Dico Scandinavian Internationals
Tierp Arena, 24th-27th August 2017

Torsdag / Thursday

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We have now posted today's gallery which features 340 pictures courtesy of Julian and Elisabeth including a set of the ever-popular parachute shots. You can check out the gallery via the Event Index; if you do not see all 340 updated thumbnails when you load the gallery page then click on your Browser's Refresh button.


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 4

First pair and improvements for Robert Arthursson (7.37) and Mika Eloranta (7.23), 6.8927 and 6.9502 respectively, good for #11 and #15. Slight improvement for Mats Lundkvist (7.85), 7.1442, stayed #5. Cloud of smoke from Hannu Flink's (7.18) motor right on the stripe after a 6.6319/328.87. Track checked and all OK. 7.4897 for Lars-Georg Johansson (7.73) moved him up to #17 after a wretched time of it so far today. Fantastic run for Stig Olsson (7.38) in the penultimate pairing, 6.7753. Final pair Joakim Backman (7.16) with no time on the board so far, against Jim Bergström (6.89). Jim's tyres up in smoke, Joakim's motor hesitated off the line and he idled through.

That's qualifying done for today. Tune back later for today's pictures.


Stock / Super Stock qualifying session 4

Again a lot of runs within hundredths of earlier best. Mathias Färm (10.55) back on it now after problems earlier, 9.4884 good for #5. Tomas Westberg (12.15) with an 11.3665 improved to #17. Another PB for Rick McCann (10.40), 9.8372 and with a 0.0056 RT to put the cherry on the top. Well done Rick, Carla and team! Big improvement for Jramo Markkanen (10.95), 10.1632 moved him to #17. Jarmo Grönman (11.35) with a 10.2147 to close the session, good for #2.


Super Gas Bike qualifying session 3

9.5579 for Iiro Reinola in the first pair moved him up to #1. Next pair and a 9.5695 for Micke Ölen was good for #3.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 3

Thirs pair and a big wheelie for Tomas Jonsson then very close to the centre line on landing, had to back out of it. 8.9020 for Rasmus Östlund good for #9.

We are having a Q4 for Stock / Super Stock and Comp Eliminator.


Super Comp qualifying session 3

8.9443 for Anders Back gained him #7. 0.0081 breakout for Julie Nataas in the second pair. 8.9609 for Mauritz Rådberg moved him up to #10. At that point there were twelve of twenty three cars in the 8.9s. 8.9486 for Ossi Oikannen good for #8. Next pair and Matilda Sjöström-Andersson into #2 at 8.9036, in the other lane Elin Aarvik took #5 at 8.9249. Next pair and a great 0.0074 RT for Tina Olsen Frog, in the other lane Stellan Carlsson up the ladder at 8.9791, #14. Fifteen cars in the 8.9s at that point. 8.9919 for Mari Udtian moved her to #15, a little move to the left at about 1000 feet but Mari had it covered. 8.9175 for Albin Frank next pair, #5 spot for Albin, in the other lane Johanna Granholm's dragster didn't move on the green and she was pushed back. 8.3357 for Julia Borén Stolt in the final pair.


Super Gas qualifying session 3

9.9291 for Helena Olsson good for #5 in the first pair. Leif Andersson was in there somewhere but obscured by black smoke. 9.9463 for Jan Hallman next pair put him #6. 9.9671 fo Eddy van den Bos won him #7. At that point we had eight 9.9s, one breakoutand the rest tens. 9.9020 for Thomas Hauge next pair, good for #2. The breakout we mentioned was Jan Rhodin, could ge get right side in this session? yes and into #9 at 9.9594, Patrick Wickman in the other lane with a 9.9186 good for #4.


Super Street qualifying session 3

Mika Ström into #1 in the first pair, 10.9104. In the other lane 10.9960 for Anders Söderberg good for #9. 10.9313 for Marie Wallin two pairs later won her #4. Åke Törnqvist #2 with a 10.9114. At that point we had ten of fifteen in the 10.9s. Christer Gustafsson and Isak Lagg side by side to #3 and #4 respectively at 10.914 and 10.917. 10.989 improvement for Daniel Aggelid good for #9 to close the session.


