Turtle Wax Internationals
Tierp Arena, 21st-24th August 2014


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08:20 Friday

The gallery has now been posted with apologies for the delay. We were not able to get stable internet access at our hotel, and we were out in the sticks so the mobile broadband dongle could not pick up a signal.

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Super Gas Bike qualifying session 5

0.0018 breakout for Kasper Halvorsund Hansen in the first pair. 9.5333 for Rasmus Östlund but stayed #4. No time for Molly Mattsson as she left before the lights ran, troubled twelve-second run for Marcus Forsberg in the other lane... unless he was sighting off Molly of course.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 5

Improvement for Tomas Jonsson, 8.7784 but stayed #6. Peter Svensson took over the lead again with an 8.5027 in the penultimate pair of the session.

Super Street Bike qualifying session 5

In the first pair Dag Wagenius rode out a 100-foot wheelie and still clocked 7.7091. 306.12 kmh terminal speed for Shaun Buttigieg, I don't know what the Swedish SSB speed record was but I would hazard a guess that it is now 306.12 kmh backed up by Shaun's previous stormer. 7.8022 for Henri Kolehmainen in the last run of the day, good for #7.

That's qualifying done for today. Tune back in a couple of hours for today's gallery.


Stock / Super Stock qualifying session 5

9.8884 by Håkan Nordström consolidated his #1 spot still further. Big wheelie by Sami Toppari but then shut it off after the front end came down. Improvement for Bo Nylund, 10.8153, stayed #5.

Pro Street qualifying session 5

Lars Sjöholm's car pushed away without starting, no time on the board so far today. Improvement for Kalle Mannerkoski, 7.6409, moved up to #3.

Comp Eliminator qualifying session 5

7.1875 for Bjørn Johansen in the first pair, against a 7.82 index and good for #13, crew looked happy with that. Violent move in the burnout for Sacke Syrjälä hard left turn followed by a hard right turn as Sacke pulled it back. Same on the launch, tyres up in smoke, fishtail then a left and a hard right, up on two wheels and crossed lanes in front of Peter Thörnäs who saw him coming and had the anchors out. Whilst all this was happening Magnus Hägglund was pushed back to the pits. On the restart Lasse Britsmar moved up to #16 with a 7.5755. 6.7104 on a 7.50 index for Pär Eriksson and the crew looked very happy with that, good for #5. Next pair and no burnout for Rolf Simonsson's beautiful Camaro, signalled to push back by the start line crew. 6.6513 for Stig Olsson consolidated his #3 spot.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 5

Oskar Norling up from #8 to #3 in the first pair, 0.0219. Problems for Hampus Sunqdvist, his dragster pushed back. Tobias Björnsson's 0.0721 good for one spor from #14 to #13. Wilma Andersson and Jason Engelage up the ladder side by side, Wilma to #3 at 0.0198 and Jason to #6 at 0.0235. Tim Städter closed the session with a 0.0447 good for #10.

Super Street qualifying session 5

Kent Olofsson up from #7 to #4 with a 10.9203 in the first pair. Christer Gustafsson sent back for a fluid leak in the second pair.

Super Gas qualifying session 5

0.0001 breakout for Johan Rehnström in the first pair, doesn't come much closer than that. 9.9212 for Frerik Gravningen good for a move up to #8. Next pair and Stefan Fallkvist into the 9.9s with a 9.9770, that's fourteen of sixteen in the 9.9s.

Super Comp qualifying session 5

Leif Andersson up from #12 to #9 first pair, 8.9527. Improvement for Niklas Öhlin, 8.9618, but stayed #10. 8.9099 for Marcus Back Andersson moved him up to #3 from #4. Bengt Stafberg's altered pushed away without starting. Matilda Sjöström-Andersson up from #12 to #4 at 8.9240. Daniel Norberg up to #3 with a 8.9062 in the last pair. Fourteen of eighteen are in the 8.9s.


Super Gas Bike qualifying session 4

Improvement for Marcus Forsberg 9.5833 but stayed in fifth.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 4

8.5349 good for #2 spot for Håkan Braw in the second pair.

Super Street Bike qualifying session 4

Nils-Ola Andersson very close to the centre line in the first pair. Problems for Shaun Buttigieg this run, 1.4-second sixty foot time and idling by then. Emil Östlund into the sevens at 7.9614, moved up to #8. Petri Määttäs 7.672 good for #9.

