Dico Scandinavian Internationals
Tierp Arena, 24th-27th August 2017

Söndag / Sunday

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Final results

FIA Top Fuel Dragster: Antti Horto 3.9982/474.10 def. Micke Kågered 8.0254/135.85
FIA Top Methanol: Sandro Bellio 6.4414/391.30 def. Timo Habermann 7.2229/196.08
FIA Pro Modified: Micke Gullqvist 5.8339/400.30 def. Åke Persson 5.9644/388.87
FIA Pro Stock: Jimmy Ålund 6.5303/342.64 def. Stefan Ernryd 6.5870/333.75

EDRS Pro MC Top Fuel Bike: Jan Sturla Hegre 6.3928/355.03 def. Thomas Pettersson 12.1283/104.85
EDRS Pro MC Supertwin: Marcus Christiansen 6.5970/344.61 def. Tommy Grimes 6.5990/276.21
EDRS Pro MC Pro Stock Motorcycle: Robert Karlsson 6.9740/308.22 def. Fredrik Fredlund 7.0172/304.40
EDRS Pro MC Super Street Bike: Mathias Bohlin 7.4649/307.34 bye, Anders Blanck broke

Comp Eliminator: Daniel Jedborn (7.52) 10.1175/121.98 def. Lasse Britsmar (7.79) no time DQ red light
Pro Street: Mats Lusth 7.6073/283.76 def. Peter Nordlund 7.6196/292.05
Super Comp: Matilda Sjöström-Andersson 8.8856/258.25 breakout def. Micke Nilsson 8.8852/260.49 DQ breakout
Super Gas: Patrik Wickman 9.9087/203.16 def. Lina Braathen 9.7792/190.01 DQ breakout
Super Street: Uffe Lundgren 10.9967/184.74 def. Åke Törnqvist 10.9089/181.27
Stock / Super Stock: Per Fagerström (11.48) 11.5480/174.25 def. Mathias Färm (9.43) 9.4752/222.68
Junior Dragster: Oskar Norling (8.09) 8.1457/123.80 def. Patrik Lind (7.98) 8.0510/130.72

Super Comp Bike: Emil Östlund 8.6137/232.26 def. Peter Svensson 8.5554/255.68
Super Gas Bike: Micke Ölen 9.8466/182.49 def. Magnus Pollack 9.7649/226.42
Junior Drag Bike: Eemeli Helkkala (7.90) 8.0129/128.57 def. John Rolfstad (7.50) 7.8152/141.10

Today's gallery will be posted this evening.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster final

Antti Horto 3.9982/474.10 def. Micke Kågered 8.0254/135.85

Antti in imperious form, away first 0.0885 to Micke's 0.0930 and the better sixty 0.8500 to Micke's 0.8848. Micke hit shake, pedalled twice and gave it up about 200 feet out. Antti to 330 feet in 2.1972/301.84 (187.55 mph), the eighth in 3.1734/413.79 (251.72 mph), some smoke from his motor in the second half then a big puff just before the stripe. Terminal speed 294.59 mph. Everything to play for at Santa Pod Raceway in a couple of weeks.


FIA Pro Modified final

Micke Gullqvist 5.8339/400.30 def. Åke Persson 5.9644/388.87

Micke away first 0.0752 to Åke's 0.0926, 1.0076 to sixty for Åke and 0.9622 for Micke. Åke's Camaro started to move left and got close to the guardrail again but he stayed with it. 3.8419/314.14 at the eighth for Micke to Åke's 3.9236/308.22. Micke's 5.833 a new European ET record backed up by his semi-final ET, well done Micke!


FIA Top Methanol final

Sandro Bellio 6.4414/391.30 def. Timo Habermann 7.2229/196.08

Timo negated Sandro's Tree advantage 0.0203 to Sandro's 0.2464, Sandro to sixty in 1.0500 then his tyres shook and went up in smoke, Sandro pedalled and got back on it. Timo to sixty in 0.9309 then his tyres shook and the dragster moved left. A pedal for Timo whilst Sandro's tyres were still smoking, Timo's blower panel blew just before thew eighth 3.4801/237.15 to Sandro's 4.3903/319.34 and then it was a question of whether Sandro could catch him, and catch him he did.


