Tierp Internationals
Tierp Arena, 16th-19th June 2016

Söndag / Sunday

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Simon has posted his final set of pit notes, and we have posted today's gallery courtesy of Patrik to whom many thanks. You can check out both pit notes and gallery via the Event Index. There are 163 pictures in the gallery; if you do not see all 163 updated thumbnails when you load the gallery page then click on your Browser's Refresh button.

Final results

FIA Top Fuel Dragster: Anita Mäkelä 3.9746/455.31 def. Birgitte Bremnes 4.1280/476.61
FIA Top Methanol Dragster: Chris Polidano 5.4560/433.73 bye, Jonny Lagg no show
FIA Top Methanol Funny Car: Johnny Oksa 9.4113/144.54 bye
FIA Pro Modified: Micke Gullqvist 5.9472/393.87 def. Mats Eriksson 6.0220/383.25
FIA Pro Stock: Magnus Pettersson 38.1786/27.24 def. Bengt Ljungdahl 7.0919/241.50 DQ red light

NMC Top Fuel Bike: Rikard Gustafsson 6.6686/254.00 def. Thomas Pettersson 7.4537/274.25
NMC Supertwin Top Fuel: Samu Kemppainen 6.4831/352.17 def. Greger Johansson 7.3061/247.25
NMC Pro Stock Bike: Kalle Lyrén 7.0231/309.28 def. Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 9.0465/151.69
NMC Super Street Bike: Henri Kolehmainen 7.3305/315.97 bye, Rick Stubbins did not start


It is still raining and the track is visibly wet so we have been called. It's a real pity after all of the hard work put in by the track crew, race officials and racers.

Stay tuned as we have today's pictures to post and Simon is working on a last set of pit notes.


Would you believe with the last Pro final run it has started to rain, very light though. Stay tuned as we have all of the Sportsman finals to run.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster final

Anita Mäkelä 3.9746/455.31 def. Birgitte Bremnes 4.1280/476.61

Not the first-ever all-female Top Fuel final in European drag racing history but the first in the FIA era and in fact the first-ever all-female final in any class in the FIA era. Fantastic race it was too! Birgitte away first 0.0873 to Anita's 0.1469 but Anita was quickly reeling Birgitte in with a 0.8559 sixty to Birgitte's 0.9140, much better 330 foot 2.2228/300.00 to Birgitte's 2.3342/294.76, and appreciably ahead at the eighth 3.1674/434.08 to Birgitte's 3.3080/418.93. Anita shut it off before the thousand but had enough of a lead to take the stripe.


FIA Pro Modified final

Micke Gullqvist 5.9472/393.87 def. Mats Eriksson 6.0220/383.25

Fantastic race to end Pro Mod for this weekend! Micke away first 0.0752 to 0.1416, Mats had the better sixty 0.9900 to Micke's 0.9974 but Micke had the edge and was extending the lead at the eighth 3.9273/310.34 to Mats' 3.9602/305.08.


FIA Top Methanol Dragster final

Chris Polidano 5.4560/433.73 bye, Jonny Lagg no show

No Jonny, no word why. Great run for Chris! 0.9723 to sixty, 2/5047/253.05 at 330 feet, 3.6521/352.25 at the eighth and 4.6218/297.35 at 1000 feet, no sign of shake and all eight candles lit all the way.


FIA Pro Stock final

Magnus Pettersson 38.1786/27.24 def. Bengt Ljungdahl 7.0919/241.50 DQ

-0.0407 red by Bengt handed the event win to Magnus who hit bad shake and shut off before sixty feet 1.4687. For the record Bengt's sixty was 0.9642 and eighth 4.2225/261.75, shut off early.


FIA Top Methanol Funny Car final

Johnny Oksa 9.4113/144.54 bye

Johnny just had to take the green to win the event. Eschewed the burnout and ran on moderate throttle. 1.5449 to sixty and 5.5055/220.77 at the eighth.


NMC Bike finals

Top Fuel Bike: Rikard Gustafsson 6.6686/254.00 def. Thomas Pettersson 7.4537/274.25

Supertwin Top Fuel: Samu Kemppainen 6.4831/352.17 def. Greger Johansson 7.3061/247.25

Pro Stock Bike: Kalle Lyrén 7.0231/309.28 def. Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 9.0465/151.69

Super Street Bike: Henri Kolehmainen 7.3305/315.97 bye, Rick Stubbins did not start


Junior Dragster eliminations round 4 winners

Atle Poolsar (8.43) 8.4516/123.32, Mattias Flamholc (8.73) 8.7152/119.92 bye

Stock / Super Stock eliminations round 4 winners

Jarmo Markkanen (10.03) 10.0832/201.42, Mathias Munther (11.33) 11.3441/172.52

Comp Eliminator eliminations round 3 winners

Pererik Lindgren (9.16) 8.7210/214.97, Lars-Georg Johansson (7.62) 8.1556/187.96 bye

We are now down to finals in all classes.


