Tierp Internationals
Tierp Arena, 16th-19th June 2016

Torsdag / Thursday

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We have been called for the day. It is still raining hard and even if it stopped now, which it won't, we could not get the strip dried in time to get going before today's cut-off.

Tune back in the morning and we'll bring you all the news from the second day of qualifying.


Courtesy of Lena Perés we have posted what, despite the view out of the window, we still hope will be the first of today's galleries. You can check out Lena's shots via the Event Index. There are fifty pictures in all; if you do not see the updated thumbnails when you load the gallery page then click on your Browser's Refresh button.


The track surface was drying quickly, as ever the main attention was on the shutdown area, but right now is is raining hard again. Many years ago Your Reporter was on the spectator bank at Santa Pod Raceway in this kind of weather and when the rain started for the nth time one of Santa Pod's spectator bank philosophers loudly opined that the repeated precipitation was proof that God was... what was it now... ah yes: "A f*****g communist". I think I can see his point.


Simon has posted today's first set of pit notes which you can check out via the Event Index.

Super Street qualifying session 2

Great first pair, Stefan Bengtsson into #1 off the trailer at 10.9181, Åke Törnqvist into #2 at 10.9383 Super Stock wheelie for Daniel Aggelid and into #1 at 10.9044/167.60. Much less troubled run for Isak Lagg 11.0462 good for #3, Uffe Lundgren 11.0786 for #7. Next pair and Kenny Åsberg up to #4 at 11.0173. Second half smoke for Kenneth Öberg, track checked and all OK, maybe a tyre rubbing.

Now on hold for spots of rain.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 2

Paired reds for Oskar Norling and Ludvig Sundqvist second pair. Marcus Andersson with a -0.07 red from last session to beat, pulled a -0.2639 red this time. Jesper Norin in the other lane also lit the cherry. In the next pair 0.0183 for Patrik Lind moved him up to #2. Fanny Andersson with a -0.0804 to beat, 0.0645 put her #4. 0.0756 moved Wilma Andersson to #7. Victor Heleander up to #10 at 0.0832 next pair. Isabel Flamholc up to #15 at 0.1486 and in the other lane Tomas Nurminen up to #16 at 0.1857. Mattias Flamholc into #5 at 0.0579 next pair. William Serler's motor cut out again, in the burnout this time, pushed back. 0.0253 moved Atle Poolsar up to #18. Riina Raussi's 0.0216 good for a move to #3. Lucas Karlsson in the red by -0.0004 last session, 0.0240 this time good for #5.


Top Doorslammer qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Michael Joneskog 15.2005/62.05, Jussi Piipolainen 6.8081/137.20; Åke Eliasson 5.9689/178.57, Anders Vanhatalo 4.6345/273.42; Jörgen Berg 8.7929/82.28 bye, Stefan Carlsson shut off; Caroline Strand 7.2373/97.60, Anne Britt Nilssen 4.1643/283.32; Michael Nord 6.3593/114.92, Jonas Kant 4.1069/287.39; Lenn Lindell 5.2498/249.31, Rimbert Vahlström 4.0088/304.40; Mats Stefansson 3.8704/314.32, Mats Wicktor 4.1249/281.54; Jan Ericsson no time DQ, Mattias Wulcan 3.9800/263.41; Marko Lantto 13.8909/35.05 DQ bye

