Dico Scandinavian Internationals
Tierp Arena, 24th-27th August 2017

Fredag / Friday

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We have now posted today's gallery which features 270 pictures courtesy of Julian and Elisabeth including more parachute shots. You can check out the gallery via the Event Index; if you do not see all 270 updated thumbnails when you load the gallery page then click on your Browser's Refresh button.


Super Comp Bike qualifying session 4

8.2990 breakout for Peter Östlund in the second pair. 8.7580 for Ulf Fridolfsson moved him up to #8 next pair.

Super Gas Bike qualifying session 4

10.0225 for Heikki-Juhani Koskinen an improvement but stayed #5.

That's qualifying done for today. Give us a minute to have dinner then we'll get going on today's gallery.


Really ramming the pairs through now, in fading light too, I'll do my best.

Super Gas qualifying session 4

9.9118 for Patrick Wickman in the first pair moved him up to #3. Johan Jonsson with a 9.9405 good for #7 spot. 9.9028 for Eddy van den Bos moved him up to #3. Next up the ladder Johan Rehnström with a 9.9242 good for #6. Impressive 9.4765 breakout for Helena Olsson. 9.9650 for Kenny Åsberg next pair won him #12.

Stock / Super Stock qualifying session 5

First pair and Glenn Appelgren's (11.05) 10.5195 moved him up to #33, in the other lane Mathias Färm's (10.55) 9.4478 good for #3. Ari Körkkö (10.05) with a 9.0291 moved up to #8. Tomas Kaakinen (10.00) improved to 9.4058 but stayed in place. 9.3491 for Peter Lindberg (10.35) good for #9. Big improvement for Krister Fogelin (10.95), 10.2978 good for #28. Lasse Bodén (11.50) with a 10.5219 won him #12. 12.4304 for Jörgen Lindgren (12.55) put him #41. #14 for Roger Johansson (11.25) with a 10.3157. 9.9903 for Jarmi Markkanen (10.95) good for #14. 0.0046 RT for Lars Nyberg, 11.2786 for Tomas Westberg (12.15) won him #17. Hans Nilsson pushed back before staging next pair.


Olof Andersson followed Super Street Bike with a Pro Modified licencing pass. Needed 7.40 or quicker to complete his licence. Foot launch, 1.0987 to sixty, shake and move left and two pedals, 8.7158/208.82 at the stripe.

Super Street qualifying session 4

Into this session with 11 of 15 in the 10.9s. Elevens in one lane and breakouts in the other lane in the first two pairs. Make that three right lane breakouts in three pairs. Anders Söderberg improved to 10.9742 but stayed #11.


EDRS Pro MC Super Street Bike qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Emil Östlund 9.2795/288.92 bye; Dag Wagenius 9.7756/231.26 bye; Mogens Lund 7.1539/331.90, Ida Johansson 8.4969/280.81; Vesa Ruhanen 7.3958/319.34, Mark Hope 8.2442/210.53; Björn Friström 7.3438/318.21, Roberth Häggblom 9.8944/144.66; Ida Zetterström 7.6852/298.34, Henri Kolehmainen 7.6607/245.34; Kim Hilander 7.4148/307.52, Anders Blanck 7.4685/310.34; Garry Bowe 7.1011/333.13 Mathias Bohlin 7.3741/310.52

Hold for oil clean-up in the Exclusive Cars (right) lane after Roberth's run.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Garry Bowe 7.0860/329.97
  2. Mogens Lund 7.1539/331.90
  3. Björn Friström 7.3438/318.21
  4. Mathias Bohlin 7.3741/310.52
  5. Vesa Ruhanen 7.3958/319.34
  6. Kim Hilander 7.4148/307.52
  7. Anders Blanck 7.4685/310.34
  8. Henri Kolehmainen 7.6607/245.34
  9. Ida Zetterström 7.6852/298.34
  10. Roberth Häggblom 7.8551/288.46
  11. Mark Hope 7.8601/286.78
  12. Ida Johansson 8.4969/280.81
  13. Emil Östlund 9.2795/288.92
  14. Dag Wagenius 9.7756/231.26


EDRS Pro MC Pro Stock Motorcycle qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Bo Thorselius 13.6511/121.76 bye; Alex Hope 7.2977/293.64, Fredrik Fredlund 7.0614/303.03; Thomas Olsen 7.1416/300.33, Kalle Lyrén 7.0229/306.47

Bo's motor was hesitating all the way along the track. 1.1377 to sicty for Alex, 1.0647 for Fredde who also had the better eighth 4.4674/250.46 to Alex's 4.6487/244.57. One motor sounded to hesitate just before the stripe. Improvements for Thomas and Kalle but both stayed in place. 1.1140 to sixty for Thomas, 1.0983 for Kalle, 4.5523/249.19 to the eighth for Thomas, Kalle's eighth just cleared as I looked at it.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Robert Karlsson 7.0148/309.63
  2. Kalle Lyrén 7.0229/306.47
  3. Fredrik Fredlund 7.0614/303.03
  4. Thomas Olsen 7.1416/300.33
  5. Alex Hope 7.2977/293.64
  6. Timo Savolainen 7.5971/224.63
  7. Bo Thorselius 10.1945/205.01


EDRS Pro MC Supertwin qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Roman Sixta 6.9601/327.27, Jaska Salakari 7.5986/214.88; Teemu Kettula 10.1472/188.35, Vidar Ravsborg 8.9312/167.29; Trond Høiberget 12.5190/191.22, Samu Kemppainein 6.5847/308.57; Greger Johansson 12.9253/118.24, Tommy Grimes 6.3113/320.67; Petri Mattsson 7.0249/287.39, Ulf Ledström 7.3559/300.67; Anders Hörnström 6.9201/339.84, Ismo Mäenpää 7.8191/309.10; Marcus Christiansen 6.5863/337.92, Lasse Leponiemi 7.1587/283.17

