Scandinavian Internationals
Tierp Arena, 25th-28th August 2016

Fredag / Friday

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Super Comp qualifying session 2

8.9314 in the first pair good for #2 for Anders Brändström. Great 8.9091 for Line Havdal for #1 spot in the third pair. Eskil Granslåen Rolstad and Matilda Sjöström-Andersson side by side, interesting exercise for a slow typist with an English keyboard and a dodgy ticker... Matilda into #6 at 9.9396. Kristina Nygren into #1 at 8.9037 two pairs later. Humungous burnout by Anders Back, Sweden disappeared there for a moment, and 8.9776 good for a move up to #8. Leif Andersson up to #5 at 8.9350. Micke Nilsson and Benny Wallenbro side-by-side to #3 at 8.9263 and #5 at 8.9302 respectively. Perfect 8.9003 for Bo Ragnebro to take #1 spot, in the other lane an 8.9245 was good for #4 for Maja Udtian. Great 8.9030 by Hampus Gisslén won him #3 spot.

That's qualifying done for today. We will post today's gallery in a couple of hours so stay tuned for that.


Super Street qualifying session 2

10.7989 breakout for Ulf Axelsson first pair. Outdone by Uffe Lundgren next pair 10.7578. 10.9708 for Daniel Aggelid put him in the ladder at #3. Leo Jansson into #1 next pair at 10.9136. 10.9800 good for #5 for Tomas Hägg.

Super Gas qualifying session 2

9.9126 good for #1 for Linus Rudnert in the first pair. Next pair disappeared behind a huge burnout by Jan Hallman. 9.7484 by Christer Uhlin good for SG Breakout of the Day. A couple of hard right turns from Car-Eric Andersson's Camaro, Carl-Eric kept a hold of it although it got close to the centre line. Quick clean-up of fluid in that lane. Big Thank You to a member of Håkan Mattsson's crew who stood back whilst Grace took a picture of Håkan's burnout, alas Håkan broke out. 9.9811 good for #6 for Åke Hedberg. 9.6398 for Jan Jonsson takes away Christer Uhlin's Big Breakout title.


EDRS Super Street Bike qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Nils Lagerlöf 10.8662/166.72 bye; Henri Kolehmainen 7.2492/321.81, Kimmo Pulakka 8.0124/302.01; Kim Hilander no time, Emil Östlund 7.8457/304.40 DQ; Robert Nilsson 7.7063/315.79, Pelle Lakmaker 8.1828/288.62; Jani Kumpulainen 7.7188/299.00, Alex Hope 8.4816/195.65; Roberth Häggblom 7.8001/304.23, Dag Wagenius 7.5204/318.02; Vesa Ruhanen 7.4415/325.89, Nils-Ola Andersson 7.4022/312.50; Björn Friström 7.7094/303.20, Anders Blanck 12.1730/102.20; Rick Stubbins 7.1120/331.70, Mogens Lund 7.5127/232.86

Smoke from Alex Hope's motor then a fluid trail to the end of the shutdown area. Track crew picking up small pieces and clean-up ensued. Nils Lagerlöf's time was subsequently removed and replaced with his Q1 time so I guess this run was DQ'd.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Rick Stubbins 7.1120/331.70
  2. Henri Kolehmainen 7.2492/321.81
  3. Mogens Lund 7.3988/316.53
  4. Nils-Ola Andersson 7.4022/312.50
  5. Anders Blanck 7.4293/309.28
  6. Vesa Ruhanen 7.4415/325.89
  7. Dag Wagenius 7.5204/318.02
  8. Björn Friström 7.5598/311.42
  9. Alex Hope 7.5873/305.60
  10. Robert Nilsson 7.7063/315.79
  11. Jani Kumpuliainen 7.7188/299.00
  12. Roberth Häggblom 7.8001/304.23
  13. Emil Östlund 7.9898/242.26
  14. Kimmo Pulakka 8.0124/302.01
  15. Pelle Lakmaker 8.1828/288.62
  16. Leif Larsson 10.3862/182.43
  17. Ida Johansson 11.0528/131.13
  18. Nils Lagerlöf 12.8828/219.42
  19. Kim Hilander 16.1573/82.89


EDRS Pro Stock Motorcycle qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Jörgen Bengtsson 21.2107/117.42, Thomas Lysebraate Olsen no time; Timo Savolainen 9.5703/148.80, Elvira Karlsson 7.3309/293.00; Kalle Lyrén 7.0039/305.43, Fredrik Fredlund 7.1060/307.17

Both Jörgen's and Thomas' motors stopped not far off the line, Jörgen had enough momentum to get a time on the board. Timo shut it off at about 300 feet. Very slight improvement for Elvira, stayed in place on the ladder. Great pair between Kalle and Fredde, improvements for both but stayed #1 and #2.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Kalle Lyrén 7.0039/305.43
  2. Fredrik Fredlund 7.1060/307.17
  3. Elvira Karlsson 7.3309/293.00
  4. Fredrik Kempe 8.4746/243.79
  5. Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 8.4967/249.88
  6. Timo Savolainen 8.5205/173.91
  7. Bo Thorselius 15.9531/127.75
  8. Jörgen Bengtsson 21.2107/117.42


EDRS Supertwin Motorcycle qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Svein Olav Rolfstad 10.8019/132.29 bye; Harri Piensalmi 7.5583/225.66 bye; Vidar Ravnsborg 7.5137/278.93, Marcus Christiansen 12.8436/111.23; Roman Sixta shut off, Trond Høiberget 10.3971/164.58 bye; Samu Kemppainen 6.5935/305.08, Erling Opheim 8.2508/216.00

Svein Olav to sixty in 1.2143 with nitro flames clearly visible but the bike was drifting left and he shut it off. Mop-and-billys clean-up in Svein Olav's lane. Half pass from Harri, 1.2463 to sixty and 4.6039/268.92 at the eighth pulling it away from the centre line. 1.2216 to sixty for Vidar, 4.9604/252.81 at the eighth with throttle feathered, Marcus off the gas before 330 feet and idled through. Roman's motor stopped after the burnout. Trond's motor slowly died off the further down the track he went. Grest run for Samu! 1.1431 to sixty, 4/2711291.89 at the eighth. 1.1636 to sixty for Erling, improvement but stayed in place.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Samu Kemppainen 6.4852/333.75
  2. Roman Sixta 7.1252/298.51
  3. Vidar Ravnsborg 7.5137/278.93
  4. Harri Piensalmi 7.5583/225.66
  5. Erling Opheim 8.2508/216.00
  6. Hans Olav Olstad 9.9911/127.96
  7. Trond Høiberget 10.3971/164.58
  8. Svein Olav Rolfstad 10.8019/132.29
  9. Ismo Mäenpää 10.8192/176.59
  10. Greger Johansson 11.1445/131.93
  11. Marcus Christiansen 12.8436/111.23
  12. Vesa Lipponen 13.2463/99.69


