Tierp Internationals
Tierp Arena, 16th-19th June 2016

Fredag / Friday

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Finally a word of appreciation to the race officials, track crew and staff here at Tierp Arena who did not stop today and kept plugging away at it when others would have chucked it in at lunchtime. Great work guys and thank you. A big Well Done also to the Pro racers who turned their cars and bikes round so quickly.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Anita Mäkelä 4.4621/303.20 bye

Only Anita turned out for this session and she closed the day in spectacular bunny ear fashion. 0.8493 to sixty, 2.2621/279.94 to 330 feet and off it before the eighth 3.3137/357.62. I would not be surprised if that were a planned early shut-off, but everything looked good up to that point.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Urs Erbacher 4.0855/463.52
  2. Anita Mäkelä4.4621/303.20
  3. Micke Kågered 4.9693/222.77
  4. Birgitte Bremnes 5.0831/228.23
  5. Stig Neergaard 7.8076/137.23
  6. Björn Mårtensson 7.9758/138.78
  7. Stefan Gunnarsson 8.5514/133.17
  8. Liam Jones 13.6223/86.36

That's qualifying done for today, tune back soon for today's pictures.


FIA Pro Stock qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Simon Gustafsson 6.8278/326.28, Jonas Boberg 7.1809/306.47; Michael Malmgren no time, Stefan Ernryd 7.0980/276.50; Bengt Ljungdahl 6.6605/332.92 bye, Hannu Kalliomäki shut off; Robin Norén 6.9856/316.90, Magnus Pettersson 6.7609/330.48; Jimmy Ålund 6.6535/338.98, Thomas Lindström 6.6882/333.13

1.0462 to sixty for Simon, Jonas rolled the beams affecting his ETs. Simon to the eighth in 4.4000 and up to fourth. Jonas got close to the centre line in the second eighth. 1.0098 to sixty for Stefan, driving through shake which made the motor scream. 4,4984/255.92 at the eighth and off the gas at about 1000 feet. Instant shake for Michael, shut off and rolled to a halt at the eighth. Retrieval called. Hannu shut off and pushed back from the bleach box. Awesome 0.0058 RT for Bengt. 0.9821 to sixty, 3.2693/265.49 at the eighth and into #1 spot. Great match between Robin and Magnus. Robin to sixty in 1.0430 to Magnus' 1.0106. Magnus with the better eighth also 4.3527/263.02 to Robin's 4.4995/254.48. Slight improvement for Magnus but stayed in place. Great match between Jimmy and Thomas. Thomas had the better sixty 0.9977 to Jimmy's 1.0210 but Jimmy squeaked the better eighth 4.3028/268.52 to Thomas' 4.3047/265.36. Jimmy's better second eighth speed set him up to get there first and take #1 spot

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Jimmy Ålund 6.6535/338.98
  2. Bengt Ljungdahl 6.6605/332.92
  3. Thomas Lindström 6.6882/333.13
  4. Magnus Pettersson 6.7609/330.48
  5. Simon Gustafsson 6.8278/326.28
  6. Robin Norén 6.9674/320.09
  7. Stefan Ernryd 7.0980/276.50
  8. Jonas Boberg 7.1809/306.47
  9. Hannu Kalliomäki 7.2777/307.87
  10. Michael Malmgren 7.3837/321.24


FIA Top Methanol Funny Car qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Micke Larsson 7.3743/212.01 bye; Ari Pietilä 8.7142/179.76, Johnny Oksa 5.9864/388.77

Good launch for Micke 1.0899, but the car got into a vicious bounce by the eighth 4.2094/256.17 and Micke shut it off. Leif Andreéasson towed back to the pits after Micke's run. Almost a half-track burnout by Johnny, stopped at 1000 feet. 0.9860 to sixty for Ari then shake, shut it off before 300 feet. Johnny to sixty in 0.9850, 2,6286/225.66 to 330 feet with a brief pedal, back on the gas, 3.9575/307.17 at the eighth.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Johnny Oksa 5.8052/405.41
  2. Micke Larsson 7.3743/212.01
  3. Jürgen Nagel 7.5416/302.52
  4. Leif Andréasson 8.6083/190.95
  5. Ari Pietilä 8.7142/179.76


