Tierp Internationals
Tierp Arena, 16th-19th June 2016

Fredag / Friday

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Top Methanol Funny Car Micke Larsson who had a bad crash at this event last year, was back on track by the August event with much help from the Leanders Bros and Lindberg Bros and a long list of sponsors. The Dodge Charger was painted black and the completed car went on display at a show in Gothenberg in March.

Top Methanol Funny Car racer Ari Pietilä ran a great 5.77 at last August's event which is the quickest run by a Finnish TMFC. The TFX/BAE engine has a Whipple blower.

Pro Stock racer Stefan Ernryd was pleased with the car's performance at Santa Pod, despite some data problems. He said 'We are aiming to run mid 6.5s. It's great to have Dick Koster from Post & Dros who can help us sort out electronics and Racepak issues. I am excited about the class because it is growing with the number of new cars and we will be allowing injection cars to run alongside the current spec carburretor cars from 2017'. Stefan has been working with his engine supplier Roy Johnson to develop the carburretor unit for unleaded gasoline which, he says, could give more power than racing gas.

Top Fuel racer Stefan Gunnarson has long-time fuel tuner Peter Lantz (pictured left) as crew chief and Mike Domagala of Premium Motorsports Products as adviser. Peter said 'We are still in test mode and will run with the throttle down for about two and a half seconds. We had a promising 330 foot time at Santa Pod and just have a number of small issues to solve. The team and Mike are doing a great job. The car's spec is up to current levels and it produces a lot of power. We have four sets of heads as things can change and we need ot keep running. Compared to Mike I feel a Top Fuel virgin!'

Top Methanol Dragster racer Jonny Lagg's crew chief Krister Johansson and Glenn Read, both British Drag Racing Hall of Fame members, said that the car's performance at the Main Event made a big improvement. 'The top element on the rear wing moved and suddenly the car went 10mph quicker. The engine was great, we didn't take the heads off it all weekend and only really needed to look at the clutch. We are still searching for another tenth off the ET and it should run low 5.3s to be competitive.' They are also more optimistic that the number of cars in the class will increase as the season goes on, including the former car of Esko Raisvuo which was run in licensing last weekend.

Pro Stock bike racer Ellsa Karlsson is pictured with sister Elvira, Elvira's new daughter Miranda and new grandfather Robert Karlsson. The three racers occupied the first three positions in the EDRS Pro Stock Bike championship from last year, a feat that we believe has not occured in drag racing history. Robert said 'We will be run Ellsa on her bike for the series and Elvira may join her later in the season. This is the first race of the year for us, we haven't done any testing, but may go to Hockenheim if funds permit. As for my riding career, my helmet is on the shelf.'

Super Comp Bike racer Kjell Ågnes has this machine imported from the US. With a turbo, the bike is capable of 300hp at the wheel. The bike runs in the team with Kathrine Wagenius's Super Comp bike.

Super Comp racer Stefan Jansson's Volvo 340 runs under the banner of Hansen Racing. It was built in 1983 by Laroy Stenberg and has a SBC 377cu in engine with World Products block, GMC blower, Callis crank, Magnafuel pump, and Poweglide transmission. Best times to date are 8.35/261.

Pro Mod racer Stefan Gustafsson of Brillko Racing runs this turbo Camaro which has a best to date of 7.25/313. He raced in Top Doorslammer at the June 2015 event and in Pro Mod last August at Tierp after the car made its debut in 2011. Engine is a Keith Black Hemi of 511cu in with BAE Series 6 fuel heads, Arias pistons, Rossler trans and Mark Williams rear axle. You can read more about the team at brillko.com.

Super Comp racer Julia Borén Stolt's car was built 1989 at Suncoast, Florida. The engine is a BBC 468cu in on methanol with iron block, Comp 1 heads, Lunati pistons, Powerglide trans and Mark Williams rear. Julia's crew chief is Carl Erik Kihlman.

Competition eliminator racer Robert Arthursson has one of the more unusual combinations we have seen, a Camaro powered by a turbo Toyota 2JZ. The car was built in 2009 by Vanishing Point Racecars. The methanol-fuelled Turbo 2JZ engine of 3300cc has a single Precision 91mm turbo TH400 gearbox. Previously the drivetrain had resided in a Toyora Supra which ran in the 8.3s; now running in BT/A, Robert will be running against an index of 7.37.

Super Comp racers Amanda Sjöström-Andersson and sister Matilda share the driving of the family's dragster. Amanda, age 18, started in the class in 2015 with a car built in 2002 by Mullis Racecars. The engine is a BBC 560cu in with Dart heads, JE pistons, Eagle crank and Powerglide trans. More team details can be found at www.fastgirlsracing.se.

Comp Eliminator racer Krister Adeen has a brand new Volvo S60 doorslammer which shows superb engineering. Following a top end crash in his Volvo 850 in 2012, Krister contacted ME Racing who built a new chassis with Docol tubing. Krister completed the car and installed the Volvo-based engine with billet heads and specially made intake manifold. Krister, who has run in Comp Eliminator since 2002, ran a best of 6.847 with the Volvo 850.

Migatronic welding equipment have a stand by Mats Eriksson's pit area and we spoke to regional manager Markku Minkkinen. He said 'Migatronic welding equipment can be bought in many countries. the most suitable for drag racing applications is the TIG AC/DC welder which has a lot of power. Then there is the Rally MIG 161 which does arc and tig welding and so is good for hobbysists. The third machine on display is the Focus MIG 130 PFC which is suitable for welding thin plate metal'.

Pro Mod racer Mats Eriksson was disappointed at a red light in the Main Event. 'After easy races against Roger Moore and Marcus Hilt, we came up against Bruno Bader in the semi-final. I saw the yellow and knew what I had to do. But my reaction was -0.1s which is unusual for me. Let's just say, I've now done my red light for the year!' After the event Mats repaired the supercharger that had caused him problems in qualifying and had to be changed prior to round one. 'I hope we can run well here', he concluded.

Pro Mod racer Åke Persson has a guest tuner for this event. Jonnie Lindberg, 2015 NHRA Top Alcohol Funny Car champion is helping Åke tune the engine on his 1970 Camaro. The engine is a similar setup to Jonnie's, a BAE blown engine with NRE Heads. Åke is hoping to improve on his best times to date of 6.03/386.

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