Super Gas eliminations round 3 winners

Håkan Mattsson 9.9271/225.47, Patrik Wickman 9.9998/203.85

Super Street eliminations round 3 winners

Åke Törnkvist 10.9518/174.14, Mauri Kamppinen 10.7891/199.85 bye (Kenny Åsberg over-staged)


Pro Street eliminations round 3 winners

Mikael Norén 7.7763/280.08, Peter Trång 7.6859/267.46

Super Comp eliminations round 3 winners

Maja Udtian 8.9474/214.42, Micke Nilsson 8.8993/276.50 bye


Stock / Super Stock eliminations round 3 winners

0.0061 RT for Mathias Munther in his race against Ari Körkkö.

Tarmo Mikkola (9.85) 9.8622/202.47, Jarmo Markkanen (9.96) 10.0412/213.95, Mathias Munther (11.30) 11.3407/187.70, P-A Lindström (10.40) 10.4227/196.79

Super Gas Bike eliminations round 1 winners

Janne Koskinen 9.7028/229.10, Magnus Pollack 9.6516/232.16

Super Comp Bike eliminations round 3 winners

Anders Gerdtsson 8.7114/252.69 bye, Bianca Nilsson 8.5949/257.27


Super Comp eliminations round 2 winners

Perfect ET for Maja Udtian in her bye, well done Maja!

Maja Udtian 8.9000/217.13 bye, Gideon Liljegren 8.9849/248.50, Micke Nilsson 8.8844/275.51

Super Gas eliminations round 2 winners

Helena Olsson 10.5878/150.63 bye, Håkan Mattsson 9.9656/217.83, Thomas Hauge 9.9200/197.51, Patrik Wickman 10.1409/180.54

Super Street eliminations round 2 winners

Daniel Aggelid 10.9373/165.24 bye, Åke Törnqvist 11.1104/179.70, Kenny Åsberg 10.8339/199.93 bye, Mauri Kamppinen 10.917/184.62


Top Doorslammer eliminations round 3

Mats Wicktor 4.0507/285.11 def. Michael Joneskog 4.2199/297.03
Lenn Lindell 4.0090/308.04 def. Caroline Strand 4.1525/256.78

Michael plain outrun. Mats away first 0.0201 to 0.1330, 1.0342 to sixty to Michael's 1.1067. Mats stopped on the shutdown area, retrieval called. Caroline away first 0.0311 to 0.1265, the better sixty 0.9952 to 1.0265, had to feather the throttle before 300 feet as the Vette hit shake and made a hard move left then right. Bang from one motor or the other in the shutdown area, from here I couldn't tell whose.


Junior Dragster eliminations round 3 winners

Pontus Garefelt (7.90) 7.9971/129.81, Atle Poolsar (8.37) 8.4881/123.15, Mattias Flamholc (8.80) 8.7484/119.76


Comp Eliminator eliminations round 2 winners

Pererik Lindgren (9.16) 8.8162/212.51, Pär Eriksson (7.41) 6.6283/328.67, Lars-Georg Johansson (7.62) 8.0193/200.00 bye (Yngve Solberg broke after burnout), Stig Olsson (7.38) 8.5919/183.36

Pro Street eliminations round 2 winners

0.0015 seconds or 12.05 centimetres in the race between Daniel Hållestam and Michael Ohlsson.

Mikael Noren 7.7101/280.96, Daniel Hållestam 7.6662/266.80, Fredrik Sandberg 8.7490/186.53, Peter Trång 7.6277/284.96


Super Street eliminations round 1 winners

Leo Jansson DQ'd for a staging violation, Isak Lagg reinstated.

Daniel Aggelid 10.9267/161.05 bye, Isak Lagg 10.5520/215.57, Åke Törnqvist 10.8901/187.70, Kenny Åsberg 11.0044/196.08, Mauri Kamppinen 11.0098/171.97, Uffe Lundgren 11.2365/151.39

Super Comp Bike eliminations round 2 winners

Anders Gerdtsson 8.8595/246.35, Kathrine Wagenius 8.8008/247.93, Bianca Nilsson 8.7555/253.28


Stock / Super Stock eliminations round 2 winners

0.0049 RT by Ari Körkkï in his race against Anders Eriksson.

Tarmo Mikkola (9.86) 9.9153/212.77, Dan Williams (10.02) 9.9943/195.02, Erik Wallin (10.77) 11.8503/177.57, Jarmo Markkanen (10.02) 9.9731/215.40, Mathias Munther (11.36) 11/3465/188.42, Ari Körkkö (9.07) 9.1732/221.04, P-A Lindström (10.35) 10.4598/195.87, Nic Williams (10.10) 10.1428/195.72


Pro Modified eliminations round 3

Mats Eriksson 6.0555/383.25 def. David Vegter 6.0019/390.46

Great race won on a holeshot by Mats 0.0799 to 0.2197. Mats had the better sixty 0.9998 to David's 1.0074 but that was the last better incremental as David tried hard ti reel Mats in, 3.9642/307.52 to the eighth to Mats' 3.9921/304.05 but Mats had too much of a start line advantage.

Micke Gullqvist 7.0062/259.40 def. Åke Persson 35.9331/34.43

-0.3212 red for Åke, jumped forward going up on the revs and that was all she wrote. Shut off and idled along the track. Micke to sixty in 1.0045, audibly drove through shake but eventually had to pedal with the motor screaming, 4.3093/265.49 at the eighth and then shut off in the second half.


