Tierp Internationals
Tierp Arena, 15th-18th June 2017

Fredag / Friday

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FIA Top Fuel Dragster qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Micke Kågered 8.3208/127.63 bye; Stefan Gunnarsson 5.6452/185.19, Antti Horto 4.0300/478.30; Stig Neergaard 11.8371/78.42, Duncan Micallef 6.5916/146.98

Micke to sixty in 0.8774, high-frequency shake, shut it off about 100 feet out. Antti's tyres barely lit on the burnout. Doesn't always hurt though. Stefan to sixty in 0.8978, Antti in 0.8728, Stefan to 330 feet in 2.2868/266.14 to Antti's 2.2293/301.84, Stefan looked to be turning the tyres, smoke either way, and shut off before the eighth. Antti to the eighth in 3.2081/414.75 and on the gas all the way. Antti into #1 spot at that point. Stig's tyres started to smoke off the line, 1.0853 to sixty, stayed on the gas to about 100 feet and the dragster turned right, off it at that point. Storming 0.8520 to sixty for Duncan but then shake and off it before 330 feet 2.3560/213.44.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Antti Horto 4.0300/478.30
  2. Duncan Micallef 4.0591/467.94
  3. Anita Mäkelä 4.1005/395.31
  4. Liam Jones 4.1598/443.71
  5. Timo Lehtimäki 4.3380/452.64
  6. Stig Neergaard 5.5144/458.40
  7. Stefan Gunnarsson 5.6452/185.19
  8. Micke Kågered 6.5140/163.74

That's qualifying done for today. Tune back in a couple of hours for today's gallery and I believe that Simon has more pit notes for us too,


FIA Pro Stock qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Sampsa Palos 14.3211/87.44 bye; Robin Norén 32.4314/32.32, Jan Palmqvist 7.3545/241.18; Tommy Lundström 7.3862/305.78, Christian Sagelv no time broke; Stefan Ernryd 6.6836/336.45, Richard Sundblom 6.7334/331.70; Tommy Leindahl 10.1065/169.39, Magnus Pettersson 6.7353/331.90; Simon Gustafsson no time, Thomas Lindström 19.8989/56.66; Hannu Kalliomäki 7.1321/304.91, Michael Malmgren 6.6408/334.57; Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5891/337.71, Jimmy Ålund 6.5568/341.99

1.1523 to sixty for Sampsa with motor screaming and tyres turning, shut it off very quickly. Instant hideous shake for Robin, felt it here in Race Control, off the gas and rolled through. 1.0298 to sixty for Jan, 4.4480/253.16 at the eighth rollig off the gas at that point. Transmission or some such failure for Christian, car moved about half an inch at the hit and stopped with a graunching noise. Tommy to sixty in 1.1520, eighth in 4.7904/243.90, run looked quicker than the time which came up on the boards. Great match between Stefan and Nixxon. Stefan to sixty in 1.0136 to Nixxon's 0.9911, Stefan's car picked up visibly, like someone sped the film up, towards the eighth 4.3220/266.54 to Nixxon's 4.3335/262.52. Stefan up the ladder, Nixxon improved but stayed in place. Tommy to sixty in 1.0510 driving through shake but then shut it off before the 330. 1.0004 to sixty for Magnus, to the eighth in 4.3396/263.54. Instant shake for both Simon and Thomas, 1.6716 sixty for Simon, 1.1873 for Thomas got a bit further under power but was off it before 100 feet. Hannu rolled a long way after his burnout, stopped about 300 feet out. Michael's team pretty much ready to send him in by the time Hannu got back. Hannu courteously went into pre-stage first. Hannu away first 0.0657 to 0.0805, Micjael quickly pulled him in with the much better sixty 0.9935 to 1.0737 and visibly ahead at the eighth 4.2705/267.06 to Hannu's 4.5889/248.85. Hannu's engine note was lowering before the stripe. Great match to end the session, 0.033 to 0.0372 RT advantage for Bengt and the better sixty 0.9932 to Jimmy's 1.0011. Jimmy with the better eighth 4.2302/272.18 to Bengt's 4.2386/269.46. Slight improvement for Jimmy to consolidate #1.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Jimmy Ålund 6.5568/341.99
  2. Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5813/336.87
  3. Michael Malmgren 6.6408/334.57
  4. Thomas Lindström 6.6512/334.99
  5. Magnus Pettersson 6.6735/333.95
  6. Stefan Ernryd 6.6836/336.45
  7. Richard Sundblom 6.7334/331.70
  8. Hannu Kalliomäki 6.8264/322.97
  9. Simon Gustafsson 6.8294/310.17
  10. Tommy Leindahl 6.9060/315.97
  11. Tommy Lundström 7.1276/311.96
  12. Christian Sagelv 7.1886/241.50
  13. Jan Palmqvist 7.3545/241.18
  14. Robin Norén 9.5636/167.18
  15. Sampsa Palos 14.3211/87.44


FIA Top Methanol qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Micke Larsson 5.9269/394.74 bye; Linn Engan Karlsen 6.0797/380.55, Petteri Liimatainen 5.5261/406.32; Jonny Lagg 11.0187/106.22, Sandro Bellio 5.6659/371.90; Dennis Habermann 5.4188/428.23, Timo Habermann 8.6484/180.78

Micke a long time waiting for wheelie bar checks. Great run though, 1.0500 to sixty, slight waver left and right, 3.9143/313.95 at the eighth, just a hint of hesitation in the motor in the second half. Petteri's tyres didn't light on the burnout. Very nice burnout by Linn in the Funny Car, 250 feet or so. Linn's FC just edged forward as the Tree ran but not enough to trigger the clocks. Linn to sixty in 1.1246, Petteri in 0.9359, Linn drove through shake whilst Petteri's dragster moved left and right but he hung on to it. Petteri to the eighth in 3.5987/330.88 to Linn's 4.0220/309.81. Jonny to sixty in 1.0048, shake and cylinders mixing up, pedalled then got off the gas. Sandro to sixty in 0.9908, to the eighth in 3.7126/333.13, off the gas and chutes out just before the stripe so more left in there. Sandro into #1 at that point on the 0.26 adjustment. Dennis to sixty in 0.9201, Timo in 0.9481 with shake. Timo pedalled once then gave it up. Dennis to the eighth in 3.5706/341.12.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Sandro Bellio 5.4059* (5.6659/371.90)
  2. Timo Habermann 5.4138/432.35
  3. Dennis Habermann 5.4188/428.23
  4. Petteri Liimatainen 5.5261/406.32
  5. Micke Larsson 5.6669* (5.9269/394.74)
  6. Linn Engan Karlsen 5.8197* (6.0797/380.55)