FIA Pro Modified qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Rolf Simonsson 7.9318/205.32, Andreas Arthursson no time DQ; Urban Johansson no time, Johan Lindberg 6.2333/374.48; Norbert Kuno 7.0448/302.01, Micke Johansson 7.7404/228.52 DQ; Jöran Persåker 7.9254/209.95, Micke Gullqvist 7.0696/377.89; Mats Eriksson 6.1402/358.57, Hussain Al Shammari 17.3959/111.23; Anders Nilsson 6.7121/354.33, Thomas Stiefel 7.1032/367.35; David Vegter 19.6994/69.33, Freddy Fagerström 8.2587/184.87; Bruno Bader no time DQ, Stefan Gustafsson shut off; Åke Persson 9.9034/126.79, Håkan Persson 9.4704/141.51

Rolf's crew got a faceful of nitrous as he was closing the passenger side door during a purge. He probably then thought it was funny whether it was or not. Andreas did not stage in time and was bulbed by the autostart. 1.0322 to sixty for Rolf, front of the car made a move to the left about 200 feet out. 4.5720/228.81 at the eighth and off the gas. Looked like transmission or rear end failure for Urban, motor screamed and car didn't move. Great run for Johan to take #1 spot! 1.0132 to sixty, drove through audible shake, 2.7657/220.59 at 330 feet, brief pedal, 4.1192/296.70 at the eighth. 1.0726 to sixty for Norbert, 1.0892 for Micke. Norbert to the eighth in 4.5702/253.76 to Micke's 4.7514/230.97, one of the motors was groaning a little I am guessing Micke's. Micke's run subsequently DQ'd for Blue Line violation. Jöran lost fire before thre burnout but got it started again after a short delay. Instant tyre spin for Micke, 1.4302 to sixty, appreciable pedal then back on it, 4.6711/235.43 at the eighth. Modest sixty for Jöran then 4.9227/285.98 at the eighth, shut off before the stripe. Stopped on the track in the shutdown area, retrieval called. -0.2069 red for Hussain and instant shake, shut off and played no further part in proceedings. Stormer for Mats! 0.9940 to sixty, 2.7072/221.67 at 330 feet, 4.0521/300.33 at the eighth and 5.1805/351.56 at 1000 feet. Clean, straight pass into #1 spot. Thomas rolled the beams which affected his ET and other incrementals. 288.46 at the eighth. Anders to sixty in 1.0675, looked to drive through shake and the Cuda made a move right, 4.4520/274.39 at the eighth. 1.3714 to sixty for David with bad shake, shut off. 1.0565 to sixty for Freddy, feathered the throttle towards the eighth 4.7668/230.57 as the pick-up made a move towards the guardrail, then shut off after the eighth. Brief burnout by Stefan, 100-foot burnout by Bruno with all the right noises but hardly any smoke. 0.9873 to sixty for Bruno, shake by 330 feet 2.7382/189.74, the Vette was heading left and sideswiped the guardrail to the accompaniment of a shower of sparks, flash of flame and what sounded like a blower relief panel letting go. Stefan never moved, pushed back then went back to the pits. 1.0693 to sixty for Åke, 1.0044 for Håkan, both drove through shake but Håkan's Viper was heading left and almost crossed lanes. Åke pretty obviously saw him coming as both shut off at the same time. If Håkan didn't touch the centre line it was a close thing. Billys and sled clean-up in Åke's lane.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Mats Eriksson 6.1402/358.57
  2. Johan Lindberg 6.2333/374.48
  3. Åke Persson 6.2434/373.96
  4. Bruno Bader 6.3481/344.17
  5. David Vegter 6.3600/371.13
  6. Anders Nilsson 6.7121/354.33
  7. Håkan Persson 6.9045/371.39
  8. Stefan Gustafsson 6.9143/330.68
  9. Norbert Kuno 7.0448/302.01
  10. Micke Gullqvist 7.0696/377.89
  11. Thomas Stiefel 7.1032/367.35
  12. Freddy Fagerström 7.2389/305.26
  13. Jöran Persåker 7.4646/272.38
  14. Rolf Simonsson 7.9318/205.32
  15. Hussain Al Shammari 7.9576/207.21
  16. Micke Johansson 9.2521/171.10
  17. Urban Johansson 10.9122/117.83


FIA Top Methanol Dragster qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Chris Polidano 5.4879/428.91 bye

Great run for Chris! 0.9581 to sixty, 2.5102/250.77 at 330 feet, 3.6695/352.25 at the eighth, 4.6411/400.00 at 1000 feet. All eight lit with nitro flames standing high off the headers, car drifted a little to the right at mid track but nothing to worry about.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Chris Polidano 5.4879/428.91
  2. Jonny Lagg 21.3796/40.72


NMC Top Fuel Bike qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Peter Andersson (U) 8.2681/215.23 bye; Rikard Gustafsson 7.3764/226.99, Thomas Pettersson 7.8271/239.47