I am sure all of our readers are aware, but just in case you are not then Top Doorslammer runs over the eighth. Heavy overcast now so track probably not as warm as it could be. 150-foot burnout by Jussi. Instant shake for both Michael and Jussi. 1.7357 to sixty for Michael already off the gas, 1.8625 for Jussi, a couple of pedals and back on it, the car was moving about its lane but Jussi stayed with it for a couple of seconds before calling it quits. Interesting back-facing zoomies on Åke's Firebird. Shake for Åke, 1.2118 to sixty but other problems too as he hit is a couple of times then backed off. Small amount of shake for Anders but stayed on it, 1.1757 to sixty, looked to back out of it before the stripe. Stefan C lost fire before the burnout, crew already walking forward to see him into the bleach box had to run back to restart. Started and then lost fire again and signalled to return to the pits. Instant tyre spin for Jörgen, motor screaming for mercy, 1.2984 to sixty, shut off by then. 150-foot burnout for Anne Britt, motor sounded to be misfiring at the hit of the burnout but quickly cleared up. Caroline waited patiently in pre-stage whilst Anne Britt's crew finished their preps, signalled to get a wiggle on by the Chief Starter. 0.9871 to sixty for Caroline then bad shake, shut it off. Nice run for Anne Britt, 1.0491 to sixty, no sign of shake, on it all the way and a happy crew. 1.0545 to sixty for Michael with front wheels in the air then shake on landing and shut it off a couple of hundred feet out. Great run for Jonas to take #1 at that point. 0.9920 to sixty, very little sign of shake, visibly accelerating hard from about 150 feet out. 1.4831 to sixty for Lenn, tyres shaking and hazing, a pedal then back on it. 1.0070 to sixty for Rimbert, the 'Vette made a move to the left but Rimbert stayed with it and went into #1 spot. Great drifting burnout by Mats S, the car almost went into the left refuge although it doesn't matter during a burnout. Great pair of runs for Mats and Mats. Mats S to sixty in 0.9767, Mats W in 1.0127. Mats' 'Vette was drifting left but he stayed on the gas, Mats S was visibly pulling away all the way to the eighth. Both Mats and Mats stopped on the shutdown area, retrieval called. Drama in the penultimate pair. 1.1479 to sixty for Jan with shake bad enough to make the passenger side door open, the Camaro turned hard right and went up on two wheels, crossing lanes in a sideways wheelie. That car was headed straight for the right guardrail but Save of the Day for Jan, got it back on all four wheels and wrenched it straight. Luckily Mattias was on a stormer in the other lane. 0.9502 to sixty and going great guns, shut it off and chutes out before the eighth but still #2 qualifier. Drama in the last run also, Marko to sixty in 1.1299 with shake and motor screaming, the Cuda turned hard left, Marko pulled it back but looked from here as if the rear left quarter just tagged the rail. Chute out and came to a halt past the eighth. If Marko did hit the rail then his run will be DQ'd... and now we have official word that the run is a DQ.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Mats Stefansson 3.8704/314.32
  2. Mattias Wulcan 3.9800/263.41
  3. Rimbert Vahlström 4.0088/304.40
  4. Jonas Kant 4.1069/287.39
  5. Mats Wicktor 4.1249/281.54
  6. Anne Britt Nilssen 4.1643/283.32
  7. Anders Vanhatalo 4.6345/273.42
  8. Lenn Lindell 5.2498/249.31
  9. Åke Eliasson 5.9689/178.57
  10. Michael Nord 6.3593/114.92
  11. Jussi Piipolainen 6.8081/137.20
  12. Caroline Strand 7.2373/97.60
  13. Jörgen Berg 8.7929/82.28
  14. Michael Joneskog 15.2005/62.05


Super Gas Bike qualifying session 1

9.50 index for this class. Magnus Pollack 9.5971/230.47 off the trailer in the first pair, nice pass to open his account. Janne Koskinen 9.5765/227.08 in the second pair to take #1.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 1

8.50 index. Bianca Nilsson 8.7834/242.48 in the first pair. Tomas Johsson into #1 in the third pair, 8.7745/258.82, breakout 8.3557 for Arvid Gerdtsson in the other lane. Peter Svensson into #1 in the last pair at 8.7502/242.48, Emil Östlund's 8.8115/251.63 good for #4.

Track prep then Top Doorslammer.


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 1

Pererik Lindgren first under index in the second pair, 8.6029/243.90 on 9.26 and that's going to be hard to beat for #1. Robert Arthursson had problems getting off the line then shut it off and had the chutes out before the stripe. Stopped on the shutdown area and call for retrieval. Tyres up in smoke for Mika Eloranta, a pedal then shut off and stopped on the track about 300 feet out. In the other lane 1.0967 to sixty for Mathias Stenström, looked to shut off a touch early, 7.3933/256.65 on 7.42 index. Tyre spin for Pär Eriksson, 7.3494/321.81 on 7.41 index. Jimmy Tihvan hit shake and his car headed for the centre line, stayed with it, 7.6908 on 7.42. Problems for both Angelica Bäckman and Lasse Britsmar, both had nine-second passes on a seven-second index. Great run for Lars-Georg Johansson, 1.0987 to sixty and 7.5469/227.27 against a 7.84 index shut off very early. Two goes at the burnout for Matti Rajamaki next pair. 9.2185/218.88 for Matti on 9.26 index but at what cost, a big cloud of smoke from the motor just before the stripe, either way #5. Problems for Daniel Jedborn in the other lane, the motor making a lot of noise for not much forward motion, shut it off about 200 feet out.