NMC Super Street Bike eliminations round 3

Rick Stubbins 7.1566/318.40 def. Mogens Lund 7.2306/320.86
Henri Kolehmainen 7.4094/320.09 def. Jonas Lundberg 7.7158/299.33


NMC Supertwin Top Fuel eliminations round 2

Samu Kemppainen 6.5076/350.65 def. Vidar Ravnsborg 20.9992/52.76
Greger Johansson 7.5992/226.32 def. Hans Olav Olstad 8.9617/152.84

Vidar with problems from the get-go, to sixty in 1.4048 and shut off. Samu in imperious form, 1.1585 to sixty and 4.2979/298.54 at the eighth. Hans Olav away first 0.2270 to 0.2641, Greger had the better sixty 1.1656 to Hans Olav's 1.2118, Hans Olav's bike initially looked and sounded strong with clearly visible header flames but then a bang before the eighth 4.8459/199.12 and his motor went silent. Greger to the eighth in 4.6290/258.74 and shut it off before 1000 feet. Bit-collecting and oil clean-up in Hans Olav's lane.


NMC Pro Stock Bike eliminations round 2

Kalle Lyrén 7.0109/308.92 def. Timo Savolainen 11.7532/107.16
Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 12.1179/92.91 bye

Kalle to sixty in 1.1006 and Timo in 1.1089, Timo had trouble selecting gears and shut off before the eighth. Kalle to the eighth in 4.4842/254.60. 1.1768 to sixty for Thomas on his odd-number bye but shut off as the bike appraiched the centre line towards 330 feet.


Top Doorslammer eliminations round 2

Michael Joneskog 4.1453/296.70 bye
Mats Wicktor 4/0369/295.73 def. Jussi Piippolainen 6.1056/151.26
Lenn Lindell no time def. Mattias Wulcan 3.8502/316.16 DQ
Caroline Strand 4.7500/191.63 def. Anne Britt Nilsen 5.2879/189.74 DQ

200-foot burnout by Michael before his bye. 1.0612 to sixty, 2.7993/223.60 at 330 feet, straight pass with no dramas. Jussi with problems off the line, 1.1192 to sixty and slowing by then, not obvious from here what was wrong, but he was off the gas very quickly. Mats to sixty in 1.0263 and to 330 feet in 2.6923/227.18, another clean run with no sign of shake. -0.1174 red for Mattias threw away a storming run, 0.9391 to sixty and 2.5721/231.46 to 330 feet. Lenn broke off the line, 2.2163 to sixty. Stopped about 150 feet out and pushed back but into the next round nevertheless. Brief burnout for Caroline, burnout to the Tree for Anne Britt. -0.0143 red for Anne Britt handed it to Caroline who was there for the taking, 1.0216 to sixty and then terrible shake, a pedal and more shake and the Vette headed for the centre line, it was a fag-paper job. Race officials checked the tyre marks since on First or Worst crossing the line would have DQ'd Caroline and reinstated Anne Britt.


Super Gas eliminations round 1 winners

Helena Olsson 9.8944/202.10, Garth Haworth 9.8798/212.77 bye, Håkan Mattsson 10.0606.206.26, Thomas Hauge 9.9649/197.95, Jan Hallman 10.1440/173.75, Ulf Lindholm 12.3730/149.01, Patrik Wickman 9.9870/211.85


FIA Pro Stock eliminations round 2

Magnus Pettersson 6.8045/320.67 def. Jimmy Ålund 6.9333/339.20

Storming 0.0060 RT for Jimmy but shake, Magnus to sixty in 1.1043 to Jimmy's 1.2038 with a right turn. Jimmy had to pedal briefly to get the car straight and that plus the shake put him well behind. Magnus to the eighth in 4.3301/256.65, Jimmy didn't give up but even though he was much faster at the eighth 4.5790/267.86 he was not going to make up the lost ground.

Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5841/336.66 def. Thomas Lindström 6.8609/334.16

Loooong burndown in pre-stage. Bengt went in first and left first 0.0500 to 0.0945. Thomas to sixty in 1.0766 but then hit bad shake which made his motor scream. Bengt to sixty in 0.9648 and not a foot wrong whilst Thomas was fighting the shake. 4.2192/267.06 to the eighth for Bengt and PB form again.


FIA Top Methanol Funny Car eliminations round 2

Johnny Oksa 7.3598/302.35 def. Leif Andréasson no time DQ

300-foot burnout by Johnny. Johnny in stage and up on the revs for what seemed like an eternity, the autostart clock running but Leif just edged in in time but then rolled through stage lighting the big cherry. 1.0827 to sixty for Johnny, shake and then pedals and the car started to bounce. 4.9695/269.46 at the eighth stilll pedalling and then off the gas in the second half.

