Scandinavian Internationals
Tierp Arena, 25th-28th August 2016

Söndag / Sunday

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Final results

FIA Top Fuel Dragster: Stig Neergaard 4.1865/458.40 def. Anita Mäkelä 4.7005/255.32
FIA Top Methanol Dragster: Jonny Lagg 8.7590/151.18 bye
FIA Top Methanol Funny Car: Johnny Oksa 6.4171/402.99 def. Ari Pietilä 14.7967/88.55
FIA Pro Stock: Bengt Ljungdahl 6.4942/341.56 def. Jimmy Ålund 7.2459/283.17
Swedish Pro Modified Championship: Anders Nilsson staged, Mats Eriksson no show

EDRS Supertwin: Samu Kemppainen 6.5588/326.68 bye, Hans Olav Olstad did not start
EDRS Pro Stock Motorcycle: Kalle Lyrén 6.9840/307.68 def. Fredrik Fredlund 7.0534/304.91
EDRS Super Street Bike: Björn Friström 7.5694/308.57 def. Jani Kumpulainen 7.6896/292.37


It is still raining and the radar shows it continuing for some time so the Race Director has called it.

Stay tuned and we'll have today's gallery for you in a few hours.


As mentioned the other day one of the rain indicators is spectators making a run for it from the stands and a large part of the audience just upped and left. The Puddle of Reference is now showing rain as opposed to spots and we have streaks on the window here. Stay tuned.


EDRS Super Street Bike final

Björn Friström 7.5694/308.57 def. Jani Kumpulainen 7.6896/292.37

EDRS Pro Stock Motorcycle final

Kalle Lyrén 6.9840/307.68 def. Fredrik Fredlund 7.0534/304.91

EDRS Supertwin Motorcycle final

Samu Kemppainen 6.5588/326.68 bye, Hans Olav Olstad did not start


Super Gas eliminations round 2 winners

Stefan Andersson 9.8825/205.25, Jan Rhodin 10.0339/162.75, Jan Hallman 9.8942/209.14 bye, Christer Uhlin 9.9075/195.79, Johan Rehnström 10.0192/211.27, Jan Jonsson 10.0907/174.31


Super Comp eliminations round 2 winners

Maja Udtian and Matilda Sjöström-Andersson ready to burn out and shut off for spots of rain. Brief delay and we were underway again.

Bosse Ragnebro 8.9594/240.43, Kirstina Nygren 8.9385/253.88, Micke Nilsson 9.2190/213.02, Hampus Gisslén 9.3519/218.45 bye, Maja Udtian 8.9312/214.46, Leif Magril 9.3521/164.89, Anders Back 8.9932/192.38


FIA Top Fuel Dragster final

Stig Neergaard 4.1865/458.40 def. Anita Mäkelä 4.7005/255.32

Stig away first 0.0787 to 0.1686, Anita had the better sixty 0.8504 to 0.8828, Anita quicker to the eighth 3.3432/304.40 to Stig's 3.3448/407.55 but Anita's header flames went out and her eighth speed shows that she was off the gas by then, in any case Stig still had some of his start line advantage.


FIA Top Methanol Funny Car final

Johnny Oksa 6.4171/402.99 def. Ari Pietilä 14.7967/88.55

Replay of last weekend's NitrOlympX final. Huge 0.0959 to 0.4098 holeshot for Johnny. Instant shake for Ari, 1.1775 to sixty with motor screaming, gave it a pedal then off it. 1.0300 to sixty for Johnny, his motor screaming also, 3.0690/206.82 to 330 then the FC made a serious move to the right and Johnny got off it, pulled it straight and wellied it again, still fishtailing all the way. Track crew with straddled legs, fluid clean-up in Ari's lane.


FIA Top Methanol Dragster final

Jonny Lagg 8.7590/151.18 bye

0.9799 to sixty, 2.5999/210.28 at 330 feet and off the gas by then.


FIA Pro Stock final

Bengt Ljungdahl 6.4942/341.56 def. Jimmy Ålund 7.2459/283.17

Jimmy away first 0.0377 to Bengt's 0.0700 but then Jimmy hit shake which we felt here in Race Control, 1.2544 to sixty and not playing much part in proceedings after that, shut off before the eighth. 0.9669 to sixty for Bengt, 4.1666/272.18 at the eighth.


Pro Street eliminations round 1 winners

Huge nitrous burp for Micael Eriksson about 100 feet out, top end fire crew sped to Micael's aid and he drove straight past them.

