Tierp Internationals
Tierp Arena, 16th-19th June 2016

Lördag / Saturday

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Top Fuel Dragster racer Birgitte Bremnes warmed up the engine before her first run since last August at Gardermoen. She ran a 5.08/223 to qualify fourth.

Top Methanol Funny Car racer Jürgen Nagel had bad engine damage at the Euro Finals when a valve shaft broke away and resulted in damage to the valve train, cam, block and crank. 'We had to replace a lot of these parts and have the block welded. It's the first race of the year and we want to ensure the engine has been put back together properly, so we will take it easy. Our schedule for 2016 will depend on how well the car does this weekend.' This is the team's first visit to Tierp since June 2012 when they reached the semi finals.

Pro Stock racer Thomas Linström is sponsored by DK Lyft and Transport, a crane and haulage company. Thomas was quickest in session one with 6.71/330 and improved that to 6.68/333 in session two to go third, conditions being far from ideal.

Pro Street racer Pel Norman's team comprises Andy, Rob, Nigel and Jonty. They said 'The car did a twisty launch with a wheelie and on landing the front came up again, Pel was wrestling with it and it went towards the wall and he straightened it and went 9.36/259. The engine got destroyed at the Main Event and so we have a new BBC of 515cu in with the supercharger and nitrous setup. John Sleath did a great job of rebuilding it in time for this event. We have new wheelie bars on it and want to calm it down to avoid chassis damage on landing'.

Pro Street racer Kari Laitinen ran a 7.937/274 to go eleventh. The Chevrolet Cobalt, based in Hiltulanlahti, Finland was built in 2008 by Jaffu Holm and has a Strange chassis, BBC 632cu in with Dart Big M block, BMF 350 heads, Powerglide trans and 9" Ford rear.

Pro Street racer Michael Maderer from Germany was winner at the recent Malmö event, however he has not made a run and so far and so may have to sit out eliminations. The best time for the self-built BMW 850 CSI is 8.33. The engine is a Bob Ingles Pro Stock 500cu in, and Powerglide transmission by Stig Olsson.

Pro Street racer Tero Vainio from Ylöjärvi, Finland, was EDRS Pro Street/Outlaw champion of 2015. His Toyota Supra has run a best of 7.55 and was built by noted Competition Eliminator Mika Eloranta. For more on the team, see www.vainio-racing.fi.

Pro Street racer Fredrik Sandberg's Camaro has been based in Sweden for many years, but was shipped to the US and won the World Street Finals back in 1993. The car is still street legal with its Scott Shafiroff NOS engine of 582cu in. Fredrik said 'We ran a 7.91 on soft settings as the engine blew twice and we want to check to see that it is running ok. We can add 200hp of nitrous to go quicker.' Fredrik has a fully documented portfolio of the history of the car.

Pro Street racer Christer Äberg has a show-quality Corvette which he has owned for three years. He said 'I have raced in Pro Street for eight years and ran Super Comp before that. We like Pro Street as there are no throttle stops, it is a big class, not too expensive and the cars run quick'. Christer's car has a BBC of 632cu in. 'It wasn't designed for such a large engine which puts out 1050hp plus an extra 200hp nitrous. There were a lot of handling problems to resolve'. His best was 7.64 last August.

Pro Street racer Laura Saksa from Finland ran 8.360/200 to go 15th of 22 qualifiers in the class. Her Mustang, bought as a rolling chassis from Pro Mod racer Tero Laukkanen, is new to her for this year after racing a Camaro in Outlaw last year. The engine is a 540cu in BBC with a TBS 8/71 blower and Enderle fuel injection. She won the Rookie of the Year in Finland in 2014 and you can read more on her at laurasaksaracing.fi.

Top Doorslammer racer Jörgen Berg has raced in the class since 2003 with a couple of breaks. His PB times (eighth mile) are 4.339/278,78, although his single pass here left him in 13th place. The car was built by Mats Brag, and has a blown BAE 521cu in engine on methanol, Leanders clutch, Lenco gearbox, and Brag rear axle.

Top Doorslammer racer Jonas Kant is in his second year in the class. He ran a new PB of 4.106/287 to go fourth in qualifying. The Corvette which he bought as a rolling chassis from Pro Mod racer Ola Dahlblom, was built by Tim AcAmis and has a blown BAE 514cu in engine with TFX block and BAE stage 5 heads; power goes through a Lenco gearbox.

Pro Street racer Mats Thorin was unable to make a run in qualifying. He started in the class in 2015 and has so far run a PB of 7.53/298. The impressively wrapped Ford Probe was built in 1990 by Jerry Bickel.

Pro Street racer Johan Forslund went 7.76/283 to go seventh in qualifying. The beautiful Ford Falcon was built in 2005 and has a NOS-assisted BBC of 565cu in, with Big M block, Big Chief heads, JW gearbox, and Ford rear end. His sponsor is Skanstulls Däck, which supplies wheels.

Pro Street racer Pär Norgren has a Dodge Avenger built in 1997 by Jerry Haas. The engine is a BBC 555cu in on NOS, with a Stig Olsson Powerglide. His 7.629/287 placed him third in qualifying.

Pro Street racer Benny Arvidson's car is typical of the tidy quality of the cars in the class. It was built by Jerry Bickel and is powered by a 500cu in Hemi with Powerglide. Sadly he did not get to put in a pass.

Stock/Super Stock racer Lars Björklund has a Chevy 327 with Powerglide in his Camaro. He qualified 12th with 11.368 on a G/SA index of 12.00.