Roman to sixty in 1.2484, Jaska already on one at 1.0843 and the much better eighth ET 4.5089/244.01 to Roman's 4.6138/273.97. Then one pipe went out on Jaska's bike and he slowed, Roman went past him in the last quarter. 1.2402 to sixty for Teemu, 1.2098 for Vidar. Both bikes started heading right, Vidar had it leaned over so far that the left side grounded in a shower of sparks. Teemu off it before the eighth as the bike got close to the centre line, Vidar off it just at the eighth. Great run for Samu! 1,1504 to sixtym 4.2956/288.62 at the eighth. Trond to the sixty in 1.4068 and his motor was labouring all the way. Fantastic run for Tommy! 1.1073 to sixty, 4.1028/304.57 at the eighth. Down the centre of the lane most of the way, just a slight right drift in the second half. 1.5660 to sixty for Greger, off the gas by the eighth. Improvements for both Petri and Ulf but both stayed in place. No improvements for either Anders or Ismo although Anders' run looked quicker than the time which came up, maybe an optical illusion as he visibly overhauled Ismo very quickly int he second half. Improvements for Marcus and Lasse but stayed in place.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Tommy Grimes 6.3113/320.67
  2. Samu Kemppainen 6.5847/308.57
  3. Marcus Christiansen 6.5863/337.92
  4. Anders Hörnström 6.8379/336.03
  5. Roman Sixta 6.9601/327.27
  6. Petri Mattsson 7.0249/287.39
  7. Lasse Leponiemi 7.1587/283.17
  8. Ulf Ledström 7.3559/300.67
  9. Ismo Mäenpää 7.5617/310.88
  10. Greger Johansson 7.5819/244.45
  11. Jaska Salakari 7.5986/214.88
  12. Torsti Kettula 8.6960/181.82
  13. Vidar Ravnsborg 8.9312/167.29
  14. Teemu Kettula 10.1472/188.35
  15. Trond Høiberget 10.1674/224.35


EDRS Pro MC Top Fuel Bike qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Sverre Dahl 5.9887/331.90 bye; Peter Andersson (Ä) 7.6188/258.37, Thomas Pettersson 6.9963/303.20; Jan Sturla Hegre 35.3972/5.27 Peter Andersson (U) 7.1315/315.24

Very brief burnout for Sverre. Fantastic run! 1.0417 to sixty, 3.8846/318.58 at the eighth, very straight and smooth. Peter with a visible 0.1037 to 0.4590 holeshot then to sixty in 1.1897, Thomas started reeling him in by sixty 1.0900 and the much better eighth 4.4761/258.87 to Peter's 4.7629/237.15. Thomas back into the sixes taking up where he left off in Hockenheim. Jan Sturla lost drive off the line, only just made the finish line (that terminal is not a typo). Peter to sixty in 1.2170 and the eighth in 4.6619/257.39.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Sverre Dahl 5.9887/331.90
  2. Jan Sturla Hegre 6.1409/384.07
  3. Thomas Pettersson 6.9963/303.20
  4. Peter Andersson (U) 7.1315/315.24
  5. Peter Andersson (Ä) 7.6188/258.37


FIA Top Fuel Dragster qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Björn Mårtensson 6.5253/168.12, Timo Lehtimäki 6.2746/159.10; Stig Neergaard no time, Stefan Gunnarsson no time DQ; Duncan Micallef 3.9592/497.24, Anita Mäkelä 9.6096/120.05; Micke Kågered 4.0772/400.30, Liam Jones 3.9465/486.49

Bj&ium;rn to sixty in 0.9098, Timo in 0.8790. Shake for both, a pedal for Timo and the car's body language implied a broken blower belt just after 330 feet 2.4127/234.58. Björn already off the gas by 330 feet 2.6131/192.24. Visible 0.1210 to 0.3044 holeshot for Stefan. Stefan to sixty in 0.8589 and Stig in 0.9033, Stefan with a clear lead and a big speed at 330 feet 2.1869/310.17 (192.73 mph), Stig having driven through shake before 330 feet 2.3227/248.39. Stefan to the eighth in 3.1183/437.60 (271.91 mph) and really on one, then his dragster veered left and took out the 1000 foot reflectors stopping his own clocks at 3.9644/416.99 and Stig's, crossing the centre line into the bargain. Stig seeing Stefan crossing into his lane put the anchors out and got stopped very quickly. Stefan's time DQ'd and Stig's time invalidated by Stefan hitting the blocks before he got there. Anita's cylinders mixed up at the hit and the motor was labouring, 1.1552 to sixty and she played no real further part in proceedings. Stormer for The Maltese Lion! 0.8513 to sixty, 2.2127/297.85 at 330 feet, 3.1715/432.35 (268.65 mph) at the eighth, a move right and some smoke from the motor but stayed on it. Duncan's terminal speed equates to 308.97 mph. Duncan's lead lasts one pair. Micke to sixty in 0.8784, Liam 0.8497, Liam's 330 foot ET also better 2.2018/298.84 to Micke's faster 2.2356/300.84, Liam with the visible lead at the eighth 3.1536/435.48 (270.59 mph) to Micke's 3.2005/422.54. Hazy smoke from both cars but Liam on it blackstriping all the way to the stripe, Micke off the gas a touch early. Liam's terminal speed equates to 302.29 mph.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Liam Jones 3.9465/486.49
  2. Duncan Micallef 3.9592/497.24
  3. Micke Kågered 4.0772/400.30
  4. Antti Horto 4.1575/386.62
  5. Anita Mäkelä 4.1902/458.02
  6. Jndia Erbacher 4.5049/305.60
  7. Timo Lehtimäki 6.2746/159.10
  8. Björn Mårtensson 6.5253/168.12
  9. Stig Neergaard 9.5096/114.02
  10. Stefan Gunnarsson 9.7948/111.25