1.2249 for Peter (U), jumped out of gear at the eighth and had a hunt for the next gear. Rikard to sixty in 1.1037 then feathered the throttle before 330 feet 2.8281/227.56, off the gas passing the eighth 4.3273/237.99. Thomas to sixty in 1.2354, 4.9389/239.68 at the eighth.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Rikard Gustafsson 6.8624/276.36
  2. Thomas Pettersson 7.6069/265.23
  3. Peter Andersson (U) 7.7229/238.17
  4. Peter Andersson (Ä) 9.0603/240.86


NMC Supertwin Top Fuel Bike qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Harri Piensalmi 10.3203/178.69 bye; Roman Sixta 8.5114/261.37 bye; Trond Høiberget 9.0408/272.31, Erling Opheim 11.1679/124.51; Per Bengtsson shut off, Hans Olav Olstad 7.3164/321.43 bye; Anders Hörnström 8.2620/237.36, Greger Johansson 7.6193/264.58; Samu Kemppainen 6.7908/348.39, Vidar Ravnsborg 8.4956/184.05

Harri's motor laboured off the line, popped and blew a smoke ring about sixty feet out. Off and back on the throttle then feathered all the way down. 1.2053 to sixty, off the throttle as the bike headed for the centre line then back on it. Feathered the throttle in the second half and shut off early. Trond's motor again sounded to be labouring all the way. Erling's motor too, shut it off before 1000 feet. Per shut off and pushed back after the burnout. 1.1969 to sixty for Hans Olav then had to feather as the bike headed for the centre line. Got it straight, 4.9341/263.28 at the eighth, on the throttle all the way with nitro flames on both sides horizontal to the track. Nice pair of nitro flame cushioned runs for Anders and Greger. Improvement for Greger moved him up the ladder, no incrementals as I faffed for too long and they were lost. Great run for Samu! 1.2520 to sixty, 4.5372/282.28 at the eighth. Vidar's motor sounded to be struggling.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Samu Kemppainen 6.7646/347.94
  2. Hans Olav Olstad 7.3164/321.43
  3. Greger Johansson 7.6193/264.58
  4. Vidar Ravnsborg 7.6213/298.01
  5. Anders Hörnström 7.9002/274.25
  6. Roman Sixta 8.5114/261.37
  7. Per Bengtsson 8.6262/255.08
  8. Trond Høiberget 8.9751/268.26
  9. Harri Piensalmi 10.3203/178.69
  10. Erling Opheim 11.1679/124.51


NMC Pro Stock Bike qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Fredrik Kempe 14.3600/138.04 bye; Kenneth Holmberg no time bye; Timo Savolainen 11.5038/130.34, Thomas Lysebraate Olsen no time; Elssa Karlsson 11.9313/107.59, Kalle Lyrén 7.5055/290.17

Transmission problems for Fredrik, revs shooting up and bike not moving forward. Got into a functional gear then on the gas for a couple of seconds and shut off. Kenneth lost fire before the burnout but quicky restarted. Carbon copy of last run, Kenneth's motor cut out at the hit. Thomas' motor screamed as the bike hardly moved forward, shut off and rolled to a halt at 1000 feet, jumped off the bike and started to push. Timo to sixty in 1.7730, motor sounded to be suffering and shut off past the eighth 6.5373/166.36. Ellsa to sixty in 1.1901 and Kalle in 1.1404, Kalle's bike was bouncing up and down and the engine note with it but he stayed with it. Ellsa off the gas after 330 feet, Kalle to the eighth in 4.8334/238.73 and off the gas a touch early.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Kalle Lyrén 7.5055/290.17
  2. Ellsa Karlsson 10.3015/135.30
  3. Timo Savolainen 11.5038/130.34
  4. Fredrik Kempe 14.3600/138.04


NMC Super Street Bike qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Jani Kumpulainen 8.6072/235.91 bye; Alex Hope 8.1836/288.15, Nils Lagerlöf 14.7188/173.58; Ida Johansson 8.3429/274.53, Emil Östlund 8.2442/255.20; Robert Nilsson broke, Tommie Johansson no time;

Kimmo Pulakka 8.4844/268.52, Pelle Lakmaker 7.9811/295.73; Jonas Lundberg 7.9405/292.21, Leif Larsson 7.9786/288.62; Björn Friström 7.8123/274.25, Nils-Ola Andersson 8.2025/296.70; Roberth Haggblöm 8.1485/277.62, Vesa Ruhanen 8.6275/285.87; Mogens Lund 11.3971/95.52, Henri Kolehmainen 8.2823/300.00; Anders Blanck 7.4551/310.88, Rich Stubbins 12.9201/123.88