Micke Larsson broke, bye

Micke's safety cut off killed the motor and put out one chute coming off the burnout, blower panel popped I guess. Johnny Oksa on a bye in the final and only has to take the green to win the event.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster eliminations round 2

Birgitte Bremnes 4.1490/463.52 def. Urs Erbacher 4.3255/385.16

Some delay getting Eurodragster.com sponsor Urs into the start area, his crew rushing about to get everything ready, in the other lane Birgitte's car owner Rune Fjed signalled Urs' crew to take their time. Two attempts to start Urs' motor, wouldn't stay lit the first time. Very brief burnout for Birgitte. Birgitte spanked Urs at the Tree 0.1210 to 0.2173, the much better sixty 0.8831 to Urs' 0.9040, she was very quickly visibly ahead. Urs' car didn't look to be accelerating quite as hard as it should, maybe a cylinder down, whilst Birgitte's car stuck to the track and went, 2.3040/288.15 at 330 feet to Urs' 2.3772/279.94. Big fire from the left side of Urs' motor at the eighth 3.4070/394.16, Birgitte well ahead 3.3063/406.63. Safety crews sped to Urs' aid, track checked and all OK.

Anita Mäkelä 3.9544/486.49 def. Micke Kågered 4.0479/458.40

Fantastic race! Micke away first 0.1385 to 0.1446, Anita had the better sixty 0.8686 to 0.8612, no shake for either car and accelerating hard. Anita taking command at 330 feet 2.2182/300.50 (186.50 moh) to Micke's 2.2338/294.92, Micke looked to have a cylinder out briefly before the eighth 3.3218/415.07 but Anita was visibly ahead at the eighth 3.1643/436.19... that's 271.04 mph at the eighth! That just have felt like one hell of a ride. Oil in Anita's lane after the 1000-foot mark, clean-up ensued.

Birgitte Bremnes just towed past the grandstands on her way back to the pits, wearing the biggest smile of the weekend so far... followed by a cheerful-looking Urs and then a jubilant Anita taking her smile record back.


Super Comp eliminations round 1 winners

Maja Udtian 8.9170/214.46, Kristina Nygren 8.8565/254.36, Gideon Liljegren 8.9527/246.01, Micke Nilsson 9.0711/218.89, Daniel Norberg 8.7485/251.87 bye (Julie Nataas no show)

Super Comp Bike eliminations round 1 winners

Kimmo Rantala 8.7748/256.29, Anders Gerdtsson 8.9895/251.16, Tomas Jonsson 9.0012/263.54, Kathrine Wagenius 8,9305/248.39, Bianca Nilsson 9.1523/212.18, Ulf Fridolfsson 8.9244/243.38


NMC Super Street Bike eliminations round 2

Rick Stubbins 7.1958/317.83 def. Leif Larsson 7.9883/260.12
Mogens Lund 7.3684/311.42 def. Robert Nilsson 7.9641/298.51
Jonas Lundberg 7.7448/294.28 def. Anders Blanck 20.3483/48.15
Henri Kolehmainen 7.4087/313.23 def. Roberth Häggblöm 7.7173/291.89


Junior Dragster eliminations round 2 winners

Pontus Garefelt (7.90) 7.9099/130.00 bye, Wilma Andersson (7.98) 7.9701/131.74, Atle Poolsar (8.44) 8.4435/123.32, Hampus Sundqvist (7.96) 7/9494/131.84, Mattias Flamholc (8.80) 8.8488/118.84, Lucas Karlsson (7.90) 7.9186/120.19


Simon has posted today's first set of pit notes which you can check out via the Event Index.

Stock / Super Stock eliminations round 1 winners

Drama for Theodor Brandt in his race against Mathias Munther as his Nova headed right after touching down in from a wheelie then sideswiped the guardrail. Thomas looked to have a hold of it but then the Nova swung left and right and almost had the rail again, I'm thinking maybe the first impact damaged the steering or front suspension. Thomas had his hands full getting it stopped as the car was still swerving left and right.

Thomas Strand (10.97) 11.1037.187.70, Tarmo Mikkola (9.80)9.8893/197.87, Dan Williams (10.02) 0.0682/188.42, Kjell Gisslar (9.95) 10.1508/181.63, Uffe Edwardsson (10.21) 10.2644/206.98, Erik Wallin (10.57) 10.866/192.38, Jarmo Markkanen (10.07) 10.5206/157.57, Fredrik Frisberg (10.30) 10.4667/189.14, Leif Lindman (11.75) 11.8726/161.63, Mathias Munther (11.51) 11.3851/188.15, Ari Körkkö (9.07) 9.1516/221.04, Anders Eriksson (10.70) 10.9680/166.41, Anders Lindh (10.35) 10.6027/164.18, P-A Lindström (10.55) 10.6473/191.49, Kent Torving (10.69) 17.8022/80.13 bye (Krister Fogelin rolled through stage DQ), Nic Williams (10.10) 10.9439/183.67


FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 2

Mats Eriksson 6.0832/382.71 def. Norbert Kuno 6.3754/344.83 DQ

-0.0353 red for Norbert handed it to Mats. Mats to sixty in 1.0023, 4.0190/304.57 at the eighth, no sign of shake and straight down the middle of the lane.

David Vegter 6.4144/389.15 def. Bruno Bader 10.6254/149.38

This one was momentarily a pedalfest. Bruno away first 0.0934 to 0.1346, Bruno's tyres started to shake by sixty feet 1.1428, motor screaming, pedalled. David to sixty in 1.0481 then his tyres shook and he pedalled. David's pedal was more effective, Bruno tried twice but gave it up. David to the eighth in 4.3398/300.00 with a serious move to the left but he had a hold of it.