FIA Pro Stock final

Jimmy Ålund 6.5303/342.64 def. Stefan Ernryd 6.5870/333.75

Jimmy with all the numbers in this one. Away first 0.0150 to Stefan's 0.0606, the better sixty 0.9916 to 0.9920, and a visible lead at the eighth 4.2114/272.87 to Stefan's 4.2400/269.87.


EDRS Pro MC Top Fuel Bike final

Jan Sturla Hegre 6.3928/355.03 def. Thomas Pettersson 12.1283/104.85

Jan sturla away first 0.2312 to 0.4163, Thomas with problems almost immediately, the bike jumping up and down and shut off. Jan Sturla to sixty in 1.0487 and the eighth in 4.2037/289.23, sideways jet of smoke from the motor in the second half.


EDRS Pro MC Supertwin final

Marcus Christiansen 6.5970/344.61 def. Tommy Grimes 6.5990/276.21

Marcus visibly and audibly left first 0.0614 to 0.1711, Tommy had the better sixty 1.1271 to 1.1490 and the much better eighth 4.1764/303.37 to Marcus' 4.3288/281.98 but then a puff of smoke and a groan from Tommy's motor, shut off and Marcus got past him.


EDRS Pro MC Pro Stock Motorcycle final

Robert Karlsson 6.9740/308.22 def. Fredrik Fredlund 7.0172/304.40


EDRS Pro MC Super Street Bike final

Mathias Bohlin 7.4649/307.34 bye, Anders Blanck broke

Anders shut off for a fluid leak after the burnout, oil from the bleach box to the start line.


Maja Udtian followed Stock / Super Stock with a licencing pass in the Islanders Top Fuel Dragster. Another great run! 0.9105 to sixty, 2.3127/294.12 (182.76 mph) at 330 feet, 3.2846/422.87 (262.76 mph) at the eighth, looked like a cylinder out on one side past the eighth and shut off a touch early, excellent 4.1101/445.54 (276.85 mph) at the stripe. Licence gained, well done Maja and team!

Now on a break to collect finalists.


Super Gas Bike eliminations round 2 winners

Magnus Pollack 9.7541/205.95, Micke Ölen 9.3847/225.38 bye

Super Comp Bike eliminations round 3 winners

Emil Östlund 11.5166/158.13 bye, Peter Svensson 8.7451/224.53

Junior Drag Bike eliminations round 2 winners

Eemeli Helkkala (7.90) 8.3735/108.09, John Rolfstad (7.45) 7.8629/141.10

Junior Dragster eliminations round 5 winners

Patrik Lind (7.98) 8.0070/131.64, Oskar Norling (8.10) 8.1224/124.83 bye

Stock / Super Stock eliminations round 5 winners

Per Fagerström (11.50) 11.4816/182.86, Mathias Färm (9.43) 12.8800/84.88 bye

Next up another Top Fuel Dragster licencing pass for Maja Udtian.


Pro Street eliminations round 3 winners

Mats Lusth 7.6744/281.40, Peter Nordlund 7.6346/266.67

Super Comp eliminations round 4 winners

Matilda Sjöström-Andersson 8.9015/257.63 bye (Kent Olofsson broke), Micke Nilsson 8.9723/245.45

Super Gas eliminations round 4 winners

Patrick Wickman 9.8724/220.95 bye, Lina Braathen 10.0014/170.89 bye

Super Street eliminations round 3 winners

Uffe Lundgren 10.9780/190.14, Åke Törnqvist 10.9439/189.74

Comp Eliminator eliminations round 4 winners

Daniel Jedborn (7.52) 8.7165/143.50, Lasse Britsmar (7.84) 7.2939/299.50


EDRS Pro MC Super Street Bike eliminations round 3

Anders Blanck 7.2873/320.86 bye, Mogens Lund broke
Mathias Bohlin 7.3228/315.24 def. Vesa Ruhanen 7.3665/331.29