EDRS Top Fuel Motorcycle qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Peter Andersson (U) 8.5392/285.11 bye; Thomas Pettersson 8.4490/280.37, Peter Andersson (Ä) 9.0816/221.95

Hesitation from Peter (U)'s motor off the line but picked up, relatively that is as his Q1 run was quicker. Bucking bronco ride for Peter (Ä), improvement but stayed in place.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Thomas Pettersson 7.2114/294.60
  2. Peter Andersson (U) 7.4720/302.52
  3. Jan Sturla Hegre 8.2441/176.47
  4. Peter Anderssson (Ä) 9.0816/221.95


FIA Top Fuel Dragster qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Micke Kågered 4.6998/282.87, Liam Jones 12.1129/98.11; Timo Lehtimäki 4.5374/421.88, Stig Neegaard 12.1521/72.34; Anita Mäkelä 3.9690/416.99, Duncan Micallef 8.6118/113.18

0.8742 to sixty for Micke, 1.0309 for Liam with tyres shaking and smoking, Liam off the gas very quickly. Micke with a pedal before 330 feet 2.3585/274.53 then off the gas altogether before the eighth. Yellow flames from Timo's motor in stage but cleared at the hit. Stig's tyres up in smoke immediately and he shut it off. Timo to sixty in 0.9704, 330 feet in 2.4964/261.25 looked like cylinders mixing, 3.6112/367.85 at the eighth and sounded to me to go under power past the thousand and to the quarter. 0.8428 to sixty for Anita, 0.9037 for Duncan, Duncan's tyres broke traction, one pedal and off it altogether. 2.1907/304.05 to 330 feet for Anita (188.93 mph), 3.1255/439.74 at the eighth (273.24 mph) and that dragster body language and puff of smoke from the motor which suggests a belt gone again.

Our good buddy and stats guru Andy Marrs tells us that this is the first time we have had three Top Fuel Dragsters qualified in the threes.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Duncan Micallef 3.9130/489.57
  2. Anita Mäkelä 3.9690/416.99
  3. Stig Neergaard 3.9746/478.72
  4. Liam Jones 4.0374/437.25
  5. Timo Lehtimäki 4.5374/421.88
  6. Micke Kågered 4.6998/282.87
  7. Stefan Gunnarsson 8.3243/115.43
  8. Björn Mårtensson 7.2635/154.51
  9. Monica Öberg 9.4147/113.21


FIA Pro Modified qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Erik Andersson 17.3465/66.56 bye; Freddy Fagerström shut off, bye; Micke Johansson 6.2222/367.10, Jan Brännvall 7.4253/272.18; Bruno Bader 6.4949/368.35, Håkan Persson 6.1549/377.09; David Vegter 6.1179/382.98, Thomas Stiefel 6.1720/374.74; Andreas Arthursson 6.3432/279.50, Anders Nilsson 9.4470/114.58; Åke Persson 6.0033/391.87, Johan Lindberg 9.5516/146.78; Micke Gullqvist 5.9832/393.59, Mats Eriksson 6.0946/382.98

Tyre spin and a cannonade from Erik's motor, Mustang turned right and he shut it off about 150 feet out. Unusually short burnout by Freddy then shut off at about 300 feet and towed off the track. Micke J to sixty in 1.0135, 1.2064 for Jan although it didn't appear to be shake just blowing through the clutch. 4.0681/294.28 to the eighth for Micke J, suffering 4.8077/245.57 for Jan who shut it off early. Smoke from Micke's motor in the second eighth, track checked and everyone happy. 1.0529 to sixty for Bruno, 1.0500 for Håkan. Bruno looked to hit shake and the Vette started to make moves, Bruno pedalled it. Håkan to the eighth in 4.0590/300.50, Bruno visibly behind at the eighth 4.3365/290.32. Two great runs b David and Thomas but separated by a pedestrian RT by David, not that it matters in qualifying. David to sixty in 1.0339 and the eighth in 4.0402/302.01 , 1.0253 to sixty for Thomas and 4.0537/298.01 to the eighth. 1.0769 to sixty for Andreas, 1.0064 for Anders with tyres visibly shaking and his chutes deployed. Andreas long gone at the eighth 4.0395/314.40 to Anders' chute-dragging 4.4206/191.83 off the gas by then, Andreas had the chutes out before the stripe. 1.0189 to sixty for Åke, 1.0142 for Johan who then hit bad shake. A pedal and more shake and shut it off. 3.9802/310.34 to the eighth for Åke. Great match between Micke G and Mats! Mats away first 0.0645 to 0.0975, Micke with the better sixty 1.0103 to Mats' 1.0175. Not much sign of shake for either. Micke to the eighth in 3.9989/309.28 to Mats' 4.0210/301.68.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Micke Gullqvist 5.9319/396.18
  2. Åke Persson 6.0033/391.87
  3. Mats Eriksson 6.0468/383.52
  4. Johan Lindberg 6.0706/384.34
  5. Anders Nilsson 6.0990/378.15
  6. David Vegter 6.1179/382.98
  7. Thomas Stiefel 6.1278/377.62
  8. Håkan Persson 6.1549/377.09
  9. Andreas Arthursson 6.1559/371.90
  10. Micke Johansson 6.2222/367.10
  11. Bruno Bader 6.4382/370.12
  12. Rolf Simonsson 6.4548/321.24
  13. Freddy Fagerström 6.6474/356.91
  14. Jöran Persåker 7.4246/266.93
  15. Jan Brännvall 7.4253/272.18
  16. Stefan Gustafsson 7.7957/218.01
  17. Erik Andersson 13.2011/98.94
  18. Urban Johansson 13.2828/67.32


FIA Pro Stock qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Michael Malmgren 6.8611/310.88, Sampsa Palos 6.8176/313.95; Jimmy Ålund 6.6273/339.62, Robin Norén 6.8648/324.91; Christian Sagelv 7.1613/284.06, Stefan Ernryd 6.7337/333.33; Jonas Boberg 6.9714/321.62, Hannu Kalliomäki 6.7741/329.27; Magnus Pettersson 6.9514/322.20, Thomas Lindström 6.7534/330.28; Richard Sundblom 6.8207/329.67, Bengt Ljungdahl 6.9497/262.65