FIA Pro Modified qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Hussain Al Shammari 6.5852/339.52, Rolf Simonsson 7.7158/200.37; Norbert Kuno 6.2111/369.36, Roger Johansson 11.1558/115.56; Kim Kristiansen 6.1606/386.62, Michel Tooren 10.1736/137.97; Håkan Persson no time DQ, Freddy Fagerström no time DQ; Matts Logren no time DQ, Åke Persson 5.9604/392.16; Jan Brännvall 8.0560/210.61, Jimmy Ålund 5.9457/380.01; Michael Joneskog no time DQ, Micke Johansson no time DQ; David Vegter 6.1257/383.80, Bruno Bader 9.5036/167.70; Micke Gullqvist no time DQ, Andreas Arthursson no time DQ

Hussain to sixty in 1.0408 and Rolf in 1.0307, both with shake and both pedalled once. Hussain to the eighth in 4.3857/280.37, Rolf difficult to see through clutch dust backing out of it by the eighth 4.4114/242.48. Flash of flame from Hussain's pipes at the stripe. Norbert to sixty in 1.0264, Roger better at 1.0185, the Mustang started drifting left and Roger was off the gas and put the chutes out at about 400 feet. Norbert to the eighth in 4.0797/294.92 and drove it all the way to the stripe. Kim to sixty in 1.0910, Michel trying to drive through shake at 1.0447, the Cuda turned right and Michel got off the gas. Kim to the eighth in 4.1041/303.88 and drive it through the back door, I would imagine a new PB, well done Kim and team! Håkan in full stage before Freddy went into pre-stage, Freddy quickly into stage then both left before the lights ran. Håkan drove through shake and the Viper made a move to the left at the eighth, very close indeed to the guardrail. Freddy was all over his lane and ultimately headed for the centre line but as ever hung on to it and didn't show any inclination to get off the gas. Matts had trouble starting the motor and Åke was almost back from his burnout before Matts pulled his burnout, somewhat surprisingly a 100-foot burnout with Åke waiting. Åke went straight into stage, Matts hurried in then left before the lights ran. Åke waited for the green and blasted into #1 spot. 1.0140 to sixty, straight down the middle of the lane, 3.9381/311.24 at the eighth. Matts' motor started to smoke past 1000 feet, track checked and a trail of oil found, clean-up crew called to the top end.

One very quick clean-up later (well done yet again track crew) Jan and Jimmy matched up. Jan drove through shake from the get-go, 1.2117 to sixty and the car started drifting left then suddenly shot right, almost had the centre line, off the gas. Jimmy to sixty in 0.9813 and a storming eighth 3.8969/310.88. Bit of a pre-stage burndown, Micke went in then left when Michael went into stage. Michael sat in pre-stage and then went forward into stage and hit the gas without waiting for the Tree. I hate to say it ("Here's what you would have won" and music in a minor key) but those were two great-looking runs begging for time slips. David to sixty in 1.0429, a second burnout for Bruno, 1.1192 to sixty feet staying on it with tyres spinning and smoking until the Vette turned right and he got off the pedal. David to the eighth in 4.0498/302.01, clean run with no drama. Andreas left as soon as he went up on the revs, Micke left when he heard Andreas, again two great-looking runs about which we'll never know.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Jimmy Ålund 5.9457/380.01
  2. Åke Persson 5.9604/392.16
  3. Andreas Arthursson 6.0403/373.96
  4. Micke Gullqvist 6.1032/392.44
  5. David Vegter 6.1106/384.07
  6. Kim Kristiansen 6.1606/386.62
  7. Michael Joneskog 6.1623/384.07
  8. Norbert Kuno 6.2111/369.36
  9. Jan Ericsson 6.4410/339.62
  10. Bruno Bader 6.4671/369.61
  11. Hussain Al Shammari 6.5852/339.52
  12. Micke Johansson 7.2875/244.90
  13. Jan Brännvall 7.7406/294.44
  14. Rolf Simonsson 7.7158/200.37
  15. Matts Logren 7.7565/310.70
  16. Freddy Fagerström 8.5178/169.60
  17. Michel Tooren 10.1736/137.97
  18. Håkan Persson 10.4665/139.03
  19. Roger Johansson 11.1558/115.56


EDRS Pro MC Top Fuel Bike qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Peter Andersson (Ä) 8.0304/239.89 bye, Sverre Dahl did not start; Thomas Pettersson 8.5506/167.65 bye, Peter Andersson (U) shut off; Jan Sturla Hegre 6.3555/338.77, Rikard Gustafsson 6.0268/383.25

Sverre's motor wouldn't start, crew worked very hard but eventually one threw up his hands. Peter took the bye, 1.1812 to sixty and 4.9875/219.78 at the eighth. And here's the other Peter, this one from Upplands Väsby so he is Peter (U). Nice rolling burnout by Thomas, Peter lost fire in the bleach box. Refired, restarted, lost fire, restarted, bike didn't want to turn the tyre so he eventually called it a day.Thomas to sixty in 1.0916 but then rolled off the throttle before the eighth. Fantastic match between Jan Sturla and Rikard! Jan Sturla to sixty in 1.0600 to Rikard's 1.0550, both riding out fishtailing, Rikard with the better eighth 3.9815/312.32 to Jan Sturla's 4.1305/289.54, Jan Sturla looked to be off the gas and chute out just before the stripe so more to come there. Huge speed for Rikard, equates to 238.46 mph, close to Ian King's European record.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Rikard Gustafsson 6.0093/369.10
  2. Jan Sturla Hegre 6.3555/338.77
  3. Thomas Pettersson 7.2425/280.10
  4. Peter Andersson (Ä) 8.0304/239.89


EDRS Pro MC Supertwin qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Torsti Kettula 8.3909/215.57 bye; Teemu Ketula 11.1619/128.85 bye; Samu Kemppainen 8.4379/275.79, Erling Opheim no time broke; Trond Høiberget 12.1038/218.80, Anders Hörnström 6.9482/329.47; Roman Sixta 6.7422/325.89, Greger Johansson 7.1971/259.74; Petri Matsson no time DQ, Tommy Grimes 6.4187/316.53