Johan Källberg 7.6746/256.90, Seppo Raussi 7.6954/264.06, Peter Nordlund 7.6443/284.06, Daniel Hållestam 7.7738/218.80, Lars Berglund 7.6807/265.10, Kalle Mannerkoski 7.6113/284.21, Marcus Pettersson 9.5174/184.80, Pär Norgren 7.6115/287.23


FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 3

Mats Ericsson 5.9640/384.62 def. Andreas Arthursson 7.6737/200.67

Mats visibly away first 0.0768 to 0.2770 and had the better sixty 0.9677 to 1.0750. Andreas hit shake and his car moved to the right, shut it off before the eighth 4.3250/234.37. Mats long gone at the eighth, 3.9122/306.30.

Bruno Bader 19.0722/48.82 bye, Micke Johansson no show

No Micke so Bruno gave it a squeeze of the throttle then drove it gently down the track.


EDRS Super Street Bike eliminations round 3

Jani Kumpulainen 7.8415/295.57 def. Rick Stubbins 9.9162/136.29
Björn Friström 7.7869/292.37 def. Vesa Ruhanen 7.9369/262.26


EDRS Supertwin Motorcycle eliminations round 2

Samu Kemppainen 6.6904/354.80 def. Harri Piensalmi 7.7350/204.86
Hans Olav Olstad 7.2677/229.59 bye, Roman Sixta broke


EDRS Pro Stock Motorcycle eliminations round 2

Kalle Lyrén shut off, Elvira Karlsson shut off

Kalle and Elvira ready to stage and shut off for spots of rain. Very slow-moving weather system so we were down for more than an hour.

Kalle Lyrén 7.1140/305.26 def. Elvira Karlsson 7.0928/290.79
Fredrik Fredlund 7.0557/303.88 def. Timo Savolainen 7.1902/298.18 DQ red light


FIA Top Methanol Funny Car eliminations round 2

Johnny Oksa 5.5624/417.63 bye, Micke Larsson no show

No Micke and no word why. 0.9666 to sixty, 3.6753/334.78 at the eighth, drifted to the right and close to the guardrail but stayed with it.

Ari Pietilä 20.1208/51.73 bye

Odd-number bye for Ari. 0.9983 to sixty and off the gas.


FIA Pro Stock eliminations round 2

Jimmy Ålund 6.9621/338.98 def. Michael Malmgren 19.4999/63.05

Jimmy away first 0.0616 to 0.0941, both Michael and Jimmy hit shake by sixty feet, 1.1066 for Michael to Jimmy's 1.1014. Jimmy recovered from the shake, Michael shut it off. Jimmy to the eighth in 4.6021/264.97, a good half second lost to the shake.

Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5125/340.05 def. Stefan Ernryd 6.6758/337.71

Somewhere in Sweden is a Lidl one shopping basket down as it is used as Bengt's start line tool carrier. Stefan asleep on the line 0.5855, Bengt had a car length on him at 0.1926. 0.9620 to sixty for Bengt, 0.9896 for Stefan, big lead for Bengt at the eighth even without the RT advantage 4.1750/270.81 to 4.3126/265.10.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster eliminations round 2

Stig Neergaard 12.1448/72.42 def. Stefan Gunnarsson 4.9194/229.59 DQ

-0.2047 red for Stefan handed this to Stig who was there for the taking as his tyres went up in smoke immediately. 1.2944 to sixty and off the gas before 330 feet 4.9126/96.34. For the record Stefan to sixty in 0.8601, tyres were blackstriping and car started to move right, looked like a pedal right on 330 feet as the car was close to the rail then looked like the blower belt broke.

Anita Mäkelä 4.0940/464.32 def. Duncan Micallef 11.2965/110.59

Duncan away first 0.0912 to 0.1448, tyres up in smoke just off the line and then a flash of flame from his motor and he played no further part in proceedings. Anita to sixty in 0.9259, 330 feet in 2.3359/296.22, dragster gently heading right, 3.2894/431.65 at the eighth. Looked to shut off a touch before the stripe.


Super Gas eliminations round 1 winners

Linus Rudnert 9.7624/220.14 bye, Stefan Andersson 9.8907/205.32, Patrick Wickman 9.9287/199.85, Jan Rhodin 10.2203/152.63, Jan Hallman 9.9727/188.75, Håkan Mattsson 9.9152/247.03, Christer Uhlin 9.9194/196.51, Johan Rehnström 9.9228/233.36, Stig Svanberg 10.4525/181.03 bye (Garth Haworth DQ), Åke Hedberg 10.2460/218.36, Jan Jonsson 10.0288/188.09

Part-time photographers have emerged which saves me looking at the running order, the Pros are next up then.