An engine change reportedly the reason for Michael's absence earlier... I said "Reportedly" folks. Nice engine and a good bedding-in run. 1.0701 to sixty and 4.4188/261.50 at the eighth. 1.0372 to sixty for Sampsa, looked to be really charging towards the eighth 4.3856/261.63. 1.0071 to sixty for Jimmy to Robin's 1.0360, Robin had a brief hit of shake. Jimmy visibly ahead at the eighth 4.2819/269.06 to Robin's 4.4219/258.87 and that'll be Jimmy's should-have-been baseline from Q1. 1.0529 sixty for Christian, 1.0192 for Stefan, Christian's motor started to smoke at the eighth 4.5313/246.91 and he was visibly behind Stefan's 4.3485/263.41. Christian shut it off before the stripe. Track checked and Christian's lane called good. Great run for Hannu, crew very happy with that. 1.0132 to sixty, accelerating hard towards the eighth 4.3692/262.14. 1.0643 to sixty for Jonas and 4.4949/254.84 at the eighth. The Next Generation of Lindström looks pretty much ready to make their début so no-one make any sudden noises around Thomas' wife. Another huge cloud of smoke from Magnus' motor up on the revs in stage. 1.0682 to sixty, Thomas much better at 1.0239 and an appreciable lead at the eighth 4.3417/265.10 to Magnus' 4.4836/256.29. 1.0255 to sixty for Richard to Bengt's nice 0.9804, Bengt way ahead at the eighth 4.2658/265.36 to Nixxon's 4.4092/262.00 but Bengt sounded to miss a gear in the second half and was off the gas way before the stripe.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5914/338.13
  2. Jimmy Ålund 6.6273/339.62
  3. Thomas Lindström 6.6762/332.72
  4. Stefan Ernryd 6.7337/333.33
  5. Hannu Kalliomäki 6.7741/329.27
  6. Sampsa Palos 6.8176/313.95
  7. Richard Sundblom 6.8207/329.67
  8. Michael Malmgren 6.8611/310.88
  9. Robin Norén 6.8648/324.91
  10. Magnus Pettersson 6.8845/325.30
  11. Jonas Boberg 6.9610/323.35
  12. Christian Sagelv 7.1613/284.06


FIA Top Methanol Funny Car qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Leif Andréasson shut off, bye; Johnny Oksa 5.7815/409.09, Micke Larsson 7.5763/256.05; Danny Bellio no time DQ, Ari Pietliä 5.7553/400.59

I thought I heard a pop from Leif's motor in the burnout but it continued to run. Came back to the start line and shut off, towed back to the pits. 0.9584 to sixty for Johnny then a brief pedal. 1.1105 to sixty for Micke with shake and a couple of pedals. Micke's FC was moving left and right and got a bit close to the guardrail, meanwhile Johnny's pedal had done the trick as the car really picked up, 3.8368/321.43 at the eighth. Danny rolled through stage lighting the big cherry. Another nice run for Ari, 0.9763 to sixty and 3.7848/320.86 at the eighth, slight sway but he probably didn't notice.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Ari Pietilä 5.7404/399.11
  2. Johnny Oksa 5.7815/409.09
  3. Micke Larsson 6.7082/325.11
  4. Danny Bellio 7.3058/319.34


FIA Top Methanol Dragster qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

Jonny Lagg 5.5742/429.25 bye

Great run for Jonny, all eight lit all the way. 0.9974 to sixty, 3/7536/348.39 at the eighth, car drifted a little right but nothing to worry about.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Jonny Lagg 5.5742/429.25


Junior Dragster qualifying session 2

0.0188 put Rina Raussi #2 all the way from #41 in the first pair. Vilma Palasmaa up from 27 to #19 at 0.1630 Niklas Larsson's run yesterday was DQ'd, his 0.028 good for #4 this time and Casper Ljungdahl up to #16 in the other lane at 0.1290. Pontus Söderlund son of race official Jenny pulled a 0.1032 good for a move up from #23 to #13. Victor Heleander up from #37 to #5 at 0.0245 and in the other lane Mari Udtian up from #23 to #1 at 0.0156. Jennifer Östergren's 0.0892 good for one spot, #16 to #15. Felicia Olsson next up the ladder, #32 to #7 at 0.0295. Atle Poolsar from #23 to #4 at 0.0194. 0.0976 moved Pontius Garefelt from #35 to #18. Teodor Norling from #32 to #18 with a 0.0955. 0.0927 moved Alin Aarvik up from #36 to #18. Oskar Norling 0.0280 by Oskar Norling good for a big move from #29 to #7. Championship leader Simon Andersson up from #17 to #10 at 0.0333. Amathea Granholm towed back to the pits then 0.0373 good for Wilma Lindberg's move up to #11 from #37.

Pro session 2 is next up.


Stock / Super Stock qualifying session 1

Nice 11.7092 on 12.30 index by Leif Lindman to open the session. P-A Lindström suffered what looked like a puncture about 100 feet out, pulled over to the rail at the eighth with the car sagging to one side and retrieval called. On the restart Ari Koörkkö nicely below index 9.2857 on 10.05 good for #1 at that point. 12.2599 on 12.65 put Jan Karlsson in #3, in the other lane a troubled launch for Jörgen Lindgren with the car wobbling back and forth on the rear tyres. Dan Williams into #1 next pair 10.0433 on 10.96 index, Roger Johansson #3 at 10.6302 on 11.25. Fredrik Ambros in at #3 with a 10.8254 on 11.55. sponsor Nic Williams' 10.1087 on 10.70 good for #6. Kjell Gisslar in to the top five with a 10.0303 on 10.70 index. Sammi Toppari's AMX SS looked to have all four wheels off for a moment as it jumped at launch. Bo Nylund's 10.8883 on 11.70 index good for #2. #1 to Uffe Edwardsson at 10.2947 on 11.25 index. Bo Butner next to the line in the right lane, 8.80 index for the very pretty Cobra Jet Mustang, 9.0497 good for #21 and not at all bad for the first run in the car. Hans Nilsson's 9.8294 against 10.25 good for #16, that's hwo good these guys are. 10.5012 on 11.20 for Krister Fogelin put him #7 at that point. Tomas Westberg in at #5 with an 11.4003 on 12.15. #2 for Björn Bondesson with a 10.2463 against 11.25. Great run for Jarmo Grönman, in at #1 with a 10.2600 on 11.35 index.