Drama in the fourth run as Tommie Johansson's bike pulled a vertical wheelie and dumped him off the back, looked from here as if at least part the bike landed on him. Tommie did the clever thing and stayed prone, start line crew sprinted to help and ambulance there quickly. Tommie was put on a spinal board as a precaution and taken to the medical centre.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Rick Stubbins 7.4505/316.53
  2. Anders Blanck 7.4551/310.88
  3. Henri Kolehmainen 7.5829/303.71
  4. Mogens Lund 7.6309/306.64
  5. Björn Friström 7.8123/274.25
  6. Roberth Häggblom 7.8718/288.77
  7. Jonas Lundberg 7.9405/292.21
  8. Leif Larsson 7.9786/288.62
  9. Pelle Lakmaker 7.9811/295.73
  10. Vesa Ruhanen 8.0291/218.54
  11. Kimmo Pulakka 8.1537/277.63
  12. Robert Nilsson 8.1600/275.37
  13. Nils-Ola Andersson 8.1745/270.81
  14. Alex Hope 8.1836/288.15
  15. Emil Östlund 8.2442/255.20
  16. Ida Johansson 8.3429/274.53
  17. Jani Kumpulainen 8.6072/235.91
  18. Tommie Johansson 9.2759/253.88
  19. Nils Lagerlöf 14.7188/173.58


FIA Top Fuel Dragster qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Birgitte Bremnes 5.0831/228.23, Björn Mårtensson 7.9758/138.78; Stefan Gunnarsson 8.5514/133.17, Urs Erbacher 4.0855/463.52; Anita Mäkelä 8.3040/118.45, Liam Jones 13.6223/86.36; Micke Kågered 4.9693/222.77, Stig Neergaard 7.8076/137.23

Janne Ahonen withdrawn so eight cars not nine to the line. Birgitte's motor very smoky going into stage and in pre-stage a long while on the high side before Björn went in. One of Björn's crew leaned in and went to touch something on the car as the lights ran. Luckily Björn sat in stage for 1.3347 after the lights ran or something bad could have happened. Crew jumped away just in time. Birgitte to sixty in 0.8968, 330 feet 2.3157/289.08 then off the gas, possibly blower belt looking at the car's body language. 0.9272 to sixty for Björn, shake and off the gas. Great run for Eurodragster.com sponsor Urs! 0.8970 to sixty, 2.3012/295.08 at 330 feet, 3.2623/426.88 at the eighth. Some smoke past the eighth and the car made a move for the centre line near the stripe. 0.8835 to sixty for Stefan, off the gas before 330 feet but a short pass was the plan I believe. 0.8786 to sixty for Anita, off the gas before 330 feet 2.6532/163.83. Anita's lane checked. 1.1072 to sixty for Liam with tyres shaking and straight off the gas. Micke to sixty in 0.8601, 330 feet in 2.2431/290.48 and off the gas. 0.9154 to sixty for Stig then shake and off the gas about 200 feet out.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Urs Erbacher 4.0855/463.52
  2. Micke Kågered 4.9693/222.77
  3. Birgitte Bremnes 5.0831/228.23
  4. Stig Neergaard 7.8076/137.23
  5. Björn Mårtensson 7.9758/138.78
  6. Anita Mäkelä 8.3040/118.45
  7. Stefan Gunnarsson 8.5514/133.17
  8. Liam Jones 13.6223/86.36


FIA Pro Stock qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Hannu Kalliomäki 7.2777/307.87, Robin Norén 6.9674/320.09; Jonas Boberg 16.8280/77.62, Simon Gustafsson 12.9277/106.95; Stefan Ernryd 10.6347/137.33, Michael Malmgren 7.3837/321.24; Magnus Pettersson 6.7740/328.87, Bengt Ljungdahl 7.1199/292.05; Thomas Lindström 6.7164/330.88, Jimmy Ålund 6.7251/338.77