Super Comp eliminations round 1 winners

Stefan Jansson DQ'd for an 8.2868 chassis breakout, in the other lane Anders Brändström committed a deep-stage foul and has not been reinstated.

Bosse Ragnebro 8.9478/256.41, Daniel Norberg 9.1165/228.23, Kristina Nygren 8.9256/254.48, Leif Andersson 8.9804/166.14, Micke Nilsson 9.1154/224.44, Göran Gustavsson 8.6812/248.05, Hampus Gisslén 9.2545/224.07, Maja Udtian 8.9288/214.80 bye (Mauritz Rådberg no show), Matilda Sjöström-Andersson 8.7795/259.62, Marita Granholm 8.9182/222.04, Leif Magnil 9.5717/178.87, Mikael Modin 8.5419/213.95, Anders Back 9.1332/205.56 bye (Leif Nyström no show)


Top Doorslammer eliminations round 2

Mats Stefansson 3.7937/326.09 def. Victor Jansson 3.8831/312.14
Andreas Sjödin 3.9031/307.34 def. Dmitry Samorukov 3.9278/318.02 DQ
Rimbert Vahlström 3.9969/299.83 def. Stefan Carlsson 6.2399/127.75
Mattias Wulcan 3.6959/330.88 def. Jonas Cant 4.1052/293.16

Victor away first 0.0693 to 0.1234, Mats had the better sixty 0.9346 to Victor's 0.9809, Mats' car made a move to the right about 400 feet out but he had a hold of it. -0.0140 red for Dmitry handed it to Andreas. 0.9563 to sixty for Andreas, 2.5947/233.26 at 330 feet. 0.0048 RT for Stefan then shake to sixty 1.1757, a couple of pedals and off it. Rimbert to sixty in 0.9915 and 330 feet in 2.6662/228.33. Mattias away first 0.0828 to 0.0991, storming sixty 0.9076 to Jonas' 1.1200 with shake, Jonas drove through the shake but Mattias was way out in front.

Congratulations to Rimbert Vahlström on winning this year's Championship with his victory in this round.


Stock / Super Stock eliminations round 2 winners

Jarmo Grönman (10.15) 11.1149/167.55, Bo Nylund (10.85) 10.9575/173.86, Anders Eriksson (10.70) 10.7792/176.70, Kjell Erickson (10.91) 11.0085/180.82, Lars Johansson (12.34) 12.4013/169.44, Lasse Bodén (10.03) 10.0727/211.27, Tomas Westberg (11.30) 11.3708/177.81, Björn Bondesson (10.10) 10.1219/207.06, Nic Williams (10.02) 10.0540/188.09, Bo Butner (8.58) 8.5365/222.59, Lars Björklund (11.24) 11.3856/173.30


Comp Eliminator eliminations round 2 winners

Stig Olsson (7.38) 8.2278/171.05, Bjørn Johansen (7.56) 7.0801/311.60, Angelica Bäckman (7.61) 7.0501/316.53, Rene Meierhofer (9.26) 9.2131/158.40 bye (Pär Eriksson did not start), Jim Bergström (6.89) 7.2465/277.92, Jens Eklund (8.17) 7.7909/229.30, Hans Falkenberg (6.89) 9.1105/219.16


FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 2

Andreas Arthursson 8.4917/175.72 bye, Micke Gullqvist no show

Micke didn't make the call so Andreas took the bye. 1.0550 to sixty, shake and the car moved to the right, back on the pedal and from here it looked as if the front end lifted, either way the car was moving around and Andreas shut it off before the eighth 4.6305/201.87.

Mats Eriksson 5.9862/384.07 def. Håkan Persson 14.8776/77.98

Håkan away first 0.0182 to 0.1049, 1.0586 to sixty with tyres already shaking, off the gas shortly after. Mats to sixty in 0.9719, 3.9305/305.08 at the eighth.

Micke Johansson 6.5593/349.06 def. Åke Persson 10.0470/149.09

Åke away first 0.1140 to 0.2230, Micke to sixty in 1.0052 whilst Åke hit shake which made his motor zing, 1.2026 to sixty. Åke pedalled and tried again, shake and zinging motor again and he quit. Mike had had to pedal himself for shake and his car headed for the centre line but he stayed with it, 4.2947/275.79 at the eighth and looked to shut off a touch early.