Funny Bike qualifying session 4

Antti Tervonen lost fire after his burnout. Restarted and launched then smoke from the motor, continued down the right side of his lane.

Race officials have decided to go for a fifth cycle.


Pro Street qualifying session 4

Tommy Lundberg in at #4 with a 7.7761. 7.6238 for Peter Trång to consolidate his #1 spot and Kalle Mannerkoski into the ladder at 7.7628. Horrible graunching noise from Ulrik Lunstrom's motor in the burnout, steam from under the car and fluid on the track, looked like water but they brought out the absorbent and mobilised the kit and crews so I guess it was oil or trans fluid. Small pieces were picked up also.

On the restart Pelle Arvidsson took the lead in the refettled lane with a 7.6131. Next pair and a big wheelie from Christer Åberg's 'Vette then went out of shape so shut it off.

Comp Eliminator qualifying session 4

Improvement for Stig Olsson to 6.6617, stayed #3. In the other lane Daniel Jedborn's dragster went out of shape in the second half, he put the chute out to get it straight. Improvement for Timo Ehromäki, 7.8536 for #7, but all eyes on Mathias Stenströ's Volvo in the other lane as the motor coughed, flames were visible under the car and there was briefly a huge heat haze on the right side as if something was burning invisibly. Had there been any photographers on that side I think someone might have got singed. The safety crew rushed to help Mathias' aid, the front of the car was pulled off and the fire crew went in with extinguishers.

Just about the same time as Mathias climbed out of the car there was a flash of lightning from the black cloud which has been surrounding the facility pretty much all day; we have dodged some dum-dum bullets judging by the colour of the sky.

Great pass by Odd Erik Fossum on the restart, 6.4252 on a 7.16 index. 1.010 to sixty feet. Stayed #5 though. 250-foot burnout by Bjørn Johansen, didn't help as he stayed #13 but I enjoyed it. Problems for Jak Ekstrom's dragster, off the gas by half track and idled to the far end. Great fishtailing run for Magnus Hägglund in the other lane, a touch under index. Sacke Syrjälä gave it a good go with the pick-up, wheelie then spin and smoke, went for the centre line and looked to be up on two wheels as he pulled it away. Off the gas at that point. In the next pair awful shake for Peter Thörnäs and he shut off, watching Thomas none of us noticed Matti Rajamaki starting to get out of shape until he was up on his two left wheels and crossing lanes via the 1000 foot reflectors. That got our attention. Matti kept it shiny side up with a great driving job. Lots of pieces picked up from the track which will hopefully be mirrors and not engine parts.

Pär Eriksson was next up, Rene Meierhofer due to run alongside him but Rene's motor never started and he was pushed back to the pits. Per pulled his burnout but shut off on his return and the track crew carried out another clean-up.


Super Comp qualifying session 4

Another great RT by Marcus Back Andersson, 0.0094, and an 8.9182 to move him up to #2. That lasted one pair ast Patrik Kivinummi took over #2 with an 8.9131. A few pairs later Laura Saksa took #2 from Patrik at 8.9033. Anders Brändström next to make a move, up to #8 from #13 with an 8.9483. Improvement for Leif Andersson at 8.9653 but stayed #12. Thirteen of eighteen qualifiers are in the 8.9s.

Stock / Super Stock qualifying session 4

Erik Wallin up from #22 to #17 at 10.4279; unfortunately the otherwise excellent timing display here does not show performance against index so ET is all I can give you - the full list at right will give you the index. Arto Sulopuisto up to #2 at 10.1568. Bo Nylund having been pushed down the ladder to #9 moved back up to #5 at 10.8209. First run of the day for Eurodragster.com sponsor Jan Phersson and in at #7 with a 9.3950 against an index of 10.20.


Super Street qualifying session 4

Consistency for Kenny Åsberg, a 10.933 and a 10.939 this time. Daniel Aggelid up from #4 to #3 at 10.9159 again with a Super Stock wheelstand. 0.0057 RT for Anders Söderberg next pair.

Super Gas qualifying session 4

Lennart Edlund with a 9.9264 to take #7. Next pair and a perfect ET for Angelica Larsson, 9.9002, well done Angelica! 9.9034 in the other lane by Jan Hallman to take #2, that was a great pairing to watch. 9.9387 giid for #12 for Dion Hansen. 9.9053 for Johan Regnström put him in thord in the last pair. At the end of this session the first thirteen of sixteen were in the 9.9s.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 4

Erika Leanders up from #17 to #8 first pair, 0.0560. Victor Heleander up to #10 with his car which must be the only Junior Dragster on the planet with a Kareem Abdul wing. Next pair and Fredrik Leanders took over #1 spot with a 0.0029. Improvement for Tim Städter, 0.0860 good for #15. Wilma Andersson up from #10 to #9 at 0.0505. 0.0381 for Jason Engelage good for #7 in the last pass of the session.


