2010 NitrOlympX

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Simon has posted a final set of pit notes and we have also posted today's gallery. You can check out both via the Event Index page. There are 80 pictures in all; if you don't see all eighty thumbnails when you load the gallery page then click on your Browser's Refresh button.


It started to rain when the next TMD semi-final was waiting to fire up. With a curfew of 17:00 we have just been called as the top end is very wet and won't be dried in time.

The Showtime and Shockwave Fuel FCs rounded off the weekend with a great paired burnout in the drizzle.

Stay tuned and we will have today's pictures for you.


FIA Top Methanol Dragster eliminations round 2

Fred Hanssen 5.375/428.10 def. Krister Johansson 5.453/417.24

It's not often that anyone gets the jump on Krister but Fred just managed it 0.041 to 0.044. Fred got to sixty feet in 0.947 to Krister's 0.991 and had the better eighth 3.552 to 3.631. Krister kept all eight pipes lit all the way but Fred was just too good and reset his own Low ET of the event.


FIA Top Methanol Funny Car eliminations round 2

Dan Larsen 6.033/373.87 def. Dezsoe Krivan 8.655/170.20

Dan away first 0.076 to 0.137 but Dez had the better sixty foot 0.991 to 0.126. Dez then hit shake and the Toyota made a hard move left towards the guardrail and he shut it off. 3.975 at the eighth for Dan.

Jürgen Nagel 23.199/67.19 def. Jarmo Kuutniemi 6.233/375.68 DQ

0.153 to 0.453 RT for Jürgen but then his FC sounded to lose drive - the motor screaming along as normal but the car hardly moving - and he shut off. 0.985 to sixty for Jarmo but then his FC made a move to the right and he hit the 330 foot reflector. Jürgen idled along the track.


FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 2

Micke Gullqvist 6.042/380.69 def. Mats Eriksson 6.087/378.50

0.015 to 0.055 RT advantage in Mats' favour...and there go the other incrementals off the screen. Mats was straight down the middle of his lane whilst Micke's big Chevy was weaving left and right but he stayed with it. A great drag race, Micke there first by 0.0052.

Melanie Troxel 6.007.389.35 def. Urban Johansson 6.363/376.66 DQ

-0.038 red for Urban handed this to Melanie. 0.986 to sixty for Melanie, 3.966/304.45 at the eighth, the car not bouncing so much at half track this time and into the final against Micke G.


FIA Pro Stock eliminations round 2

Jan Palmqvist 6.874/326.41 def. Jimmy Ålund 7.097/325.72

Jimmy got away first 0.009 to 0.069 and had the better sixty foot time 1.033 to 1.052 but then he hit shake and the car made a hard move to the right. Sorting that out gave Jan enough time to get past him. No eighth incrementals I'm afraid as they cleared very quickly.

Michael Malmgren 6.836/327.79 def. Micke Callin 6.895/306.86

Great race this one. Micke C away first 0.029 to 0.080 and had the better sixty foot time 1.037 to 1.051 but Michael was coming back at him towards half track and had the better eighth 4.427 to 4.430, taking the stripe by 0.0089.


Junior Dragster eliminations round 2 winners:

Simon Andersson (8.90) 8.919/119.87, Jerry Bachinger (9.30) 9.315/110.90, Jill Kemp (11.00) 11.016/93.27, Jessica Gantenbein (8.05) 8.108/126.07

Congratulations to Jerry Bachinger on winning the Eurodragster.com/Speedflow Perfect Light Award with a 0.000 RT in his race against Joe Kellett.