Robin away in 0.0871 to 0.4473. 1.0520 to to sixty for Hannu then drove through shake. 1.0458 to sixty for Robin, straight down the middle of the lane. 4.4868/255.08 to the eighth for Robin, Hannu lost ET to the shake but a good speed at the eighth 4.7450/249.88. New PB for Robin, team went wild, well done Robin and team! Simon in pre-stage a very long time before Jonas went in but then Jonas courteously staged first. Nice sixties 1.0756 for Jonas and 1.0336 for Simon but then both hit shake and shut it off before 200 feet, Jonas' car was drifting towards the guardrail. Red for Stefan, not that it matters in qualifying. 1.0454 to sixty but then shake, tried to drive through it and rolling off the gas by the eighth 5.5466/148.35. Very shaky 1.2998 to sixty for Michael, car was jumping up and down as he pedalled then went for the centre line. 4.9368/255.68 at the eighth, on the gas all the way then no chutes but got stopped OK. 1.0407 to sixty for Magnus, not much sign of shake, 4.3713/253.51 at the eighth. Great 1.0060 to sixty for Bengt, the car kept going for the centre line and Bengt kept wrencing it back, 4.4707/232.36 at the eighth then shut it off before the stripe. Nice match between Thomas and Jimmy. Thomas away first 0.1186 to 0.1717 and he stayed ahead all the way. 1.0066 to sixty to Jimmy's 1.0841, tiny amount of shake for Jimmy by the look of it. Thomas 4.3250/263.29 to the eighth to Jimmy's 4.3745/269.19.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Thomas Lindström 6.7164/330.88
  2. Jimmy Ålund 6.7251/338.77
  3. Magnus Pettersson 6.7740/328.87
  4. Robin Norén 6.9674/320.09
  5. Bengt Ljungdahl 7.1199/292.05
  6. Hannu Kalliomäki 7.2777/307.87
  7. Michael Malmgren 7.3837/321.24
  8. Stefan Ernryd 10.6347/137.33
  9. Simon Gustafsson 12.9277/106.95
  10. Jonas Boberg 16.8280/77.62


FIA Pro Modified qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Micke Johansson 9.2521/171.10, Rolf Simonsson 12.1762/67.58; Andreas Arthursson shut off, Åke Persson 6.2434/373.96 bye; Stefan Gustafsson 6.9143/330.68, Urban Johansson 10.9122/117.83; Freddy Fagerström 7.2389/305.26, Jöran Persåker 7.4646/272.38; Håkan Persson 6.9045/371.39, Anders Nilsson 7.1359/361.69; Hussain Al Shammari 7.9576/207.21, Norbert Kuno 8.7877/245.23; Thomas Stiefel 7.5114/355.97, David Vegter 6.3600/371.13; Johan Lindberg 12.2306/60.09, Mats Eriksson 7.3646/312.32; Micke Gullqvist 8.4331/271.08, Bruno Bader 6.3481/344.17

Rolf and his Camaro now where that car always looked like it belonged. Rolf lost fire before the burnout but quickly restarted. Instant tyre spin and shake for Micke, motor screamed. 1.8634 to sixty, off the throttle for a second or so then back on it until about 1000 feet. 1.1361 to sixty for Rolf then shake, Camaro headed to the guardrail and Rolf pedalled. Back on the gas but the Camaro started to drift right again, Rolf got off it but the Camaro got very close indeed to the rail, race official went and checked the guardrail for scuff marks (which would result in a DQ). Åke with tuning input from Jonnie Lindberg. Andreas shut off before staging, crew delving around under the rear of the car. Great run for Åke! 1.0751 to sixty, sounded like the tyres were turning a little but got to the eighth in 4.1749/301.84 and on the gas all the way through. 1.0123 to sixty for Urban then the tyres started to shake and the motor started to scream, Urban shut it off before 330 feet. Stefan waited a few seconds before launching, 1.0899 to sixty and 4.4992/261.00 at the eighth. Straight clean run with no sign of shake. Jöran away first, 1.2927 to sixty, straight run, 4.8389/252.22 at the eighth but all eyes on Freddy, waited a second or so then hit it. 1.0173 to sixty, shake and the pick-up headed for the centre line. Both 330 foot reflectors stood aside as Freddy fag-papered it past them. Off the gas and on again and the pick-up moved right again. 4.6102/245.90 at the eighth and about a foot from the centre line all the way. Instant shake and screaming motors for both Håkan and Anders. Anders had the worst of it at sixty 1.2680 to Håkan's 1.2166. Simultaneous pedals, Håkan back on the gas first and got to the eighth in 4.7486/286.93, Anders not far behind at 4.8902/269.87 although the Cuda was moving around its lane some. Great to see Hussain and car owner Norbert side by side. Hussain nailed Norbert at the Tree 0.2313 to 0.9360 and had the much better sixty 1.2158 to 1.3907. Norbert's motor sounded as if it had a stop on it, the note was never full throttle. Hussain to the eighth in 4.7184/247.93 heading for the centre line and got very close to the 1000 foot reflectors, off the gas by then. Instant shake for Thomas, 1.3379 and off the gas for a second or so then nailed it. Storming 0.9916 for these conditions for David, car made a serious move left and David briefly pedalled, 4.1902/283.46 at the eighth. Instant shake for Johan and Mats, the Old 51 made a hard right turnafter sixty 1.3803 and Johan got off the gas. Shaky 1.4317 to sixty for Mats, off the gas then back on it, feathered the throttle to the eighth 5.0468/277.63 and pedalled a couple of times in the second half. Instant shake for Micke, 1.2213 to sixty and the Camaro turned right. A long pedal then back on it. Bruno long gone, 1.0308 to sixty, to the eighth in 4.1746/291.42 moving left gently. I think he found the limit of the track right now.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Åke Persson 6.2434/373.96
  2. Bruno Bader 6.3481/344.17
  3. David Vegter 6.3600/371.13
  4. Håkan Persson 6.9045/371.39
  5. Stefan Gustafsson 6.9143/330.68
  6. Anders Nilsson 7.1359/361.69
  7. Freddy Fagerström 7.2389/305.26
  8. Mats Eriksson 7.3646/312.32
  9. Jöran Persåker 7.4646/272.38
  10. Thomas Stiefel 7.5114/355.97
  11. Hussain Al Shammari 7.9576/207.21
  12. Micke Gullqvist 8.4331/271.08
  13. Norbert Kuno 8.7877/245.23
  14. Micke Johansson 9.2521/171.10
  15. Urban Johansson 10.9122/117.83
  16. Rolf Simonsson 12.1762/67.58
  17. Johan Lindberg 12.2306/60.09