Super Gas Bike qualifying session 3

Kasper Halvorsund Hanssen into #3 spot from #9 in the first pair, 9.5886. Bumped down a place two pairs laer by Rasmus Östlund's 9.5571.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 3

Naughty corner for Håkan Braw with an 8.2957. Vienna Boys' Choir wheelie for #1 qualifier Björn Friström in the final pair. No changes to the standings in this session.

Super Street Bike qualifying session 3

Fantastic 7.3308/304.23 by Shaun Buttgieg to take #1 spot by an Engelsk mile. 1.2719 to sixty feet presaged something special. Some very cheerful Maltese guys on the start line.

Funny Bike qualifying session 3

Again just Antti Tervonen present. Big improvement, 7.330/294.92.

On to qualifying cycle 4.


Pro Street qualifying session 3

A process of deduction leads me to conclude that there is a lower limit of 7.60 in this class... and in fact Track Announcer Björn Sundkvist just said so and I think I get points for understanding the Swedish. #2 for Pelle Arvidsson first pair, 7.6706. Kalle Mannerkoski got a bit eager and left before the lights ran, looked like a good run with chute out before the finish line after the breakout last session. 7.7063 good for #3 spot for Ulrik Lundström.

Comp Eliminator qualifying session 3

Björn Johansson up from #16 to #12 in the first pair. In the other lane Peter Thörnäs is going further and further under power, into the sixes in this run at 6.9626 and that was with the chutes about 1100 feet out. Spin and hideous shake respectively for Sacke Syrjälä. 7.3248 for Robin Norén with chutes out before the stripe, his team looked happy with that. Odd Erik Fossum made this run right by the centre line, fag paper job with the reflectors, and he had the chutes out early, but still ran a 6.5. What a run by Andreas Arthursson! 6.2053 on a 7.08 index, moved up to #2 from #3. Stig Olsson back on form a couple of pairs later, 6.6695 on 7.51 index, up to #3. Problems for Matti Rajamaki, stopped just past half track. Crew sent to retrieve him.


Super Comp qualifying session 3

Niklas Öhlin up to #5 in the first pair, 8.9649. Next pair and Julie Nataas moved up from #3 to #2 at 8.9275. First run of the day for Bengt Stafberg and straight in at #3, 8.9340. Superb 8.9018 in the next pair moved Micke Nilsson up to #1. Improvement for Laura Saksa, 8.9563 moved her up to #6. Another great RT for Marcus Back Andersson, 0.0091 and an imorovement still further to 8.9270.

Stock / Super Stock qualifying session 3

Improvement still further for Uffe Edwardsson, 10.213 on 11.25 index, stayed #3 at that point. Smoke from Yroö Wallius' motor at half track but then it cleared; track checked and all OK. P-A Lindström showing no ill effects from the looney wheelstand earlier made a big move from #23 to #12 with a 10.4251 on an 11.00 index. First run of the day for Bo Nylund, in at #8. Erik Wallin up from #27 to #22 in the final pair.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 3

Atle Poolsaar up from #17 to to #4 at 0.0296 in the second pair. Tobias Björnsson up from #11 to #8 at 0.0852. Nina Björnsson next up the ladder, from #16 to #8 at 0.0848. New number one qualifier Mari Udtian pulled a great 0.0073in the last but third pair. #15 to #7 for Wilma Andersson, 0.0587. Jason Engelage closed the session moving up from #16 to #6.

Super Street qualifying session 3

Great 10.9026 for Halvor Överby in the first pair took #1 spot. Identical 10.9026 for Tomas Hägg in the next pair, Halvor stayed #1 as he did it first. Improvement for Jan Jonsson to 10.9644 but stayed #5. Daniel Aggelid up to #4 with a 10.9397 with added points for a Super Stock wheelie. How about a right-side run for Christer Gustafsson... yep, 10.9498 and into #6.