EDRS Super Street Bike qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Kim Hilander 16.1573/82.89 bye; Nils Lagerlöf 12.8828/219.42, Jani Kumpulainen 7.9673/292.05; Dag Wagenius 7.5483/311.96, Ida Johansson 11.0528/131.13; Kimmo Pulakka 8.3125/281.98, Leif Larsson 10.3862/182.43; Nils-Ola Andersson 7.5210/31.52, Robert Nilsson 8.4502/258.74; Pelle Lakmaker 9.9697/301.84, Roberth Häggblom 7.9214/286.02; Emil Östlund 7.9898/242.26, Björn Friström 7.5598/311.42; Alex Hope 7.5873/305.60, Vesa Ruhanen 7.7020/276.07; Anders Blanck 7.4293/309.28, Rick Stubbins 7.2222/321.62; Mogens Lund 7.3988/316.53, Henri Kolehmainen 22.5546/35.84

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Rick Stubbins 7.2222/321.62
  2. Mogens Lund 7.3988/316.53
  3. Anders Blanck 7.4293/309.28
  4. Nils-Ola Andersson 7.5210/31.52
  5. Dag Wagenius 7.5483/311.96
  6. Björn Friström 7.5598/311.42
  7. Alex Hope 7.5873/305.60
  8. Vesa Ruhanen 7.7020/276.07
  9. Jani Kumpuliainen 7.9673/292.05
  10. Roberth Häggblom 7.9214/286.02
  11. Emil Östlund 7.9898/242.26
  12. Kimmo Pulakka 8.3125/281.98
  13. Robert Nilsson 8.4502/258.74
  14. Pelle Lakmaker 9.9697/301.84
  15. Leif Larsson 10.3862/182.43
  16. Ida Johansson 11.0528/131.13
  17. Nils Lagerlöf 12.8828/219.42
  18. Kim Hilander 16.1573/82.89
  19. Henri Kolehmainen 22.5546/35.84


EDRS Pro Stock Motorcycle qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Fredrik Fredlund 7.3140/296.05, Jörgen Bengtsson no time; Elvira Karlsson 7.3315/296.05, Bo Thorselius 15.9531/127.75; Fredrik Kempe 8.4746/243.79, Timo Savolainen 8.5205/173.91; Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 8.4967/249.88, Kalle Lyrén 7.0646/307.87

Jörgen's bike didn't move on the green. 1.1392 to sixty for Fredde, 4.6666/244.01 at the eighth. No sign of the motherhood lay-off for Elvira. 1.1050 to sixty, 4.6893/241.39 at the eighth. Bo's motor sounded to be labouring and was smoking all the way. Great run for Kalle for #1. 1.1106 to sixty, 4.5277/253.88 at the eighth.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Kalle Lyrén 7.0646/307.87
  2. Fredrik Fredlund 7.3140/296.05
  3. Elvira Karlsson 7.3315/296.05
  4. Fredrik Kempe 8.4746/243.79
  5. Thomas Lysebraate Olsen 8.4967/249.88
  6. Timo Savolainen 8.5205/173.91
  7. Bo Thorselius 15.9531/127.75


EDRS Supertwin Motorcycle qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Tommy Grimes shut off, bye; Roman Sixta 7.1252/298.51 bye; Ismo Mäenpää 10.8192/176.59, Harri Piensalmi 9.1306/217.48; Trond Høiberget 13.7081/112.66, Svein Olav Rolfstad 34.9954/20.14; Erling Opheim 9.1560/201.49, Vesa Lipponen 13.2463/99.69; Hans Olav Olstad 9.9911/127.96, Vidar Ravnsborg 7.6540/268.92; Greger Johansson 11.1445/131.93, Samu Kemppainen 6.4852/333.75

Nice burnout by Tommy but then shut off for a fluid leak. 1.2279 to sixty for Roman, feathered the throttle past the eghth 4.6475/261.37. 1,2671 to sixty for Ismo, 1.2418 for Harri. Smoke from Ismo's motor and off the gas before 330 with pipes smoking. Harri off the gas at about the same moment but then got back on it although not full throttle. 0.0789 Rt for Trond, 1.6479 to sixty, rolled off the throttle about 100 feet out as the bike headed to the right. 1.2310 to sixty for Svein Olav but a bang from the motor and rolled to an eventual halt just past the quarter. 1.1726 to sixty for Erling, 1.2853 for Vesa who was off the gas by then, Erling with a few stabs and off the gas before the eighth. 1.269 to sixty for Hans Olav and off the gas not long after, nothing visibly wrong. 1.1759 for Vidar, 4.7891/229.98 at the eighth and off the gas. Great run for Samu! 1,1443 to sixty, 4.2603/291.11 at the eighth, taking up where he left off in Germany last week. 1.1589 to sixty for Greger and was off the gas before 300 feet.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Samu Kemppainen 6.4852/333.75
  2. Roman Sixta 7.1252/298.51
  3. Vidar Ravnsborg 7.6540/268.92
  4. Harri Piensalmi 9.1306/217.48
  5. Erling Opheim 9.1560/201.49
  6. Hans Olav Olstad 9.9911/127.96
  7. Ismo Mäenpää 10.8192/176.59
  8. Greger Johansson 11.1445/131.93
  9. Vesa Lipponen 13.2463/99.69
  10. Trond Høiberget 13.7081/112.66
  11. Svein Olav Rolfstad 34.9954/20.14


EDRS Top Fuel Motorcycle qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Peter Anderssson (Ä) 9.5398/204.86, Peter Andersson (U) 7.4720/302.52; Jan Sturla Hegre 8.2441/176.47, Thomas Pettersson 7.2114/294.60

Two Peter Anderssons so (Ä) for Peter from Älvekarleby and (U) for Peter from Upplands Väsby. Simultaneously dealing with IT problems and a Person from Porlock, albeit somewhat more helpful, during this session; apologies for the lack of commentary.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Thomas Pettersson 7.2114/294.60
  2. Peter Andersson (U) 7.4720/302.52
  3. Jan Sturla Hegre 8.2441/176.47
  4. Peter Anderssson (Ä) 9.5398/204.86


FIA Top Fuel Dragster qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Monica Öberg 9.4147/113.21 bye; Duncan Micallef 3.9130/489.57, Timo Lehtimäki 4.5515/395.31; Björn Mårtensson 7.2635/154.51, Stefan Gunnarsson 8.3243/115.43; Liam Jones 4.0374/437.25, Micke Kågered 8.7797/124.88; Stig Neergaard 3.9746/478.72, Anita Mäkelä 4.0186/381.63

A field of nine; Janne Ahonen withdrawn as he was not able to secure the funding to come here. Tuner Simo Patoharju tells us that Janne will still be appearing at the FHRA Night Race next week.