1.3277 to sixty for Torsti. Then the motor hesitated and started to die out. 1.3515 to sixty for Teemu then similarly the motor hesitated finally stopping altogether past the eighth. Erling shut off and was climbing off the bike as the lights ran. Samu to sixty in 1.1492 then feathered the throttle towards the eighth 5.0320/178.51, shut it off altogether near the stripe. 1.1468 to sixty for Anders, 4.5949/265.49 at the eighth, I am thinking maybe a new PB, if so then grattis Anders! Trond's motor was strugggling off the line and he was off the gas before the eighth. 1.1568 to sixty for Roman, 1.1829 for Greger. Greger's bike was heading gently left whilst Roman's bike was headed down the middle of its lane. Roman to the eighth in 4.4226/277.78, 4.5001/268.26, Greger rolling off the throttle as the bike got too close to the centre line for his liking. 1.1616 to sixty for Petri, 1.1648 for Tommy, Petri's bike started to head right and he took out the eighth mile reflectors. Tommy already safely past the eighth 4.2110/302.52, fantastic run to consolidate his #1 spot.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Tommy Grimes 6.4187/316.53
  2. Petri Mattsson 6.7322/280.37
  3. Roman Sixta 6.7422/325.89
  4. Anders H&ornström 6.9482/329.47
  5. Greger Johansson 7.1971/259.74
  6. Torsti Kettula 8.3909/215.57
  7. Semu Kemppainen 8.4379/275.79
  8. Vidar Ravsborg 9.4843/176.18
  9. Erling Opheim 9.8031/158.17
  10. Svein Olav Rolfstad 10.7738/135.51
  11. Teemu Ketula 11.1619/128.85
  12. Trond Høiberget 12.1038/218.80


EDRS Pro MC Pro Stock Bike qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Robert Karlsson 7.0495/304.74 bye; Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 10.3567/135.10, Fredrik Kempe 17.2829/58.37; Kenneth Holmberg 7.3043/292.37, Alex Hope 7.3801/284.36; Kalle Lyrén 7.0369/308.04, Timo Savolainen 7.2353/280.23

Great run for Robert to take over #1 at that point. 1.0894 to sixty, 4.4911/252.93 at the eighth. Thomas off the gas at the eighth getting close to the centre line, Fredrik lost drive a couple of gears out and got there on momentum. Nice runs for Kenneth and Alex, although Alex sat on the start line for several seconds after the Tree ran, no improvement for either although a close thing in both cases. 1.0984 to sixty for Kalle, 1.1222 for Timo, 4.4958/251.98 to the eighth for Kalle to Timo's 4.5807/245.23. Kalle took back #1 from Robert Karlsson but then a cloud of smoke in the shutdown area, the bike started to slide and Kalle parted company with it. The bike carried on to the gravel trap. Safety crews rushed to Kalle's aid, there very quickly. Checked over in the Medical Centre and word is, thankfully, bruises as you'd expect but otherwise OK.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Kalle Lyrén 7.0369/308.04
  2. Robert Karlsson 7.0495/304.74
  3. Timo Savolainen 7.1834/291.73
  4. Kenneth Holmberg 7.2903/298.34
  5. Alex Hope 7.3317/281.25
  6. Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 8.0203/268.26
  7. Fredrik Kempe 17.2829/58.37


EDRS Pro MC Super Street Bike qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Dag Wagenius 10.3401/131.35 bye; Anders Blanck 12.3390/109.96, Björn Friström 7.3608/314.69; Emil Östlund 8.7369/248.73, Ida Zetterström 8.8031/260.24; Robert Nilsson 7.3049/318.02, Ida Johansson 11.1916/112.41; Kim Hilander 7.7178/304.74, Pelle Lakmaker 9.9115/188.02; Henri Kolehmainen 7.3311/305.43, Roberth Häggblom 7.8373/293.96; Mathias Bohlin 7.3748/313.23, Mark Hope 12.9641/95.14; Mogens Lund no time broke, Vesa Ruhanen 7.3284/304.91

Big puff of smoke from Dag's motor just past the eighth, the bike almost obscured but not quite enough that we couldn't see Dag punch the air.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Mogens Lund 7.1975/324.13
  2. Robert Nilsson 7.3049/318.02
  3. Vesa Ruhanen 7.3284/304.91
  4. Henri Kolehmainen 7.3311/305.43
  5. Björn Friström 7.3608/314.69
  6. Mathias Bohlin 7.3748/313.23
  7. Mark Hope 7.6052/311.96
  8. Kim Hilander 7.7178/304.74
  9. Roberth Häggblom 7.8373/293.96
  10. Emil Östlund 8.7369/248.73
  11. Ida Zetterström 8.8031/260.24
  12. Anders Blanck 8.8847/277.07
  13. Pelle Lakmaker 9.8102/204.78
  14. Ida Johansson 9.8630/230.67
  15. Dag Wagenius 10.3401/131.35


Top Doorslammer qualifying session 4 (left lane first)

Lenn Lindell broke, bye; Stefan Carlsson 4.2637/295.89, Erik Andersson no time DQ; Jukka Kiiskinen 5.5499/160.14, Anne Britt Nilssen 4.1622/282.13; Laura Saksa 4.3192/278.49, Michael Nord 4.9214/173.35; Anders Edh 4.2079/279.94, Rimbert Vahlström 4.1016/245.79; Victor Jansson no time broke, Andreas Sjödin 3.8902/302.69

Simon reports from the pits that "Åke Eliasson's Procharger is in a million pieces" after the big bang in Q3.

Lenn preparing to stage and the motor stopped abruptly. Stefan to sixty in 1.0437, a pedal for shake and back on it. 1.0496 to sixty for Erik, the Mustang blackstriping and heading left, crossed the centre line and took out the eighth-mile reflectors to a cry of anguish from the timekeeper. Oil found on the track right by the eighth, clean-up ensued. Great run for Anne-Britt, 1.0436 to sixty, straight down the middle of the lane and no real shake or other problem. 1.3561 to sixty for Jukka, driving through the clutch and the car almost disappeared in a cloud of clutch dust. Courtesy of timekeeper Petteri Haapaniemi we can tell you that Laura's and Michael's the 999th and 1000th runs of the event so far. Great sixty for Michael 0.9857 but the car was going left and Michael had to back out of it before he crossed the line. 1.0739 to sixty for Laura with some shake, improvement but stayed #10. Anders to 1.0466 driving through shake, Rimbert to sixty in 1.0082 and was on a stormer but his blower relief panel blew about 500 feet out, chutes out. Improvement for Anders but stayed on the bump. Metallic grinding noise from Victor's car and a bang big enough to make the crew cower, the car stopped dead a yard or two off the line. Stormer for Andreas! 0.9695 to sixty, 2.6067/233.56 at 330 feet, improvement to consolidate #1.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Andreas Sjödin 3.8902/302.69
  2. Victor Jansson 3.9200/312.86
  3. Rimbert Vahlström 3.9269/307.87
  4. Lenn Lindell 3.9291/313.95
  5. Michael Nord 3.9955/294.28
  6. Åke Eliasson 4.0777/293.80
  7. Anne Britt Nilssen 4.1622/282.13
  8. Anders Edh 4.2079/279.94
  9. Stefan Carlsson 4.2637/295.89
  10. Laura Saksa 4.3192/278.49
  11. Jukka Kiiskinen 5.2958/228.43


Super Comp Bike qualifying session 7

Improvement for Kimmo Rantala, 8.6959 but stayed #11. Grace at trackside reports that Kathrine Wagenius had not just the front but the back wheel off the track wheelying out of the hole. Side by side 0.0820 and 0.0831 RTs for Emil Östlund and Tomas Jonsson respectively.