FIA Pro Stock qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Christian Sagelv 11.0092/112.52 bye; Magnus Pettersson 6.7429/331.90, Robin Norén 6.7360/329.87; Sampsa Palos 6.7737/328.37, Simon Gustafsson 6.7887/328.47; Michael Malmgren no time broke, Stefan Ernryd 6.6316/337.08; Jimmy Ålund 16.5633/71.36, Tommy Leindahl 6.7657/325.50; Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5642/339.62, Thomas Lindström 6.6136/336.45

Christian to sixty in 1.0625 and shut off at the top of third gear. Maybe that was what he had planned for Q1. Robin had a couple of goes at the burnout, Magnus just backing over the start line as Robin burnt out but he got back pretty quickly. Robin with the visible holeshot and the better sixty 1.0022 to Magnus' 1.0328, Robin's car headed for the centre line and got pretty close up by 330 feet. Robin to the eighth in 4.3338/262.65 to Magnus' 4.3511/263.41. Sampsa to sixty in 1.0076, Simon in 1.0303, Sampsa drove through a little shake. Sampsa with the better eighth 4.3499/260.62 to Simon's 4.3707/261.37. Brief clean-up in Sampsa's lane. Michael lost drive off the line and rolled to a halt just past the eighth. 1.0063 to sixty for Stefan, 4.2720/267.86 at the eighth, good for a move to #5. Loss of drive for Jimmy at the hit, rolled through. Tommy to sixty in 1.0097, the eighth in 4.3401/261.00, improvement good for one place on the ladder. Great match between Bengt and Thomas. Bengt to sixty in 0.9827, Thomas quicker at 0.9814, Bengt with the quicker eighth 4.2238/270.00 to Thomas' 4.2487/267.06. Thomas up the ladder to #5.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5268/340.05
  2. Jimmy Ålund 6.5546/341.77
  3. Richard Sundblom 6.5907/335.61
  4. Michael Malmgren 6.5937/336.03
  5. Thomas Lindström 6.6136/336.45
  6. Stefan Ernryd 6.6316/337.08
  7. Robin Norén 6.7360/329.87
  8. Magnus Pettersson 6.7429/331.90
  9. Tommy Leindahl 6.7657/325.50
  10. Sampsa Palos 6.7737/328.37
  11. Simon Gustafsson 6.7887/328.47
  12. Christian Sagelv 11.0092/112.52


FIA Top Methanol qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Micke Larsson 31.5380/60.67 bye, Petteri Liimatainen broke; Jonny Lagg 5.5318/421.87, Sandro Bellio no time

Petteri's motor never started despite frantic work by the crew. Micke took the bye, lost drive at the hit with motor screaming, then metallic noises and finally idled along the track. Sandro firstly went deep then edged out of stage and that was his session done. Jonny to sixty in 0.9565 and the eighth 3.6945/347.27, very clean run with all eight lit and little if any sign of shake.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Timo Habermann 5.3095/429.59
  2. Dennis Habermann 5.4243/427.22
  3. Sandro Bellio 5.4823 (5.7423/322.39)
  4. Jonny Lagg 5.5318/421.87
  5. Micke Larsson 10.376 (10.6360/146.70)

Quick groom of the track then Pro Stock.


FIA Pro Modified qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Jan Bränvall 6.9489/315.24 bye; Michael Joneskog shut off, bye; Andreas Arthursson 8.8439/210.44, Matts Logren 7.0879/309.63; Freddy Fagerström 6.4548/263.54, Bruno Bader 6.0845/368.10; Micke Gullqvist 5.9242/397.35, Rolf Simonsson 7.8460/219.16; Jan Ericsson 6.7020/360.24, Micke Johansson 10.5372/186.27; Åke Persson 5.8826/394.74 bye, Laura Saksa broke; Roger Johansson 6.0127/386.27, Michel Tooren 6.1689/375.52; David Vegter 6.1268/384.34, Jimmy Ålund 5.8981/389.05;

