2009 FIA Nitro Nats

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  Derek Flynn sounded strong today. 5,61 took him to 5th spot in Top Methanol Dragster   Junior Funny Cars are not a usuall sight in Europe outside Finland.
  Samu Kemppainen torched a head in Super Twin.    Martin Bishop ran 7,58 to get a 4th spot in Pro Stock Bike.
  Mats Eriksson impressed everyone with his 6.11 to be low qualifier in Pro Mod.   Krister Johansson got his A-fueller really going. On top of the list in Top Methanol Dragster.
  Fredrik Fredlund, the reigning champion had problems today, ending up 3rd in Pro Stock Bike.   Leif Andréasson was #1 but got bumped down to 3rd before the day was over.
  Jonas Dantanus team did very well in thursdays golf-tournament. AND on track as well.   As always, the sportsman racing is great here at Alastaro. Roope Vihreäsaari did well in Super Gas Bike.
  Patrik Wikström tried a trick by staging far to the left in left lane first round today. Provided him with a 6th spot in Pro Mod.    Eero Knihtilä did not have one of his best day, sadly. Outside the ladder in 10th place in Pro Stock.
  Seems to be a sad rider in Pro Harley Drag?   Rob Turner and his team suffered from a minor valve train problem, but ended as 4th in TMD.
  Both cars from Stig Neergaard had a good day. Tommy Rosgaard ran a couple of good license passes and Stig ended 3rd in Top Fuel.   Hans Olof Olstad had problems today going up in smoke. Did better in last session and made a 7,05 run to 4th spot in Super Twin.
  Rickard Gustafsson seemed to lack his usuall power at the top end. Still didnt do bad, 6,81 and 3rd in Top Fuel Bike.   Timo Habermann overcame the mid season rule change for superchargers and did well.
  Leanders bros underestimated the track in the first round. Found the way later with the Charger bodied Top Metahnol Funny Car.   Urban Johansson Corvette is still one of the most beautiful cars in Pro Mod. And it is fast, 6,20 gave him second spot.

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