Top Doorslammer racer Åke Eliasson ran 5.968/178.57 in the sole qualifying session to go ninth; his PB times are 3.93/299.His Firebird was built by Jerry Bickel 1997 and has a Procharger blown 521cu in BAE block with Veney heads, JE pistons, Bruno convertor, Lenco CS2 gearbox and Mark Williams rear axle. He is sponsored by Procharger, whose products are seen less in Scandinavia than the UK.

Pro Stock Bike racer Kenneth Holmberg is being crewed by FIM Champion Fredrick Fredlund. He said 'Kenneth and I put his new engine in after his main one blew up in the second qualifier at the Main Event. We have been working 24/7 on it.' Although it sounded great, problems resulted in two stalled launches, leaving Kenneth to rely on an improvement in current weather conditions to allow a third attempt.

Pro Stock Bike racer Thomas Olsen, in his third year in the category, also has a newly built Vortex engine. He said 'We are going to take it easy; we are looking forward to travelling to Hokenheim and Santa Pod later in the year.' Thomas idled down the track to fifth out of five qualifiers after two sessions.

Super Street Bike racer Nils-Ola Andersson ran a 8.174/270 to qualify 13th. Winner at Gardermoen last August, he has raced since 2008 and has a Suzuki Hayabusa.

Super Street Bike racer Mogens Lund said 'Never before have I been going through so much water to get to the startline. The track crew did a great job keeping the track dry with all the humidity around, big thanks to them'. He qualified fourth with a 7.630/306, some way off his 7.28 at the Main Event which indicates the conditions here at Tierp.

Super Street Bike racer Pelle Lakmaker, who has been Scandinavian Champion in Pro Street Bike four times, runs a turbo Kawasaki built by Adams Performance in the US. His 7.98/295 placed him ninth.

Super Street Bike racer Henri Kolemainen from Finland races as ANY10 drag race team. The bike built by the team with crew chief Rami Yliniemi, is a turbo 1300cc Suzuki which has run a best of 7.51/304. His best time here is 7.582/303 which places him third.

Super Street Bike racer Jani Kumpulainen has a supercharged Suzuki with a Gen2 clutch. New to His best time was 8.60/235, some way off his PB of 7.536, and he is placed in 17th.

Pro Stock Bike racer Fredrick Kempe is new to the category in 2016, and ran an easy checkout pass to go fourth on his Suzuki.

Super Twin racer Samu Kemppainen continued his great run of form. He posted a 6.76 and 6.79 in the two sessions held yesterday, his front wheel in the air for most of the course, to go half a second ahead of the rest of the field. He said 'The trip to Tierp from Vantaa in Finland is 550km a bit shorter than 2500km to Santa Pod.'

Pro Stock Bike racer Ellsa Karlsson went second in qualifying but the bikes were clearly struggling with the humid conditions. Of seven bikes on the property, only five were able to make any sort of pass.

Super Twin racer Aku Lantto, who is brother of Top Doorslammer racer Marko Lantto, shut off on the start line in session one.

Super Twin racer Harri Piensalmi was shut off for a fluid leak in session one, then ran a 10.32/178 to go ninth in session two. He has raced in the category since 2008 but this is the first time we have seen him since 2013. His bike was built in 2010 by Viaber and has a Romine Racing 175cu in block, UPM heads, Romine crank, and Bentec transmission

Super Twin racer Marcus Christiansen is new to the class and has a beautiful looking new bike. Unfortunately he was unable to start in yesterday's qualifying.

Super Twin racer Stig Olof Svensson's bike was built 2013 by Mats Åstedt. It has 2500cc MRP block, S&S crank, McClurie clutch, and Bentec transmission. He has raced in the class since 2013. He was another unable to start in yesterday's sessions.

Super Twin racer Anders Hörnström went 7.900/274.15 to go fifth, a new PB for him by six thousandths. The bike was built in 2004 with Weekend frame, no power adder, a PRP engine 150cu in, and runs high gear only.

Super Twin racer Roman Sixta, pictured with son and Junior Dragster racer Roman Jr, went 8.511/261.37 to go sixth out of ten qualifiers.

Super Twin racer Vidar Ravnsborg ran a 7.621/298 to go fourth. Vidar has been racing in the category since 2000 and has a bike built by Ton Pels in 2004 with Overkill 175cu in engine, McClure heads, 8 inch inboard clutch, and Owens gearbox. He said 'It's my first run this year and I hope it will be normal servicing for the bike'.

Super Twin racer Hans Olav Olstad has spent a lot of the last three weeks making repairs after spark plug problems at the Main Event. 'We found we got the wrong spark plug even though the package labelling was for the correct one. The porcelain came off and cause the valve to torch. We finished repairs only 24 hours before we left Norway and then found we had left some parts at home including head bolts which only arrived at 7am this morning. So the rain delay has been helpful to us.' A 7.316 placed him second.

Top Fuel Bike racer Rickard Gustafsson's nitro-fuelled machine went first with an on-and-off the throttle 6.862/276. After running a 6.042/212mph at the Main Event on the bike's competition debut, expectations are high for this weekend.

Top Fuel Bike racer Peter Andersson (from Ålvkarleby), making his class debut, has a Hayabusa Funnybike with MTC lockup clutch and Robinson gearbox. He ran a 9.0603/240.86 to go fourth.

Top Fuel Bike racer Thomas Pettersson is also making his class debut on his Suzuki. A 7.606/265 placed him second.

Pro Mod racers Freddy Fagerström (far lane) and Jöran Persåker ran alongside one another in the first qualifying session. Both are turbocharged and Freddy ran a 7.238/305 to go twelfth and Jöran a 7.463/273 to go 13th. With today called and the fields set, we won't be seeing Kim Kristiansen, Stefan Holmberg, Matts Logren, Jan Brännvall, Andreas Arthursson or Samuel Andersson making passes at this event.

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