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 3

They brought the Englishman in Race Control a cup of tea, how about that. Terrible shake for Mats Lundkvist (7.85) in the first pair. Stuff was moving on my desk so it must have been a lot worse where he was. Next pair and a 6.7777 for Viljar Mäensepp (7.37) won him #7. Next pair and Mika Eloranta (7.23) backed off after approaching the centre line, in the other lane Jens Eklund (8.06) on a good run but backed off and put the chute out after the eighth. 9.2966 for Lars-Ove Berglund (8.74) but stayed #21. Fantastic 6.4401/347.71 for Krister Adeen (7.23), I'd say he's back. Good for #2 spot. Next pair and a new bad shake record for today for Hannu Flink (7.18). First outing today for Roger Kullander (7.13) but pushed back after the burnout. Whilst Roger was pushed back I noticed what looked like a large bird's feather attached to the back of the waiting Jesper Stenberg's car, a quick look through the binoculars and that is what it was. Never got to see if it stayed attached as Jesper was pushed away without starting. Jim Bergstöm (6.89) took the bye, shake and smoke from the tyres but got back on it and a best so far today of 7.2785. 6.7723 (7.23) for Pär Eriksson good for #10, in the other lane more shake for Lars-Georg Johansson (7.73) but I really don't think he cared as he tried very hard to drive through it. Fantastic 6.4264 for Daniel Jedborn (7.52) good to take the #1 spot and I am thinking maybe a PB from the crew's reaction. If so then well done Daniel and team!


Pro Street qualifying session 3

7.6620 for Seppo Raussi put him #11, at that point we had thirteen cars in the 7.6s. Next pair and a 7.6282 for Johan Käberg was good for #4. Bump spot 7.835 at that point. 7.6019 for Lars Berglund moved him to the top of the standings. That made fourteen cars in the 7.6s and a bump spot of 7.757. 7.6836 for Jonas Lundberg was good for #13, fifteen cars in the 7.6s and a bump spot of 7.705. 7.6223 for Pelle Arvidsson good for #5, sixteen cars in the 7.6s and a bump spot of 7.690. What a fantastic class this is. 7.4898/304.05 for Odd Roar Øgård will get him excluded from the event.


Stock/Super Stock qualifying session 3

Mathias Färm (10.55) with a much better launch this time, on the brakes before the stripe but a 10.003 good for #30. -0.0093 RT for Erik Wallin. Peter Lindberg (10.35) out of the burnout headed right and stopped with the nose of the car almost touching the Tree. Great 0.0091 RT for Tomas Kaakinen (10.00) next pair. Similar to Q2 we had several pairs with ETs consistent with previous bests but no improvements. Next up the ladder was Yrö Wallius (10.80) with a 10.3458 good for #35. Next pair and Lars Johansson (13.45) with a 12.3643 equalling his previous best to the ten thousandth. Martin Berglund (9.40) with an 8.6047 from the Copo Camaro up to #15. 7.835 bump spot at that point.


Laura Saksa followed Junior Drag Bike with a Pro Modified licencing pass. 1.0878 sixty with shake which we felt in Race Control, a pedal, 4.4828/285.26 at the eighth with a minor move left, 6.7609/309.81 at the stripe.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 3

Riina Raussi up from #37 to #18 at 0.0608 in the first pair. Emil Eriksson next up the ladder, 0.0713 good for a move from #41 to #21. 0.0998 improvement for Tomas Nurminen won him #28, last of the 0.0 qualifiers at that point. Make that twenty nine 0.0 qualifiers with a 0.0848 for Pontus Söderlund winning him #26. Roman Sixta Jr up from #41 to #20 at 0.067. Nelly Ericsson up from #35 to #30 at 0.0916. 0.0636 for Elias Otvall moved him up from #28 to #19. Squeaker -0.0016 for Linnéa Thulin. 0.0477 for Pontus Garefelt put him #17 off the trailer. Jennifer &Oul;stergren with a 0.0665 moved to #21. 0.0588 for Hedda Viktoria Birk moved her to #20 and 0.0416 for Fanny Andersson put her #14. Improvement for Leevi Kortkelainen 0.0889 good for #41 to #32. 0.0991 got you #35 of 46 at this point. 0.0987 put Wilma Andersson #35 and 0.0640 won Jack Sundström #23. Håvard Kongshem with a 0.0354 moved up from #39 to #11.