Bruno Bader 6.0321/373.96 def. David Vegter 6.6643/244.45

David away first 0.2243 to 0.2386 and the better sixty 1.0078 to 1.0224, no real sign of shake for either. David had the advantage at the eighth 3.9351/290.01 to 3.9531/304.57 but the lowering speed betrayed a problem and David shut it off in the second half and Bruno overhauled him.


EDRS Top Fuel Motorcycle eliminations round 1

Fantastic run for Jan Sturla Hegre, another PB, well done Jan Sturla and team! Another great run for Thomas Pettersson, 0.01 behind yesterday's new PB.

Jan Sturla Hegre 6.1819/361.20 def. Peter Andersson (Ä) 7.7579/256.53
Thomas Pettersson 6.8976/293.00 def. Peter Andersson (U) 7.4239/273.69


EDRS Super Street Bike eliminations round 2

Rick Stubbins 7.0977/304.40 def. Alex Hope 9.0699/152.71
Jani Kumpulainen 7.7660/297.19 def. Anders Blanck 11.3552/113.71
Vesa Ruhanen 7.7416/281.54 def. Emil Östlund 8.8911/197.87
Björn Friström 7.5986/303.20 def. Mogens Lund 7.4296/319.91


EDRS Pro Stock Motorcycle eliminations round 1

Kalle Lyrén 7.0101/309.99 def. Bo Thorselius 11.0755/109.16
Elvira Karlsson 7.1011/300.50 def. Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 7.2997/287.69 DQ red light
Fredrik Fredlund 7.1335/303.54 def. Jörgen Bengtsson 19.1467/75.39
Timo Savolainen 7.1834/297.03 def. Fredrik Kempe 8.5569/244.12


EDRS Supertwin Motorcycle eliminations round 1

Samu Kemppainen 6.4979/338.98 def. Erling Opheim 7.9026/264.96
Harri Piensalmi 7.4842/264.71 def. Marcus Christiansen 8.6248/188.61
Hans Olav Olstad 6.6534/296.22 def. Vidar Ravnsborg 7.3603/315.42
Roman Sixta 6.7837/323.94 def. Greger Johansson 7.0977/264.58


Junior Dragster eliminations round 3 winners

Wilma Andersson (7.90) 7.9126/132.97, Lucas Karlsson (7.92) 7.9725/130.91, Hanna Kongshem (8.12) 8.1665/127.99 bye, William Moberg Hetleflåt (8.20) 8.3155/109.67, Vilma Palasmaa (8.08) 8.1331/129.31, Pontus Garefelt (8.00) 8.1409/125.90


FIA Pro Stock eliminations round 1

Michael Malmgren 6.8989/306.99 def. Richard Sundblom 12.1121/116.53

Michael straight into stage and away first 0.1508 to Nixxon's 0.1807. Nixxon had the better sixty 0.9916 to Michael's 0.9989 but then hit shake and his car headed left towards the guardrail and he had to shut it off. Michael with no such problems to the eighth in 4.4162/256.17.

Stefan Ernryd 6.7491/334.99 def. Thomas Lindström 7.3551/334.78

Thomas against his former sponsor away first 0.0107 to 0.2000 but then hit bad shake, 1.4465 to sixty with the car heading right. Thomas tried to drive theough the shake but had to pedal to get it away from the centre line. No such problems for Stefan, 0.9842 to sixty and 4.3681/tbc at the eighth.

Bengt Ljungdahl 6.4912/342.42 def. Sampsa Palos 23.6255/49.41

Sampsa in as an alternate for Hannu Kalliomaki. Bengt away first 0.0377 to 0.1066, Sampsa hit bad shake and shut it off. Had a grandstand view of the new quickest run in Europe by Bengt; 0.9627 to sixty and 4.1693/272.73 to the eighth. Bengt with a new European ET record backed up by his 6.5394 in qualifying, well done Bengt and team!

Jimmy Ålund 6.5333/343.51 def. Magnus Pettersson 6.7993/329.67

Great race! Magnus away first 0.0174 to 0.0455, Jimmy had the better sixty 0.9880 to Magnus 1.0116. Slight shake for Magnus. Jimmy with a clear lead at the eighth 4.2159/272.18 to Magnus' 4.3764/260.62.


