2009 FIA Nitro Nationals

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The frontpage of the sports section of the major evening paper in Finland is all about Janne Ahonen and his son, both beeing drag racing drivers.

Marcus Svensson (former Pro Stock crew chief in US) runs his Stock/Superstock Dodge Dart here. At the same time he has his trailer converted to a complete clutch service shop for his company Clutch Service. "At the moment im mostly doing work for Pro Stock and Pro Mod cars, but every racer with any kind of clutch problem are wellcome" says Marcus.

When the rain keeps drizling the teams cant do much but socializing. Andy Carter and wife Sarah talking to Eddie Corr, from Jari Halinen team inside Micke Kågereds trailer

Tobbe Jansson (left) have worked with the Turners in Top Methanol Dragster for a while. What many dont know is that Tobbe got a methanol dragster of his own. He licensed in May at Gardermoen and raced it last weekend in Västerås. The car is run as a B/Dragster in Comp, at least for this year.

Kristian Nyström and team decided to test the car at Kamasa Tools Nationals here at Alastaro a couple of weeks ago. "We had problems at the Main Event. That was all gone and it went very well here at Alastaro. We ran 6,21 and 6,16 so we actually have the track record for Pro Mod here!" smile Kristian.
"The 6,16 was not a perfect run, I made a couple of small drivers error, so we could run even faster!"

Anders Abrahamson is back in Pro Stock Bike. "I took a year out last year, since my son was ill." explaines Anders. "The bike has a LOT of new things on it, so we concider it as a totally new bike. We tested two weeks ago in Sundsvall, but it will take a while to get everything in order"

Terje Håkonsen and team in Pro Mod are racing at Alastaro for the first time. "It is going to be very interesting" he says. "We heard that it can be a very fast track when you figure it out!"
Picture showing team member Hans Kåre in work.

FHRA Tech inspector Jari Kujala did a couple of fuel checks to get a reference to work from the racing begins.

Frank Göransson and a lot of the old crew for Leif Andréasson is back again! " I was talked int it again" says Frank. "And when we made 5.72, 5.74 and 5,79 in a string at the Main Event, I had the good old feeling back again" smiles Frank. When your reporter asked who is the Crew Chief, Frank emidiatelly replyed that "We are a team, and dont like titles. But if I really have to answer, I guess Im the one that might be called Crew Chief.

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