Super Gas eliminations round 2 winners:

Werner Zudrell 10.103/191.65, Annette Müller 9.909/207.19, Stefan Eisenhauer 10.053, Jan Hardekopf 9.781/208.48 bye, Marco Leder 9.905/219.36, John Grant 10.059/219.36, Ronald van Let 10.077/212.14 bye, Guido Uhlir 8.876/233.96

Super Pro ET eliminations round 1 winners:

Ingo Ekert (8.55) 8.562/253.24, Bert Gorselitz (8.96) 9.028, Sascha Pretzsch (8.99) 9.127/241.02, Michael Vogt (8.26) 8.334/265.56, Alex Schmidli (8.87) 8.908/250.04, Pascal Kohler (8.23) 8.297/267.89, Patricia Kästner (8.28) 8.289/260.97, Jan Scheppers (7.70) 7.815/281.42


David Pertué opened the afternoon session with a 6.394/247.14 in the Hydrogen Rocket Funny Car. 0.865 to sixty feet, 2.250 to 330 feet and out of fuel by the eighth 3.575/269.28.


Bob Feeler closed out the morning session with a 6.772/352.63 in the Mach II Jet Funny Car - which has a passenger seat! Contest winner Timo Bastian just got the ride of his life.

We're now on a half-hour lunch break.


Pro Bike Eliminator eliminations round 1 winners:

Gert-Jan Laseur no time (bye), Otto Knebl 8.223/270.86, Bob Brooks 8.489/214.60, Szabolcs Borsay 9.769/165.93, Filippos Papafilippou 7.250/305.09 bye, Bousinis Haralambos no time (bye) Thomas Joswig 14.832/72.57 bye, Rikard Gustafsson 6.681/309.57 bye

Congratulations to Eurodragster.com sponsor Fil on his new PB.


FIA Top Fuel Dragster eliminations round 1

Stig Neergaard 4.911/392.80 def. Janne Ahonen 5.539/294.99

0.094 to 0.121 in Stig's favour off the line but Janne had the beter sixty foot 0.896 to 0.904. No sign of shake, looked good for both, 3.246/421.78 to the eighth for Stig to Janne's 3.394/367.05. Then just after the eighth it looked as if Janne's blower belt broke. Stig off it at about 1000 feet and 0.6556 in it at the stripe.

Andy Carter 4.895/439.35 def. Jari Halinen 4.974/470.97

Andy had the jump off the line 0.083 to 0.105. 0.893 to sixty feet for Andy to Jari's 0.926. Both cars nicely stuck to the track, Andy way ahead at the eighth 3.294/405.79 to 3.366/395.95. Then some smoke from the Lucas Oil dragster and Andy off the throttle before the stripe but still took the win by 0.1016. Jari was on the gas all the way and reset his PB ET, well done guys!

Anita Mäkelä 4.826/460.78 bye, Timo Lehtimaki did not start

Timo's motor just did not want to start, the guys turned it over and tuned it over and then when it appeared that it was about to light there was a bang and that was all she wrote. 0.916 to sixty for Anita, again a relatively gentle sixty and then picking up further down the track. 3.275/417.81 at the eighth and into the next round.

Urs Erbacher 4.883/482.05 def. Risto Poutiainen 5.081/373.49

A lot at stake in this race between the Championship leaders. Risto got away first 0.035 to the 0.098 from Eurodragster.com sponsor Urs, but Urs had the better sixty foot time 0.906 to 0.916 despite having a cylinder out on the left bank. 3.299/403.30 to the eighth for Urs to Risto's 3.337/400.99, then the Bad to the Bone dragster moved to the left and almost took out the 1000 foot reflector and Risto shut off, the car was swinging left and right and Risto had his hands full keeping it in his lane and straightening it out. 3.988 to 1000 feet for Urs and the stripe by 0.1356.


FIA Top Methanol Dragster eliminations round 1

Krister Johansson 5.497/414.85 def. Dave Wilson 5.506/423.18

Grumpy taking no chances with the burnout, starting it before the water trough but the motor hesitated as the car went through what is quite a big dip. Visible holeshot for Krister 0.051 to 0.258 and a better sixty foot time 0.995 to 1.003. The Silverline dragster was not hanging about but Krister had the quicker ET at the eighth 3.668/349.96 and Grumpy has the higher speed, 3.686/350.70. Grumpy was coming back at Krister but not quickly enough and Krister took it by 0.2165.

