FHRA Nitro Nationals
Alastaro Circuit, 3rd-6th July 2014


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Final results

FIA Top Fuel Dragster: Stig Neergaard 4.479/410.43 def. Anita Mäkelä 4.649/400.88
FIA Top Methanol Funny Car: Johan Lindberg 6.138/386.44 def. Johnny Oksa 7.259/318.33
FIA Top Methanol Dragster: Manty Bugeja 5.538/422.03 def. Chris Polidano 5.561/429.79
FIA Pro Stock: Michael Malmgren 6.945/315.14 def. Jimmy Ålund 7.570/244.95
FIA Pro Modified: Mattias Wulcan 6.229/368.55 def. Roger Johansson 7.443/218.46
Super Pro Street: Hannu Flink 7.028/321.72 def. Rolf Simonsson 7.018/309.48
Outlaw: Lasse Niskavaara 7.655/245.28 def. Tero Vainio 7.678/288.58
Super Pro ET: Laura Saksa 9.003 (8.91) def. Kari Laitinen 8.998 (8.93)
Stock/Super Stock: Jarmo Markkanen 10.284 (10.28) def. Iiro Mikkola 11.465 (11.40)
Sportsman ET/Pro ET: Petri Parkkinen 11.837 (11.80) def. Iiro Laaksonen 10.410 (10.33)
Top Street: Juho Yijälä-Räty 8.286/277.52 def. Pauli Junttila 8.342/264.83
Real Street: Kenneth Mattfolk 8.699/251.28 def. Toni Peräkasari 9.135/237.28
Junior Dragster: Tiia Rantanen 9.801 (9.95) def. Jenna Kakkonen 8.107 (8.09)

FIM Top Fuel Bike: Ian King 6.261/342.73 def. Rickard Gustavsson Foul No time
FIM Super Twin Top Fuel: Christian Jäger 6.898/278.32 def. Samu Kemppainen 8.122/226.41
FIM Pro Stock Bike Fredrik Fredlund 7.096/302.69 def. Gert-Jan Laseur 7.238/294.87
Funny Bike: Juha Ollikainen 7.165/310.05 def. Sami Kallio 9.377/170.72
Pro HD: Jukka Köykkä 9.295/236.43 def. Kalle Myllylä 9.792/218.92
Super Gas Bike: Janne Koskinen 9.517 def. Timo Pöllä 9.605
Street Bike: Jyrki Sinisalo 9.806 (9.62) def. Kimmo Rantala 10.741 (10.27)
Junior Bike: Tukka Varis 14.179 (14.14) def. Jesse Leino 6.628 (6.75)

That's the close of live/delayed coverage from the event, thanks again to the timing crew for supplying the information on all classes. We will post the gallery in about an hour's time.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster final

Stig Neergaard 4.479/410.43 def. Anita Mäkelä 4.649/400.88

Stig away first, 0.133 to 0.145 and was also pulling away from Anita in a great final, 0.916 to 0.948 at 60ft and 3.529/359.67 to 3.669/344.04 at 660ft.


FIA Top Methanol Dragster final

Manty Bugeja 5.538/422.03 def. Chris Polidano 5.561/429.79

Another great race between the TMD teams from Malta, both straight down the track. Chris had the better reaction, 0.059 to 0.073 but Many the better incrementals, 0.968 to 1.011 and 3.677/337.07 to 3.739/346.42.


FIA Top Methanol Funny Car final

Johan Lindberg 6.138/386.44 def. Johnny Oksa 7.259/318.33

Johnny up in smoke by the tree, pedaled briefly but more smoke and he stayed on it. Johan's run not quite as smooth as earlier but enough for the winner's trophy, his incrementals 1.019 to 60ft and 4.151/310.21 to half track.