Super Gas Bike qualifying session 7

9.7289 improvement for Magnus Pollack but stayed #2.


Junior Drag Bike qualifying session 7

John Rolfstad up from #4 to #3 at 0.1337. Great 0.0052 for Seth Friström to consolidate his #1 spot.


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 7

First pair and Krister Adeen backed up his 6.607 C/TA class record, grattis Krister! 8.5515 for Fredrik Olehag (7.56) an improvement but stayed #19. 6.9918 against 7.00 for Jesper Stenberg good for #16 and a very happy crew, I am guessing a PB, if so then grattis Jesper!


Pro Street qualifying session 7

Improvement for Kjell Marum, 7.6359 good for #8. Squeaker 7.5947 for Michael Ohlsson near the end of the session. Peter Nordlund with a 7.6031 up from #2 to #1 in the penultimate pair. 7.6442 for Pelle Arvidsson in the last run of the session good for #11.


Stock / Super Stock qualifying session 7

First pair and Rick McCann's (10.50) rear right tyre looked to be shaking, not something you see every day in Stock / Super Stock. Mathias Färm (10.55) looks to have sorted out his wheelspin problem, hooked up and pulled a great wheelie this time. Perhaps unsurprisingly no changes in placings this session, a couple of small improvements which didn't change positions and some having slowed down (relatively I mean) working on dial-ins for eliminations I would imagine.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Timo Lehtimäki 4.3380/452.64 bye; Stefan Gunnarsson 16.4104/42.92 bye; Micke Kågered 6.5140/163.74, Anita Mäkelä 4.1005/395.31; Duncan Micallef 4.0591/467.94, Stig Neergaard 5.5144/458.40; Antti Horto 4.1279/461.93, Liam Jones 4.1598/443.71

Good to see Timo on the track. Visibly conservative sixty 0.9425, all eight lit passing 330 feet 2.4234/270.95, to the eighth in 3.4732/394.16 looked maybe to be mixing cylinders towards the stripe. A great baseline. Stefan's tyres up in smoke at the hit, 1.1768 to sixty with motor zinging, judging by the car's body language I think the blower belt broke into the bargain. Micke not displaying a race number to the chagrin of the timekeepers just to my right. Anita to sixty in 0.8725, Micke in 0.8952. Micke off the gas before 330 feet 2.4407/202.70, Anita passed 330 feet in 2.2258/304.57. Approaching the eighth Anita's dragster made a move to the left, 3.2051/410.33 at the eighth, looked like cylinders out then a flash of flame from the left side and off the gas. Track check in both lanes. Duncan to sixty in 0.8785, Stig's tyres up in smoke and got to sixty in 1.4496, off the gas and then stomped it again, red mist maybe but it worked. Meanwhile Duncan through 330 feet in 2.2412/295.40 and to the eighth in 3.2255/414.11. After his long pedal Stig to the eighth in 4.6558/389.89 and stayed on the gas all the way. Great match between Antti and Liam. Liam with the better sixty 0.8933 to Antti's 0.9009, Antti had the better 330 foot 2.2876/294.76 to Liam's 2.2956/292.21. Both going great guns at the eighth, Antti 3.2840/407.24 to Liam's 3.2977/404.80, then smoke and a flash of flame from Liam's motor just before the thousand but not much loss of momentum judging.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Duncan Micallef 4.0591/467.94
  2. Anita Mäkelä 4.1005/395.31
  3. Antti Horto 4.1279/461.93
  4. Liam Jones 4.1598/443.71
  5. Timo Lehtimäki 4.3380/452.64
  6. Stig Neergaard 5.5144/458.40
  7. Micke Kågered 6.5140/163.74
  8. Stefan Gunnarsson 16.4104/42.92


FIA Pro Stock qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Sampsa Palos shut off, bye; Christian Sagelv 7.1886/241.50, Tommy Lundström 7.1276/311.96; Jan Palmqvist 8.2267/194.66, Tommy Leindahl 6.9060/315.97; Richard Sundblom 6.7941/327.07, Hannu Kalliomäki 6.8264/322.97; Jimmy Ålund 6.5660/342.21, Robin Norén 9.5636/167.18; Magnus Pettersson 6.6735/333.95, Stefan Ernryd 7.1239/239.15; Michael Malmgren 6.6471/333.33, Simon Gustafsson 6.8294/310.17; Thomas Lindström 6.6512/334.99, Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5813/336.87

Sampsa shut off on return from his burnout. Christian to sixty in 1.0342, to the eighth in 4.3757/262.52 then shut off. Tommy waited a long while before launching. 1.0449 to sixty, 4.5747/248.73 at the eighth and also out of it in the second half. Good to see Tommy back in a Pro Stock. Jan to sixty in 1.0315, Tommy in 1.0453. Jan looked to drive through shake then shut it off before the eighth 4.6236/208.01. Tommy to the eighth in 4.4419/257.51, staying with it despite getting close to the guardrail in the second half. Nixxon to sixty in 1.0002, Hannu in 1.0155, Hannu's car made a hard right move towards the guardrail about 400 feet out but he stayed with it. Nixxon with a visible lead at the eighth 4.3803/261.00 to Hannu's 4.4024/260.37, Hannu sounded to be easing off the gas near the stripe altough the speed doesn't really back up that assertion. Jimmy to sixty in 1.0036 to Robin's 1.0982 with shake which got worse, a pedal then sounded to lose gears and shut off. Jimmy to the eighth in 4.2378/271.22, clean straight pass like he had never been away. Great match between Magnus and Stefan to begin with. Magnus to sixty in 0.9878, Stefan in 0.9963. Didn't see or hear any shake to speak of. Stefan had the better eighth 4.2573/263.29 to Magnus' 4.2908/265.36 but then shut it off. Michael to sixty in 0.9920, Robin in 1.0198. felt shake through the floor here but not obvious whose and both carried on regardless. Michael visibly ahead at the eighth 4.2761/266.40 to Robin's 4.3868/259.59, Robin shut off and had the chutes out before thse stripe so more left in there. Thomas and Bengt ready to stage and the quarter mile end speed beam went out. Timing crew sped into action and fixed it with minimal delay whilst Thomas and Bengt waited patiently with motors stopped. Then a great match. Thomas to sixty in 0.9997, Bengt already flying by sixty at 0.9711 and a visible advantage at the eighth 4.2226/268.52 to 4.2768/334.99,