Jan to sixty in 1.1749, a pedal about 300 feet out, 4.5510/262.14 at the eighth, didn't hear much in the way of gear changes, motor sounded a little ragged. Michael in stage, as the Tree ran one of his crew touched something on the back of the car, maybe the computer. But Michael went nowhere and shut off. Matts to sixty in 1.0718 and the eighth in 4.5543/252.69. Andreas built up the revs but then instant shake and smoke at the hit, 1.2839 to sixty, right side door flapped, pedals and off the gas. 330-foot burnout by Freddy but you knew that without my having to tell you. Freddy to sixty in 1.0116, Bruno in 0.9952, No real sign of shake for either. Bruno visibly acccelerating hard at the eighth 3.9511/299.50, to Freddy's 4.0129/298.18, Freddy shut off and put the chutes out after the eighth. Rolf just edged out of stage as the light ran, then hit it which will have affected his ET. Micke to sixty in 0.9799 to Rolf's 1.1469, a puff of smoke from Rolf's motor and he was off the gas a couple of hundred feet out. Micke didn't miss a trick, 3.9128/309.10 at the eighth and into #1 spot. Shake for both Jan and Micke, 1.1362 and 1.1089 to sixty respectively, Micke's car took a hard right and he got off the gas, pulled it straight and stabbed it a couple of times. A pedal for Jan and back on it, 4.4639/273.97 at the eighth and another pedal in the second half. No reverse for Laura after her burnout, with Åke ready to stage she was signalled to drive to the emergency exit just past the finish line. Åke took the bye and a fantastic run it was! 0.9778 to sixty, slight shake which he drove through, absolute stormer at the eighth 3.8824/313.59, as easy-looking a Pro Mod pass as you'll ever see and into #1 spot. Roger looked to roll the beams very slightly before hitting the gas, 1.0001 to sixty to Michel's 1.0236, Michel looked to drive through a little shake and Roger was visibly ahead at the eighth 3.9704/307.52 to Michel's 4.0453/297.19. Consistent pass for Michel. Great pair to end the session! David to sixty in 1.0287 with shake, Jimmy clean as you like 0.9756, David's car moved slightly left and he pedalled losing him some momentum, 4.0648/304.40 to the eighth, Jimmy out front at the eighth 3.8698/311.78.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Åke Persson 5.8826/394.74
  2. Jimmy Ålund 5.8981/389.05
  3. Micke Gullqvist 5.9242/397.35
  4. David Vegter 5.9762/384.99
  5. Roger Johansson 6.0127/386.27
  6. Bruno Bader 6.0845/368.10
  7. Håkan Persson 6.1041/375.58
  8. Michel Tooren 6.1689/375.52
  9. Lara Saksa 6.2113/350.88
  10. Freddy Fagerström 6.4548/263.54
  11. Jan Ericsson 6.7020/360.24
  12. Jan Bränvall 6.9489/315.24
  13. Kim Kristiansen 6.9494/262.14
  14. Matts Logren 7.0879/309.63
  15. Micke Johansson 7.4324/339.41
  16. Rolf Simonsson 7.8460/219.16
  17. Andreas Arthursson 8.8439/210.44

Now would be a good time to say a big Thank You to Robin Jackson and to Spencer Tramm who are both providing remote proof-reading services for Your Reporter.


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 5

News from the pits courtesy of our photog Elisabeth is that Jens Eklund is done for the weekend with motor damage. Lars-Georg Johansson (7.73) somewhat unusually #18 going into this session. Up against #3-placed Christer Adeen (7.23) who set a new record for his class yesterday, grattis Christer and more to come I'm sure. Lars-Georg up to #11 at 7.1885. Bjørn Johansen (7.56) and Viljar Mäesepp (7.37) ready to stage and held for spots of rain. Spots turned into a brief light shower which quickly dried courtesy of the following sunshine and the hard work of the track crew. Bjørn and Viljar back for a second time of asking. 6.6764 for Viljar good for #6, Bjørn took a long way round losing a little time. Next pair and an improvement for Pär Eriksson (7.23), 6.6603 good for #10. Then a 7.5404 good for a move to #13 for Timo Ehromäki (8.06). Peter Thörnäs (6.89) yet to get a time on the board, 6.3042 good for #10 bumping down an improving Andres Arover's (6.89) 6.4901 now good for #17. Daniel Jedborn (7.52) on a good run in his #1-placed slingshot but a pop from the motor, track checked and all OK. Improvement and into the sixes for Jim Bergström (6.89), 6.9075 moved him up from #24 to #21. Next pair and Robert Arthursson (7.37) up from #16 to #10 at 6.7839 then Hannu Flink (7.18) up to #10 from #13 at 6.5837 but smoke at the top end, track check and clean-up crew called to the top end but then turned back. Mika Eloratna (7.23) ended the session with a very bouncy run, shut off by 300 feet.

Now into our second Pro session with Pro Modified Q2.


Pro Street qualifying session 4

Bump spot 7.700 going into this session and seven racers outside looking in. Pelle Mannerkoski shut off for a fluid leak and pushed back before staging in the second pair. Alexandra Wingård took the bye, bad shake and the Mustang turned hard right. off the gas before she paid our photog Elisabeth too close a visit. Third pair and Fredrik Gravningen pulled a 330-foot burnout, Fredrik going in to this session at #17. Breakout for Fredrik but a 7.6224 improvement for Jonas Lundberg in the other lane, good for #6. Two of our lady racers next, Birgitta Lindström and Mariann Holm, #20 and #23 respectively. Improvement for Birgitta but her 7.7557 only good for #20, in the other lane Mariann's car moved a foot or two then stopped, pushed back. Peter Nordlund in the next pair at #19, Kenneth Lingvald reasonably safe at #13. 7.7065 for Peter close but only up to #18, in the other lane a 7.4210 got Kenneth sent home for the weekend and let Fredrik Gravningen into the ladder at #16, nudged the bump spot back up to 7.705. Peter Trång's 7.6199 good for a move from #15 to #4 next pair. Gideon Liljegren and Stefan Bjöns next, both outside the ladder and both staying outside after their runs. Improvement for Johan Källberg, 7.6135 good for #3, in the other lane Kjell Mosbakk edged out of stage so stayed #21. Mats Lusth pulled out the big one, up from #6 to #1 at 7.6011. In the other lane Michael Ohlsson up from #10 to #5 at 7.6176. First outing this weekend for Charlie Östedt's Volvo, 10.215 with a slide to the right about 200 feet out.


Olof Andersson followed SSB with a licencing pass in his blown-alcohol Pro Mod. 1.1154 to sixty, shake and a move left, a pedal then 4.6344/242.59 at the eighth and a move towards the centre line just before the stripe 7.2938/280.81. ET (7.40) and speed (280 kmh) requirements fulfilled on this run; one more run fulfilling the ET requirement and Olof can go out into the playground with the rest of the class.