EDRS Pro MC Top Fuel Bike eliminations round 2

Thomas Pettersson 9.6555/209.95 bye, Sverre Dahl broke
Jan Sturla Hegre 18.7151/77.59 bye

Sverre not happy when the bike fired up, lots of smoke from the exhaust again, shaking his head before going forward for the burnout. Pulled his burnout and then either shut it off or it stopped itself. Thomas took the bye, shut it off at half track. Jan Sturla off the gas after the Tree.


EDRS Pro MC Supertwin eliminations round 2

Tommy Grimes 6.2914/348.16 def. Roman Sixta 7.9024/220.41
Marcus Christiansen 6.5309/340.91 def. Greger Johansson 7.2313/274.11

Another fantastic run for Tommy! 1.1090 to sixty, 4.1530/304.91 to the eighth, another series record, well done Per, Tommy and team! 1.1473 to sixty for Marcus, 4.2754/284.96 at the eighth, very straight run.


EDRS Pro MC Pro Stock Motorcycle eliminations round 2

Fredrik Fredlund 7.0227/305.60 def. Thomas Olsen 7.1086/298.18
Robert Karlsson 6.9697/307.52 def. Alex Hope 9.4951/134.29


FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 3

Åke Persson 6.0963/368.10 def. Freddy Fagerström 6.2831/361.20

Freddy, 300-foot burnout, high-speed backup, you know the script. The Tree ran very quickly after both staged. Åke handed Freddy his butt on a plate off the line 0.2582 to 0.4315, 1.0097 to sixty to Freddy's 1.0592. Freddy going remarkably straight whilst Åke's Camaro headed left and ran very close to the guardrail all the way. Visible lead for Åke by the eighth 3.9556/295.99 to Freddy's 4.1050/291.10.

Micke Gullqvist 5.8622/398.82 def. Jimmy Ålund 5.8842/389.05

Second weekend running we have the quickest side-by-side Pro Modified race in Europe. Micke away first 0.0602 to 0.0706, no shake for either, quicker sixty for Micke 0.9655 to Jimmy's 0.9735, Jimmy with the quicker eighth 3.8577/312.14 to Micke's 3.8614/313.23 but Micke had it in the bag.


FIA Top Methanol eliminations round 2

Sandro Bellio 5.4490/415.70 def. Dennis Habermann 6.5534/237.89

Sandro with the head start but Dennis with the better RT 0.0252 to Sandro's 0.0813, better sixty for Dennis 0.9153 to Sandro's 0.9375 but Dennis had to pedal for shake and then his dragster got very close to the guardrail. Sandro looked ahead at the eighth 3.5905/342.42 to Dennis' wayward 3.7011/273.28, Dennis pulled the dragster right and the blower relief panel blew and put a chute out. Storming PB for Sandro, well done Sando, Eurodragster.com sponsor Danny and team!

Timo Habermann 11.4593/153.50 bye

Odd-number bye for Timo. Tyres up in smoke at the hit, 1,1965 to sixty, already pedalled by then and drove gently along the track going through the gears.


FIA Pro Stock eliminations round 2

Stefan Ernryd 6.5951/338.13 def. Richard Sundblom 6.6310/335.40

Nixxon away first 0.0762 to Stefan's 0.0836 and the better sixty 0.9843 to 0.9930 but Stefan was visibly reeling him in even before the eighth, Stefan past him at the eighth 4.2482/270.14 to Nixxon's 4.2650/266.40.