FIA Top Methanol Dragster qualifying session 5 (left lane first)

Jonny Lagg 11.9651/128.69 bye

0.9727 to sixty, then off the gas.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Jonny Lagg 5.4563/436.19


Junior Dragster eliminations round 2 winners (after re-run)

Lucas Karlsson's race with Alexander Loffe Edlund re-run for reasons I know not right now.

Mari Udtian (7.90) 7.9887/125.20, Wilma Andersson (7.90) 7.9920/122.12, Lucas Karlsson (7.90) 7.9616/131.07, Elin Aarvik (8.20) 8.3251/123.65, Hanna Kongshem (8.10) 8.1387/127.45, Håvard Kongshem (8.25) 8.3194/122.62, William Moberg Hetleflåt (8.20) 8.2296/119.31, Vilma Palasmaa (8.03) 8.1644/129.40, Niklas Larsson (7.90) 7.9645/136.74, Tomas Numinen (8.13) 8.2502/128.14, Pontus Garefelt (7.95) 8.0943/126.02


FIA Top Methanol Funny Car eliminations round 1

Johnny Oksa 5.5406/419.25 bye

#1 qualifier bye for Johnny. Fantastic! 0.9437 to sixty, 2.4588/252.93 at 330 feet, 3.6538/333.75 at the eighth, I don't think I have ever seen such a straight run from a Top Methanol FC, you could use the tyre marks as a ruler. New PB, congratulations Johnny and team!

Micke Larsson 6.6349/194.66 bye, Danny Bellio no show

No Danny, he was absent from some of the qualifying sessions also. Micke to sixty in 0.9804, 300 feet at 2.5527/237.47, then the engine note started to drop before the eighth 3.8426/306.12 and the blower relief panel popped and both chutes deployed.

Ari Pietilä 7.9621/287.23 def. Leif Andréasson 12.2831/157.62

Instant spin for Leif at the hit, back of the car jumped up. Ari to sixty in 1.0076 then bad shake which pitched the car towards the centre line, a pedal and back on it. Ari's car was determined to go out of shape whatever he did and he eventually gave it up.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster eliminations round 1

Duncan Micallef 8.8535/130.43 bye, Timo Lehtimäki no show

Timo a no show as was first alternate Monica Öberg. Duncan had no reverse after the burnout, frantic signalling from his back-up guy and the whole team ran down the track to push Duncan back to the start line. 0.8656 to sixty, blackstripe clearly visible from Race Control, off the gas at about 150 feet.

Stefan Gunnarsson 6.4199/167.08 def. Björn Mårtensson 15.3763/47.51

Björn visibly moved first 0.1934 to 0.2581, tyres immediately up in smoke and shut off, 1.7127 to sixty. Stefan to sixty in 0.8935 then his tyres went up in smoke, one pedal, off the gas before 330 feet 2.6224/213.95.

Anita Mäkelä 3.9841/488.69 def. Micke Kågered 10.3864/131.61

Micke away first 0.1032 to 0.1500 but his tyres went up in smoke immediately and he shut it off. Anita to sixty in 0.8583, 330 feet in 2.2352/297.68 and the eighth 3.1890/431.65, on the gas with nitro flames clearly visible all the way to the stripe. Only one chute but got it stopped no problem.

Stig Neergaard 4.1082/431.65 def. Liam Jones 12.6464/102.16

Liam's crew made a last-minute adjustment to his wheelie bar, Stig in pre-stage and the Chief Starter beckoned Liam forward. Stig away first 0.0965 to Liam's 0.1571, Liam's tyres went up in smoke at the hit, one pedal then gave it up. Stig to sixty in 0.8598 and 330 feet in 2.2841/294.12, car drifted towards the centre line but Stig held it, 3.2629/415.07 at the eighth.


FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 1

Andreas Arthursson 8.1541/188.15 def. Thomas Stiefel 6.6566/378.15 DQ

Thomas' motor took two attempts to start. -0.3915 red going up on the revs handed it to Andreas. Andreas to sixty in 1.0354, pedal for shake and car made a move left and right, rolled off the throttle by the eighth 4.5942/222.13.

Micke Johansson 12.9328/100.52 bye, Anders Nilsson no show

No sign of the new Swedish Champion nor of alternate Urban Johansson so Micke took the bye. Spent a long time in pre-stage, I started to think that maybe Micke didn't know that he was on a bye. 1.0852 to sixty with hideous shake, something came off the car, Micke shut it off about 100 feet out.