EDRS Pro MC Super Street Bike qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Garry Bowe 7.0860/329.97 bye; Mathias Bohlin 7.5852/310.34 bye, Emil Östlund broke; Mark Hope 7.8601/286.78, Ida Zetterström 7.9303/289.70; Ida Johansson 8.7024/273.97, Dag Wagenius 18.6598/58.42; Henri Kolehmainen 7.8404/268.12, Björn Friström 8.3095/220.05; Roberth Häggblom 7.8551/288.46, Kim Hilander 7.5916/297.03; Robert Nilsson broke, Vesa Ruhanen 8.6769/212.77 bye; Anders Blanck 7.6608/305.08, Mogens Lund 12.1780/71.62

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Garry Bowe 7.0860/329.97
  2. Mathias Bohlin 7.5852/310.34
  3. Kim Hilander 7.5916/297.03
  4. Anders Blanck 7.6608/305.08
  5. Henri Kolehmainen 7.8404/268.12
  6. Roberth Häggblom 7.8551/288.46
  7. Mark Hope 7.8601/286.78
  8. Ida Zetterström 7.9303/289.70
  9. Björn Friström 8.3095/220.05
  10. Vesa Ruhanen 8.6769/212.77
  11. Ida Johansson 8.7024/273.97
  12. Mogens Lund 12.1780/71.62
  13. Dag Wagenius 18.6598/58.42


EDRS Pro MC Pro Stock Motorcycle qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Bo Thorselius 10.1945/205.01 bye; Fredrik Fredlund 7.3949/303.03, Robert Karlsson 7.0148/309.63; Kalle Lyrén 7.0410/302.86, Alex Hope 7.4020/283.61; Timo Savolainen 7.5971/224.63, Thomas Olsen 7.2052/298.84

Something came off Bo's bike passing the Tree but it didn't affect the run, on the gas all the way. Bouncy launch for Fredde, bike up and down to about 300 feet and engine note matching the bounces, lost him some time. Trouble-free run for Robert and 309.63 kmh (192.40 mph) faster than Fredde's FIM speed record set at Hockenheim last weekend.

More threatening cloud and spots in the air which turned into a couple of showers. Track crew kept working all the way through.

Great run from Kalle on the restart, good baseline pass for Alex coming straight here from Hockenheim. Baselines for Timo and Thomas to close the session.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Robert Karlsson 7.0148/309.63
  2. Kalle Lyrén 7.0410/302.86
  3. Thomas Olsen 7.2052/298.84
  4. Fredrik Fredlund 7.3949/303.03
  5. Alex Hope 7.4020/283.61
  6. Timo Savolainen 7.5971/224.63
  7. Bo Thorselius 10.1945/205.01


EDRS Pro MC Supertwin qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Marcus Christiansen 6.7911/331.90 bye; Ismo Mäenpää 7.5617/310.88, Trond Høiberget 10.1674/224.35; Vidar Ravnsborg 15.0880/90.02, Torsti Kettula 8.6960/181.82; Ulf Ledström 7.6215/265.88, Petri Mattsson 7.1112/254.96; Jaska Salakari broke, Erling Opheim no time bye; Lasse Leponiemi 7.2595/311.42, Anders Hörnström 6.8379/336.03; Svein Olav Rolfstad no time broke, Teemu Kettula 13.5737/93.15; Samu Kemppainen 9.5695/152.24, Greger Johansson 7.5819/244.45; Tommy Grimes 9.3592/148.31 bye, Roman Sixta broke

Great run for Marcus to open the session. 1.1790 to sixty, 4.4568/275.65 at the eighth, very straight pass too. 1.3114 to sixty for Ismo, 1.3265 for Trond, vapour from Trond's motor and he shut off. Ismo to the eighth in 5.0301/247.93 and on the gas all the way. Vidar to sixty in 1.4199, Torsti in 1.2430, Vidar off the gas after a couple of feathers. Torsti to the eighth in 5.0319/213.10 then off the throttle. Ulf to sixty in 1.2916, Petri in 1.2128 heading for the centre line on a cushion of nitro flame. Petri very close indeed to the centre line at the eighth 4.4446/281.98, Ulf in 4.9721/250.23 then it was Ulf's turn to get close to the centre line. Jaska's motor cut out in the burnout. Erling took the bye, but smoke from the motor on launch, 1.3670 to sixty, and Erling shut it off very quickly and pulled over at the eighth. Great pairing between Lasse and Anders. Lasse to sixty in 1.3219, Anders in 1.1794, then Anders rode through a fishtail, clear lead to the eighth 4.5388/272.23 to Lasse's 4.8952/234.48. 1.0885 to sixty for Sven Olav then smoke and a bang. 1.2672 to sixty for Teemu, off the gas at the eighth 6.5822/117.49. Svein Olav had the chute out and stopped at the eighth. Track crew picking up small pieces, hopefully belt and not shards. Semu to sixty in 1.1501 and Greger in 1.1562, Samu's motor started to hesitate and he got off the gas before the eighth. Greger to the eighth in 4.6999/235.29 with his motor note wavering.

Dark clouds above the track and anxious looks upwards from people outside, spots in the air so a hold.

On the restart Roman's motor stopped in the burnout and he pushed back. 1.1840 to sixty for Tommy, fishtailing and front wheel up and down, headed for the centre line and shut off before 330 feet.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Marcus Christiansen 6.7911/331.90
  2. Anders Hörnström 6.8379/336.03
  3. Petri Mattsson 7.1112/254.96
  4. Lasse Leponiemi 7.2595/311.42
  5. Ismo Mäenpää 7.5617/310.88
  6. Greger Johansson 7.5819/244.45
  7. Ulf Ledström 7.6215/265.88
  8. Torsti Kettula 8.6960/181.82
  9. Tommy Grimes 9.3592/148.31
  10. Samu Kemppainen 9.5695/152.24
  11. Trond Høiberget 10.1674/224.35
  12. Teemu Kettula 13.5737/93.15
  13. Vidar Ravnsborg 15.0880/90.02