FIA Pro Modified final

Mattias Wulcan 6.229/368.55 def. Roger Johansson 7.443/218.46

Roger first to stage but along the track his car got close to the left wall and lifted after half track. Roger left first, 0.048 to 0.109 and by 60ft Mattias was 1.074 to 1.082. At half track Mattias was 4.145/298.88 to 4.346/246.91

FIA Pro Stock final

Michael Malmgren 6.945/315.14 def. Jimmy Ålund 7.570/244.95

After a staging battle lasting almost a minute, Michael first to stage. Jimmy away first, 0.088 to 0.139, but them Michael had the better 60ft 1.121 to 1.147 and half track 4.523/260.36 to 260.36, and Jimmy's car had become unsettled as he lifted towards the end.


FIM Top Fuel Bike final

Ian King 6.261/342.73 def. Rickard Gustavsson Foul No time

Rickard's bike moved forward before the tree was activated. Ian on another straight pass, all cylinders lit and another victory for him. Ian's incrementals were 1.102 to 60ft and 4.166/295.71 to half track.

FIM Super Twin Top Fuel final

Christian Jäger 6.898/278.32 def. Samu Kemppainen 8.122/226.41

Samu up in smoke by the tree, got back on the throttle but a long way behind. Good pass for Christian, 1.122 to 60ft and 4.429/273.49 to half track.

FIM Pro Stock Bike final

Fredrik Fredlund 7.096/302.69 def. Gert-Jan Laseur 7.238/294.87

Clean race, Gert-Jan leaning to the left to counter his bike's tendency to drift right towards the right wall. Gert-Jan left first, 0.072 to 0.102, by 60ft Fredrik was 1.126 to 1.135 and half track Fredrik was 4.544/252.24 to 4.609/244.62.


A ten minute warning has just gone out for Pro Finals. Stay tuned.


Sportsman Eliminations Final Ladders

Super Gas Bike Eliminations Round 4

Funny Bike Open Eliminations Round 4

Stock/Super Stock Eliminations Round 4

Super Pro ET Eliminations Round 4

Outlaw Eliminations Round 4

Super Pro Street Eliminations Round 4

Junior Dragster Eliminations Round 4

Junior Bike Eliminations Round 4

Pro HD Eliminations Round 2


FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 2

Mattias Wulcan 6.225/382.46 def. Tami Brander 6.353/370.05

Tami away first, 0.126 to 0.168. Mattias 1.058 to 60ft against 1.108 to Tami. At half track still close, 4.142/309.95 to 4.220/292.96 for Tami. Mattias moved around in his lane in the second half of the track but kept with it.

Roger Johansson 6.361/374.36 def. Tero Laukkanen 7.104/257.76

A turbo vs nitrous battle. Tero first to bump into stage, Roger first to leave, a great 0.016 to 0.088. Tero's 60ft was 1.112 to Roger's 1.136 and by half track Roger was ahead, 4.244/294.33 to 4.439/269.72. Roger got close to the centre line at the top end by which time Tero was off the throttle.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster eliminations round 2

Stig Neergaard 4.600/384.60 def. Thomas Nataas 4.676/305.50

Both cars left together, 0.144 to 0.110. Stig first to 60ft. 0.910 to 0.930 then Stig up in smoke by 330ft but pedaled. 3.531/347.34 to 3.592/338.80 to Thomas at half track. Thomas then had an engine explosion just after 660ft slowing him from the lead and Stig passed him for the win. An exciting race. Clean up in left lane...

Anita Mäkelä 4.512/406.39 def. Antti Horto 4.645/305.18

Antti away in 0.142 to Anita's 0.159. Antti to 60ft in 0.908 to Anita's 0.926. Clean run until Antti went up in smoke just before 300ft. 3.496/351.81 for Antti to 3.548/353.78 at 660ft Anita had a puff of smoke but pedaled and then went very close to the right wall whilst Antti was off the throttle by 800ft. So Stig and Anita in the final.


FIM Super Twin Top Fuel eliminations round 2

Samu Kemppainen 8.296/243.41 def. Ronny Aasen no-show

Ronny, Ton and Vincent not able to make repairs to Ronny's engine in time so a single for Samu. 1.164 to 60ft and 4.842/191.31 to half track. Samu drifted towards the centre line by half track but leaned over to just avoid crossing it.