Very clutch-dusty launch for Monica, 0.9336 to sixty and drifting right. Off the gas about 100 feet out. Great to see the Maltese Lion back. 0.8524 to sixty to Timo's 0.9131, both cars' nitro flames clearly visible in the daylight. A brief pedal for Timo by the sound of it losing him time by 330 feet 2.4587/256.29, Duncan long gone 2.1900/307.34 and to the eighth in 3.1259/436.54 (271.25 mph). Flash of flame and smoke from Timo's motor before the eighth, off the gas by then 3.5995/359.52. PBs for Duncan I believe, terminal speed equates to 304.20 mph, well done Duncan, Rune and team! Björn to sixty in 0.9160, Stefan in 0.8915, smoke from both motors by 100 feet. Looked from here as if Stefan's blower belt broke. Björn got a bit further with motor smoking then pedalled a couple of times and got off the gas. Bits picked up in Stefan's lane but I think just blower belt shreds. Nice run for Liam, 0.8734 to sixty to Micke's 0.8997, shake for Micke and off the gas before 200 feet. Liam off and running at 330 feet 2.2403/299.67, cylinders looked to be mixing at the eighth 3.2049/424.53 and looked like a flash of yellow flame from one pipe, either way he was off it by the stripe. Anita had no reverse and had to be pushed back, Stig waiting to stage for an absolute age burning fuel all the time. Back at the start line Anita's crew finished their pre-run checks as quickly as they could. Anita had her pre-stage light on within moments of Stig then away first 0.1460 to Stig's 0.2766 and the better sixty 0.8306 to Stig's 0.8656. Both cars' tyres were blackstriping to 330 feet 2.1719/302.69 for Anita to Stig's 2.2058/306.47 and the better eighth 3.1596/424.19 to Stig's 3.1146/434.43, Anita off the gas after the eighth, on return to the pits in front of the grandstands the blower belt was hanging loose.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Duncan Micallef 3.9130/489.57
  2. Stig Neergaard 3.9746/478.72
  3. Anita Mäkelä 4.0186/381.63
  4. Liam Jones 4.0374/437.25
  5. Timo Lehtimäki 4.5515/395.31
  6. Stefan Gunnarsson 8.3243/115.43
  7. Björn Mårtensson 7.2635/154.51
  8. Micke Kågered 8.7797/124.88
  9. Monica Öberg 9.4147/113.21


FIA Pro Modified qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Jan Brännvall shut off, Erik Andersson 13.2011/98.94 bye; Urban Johansson 13.2828/67.32, Micke Johansson 6.5481/340.48; Jöran Persåker 7.4246/266.93, Andreas Arthursson 6.1559/371.90; Stefan Gustafsson 7.7957/218.01, Rolf Simonsson 6.4548/321.24; Håkan Persson 6.1762/378.68, Freddy Fagerström 6.6474/356.91; Anders Nilsson 6.0990/378.15, Åke Persson 6.0650/388.77; Thomas Stiefel 6.1278/377.62, David Vegter 6.1978/382.98; Mats Eriksson 6.0468/383.52, Bruno Bader 6.4382/370.12; Johan Lindberg 6.0706/384.34, Micke Gullqvist 5.9319/396.18

Short burnout by Erik. Jan got as far as the Tree feet on his way back from his burnout then shut off. Unless Erik achieved a remarkable feat Jan's car was pretty much guaranteed to be safe where it was, so left there with Jan strapped in whilst Erik took the bye. Motor hesitated on launch, 1.7645 to sixty, a pedal then picked up but on and off the throttle to the eighth before giving it up. Mop-and-Billys clean-up then a sled in Jan's lane. 1.0183 to sixty for Micke, 1.0436 for Urban but then bad shake and shut it off. Micke to the eighth in 4.2010/272.87, sounded to be feathering the throttle very slightly in the second half, then smoke from the motor just before the stripe. Track checked and all OK. Both waited a moment before launching, languid sixty for Jöran 1.2582, Andreas up and running to sixty in 1.0769. Car moved a little to the right but stayed on it 4.1246/309.28 at the eighth, drew it back into the centre of the lane and drove it through. Jöran to the eighth in 4.7583/255.56 - looked kind of the turbo equivalent of a run without the nitrous switched on. Rolf had a couple of goes at starting, initially the motor made the sort of sounds you get when the plug leads are the wrong way round but it cleared inthe burnout. 1.0941 to sixty for Stefan then shake and off it. Rolf to Sixty in 1.0211 and the eighth in 4.1686/282.57. 300-foot burnout by Freddy. 1.0456 to sixty for Håkan, 1.2366 for Freddy with shake. Freddy pedalled and got back on it a couple of times then the tyres stuck and he disappeared down the track very quickly. Håkan to the eighth in 4.0840/299.17, Freddy in 4.4451/288.15 having lost time to the shake. Fantastnc match between Anders and Åke! Anders to sixty in 1.0035 to Åke's 1.0368, and the better eighth 4.0065/301.84 to Åke's 4.0279/308.40 but those cars looked side-by-side all the way down. Tuner Adam Flamholc had the laptop on top of David's car mäking adjustments until the very last moment. David away first 0.1303 to 0.6278, 1.0764 to sixty for David to Thomas' 1.0323 - Thomas' sixty was visibly quicker even though there was only 0.0441 in it. David drove through a little shake just past the Tree which cost him some time by the eighth 4.1177/300.33 to Thomas' 4.0195/301.34. Stormer from Mats. 1.0190 to sixty to Bruno's 1.0508, Bruno then hit shake which made the right side door open, a pedal but almost as if he got off it to shut the door. Great 3.9920/305.95 eighth for Mats to Bruno's shake-spoilt 4.2955/293.16. Another great match to end the session. Johan away first 0.0516 to 0.1329, Micke with the better sixty 1.0015 although appearing to be drifting to the left for 100 feet or so. Johan to the eighth in 4.0143/303.20 but Micke on a stromer by the eighth, 3.9208/311.42.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Micke Gullqvist 5.9319/396.18
  2. Mats Eriksson 6.0468/383.52
  3. Åke Persson 6.0650/388.77
  4. Johan Lindberg 6.0706/384.34
  5. Anders Nilsson 6.0990/378.15
  6. Thomas Stiefel 6.1278/377.62
  7. Andreas Arthursson 6.1559/371.90
  8. Håkan Persson 6.1762/378.68
  9. David Vegter 6.1978/382.98
  10. Bruno Bader 6.4382/370.12
  11. Rolf Simonsson 6.4548/321.24
  12. Micke Johansson 6.5481/340.48
  13. Freddy Fagerström 6.6474/356.91
  14. Jöran Persåker 7.4246/266.93
  15. Stefan Gustafsson 7.7957/218.01
  16. Erik Andersson 13.2011/98.94
  17. Urban Johansson 13.2828/67.32