Super Gas qualifying session 3

Håkan Mattsson having had a torrid day so far makes up for it with a 9.9100 to take #1 spot in the second pair. Iiro Laaksonen took #1 spot off Halmhatt with a 9.9062 three pairs later. Start line clean-up in Hampus Gisslén's lane.


Super Gas Bike qualifying session 2

Rasmus Östlund up to #4 in the first pair, in the other lane #1 qualifier Kathrone Wagenius broke out big time at 9.3360. Problems for both Thomas Nordin and Molly Mattsson next pair, Thomas shut it off before half track and only just made the first exit by the look of things. Same story for Marcus Forsberg next pair, puffs of black smoke from his motor and shut it off before the eighth.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 2

Kristin Hegre's first outing of the day, had her hands full as the bike fishtailed towards the centre line. 10.0875 good for ninth. No changes to the rest of the standings.

Super Street Bike qualifying session 2

Great run for Björn Friström, 7.4667 for number one spot. Improvement for vesa Ruhanen, 7.7698 good for #5. Next to improve Nils-Ola Andersson with a 7.7521 for #4 spot. Superb 1.2729 sixty for Shaun Buttigieg but looked to blackstripe towards the eighth and had one foot off the peg.

Funny Bike qualifying session 2

Strictly Q1 since no-one made the scheduled Q1. 9.9101 for Antti Tevonen, the only racer to make this session.


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 2

6.9844 on a 7.92 index put Lars-Georg Johansson into #1 in the first pair. Judging by the crew's reaction I'm thinking maybe a PB. Great 7.2980 on a 7.97 index oved Robin Norén up to #3 and again I am guessing a PB as his crew went nutso on the start line. In the other lane Peter Thörnäs had the chutes out past half track after a very strong-looking first half. Next pair and problems for Jens Eklund's Audi, had to be pushed back after the burnout. Sacke Syrjälä took the bye and had to shut it off again after approaching the guardrail. The usual nitrous purge altitude record for Odd Erik Fossum and then a superb 6.4199 against a 7.16 index to go up to #2 spot. Had to drive through shake, too, so more left in there. In the other lane Hannu Flink got very close to the centre line, almost had both 330 foot reflectors (I say "both" because there is a 330-foot speed trap here). 6.2995 on a 7.08 for Andreas Arthursson's Monte Carlo, took #2 spot from Odd Erik Fossum. Yngve Solberg's first run of the day in the next pair. 7.08 index and a 6.3867, good for #5. In the other lane Daniel Jedborn's tyres went up in smoke at the hit. Big move for Timo Ehromaki, #12 to #5 with a 7.8928 on an 8.57 index. Another wayward run for Mathias Stenström, close to the guardrail and then a right turn, had to back out of it. Problems for Stig Olsson before his burnout, looked like a fluid leak, one of his crew sprinted back to the starting area for a spanner. All sorted and then Stig pulled a fit-of-pique burnout, out of shape woth motor screaming. Looked like Stig backed out of it early, Rene Meierhofer up to #2 in the other lane with an 8.5000 on a 9.33 index.


Pro Street qualifying session 2

Into Pro Street but a Super Stock-style wheelie from Micael Eriksson only at a higher speed, 8.0440 good for a move from #8 to #3 also. 7.5177 for Kalle Mannerkoski put him at the bottom of the ladder, I guess the class has an index although the timing system says not. Kjell Mossbakk pushed back in the third pair, in the other lane Miceal Norén took #1 spot at 7.8944. Ulrik Lundström into #1 at 7.7857 in the penultimate pair, Roffe Plahn's car didn't move. 7.6608 for Peter Trång in the last pair put him #1, in the other lane Kermith Karlsson had to back out of it after his car almost took out the 330 foot reflectors.


Stock / Super Stock qualifying session 2

Anders Eriksson up from #19 to #11 first pair. Improvement for Mathias Färm with a long wheelie to boot but stayed in place. 0.070 RT for Urban Johnansson but over index and stayed #19. Hans Nilsson up from #16 to #13, kept his boot in as the car came down from the wheeile and headed for the centre line, just wrenched it straight. Huge wheelie and thumper of a landing for Sami Toppani, stopped about 400 feet out. Looks like Kirstie was in the right place to photograph that one, look forward to seeing the result. Crews checked the car, all OK, then Sami drove it off the track under its own power. Håkan Nordström consolidated his #1 spot going further under index at 9.8896. P-A Lindström had his Challenger right up on its back bumper in the penultimate pair, I didn't hear any feathering of the throttle and he went under index to boot.