Emil's and Håvard's runs subsequently removed for index-busting.

Junior Drag Bike qualifying session 3

Seth Friström into #1 at 0.0351 in the first pair, 0.0644 for Tim Christensen in the other lane won him #4. Trygve Kjærstad Helgerud with a 0.0487 up to #2. Next pair and Anna Rosander into #1 at 0.0225.

Laura Saksa next up with another Pro Modified licencing pass.


Super Gas Bike qualifying session 2

#1 qualifier Magnus Pollack in the first pair again, breakout, 9.6068 for Micke Ölen in the other lane got him #2. Next pair a Jari Malinen 9.5597 won him #1 spot.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 2

Second pair and Bianca Nilsson and Emil Östlund side by side to #5 and #1 respectively, 8.5626 and 8.5422. 8.5905 for Peter Östlund good for #5. 8.6909 improvement for Tage Olsson, #7.

On to qualifying cycle 3, as things stand the last scheduled today although we are thirty minutes ahead of schedule


Super Comp qualifying session 2

8.9399 for Julie Nataas in the first pair consolidated #3 at that point. Micke Nilsson up to #2 from #15 with an 8.9061, given Micke's much-laurelled record I was not surprised to see that happen. In the other lane Michelle Rosander up to #3 at 8.9150. Anders Back and Stellan Carlsson with a pair of 8.8 breakouts next. Elin Aarvik back for another go after problems in Q1, 9.0888 good for #10. At that point a quick glance at the list and we had six 8.9s and eleven breakouts. I did fear that the Fast Girls and their difficult-to-type-quickly-on-an-English-keyboard surname weren't here but sure enough there's Matilda Sjöström-Andersson. 8.8524 breakout to open her account, 8.8045 for Johanna Granholm in the other lane. Next pair Jan Fricke Frederiksson shut off for a fluid leak. 8.3327 breakout and then some for Julia Borén Stolt, not to be outdone Peter Larsen in the other lane went 8.0632 with his Supra. Leif Nyström next up with thr seven-second VW. Couple of buckaroos at the hit for Leif Nyström so no seven from his VW this time. In the other lane 8.9306 for Albin Frank was good for #4. 8.9542 for Ossi Oikarinen's altered moved him up to #7. Eight 8.9s at this point. Also at this point a car bearing the legend Eating Fords, Shitting Chevys in large letters on the rear window was towed away, a fact I present without comment. Next a 8.9922 for Mari Udtian good for #9. Leif Andersson last to run, 8.9506 good for #7.

Peter Larsen subsequently excluded from the event for busting the minimum ET for his chassis.


As promised Maja Udtian next in the Islanders Top Fuel Dragster, licencing pass. No-one around me seems to know which number pass this is, not her first I think, see how far she goes under power. Very good burnout. Heading into stage, stabbed the throttle and the car jumped through stage. No Tree so no numbers.


Super Gas qualifying session 2

Patrick Wickman in at #3 at 9.9186 in the third pair. Next pair and a 9.9722 for Johan Johnsson was good for #5. After four pairs we had five 9.9s and four broken out with the rest in the tens. Great wheelie by Stefan Andersson, in the other lane 9.9557 for Helena Olsson moved her up to #5. Next pair and Torbjörn Ekström pushed back before staging. Eddy van den Bos closed the session with a 9.8018.

Next up Maja Udtian with a Top Fuel Dragster licencing pass.