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Jimmy Ålund 6.5660/342.21
  2. Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5813/336.87
  3. Michael Malmgren 6.6471/333.33
  4. Thomas Lindström 6.6512/334.99
  5. Magnus Pettersson 6.6735/333.95
  6. Richard Sundblom 6.7941/327.07
  7. Hannu Kalliomäki 6.8264/322.97
  8. Simon Gustafsson 6.8294/310.17
  9. Tommy Leindahl 6.9060/315.97
  10. Stefan Ernryd 7.1239/239.15
  11. Tommy Lundström 7.1276/311.96
  12. Christian Sagelv 7.1886/241.50
  13. Jan Palmqvist 8.2267/194.66
  14. Robin Norén 9.5636/167.18


FIA Top Methanol qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Sandro Bellio 6.3635/352.71 bye, Jonny Lagg shut off; Timo Habermann 5.4138/432.35, Dennis Habermann 5.4803/426.40

Remember the TMFCs have 0.26 taken off their ETs for qualifying purposes. Jonny shut off on retirn from the burnout, nothing visibly wrong. Sandro took the bye, 1.0630 to sixty, a pedal although not visibly for shake, hard back on it. 4.1584/289.39 at the eighth, clean run. Great match between Timo and Dennis. Timo with the better sixty 0.9408 to 0.9565, brief pedal for Timo about 100 feet out, Dennis drove through his shake, Timo with the better eighth 3.5876/345.71 to Dennis' 3.6274/340.69.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Timo Habermann 5.4138/432.35
  2. Dennis Habermann 5.4803/426.40
  3. Sandro Bellio 6.1035* (6.3635/352.71)



A big hello to our good friends Spencer Tramm, Robin Jackson and Bob Roberts tuned in from the UK, hello and hugs to Diana Macrae aka DD and Kerry Jeyes also tuned in from the UK. Hope you are enjoying the coverage guys.

FIA Pro Modified qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Jan Ericsson 6.4410/339.62 bye; Michael Joneskog 6.1623/384.07 bye; Micke Johansson 7.2875/244.90 bye, Hussain Al Shammari shut off; Andreas Arthursson 6.0403/373.96, Jan Brännvall 7.7406/294.44; Michel Tooren 16.0807/82.04, Matts Logren 7.7565/310.70; Roger Johansson shut off, bye; Kim Kristiansen 11.6371/107.89 bye; Åke Persson 7.5923/220.32, Håkan Persson 10.4665/139.03; Freddy Fagerström 8.5178/169.60, Norbert Kuno no time DQ; Bruno Bader 6.4671/369.61, Micke Gullqvist 6.1032/392.44; Jimmy Ålund 7.4553/196.58, David Vegter 6.1106/384.07

Great opener for Jan, a lot of us here in Race Control commented how straight the run was. 1.1800 to sixty, 4.2109/294.44 at the eighth, good baseline. Motor was screaming a bit towards the eighth, revs seemed quite high. Michael licenced yesterday. Great first pass for his FIA career! 1.0465 to sixty with tyres squealing, sligh tmove left but had it covered, 4.0899/302.69 at the eighth. More in there as the car was audibly and visibly blackstriping all the way. Hussain shut off for a leak before the burnout. Micke took the bye. Foot launch, didn't go up on the revs, 1.1282 to sixty, 4.5525/261.25 at the eighth audibly feathering and shut off in the second half. Clean-up between bleach box and start line in Hussain's lane. Andreas' crew went off to the start line but then realised he had not started and came back. Much consternation with one crew member sprinting for the tow car for something by which time Andreas had started it up. Jan was on his way back from the burnout but Andreas pulled a short burnout so as not to keep him waiting. Andreas shot off the line, 1.0400 to sixty, Jan's motor was lazy, 1.3179 to sixty and sounded lazy and not on full throttle all the way down. Andreas to the eighth in 4.0455/317.83 and then shut it off and put the chutes out just before the stripe. More to come there, crew very happy too. Muchel had a wretched Main Event, hopefully a better weekend here. Michel's tyres spun up at the hit, 1.3671 at sixty and off it there. Michael to sixty in 1.3420, the eighth in 5.1899/244.90, motor sounded a bit unwilling. No-one going to argue about whose is the most welcome return this weekend, Roger Johansson back after his crash last year. The new Mustang looks just great. Nice burnout but shut off for a fuel leak on return, towed back to the pits. Great to see Kim Kristiansen, too, in what was formerly Marc Meihuizen's car. Great burnout then careful checks of wheelie bar height. Foot launch rather than two-step, tyres up in smoke at the hit. 1.3215 to sixty with motor screaming, off the gas and idled through. Last-photographer burnout by Håkan, last photographer unmistakably Stefan Boman 300 feet out. When Håkan got off the gas from the burnout the Viper made a hard left turn, kept it in his lane though. Visible 0.1081 to 0.2457 holeshot for Håkan. Åke to sixty in 1.0443, Håkan hit shake and the Viper headed left, shut it off about 400 feet out. A˚ke's Camaro headed for the guardrail but he stayed with it, pulled it back then shut it off around the eighth 4.5510/241.18. Freddy doesn't do Last Photographer burnouts, he does Last Race Official burnouts, a spotter at 400 feet in this case. Freddy waited patiently whilst Norbert's crew did last-minute checks on the car, then went into pre-stage, then stage, and the Autostart bulbed Norbert. Freddy to sixty in 1.2319 with shake, pick-up headed right, a pedal and back on it, 3.2194/185.89 at 330 feet, headed right again and hit the eighth mile speed reflector DQing his run as things stood then. Race officials then decided that it was not clear whether Freddy had it the reflector or whether it was header blast so his run counts. Shake for Bruno off the line, a pedal, 1.1577 to sixty and driving through shake still. Micke to 0.9923 driving through mild shake but getting on top of it, to the eighth in 4.0618/304.74, Bruno visibly behind at the eighth 4.3404/296.05. Jimmy to sixty in 1.0075, David in 1.0125. Jimmy hit shake and tried to drive through it, heard a pedal. David to the eighth in 4.0358/302.35, Jimmy in 4.1185/242.91 then shut it off in the second eighth.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Andreas Arthursson 6.0403/373.96
  2. Micke Gullqvist 6.1032/392.44
  3. David Vegter 6.1106/384.07
  4. Michael Joneskog 6.1623/384.07
  5. Jan Ericsson 6.4410/339.62
  6. Bruno Bader 6.4671/369.61
  7. Micke Johansson 7.2875/244.90
  8. Jimmy Ålund 7.4553/196.58
  9. Åke Persson 7.5923/220.32
  10. Jan Brännvall 7.7406/294.44
  11. Matts Logren 7.7565/310.70
  12. Freddy Fagerström 8.5178/169.60
  13. Håkan Persson 10.4665/139.03
  14. Kim Kristiansen 11.6371/107.89
  15. Michel Tooren 16.0807/82.04