EDRS Pro MC Top Fuel Bike qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Peter Andersson (Ä) 8.1725/265.88 bye; Peter Andersson (U) 7.3395/309.10 bye, Sverre Dahl broke; Thomas Pettersson 8.0492/272.73, Jan Sturla Hegre 6.1409/384.07

We have both Peter Anderssons here this weekend so Peter (Ä) is the Peter from Älvekarleby and Peter (U) is the Peter from Upplands Väsby. Peter (Ä) to sixty in 1.1972, the eighth in 5.1748/210.94, sounded to be on the rev limiter in the second half. Sverre's motor stopped after the burnout. Bye for Peter, 1.2190 to sixty and 4.7920/248.16 at the eighth. Thomas looking to build on last weekend's six-second form at Hockenheim. Great run for Jan Sturla! 1.0365 to sixty, drifting towards the centre line but stayed with it and guided it back, 4.0719/300.50 at the eighth.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Jan Sturla Hegre 6.1409/384.07
  2. Peter Andersson (U) 7.3395/309.10
  3. Thomas Pettersson 8.0492/272.73
  4. Peter Andersson (Ä) 8.1725/265.88


FIA Top Fuel Dragster qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Stefan Gunnarsson shut off, Björn Mårtensson shut off; Timo Lehtimäki broke, Jndia Erbacher 4.5049/305.60 bye; Anita Mäkelä 4.1902/458.02, Micke Kågered 5.1030/230.28; Liam Jones 4.1356/368.35, Stig Neergaard 9.5096/114.02; Stefan Gunnarsson 9.7948/111.25 bye; Antti Horto 4.1575/386.62, Duncan Micallef 8.5730/127.54

Stefan ready to stage before Björn got back from his burnout. A couple of anxious peers across the track from Stefan's crew. Björn deep-staged, Stefan in pre-stage was bulbed by the autostart. The green lit and Björn never moved, shut it off. Stefan moved into stage and sat looking at the red then shut off. Neither racer is returning to the pit, looks like re-runs. It wasn't evident from here (directly behind the right lane) but Björn was deep-staged on his front wing. Timo shut off on the way back from the burnout. Jndia took the bye, 0.9016 to sixty, the car almost disappearing behind clutch dust. 2.3455/289.54 to 330 feet, dragster made a move to the right then a big ball of flame before the eighth 3.3878/365.11. Björn returned to the pits at that point, Stefan's crew setting him up for another go by the look of it. Anita to sixty in 0.9005, Micke better at 0.8900, Anita with a cylinder out on the right side before 330 feet 2.3310/285.26, Micke with no such issues 2.2741/289.39. Micke off the gas before the eighth 3.5660/263.03, Anita looking good at that point 3.3411/403.89 but then just before the stripe a big flash and the unmistakable thump of a blower relief panel giving way. Stig's tyres up in smoke right off the line, 1.0571 to sixty, some flame in amongst all the smoke. Liam with a wheels-up launch, 0.8710 to sixty, wheels came down gently and didn't unload the rear end, 2.2340/296.54 at 330 feet, 3.1971/428.57 at the eighth with a move left and looked to be off the gas at that point. Stefan back for his re-run. 0.8938 to sixty, motor sounded lumpy, off the gas past the Tree. Possibly planned, crew looked unworried. Antti to sixty in 0.8609, Duncan with a very rapid sixty 0.8486 then shut off, not obvious from here what was wrong. Antti to sixty in 2.2318/293.48, the eighth at 3.2410/397.64 and looked to shut it off right after the eighth.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Liam Jones 4.1356/368.35
  2. Antti Horto 4.1575/386.62
  3. Anita Mäkelä 4.1902/458.02
  4. Jndia Erbacher 4.5049/305.60
  5. Micke Kågered 5.1030/230.28
  6. Duncan Micallef 8.5730/127.54
  7. Stig Neergaard 9.5096/114.02
  8. Stefan Gunnarsson 9.7948/111.25


FIA Pro Stock qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Tommy Leindahl 6.7757/325.11, Sampsa Palos 6.9524/323.35; Christian Sagelv broke, Richard Sundblom 6.5907/335.61 bye; Simon Gustafsson 13.0124/107.14, Jimmy Ålund 6.5546/341.77; Robin Norén 19.8677/48.20, Magnus Pettersson 42.9129/19.52; Thomas Lindström 6.6731/336.03, Michael Malmgren 6.5937/336.03; Stefan Ernryd 6.8421/329.67, Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5268/340.05

Tommy to sixty in 1.0071, Sampsa in 1.0469 heading for the centre line, wrenched it back just before 330 feet staying on the gas all the time. Visible lead for Tommy at the eighth 4.3435/260.62 to 4.4782/254.12, a grunt from one motor in the second eighth. Christian shut off and pushed back after the burnout. Nixxon took a great bye. 0.9753 to sixty, slight thump of shake and headed for the centre line, pulled it back, 4.2352/268.26 at the eighth. Simon with bad shake before he got to the Tree, 1.1194 to sixty and off the gas. Jimmy to sixty in 0.9993, straight down the middle of the Exclusive Cars lane where previous cars have gone left, 4.2289/271.77 at the eighth. Paired shake for Robin and Magnus. Robin to sixty in 1.0811 then bad shake, Magnus to sixty feet in 1.4671 with really bloody terrible shake... the car was blurry from here. Both made the end of the track on momentum alone. Nice match for Thomas and Michael. Thomas to sixty in 1.0078, slight shake but lost him time I think, Michael to sixty in 0.9795. A noticeable lead for Michael at the eighth 4.2350/267.86 to Thomas' 4.3059/267.33. Stefan to sixty in 0.9996, Bengt better at 0.9719, no sign or sound of shake but Bengt was visibly pulling away by the eighth with a storming 4.1902/271.08 to Stefan's 4.4084/257.39.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5268/340.05
  2. Jimmy Ålund 6.5546/341.77
  3. Richard Sundblom 6.5907/335.61
  4. Michael Malmgren 6.5937/336.03
  5. Thomas Lindström 6.6731/336.03
  6. Tommy Leindahl 6.7757/325.11
  7. Stefan Ernryd 6.8421/329.67
  8. Sampsa Palos 6.9524/323.35
  9. Simon Gustafsson 13.0124/107.14
  10. Robin Norén 19.8677/48.20
  11. Magnus Pettersson 42.9129/19.52