Christian Jäger 6.915/274.78 def. Petri Mattson 9.646/171.99

Christian away first 0.081 to 0.191 and first to 60ft, 1.126 to 1.296. Petri's bike with what looked like a cylinder out going down the track. Again Christian off the throttle for the last couple of hundred feet after 4.425/272.82 to half track.


FIM Pro Stock Bike eliminations round 2

Fredrik Fredlund 7.078/302.12 bye

Nice straight bye for Fredrik, 1.106 to 60ft and 4.518/251.45 to half track.

Gert-Jan Laseur 7.209/295.41 def, Timo Savolainen 9.167/150.51

Bikes away evenly Gert-Jan 0.108 to Timo's 0.175 and 1.126 to 1.139 to 60ft, but Gert-Jan pulled away 4.597/246.74 to half track and Timo off the throttle before 1000ft.


FIA Pro Stock eliminations round 2

Jimmy Ålund 6.800/366.68 def. Magnus Pettersson 7.091/330.83

Good close run, Magnus away first and both cars on full power to the end. Magnus away first 0.068 to 0.094, then Jimmy first to 60ft, 1.081 to 1.206 and to half track, 4.434/265.13 to 4.688/260.73.

Michael Malmgren 6.853/316.66 def. Christian Sagelv 7.068/312.56

Christian away first, 0.094 to 0.099 and Michael ahead by 60ft, 1.076 to 1.086. Then Michael all the way, 4.439/273.95 to 4.623/257.86 at half track.


FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 1

Tami Brander 6.625/353.27 def. Robert Joosten 20.310/38.61

Robert away first, 0.123 to 0.136 and 1.055 to 1.092 to 60ft but the car started to move around and got into a pendulum effect which got worse until the Camaro hit the eighth mile reflector, the chute came out and he nosed into the wall, albeit with a fair amount of speed having been wiped off. Robert is perfectly ok. Tami ran straight down the track and was well ahead by the time Robert's drama unfolded, 4.362/275.10 to 660ft.

Tero Laukkanen 6.634/365.39 def. Bruno Bader 6.631/359.05

Great race, Tero away first 0.097 to 0.117 and 1.125 to 1.107 to 60ft. Bruno in the right lane drifted towards the centre line. At 660ft Tero was 4.410/275.46 to Bruno's close 4.407/276.88. Tero himself went towards the wall but neither lifted and Tero held on for the holeshot win.

Roger Johansson 6.289/374.45 def. Michael Gullqvist 7.043/324.31

Staging duel and Roger first into pre-stage. Then on the launch, Roger 0.059 to Micke's 0.100 Micke suffered handling difficulties in the left lane and had to pedal. Roger on his best run of the weekend, 1.074 to 60ft and 4.174/294.39 to 660ft.

Mattias Wulcan 6.467/354.82 def. Mats Eriksson 6.529/376.01

Mats away first, 0.129 to 0.190 and 1.105 to 1.048 to 60ft, and both straight until half track (4.393/288.52 to Mattias' 4.280/275.88) when they both started drifting towards the centre line. Both racers steered away from each other and Mattias got the lead in the last few hundred feet. Mattias against Tami and Tero against Roger in the semis, again guaranteeing a Finnish racer in the final.


FIA Top Methanol Dragster eliminations round 1

Chris Polidano 5.580/429.28 def. Stefan Gunnarson 8.211/190.98

Chris away first and Stefan then up in smoke by the tree. He got back on it but lifted by half track as Chris went through for his best time of the weekend so far, 0.994 to 60 ft and 3.747/342.41 to half track.

Manty Bugeja 5.598/419.22 def. Jonny Lagg 5.782/391.25

Manty fired up after Jonny had completed his burnout and was reversing back, Manty then reversing at speed from his burnout until his crew member motioned him to ease off. Great race! Jonny away first 0.097 to 0.215, wanting an upset and made his best pass of the event, however Manty passed him by 1000ft. Incrementals for Manty and Jonny 0.988 to 1.005 and 3.719/334.66 to 3.844/327.99


FIA Top Methanol Funny Car eliminations round 1

Johnny Oksa 6.114/380.65 def. Ari Pietilä 9.063/177.08

Johnny away first, 0.110 to 0.100 and Ari then up in smoke by 60ft, 1.228 to Johnny's 1.077. Ari kept with it until half track. Good run for Johnny, 4.065/307.19 to half track, his best so far this weekend.