Super Comp qualifying session 2

Bouncy run for Leif Andersson's slingshot, up and down all the way and seemed to be particularly lively in the second half. Second pair and Patrik Kivinummi's 8.9658 good for #3. Some tongue-tying from my left over the name of Patrik's home town, Your Reporter suggested "Just say Finland". Superb 0.0021 RT for Julie Nataas, in the other lane Kevin Yrövaara went up to #3 at 8.9631. Next pair and #1 for Terje Røisgård, 8.9264. Next up a rival forour own Richie Webb, Leif Nyström in his very clean VW Beetle. Spin off the line, had to pedal, lost a second and a half or so.


Super Street qualifying session 2

No time for Ulf Axelsson fist pair, left before the lights ran. Another breakout for Christer Gustafsson at 10.8417. Next pair and Kenny Åsberg moved up from #2 to #1 at 10.9339. 10.8335 breakout for Halvor Överby next pair. Super Stock-style wheelie for Daniel Aggelid and another 10.9 at 10.9974, his earlier pass still good for #2.

Super Gas qualifying session 2

Jan Hallman in at 9.9991 in the first pair, #4 at that point but then moved down to #5 next pair by Johan Renströl's 9.9842. Another 9.9 for Christer Uhlin at 9.9540 but his earlier pass good for #2. Annica and Angelica Larsson side-by-side to #5 and #3 at 9.9376 and 9.9228 respectively. Iiro Laaksonen up to #6 at 9.9403 alongside another 9.9 from Bosse Hall whose Q1 time is still good for #1. Problems for Dion Hansen next pair, car didn't move on the green, pushed back. Lina Braathen up to #2 last pair at 9.9125.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 2

Double reads for Victor Heleander and Atle Poolsar. Another zero-led RT for Hampus Sundqvist at 0.0677 but his earlier RT stood for #2. Elina Paulsson up from #16 to #9 next pair at 0.1496. Theodor Brandt up to #1 next pair from #3, 0.0224. 0.0710 for Julia Lindberg moved her up from #18 to #5, problems for Emil Eriksson in the other lane. Nina Björnsson's motor stoped off the line, pushed back, stayed #14. Mari Udtian up from #18 to #5 in the last pair at 0.0649.


Super Street Bike qualifying session 1

Shaun Buttigieg here to represent Malta on the Kalanc bike after some superb passes at Hockenheim. First pair, both Shaun and Emil Östlund hit tyre spin towards half track and both backed it off, Emil recovered to clock 8.6664 to Shaun's 9.1552. 8.6903 next run good for #2 for Per Emborg. Petri Määttä first into the sevens, 7.9836 next pair and that was with a well-controlled wheelie about 200 feet out. Vesa Ruhanen followed, 7.8199 took #1 spot from Petri. Björn Friström took # spot next pair at 7.6906. 7.6341 next pair for Anders Blanck won him #1, frenetic stuff here with the lead changing hands every pair.

That's qualifying cycle 1 complete, straight in to qualifying cycle 2.


Super Gas Bike qualifying session 1

Marcus Forsberg first out and 9.6195 not at all bad off the trailer. Arild Rundbraaten got about 100 feet out then pulled a sizeable wheelie, kept a hold of it though. Thomas Nordin did even better in the fourth pair, 9.5297 good for #1 at that point. That lasted one pair, Katherine Wagenius took over the lead with a fine 9.5029.

Super Comp Bike qualifying session 1

Superb opener for Bert Nilsen, 8.5219. 8.5848 for Emil Östlund next pair good for #2. Peter Svensson into #2 woth an 8.5637 in the last pair.


