2010 FHRA Nitro Nationals

Anders Abrahamsson now has his own Pro Stock Bike team again. "We had a couple of things that we disagreed on with the Veidec team", says Anders. "They are good guys and it was just better that we did our own thing at this time" he continuous."We broke a gearbox in England without actually realizing it, and with the gearbox inside the engine in a Pro Stock Bike, it has been a lot of work in week prior this event.
We do have a base set up that we know runs well, but we like to test and improve ourselves, so we are trying 4 different set ups in these 4 qualification runs!"
Andy "Gus" Robinson in Pro Modified suffered from a major fire after the finish line in his beautiful Studebaker."I felt a bang at approximately 1000 feet and I realized quickly that the car was on fire" says Andy. "I pulled the chutes and triggered the fire extinguishers. I think the fire went down for a while but then it started to get really hot again. At that point one of my crew guys told me over the radio that the car was on fire! I didn't answer at the time, just trying to stop the car and get out of the heat. After Fire Crew extinguished the fire I had a medical checkup and had oxygen to breath for a while. It is nothing wrong with me now, just trying get a grip on how badly hurt the race car is"
Trond Josten Hoiberget, one of the Norweigian Super Twin racers, said that he was in the final at the last race in Gardermoen. "The problem was that the actuall steering bar turned out to be completely broken during the semi finals, so we had to leave W/O" Trond told us. The team has been around bike drag racing for a long while and wanted to start a team of their own. They found this bike built by fellow racer Trond Alm in 2004 and went for it. The team will participate in all the races in UEM European Drag Racing Championship. Fredrik Fredlund were 3rd in Pro Stock Bike in the middle of Saturday. "We have worked really hard during the night, explain the team. "The brand new engine did not perform at all.
So we decided to put the really old spare engine that we had. It was build several year ago by Ove Andersson (picture). But at the same time we wanted the gearbox from the new engine so had to split both of the engines during the night!"
Johan Lindberg says that he and the team dont feel any pressure coming here as last events winner. "No, we are doing our first season in Pro Modified and we still learning. We see the victory in England as a bonus. A very fun bonus though", Johan tells us.
"During the first run yesterday we didn't get any data logging at all, but with the experience we gained from our old race car without computer, we managed to tune the car to an even better ET yesterday evening. And we now have the Racepack up and running so we are aiming for a 6,0 before the day is over!"
Pertti Soronen has been running in Super Comp for 10 years with his beautiful Funny car. And when we start talking to the team we realized that those 10 years are just a small piece of this cars fantastic history! "It started its life USA in 1977. It was built for the Keeling and Clayton team", says Pertti. "Later on Steinar Stolen brought the car over to Norway and The California Charger was presented for the European public for the first time."
Pertti also tells us that nowadays there is a 540 engine and a Powerglide in the frame. "We make almost 100 runs to the engine before we take it apart to restore it!"
If you are interested in the cars history, the team has put it together nicely at:

Outlaw is one of the classes specific for Finland. We went to Joakim Wiklund to hear what's going on.
"Our car is originally built as a Pro Mod car and we bought it for this season", says Joakim "We also bought a 814cii (13,7 liter) Bob Ingles engine and paired it to a Powerglide transmission. This is our 3rd race with the car and we now have the engine running well. The car still needs to be worked on, tuning the 4-link, before we are satisfied."
The class has a 7,50 breakout and they run a Finnish Championship that includes 6 races.
"The class has developed a lot during the last years" says Joakim. "It now contains a lot of very good looking race cars of high standard."

The Silverline dragster of Dave Wilson has not performed better than 6th place in Top Methanol Dragster qualification, right before today's first runs.
"We are not making enough power" says Dave. "We built a new engine and combination this winter and have not got the horsepower that we expected. These injected nitro combinations seem to be a bit hard to pursue. You make adjustments and adjustments and nothing really happens, and then suddenly you have all the power there. Let's hope that is the fact the upcoming run" Dave continues with a smile.
Tommy Leindahls team in Pro Stock are now using engines from Bob Ingles and is also using a Leanders/Clutch Service clutch.
"We would really like to test more, and we have certainly tried! We have been at three different smaller events, but have not been able to do any real testing. Rain and lack of traction good enough for this type of cars have left us with no track time at all beside Main Event."
Pictured is Conrad Stanley, well known Super Gas racer, which is crewing with Tommy Leindahl this season. "The class needs participants from more countries", says Tommy.
Micke Kågered destroyed a complete engine at the last qualifying run yesterday afternoon. "We are desperately searching for a problem that has been haunting us for a long time now", say Micke. Emil, Mickes Crew chief (picture) fills in: "It is an intermittent problem and it doesn't appear to be tuning related in any way. It just doesn't make sense"!
"Of course it is hard on the budget for the team, but my biggest concern right now is that it's draining the positive spirit and attitude in my excellent team, says Micke. "I'm working drag racing every hour awake, and all my guys are thinking drag racing around the clock, and we haven't really been rewarded for that in while now, so we do need to find the problem soon!"
Late Thursday night the team of Richard "Nixxon" Sundblom received a wooden box by airfreight. It was a new Jenkins engine that has been slightly modified by Tomi Laine before being sent overseas.
"The engine arrived 23,30 on Thursday night", says team member Markus (pictured). "We decided to use the old one during yesterday's runs and we qualified well", says Nixxon. "With the weather being very hot today it hard to believe that anyone would improve their ETs in a big way today, so we gamble a bit and installed this new untested engine. It will be an interesting day!"
An independant TV production company, with their roots in racing, is currently making a series named Racers. It will be 6 programs including an one our special. They are filming 3 Swedish teams, The Lindberg Bros in Pro Mod, Anders Holmberg running a fantastic 68 Hemi Cuda in Superstock and Erik Andersson that has a turbo Pro Mod.
"It is 3 very different team, with 3 very different personalities and they are absolutely telling 3 different stories", says Jan Phersson that is one of the owner of the production company. The other owner is Micke Lindholm, pictured when filming Anders Holmberg.
First program in the series will be sent on TV4 Sport in Sweden the 21th of July.