Super Street qualifying session 2

10.9563 for Anders Edin good for #3 in the first pair. #2 and #1 qualifiers next, Mika Str&oum;m and Åke Törnqvist, 10.9145 improvement for Åke consolidated #1. 0.0047 breakout for Marie Wallin next pair. 10.9242 for Kent Forschner-Hell moved him up to #2. Side-by-side improvements for Uffe Lundgren and Martiun Larsson, 10.9388 and 10.9428, #4 and #5 respectively. Jonas Larsson's big Dodge Coronet never moved on the green, pushed back.


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 2

Improvement for Robert Arthursson (7.37), 6.9784 good for #8 and that was the long was round, close to the left guardrail. Viljar Mäesepp (7.37) with an improvement to 7.0224, up to #9. In the other lane Lars-Georg Johansson (7.73) with hideous shake at the hit, off the gas for several seconds. 7.2350 for Mika Eloranta (7.23) would have got him #1 in other classes but not this one, #14. Nice sixty for #2 qualifier Niklas Heikkilä (7.56), 1.0513 but car was heading for the left guardrail so had to give it up. A second burnout at the hit for Daniel Jedborn (7.52), didn't give up on it but lost him a lot of time. Stig Olsson (7.38) shut off after his burnout and was pushed back. Hannu Flink (7.18) took the 6.6161 bye, #6 spot. Big improvement for Timo Erhomäki (8.06), 7.6920 good for #9. Great run for Krister Adeen (7.23), 6.7803 moved him to #8. Next up Peter Thörnäs (6.89) and Jesper Stenberg (7.00). If any of Your Reporter's close friends are reading this then he could think of worse things than to wake up on his birthday and to find Jesper's car outside his house surmounted with a big red bow and with a label attached reading "To Tog".Peter pushed back, Jesper took the 7.3484 bye. In the last pair shake for Jim Bergström (6.89) and off the gas, Pär Eriksson (7.23) on a stormer to begin with but shut off after the eighth.


Pro Street qualifying session 2

First pair and Odd Roar Øgård's tyres up in smoke at the hit, stayed with it past the Tree then backed out of it. Peter Nordlund was backing up way off his burnout tracks, frantic signalling by the crew behind the car got him back on the straight and narrow. Lost drive off the line and stopped about 300 feet out. In the restart a 7.6320 was good for #2 for Alexandra Wingård after a troubled fourteen-second pass last session. Next pair and Kjell Marum into #1 at 7.6192. One pair later Kalle Mannerkoski took over #1 spot at 7.6092. Next pair and a 7.5345 for Mariann Holm, a breakout but the team were pleased with it after a troubled Q1. 7.7283 good for #11 for Fredrik Gravingen after breaking out in Q1. Bad shake and a pedal for Gideon Liljegren in the other lane, sitting on the bump at 8.2121. A quick glance at the list at this point showed ten racers in the 7.6s. Seppo Raussi right side this time at 7.7302 making the bump Kjell Mosbakk's 8.1817. 7.6477 for Preben Bærentzen with tyre shake, another one of those runs which without shake would have been a breakout. 250-foot burnout for Kenneth Lingvald next pair then a well-juged pedal at about half track win him a 7.6594 good for #10. In the other lane Johan Källberg improved to 7.6507 good for #9. Next pair and Birgitta Lindström's motor took four attempts to start and stay lit. Left way before the lights ran so no time.


Olof Andersson followed Stock / Super Stock with another licencing run in his blown-alcohol Bel Air Pro Mod. Tyres spun at the hit, sparks from the clutch, motor zinged, 1.6087 to sixty feet already shut off by then and idled through. Laura Saksa followed with a licence pass in her turbo Pro Mod. 1.0330 to sixty, sounded quite a gentle launch. 4.3279/262.26 at the eighth and 6.9305/272.45 at the big end. It is not me who hands out the the licences but looked good from here.