Micke Gullqvist 5.9547/391.02 def. Johan Lindberg 6.0263/364.86

Race of the weekend so far! Micke away first 0.1029 to 0.1546 and the better sixty 0.9904 to Johan's 0.9927. Micke down the middle of his lane, The Old 51 drifting left a little. Looked close at the eighth, Micke 3.9222/308.40 to Johan's 3.9605/308.92, but Micke was ahead and took a comfortable win.

Åke Persson 5.8894/393.59 def. Anders Nilsson 6.1226/383.52

Another fantastic race! Åke on a real mission here with Jonnie Lindberg tuning. Got away first 0.1476 to Anders' 0.1508, storming 0.9859 sixty to Anders' 1.0333, meteoric eighth 3.8802/312.86 to Anders' 4.0510/303.87. Åke's car headed left in the second eighth but he pulled it back. Anders' run no slouch and I think he can be proud of that one.


NMC Pro Stock Bike eliminations round 1

Timo Savolainen 7.2625/293.80 def. Fredrik Kempe 11.8626/157.48
Thomas Lysebraate Olsen no time def. Ellsa Karlsson 8.2439/189.34 DQ
Kalle Lyrén 7.0273/307.52 bye

Timo moved first 0.0466 to Fredrik's 0.1343, Fredrik's motor hesitated a couple of times and Timo was long gone, 1.1241 to sixty and 4.6155/244.57 at the eighth. 0.0759 to 0.5434 holeshot for Ellsa, Thomas' motor hesitated and he got to sixty in 1.5107. Ellsa on her way, to sixty in 1.1348 whilst Thomas was back on the gas but the bike headed for the centre line and he had to shut it off. Punched the air. Ellsa to the eighth in 4.7746/233.46 then rolled off the throttle in the second half as the bike started moving to the left, bonked the finish line reflector handing Thomas the win. Great #1 qualifier bye for Kalle! 0.0996 RT, 1.1130 to sixty, 4.4888/254.24 at the eighth.


NMC Supertwin Top Fuel eliminations round 1

Samu Kemppainen 6.5458/349.06 def. Trond Høoiberget 16.5049/136.85
Vidar Ravnsborg 7.6058/226.89 def. Anders Hörnström 7.5881/284.21
Hans Olav Olstad 6.7210/343.05 def. Per Bengtsson no time
Greger Johansson 9.0851/177.51 def. Roman Sixta no time DQ

Trond's motor hesitated at the hit. Samu long gone on a fantastic pass. 1.1746 to sixty, 4.3301/289.23 at the eighth, on the gas all the way through. I wouldn't like to say where the front wheel came down, it was a long way down the track. Big holeshot for Vidar 0.2930 to 0.4446, 1.2070 to sixty to Anders' 1.2599. Anders with problems feathered the throttle and back on it, Vidar clearly ahead at the eighth 4.6813/262.14, a bang from Vidar's motor in the second half but too far ahead for Anders to catch up. Per's motor goraned and hesitated at the hit, one more stab of the throttle and shut off, stopped about 150 feet out. 1.1869 to sixty for Hans Olav, 4.5217/289.86 at the eighth, like Samu a big speed at the stripe. Roman left before the lights ran. Big wheelie for Greger, 1.1433 at the eighth and the bike thumped down, Greger started to roll off the throttle. 5.1968/192.72 to the eighth and off the gas altogether in the second half.


NMC Top Fuel Bike eliminations round 1

Thomas Pettersson 7.2865/277.21 def. Peter Andersson (U) 9.3830/224.16
Rikard Gustafsson 6.7479/267.46 def. Peter Andersson (Ä) 12.7046/193.48

Funny Bike v Funny Bike first pair. Peter (U)'s tyre spun at the hit and Thomas was 0.3 seconds ahead by sixty and a whole second ahead at the eighth. Peter rolled off the throttle in the second half. Great run for Rikard! 1.1050 to sixtym 2.8908/218.54 at 330 feet, 4.2575/293.96 at the eighth then off the gas. Peter (Ä) sat and watched him leave, then feathered the throttle up the track.


NMC Super Street Bike eliminations round 1

Leif Larsson 7.9761/290.32 def. Pelle Lakmaker 8.4774/252.69
Mogens Lund 7.7472/303.20 def. Nils-Ola Andersson 10.5992/134.93
Robert Nilsson 7.4563/312.32 def. Björn Friström 9.7767/184.11
Anders Blanck 7.4785/298.64 def. Emil O¨stlund 8.4729/280.96
Jonas Lundberg 7.6881/297.52 def. Vesa Ruhanen 7.7743/311.06
Henri Kolehmainen 7.5370/308.22 def. Alex Hope 7.4638/318.21 DQ red light
Roberth Häggblöm 7.7857/291.26 def. Kimmo Pulakka 9.1261/218.71
Rick Stubbins 7.2842/319.53 def. Ida Johansson 8.3151/281.84


FIA Pro Stock eliminations round 1

Magnus Pettersson 6.7336/332.51 def. Simon Gustafsson 7.5498/218.89 DQ

-0.0694 for Simon handed it to Magnus. Nice run for Magnus. 1.0046 to sixty, no sign of shake, 4.3362/303.37 at the eighth.