FIA Top Methanol Funny Car qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Micke Larsson 14.2551/122.31 bye; Jürgen Nagel 7.5416/302.52, Ari Pietilä 9.3370/207.29; Johnny Oksa 5.8052/405.41, Leif Andréasson 8.6083/190.95

Good to see Micke back after last year's crash. Idled off the line then went gently through the gears. Jürgen's first outing after engine damage last season. Ari's tyres didn't light in the burnout, the revs sounded low for a burnout and in fact I initially thought that he was driving to exit the track at the first turnout. Instant tyre spin for Ari, a long pedal, 1.8576 to sixty. 1.3635 to sixty for Jürgen, looked and sounded like a checkout pass, 5.0499/251.16 to the eighth. Ari to the eighth in 6.0691/237.78 and off the gas in the second eighth. More than 300-foot burnout for Jonny but the tyres did not smoke. Didn't matter though, great run! 1.0444 to sixty, Leif had shake and got to sixty in 1.3041, pedalled then back on it but not full throttle Jonny to the eighth in 3.8565/323.55.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Johnny Oksa 5.8052/405.41
  2. Jürgen Nagel 7.5416/302.52
  3. Leif Andréasson 8.6083/190.95
  4. Ari Pietilä 9.3370/207.29
  5. Micke Larsson 14.2551/122.31


FIA Top Methanol Dragster qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Chris Polidano 8.0277/422.54, Jonny Lagg 21.3796/40.72

Strange burnout for Jonny, a blip to strike the tyres then another blip. Instant tyre spin and smoke for both, 1.6745 to sixty for Chris and 1.5250 for Jonnny. Jonny gave it up, Chris was of and off the throttle five or six times then stayed on it. 303.03 at the eighth and a big speed at the stripe.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Chris Polidano 8.0277/422.54
  2. Jonny Lagg 21.3796/40.72


NMC Top Fuel Bike qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Thomas Pettersson 7.6069/265.23, Peter Andersson (Ä) 9.0603/240.86; Peter Andersson (U) 7.7229/238.17, Rikard Gustafsson 6.8624/276.36

Two Peter Anderssons, the Ä is for Älvekarleby. 1.2044 t sixty for Thomas, 1.5036 for Peter. Thomas to the eighth in 4.8473/236.22, Peter's bike was hesitating towards the eighth. The other Peter Andersson is (U) for Upplands Väsby. Peter to sixty in 1.1987, Great sixty for Rikard 1.0630 with the front wheel in th eair, feathered the throttle when the front end came down and had to feather it again as the front end went up and down again. Rikard to the eighth in 4.4018/283.46 then shut off as the bike got close to the guardrail. 4.9651/229.40 to the eighth for Peter.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Rikard Gustafsson 6.8624/276.36
  2. Thomas Pettersson 7.6069/265.23
  3. Peter Andersson (U) 7.7229/238.17
  4. Peter Andersson (Ä) 9.0603/240.86