Bruno Bader 6.0244/370.37 def. Johan Lindberg 6.0644/368.35

Bruno away first 0.1124 to Johan's 0.1964, Johan with the better sixty 0.9972 to 1.0171. No sign of shake for either past the acceptable level. Bruno to the eighth in 3.9332/304.05 to Johan's 3.9763/303.03. Johan plain outrun, but only just.

Håkan Persson 6.0100/383.52 bye, Rolf Simonsson no show

No Rolf and no word why. Håkan took the bye. Great run! 1.0207 to sixty, slight move left and right, 3.9495/306.12 at the eighth.

Mats Eriksson 5.9822/384.07 def. Freddy Fagerström 8.5837/153.41

Mats had to change motors yesterday. No sign of the thrash in the RTs, 0.0705 to Freddy's 0.1141. Mats to sixty in 0.9729 to Freddy's 1.0664. Freddy hit shake and the pick-up started to move towards the centre line, gave it up just before the eighth. Mats long gone at the eighth 3.9310/305.60.

David Vegter 5.9685/375.82 def. Jöran Persåker 9.8798/203.54

Jöran edged into full stage spooling up the turbo, David not even in pre-stage and was bulbed by the Autostart. Luckily neither racer moved and the starter signalled both to pull back and stage again. On the green Jöran's pick-up crept forward very slowly then he added power as he went down the track. David to sixty in 1.0162, the eighth 3.9312/310.34 moving gently left and right.

Åke Persson 5.8958/395.31 bye, Stefan Gustafsson no show

No Stefan, no word why. Fantastic run for Åke! 0.9904 to sixty, drifted left before the eighth 3.8920/313.04, pulled it back to the middle of the lane.

Micke Gullqvist 6.3232/382.17 def. Erik Andersson 7.1331/297.85

Visible holeshot for Erik 0.1830 to Micke's 0.3560. Micke to sixty in 1.0083 to Erik's 1.1705, Micke hit shake and pedalled, shook again and the Camaro headed right with the front right wheel in the air, another pedal and pulled it away from the centre line. Micke to the eighth in 4.2064/288.46 had Erik's 4.5904/267.06 covered.


EDRS Pro Super Street Bike eliminations round 1

Ida Johansson in as an alternate for Dag Wagenius.

Alex Hope 7.2780/318.96 def. Robert Nilsson 7.4751/312.14
Anders Blanck 7.8393/315.24 def. Roberth Häggblom 7.8980/293.00
Jani Kumpulainen 8.0027/290.79 def. Nils-Ola Andersson 13.0350/147.58
Emil Östlund 8.7258/198.24 def. Henri Kolehmainen 8.5879/295.57
Vesa Ruhanen 7.5993/290.95 def. Ida Johansson 32.6374/42.90
Mogens Lund 7.3933/316.90 def. Pelle Lakmaker 9.6933/166.26
Björn Friström 7.7337/315.24 def. Kimmo Pulakka 7.7376/304.23
Rick Stubbins 7.2993/318.77 def. Kim Hilander 7.9852/282.28


Good morning and welcome from Tierp Arena for our coverage of the Scandinavian Internationals brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

It's a beautiful morning here. Lots of sun, high cloud and a nice temperature.

Because full ladders are being published courtesy of Time-Tree we are using the popular split-screen format for our reports, similar to last week's coverage from Hockenheim. We will post commentaries of Sportsman qualifying sessions and then round winners in Sportsman eliminations but we will of course continue to post the full reports and results in Pro classes.

The traditional Raceday god morgon to our US Correspondent Kathy Hileman who is tuned in from New Hampshire. Hope you are having a great weekend Kathy. Good morning also to all of the Eurodragsterholics including Ivar Kolberg, Kai Plathan and James Humphreys, hope you are all doing OK and thank you for your support. A big Good Morning to our colleague Simon and Contributing Photographer Callum Pudge and to all the guys at Shakespeare County Raceway where the Open Sport Nationals starts today. Hello, good luck and stay safe to our colleague Kirstie who is racing in Sportsman ET. You can stay in touch with events at SCR by clicking here.

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Junior Dragster have been called to the lanes for 08:30 for their second round of eliminations. This will be followed by the 16 -> 8 rounds of FIA Pro Modified and EDRS Pro Super Street Bike. There is a brief ceremony at 10:00 after which all Pro classes will have their first rounds of eliminations and Pro Modified their second. It's going to be manic. Stay tuned and when the wheels start to turn we'll bring you the news.

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