Thomas Lindström 6.6054/336.45 def. Robin Norén 6.8508/314.71

Baptism of fire for Robin against Thomas but he gave a good account of himself although Thomas was away first and had the better incrementals, 0.9963 to sixty to Robin's 1.0278 and visibly ahead at the eighth 4.2490/267.72 to Robin's 4.4042/258.37. Clean shake-free runs for both.

Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5542/337.92 def. Stefan Ernryd 18.4430/67.77

Bengt away first 0.0794 to 0.2429, Stefan hit hideous shake towards sixty 1.3151, Bengt well on his way in 0.9679. One pedal for Stefan and off it. 4.2008/268.92 to the eighth for Bengt and a new PB, well done Bengt and team!

Jimmy Ålund 6.5538/340.91 def. Jonas Boberg 7.6079/299.50

Jimmy in pre-stage a long while before Jonas went in but then Jonas courtesouly went into stage first. Jimmy got the jump and had a great 0.9934 sixty, Jonas hit terrible shake passing sixty 1.1574, long pedal then back on it but Jimmy long gone, 4.2254/271.49 at the eighth.


FIA Top Methanol Dragster qualifying session 3 (left lane first)

Jonny Lagg 7.3509/230.77, Chris Polidano 6.6261/342.69

Instant tyre smoke for Chris, 0.9800 to sixty for Johnny who then hit shake and pedalled, Chris straightened the dragster and got back on the gas whilst Johnny's dragster headed for the centre line and he shut off at the eighth 4.4615/273.83. Chris to the eighth in 4.7799/336.66, off the gas about 1000 feet. Clean-up called in the shutdown area.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Chris Polidano 5.4879/428.91
  2. Jonny Lagg 7.3509/230.77


FIA Top Methanol Funny Car eliminations round 1

Johnny Oksa 5.9545/397.06 bye

#1 qualifier bye for Johnny. Qute some driving job there. 0.9642 to sixty with the front end up then shake, a pedal then through 330 feet with front end bouncing and tyre still shaking 2.6198/241.07. 3.9233/301.34 at the eighth with the front end still bouncing, shut it off just before the stripe.

Leif Andréasson 5.9210/393.30 def. Jürgen Nagel 5.9394/366.35

Fantastic race! Leif away first 0.1781 to 0.4167, the better sixty 1.0036 to 1.0994 but Jürgen was on a stormer himself, only the second run since engine damage last year. Drove through slight shake, 3.9323/319.53 at the eighth but Leif ahead 3.9150/315.97. Somewhere close to a PB for Jürgen I think.

Micke Larsson 6.8105/298.67 bye, Ari Pietilä did not start

Ari's drogue chutes deployed whilst he was being pushed forward to the start area. Crew worked frantically to repack the chutes and completed the job as Micke was preparing to stage and signalled to the start marshal that they were ready to fire but the marshal said no, too late. 1.0282 to sixty for Micke, feather of the throttle then 2.8067/210.69 to 330 feet, FC started to drift right and Micke came off the pedal gently as it approached the guardrail. 4.2797/256.29 at the eighth fully shut off by that point.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster eliminations round 1

Birgitte Bremnes 4.2350/374.48 def. Stig Neergaard 11.0332/98.90

Particularly aggressive-sounding burnout for Stig. Aggressive launch too, tyres up in smoke, 1.2679 to sixty, a couple of pedals then quit. 0.8767 to sixty for Birgittte, 2.2645/294.44 to 330 feet, 3.2874/377.89 at the eighth and off the gas just before the stripe. First TF round win for Birgitte.

Micke Kågered 4.5221/313.23 def. Björn Mårtensson 5.6659/194.04

Micke off his burnout before Björn pulled forward. Brief burnout for Björn and back to the line before Micke. Micke just slightly away first 0.2327 to Björn's 0.2397, Björn shaking a little to sixty 0.9465, Micke visibly ahead at 0.8652. Björn pedalled for shake, Micke pedalled about 250 feet out and got to 330 feet in 2.3423/277.78. Smoke and a flash of flame from Micke's right bank 3.4113/367.85, Björn to the eighth in 3.8863/232.06 heading for the centre line and pulling it back. Clean-up of bits and pieces in Micke's lane then word came back that we had oil.

Urs Erbacher 4.2073/399.41 def. Liam Jones 4.3708/419.58

Eurodragster.com sponsor Urs got away first 0.1092 to Liam's 0.1204. Liam to sixty in 0.8803 to Urs' 0.8842, two clean launches and the cars looked absolutely side by side at that point. Advantage to Urs at 330 feet 2.2937/301.34 to Liam's 2.3530/267.06, flame from Liam's motor before the eighth 3.4465/379.90, Urs visibly ahead at 3.2815/391.30, then a big sheet of flame from the right side of Urs' motor, I am guessing head gasket. Urs there first, whatever ailed Liam at the eighth wasn't so serious looking at his speed.

