Tierp Internationals
Tierp Arena, 15th-18th June 2017

Torsdag / Thursday

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Super Comp racer Michelle Rosander has a Bob Meyer built car from 1979 originally raced in Comp Eliminator in the US. Michell's dad and crew chief Ulf Rosander said 'We have had the car for two years, run it with a 366ci SBC and it has a wrap from CJ Speedshop near Nybro where we live'. Michelle who is 16 years old, is placed ninth after three sessions, having gone 8.62 in the third.

Super Comp racer Micke Nilsson, runner up in last year's EDRS championship and winner in 2015, is in fifth position with a 8.946. His car was self built in 2011 with a Mark Williams chassis, BBC of 582cu in with World block, Dart Pro II heads, Venolia pistons, and Eagle crank. Transmission is via a Hughes Shorty Glide and Mark Williams aluminium rear.

Super Comp racer Amanda Sjöström-Andersson is fourth with 8,946. The Fast Girls Racing Team member, pictured with sister and team mate Matilda, is updating her web site at the track.

Super Comp racer Julie Nataas now attends Antioch University in Santa Barbara, California and comes over to her native Norway for the summer. Julie would like to race in the US, and dad Thomas enjoys spending time in the US visiting NHRA racer Jonnie Lindberg and former Top Fuel Dragster team mates Per and Karsten Andersen.

Pro Mod licensee Michael Joneskog has raced in Top Doorslammer for the last six years but has made the decision to come back to Pro Mod. He completed his licensing passes this morning. Crew chief Dennis Klangebo said 'Michael needs to run two passes of at least 7.4/280. So we're happy the first pass was 6.23/373kph. We put turbos on the car last year and tested them in Top Doorslammer, they are Precision 88mm turbos. The chassis is by Tim McAmis and was made in 2006'. Michael's second pass was a little slower at 6.71 but enough for him to get licensed.

Competition Eliminator racer Jöran Persåker runs a Chevy Pickup with a 496ci Hemi built 2005 by Paolo Andreini, twin turbos of 91mm helping to make 2200hp at 35psi. The car has a Leanders clutch of four discs ahead of a Liberty five speed gearbox. His time was 8.303/273 after three sessions. Jöran's schedule for the remainde of this year is three meetings, all at Tierp.

Competition Eliminator racer Lasse Britsmar is running a Pontiac Firebird formerly raced by Tomi Laine. Lasse said 'I have owned the car for four years and it still has a 500cu in Pro Stock engine with a three speed automatic'. His best is 7.575/295.08

Competition Eliminator racer Andres Arnover from Estonia runs his Mustang in AT/A. He said 'This is my third year in the class and over the winter we put in a billet engine of 417cu in with twin 88mm turbos. The gearbox is a three speed Rossler and our best is a 6.7 with the old non-billet engine. The new engine produces 2000hp at the wheels with low boost but we could have 3000hp output'. His programme for 2017 is to do the three Tierp races and Alastaro.

Pro Street racer Kjell Marum runs a ’66 Nova with 598ci engine, and ran a new best of 7.667/282. The team have a web site at sandefjordmotorsport.com including on board video.

Top Doorslammer racer Rimbert Vahlström was 2016 series champion. He said 'We won at Tierp last year which put us in a good position for the championship. But we also competed at all the other races. With the different tracks, the problem is adapting the car to the track. We use screw blowers which produces a lot of power at thet hit. At the same time we are trying to find where to go with the ignition, which is MSD and uses a Davis Technologies traction control system adjusting the timing going down the track. our blower which is a Whipple style screw blower, was made in Sweden in 1989. We want to run 3.8s at this event'. His best time so far here is 3.926/307, a couple of tenths off his PB of 3.712/325.

Top Doorslammer racer Laura Saksa from Finland, racing the Mustang formerly campaigned by Tero Laukkanen, has moved up from Pro Street to Top Doorslammer and the engine is now back to a powerful spec, a BAE 480ci hemi with Precision turbos, Big Stuff ignition and MSD 44 mag, Waterman pump and ATI Pro Torque converter. Laura said 'I licensed two weeks ago at Motorpark and it was excellent. The car is back to Pro Mod trim and much faster now'.