Johan Lindberg 5.832/405.48 bye

Johan on a single short shifted to second and down the track the car moved around a little, but a good pass to set him up for the final against Johnny. His incrementals 1.015 to 60 ft and 3.908/325.26 to half track.


FIM Top Fuel Bike eliminations round 1

Rickard Gustavsson 6.764/323.08 def. Filippos Papafilippou 19.002/106.60

Fil, in as alternate for Otto, red lit his chances away as Rickard went down the track smoothly and straight, 1.163 to 60ft and 4.403/274.26 to half track.

Ian King 6.159/329.25 def. Jan Sturla Hegre 6.975/312.02

Ian first to come to the line. Cylinder out as he staged but relit on the launch and his best run of the weekend so far as he pulled away from a game Jan Sturla who ran straight. Ian's incrementals were 1.094 to 60ft and 4.066/308.43 to half track.


FIM Super Twin Top Fuel eliminations round 1

Ronny Aasen 6.899/309.68 def. Vesa Lipponen 7.522/257.08

Ronny's team spent a lot of time working on the valvetrain after valve hitting piston problems in Q3. Vesa away first 0.253 to 0.293 and 1.172 to 1.241 to 60ft and Ronny pulled ahead, 4.570/289.91 to 4.615/240.47 to half track but smoke from the Zodiac bike's engine at 1200ft. Clean passes for both until that point.

Samu Kemppainen 6.791/311.48 def. Harri Piensalmi DNS

Harri off the bike and shut it off after the burnout. Samu on a single in the left hand lane, nice straight run for him, 1.155 to 60ft and 4.453/276.20 to half track.

Christian Jäger 7.505/220.29 def. Keijo Välimäki 14.164/105.40

Christian away first 0.102 to 0.333 as Keijo's bike hesitated before the tree then got going. 1.127 to 60ft for Christian to Keijo's 2.023. Keijo went towards the wall and he shut it off while Christian who went 4.434/263.49 to half track, lifted after 1000ft.

Petri Mattson 7.721/249.38 def. Martijn de Haas 8.134/308

Martijn away first, 0.123 to 0.185 and then Martijn got very close to the right wall despite leaning over on the bike he had to pedal but got back on it, but Petri was too far ahead on a steady run, 4.739/223.51 to half track. Ronny against Samu and Christian against Petri in the semis.


FIM Pro Stock Bike eliminations round 1

Gert-Jan Laseur 7.220/293.49 (bye),Marko Leppänen no-show

Straight run for Gert-Jan as Marko Leppänen did not appear. Gert-Jan's incrementals 0.085RT, 1.127 to 60ft and 4.599/246.32 to half track.

Timo Savolainen 7.703/220.45 def. Kenneth Holmberg 7.68/TBC

Holeshot win for Timo Savolainen after good straight runs. Timo's incrementals wre 0.083 RT,1.151 to 60ft and 4.654/242.81 to half track, Kenneth 0.120 RT, 1.117 to 60ft and 4.881/229.46 to half track.

Fredrik Fredlund 7.119/298.94 def. Miia-Maria Vepsäläinen 13.150/120.13

Fredrik off the line first 0.169 to 0.208 and good straight run as Miia-Maria put in her best run of the event, getting more experience with her machine. Fredrik's incrementals were 1.099 to 60ft and 4.537/249.89 to half track. So Fredrik has a bye in the semi finals and Gert-Jan runs against Timo.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster eliminations round 1

Stig Neergaard 4.447/399.01 def. Duncan Micallef 4.563/383.07

Both cars launched well Stig 0.121 to Duncan 0.112 and 0.898 to 0.908 to 60 ft then Duncan in smoke at 300ft and Stig at around 400ft. Stig to 660ft in 3.468/351.04 to Duncan's 3.541/335.12. Both pedaled but Stig got there first. The first of what may be several pedalfests. Margin of victory 0.1077.