EDRS Pro MC Top Fuel Bike qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Peter Andersson (Ä) 8.9379/222.86 bye; Jan Sturla Hegre 6.8842/280.52 bye; Rikard Gustafsson 6.0093/369.10, Thomas Pettersson 7.2425/280.10

We have two Peter Anderssons, first up was the Peter A from Älvkarleby (hence the Ä). 1.1683 to sixty then rolled off the throttle at the eighth. Lots of unburnt fuel from the pipes when Jan Sturla pulled his burnout. Nice run to start with, 1.0570 to sixty feet then tyre started to haze and the bike went for the centre line. A feather of the throttle at the eighth 4.3983/265.62 and back on it, off the gas just before the stripe. Great run for Rikard! 1.0676 to sixty to Thomas' 1.1147, riding through the usual fishtail to the eighth 3.9661/313.95 to Thomas' 4.7300/241.29, slight drift left but had it covered.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Rikard Gustafsson 6.0093/369.10
  2. Jan Sturla Hegre 6.8842/280.52
  3. Thomas Pettersson 7.2425/280.10
  4. Peter Andersson (Ä)8.9379/222.86


EDRS Pro MC Supertwin qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Torsti Kettula shut off, bye; Teemu Kettula no time DQ bye; Tommy Grimes 6.6732/358.33, Petri Mattsson 6.7322/280.37; Anders H&ornström 7.8923/282.28, Trond Høiberget 13.9179/170.40; Svein Olav Rolfstad 10.7738/135.51, Roman Sixta 7.1073/327.47; Erling Opheim 9.8031/158.17, Vidar Ravsborg 9.4843/176.18; Greger Johansson 7.5142/267.99, Semu Kemppainen 21.0146/53.13

Torsti's motor stopped after a nice burnout. Teemu to sixty in 1.2886, bike was heading right and crossed lanes before the eighth. Great match between Tommy and Petri! 0.0862 to 0.3069 in Tommy's favour at the Tree then Petri had the better sixty 1.1893 to 1.2916 and the better eighth 4.3060/290.01 to 4.4975/290.79. Tommy was visibly accelerating hard in the second eighth and was drifting right all the way but kept it in his lane. Anders to sixty in 1.2745, 5.2407/237.05 eighth, Trond's motor bogged at the hit and he was quickly off the gas. Svein Olav to sixty in 1.3790, the motor audibly labouring. Roman to sixty in 1.2034, meanwhile Svein Olav's clear nitro flames went opaque orange and he got off the gas before 300 feet. Roman to the eighth in 4.6929/261.50. Careful check of Svein Olav's lane but no clean-up called. Tyre up in smoke at the hit for Vidar, feathered the throttle and got back on the gas, motor sounded lumpy then threw a balt at the eighth. 1.3227 to sixty for Erling, off the gas before the eighth. Samu's tyre up in smoke at the hit, a feather and then off it altogether. 1.1867 to suxty for Greger, 4.7340/233.36 at the eighth getting close to the left rail.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Tommy Grimes 6.6732/358.33
  2. Petri Mattsson 6.7322/280.37
  3. Roman Sixta 7.1073/327.47
  4. Greger Johansson 7.5142/267.99
  5. Anders H&ornström 7.8923/282.28
  6. Vidar Ravsborg 9.4843/176.18
  7. Erling Opheim 9.8031/158.17
  8. Svein Olav Rolfstad 10.7738/135.51
  9. Trond Høiberget 13.9179/170.40
  10. Semu Kemppainen 21.0146/53.13


EDRS Pro MC Pro Stock Bike qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Robert Karlsson 12.3252/93.02 bye; Alex Hope 7.3317/281.25, Kenneth Holmberg 7.2903/298.34; Fredrik Kempe did not start, Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 8.0203/268.26 bye; Timo Savolainen 7.1834/291.73, Kalle Lyrén 7.0658/309.10

Robert to sixty in 1.0728 but then had gear selection problems and shut it off. Alex to sixty in 1.1395 to Kenneth's 1.1493, and the better eighth 4.6570/243.79 to Kenneth's 4.6689/245.79, Kenneth picked it up in the second eighth. Thomas to sixty in 1.3590 then the motor sounded to struggle in the second half and Thomas got close to the rail. Great match between Timo and Kalle, Timo with the better sixty 1.1248 to 1.1315 but sounded like he very briefly had a shift problem, Kalle had the better eighth to 4.5406/254.12 to 4.5713/248.73.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Kalle Lyrén 7.0658/309.10
  2. Timo Savolainen 7.1834/291.73
  3. Kenneth Holmberg 7.2903/298.34
  4. Alex Hope 7.3317/281.25
  5. Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 8.0203/268.26
  6. Robert Karlsson 12.3252/93.02


EDRS Pro MC Super Street Bike qualifying session 1 after re-run (left lane first)

Emil Östlund no time bye; Ida Zetterström 11.1896/222.50, Mathias Bohlin 7.4544/307.69; Mark Hope 7.6052/311.96, Kim Hilander 7.9226/306.64; Ida Johansson9.8630/230.67 bye, Dag Wagenius shut off; Pelle Lakmaker 9.8102/204.78, Robert Nilsson 8.5792/250.00; Roberth Häggblom 7.9737/276.49, Anders Blanck 8.8847/277.07; Vesa Ruhanen 7.3982/310.34, Mogens Lund 7.1975/324.13; Björn Friström no time DQ, Henri Kolehmainen 7.4688/292.05; Emil Östlund 8.8157/251.75 bye (re-run)