Top Doorslammer racer Andreas Sjödin qualified no.1 with a new PB 3.897/313. He said 'We detuned the car for the first pass as we thought the track would not be there this early, with rpm downm fuel rich and soft timing. But we saw other cars go down it well and I changed the fuel to a leaner setting. We went went 3.96 so want to go below 3.90 for the first time. We rebuilt the car over the winter with more compression, a new blower and 80lb lighter with new shocks. We run a PSI 'B' blower, which is legal for Top Alcohol in the US and lower boost than the outlaw PSI 'C' model. Also we are the only Chevy in the top runners of the class, the rest are all hemis'. As well as shock and suspension suppliers Menscer Motorsports, Andreas thanks his sponsors and US racer Brandon Pesz 'who helped teach us how to tune a blower car - we thought that better than hiring a US tuner and can put on the car 'Tuned by me, myself and I'.'

Top Doorslammer racer Lenn Lindell is no.3 with a new PB 3.929/313. He said 'We have raced Top Doorslammer every year for 15 years and built our latest Plymouth Cuda in 2012. We use a PSI 'C' type screw blower and ran our best time today. This is the second round, in the first we went to Malmö but red lit in round one. The track here at Tierp is amazing, we have set the car soft and there is much more to come'.

Top Doorslammer racer Eric Andersson suffered an engine problem and was working on it when we passed. His car was built is 2007 by RJ Racecars and runs a turbo 531cu in Ford engine. So far he has not been able to make a pass.

Junior Dragster racer Maximilian Marnell, pictured with father Torbjörn, first got into the sport a year ago. 'I got so excited, I really wanted to try it and felt I had found my calling'. Torbjörn, who himself has only been to a couple of races, found a car for sale from Glenny Ericsson. 'We bought it in October, stored it at our house in Stockholm and waited for the new season to start. Maximilian licensed at Söderham, 90mins from Tierp, a few weeks ago and this is our first race'.

Junior Dragster racer Wilma Andersson is the daughter of four time Pro Stock champion Niclas. He said 'Wilma has been racing for five years and since I retired from racing with back problems a couple of years ago I have been spending more time helping her'. Wilma races her Mike Bos Junior Modified with a 7.90 cut off in Sweden and will be at ten events this year. In future Super Comp or a 'bigger' class is a possibility. 'Our sponsors are Royal Purple Oil, Järvjö plastics, my firm Autoshop and Räsjö Kross AB'. Wilma's sister Lina, who is aged 9, started racing this year however finishing junior school has prevented her attending this weekend.

Junior Dragster racers Hampus and Ludvig Sundqvist are qualified well after three sessions. The fourth session was under way when we had a visit from Planet Cloud.

Junior Drag Bike racer Tim Christensen pictured with dad Kenneth bought a bike and Kenneth customised the paint with metalflake, and added a non-functional nitrous cover to the air shifter. The bike is 400cc and limited to 7.6 in the eighth mile but no speed limit in the EDRS. Tim is 12 years old on Sunday, Happy Birthday for then.

Junior Dragster racer Justin Ericsson is in a ex-Adam Flamholc car which he took to Santa Pod for the Main Event, but went too quick. Father Glenny is clutch man on Håkan Persson;s Pro Mod Viper.

Stock/Super Stock racer Rick McCann started with a 10.09 and then improved to 10.04. But the team said the improvement wasn't as quick as the dyno indicated they would have gone. Carla Pittau said 'You can't take account of the transmission, the tyres and the track on the dyno. The car launches great but we can't discern anything wrong from our data, so we thank Dick Koster for helping us chase the issue down'.

Top Methanol Funny Car racer Ari Pietilä was setting his pit up on Wednesday. There are nine entries in the now-combined Top Methanol category, with the Dragsters having a 0.26s handicap against the Funny Cars.

Pro Mod racer Jan Ericsson is in the category for the first time this year after racing Pro Stock from 2013 to 2015. His Camaro is supercharged and he will be up against 22 other cars in qualifying which begins tomorrow.

Pro Mod racer Michel Tooren has had a broken manifold plate replaced with one made by Karl Harrison. Michel said 'This was the track where this car first ran in Europe with Robert [Joosten] driving'. It went as quick as 6.4 in its very first event in Europe, and Michel hopes to run quicker still.