Stock/Super Stock qualifying session 2

Big wheelie and a move left for Mathias Färm (10.55) in the first pair, backed out of it. There then followed several pairs with no changes in the standings, ETs within hundredths of E1 but no improvements. Lasse Bodén (11.50) in at #11 with a 10.5708. Slight improvement for Peter Lindberg (10.35) 9.3772 but stayed #7. Jarmo Grönman (11.35) with a 10.2668 moved up to #4. Björn Bondesson (11.25) with a nudge up to 10.1484 to consolidate #1. Well, that lasted one pair as Arto Sulopuisto (11.25) with a 10.0381 took over top spot. Another PB with this combination for Rick McCann (10.40), 9.8404. Lars Nyberg (10.70) pushed back before staging, trail of fluid from the car. Tomas Kaakinen (10.00) with a 9.4262 up to #26. No drive for Hans Nillson and a screaming motor in the last run of the session.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 2

0.0473 for Hampus Sundqvist in the first pair up to #6. 0.0026 for Jesper Norin up from #36 to #1, well played. Next pair and Niklas Larsson up from #26 to #2 at 0.0091. 0.02378 for Teodor Norling moved him up from #41 to #4. 0.0469 for Pointus Söderlund up from #40 to #9. Next pair and a 0.0428 for Emy Tegnemo moved her up from #29 to #9. Lina Andersson next up the ladder, #29 to #8 at 0.0405. 0.0023 for Parik Lind moved him up from #16 to top spot. Veeto Kortelainen up from #42 to #5 at 0.0177, field starting to bunch up now; 0.0906 got you #21 at this point. Casper Ljungdhal up to #12 from #26 with a 0.0427. 0.0699 for Osakr Norling, was #28 now #17. 0.0899 for Elias Otvall good for a move from #31 to #24. Big move for Felicia Rudnert, #23 to #6 at 0.0177. 0.0749 for Wilma Andersson bought her #21, at that point 0.0906 got you #26. 0.0391 in the last run of the session moved Tindra Christensen up from #44 to #11.

Junior Drag Bike qualifying session 2

0.0691 RT moved John Rolfstad up to #3 in the first pair, -0.0014 squeaker for Tygnve Kjærstad Helgerud in the other lane. Tim Christensen up to #5 at 0.1288. 0.0684 for Eemeli Helkkala moved her up to #3 with the last run of the session.


Super Gas Bike qualifying session 1

9.50 index for this class. First pair and a 9.6028 off the trailer for Magnus Pollack. Haikki-Juhani Koskinen left the line shaling his head, 10.3142 explains that one.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 1

8.50 index for this class. 8.6122 good for #1 for Kimmo Rantala in the second pair. Tage Olsson lost drive off the line next pair, took a while to find gears, 24.7438 but not at the bottom of the ladder courtesy of Bianca Nilsson's 8.4201 breakout. Next pair and Jan Nilsson pulled a wheelie, stayed with it then backed off early and sat up in the second half. Emil Östlund into #1 next pair at 8.5740. Side by side 8.5578 and 8.5592 for Petever Svensson and Tomas Jonsson for #1 and #2 to close the session.

Straight on to qualifying cycle 2.


Super Comp qualifying session 1

Sami Holm and Leif Nyström up first, 8.7283 for Sami and Leif with an astounding 7.9757/282.13 (173.51 mph) from the VW Beetle. Our VWphile photographer Julian covering Leif's lane and a big smile on his face after that one. Next pair and Michelle Rosander into #1 with a 9.0043. Leif's run removed from the timing system, some kind of absolute breakout rule I guess. 8.9460 for Julie Nataas put her #1. 8.8858 for Mari Udtian, watching Mari was sister and Top Fuel Dragster racer Maja wearing her firesuit... I will leave the reader to work that one out. Kevin Danielsson took over #1 with an 8.9316, next pair Roger Larsson in at #3 with an 8.9721. Not sure I have seen Elin Aarvik's dragster before, very pretty car but unfortunately pushed back after the burnout. Elin's body language on return not necessarily positive. Great run for Tina Olsen Frog, 8.9020 for #1 spot. 8.3061 for Julia Borén Stolt, too many Haribo in the pairing lanes I think. Similar story for Daniel Norberg, 8.6454. First time I can remember seeing Peter Larsen's Supra, nice-looking car and a great burnout. Great launch too but then looked to back out of it past the eighth. 0.0039 breakout for Leif Andersson in the last pair. News then came back from the timing crew that Leif Nyström's 7.9757 had been reinstated.