Pro Street qualifying session 1

7.60 index for this class. Fredrik Sandberg #1 in the first pair 7.9109/279.94, laucnhed as if shot from a catapult, 1.1731 to sixty. Laura Saksa pedalled for shake and then put the chutes out just before 1000 feet, left chute took out the 1000-foot reflector. Minor fluid clean-up in Laura's lane for the first fifty feet or so. Tero Vainio 7.9515/282.23 in the other lane good for #2 at that point. Michael Olsson 7.6572/283.91 in to #1 next pair and nicely judged on index. Peter Trång 7.414/280.23 in the other lane put him #2 at that point. Daniel Hållestam in the big '59 Plymouth 7.7255/271.63 good for #2, in the other lane a troubled launch for Christer Åberg, shut off and idled down the track. Lars Berglund jumped through the beams going up on the revs so no time, in the other lane Preben Bærentzen with a 7.5828 breakout in the Willys. 200-foot burnout by Anette Birkenes next pair, in the other lane 7.6231/277.63 for Johan Källberg put him into #1. Next pair and Patrik Greis pushed back after his burnout, Kari Laitinen from Hiltilanlahti, or "Somewhere in Finland" as Track Announcer Henrik eventually decided, took the bye at 7.9370 which was good for #7 at that point. Wheelie and shake for Ola Andersson put the chute out about 200 feet out, the chute took out the 330 foot reflector. Ola initially stayed on the gas but then got off it before the eighth. Odd Roar Øgård's motor groaned off the line, transmission I think, shut it off. Pär Norgren's 7.6296/287.69 in the other lane good for #2 at that point. First outing in Pro Street for the UK's Pel Norman who runs Super Pro ET at home. Big twisty launch for Pel, Capri was trying to go right all the way down the track, 9.3627/259.74. Fantastic 7.6067/250.00 for Jens Petter Lindstrøm in the last pair to take #1, Kjell Mosbakk with problems in the other lane, shut it off.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 1

Patrik Lind and Hampus Sundqvist opened the Tierp Internationals, Hampus first to leave the line at 0.0367 to Patrik's 0.0939. 0.0217 for Jesper Norin in the second pair put him top at that point. Pontus Garefelt jumped through stage but was pulled back by Dad, unfazed as he then pulled a 0.0079 for #1. 0.0082 for Wilma Andersson good for #4 at that point, car topped short in the shutdown area and quad rushed to assist. Squeaker off a Perfect Light for Lucas Karlsson, -0.0004. William Serler's car stopped off the line, pulled over and pushed back, got an RT though so in the ladder. 0.075 for Oskari Markkanen in the other lane good for #4. 0.0825 by Casper Ljungdahl put him #5 at that point. Mattias and Isabel Flamholc faced off next pair, sibling rivalry on the start line... 0.0663 to Mattias which put him #5 at that point and 0.2512 for Isabel.

One thing I noticed in this session was that no-one was going anywhere near their index of 7.90, 8.90 or 12.90, nobody wanting runs thrown out for index-busting.

Super Street qualifying session 1

Isak Lagg, son of TMD racer Jonny, in the first pair against Ulf Alxelsson. Isak in the former Gustafsson family Camaro. Breakout for Ulf, sounded like Isak had problems shifting. Daniel Aggelid 10.9553 in the next pair good for #1 at that point. Kent Forschner-Hell's Trans Am sounded to be labouring next pair, smoke from the motor about 300 feet out but he stayed with it. Halvor Överby's Käpitän with a very bouncy launch looked to lose him a little ET. Big 10.7079 breakout for Uffe Lundgren. New colours for Tomas Hägg's Corvette, that car has been black as long as I can remember but now silver, red and dark blue. Nice!