NMC Supertwin Top Fuel Bike qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Harri Piensalmi shut off, Aku Lantto shut off; Erling Opheim 12.5257/169.60, Marcus Christiansen shut off; Roman Sixta shut off, Anders Hörnström 7.9002/274.25; Greger Johansson 8.4109/258.50 , Trond Høiberget 8.9751/268.26; Vidar Ravnsborg 7.6213/298.01, Per Bengtsson 8.6262/255.08; Hans Olav Olstad 8.7427/255.92, Samu Kemppainen 6.7646/347.94

Aku's bike had a go at throwing him off in the burnout. Harri shut off for a fluid leak before staging, then Aku shut off after taking the green. Marcus shut off as the Tree ran. 1.5842 to sixty for Erling, very gentle pass. Roman shut off for a fluid leak. 1.4071 to sixty for Anders, 5.2348/243.68 at the eighth, straight clean run. 1.2095 to sixty for Greger, 1.5813 for Trond, Greger on and off the throttle all the way down, 5.3466 at the eighth. 5.9858 to the eighth for Trond, motor sounded to be labouring. 1.2344 to sixty for Vidar, Bengt's motor hesitated off the line, 1.7051 to sixty and hesitant all the way down. Vidar to the eighth in 5.0358/234.68. Fantastic run for Samu! 1.2464 to sixty and 4.5188/283.32 at the eighth. 1.2685 to sixty for Hans Olav but then th ebike headed right and Hans Olav had to lean it to get it straight, feathered the throttle.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Samu Kemppainen 6.7646/347.94
  2. Vidar Ravnsborg 7.6213/298.01
  3. Anders Hörnström 7.9002/274.25
  4. Greger Johansson 8.4109/258.50
  5. Per Bengtsson 8.6262/255.08
  6. Hans Olav Olstad 8.7427/255.92
  7. Trond Høiberget 8.9751/268.26
  8. Erling Opheim 12.5257/169.60


NMC Pro Stock Bike qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Fredrik Kempe broke, bye; Timo Savolainen 11.7883/107.46 bye; Thomas Lysebraate Olsen broke, Kenneth Holmberg no time; Kalle Lyrén broke, Ellsa Karlsson 10.3015/135.30 bye

Problems starting the motor for Fredrik, turned over but would not stay lit. Took several attempts but got there, then the motor cut out during the burnout and Fredrik was signalled to go back to the pits. 1.1447 to sixty for Timo, was on a good one to start but then motor sounded to misfire and Timo shut off. Thomas didn't make it to the burnout, Kenneth took the bye and his motor cut out at the hit. Kalle shut off and pushed back before staging. Ellsa took the bye, motor hesitated a touch at the hit, 1.2657 to sixty and shut off about 300 feet out.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Ellsa Karlsson 10.3015/135.30
  2. Timo Savolainen 11.7883/107.46


NMC Super Street Bike qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Ida Johansson 8.4330/268.12 bye; Nils Lagerlöf 42.0718/37.51, Jonas Lundberg 8.0108/291.58; Tommie Johansson 9.2759/253.88, Robert Nilsson 8.1600/275.37; Henri Kolehmainen 7.5829/303.71, Mogens Lund 7.6309/306.64; Vesa Ruhanen 8.0291/218.54, Jani Kumpulainen 12.9925/149.34; Pelle Lakmaker 8.2714/296.05, Kimmo Pulakka 8.1537/277.63; Leif Larsson 8.2441/285.11, Roberth Häggblom 7.8718/288.77; Emil Östlund 17.3939/58.44, Alex Hope 11.6849/224.63; Rick Stubbins 7.4505/316.53, Anders Blanck 7.5319/304.57; Nils-Ola Andersson 8.1745/270.81, Björn Friström 7.8720/238.10

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Rick Stubbins 7.4505/316.53
  2. Anders Blanck 7.5319/304.57
  3. Henri Kolehmainen 7.5829/303.71
  4. Mogens Lund 7.6309/306.64
  5. Roberth Häggblom 7.8718/288.77
  6. Björn Friström 7.8720/238.10
  7. Jonas Lundberg 8.0108/291.58
  8. Vesa Ruhanen 8.0291/218.54
  9. Kimmo Pulakka 8.1537/277.63
  10. Robert Nilsson 8.1600/275.37
  11. Nils-Ola Andersson 8.1745/270.81
  12. Leif Larsson 8.2441/285.11
  13. Pelle Lakmaker 8.2714/296.05
  14. Ida Johansson 8.4330/268.12
  15. Tommie Johansson 9.2759/253.88
  16. Alex Hope 11.6849/224.63
  17. Jani Kumpulainen 12.9925/149.34
  18. Emil Östlund 17.3939/58.44
  19. Nils Lagerlöf 42.0718/37.51