Jimmy Ålund 6.5517/342.86 def. Michael Malmgren no time broke

Big holeshot for Jimmy 0.0459 to Michael's 0.1958, Michael with bad shake lost drive at the hit and shut it off. Jimmy to sixty in 1.0093 and the eighth in 4.2326/272.31.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster eliminations round 2

Micke Kågered 5.8864/186.79 bye, Liam Jones broke

Liam's safety device cut the motor and dropped the chutes in the burnout. Liam jumped out and climbed the guardrail, car left on the track about 100 feet out. 0.8897 to sixty for Micke, 2.3317/240.64 at 330 feet off the gas by then. Retrieval followed both of Liam's car and Micke's car which stopped on the shutdown area.

Antti Horto 3.9944/482.14 def. Anita Mäkelä no time DQ

Anita's back-up guy gave the car a shove backwards after the burnout, I thought reverse had not engaged but then Anita returned to the start line quite happily (probably literally knowing Anita). Scary race. Anita away first 0.1077 to 0.1230, Antti with the better sixty 0.8720 to 0.8852 and the better 330 foot 2.2234/303.88 to Anita's 2.2777/294.44, Anita blackstriping all the way and the car started drifting left at the eighth 3.2665/406.63 visibly trailing Antti's 3.1850/422.87 then Anita's car crossed lanes after the eighth. Antti was in front by this point but I think that everyone here thought that Anita was going to catch the back of Antti's dragster. Thankfully not.


Stock / Super Stock eliminations round 4 winners

Fredrik Frisberg (10.29) 10.3179/206.50, Per Fagerström (11.50) 11.5042/179.40, Mathias Färm (9.43) 10.7683/130.27

FIA Top Fuel Dragster E2 next up.


Comp Eliminator eliminations round 3 winners

Daniel Jedborn (7.52) 7.2184/228.14, Bjørn Johansen (7.56) 7.0815/311.24, Lasse Britsmar (7.84) 19.2069/54.23, Lars-Georg Johansson (7.53) 9.0399/186.72 bye (Niklas Heikkilä broke)

Super Gas Bike eliminations round 1 winners

Magnus Pollack 9.7685/227.27 bye, Heikki-Juhani Koskinen 9.8958/220.32, Micke Ölen 9.7796/223.97

Super Comp Bike eliminations round 2 winners

Emil Östlund 8.5806/231.86, Peter Svensson 8.6228/237.89, Kimmo Rantala 8.6731/249.54


Pro Street eliminations round 2 winners

Mats Lusth 7.6910/279.50, Michael Ohlsson 7.7200/289.08, Peter Nordlund 7.7565/288.31, Seppo Raussi 7.6177/281.54


Stock / Super Stock eliminations round 3 winners

Anders Eriksson (10.69) 10.8735/167.81, Fredrik Frisberg (10.29) 10.3149/207.37, Per Fagerström (12.15) 11.4935/183.42 bye, Erik Wallin (10.33) 10.2985/205.95, Mathias Färm (9.45) 9.4302/223.51, Uffe Edwardson (10.19) 10.1797/206.82

Super Street eliminations round 2 winners

Kent Forschner-Hell 10.9773/196.94, Uffe Lundgren 10.9782/184.99, Åke Törnqvist 10.8877/181.45, Martin Larsson 10.9037/191.22

Super Gas eliminations round 3 winners

Patrick Wickman 9.9154/220.23, Lina Braathen 9.9056/179.40

Super Comp eliminations round 3 winners

Kent Olofsson 8.9389/229.89, Matilda Sjöström-Andersson 8.9107/257.51 bye, Mari Udtian 9.0203/216.78, Micke Nilsson 8.9290/265.75


EDRS Pro MC Super Street Bike eliminations round 2

Mogens Lund 7.0756/322.51 def. Henri Kolehmainen 7.5515/309.46
Anders Blanck 7.4834/296.68 def. Björn Friström 7.6469/270.68
Vesa Ruhanen 7/2417/325.69 def. Dag Wagenius no time DQ left before Tree ran
Mathias Bohlin 7.2717/316.90 def. Robert Nilsson 7.3731/321.43