FIA Pro Stock qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Sampsa Palos broke, bye; Hannu Kalliomäki 6.8813/328.67, Christian Sagelv 7.9200/191.29; Robin Norén 24.2752/49.73, Richard Sundblom 6.8668/327.27; Stefan Ernryd 13.4072/114.26, Jonas Boberg 6.9610/323.35; Thomas Lindström 6.6762/332.72, Magnus Pettersson 6.8845/325.30; Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5914/338.13, Jimmy Ålund no time DQ

Michael Malmgren spectating by the guardrail and most certainly not in his firesuit so I guess we're not seeing him this session. Sampsa's motor stopped during the burnout. Restarted and then took another couple of goes at getting up on the tyres but no joy and gave it up. Pushed back and returned to the pits. 100-foot burnout by Hannu. Visible 0.0610 to 0.3943 jump for Christian and the better sixty 1.0107 to Hannu's 1.0286 with a brief thump of shake. Hannu to the eighth in 4.4575/258.50, Christian rolling off the throttle by then 4.7580/241.07 and chute out before the stripe. Instant shake for Robin, 1.6234 to sixty already off the gas by then and possibly wondering in what time zone he was after that shake. Nice run for Nixxon to open his account, 1.0342 to sixty and 4.4433/259.87 at the eighth. Hideous shake for Stefan, 1.7911 to sixty already off the gas, a couple more stabs of the throttle then called it a day. Jonas to sixty in 1.0713, 4.4984/255.80 at the eighth. Track check and mop-and-Billys clean-up then a quick sled in Jonas' lane. 0.0411 o 0.2879 jump for Thomas and an excellent pass, 1.0073 to sixty and 4.2971/265.36 at the eighth. Huge cloud of smoke from Magnus' headers up on the revs but he was off and running, 1.0596 to sixty, 4.4425/258.99 at the eighth so whatever was smoking wasn't a problem. Jimmy took his time staging and was bulbed by the Autostart. Great run for Bengt; 0.9893 to sixty, 4.2384/269.06 at the eighth and a big advantage on the rest of the field. Jimmy put in a run anyway for datalogger purposes but no numbers for us.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Bengt Ljungdahl 6.5914/338.13
  2. Thomas Lindström 6.6762/332.72
  3. Richard Sundblom 6.8668/327.27
  4. Hannu Kalliomäki 6.8813/328.67
  5. Magnus Pettersson 6.8845/325.30
  6. Jonas Boberg 6.9610/323.35
  7. Christian Sagelv 7.9200/191.29
  8. Stefan Ernryd 13.4072/114.26
  9. Robin Norén 24.2752/49.73


FIA Top Methanol Funny Car qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Danny Bellio 7.3058/319.34 bye; Micke Larsson 6.7082/325.11, Leif Andréasson no time; Ari Pietilä 5.7404/399.11, Johnny Oksa 16.7162/74.21

1.0147 to Danny with shake, a pedal and back on it, then off the gas again as the car got close to tthe guardrail. Straightened it out and back on it again, 4.6218/207.53 at the eighth getting a real bounce on, then off it close to the stripe after going through the gears. Instant shake for Leif, 1.4050 to sixty already off the pedal by then. Didn't make it to the stripe on momentum so no time. 1.0883 to sixty for Micke, shake and a pedal, then back on it. 4.4178/279.07 at the eighth and a painless second half. Ari and Johnny two of the stars in any class at last weekend's NitrOlympX, trading PBs and Finland's-quickest titles. 0.9636 to sixty for Ari, instant shake for Johnny, 1.7121 already off the gas by then. Ari to the eighth in 3.7578/315.79.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Ari Pietilä 5.7404/399.11
  2. Micke Larsson 6.7082/325.11
  3. Danny Bellio 7.3058/319.34
  4. Johnny Oksa 16.7162/74.21


FIA Top Methanol Dragster qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Jonny Lagg 27.3230/36.38 bye;

Short stabbing burnout for Jonny. Tyres up in smoke at the hit and motor zinged, 1.5218 to sixty already off the gas and idled through. I would say that Jonny's very rapid reaction to the spin may well have saved the motor from damage.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Jonny Lagg 27.3230/36.38


Top Doorslammer qualifying session 1 (left lane first)

Aki Miyabayashi shut off, Kim Kristiansen 5.2013/154.24 bye; Jan Ericsson 7.5333/132.74 bye, Roger Kullander shut off; Pierre Rydberg 4.7210/279.07, Rikard Rosenholm 4.7406/241.07; Dmitry Samorukov 4.0822/306.30, Benny Strand 4.0084/301.84; Åke Eliasson 4.4753/287.85, Tony Johansson 4.5257/254.72; Jussi Piippolainen 5.3615/153.15, Jonas Kant 7.8173/100.92; Andreas Sjödin 4.1269/290.17, Michael Nord 4.0810/264.53; Stefan Carlsson 4.1565/295.40, Michael Joneskog 4.4950/286.93; Mats Stefansson 3.9817/280.37, Per Granqvist 9.2824/123.77; Mattias Wulcan 3.9939/259.87, Mats Wicktor 4.1998/276.64; Victor Jansson 4.9773/171.59, Rimbert Vahlström no time DQ; Lenn Lindell 4.0267/305.43, Caroline Strand 8.9861/74.82

A big Hello to the guys of the Top Doorslammer Facebook group.