Super Gas qualifying session 1

Pair of 9.7 breakouts for Christer Uhlin and Håkan Mattsson in the first pair. Thomas Hauge into #1 next pair at 9.9344. Next pair and a wheelie for Ulf Lindholm but then sounded to have transmission problems on landing, motor was up and down. Jan Jonsson shut off for a leak and pushed back after staging. Annica Larsson took the bye, 9.9072/219.69 good for #1 at that point. First time I can remember seeing Patrik Wickman's 1970 Volvo Amazon, what a beautiful car that is. 10.1273 off the trailer. Problems for Jan Hallman off the line, idled along the track. Helena Olsson had a good go at taking out her crew coming out of the burnout, a deft sidestep by the crew prevented a flat foot. Big wheelie for Erik Jansson, the car bouncing quite seriously and heading for the centre line but Erik stayed with it, no time though as he left before the lights ran. Carla Pittau 9.9764 in the penultimate pair good for #3... then Åke Hedberg closed the session, big wheelie and headed for the centre line but stayed with it, 9.9463 took #3.

Super Comp qualifying session 1

Great 8.9150 by Maja Udtian to open the session, Stefan Jansson had problems shifting and shut it off. Breakouts for Kristina ygren and Daniel Norberg. Severe-looking throttle stop for Julie Nataas but got the job done, 9.0054 good for #2 at that point. Next pair and Johanna Granholm in at #2 at 8.9644/256.90. 8.9379/273.59 by Micke Nilsson good for #2 in the last pair, Linus Wallberg in the other lane rolled through the beams then had transmission problems and idled down the track.

Stock/Super Stock qualifying session 1

OK timing console doesn't show performance against index for this class so I'll just say what I see and you can check out the standings at right. One thing I have not seen before is Leif Lindman's 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury, a real beaut of a car and into #1 spot at 11.8270. Thomas Strand into #1 next pair, 11.1824. Lars Björklund into #1 next pair 11.3681 against a 12.00 index. Our own Dan Williams next up against Anders Eriksson, 10.95 index and clocked 10.0144/213.35 for #1 spot. Eurodragster.com sponsor Nic Williams next, 10.60 index, 10.0979 good for #5 at that point. Goran Larsson in at #7 with an 11.2756 against 11.70 index. Lars Johansson 13.45 in at #2 next pair, 12.5828 against 13.45 index. Wheelie of the Day so far for Krister Fogelin and #3 spot at 10.4154. Björn Bondesson runner-up for Wheelie of the Day so far but shut it off ealy. First run on the new motor for Rick McCann, great wheelie, 10.1689 against 10.40 good for #14. Uffe Edwardsson in at #2 next pair 10.3480 against 11.25. Mathias Färm in at #2 0.9156 against 10.55 index and Wheelie of the Day into the bargain. Great 0.0031 RT for Fredrik Frisberg. Wheelie of the Day now Ari Körkkö and in at #5 9.4201 against 10.05. Dan Williams #1 in a class which we don't have in the UK... then word came back that his car was underweight so his run was DQ'd.


Good morning and welcome to our coverage of the Tierp Internationals brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

Conditions are currently cloud and sun, feels quite mild, with a strong breeze or gentle wind, take your pick, blowing up the track. The track looks great, we arrived yesterday and the tractor was out there pretty much non-stop all day and I would imagine has been for several days. The crew are currently spraying the track and race officials are carrying out the track inspection.

Today's plan is for the usual near real-time reports on the on-track action, pit notes updated through the day, and a photo gallery at the end of the day. There is no webcast this weekend, this is the last time we are going to say that so any queries on the subject from now on will either be ignored or treated harshly. Simon leapt straight into action yesterday visiting teams to get his first pit notes so stay tuned for the fruits of his labours. Today's photographer is Lena Perés, to whom many thanks, and then for the rest of the weekend Patrik Jacobsson, to whom many thanks also.

As you can see we are running the popular split-screen reporting for our reports to allow full access to qualifying lists provided by Time-Tree; today we will be posting commentaries for all classes expect for Top Doorslammer which will get the full treatment of run log, report and manual qualifying list. The page at right will change to this event as soon as the first results are posted so hit Refresh and it will change some time soon.

A big Good Morning firstly to our Eurodragster.com colleagues Kirstie and Julian, we wish you were here guys. Good Morning also to the Eurodragsterholics and the usual thanks for your support. Finally a big Good Morning to everyone who is tuned in from their day jobs... don't get yourself in trouble folks. That is apart from Tobbe who isn't worried and in any case is probably here.

Today's and tomorrow's provisional running orders are available via the Event Index courtesy of Tomas Pettersson. The usual running order caveats apply.

Stay tuned and we will be back with all the news shortly after 09:00.

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