Timo Habermann 5.440/414.54 def. Paul Ingar Udtian 5.567/406.17

Very close RTs, 0.030 for Timo and 0.034 for Paul Ingar. Timo was on his way by sixty feet, though, 0.914 to 0.935 and visibly pulling away at the eighth 3.555/337.72 to 3.647/330.68. Paul stayed with it all the way and clocked his quickest ET of the weekend but Timo had him covered by 0.1317.

Peter Schöfer DQ, Dennis Habermann DQ

Dennis went into deep stage and then edged out of stage at which point Peter left without the lights having run. By my understanding of the rules that is both of them disqualified.

Fred Hanssen 5,378/426.25 def. Derek Flynn 5.575/422.11

Visible, daylight holeshot for Fred over Eurodragster.com sponsor Derek 0.032 to 0.208. The blown car screamed away, 0.937 to sixty feet to Derek's 1.067 and there was still daylight between them at the eighth, 3.546/347.06 for Fred to Derek's 3.759/348.23. 0.3735 at the stripe and Low ET of the weekend for Fred - good for extra points if it stays that way.


FIA Top Methanol Funny Car eliminations round 1

Dan Larsen 6.065/307.86 bye

#1 qualifier bye for Dan. Would he nail it for lane choice or would he take it easy? Well, big burnout so looked like he was going for it. 1.007 to sixty feet, 3.868/315.78 to the eighth and then the Stratus started to drift left and took out the 1000 foot reflector. Dan got off the throttle and pulled it straight.

Dezsoe Krivan 6.490/298.88 def. Rob Turner 31.780/125.40

This promised to be a good race with Deszoe finding his feet again and the Turners getting the FC running quicker and quicker on each pass. But it was not to be as Rob deep-staged and then rolled the beams, -0.138 red light and instant tyre spin at the hit. 1.017 to sixty feet for Dez, a little shake which he drove through, 4.182/289.14 at the eighth.

Jürgen Nagel 5.945/388.10 def. Danny Bellio 6.215/296.68

Danny got away first 0.153 to Jürgan's 0.217 and had the better sixty foot time 0.991 to 1.018. Jürgen's FC lifted up its skirts and ran, 3.906 to the eighth to Danny's 3.936. Looked from here as if something came off the back of Danny's car or he deployed a chute early bu he was off the throttle at about 1100 feet.

Jarmo Kuutniemi 5.896/392.80 def. Arvid Grødem 6.166/365.26

Nice race! 0.254 to 0.339 advantage for Arvid but Jarmo started to reel him in at sixty feet, 1.005 to Arvid's 1.082. Arvid pedalled for shake and Jarmo was ahead at the eighth 3.890 to 4.094 and took the stripe by 0.1855.


Dickman asked us to say a big Hello to all of our Dutch readers.

FIA Pro Modified eliminations round 2

Urban Johansson 7.148/287.19 def. Micke Lindahl 6.186/375.75

Micke threw this away with a huge, visible -0.292 red. Troubled run for Urban so he was there for the taking - pretty good 1.041 sixty foot time but then drove through shake, a relatively slow 4.666/250.18 at the eighth. But a win is a win.

Micke Gullqvist 6.128/377.64 def. Johan Lindberg 8.636/152.49

Johan with a new motor in the car and he made a good start 0.047 to Micke's 0.060, but then he hit shake just as his rear tyres passed sixty feet 1.049 to Micke's better 1.035. the 'Bird turned hard right and Johan had to pedal. 4.037/301.54 to the eighth for Micke to Johan's 4.724/216.26 and the stripe Micke's by 2.4955.

Mats Eriksson 6.091/380.42 def. Andy Robnson 6.249/371.32

Eurodragster.com sponsor Gus got away first 0.010 to 0.038 and had the better sixty foot time 1.038 to 1.046 but Mats quickly reeled him in, 4.017/302.17 at the eighth to Gus' 4.127. The Stude just looked to be missing a beat and there was 0.1300 in it at the stripe.