FIA Top Methanol qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Micke Larsson shut off, bye; Micke Larsson shut off, bye; Micke Larsson 10.6360/146.70 bye; Sandro Bellio 5.7423/322.39, Jonny Lagg 6.0415/374.48; Dennis Habermann 5.4243/427.22, Timo Habermann 5.3095/429.59

Micke ready to stage and a problem with the start line beams. Shut off. Great job by the timing crew, I would not know where to start with that stuff. Micke back for the second time of asking. Rolled through stage and went to stage on the rear wheels until signalled back, then the staging beams looked to have quit again. Micke shut off again. Back for the third time of asking. 1.1281 to sixty with shake, sounded to jump out of gear and motor screamed, engaged gear and gave it a couple of stabs then off it. 400-foot burnout by Sandro... just for a moment I thought he was doing a Last Photographer burnout with the last photog being our own Elisabeth three quarters of the way down the shutdown area. Jonny left Sandro for dead at the Tree, 0.0779 to 0.3907. Jonny just with the better sixty 0.9654 to Sandro's 0.9666 but then Jonny hit shake and pedalled twice to clear it. Sandro got the advantage at that point althrough the FC was drifting towards the guardrail, stayed with it and pulled it back. Sandro to the eighth in 3.6369/337.71, Jonny blackstriping through the eighth at 4.0750/321.24. Great match between Dennis and Timo. Timo with the better sixty 0.9096 to 0.9596, sounded like a brief pedal for Dennis, Timo with a visible lead at the eighth 3.4812/349.29 to Dennis' 3.5741/345.05. Timo taking up where he left off at Hockenheim.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Timo Habermann 5.3095/429.59
  2. Dennis Habermann 5.4243/427.22
  3. Sandro Bellio 5.4823 (5.7423/322.39)
  4. Jonny Lagg 6.0415/374.48
  5. Micke Larsson 10.376 (10.6360/146.70)

The apparent issue with the start line turned out to be a power problem.


FIA Pro Modified qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Matts Logren shut off, Michael Joneskog shut off; Rolf Simonsson 7.9744/201.04, Roger Johansson 6.4413/314.14; Micke Johansson 7.4324/339.41, Jan Ericsson 8.0661/208.90; Michel Tooren 6.1823/371.64, Andreas Arthursson 15.3240/75.56; Kim Kristiansen 6.9494/262.14, Freddy Fagerström 9.4416/162.80; Bruno Bader 10.8976/133.63, Åke Persson 7.6808/247.25; Håkan Persson 6.1041/375.58, David Vegter 5.9762/384.99; Jimmy Ålund 5.9638/384.62, Micke Gullqvist 8.5360/196.44

Michael shut off after the burnout. Crew ran to assist, restarted and reversed, then shut off again passing the Tree. Matts' motor sounded to be misfiring badly in the burnout, in fact sounded like it quit altogether at the hit of the burnout then picked up but sounded ragged. Shut off on return. Clean-up in Matts' lane. Storning launch for Roger, left Rolf for dead on the Tree too. 0.9826 to sixty to Rolf's 1.1492. Rolf looked to have problems getting going and was way behind at the eighth 4.6849/240.86 to Roger's 4.1421/278.93, both shut it off after the eighth. 250-foot burnout for Jan. Instant shake and spin for both at the hit, 1.5391 to sixty for Micke and 1.2579 for Jan. Pedal for Jan then the car picked up, pedal for Micke but lost a lot of time to the shake and spin, 5.1326/273.42 to Jan's 4.9013/237.57. Jan shut it off after the eighth, Micke overhauled him but was off the gas before the stripe. 200-foot burnout for Andreas. 0.9962 to sixty for Michel, 1.3189 for Andreas with shake and he gave it up before 330 feet. Slight move towards the left guardrail for Michel, pulled it back without drama. 4.0340/294.44 at the eighth. I didn't have to look up from my keyboard, although I did, the duration of the burnout told me it was Freddy out there. Shake for both Kim and Freddy, Kim got a bit further before it kicked in with a 1.0647 sixty to Freddy's 1.3394. Kim to the eighth in 4.3860/291.11 after a pedal, Freddy with several pedals and the rear end of the pick-up jumping up and down, 5.3112/187.43 at the eighth having just about given it up by then. Kim shut off past the eighth. Another shakefest next, Bruno with shake not far off the line, 1.1479 to sixty, Åke got a but further before trouble struck with a 1.0030 sixty, then the shake pitched his car towards the guardrail. A couploe of pedals to pull it straight then back on it. Åke to the eighth in 4.7356/236.22, Bruno having long given it up 6.0323/153.23. Håkan rolled a couple of feet before hitting the gas, 1.0894 to sixty to David's 1.0122. David was clearly on one as soon as he stood on it, a drift towards the centre line but stayed with it and pulled it back, 3.9260/307.87 at the eighth blackstriping, Håkan to the eighth in 4.0499/308.92. 0.9893 to sixty for Jimmy, 0.9877 for Micke then Micke hit shake, a pedal then off it. Slight left move for Jimmy but had it covered, storming 3.9134/307.87 at the eighth.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Jimmy Ålund 5.9638/384.62
  2. David Vegter 5.9762/384.99
  3. Håkan Persson 6.1041/375.58
  4. Michel Tooren 6.1823/371.64
  5. Lara Saksa 6.2113/350.88
  6. Roger Johansson 6.4413/314.14
  7. Kim Kristiansen 6.9494/262.14
  8. Micke Johansson 7.4324/339.41
  9. Åke Persson 7.6808/247.25
  10. Rolf Simonsson 7.9744/201.04
  11. Jan Ericsson 8.0661/208.90
  12. Micke Gullqvist 8.5360/196.44
  13. Freddy Fagerström 9.4416/162.80
  14. Bruno Bader 10.8976/133.63
  15. Andreas Arthursson 15.3240/75.56