Aki shut off after the burnout, out of the car and jumped the guardrail so that Kim could take the bye. 1.0491 to sixty then tyres started to turn, motor started to scream and the Firebird moved to the right. Kim stayed with it as long as he dared but then shut off when the car got close to the guardrail. A bit of consternation around the front of Jan's car before he moved forward, line-up marshal started to walk towards the car with that "What are your intentions?" look on her face. All sorted though and Jan went forward for his burnout. Nice burnout for Roger but then shut off, crew tried to push the car out of the way but it wasn't having any. Roger out of the car and over the guardrail. Instant spin for Jan, 1.2593 to sixty heading for the centre line, rolled off the pedal. Three attempts to get Rikard's motor started, his team were close to a line-up marshal's visit but the motor stayed lit third time. Big drifting burnout for Rikard. 1.2517 to sixty for Pierre, shake and a couple of pedals then back on it, didn't sound like full throttle. 1.1031 to sixty for Rikard, looked to drive through shake. Great to see Dmitry here representing Russia. Benny's car shot off the line as if fired from a gun, 0.9853 to sixty, the Cobalt headed right but Benny held on to it. 1.0581 to sixty for Dmitry then at about 100 feet the car really hooked up and went,almost as if someone sped up the film at that point. 0.0095 RT for Åke, sixty in 1.1329 with shake and a pedal. 1.0811 to sixty for Tony, car headed left but Tony stayed with it, pulled it back to the centre of the lane. Jussi to sixty in 1.0835 then shake, gave it a couple of goes then gave it up as the car jumped left and right. Lots of smoke from both banks at the hit then instant shake for Jonas, 1.5257 to sixty and called it a day. Andreas to sixty in 1.0073 with a tiny bit of shake which we felt in here, 0.9797 for Michael, car was heading left but nothing serious. Track crew checked both lanes as one car was towed off the shutdown area. 250-foot burnout for Michael, fogged the start line. Pop from the motor as he got off the gas. Clean 1.0333 soxty for Stefan, shaky 1.1744 for Michael, one brief pedal. Per rolled to about 500 feet after his burnout, shagged-out crew guy chasing him I'd imagine. Great run to start with for Mats S, 1.0140 to sixty feet but then at about 400 feet the blower panel blew and one chute put out. 2.3159 to sixty for Per betrayed bad shake and immediate shut-off. Great 200-foot burnout for Mats W. 0.9362 to sixty for Mattias, car was accelerating hard but then sounded to lose drive just before the eighth. 1.0103 to Mats W, straight run with no visible issues. Long and high nitrous purge for Victor, I thought the valve had stuck open. Drama in the next pair. Victor to sixty in 1.0330, shake and rolled off the pedal. 1.0906 to sixty for Rimbert with shake then the car just uncorked on him. A violent left turn, up on two wheels across the centre line, then right and heading for the guardrail again on two wheels, Rimbert pulled the car left and it snapped left, then right, five complete left / right turns in a few seconds which probably seemed a lot longer for Rimbert. Finally got the car to a halt pointing at the left guardrail and half over the centre line. Rimbert did a real good job of saving the car having written his full name on the track with it, and that includes the ¨ in his surname. Oil clean-up from the start line to the point where Rimbert stopped explains that one.

Impressive quick clean-up by the track crew. As I have said before and will likely say again my admiration increases every time for the next pair who get a grandstand view of an incident and then go and race - in this case Caroline and Lenn. 1.0174 to sixty for Lenn, nice smooth run. 0.9793 to sixty for Caroline and then shake and she shut it off.

Qualifying after this session:

  1. Mats Stefansson 3.9817/280.37
  2. Mattias Wulcan 3.9939/259.87
  3. Benny Strand 4.0084/301.84
  4. Lenn Lindell 4.0267/305.43
  5. Michael Nord 4.0810/264.53
  6. Dmitry Samorukov 4.0822/306.30
  7. Andreas Sjödin 4.1269/290.17
  8. Stefan Carlsson 4.1565/295.40
  9. Mats Wicktor 4.1998/276.64
  10. Åke Eliasson 4.4753/287.85
  11. Michael Joneskog 4.4950/286.93
  12. Tony Johansson 4.5257/254.72
  13. Pierre Rydberg 4.7210/279.07
  14. Rikard Rosenholm 4.7406/241.07
  15. Victor Jansson 4.9773/171.59
  16. Kim Kristiansen 5.2013/154.24
  17. Jussi Piippolainen 5.3615/153.15
  18. Jan Ericsson 7.5333/132.74
  19. Jonas Kant 7.8173/100.92
  20. Caroline Strand 8.9861/74.82
  21. Per Granqvist 9.2824/123.77

Next up a quick track groom then our first Pro session, and in an interesting reversal of the norm when Pros appear the sky is clearing and the sun is emerging. Good luck on her first ever time photographing a Pro session to our photographer Grace, and on his first time at Tierp for Julian.


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 1

Now would be a good time to say Hello and Thank You to our good buddy and regular proof-reader Spencer Tramm who helped Your Reporter with a Comp Eliminator query yesterday.

Yesterday's partial session annulled. Again the commentators' screen does not show performance against index so I am improvising from what it does show; the full standings will be available at right. Krister Adeen (7.23) and Viljar Mäesepp (7.37) opened the session. 7.1988 for Viljar, big cloud of smoke from the motor right on the stripe. Track checked and called in OK. Krister's car was mäking moves left and right and he had the chutes out before the stripe. Sören Andersson's motor hesitated at the hit and he didn't get back on the gas for a good 200 feet, in the other lane Robert Arthursson (7.37) got to sixty in 1.2385, cloud of smoke at the eighth. Track crew went to investigate and very quickly stood straddling a trail of fluid, small bits also picked up. Clean-up ensued.

During this clean-up US Pro Stock and Comp star Bo Butner, racing in Stock / Super Stock here at Tierp, was interviewed on the PA and said that he rates Tierp Arena amongst the top four or five tracks in the world.

On the restart Jeppe Bergdahl (10.30) sounded to miss a gear in the second half, René Meierhofer (9.26) had problems launching and was past the Tree before getting back on the gas. 7.4329 on 7.61 index for Angelica Bäckman, good for #1 at that point. Mathias Stenström (7.37) rolled through stage then hit it anyway and his car promptly took a hard left turn. Calmly pedalled and straightened it out before wellying it again, puff of smoke at about 1000 feet. Track checked and all OK. Two CT/As next, Pär Eriksson and Mikael Holmström, 7.23 index. 7.1107 for Pär and that was with wheelspin and a pedal, Mikael +0.0018 on index. Jan Ekström (7.84) looked to have trouble getting reverse, start line crew went to his aid but then the reverse engaged. Lasse Britsmar sounded and looked to have transmission problems, the forward motion not matching the engine note and the car started to go out of shape. Shut it off at about half track.