Anita Mäkelä 4.0255/435.48 bye, Stefan Gunnarsson shut off

No reverse for Stefan after the burnout, crew pushed him back with the motor still running but something not right and he shut off before staging. Fantastic bye for Anita! Visibly storming 0.8383 to sixty, no shake. 2.2131/294.12 at 330 feet, got to the eighth in 3.1873/419.91 moving to the right and got very close to the guardrail towards the stripe, a long way down the shutdown area before Anita had it straight and got the chute out.


Pro Street eliminations round 1 winners

Good bit of driving by Pel Norman, the usual twisty launch then the Capri went for the centre line, in fact the rear right slick went on to the left yellow line. Pel pulled it away from the 330 foot reflectors and Track Announcer Björn Sundqvist thanked him for saving the Tech Crew a bunch of work. Michael Ohlsson took a bye after Tero Vainio broke in the burnout and was pushed back.

Jens Petter Lindström 8.0820/239.04, Mikael Norén 7,7624/248.39, Michael Ohlsson 7.6774/286.62 bye (Tero Vainio broke), Daniel Hållestam 7.8556/227.56, Laura Saksa 9.7859/154.95, Fredrik Sandberg 8.0870/225.56, Seppo Raussi 7.6710/267.19, Peter Trång 7.6620/284.06

Next up, FIA Top Fuel Dragster.


FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 1

Norbert Kuno 6.5252/338.56 def. Stefan Gustafsson 6.6928/307.52 DQ

Norbert whacked Stefan at the Tree 0.1869 to 0.7651. Norbert with the better sixty 1.0305 to 1.0537, Stefan's car visibly picking up towards the eighth 4.2994/273.28 but Norbert comfortably ahead 4.2664/275.23. Stefan's car made a move left past the eighth. All for naught anyway as Stefan was DQ'd for a Blue Line violation which Your Reporter somehow missed noticing.

Micke Gullqvist 6.9446/255.56 def. Håkan Persson 7.1115/366.35

Another visible holeshot for Gullan, 0.0810 to 0.2923. Micke to sixty in 0.9894 to Håkan's 1.0444 heading left with shake. Micke drove through shake losing ET approaching the eighth 4.2151/273.97, Håkan was rolling off the throttle by that point as the Viper had headed for the centre line. A pedal in the second half for Micke.

Anders Nilsson 6.3190/381.36 def. Thomas Stiefel 6.2347/377.09

Huge 0.1637 to 0.4262 holeshot for Anders won him this one. Anders to sixty in 1.0222 to Thomas' 1.0530 but that was his last better incremental. Anders drove through high-frequency shake, flaps on the back of the car really swinging. Thomas had the much better eighth 4.1252/298.01 to Anders' 4.2222/296.05 but he was just too far behind and couldn't reel Anders in.

David Vegter 6.0032/389.89 def. Freddy Fagerström 7.4661/282.43

0.1700 to 0.3673 holeshot for David. 1.0095 to sixty to Freddy's shake-afflicted 1.2564. Freddy pedalled a couple of times whilst David got to the eighth in a storming 3.9638/308.87. Freddy was on and off the throttle but ultimately called it a day before 1000 feet. PB for David, well done David and team!

Bruno Bader 6.2646/348.61 def. Jöran Persåker no time

Jöran's pick-up moved out of stage and then stopped. Bruno to sixty in 1.0647 then shake and a pedal, lost some ET to the pedal and got to the eighth in 4.1430/301.51.

Åke Persson 6.1119/385.71 def. Rolf Simonsson 6.7844/283.91

Big holeshot for Åke 0.3353 to Rolf's 0.7446. Rolf had the better sixty 1.0171 to Åke's 1.0345 but then the Camar made a move to the right and Rolf pedalled briefly. Åke with a comfortable lead by the eighth 4.0356/298.84 to Rolf's 4.3081/268.52.

Johan Lindberg 6.0839/348.16 def. Hussain Al Shammari 19.3892/4.34

-0.3432 red for Hussain gave it away, big shake into the bargain and idled along the track. Nice run for Johan. 0.9911 to sixty, no shake but a slight drift left, 3.9816/301.14 at the eighth.

Mats Eriksson 6.1946/337.29 def. Micke Johansson 6.7878/335.20

Mats visibly away first 0.1338 to Micke's 0.2973 and the better sixty 0.9990 to 1.0179. Micke hit shake and got off the gas for what seemed a long time, then got back on it and the Challenger stuck to the track, too late. Mats to the eighth in 4.0374/296.70 to Micke's 4.4338/269.46, daylight win.