EDRS Pro MC Top Fuel Bike eliminations round 1

Sverre Dahl 6.0577/371.37 bye
Thomas Pettersson 6.8601/262.90 def. Peter Andersson (U) 7.9191/253.64
Jan Sturla Hegre 6.1608/341.56 def. Peter Andersson (Ä) 10.8837/149.48

Great run for Sverre, had us worried going in to stage with a lot of smoke out of the pipes. 1.0684 to sixty, 3.9231/307.87 (191.30 mph) at the eighth with slight fishtail. Speed equates to 230.76 mph. Great run for Thomas and I am thinking a new PB or close to it, well done Thomas and team! However smoke and a groan from the motor in the second half and oil on the track. Great pass for Jan Sturla, motor stayed clean to about 100 feet then a flash of flame from the left side. Track checked and all OK.


EDRS Pro MC Pro Stock Motorcycle eliminations round 1

Thomas Olsen 7.1346/301.68 def. Timo Savolainen 7.3357/290.64
Robert Karlsson 6.9837/308.22 bye, Bo Thorselius no show
Alex Hope 9.3852/149.01 def. Kalle Lyrén 7.1412/304.05 DQ red light
Fredrik Fredlund 7.0308/305.95 bye

Great run for Robert! 1.0706 to sixty, 4.4566/254.96 at the eighth. Right on the EDRS Pro record.


EDRS Pro MC Supertwin eliminations round 1

Tommy Grimes 6.3640/351.33 def. Ulf Ledtsröm 8.1459/220.32
Roman Sixta 6.8514/294.76 def. Lasse Leponiemi no time broke
Greger Johansson 14.2419/105.26 bye, Samu Kemppainen broke
Marcus Christiansen 6.5147/342.42 def. Anders Hörnström 6.6349/348.61

Another fantastic run for Tommy! 1.1516 to sixty, 4.2300/301.00 at the eighth, straight run too. Backs up his 6,311 in qualifying for an EDRS Pro record, we understand. Well done Per, Tommy and team! Ulf's motor hesitated and he was off the gas after the eighth. Lasse's motor quit not far off the line and he rolled to a halt at about 1000 feet. 1.2387 to sixty for Roman, 4.5248/323.94 at the eighth, close to the centre line in the second half. Trail of fluid all the way down the track from Lasse's motor, clean-up called. Samu not happy with something after his burnout and eventually shut it off before staging. Greger dodged a bullet, tyre up in smoke at the hit. Bike made a move right but Greger kept hold of it. Great run for Marcus, 1.1306 to sixty, 4.2412/282.72 at the eighth and a new PB I think, well done Marcus and team!


Junior Dragster eliminations round 4 winners

Patrik Lind (7.90) 8.0718/130.18, Pontus Garefelt (8.08) 8.0927/126.61, Oskar Norling (8.10) 8.1641/124.05

Junior Drag Bike eliminations round 1 winners

Anna Rosander (10.75) 10.8625/99.89 bye, Eemeli Helkkala (7.90) 7.9876/133.04, Tryngve Kjærstad Helgerud (7.39) 7.6242/154.77, John Rolfstad (7.45) 7.6136/143.08


FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 2

Åke Persson 5.9457/392.44 bye, Jan Ericsson no show

Åke doing OK for byes today! No word on what ails Jan. Launch looked conservative, relatively at least, 1.0090 to sixty but visibly picked up before the eighth 3.9381/295.57.

Freddy Fagerström 6.1974/335.20 def. Rolf Simonsson 6.4810/337.50

Restrained burnout by Freddy, only 300 feet this time, getting off it by a spotter rather than the last photog. Freddy away first 0.1462 to Rolf's 0.3485 and the slightly better sixty 1.0030 to Rolf's 1.0051. Much better eighth for Freddy 4.0010/294.92 to Rolf's 4.1565/273.97. Rolf with the faster terminal and having come in as an alternate I would imagine that he will not be too disappointed to have got this far.