Lars-Ove Berglund (8.32) and Glenny Ericsson (7.23) ready to stage and stopped for spots of rain. Very gloomy out there at that point, visibility the far end of the track but not much further.

Lars-Ove and Glenny first on the restart. Lars-Ove didn't make it back to the line after the burnout, pushed away. Lively run for Glenny, got to about 100 feet then the car decided to pull a small wheelie and turn right. Not even a pedal, Glenny just pulled it straight and carried on, 7.2449. Jimmy Tihvan (7.37) one of yesterday's stars must have been ruing the annulment. Not rueful for long though, back into #1 at 6.7817. 9.2355 for Stefan Persson in the other lane, he'll be pleased after problems yesterday. Great runs for Pererik Lindgren, 8.5070 on 9.16 and Hans Falkenberg, 6.5938 on 6.89, #1 and #3 respectively. Given his long, varied and successful racing career I sometimes think there should be a law against people as clever as Pererik, he makes the rest of us look a bit dumb sometimes. 8.9459 on 9.26 for Matti Rajamäki, good for #3 at that point. Exciting prospect in the next match, Mika Eloranta (7.23) and Jens Eklund (8.17) in their beautifully-turned-out and -engineeered Toyota and Audi respectively. Mika wins Burnout of the Day so far. 7.4774 for Jens good for #1, and he took the long way round flirting with the centre line; looked like a transmission problem for Mika as the Toyota faltered off the line and stopped about 300 feet out, quad came to Mika's rescue. Shake for Jim Bergström (6.89), we felt that in here. Looked to pedal and keep trying then sounded to lose drive in the second half. Bjørn Johansen (7.56) going great guns to start with but then smoke in the second half, off the gas and chute out. Track checked, no worries evident. Stil Olsson (7.38) pulled his burnout as Stein Andraa (7.27) passed the stage line on his way back from his burnout but he was back and ready to stage before Stein had pulled forward. Stein and Stig shut off before staging as oil from the previous pair was found in the shutdown area.

Quick clean-up and Stein and Stig returned. New world record for nitrous purge volume and altitude for Stein before staging. Stein off the gas early, just a touch above index. Stig's slingshot bounced up and down at launch, a couple of pedals then it picked up and catapulted down the track but lost too much time to get under index. Adam Andersson pushed away before his match-up with Lars-Georg Johansson (7.73), motor would not start. 6.9831 for Lars-Georg good for #1. Thomas Thörnäs (6.89) closed the session, motor sounded as if it didn't want to stay lit and in fact stopped a couple of times before the burnout. Fantastic run! Hit shake and pedalled for about a second then hard back on it and shot down the track blackstriping to the eighth, 6.3560.

Weather is slowly but visibly improving now.

Top Doorslammer next up.


Rained quite heavily for a short while. Similarly to Hockenheim last week we can use the grandstands here at Tierp Arena as a rain gauge - when it gets sufficiently heavy everyone in the stands gets up and makes a run for it, and they just did so. In addition, in Santa Pod parlance the trees have disappeared. Stay tuned.


Super Comp Bike qualifying session 1

8.50 index in this class. Jyrki Paaso rolled the beams first pair, 8.7895 for Emil Östlund in the other lane. Side by side 8.824s for Peter Svensson and Tage Olsson, Peter's with a 0 and Tage's with a 6, good for #2 and #3 at that point. Slippy-slide launch for Kristin Hegre, the bike fishtailing quite violently for the first eighty feet or so. Anders and Arvid Gerdtsson side-by-side 8.7490 and 8.7064, Arvid into #1 and Anders #3. Kathrine Wagenius closed the session, 8.9219 good for #8.


Super Gas Bike qualifying session 1

9.50 index in this class. Marcus Forsberg not happy about something in the first pair, shut it off by about 300 feet. Instant spin for Elisabeth Julin in the second pair, backed off and idled through, quad sped to her aid. Janne Koskinen into #1 at 9.6825 third pair. Heikki-Juhani Koskinen deep-staged so DQ'd but all eyes quickly on the other lane as there was a flash of flame and smoke from Risto Tourniainen's bike and he parted company with the bike just after the stripe. Safety crews moved very quickly and Risto was taken to the medical centre to be checked out. Grace at trackside reported in that something came off Risto's bike about 330 feet out.


Rescue and clean-up complete we are on hold as the mist has come down again and visibility is not sufficient for safe racing. Spots of rain reportedly in the air also although our Puddle of Reference is currently still. Jet dryer doing a turn on the track.

I think the picture at right is the definition of the phrase "Dodged a bullet"... this lot is just north of us and going away.


Super Comp Bike have been called to the lanes. The mist has lifted some, the end of the track is now visible.


Good morning and welcome from Tierp Arena for our coverage of the Scandinavian Internationals brought to you in association with John Woolfe Racing.

The rain stopped in the small hours after the night ferries got away safely. This morning we have a damp track and mist, visibility right now is down to the 1000 foot markers and it looks like some hackneyed Victorian London movie out there. The track crew are hard at work, looming in and out of the mist like wraiths. The racing surface is dry enough to be sledded; I can't comment on the shutdown area as it is not visible through the fog.

Because full qualifying lists are being published courtesy of Time-Tree we are using the popular split-screen format for our reports, similar to last week's coverage from Hockenheim. We will post commentaries of Sportsman qualifying sessions and then round winners in Sportsman eliminations but we will of course continue to post the full reports and results in Pro classes.

Yesterday's Comp Eliminator session, which was underway when the rain started, has been annulled.

Good morning also to all of the Eurodragsterholics especially those who are tuned in from their day jobs. Again we will do our best to get the reports to you as quickly as possible and please don't get in trouble with your bosses. A big Hello and Thank You to everyone who wrote with appreciative or encouraging words yesterday including Chris and Di Johnson, Bob Roberts, Laurence of LCR, Sam Marston, Kai Plathan, Ivar Kolberg, James Humphreys and Liam Lodge. As you will understand we can't usually respond immediately but I can assure you that when we go off duty the whole team see and appreciate your comments.

Please remember that neither nor our sponsors look kindly upon reports, results or pictures being stolen from our Event Coverage and posted on Facebook or elsewhere. Links and shares: fine. Anything else: not fine. If in doubt then please enquire at

As you can see from the updated running order kindly forwarded by Tomas Pettersson we were due to start at 08:00. I don't think I am sticking my neck out in predicting that this might be a bit tight even for the super-efficient race officials here. So stay tuned and as soon as the first call to the lanes goes out we'll bring you the news.

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