Super Gas qualifying session 1

Seen it all now, Leif Andersson's huge diesel-powered Cadillac. Looked like it wasn't going to be able to get out of its own way but this is Sweden, I should have known better. Obscured the track with a huge trail of black smoke through which 9.9168 was just about visible on the scoreboard, fantastic stuff. 9.6562 for Eddy van den Bos having made the trip from Hockenheim. Superb 9.9015 for Angelica Larsson next pair to take over top spot. 9.9269 for Annica Larsson good for #3 spot, two Larssons in the top three.


Super Street qualifying session 1

10.9331 for Mika Ström in the second pair good for #1 at that point. Paired breakouts for Anders Edin and Stefan Bengtsson next pair. Åke Törnqvist into #1 next pair at 10.9146. 0.0021 breakout for Uffe Lundgren. Rather larger breakout for Isak Lagg, 10.6634.


Courtesy of Race Director Tomas Pettersson we now have today's and tomorrow's provisional running orders, which can be checked out on the Event Index. If you don't see the links on the index page then click on your Browser's Refresh button. Usual caveats apply to the running orders.

The timing crew are now uploading results to the panel on the right so if you hit Refresh or do Ctrl and r then you will see today's lists.

Comp Eliminator qualifying session 1

Bjørn Johansen (7.56) opened the session with 7.0825 alongside Mikael Holmström (7.23) into the sixes at 6.9881, Low ET of the day so far. Lasse Britsmar (7.90) with a 7.3017 went top despite a drift towards the centre line. Great 7.1558 for Mats Lundkvist (7.85) took over the lead next pair. Niklas Heikkilä (7.56) with a great 6.8447 for #1 spot, real bad shake for Lars-Georg Johansson in the other lane rang his bell good and proper. Big cloud of smoke from Nina Olsson's (7.00) Chevy right on the stripe after a 7.0509, track checked very carefully and pronounced good to go. Stig Olsson (7.38) sounded to have problems selecting gear, 7.3389. René Meierhofer (9.01) here after taking the win in Comp at Hockenheim last weekend. 8.3954 good for #3 at that point. 6.5871 for Andres Arnover (6.89) put him #6, in the other lane good to see Krister Adeen (7.23) on track; the last time I saw Krister's car, in June, it was disappearing into a cloud of smoke and then we never saw him again. 7.2768 with a pedal so plenty more left in there. 7.0023 for Jens Eklund (8.06) straight into #1, if I recall correctly this is an early outing for Jens after suffering engine damage so I would imagine a lot more in there. Front end was just barely touching for a few hundred feet. Robert Arthursson's (7.37) crew very happy with his 7.0607 good for #6. 6.6410 for Hannu Flink (7.18), good for #6, shake and loss of drive for Mika Eloranta (7.23) in the other lane.


Laura Saksa followed Pro Street with a licencing pass in her turbo Pro Mod. Great burnout then tyres up in smoke at the hit, 1.7134 to sixty already off the gas by then. Olof Andersson followed with his blown-alcohol Bel Air Pro Mod, fluid leak and shut off immediately he stopped from the burnout.