Timers still set for eighth mile for Top Doorslammer so no quarter time for Emil. Björn crossed lanes before the eighth. Subsequently given a re-run.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Mogens Lund 7.1975/324.13
  2. Vesa Ruhanen 7.3982/310.34
  3. Mathias Bohlin 7.4544/307.69
  4. Henri Kolehmainen 7.4688/292.05
  5. Mark Hope 7.6052/311.96
  6. Kim Hilander 7.9226/306.64
  7. Roberth Häggblom 7.9737/276.49
  8. Robert Nilsson 8.5792/250.00
  9. Emil Östlund 8.8157/251.75
  10. Anders Blanck 8.8847/277.07
  11. Pelle Lakmaker 9.8102/204.78
  12. Ida Johansson 9.8630/230.67
  13. Ida Zetterström 11.1896/222.50


SiMon has posted a set of pit notes which you can check out via the Event Index.

Top Doorslammer qualifying session 3 (left lane first)

Erik Andersson shut off, bye; Anne Britt Nilssen 4.1731/279.50, Stefan Carlsson 4.3483/298.51; Åke Eliasson 5.2816/156.84, Jukka Kiiskinen 6.8657/146.22; Michael Nord shut off, Laura Saksa 4.8433/248.85 bye; Rimbert Vahlström 4.0774/306.12, Anders Edh 4.3162/255.44; Andreas Sjödin 9.0958/94.69, Victor Jansson 3.9200/312.86

First outing for Erik. Gentle burnout then went to stage left of centre of the lane. Some consternation around the front of car after it backed up, shut off for a fluid leak and pushed back. Minor clean-up to about 150 feet. If there was a record for large hood scoops then I think Anne Britt would hold it. Tyres didn't light on the burnout, in the other lane Stefan's motor sounded to be misfiring in the burnout but was perfectly smooth on return. -0.0677 red for Anne Britt, 1.0431 to sixty, drama-free run and consistent with her previous best. Instant shake for Stefan, a couple of pedals then stayed on it, 1.1455 to sixty and blackstriping most of the way to the eighth. Slight shake for Åke, drove through it, 1.0866 to sixty then what I am guessing was a relief panel blew with a huge bang about 300 feet out, I swear I saw a shockwave expanding. Shake for Jukka, 1.2052 to sixty, pedalled more than once then tyres up in smoke and the Cuda turned right, gave it up. Track crew picking pieces up from both Åke's and Jukka's lanes and sweeper called. Clean-up crew at the top end and the car, which stopped just past the quarter, was put on a recovery truck. You have to think that bang was cataclysmic, I hope I'm wrong.

Drama on the restart as fluid issued from under Michael's car duting a screaming burnout, got under the tyres and the Mustang went left then hard right and looked to be heading for Laura's lane as she was in mid-burnout. Michael somehow kept the violently swerving car in his own lane - at one point it looked through the smoke as if the car was going into a 360 - and Laura obviously saw him coming as she backed out of the burnout. Michael pushed back and Laura took the bye, 1.0677 to sixty then shake, a pedal and more shake but stayed with it, lost ET to the shake though. Clean-up ensued.

Anders away first but Rimbert had the better sixty 1.0268 to 1.0674. Sounded like both pedalled for shake, Anders twice and certainly he was visibly losing ground to Rimbert. Instant shake and screaming motor for Andreas, 1.2976 to sixty and given up. 0.9986 to sixty for Victor, car made a slight move left but he had it well covered.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Andreas Sjödin 3.8978/313.59
  2. Victor Jansson 3.9200/312.86
  3. Rimbert Vahlström 3.9269/307.87
  4. Lenn Lindell 3.9291/313.95
  5. Michael Nord 3.9955/294.28
  6. Åke Eliasson 4.0777/293.80
  7. Anne Britt Nilssen 4.1709/283.17
  8. Anders Edh 4.2458/280.23
  9. Stefan Carlsson 4.3483/298.51
  10. Laura Saksa 4.4527/265.52
  11. Jukka Kiiskinen 5.2958/228.43


Stock / Super Stock qualifying session 6

First pair and a very long burndown between Mathias Munther (11.85) and Ari K&oum;rkko (10.05). Starter gestured them to go in twice, neither moved. Ari cracked first in the end. Thomas Strand (11.70) up to #12 with a 10.9603, next pair and Lars Johansson (13.45) consolidated #4 spot with a 12.4305. Another improvement for Björn Bondesson (11.25) consolidating #2 at 10.1916. Dan Williams (10.95) into the nines and up to #4 at 9.9273. Problems after launch for Hans Nilsson, sounded to have trouble selecting gear, idled to the emergency exit. Wheelspin again for Mathias Färm, shut it off and idled through. 10.0001 on 10.50 improvement for Rick McCann, stayed #26. For our UK readers Dan Williams is #4 and Rick McCann #26.

Now on a break to groom the track, the running order has Top Doorslammer next although that is nominally scheduled for 12:00.


Super Comp qualifying session 6

Tommy Abrahamsson up from #8 to #6 first pair, 8.9357. 8.9187 for Amanda Sjöström-Andersson good for #6 in the fourth pair. 8.9066 for Marita Granholm, already qualified #1 with the Perfect ET but another 8.90 never hurts. Next pair and Lina Wallberg pushed away before the burnout. Out of the car, went to the tow truck and just to pile Pelion upon Ossa tripped over the tow rope. Lina was the first to laugh, though, about three nanoseconds before one of her crew.


Super Street qualifying session 6

Isak Lagg having already qualified with a 10.9427 runs a 10.9437 to make sure of it. Christer Gustafsson just edged out of stage as the lights ran so no time. 10.9922 for Åke Törnqvist good for #7, at that point seven of eleven were in the 10.9s.

Super Gas qualifying session 6

No changes to the standings in this session but a lot of of 9.8s.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 6

First pair and Hampus Sundqvist pushed back before staging. Hampus out of the car, got safety kit removed and he and his crew got the dragster out of the start area very quickly. Didn't look at all bothered by his misfortune, very professional behaviour. Two pairs later Emy Tegnemo with a 0.0070 up from #17 to #2. 0.0635 for Felicia Rudnert good for a move from #19 to #18. Joakim Eriksson up from #28 to #23 with a 0.1236.


Junior Drag Bike qualifying session 5

No changes in the standings in this session.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 5

8.6039 for Björn Linde in the first pair good for #4. Tony Andersson with an 8.5312 good for #3, in the other lane 8.5278 for Emil Östlund consolidated #2 spot.8.6083 for Peter Östlund won him #6 spot even with a couple of large wheelies.