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 2

Stig Olsson lost fire after the burnout, restarted without incident. Jens Eklund's motor hesitated off the line, big shake for Stig. Pair of CT/As next, Mikael Holmström and Krister Adeen who was not on the ladder before this run. Save of the Day for Mikael, got out of shape in the first half but had it covered then a violent move in the second eighth, saw both sides of the car as Mikael got a hold of it. Krister on and off the throttle, maybe a checkout pass. Improved 7.2931 for Lars-Georg Johansson against 7.84 good for #2. Looked like shake for Jim Bergström then got out of shape and shut it off. Problems for Jeppe Bergdahl and Mika Eloranta, lots of revs for no forward movement for Mika, Jeppe's motor sounded to be misfiring. Stefan Persson shut off and pushed back after his burnout. Don't remember having seen Stein Andreaa's Camaro before, very nice car. First run of the event, and also for Yngve Solberg in the other lane. 6.9495 against 7.08 for Yngve good for #3 but blower panel burst and a cloud of smoke from the motor right on the stripe. Track checked, all OK. 8.5222 for Stein against 7.27. Jens Gustavsson shut off and pushed back after a check under the rear of the car. 9.0850 against 9.26 good for #3 for Matti Rajamaki on his bye. Great match for Lasse Britsmar 7.6115 against 7.90 fo r#4 and Pär Eriksson 6.9418 against 7.41 good for #3. Mathias Stenström shut off and pushed back after the burnout.


A huge thumbs up to the track crew who got us here, they have not stopped working all day.

Stock / Super Stock qualifying session 2

Yrjö Wallius up to #18 with a 10.4600 against 10.80 index. Big wheelspin for Timo Eronen, 11.7875 against 12.30 for Leif Lindman moved him up to #14. After yesterday's DQ for underweight Dan Williams in at #4 with a 10.0877 on 10.95. Improvement for Kjell Gisslar, 10.0175 on 10.60 but stayed #11. Aborted launches for Krister Folgelin and Matthias Färm, wheelspin and sounded like maybe a trans problem for Matthias. Rick McCann up to #20 at 10.1046 on 10.40 index, only his second run with the new motor. Eurodragster.com sponsor Nic Williams up to #14 with a 10.0778 on 10.60. Big move up the ladder for Jarmo Markkanen, 10.1249 on 10.95 index, up to #5. Big problem for Lars Bodén, wheelspin and a hard right at the hit, got it straight and hit it again and the car turned right again, backed it off. Wheelie of the Day so far for Uffe Edwardson, slight improvement but stayed #2. Anders Lindh up to #19 with at 10.4251 against 10.80. Problems selecting gear for P-A Lindström. 9.2062 on 10.05 good for #5 for Ari Körkkö. Jarmo Grönman up to #1 in the penultimate pair, 10.3093/207.06 on 11.05. Theodor Brandt pushed back in the last pair. Björn Bondesson with transmission problems, car sounded briefly like a bag of spanners. Word initially came back that Dan Williams was DQ'd for underweight but about an hour later we got word that Dan had been reinstated, incorrect weight limit applied for an automatic.


Good morning and welcome to our coverage of the Tierp Internationals brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

It rained late into the night but eventually stopped in the small hours. Right now there is a low overcast, you can see to the end of the track but not much further, and no there is no breeze at all. The track crew are hard at work with sweepers, tractor, jet dryer, brushes, squegees, the lot. I must say that the track crew here at Tierp Arena inspire confidence in the same way as Santa Pod Raceway's team. A well-organised group led from the top, everyone knows their job and gets on with it.

Today's plan is for the usual near real-time reports on the on-track action, pit notes updated through the day, and a photo gallery at the end of the day. A big Thank You to Lena Perés for yesterday's gallery; pictures for the rest of the weekend will be supplied by another good buddy, Patrik Jacobsson, to whom many thanks also.

As you can see we are running the popular split-screen reporting for our reports to allow full access to qualifying lists provided by Time-Tree; today we will be posting commentaries for Sportsman classes and the usual full reports and standings for FIA, EDRS Pro and Top Doorslammer.

A big Good Morning again to our Eurodragster.com colleagues Kirstie and Julian, hope you guys are doing OK, and of course to all of the Eurodragsterholics with the usual thanks for your support. Your Reporter would also like to say a big God Morgon to Marcus and the members of the Top Doorslammer Facebook group.

Stay tuned and when we get an idea of the start time we will let you know.

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