson 7.7158/200.37
  18. Matts Logren 7.7565/310.70
  19. Roger Johansson 7.9901/244.34


Comp Eliminator eliminations round 1 winners

Bjørn Johansen was due a bye as Jimmy Tihvan did not show, however had to be pushed back after his burnout and so did not take the green.

Lars-Georg Johansson (7.5053/227.94) bye, Pär Eriksson (7.23) 7.2591/287.08, Hannu Flink (7.27) 6.6253/335.40 bye (Robert Arthursson no show), Mika Eloranta (7.23) 7.0290/279.21, Daniel Jedborn (7.73) 7.3443/201.34, Matti Rajamaki (9.26) 8.9770/243.24, Lasse Britsmar (7.90) 7.3155/299.50 bye (Andres Arnover no show), Mikael Holmström (7.23) 7.8022/301.51, PerErik Lindgren (9.41) 11.3312/178.22, Angelica Bäckman (7.61) 7.5349/239.15 bye (Fredrik Olehag no show), Krister Adeen (7.23) 7.0944/251.28, Bjørn Johansen (7.56) bye (Jimmy Tihvan no show)

Pro Modified next, track grooming first.


Stock / Super Stock eliminations round 1 winners

0.0084 RT for Yrjö Wallius in his race with Lars Nyberg. 0.0073 RT for Tomas Kaakinen in his race with P-A Lindström. Anders Lindh +0.0090 on dial-in in his race with Ari Körkkö. Thomas Strand +0.0096 on dial-in in his race with Hans Nilsson.

Anders Eriksson (10.75) 10.7375/196.51, Erik Wallin (10.36) 10.6583/162.31, Yrjö Wallius (10.35) 10.3679/193.90, Dan Williams (9.92) 9.9892/212.51, Glenn Appelgren (10.47) 10.5400/203.08 bye (Kjell Erickson no show), Christer Lidberg (10.44) 10.4853/202.70, Tomas Kaakinen (9.60) 9.6189/226.61, Björn Bondesson (10.17) 10.2193/205.64, Anders Lindh (10.30) 10.3090/204.47, Lars Johansson (12.43) 12.4542/170.29, Thomas Strand (10.94) 10.9496/192.65, Rick McCann (10.07) 10.0253/212.77, Mathias Munther (11.16) 11.2015/188.75, Uffe Edwardsson (11.25) 10.2638/206.11 bye (Bo Nylund no show), Lasse Bodén (10.63) 10.6275/200.74, Jonas Bengtsson (10.03) 10.6233/160.24, Tarmo Mikkola (9.89) 9.8804/212.18 bye (Anders Holmberg no show)


Junior Dragster eliminations round 1 winners

Perfect 0.0009 RT for Nelly Ericsson in her race with Pontus Söderlund. Perfect ET for Hampus Sundqvist in his race with Felicia Rudnert.

Pontus Söderlund (7.99) 7.9793/128.30, Atle Poolsar (7.92) 7.9512/127.39, Emil Eriksson (9.35) 9.3853/114.43, Tindra Christensen (7.90) 7.8114/132.35, Fanny Andersson (7.98) 7.9500/131.16, Roman Sixta (8.10) 8.1390/128.97, Victor Heleander (7.93) 7.9365/131.35, Joakim Eriksson (12.00) 12.3739/88.29, Nina Björnsson (7.95) 7.9574/129.34, Marcus Andersson (9.58) 9.6466/101.77, Hampus Sundqvist (8.20) 8.2006/129.37, Stine Aune Hasselvold (8.24) 8.3596/114.14, Eskil Dahls (7.90) 7.9275/129.53, Niklas Larsson (7.90) 7.9491/134.76


Good morning and welcome from Tierp Arena for our coverage of the Tierp Internationals brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

Again a pleasant morning, sun and high cloud, very gentle southerly breeze. The track has been sprayed and looks great.

We posted yesterday's gallery at 23:00, you can check that out via the Event Index page together with Simon's end-day set of pit notes.

A big Good Morning to the Eurodragsterholics and Thank You for your support, especially Kai Plathan and Otto tuned in from Finland and Ivar Kolberg tuned in from Norway.

As you can see we are utilising the popular split-screen format with stats on the right courtesy of TimeTree. If you would just like to see the race report full-width then click here.

Courtesy of Tomas Pettersson you can find today's provisional running order on the Event Index. As you can see Sportsman eliminations are starting today, first up being Junior Dragster, Stock / Super Stock and Comp Eliminator. The two Pro sessions are scheduled for 10:00 and 14:00, today the cars go first and Pro Modified Q3 and Q4 will also include the Swedish Pro Modified Championship. The Swedish Championship runs within Q3 and Q4 will count for qualifying but the final, at the end of the day, will not count. The first round pairings, to run in Q3 are Jimmy Ålund v Rolf Simonsson, Micke Gullqvist v Michael Joneskog, Åke Persson v Micke Johansson, and Andreas Arthursson v Jan Ericsson.

Finally, absolutely no greetings of any kind to those individuals with a career in Merchant Banking who insist on posting "So-and-so did such-and-such" on Facebook without having the courtesy to say where that "such-and-such" came from. Whatever they may say we all know that crediting us would blow the illusion of their being the fount of all knowledge. It can't possibly be that typing four or five more words is too much effort. I may be wrong but I am of the opinion that as the ones doing the nineteen-hour days we might expect a smidgin of courtesy. Maybe I'm just old and grumpy. Eurodragsterholics should feel free to humiliate the culprits, with the exception of the Top Doorslammer group who have permission to copy.

Sportsman eliminations commence at 09:00, stay tuned and when racing starts we'll bring you the news.

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