Melanie Troxel 6.082/387.13 def. Roger Johansson 6.509/320.96

0.027 to 0.052 RT in Roger's favour, Melanie had the better sixty foot 1.022 to 1.048. Roger then hit shake but drove through it as if it wasn't happening but he lost some time. 4.025/301.33 to the eighth for Melanie with the Camaro bouncing up and down, 4.238 to the eighth for Roger and shut off before the stripe. Mel took the win by 0.4022.


FIA Pro Stock eliminations round 1

Jan Palmqvist 24.719/45.49 def. Tommy Leindahl 6.961/319.54 DQ

-0.177 red for Tommy throwing this one away as Jan had vicious shake at the hit and shut off immediately, idling down the track.

Micke Callin 6.935/322.29 bye (Richard Sundblom no show)

0.049 RT, 1.052 to sixty, 4.473 at the eighth and a freebie into the next round as Richard suffered bad engine damage in qualifying yesterday.

Michael Malmgren 6.801/326.02 def. Jonas Engdahl 7.010 320.11

Jonas was in full stage for a good thirty seconds before Michael pre-staged. Then a big start line advantage for Michael 0.153 to 0.459. 1.032 to sixty for Michael to Jonas' 1.073 and a big advantage by the eighth 4.392 to 4.531 and the stripe by 0.5505.

Jimmy Ålund 6.678/327.94 def. Harald Sturhan 7.459/310.46

We were told earlier that Harald would not make this race so it was great to see him here. Jimmy got the jump 0.140 to 0.169, Harald's tyres were spinning and his motor was screaming, 1.256 sixty foot to Jimma's 1.037. Jimmy way ahead at the eighth 4.368 to 4.899 and first to the line by 0.7082.


Simon has posted today's first set of pit notes which you can check out via the event index page.

Pro ET eliminations round 2 winners:

Daniel Vetterl (11.00) 11.211/186.81, Eduard Hildebrand (9.47) 10.682/196.95, Walther Ronhner (10.00) 10.167/208.44, Michael Maderer (11.09) 11.179/196.22, Carla Pittau (9.75) 9.951/191.38, Jens Könnecke (9.72) 9.821/219.92

One pair is missing from the above as the commentator repeater screen was not working. We will add it in later.


The timing crew are just swapping the Christmas Tree and then we'll be into round 2 of Pro ET.


Super Gas eliminations round 1 winners:

Werner Zudrell 9.994/202.02 bye, Eric Pellegrom 10.133/195.41, Dan Page 10.222/180.73, Stefan Eisenhauer 10.261/191.01, Guido Uhlir 10.066/202.15, Jon Morton 9.949/235.13, Mike Poser 9.928/211.03, Ronald van Let 10.152/193.93, Annette Müller 10.033/186.77, Neil Grant 10.241/157.21, Jan Zimmerman 10.113/197.54, Jan Hardekopf 9.927/212.66, Olav Skjervo 9.939/209.46, John Grant 10.162/213.83, Oscar Scappocin 9.945/215.13 bye, Patrick Geng 9.939/223.93

0.007 RT for Dan Page in his race against Mark White and 0.008 for Markus Habermann in his race against Patrick Geng.


We had some drizzle at 10:00 but the track is now dry and is being glued as I type.


Good morning and welcome from the Rico Anthes Quarter Mile at Hockenheim for our coverage of the NitrOlympX brought to you in association with American Car Imports.

The Webster Race Engineering/Nimbus Motorsport webcam is on-line and is streaming live video. There won't be any sound as we don't have the requisite cables with us to plug into the PA feed (not expecting to be able to run the webcam live) and people tend not to wander around with microphones they don't need. Spark plugs or cylinder head bolts yes, microphones no. Having explained this yesterday and today your reporter now reserves the right to respond in a sarcastic manner to anyone who writes to tell us that the webcam sound isn't working.

The weather has changed overnight; in fact we had quite a good light show, thunder and rain at 04:00. The track is still a little damp now but the track crew have been on the case since early this morning and Super Gas have been called to the lanes for 10:00.

Stay tuned and when the racing starts we will bring you all the news.

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