Jimmy Ålund 5.9915/330.38 def. Laura Saksa 5.9868/399.11

0.1286 to 0.1557 holeshot win for Jimmy but a fantastic début weekend for Laura. Jimmy with the better sixty 0.9734 to Laura's 1.0105 and the better eighth 3.8593/312.32 to Laura's 3.9954/311.06 but as is the wont of turbo cars Laura was reeling him in in the second half, just ran out of track. 248.00 mph for Laura.

Micke Gullqvist 5.8546/397.94 def. Bruno Bader 6.0800/372.16

Bruno away first 0.0555 to 0.1636, Micke with the better sixty 0.9626 to Bruno's 1.0145, Micke's Camaro started to move towards the centre line and he wrenched it back, stayed on the gas though, stormer at the eighth 3.8495/311.78 to Bruno's 3.9687/301.34.


FIA Pro Stock eliminations round 1

Michael Malmgren 6.5960/335.82 def. Thomas Lindström 6.6195/335.82

Thomas away first 0.0682 to Michael's 0.082, Michael started making it up by sixty 0.9716 to Thomas' 0.9789 and then the better eighth 4.2333/267.33 to Thomas' 4.2528/267.33. Those are not typos, eighth and quarter speeds the same.

Richard Sundblom 6.6724/334.78 def. Christian Sagelv 18.0428/101.43

Christian moved first 0.1220 to Nixxon's 0.1616 but then Christian's car lost drive and stopped dead. Nixxon to sixty in 0.9975 and the eighth in 4.3032/266.40, Christian found drive and drove gently through the gears.

Stefan Ernryd 6.6067/339.41 def. Bengt Ljungdahl 29.2328/37.01

Stefan and Bengt already met in qualifying after last week's eventful final at Hockenheim so any demons long laid to rest. 0.0524 to 0.1636 holeshot for Stefan, instant shake for Bengt and shut it off. Stefan to sixty in 0.9946 and the eighth in 4.2560/269.73, crew dancing on the start line.

Jimmy Ålund 6.5886/342.86 def. Magnus Pettersson 38.9170/23.15

Jimmy away first 0.0593 to Magnus' 0.0711. Instant shake for Magnus and shut it off. Jimmy to sixty in 1.0151, the eighth in 4.2674/272.04.


FIA Top Methanol eliminations round 1

Sandro Bellio 5.5242/383.52 def. Jonny Lagg 5.5571/423.20

Jonny made up a fair bit of the start line advantage with a 0.0581 to Sandro's 0.1484. Sandro to sixty in 0.9320 driving through the acceptable level of shake with a slight drift left, the better eighth ET 3.6078/334.99 to Jonny's faster 3.7312/349.06. Jonny's dragster made a move to the right in the second half but he had a hold of it.

Dennis Habermann 5.4045/430.28 bye, Micke Larsson no show

No Micke, no word why. Dennis to sixty in 0.9623, a brief pedal although the tyres were not visibly flapping the way they sometimes do. 2.4310/263.29 at 330 feet and 3.5763/349.06 at the eighth.

Timo Habermann 5.3055/431.31 bye, Petteri Liimatainen broke

Petteri's motor did not start, crew visibly frustrated with the best fling of a cable tie I ever saw. Great run for Timo, 0.9146 to sixty with no sign of shake, 2.3460/266.40 at 330 feet, 3.4860/349.97 at the eighth.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster eliminations round 1

Micke Kågered no time bye, Stig Neergaard broke

No reverse for Stig and looked to run over the feet of his crewman blipping the throttle trying to engage reverse. Crew guy hopped away visibly in agony, pulled himself over the guardrail and collapsed to the ground, his colleagues and start line crew rushed to assist whilst Stig drove down the track to clear it for Micke. A bang from the motor at the hit for Micke, safety device cut the motor and put out the chute. Micke stopped by the rail about 200 feet out.

