Rico Anthes Quartermile, Hockenheim, 19th-21st August 2016


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Super Pro ET racer Eric Angeloni who organises the French Championship had this moment captured by Roland Schenker of When the car came down from the wheelie the front wheels were damaged but the car was repairable and made it back out for the session this morning.

Super Gas racer Jon Giles was class winner last year and is qualified eighth with 10.007, on the bubble for the eight car field after two qualifying sessions.

Super Gas racer Réné Kloss, husband of race organiser and expat Brit Andrea Kloss, is qualified ninth in his '86 Chevy Camaro. with a 10.011.

Super Gas racer Collin Morrice is qualified fourth with 9.978.

Comp eliminator racer Sascha Wohlfahrt Mercedes 230/8 Coupe ran well off its best of 7.71/294, and ran 8.14, both some way short of the challenging A/TA index of 6.89.

Super Pro ET racer Pel Norman had problems with an oil leak in session one and a Woodruff key falling off in session. The wheelie bars fitted have calmed the launches somewhat though.

Super Pro ET racer Billy Gane took the lead in qualifying in session one and never relinquished it. He ran a 8.352 on 8.35 dial in and congratulations to him on being top qualifier. The 32 car field is separated only by 0.154s and as well as Billy, Joe Kellett, Pel Norman and Scott Crookston all qualified for class eliminations.

Super Pro ET racer Franz Aschenbrenner's beautiful 1970 Mustang was built by Phil Mandella Racecars and has a 620ci Big Block Ford engine with C-style racing cylinder heads, tunnel ram and the power going through a Mike's Powerglide to a Mark Williams rear end. His best ET qualified fifth with a 8.469.

Super Pro ET racer Frank Richter has this wonderful pickup as a tow car for his '54 Borgward Isabella. Our pit vehicle of the event.

Super Street Bike racer Sotiris Tsakiris is in tenth place in qualifying after two sessions with a 7.68/202kph run. The bike runs 7.5s in his native Greece.

Super Street Bike racer Steve Venables was changing clutch discs this morning. He said 'We are pleased to qualify second but the bike could leave the line better and the oil pressure was down at the start. The track is very good and we will be going for a six'. Steve's best run here was 7.163/327kph.

Super Street Bike racer Jemma Venables raced here two years ago. She said 'The bike is going very well and I was pleased to run 7.7s. I am getting my confidence back after my spill at the Main Event and using fewer revs on the launch'.

Super Street Bike racer Thomas Cizek has a Kawasaki KDF ZX12 R bike with a great flame paint scheme. His best run of 9.107 makes him 24th in the order.

Super Street Bike racers from France Jean-Luc Simoes (93), Josy Peixoto (94) and Nicolas Jumeau (85) are pitted together. Best time for Jean-Luc is 7.8s/308kph, for Josy 8.5s/292 and for Nocolas 8.6s/290. All run Suzuki Hayabusas.

Super Street Bike racer Allan Quist Jensen from Denmark has bought Garry Bowe's 2015 Bike and has help from Garry and Brad O'Connor. Allan said 'This is my first time racing and I have not gone down the quarter mile before on anything else. My best time so far is 8.2s and I am hoping to do the 2017 FIM European championship'. Garry said they are hoping to get Allan's bike to ride a seven soon, quite a feat for a brand new rider.

Super Street Bike tuner Simon Giordimaina and owner Luca Carboneri both have input to Rudi Zorzi's Hayabusa which has gone as quick as 7.411/320 before this event. Simon said 'I thank my wife and son for their patience as we had a baby girl six weeks ago. I missed the Hungary round and the team complained there was no power and the bike was crazy. So I rebaselined the bike, put in a new clutch and boost controller and it went 7.65/189mph off the trailer. We turned it up for the second session and it went 7.57/196mph to go seventh. Sadly we won't be at the Euros because of the expense. But next year we are planning to enter as a three bike team with me, Rudi and Franklin Borsch all riding and this will be more cost effective'.

Super Street Bike racer Graham Balchin had a gear selection problem on his first pass. 'I tried to leave in neutral and when I did finally select a gear the clutch had engaged fully and the bike wouldn't go. The second pass was a 7.36 which was good for fifth but there is room for improvement still so hope I can do a more impressive run later.

Super Street Bike racer Knut Möller is in 18th place with a 8.41/267kph. His Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 has a turbo, Woesner pistons, Hays clutch and he has a best ET of 8.3.

Super Street Bike racer Clemens Walleit is supported by German web site He said 'I am qualified 15th with 8.164. We had fuel problems and had a new ECU and fuel pump. This meant we have had to remap the engine which I am doing myself. I plan to race at Santa Pod next year but will be at Malmö later on this year for testing as it is closer for me'.

Super Street Bike racers Stefan Schmidt (centre) and Dennis Junge (second from left) are being advised by Peter Granica (pictured right). Stefan is qualified 17th with 8.304 on his GSXR bodied Hayabusa engined bike and Dennis 26th with 9.233 on his turbo GSX, which he says was influenced by Graham Dance's similar bodied bike. Both bikes run E85 fuel, unusual in the class as most use C16 race fuel.

Funny Bike racer Christian Jäger is riding Thomas Joswig's bike after Thomas's recent illness and it was good to see a recovering Thomas at the track. Christian said 'Thomas's bike works well. It has however been difficult to step back from Super Twin to Funny Bike because you make big moves on the Super Twins and the Funny Bike needs less. Our third run in testing was a 7.5 which was good, this weekend we have new clutch settings and was not so good. The first qualifier was 8.8s and on the second the bike was quick but hit the timing block. It hurt my leg a bit but some ice helped'. Christian is planning a return to Super Twin Racing depending on sponsorship. 'I still have a lot of my old crew and I have renamed the crew Nitrohunter as the word hunter in German is Jäger'.

The Dubois team from France have some very prominent advertising for the final of the ATD Championship at Vichy Aerodrome which is a couple of hours drive from Lyon.

Competition Eliminator racer Manuel Kreiter's '55 Chevy Bel Air has run a best of 7.805/278.46. He is qualified fifth of eight with a 7.879 on a 7.86 index.

Competition Eliminator racer Robin Sattler is qualified in number one position with a 8.992 on a 9.65 F/Dragster index. Robin has been racing his dragster since 2007. Thanks to for personal best data.

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