Olof Andersson followed Maja with a Pro Modified licencing pass. Shake at the hit, 1.2969 to sixty pedalling, 5.7285/208.25 at the eighth, 8.7656/274.53 at the stripe. Almost made the 280 kmh speed requirement.

Laura Saksa next up also licencing for Pro Modified. Great burnout then 1.0351 to sixty, drove through a little shake, 4.0683/301.51 at the eighth, 6.2113/350.88 at the stripe. Well done Laura! Even better news is that the run counts for qualifying, Laura having fulfilled requirements with yesterday's and today's passes.


Maja Udtian followed Super Comp with a Top Fuel Dragster licencing pass. Thanks to Chris Hobson who was obviously paying attention to the Gardermoen coverage and got in touch to let us know that Maja has her two full passes left to make. Short stab burnout. Tyres up in smoke at the hit, motor screaming then blower panel blew with a flash of flame, safety device put out one chute. 1.6723 to sixty but all over by then. Stopped just before the eighth. Retrieval called and a quick sled of the lane.


Super Comp qualifying session 4

Wheelspin at the hit for Esa Lehto in the first pair. Next pair and an 8.9169 for Julie Nataas moved her up from #8 to #5. Elin Aarvik with an 8.9168 moved up from #7 to #5 next pair. Two pairs later Kevin Danielsson with an 8.9108 good for #4 from #8, quick mop of his lane afterwards. Big move for Sami Holm, up from #19 to #4 at 8.9066. Great last-photographer burnout by Mauritz Rådberg, the last photog being our buddy Stefan Boman at 330 feet or so. 250-foot burnout by Anders Back, the sun finally came out whilst Johanna Granholm and Anders were pulling their burnouts. Perfect 8.9001 for Anders to take #1 from #10, grattis Anders! At that point the top sixteen were in the 8.9s. Kristina Nygren up from #20 to #13 at 8.9525. Kent Olofsson up from #19 to #17 at 8.9824 with the last run of the session.

Next up Maja Udtian licencing for Top Fuel Dragster.


Track crew doing some more work on the shutdown area. Super Comp is next up and behind them in the lanes are our Pro Modified and Top Fuel licencees.

Also looks like the gloomy low cloud is beginning to thin out.


Junior Drag Bike qualifying session 4

No changes to the standings in this session.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 4

Hampus Sundkvist and Veetti Kortelainen open the day. Hampus up from #17 to #7 at 0.0198. Next pair and Pontus Söderlund with a 0.0118 to move up from #31 to #4. Next up the ladder Victor Heleander, #15 to #11 at 0.0307. A 0.0773 for Leevi Kortelainen moved him up from #32 to #31. Big move for Tomas Numinen, 0.0152 good for #5 from #35. Carrying on one change per pair, Marcus Andersson up from #46 to #34 at 0.0836. Next pair and Nelly Ericsson up from #35 to #26 at 0.0647. At this point 0.0987 bought you #36 of 47. Big move for Nikolai Tejnø, up from #45 to #5 at 0.0143. Up the ladder for Alexander Loffe Edlund, a 0.0187 good for #10 from #43. Emy Tegnemo up from #21 to #11 at 0.0196. 0.0110 for Oskar Norling good for a big move from #30 to #4. Kevin Granholm next up the ladder, #44 to #19 at 0.0348. Fanny Andersson up to #3 at 0.0056 then stopped on the track about 1000 feet out, retrieval called. Håvard Kongshem with a 0.0510 up from #43 to #25.


Courtesy of Race Director Tomas Pettersson we have an amended running order for today, which you can check out via the Event Index. if you still see the old running order then click on your Browser's Refresh button. Usual running order caveats apply.


Good morning and welcome to our coverage of the Dico Internationals brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

We have damp surroundings this morning after a fair bit of rain overnight. The track crew have been hard at work for some time and the racing surface is dry enough to be sledded. As is usual at any drag strip after it has rained there is a lot of kit on the shutdown area.

As usual at Tierp we will be using the popular split-screen format for the reports. We will be providing commentaries on Sportsman classes but of course the usual full coverage and standings in Pro classes. So far as we know there is no webcast of this event by any party so you will have to slum it with us.

A big Good Morning to our Eurodragster.com colleagues Kirstie and Simon who are getting set for this weekend's APIRA Open Sport Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway. Good morning also to all of the Eurodragsterholics, especially Kai Plathan and Otto in Finland and Ivar Kolberg from Norway; thank you all for your support. Finally a big Hello, Happy Birthday and hugs to Monique Koedam, one of the Official Hug Suppliers to Eurodragster.com, who has a special birthday today. Have a lovely day Monique.

Given that the Pros start today, a polite reminder that it does not cause instant death to post or share a link, or otherwise credit one's source if making breathless postings on FB. Maybe without the sarcastic or nasty comments this time, too.

The current running order has Sportsman qualifying to start the day with Pros in the lanes at 10:00 and 14:00. Obviously the damp shutdown area may change the schedule but stay tuned and when we get any updates, or when the wheels start to turn, we will be back here.

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