Antti Horto 4.0805/454.16 def. Jndia Erbacher 4.2133/448.50

Again a brief burnout for Jndia. Antti visibly moved first 0.1191 to Jndia's 0.1366 and the much better sixty 0.8715 to 0.9428. An appreciable lead for Antti at at 330 feet 2.2321/297.68 to Jndia's 2.3796/292.52 and visibly ahead at the eighth 3.2265/404.80 to Jndia's faster 3.3582/414.11. Smoke from both motors in the second half, both looked to shut it off before the stripe. Blackstripe most of the way down Jndia's lane. Safety crews chased both cars down the shutdown area. Precaution I think as they went back on station very quickly.

Liam Jones 4.0323/486.05 def. Stefan Gunnarsson 5.6261/198.60

Liam visibly drilled Stefan at the Tree 0.0821 to 0.1052, slightly better sixty 0.8605 to Stefan's 0.8690, Stefan hit shake and pedalled twice, Liam visibly ahead by 330 feet 2.2371/292.52 to 2.4446/232.56 and pulling away at the eighth 3.2226/418.93 (260.31 mph) to Stefan's slowing 3.8948/240.53. 302.02 mph at the stripe for Liam.

Anita Mäkelä 4.1033/472.03 def. Duncan Micallef 5.3470/272.04

Anita moved first 0.1612 to Duncan's 0.1650, Duncan with the better sixty 0.8901 to Anita's 0.8926. Duncan hit shake, two pedals and gave it up before 300 feet 2.7488/203.85, Anita on her way and blackstriping 2.2970/293.80. Duncan well off the throttle by the eighth, 4.0708/322.20, Anita long gone 3.2778/417.96 (259.71 mph). Blackstriping continued, Anita's car headed towards the guardrail in the seocnd half but she was not getting off the gas for anything, close to the guardrail past the stripe. A bang from one of the motors in the second half and safety crews went after both cars, again went back on station quickly.


Junior Dragster eliminations round 3 winners

Patrik Lind (7.90) 8.0194/131.99, Veeti Kortelainen (13.26) 13.2990/77.68, Tindra Christensen (8.00) 8.0207/125.73, Elias Otvall (7.95) 8.0630/130.00, Hampus Sundqvist (8.22) 8.2342/127.90, Oskar Norling (8.07) 8.2053/124.48

Pre-race ceremonies then E1 of FIA Top Fuel Dragster.


EDRS Pro MC Super Street Bike eliminations round 1

Mogens Lund 7.1782/282.57 bye
Henri Kolehmainen 7.4360/303.20 def. Kim Hilander 7.5795/307.52
Björn Friström 7.6944/267.86 bye, Ida Johansson no show
Anders Blanck 7.4023/314.69 def. Mark Hope 7.7856/297.03
Dag Wagenius 8.3870/293.16 def. Garry Bowe no time broke
Vesa Ruhanen 7.4231/331.90 def. Ida Zetterström 8.0187/293.00
Robert Nilsson 7.4234/318.86 def. Emil Östlund 9.3225/293.64
Mathias Bohlin 7.7507/299.00 def. Roberth Häggblom 8.2625/285.71


FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 1

Jan Ericsson 6.2223/362.17 def. Michel Tooren 18.0342/68.99

300-foot burnout by Michel, 150 feet by Jan. Jan visibly moved first 0.0962 to Michel's 0.3925. Jan to sixty cleanly in 1.0311, Michael in in 1.0171 then hit bad shake and shut off. Jan to the eighth in 4.0691/299.17.

Laura Saksa 6.2895/323.74 def. Håkan Persson 17.8894/71.75

We have not seen a lot of Håkan this weekend. Laura with a clear holeshot 0.1240 to Håkan's 0.3555, instant shake for Håkan and shut off. Layra to the eighth in 4.1599/302.35 then put the chutes out at about 1000 feet. Laura gained her licence on Friday and wins her first competitive round.