Top Doorslammer eliminations round 1

Michael Joneskog 4.1702/290.64 bye, Mats Stefansson no show
Jussi Piippolainen 6.6601/141.14 bye, Jonas Kant no show
Mats Wicktor 4.0368/290.48 bye, Michael Nord no show
Mattias Wulcan 4.0287/268.86 def. Jörgen Berg 4.8224/193.83
Lenn Lindell 4.0470/304.05 def. Anders Vanhatalo 6.8100/111.11
Caroline Strand 3.9232/316.90 def. Rimbert Vahlström 4.0912/298.84
Anne Britt Nilsen 4.2511/280.81 def. Åke Eliasson 4.3258/280.96

No sign of Mats in the pairing lanes, Michael took the bye. 1.0421 to sixty, no shake, motor briefly sounded to misfire about 100 feet out but it was only brief. Bye next round for Michael. Similarly no sign of Jonas. Big wheelie for Jussi followed by shake, tyre spin, a left turn... pretty much everything which could go wrong apart from an anvil falling out of the sky and landing on the car. Off the gas by 100 feet. Track checked, clean-up of small spots. Third single in a row, no Michael. Bye for Mats preceded by the straightest burnout I have seen from a TD car, the tyre marks could be used as one side of a set square. Great run! 0.9969 to sixty, 2.6687/223.33 at 330 feet. That must be approaching PB territory. 0.9479 to sixty for Mattias, 1.0429 for Jörgen. Jorgen hit shake 100 feet out, the car really rattled, tried to stay with it but shut it off past 330 feet. 2.6304/221.49 at 330 for Mattias, the Firebird made a move to the right then a serious move left at the 594 foot marker but Mattias had a hold of it. New slicks for Lenn I am guessing, shreds of label flew through the air when he hit it for the burnout. Visible 0.1690 to 0.3254 holeshot for Lenn, almost instant shake for Anders who got to sixty in 1.2093 trying to drive through it. 0.9969 to sixty for Lenn, 2.7262/226.32 at 330 feet, got close to the centre line but no real drama. Great race between Caroline and Rimbert! Rimbert absolutely spanked Caroline at the Tree 0.0788 to 0.2239, Caroline starting to make it up by sixty 0.9764 to 1.0113, brief pedal for Rimbert. Caroline with the appreciable lead at 330 feet 2.6530/235.70 t0 Rimbert's 2.7399/222.41. Caroline down the middle of her lane, Rimbert just to the left. 0.0791 to 0.1339 in A˚ke's favour at the Tree, 0.9803 sixty to Anne Britt's 1.0535, Åke hit shake but tried to stay with it and the Firebird made a hard move to the right, quick pedal and tried to stay with it, Anne Britt also with shake but pedalled and the car picked up, drift left but nothing to worry about.


Comp Eliminator eliminations round 1 winners

Matti Rajamaki (9.26) 8.9515/241.94, Angelica Bäckman (7.61) 7.1093/280.81, Pär Eriksson (7.41) 7.2159/244.79, Lars-Georg Johansson (7.84) 7.1233/276.92, Yngve Solberg (7.08) 8.2094/192.72, Stig Olsson (7.38) 7.2972/263.03, Lasse Britsmar (7.90) 8.7737/287.85, Pererik Lindgren (9.16) 8.8533/199.93


Junior Dragster eliminations round 1 winners

Pontus Garefelt (8.02) 8.1478/110.79, Oskar Norling (7.90) 7.8621/132.81, Wilma Andersson (7.95) 8.0629/130.03, Roman Sixta Jr (8.90) 8.8403/116.56, Atle Poolsar (8.50) 8.5359/121.90, Hampus Sundqvist (8.12) 8.0138/130.09, Casper Ljungdahl (8.45) 8.4949/123.71, Justin Ericsson (12.90) 13.1257/74.76, Mattias Flamholc (8.80) 8.9243/117.19, Lucas Karlsson (7.90) 7.9160/124.80, Oskari Markkanen (9.95) 9.7272/103.49 bye (Pontus Söderlund broke)


Good morning and welcome to our coverage of the Tierp Internationals brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

When we got here on Wednesday it was a beautiful day. Sun and very little cloud, very light breeze, warm. Well here we are on Race Day and it's like that again. When the rain stopped late last night the track crew leapt into action to clear the standing water off the surface and to do so under a stunning sun just-about-set. That piece of forethought has paid off as this morning we have a track which is already dry enough to be sprayed and sledded. As I type there is a Lagana running loose on the start line.

We have a packed running order which you can check out via the Event Index courtesy of Tomas Pettersson. Under normal circumstances we would have got all Sportsman classes down to eight yesterday but obviously that couldn't happen so we will be getting all Sportsman classes down from as many as 32 to their finals as well as Pro ladders of, variously, 16, 8, 4 and 2.

The traditional Raceday "Hej" to our US Correspondent Kathy Hileman who is tuned in from Florida, and to Kathy Taylor who is watching from bucolic Essex. Good morning and Thank You to Spencer Tramm who as ever proof-read Your Reporter's qualifying lists and pointed out a couple of typos quickly enough that they were sorted before anyone else noticed. Good morning also to the members of the Top Doorslammer Facebook page; we will be in touch via Marcus very soon. Finally a big Good Morning to the Eurodragsterholics and Thank You for your support.

News from the pits is that Pro Mod #12 Freddy Fägerström has hooked the turbo motor out of his pick-up and replaced it with the blown-alcohol item. Simon is aware (smile).

We are due to start at 09:00 with Junior Dragster 32 -> 16, Comp Eliminator 16 -> 8 and Top Doorslammer 16 -> 8 then into FIA and NMC. Stay tuned and when the wheels start to turn we'll bring you the news.

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