Pro Street qualifying session 1

Pro Street has 7.60 break-out, go below 7.50 and you're going home. Looks to be a growth class with extra cars which weren't here in June. Wayward launch for Lars Berglund in the first pair, left slick just touched the centre line. 7.6858 for Odd Roar Øgård a fine effort off the trailer. Next pair and Tero Vainio was pushed back after the burnout. Mats Lusth took the bye and a great 7.6212 for top spot at that point, 0.0045 Rt to boot. Mariann hold looked to have trouble staging, Jonas Lundberg moved back out of full stage at which point Mariann launched. Chief Timekeeper Oscar rushed to the start line, looked like a problem with the Chief Starter's handset. Lars pushed back for engine cooling time. Paired 7.5-second breakouts for Frdrik Gravningen and Pär Norgren. 7.6764 with a pedal for shake for Preben Bærentzen, certain breakout had the tyres not shaken. Next pair and 7.6376 for Micke Norén with the chute out before the stripe. Next pair and 7.6376 too for Michael Ohlsson. Bad shake for Gideon Liljegren in the other lane; same story for Alexandra Wingård next pair, we felt that one in here. Five 7.6s, seven breakout 7.5s at the end of the session.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 1

Victor Heleander first to leave the line at the Dico Internationals, 0.0406. Hampus Sundqvist in at #2 at that point with a 0.0773. Nina Björnsson then in with a 0.0255 good for #2. 0.0173 for Jacob Pripp put him #1 at that point. -0.0022 squeaker for Tindra Christensen next pair. At that point we had twelve racers on 0.1-something. 0.0801 for Fanny Andersson good for #6. Leevi Kortelainen pushed back before staging. Next pair and a 0.0567 for Felicia Olsson put her in at #5. Atle Poolsar and Fanny Olsson in at #4 and #7 respectively with 0.0346 and 0.0726. 0.0711 for Patrik Lind good for #7 at that point, close one for Wilma Andeersson at -0.0038. Felicia Rudnert in at #11 at 0.0857. Emma Neubert in at #7 at 0.0686. 0.0856 in the penultimate put Hanna Kongshem #12.

Junior Drag Bike qualifying session 1

RT qualifying in Junior Drag Bike here, no E-Mails thank you. Moa Nilsson and Trygve Kjærstad Helgerud opened with 0.0593 and 0.0637. 0.0937 for Eemeli Helkkaka good for #3 next pair.

Stock/Super Stock qualifying session 1

10.3290 on 11.25 for Arto Sulopuisto in the first pair. Lars Johansson into #1 next pair with a 12.3643 on 13.45. Wheelies a bit lacking so far but then a nice wheelie from Theodor Brandt, into #2 with a 11.0187 on 12.00. Kjell Eriksson to #5 with a 10.7878 on 11.70. Huge wheelie then looked like gear selection problem for Anders Lindh. In the other lane Lasse Bodén into #3 with 10.5340 on 11.50. Wheelie of the session and thus of the day so far by Rick McCann on his way to 9.8567 on 10.40. Team member Grace who often photographs for Eurodragster.com tells us that that was a PB for Rick with that engine combination, well done Rick, Carla and team! In the other lane a perfect 0.0008 RT for Tarmo Mikkola, well done Tarmo! Next pair and problems for Bo Nylund, idled along the tracl, 67.5079, Ari Körkkö in at #5 with a 9.9092 on 10.05. #2 for Jonas Bengtsson with a 9.9666 on 11.00. Martin Berglund in at #4 with an 8.7312 on 9.70. Bj&oumn;rn Bondesson in to #1 at 10.1548 on 11.25. First time I can remember seeing Lasse Nyberg's Shelby GT500, what a beautiful car that is. No times for Tomas Westberga nd Göran Larsson. Mathias Färm takes Wheelie of the Day and Save of the Day with a huge bumper-scraper, when he came down he realised that he was heading straight for the 330 foot reflector and the car got a bit lively when he wrenched it to the right. Next pair and Uffe Edwardsson into #3 at that point with a 10.2120 on 11.25.


Good morning and welcome to our coverage of the Dico Internationals brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

It's a beautiful day here at Tierp, blue sky and one tiny cloud which looks a bit embarrassed.

As usual at Tierp we will be using the popular split-screen format for the reports. We will be providing commentaries on Sportsman classes but of course the usual full coverage and standings in Pro classes from tomorrow; you can find the full lists for the Sportsman at right - the event name will change as soon as the timing crew start to upload. So far as we know there is no webcast of this event by any party so you will have to slum it with us.

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