Anita Mäkelä 4.703/399.67 def. Urs Erbacher 4.786/384.19

After burnouts, Anita given shut off signal by Ian Marshall then Urs given same signal by Dave Warren. Both teams were then given the opportunity to refire after cranking their engines over and top up fuel. Once refired they went straight into stage. Urs off the line first, 0.121 to Anita's 0.181. Urs up in smoke at 200ft, Anita at 300ft and again both pedaled, Urs getting to 660ft in 3.760/330.15 to Anita's 3.729/355.00, then Anita crossing the line a car length ahead of Urs for a win margin of 0.0236.

Antti Horto 4.341/438.91 def. Mikael Kågered 6.086/191.23

Micke choosing the right lane, although both are fairly equal. Micke away first 0.123 to 0.135 but lit the tyres at just before 300ft and then off it. Nice pass for Antti, 0.916 to 60ft and 3.456/380.35 to 660ft to the best time and speed of the event so far.

Thomas Nataas 4.323/441.05 def. Noah Stutz 4.694/382.56

Noah in the left lane and Thomas in the right. Robin Grice overseeing both Urs and Noah, busy weekend for him. Thomas away first, 0.142 to 0.150 and quicker 60ft, 0.928 to 0.993. Noah lit the tyres at 300ft and pedaled. Thomas on a clean pass, 3.432/380.95 to 660ft and now the quickest and fastest at the event so far. Thomas will face Stig in the semi final and Antti is against Anita, making it certain there will be a Finn in the final.


FIA Pro Stock eliminations round 1

Magnus Pettersson 7.117/322.23 def. Thomas Lindström 13.200/108.91

Thomas away first, 0.083 to 0.100 and tyre spin before the tree, he was off throttle by 300ft. Magnus recorded 1.110 60ft and 4.650/250.58 at half track.

Michael Malmgren 6.935.328.66 def. Sampsa Palos 7.000/328.06

No. 2 and 7 qualifiers. Michael took time to get to the line. Sampsa away first 0.050 to 0.097, both pedaled in first 60ft and then a close race, Michael getting to half track in 4.521/260.73 and getting the lead towards the finish line. Margin of victory for Michael was 0.0184s.

Christian Sagelv 7.058/312.29 def. Simon Gustavsson DQ 14.643/93.17

Simon pushed the lights too hard to a 0.036 red light to Christian's 0.179 and then got out of shape after the launch lifting by 100ft. Good run for Christian, 0.179 red light.

Jimmy Ålund 6.778/336.29 def. Jan Palmqvist 7.539/324.10

Jimmy much the quicker start at 0.086 as Jan spun the tyres after a 0.177 light. Best run of the weekend for Jimmy, 1.080 to 60ft and 4.412/265.27 to half track and Jan gamely stayed in it even though he was far behind. Jimmy faces Magnus in the semi finals and Michael will be against Christian.


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It's sunny with a few high clouds and a temperature of 17 degrees. Racing starts shortly after 10:00 Finnish time (08:00 UK time) with sportsman classes and FIA/FIM eliminations start at 11:00 (09:00 UK time) with Pro Stock, Top Fuel, Pro Stock Bike, Supertwin Bike, Top Fuel Bike. At 14:00 (12 noon UK time) we will have Top Fuel round 2, Top Methanol Funny Car and Top Methanol Dragster round one and Pro Modified round one. This is of course subject to change.

Our traditional raceday greeting to Kathy Hileman, we are thinking of you Kathy.

Thanks to Petteri Haapaniemi of the FHRA timing crew who has supplied sheets with incremental times. Despite the best efforts of the crew there will again be no timing screens in the commentary office where we are situated on the top floor of the tower. We will try to include reaction times and incremental times from the sheets when we receive them so do look back over the race report later as there may be more information added.

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