Super Gas Bike qualifying session 5

No change to standings in this session.


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 5

Great opener between Hannu Flink (7.27) and Lasse Britsmar (7.90), 6.6366 good for #3 and 7.3741 good for #6. Next up Krister Adeen (7.23) with class records to back up... not this time, looked to back out of it past the righth. Next pair and a 6.9299 on 7.73 good for #1 for Lars-Georg Johansson. Mikael Holmström's (7.23) turn for the save job, Cavalier headed for the centre line in a casual manner then a step to the right at speed, Mikael had a hold of it though. Misfire then a sizeable nitrous burp for Jens Zimmermann, rolled through to the emergency exit. Matti Rajamäki (9.26) in at #9 with his first run of the event, 8.8437. First run also for Jim Bergström (6.89) next pair, 7.6969 good for #18. Last pair and Jöran Persaker's motor sounded to be misfiring and his tyres were shaking for a long way, track checked and oil found from 300 feet to beyond the finish line. Clean-up ensued.


Pro Street qualifying session 5

Opening pair and Peter Nordlund into #2 with a great 7.6050, in the other lane 7.6145 for Johan Källberg good for #5. 7.5871 breakout for Pär Norgren next pair. 7.6308 good for a move to #7 for Seppo Raussi. Great Last Photographer burnout by Not Quite So Fast Freddy Gravningen, all the way out to Elisabeth at 300 feet or so. 7.6434 goot for #9 for Michael Ohlsson. Nitrous Purge altitude record for Kjell Marum then 7.6485 good for #10. In the other lane tyre spin for Kenneth Lingvald, got a hold of it then more spin and a step to the right at 330 feet, only then did he call it a day. That was a gutsy drive. Then Save Of The Event for Lars Berglund with a hard left turn right at the eighth, tyre marks show one tyre blackstriping and the other not. I don't know how Lars didn't hit the guardrail, he had a whole bunch of driving to do and not a lot of time to think about it. Excellent job to keep hold of it.


Stock / Super Stock qualifying session 5

First pair and Jonas Bengtsson (11.00) up from #8 to #6 at 10.0415 plus points for a great wheelie. Serious blackstriping at launch for Mathias Färm (10.55), car made a move left and had to back off. 9.6303 against 10.00 for Tomas Kaakinen, improvement but stayed #33. 10.0005 against 10.95 for Dan Williams, improvement but stayed #7. Improvement for Johan Stam (11.40), 10.8784 good for one place up to #22. In the other lane Sebastian Johansson (11.00) stopped a few feet out and was pushed back. P-A Lindström (11.00) improved to 10.3137 good for a move up to #15. Björn Bondesson (11.25) improved still further to 10.1991 with 0.0043 RT, stayed #2. 10.2158 on 11.25 for Uffe Edwardsson consolidated #3. Lasse Bodén's missus and all-round good girl Christina found herself in the wrong lane to photograph him, made it in time to get a rear three-quarter shot. Wheelie of the day so far for Anders Holmberg in the last pair, back bumper job held way past the Tree. For our UK readers Dan Williams is #7 and Rock McCann #25.

Quick hold to sweep the track.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 5

Nicely judged 7.9240 for Patrik Lind, not a consideration in qualifying of course but a good ranging pass for eliminations tomorrow. Almethea Granholm up from #6 to #9 at 0.0277. Junior waiting to run, parent standing by car blocks race number from view of timekeeper. Your Reporter: "His race number is 6, 5, Long Leg". Silence. Nary a titter. Marcus Andersson up from #25 to #9 at 0.0376. Joakim Eriksson's motor cut out a few feet off the line, pushed back. Riina Raussi next up the ladder, #21 to #4 at 0.0117... oh, but a 7.6509 gets the run DQ'd so back to #21. Next pair and Jesper Norin up from #12 to #4 at 0.0173.

Super Street qualifying session 5

Tomas Hägg and Stefan Bengtsson in a who-can-be-naughtiest 10.58 to 10.69 match-up, Stefan with a Stock Super / Stock wheelie for good measure. Uffe Lundgren and Christer Gustafsson side by side to 10.9163 and 10.9313 good for #2 and #3.

Super Gas qualifying session 5

Fantastic 9.9008 for Christer Uhlin in the first pair, good for #2 behind Fredrik Edlund's 9.9005. Grattis Christer! Next pair and Helena Olsson up from #7 to #6 at 9.9278. Improvement for Thomas Hauge but stayed #7 at 9.9397. 9.8988 squeaker for Björn Jonsson in the last pair.

Super Comp qualifying session 5

8.9309 for Kristina Nygren in the first pair, improvement but stayed #3. Bouncy launch for Leif Andersson, the slingshot very lively for the first 100 feet or so. Next pair and Julie Nataas up to #5 at 8.9161. Improvemnt for Ananda Sjöström-Andersson but stayed #6 at 8.9361, in the other lane Lina Wallberg's motor sounded to be struggling. Hampus Staflund last in the session but shut off for a fluid leak.


Good morning and welcome from Tierp Arena for our coverage of the Tierp Internationals brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

It's another pleasant morning, sun and high cloud, gentle southerly breezee. The track crew were spraying when I walked in to Race Control at 07:00, and the timing crew were already here and expressed themselves ready to start about ten minutes ago. We will be starting at 08:30 with Junior Dragster Q5.

We eventually posted yesterday's gallery at 01:15 and you can check that out via the Event Index page. Whilst there also check out Simon's excellent pit notes.

A big Good Morning to the Eurodragsterholics and Thank You for your support, especially Kai Plathan and Otto tuned in from Finland and Ivar Kolberg tuned in from Norway. Again with the usual exceptions if you are on your day job today then please don't get yourselves in trouble with the boss.

As you can see we are utilising the popular split-screen format with stats on the right courtesy of TimeTree. If you would just like to see the race report full-width then click here. Today we will be posting the usual detailed real-time reports and results of Pro classes and commentaries on Sportsman classes. We will endeavour to post between runs during Pro sessions so keep hitting Refresh. Obviously there are some classes in which this is just not physically possible but we will do our best.

Courtesy of Tomas Pettersson you can find today's provisional running order on the Event Index. The two Pro sessions are scheduled for 12:45 and 16:45 both commencing with Top Doorslammer who put on a great show yesterday as did everyone else including race officials and track crew. Sit tight and we will be back with the news as soon as we get going.

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