Bruno Bader 6.1027/363.64 def. Micke Johansson 6.6108/356.44

Micke in as an alternate for Michael Joneskog. Bruno with the holeshot 0.1630 to Micke's 0.4402, 1.0207 to sixty, Micke with shake after sixty 1.1742, a long pedal whilst Bruno hooked up and went, 3.9786/300.33 at the eighth way ahead of Micke's 4.4053/290.17.

Freddy Fagerström 6.2191/367.35 def. Roger Johansson 11.7540/149.42

Freddy away first 0.0713 to 0.1364 and the better sixty 1.0319 to Roger's 1.1432, Roger hit shake which briefly had his driver side door open, a pedal and a pop from Roger's motor. Freddy long gone, through the eighth in 4.0714/294.76, very straight pass.

Rolf Simonsson 6.8162/339.84 bye, David Vegter broke

Rolf in as an alternate for Jan Brännvall. David shut off after his burnout and was pushed back. Nothing visibly wrong, no fluid. Rolf took the bye, 1.0976 to sixty, shake and a clearly audible short shift, lost him time before the eighth 4.4981/274.67.

Micke Gullqvist 5.8969/397.64 bye, Kim Kristiansen no show

Fresh out of alternates so a bye for Micke. 0.9681 to sixty, storming 3.8880/310.88 at the eighth, straight and clean down a lane in which some others have had trouble.

Jimmy Ålund 5.9394/387.93 def. Andreas Arthursson 6.2981/368.35

Andreas got away first 0.1323 to 0.1724, not many do that to Jimmy. Andreas to sixty in 1.0875 driving through the acceptable level of shake, Jimmy with a clean 0.9889 and the advantage at the eighth 3.9042/310.88 to Andreas' 4.1859/301.34.

Åke Persson 24.1565/46.06 bye, Matts Logren no show

Matts disappeared during yesterday's Swedish Championship rounds. Instant tyre spin and screaming motor at the hit for Åke, 1.3460 to sixty already with problems, idled through.


Good morning and welcome to our coverage of the Dico Internationals brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

It's another nice day here at Tierp Arena. Blue sky, a bank of cloud way north of here but looks to be breaking up. Again a gentle breeze up the track.

As usual at Tierp we will be using the popular split-screen format for the reports. We will be providing commentaries on Sportsman classes but of course the usual full coverage and standings in Pro classes. There is no webcast of this event by any party so you will have to slum it with us for one more day.

We have a birthday on the team today: a big Happy Birthday and many more of them to our always-working photographer Julian. Julian is already out in the pits getting pictures; I did try to tell him to sit back and eat cake but that's not him. Have a great day Julian.

The traditional Raceday Good Morning to our US Correspondent Kathy Hileman who is tuned in from Essex, NH. Hope you are having a good weekend Kathy and that the bridge is going OK. Again a big Good Morning to our Eurodragster.com colleagues Kirstie and Simon and Contributing Photographer Callum who are at Shakespeare County Raceway for this weekend's APIRA Open Sport Nationals where Simon and Callum are again having their hard work ripped off by 8.50 Bike racers and Kirstie is racing in Sportsman ET. Kirstie worked up a credit against her next firing by holding #1 qualifier until relieved of it by 0.001 by team-mate Andy Dibley, who has perforce been made a member of the Eurodragster.com staff so that we can fire him. OK Dibley you're fired. Good morning also to all of the Eurodragsterholics, especially Kai Plathan and Otto in Finland and Ivar Kolberg in Norway; thank you all for your support.

Today's running order kindly supplied by Race Director Tomas Pettersson has E1s of FIA Pro Modified and EDRS Pro Super Street Bike at 09:30 followed by E3 of Junior Dragster, pre-race ceremonies, then E1s of other Pro classes and E2s of Pro Mod and SSB. It's going to be one of those "Keep hitting Refresh" days when we get going so tune back ay 09:30 and keep hitting that button.

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