Comp Eliminator qualifying session 1

Superb 100-foot burnout by Sacke Syrjälä in his S10 pick-up announced the first pair. Both Sacke and Mathias Stenström on 7.48 B/TA index. Wheels-up launch and then hideous shake for Mathias, Sacke's tyres blackstriped and he had to back out of it as the truck got out of shape. Great under-index runs for Pär Eriksson and Janne Kretz, Pär into the sixes at 6.8355 and Janne into #1. Magnus Hägglund went for a drift, got close to the guardrail but went under index, just, at 7.4055. Hannu Flink with a great 6.6701 on his 7.27 index, good for #3 at that point behind Janne and Pär. Smoke from Fredrik Skärgard's motor right on the stripe, track check ensued, all OK. Shake and a pedal for Andreas Arthursson, then a bang from the motor and he shut it off. Spin at the hit fpr Robin Norén, pedalled and shut it off. Next up Odd Erik Fossum in The Pro Mod Which Isn't up against Sören Andreasson his his Volvo P1800. 8.57 index for Sören and 7.160 for Odd Erik. Horrible shake for Odd Erik after 1.0364 to sixty, shut it off. 8.1368 for Sören. Next pair and tyres up in smoke for Angelica Bäckman, off the gas before the Tree. Very gutsy drive by Stig Olsson in the slingshot. Shake and a pedal, fishtailing, a drift close to the guardrail and he stayed on the gas all the way, 7.0719 on 7.51 index good for fifth. 8.7456 on 9.33 index for Rene Meierhofer, backed out of it at about 1000 feet too so plenty left in there. Peter Thörnäs' tyres up in smoke at the hit and he shut it off.


Pro Street qualifying session 1

Wayward launch for Micke Nörén, had to pedal once or twice. In the other lane Christer Åberg's 'Vette was fishtailing a lot of the way. Problems for Kelle Mannerkiski next pair, stopped on track after the burnout and had to be pushed back. Similar story to Christer for Pelle Arvidsson, tyres spun and had to pedal as the car turned right, but still took #1 spot at that point with an 8.0337. Spin and gave it up for Micael Eriksson, bucking bronco ride for Mikael Norén in the other lane, three wheelies and as many pedals but still good for an 8.4224. Great run for Daniel Svanberg put him into second at that point, 8.1396, but clean-up on the start line in his lane. Ulrik Lundström closed the session with a 7.9544 to take #1 spot.


Super Comp qualifying session 1

The Islanders Super Comp dragster now in the hands of Maja Udtian, 0.0337 RT right up alongside longtime Super Comp racer Micke Nilsson's 0.0317. Julie Nataas into #1 in the next pair at 8.9372, I wonder if it still hurts Top Fuel Dragster racer and dad Thomas to have to put in the throttle stop. Great 0.0074 RT for Marcus Back Andersson and into #1 at 8.9363. Five of sixteen in the 8.9s after this session.

Stock / Super Stock qualifying session 1

Good morning Carla and Rick! Tarmo Mikkola led the wheelying in the second pair. Problems for Yrjö Wallius in the third pair, off the gas almost as soon as he launched, idled along the track. Mathias Färm -0.8 or so to take the lead in the fourth pair. Early candidate for burnout of the day by Dennis Andersson in his Ford Fairlane, followed by a creditable wheelie. Next number one qualifier Håkan Nordström with a superb 9.9055 on an 11.00 index. Next pair and Jarmo Markannen's boot lid came open at launch, Jarmo pretty much idled it down the track to a 17.470. Björn Bondesson pulled Wheelie of the Day so far and took #2 with a 10.2109 on an 11.25 index.


Junior Dragster qualifying session 1

Pontus Garefelt left the start line first at the Turtle Wax Internationals with a 0.1222 in the first pair against Emil Eriksson. Emil's dragster stopped at the quarter and had to be retrieved. 0.0691 for Theodor Brandt in the first pair, first to lead with a zero. 0.0286 by Hampus Sundqvist in the next pair put him in #1 spot at that point. Just when you thought they had run out of Islanders along comes Mari Udtian, ever-smiling father Paul Ingar on the line, good to see him back. Jennifer Östergren took over #1 spot by 0.0001 in the penultimate pair, 0.0285. In the other lane Fredrik Leanders' motor stopped off the line but he got an RT. Jennifer, Hampus and Theodor top three.

Super Street qualifying session 1

0.0547 RT for Christer Gustafsson in the first pair, 10.8932 breakout, in the other lane Kenny Åsberg opened his account with a 10.9673. Daniel Aggelid then outdid him second pair with a 10.9485. 10.3748 for Garth Haworth whilst in the other lane Anders Söedrberg's Dart stopped about 300 feet out. Quad summoned and car retrieved. Ida Östman also in the Naughty Corner with a 10.5582 in the last pair.

Super Gas qualifying session 1

No time for Håkan Mattsson in the first pair as he left before the lights ran. 9.9214 for Christer Uhlin in the other lane. Next pair and Frode Sørheim's Ford Tudor has to be one of the prettiest race cars I have ever seen, look out for that one on today's gallery. Did the job too, 9.9318. You won't be at all surprised to read that Bosse Hall went into #1 next pair at 9.9115.


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