Competition Eliminator racer Robert Arthursson is racing a Camaro that used to belong to Pro Mod racer Martin Lundqvist. It races in BT/A class.

Competition Eliminator racer Lars-Ove Berglund now owns the ex-Wayne Saunders, ex-John Tebenham Ford Probe. In place of the Cosworth four cylinder engine is a 331cu in Ford engine with Holley pump, and Powerglide gearbox. The car was built in 1997 by Eurodragster.com sponsor Hauser Race Cars and retains its Lightning McQueen-inspired paint scheme.

Competition Eliminator racer Mats Lundqvist, uncle of Martin, runs a Camaro in BN/A. He said 'We raced recently at Malmö where I qualified no.1 and went to the final. The car was built by Jerry Haas and run by Tommy Johnson in Pro Stock in the early 1980s. I bought it six years ago. The engine is a Reher Morrison 421ci SBC using a single nitrous stage and Liberty gearbox. I first ran Pro street but was breaking out of the 7.6s cutoff so moved to Comp'. Mats said that all the engine work on the car is carried out by Luntech, Martin Lundqvist's company.

Competition Eliminator racer Mika Eloranta has run some very rapid Toyota Celicas. This latest version was built in 2014 by Eloranta Racing and runs a turbo engine on racing gas and Liberty gearbox. The previous car had run back in 2011 in C/TA with best of 7.004/313 with a 2.5 Toyota billet four cylinder engine and IMSA head. Today he blasted that PB with a 6.902.

Competition Eliminator racer Daniel Jedborn has upgraded his engine and included some quality parts to improve on his 6.88/339kph best to date. Crew chief Christer Alseryd said 'The engine is now 298cu in and has a 14-71 SSI High Helix blower with 15psi boost and carbon fibre hat, a MSD Pro Mag 20 and BTE torque converter with a Stig Olsson built Powerglide behind the engine. The team make parts such as the valve covers'.

Competition Eliminator racer Fredrik Olehag runs a A/A '23 T with DRCE2 GM Pro Stock-style engine and Powerglide. The car has run a best of 7.613/288 at the 2015 Sweden Internationals.

Competition Eliminator racer Jimmy Tihvan has been racing in the category since 2015 and gone down into the sixes in BT/A, the car running a best of 6.681/337 in 2015. The body is made out of carbon fibre/kevlar, and the engine is a turbo BMW M62, with CP pistons, BMW crank, and Aeromotive fuel pump. Like several others, Fueltech is a sponsor. Founded in Brazil, Fueltech make engine management systems.

Stock/Super Stock racer Dan Williams has a show quality Nova, down to the specially black painted tyres. Dad Keith said the team now have a SuperFlow dyno at their Flore workshops and the Tilburg 396cu in engine put out a reading of 662hp, remarkable with the restrictions on tuning modifications. In the next few months Williams Bros Racing and Eurodragster.com sponsor OCS Paint are planning a move to larger premises to manage increased customer demand. Dan went 0.9s under his index in session one to a 10.042.

Stock/Super Stock racer Hans Nilsson runs a '66 Chevelle. It has run a best of 9.66/223 with a 396cu in BBC with aluminium heads, Jerico gearbox and Dana 60 rear. In session one his 0.27 under index run was 9.977 to go 21st out of 31 qualifiers.

Stock/Super Stock racer Glenn Appelgren has owned his GT/KA '64 Dodge Polara since 2005 and built it himself including body restoration. 'It was orginally sold new in Sweden and until 1971, Saab had a Mopar agency and sold new cars imported from the US. The engine is a '68 383 cu in built by Tomas Andersson in Norkkoping with an original single carb and manifold'. Like all Stock/Super Stock cars, the interior has been kept stock and restored to show standard.

Stock/Super Stock racer Krister Fogelin has a Camaro imported from the US and bought by Krister a couple of years ago from another Swedish racer. He said 'I ran B/Stock last year but have now moved up to A/Stock by removing some weight and tuning the engine. I have also modified the rear within the strict rules'. A previous run in A/Stock brought Krister a 9.96 timing ticket. He concluded 'I want to run deeper in the nines and the car's paint has to shine!'

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