2007 Veidec Festival
Torsdag / Thursday

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A five-strong team of Super Gas bikes comprises www.solleracing.se of which Niclas Nyman (above) is a member. He started racing in Piteå in 1991 then after a break moved to Malmo and raced again from 1997. He has a turbocharged Honda CBR 900.

Another member of the team is Fredrik Andersson who explained that the team is based around a bike shop owned by Magnus Sollberg. Fredrik has been with the team for three years and runs a Suzuki GSX-R 1100 with a ported and polished head and larger carbs. Like most Super Gas bikes, the rear tyre is a road-racing slick.

Super Comp (8.90 index) is a class new to the Veidec Festival this year and Jonas Sunström's Kawasaki ZZR1400 (above), fitted with a turbo and swing arm rear suspension is a fine example, running a best so far of 8.97/262kmh. It's Jonas's first year in the class.

Johan Samuelsson suffered severe engine damage in the Comp Eliminator Viper GTS on his first burnout when a dropped intake valve resulted in damaged block and pistons. "We can't repair for this meeting but we want to rebuild before the end of the season to see if we can retake the title of quickest turbo doorslammer in Europe from Paolo Andreini", said Johan.

Dennis Glanby and Michel Strand, mechanics for Team Bankrobber, survey the damage from a bent steering arm (above). Dennis said "The motor is working fine and the trans is great but we are getting shake and wheelspin off the line. The '59 Plymouth Suburban station wagon runs in AA/A and in spite of the problems off the line ran a best speed of 283 kph at the top end. The huge machine is expected to run 7.6 or 7.7 but may have to call a halt if the problems can't be sorted.

The B/NA Pontiac Star Chief of Lars-Åke Karlsson was no. 7 after two rounds of qualifying. Lars-Åke has owned the car since 1989 and Mats Eriksson rebuilt the chassis in 1995, his first complete chassis fabrication. The rest was done by Lars-Åke who is having a busy weekend as his crew chief is unable to attend.

Tero Tupala (above) dons his helmet for another run in the Eagle Racing dragster. "This is my first year driving the car having been a mechanic with Eagle Racing for two years", he said. "I enjoy doing both as you really get to know the car." The best this weekend is a 7.21 although last year the car ran as fast as 7.04 with different parts.

Mikael Lind runs this '88 Camaro in GT/AA and it has not disappointed with its wheels-up launches. "The car runs on a 10.40 index and our best to date is 9.70, but the engine is not well this weekend", said Mikael. This is the car's first outing for seven years and a new motor is on its way. "We're on a bit of a learning curve but would like to go to the UK in September". The crew chief is Johnny Johansson and the car was originally built in North Carolina for Jeff and Charlie Taylor.

Jurgen Schubert (above) is from Germany and usually races at Wittstock. It's his first year in Super Gas and he bought the '67 Nova from fellow racer Ingo Pletke turnkey. The 5.8 litre SBC has a powerglide trans and Jurgen qualified fourth after the second session.

In 2008 Bosse Hall's Anglia celebrates 25 years in his ownership, the last ten of which have been in Super Gas. He usually races eight rounds but for the anniversary he is planning to do the whole NDRS championship including rounds at Santa Pod where he will come up against the UK Anglia 105Es. Bosse's numberplate shows his support of a well-known Swedish drag racing web site.

Stefan Fallkvist has found the track lacking grip for his Ford 27T roadster which was built by Jon Nilsson in 1992. The car runs a 440 cu in Chrysler with Powerglide trans and Stefan has raced it since 2004. Previously he ran the Dodge challenger now campaigned by Jennifer Gustavsson.

Anders Envall (above, with new side netting) lost traction with his road-legal Super Gas Chevy Impala SS-96. "After our best of 9.84 at Santa Pod last year where the fuel pressure dropped off the start, we have changed the fuel system. Now traction is the problem even with an aggressive 4-link setting. The car is usually driven to the racetrack, but trans problems resulted in it being towed and a spare trans being used this time."

Lars Bodén runs this E/S Ford Fairlane and is also involved in Magnus Hansson's Pro Stock team. The Stock/Super Stock association supports this class and raises funding as well as co-ordinating racers. They run the 2007 NHRA rulebook. Lars showed us the aftermarket heads which have to be certified and stamped by NHRA. These have helped the car to a best of 10.97/196kph with a 390cu in motor. Lars is no. 1 qualifier after two sessions.

Fredrik Frisberg's '64 Plymouth Sport Fury has a 426 cu in Max Wedge engine and has been in S/SS since 2004. Fredrik, who has raced since 1996, built the car himself and it has run a best of 10.71/202kph, winning the recent Malmö race.

Ari Körkkö runs this SS/EA Camaro which regularly is stood on its rear bumper and went on one wheel at Västerås recently, still keeping in its lane on touch-down. Ari's best is 9.96/220kph but is two tenths off that currently and future participation this weekend is in doubt with odd noises from the rear end.

Well-known for its hood scoop (made by Peter Lantz) that is almost as tall as the driver,Pontus Liberg, this Camaro runs Top Doorslammer normally. Pontus has entered it in Comp Eliminator in support of ponsors Bravida Yit and Vianor. Crew chief is father Kalle Liberg. The car which is Pro Mod legal runs a SBC on methanol with a 4-speed airshifted Lenco. His best is 7.82/282kph.

Janne Soderquist's '92 Trans Am (above) has made the trip over from Finland and was no.1 qualifier in the first session of Super Gas. Janne has run the car for three years and installed a 410cu in SBC and Powerglide into the rolling chassis. He is sponsored by local VW dealer Automarkku Oy and crewman is Marki Honkala.

Pitted alongside Janne is 2006 NDRS Super Gas champion Harri Forsten. The championship went down to the wire when at the finals Harri needed to go three rounds further than Håkan Mattson to win. Håkan went out in the first round and Harri won the event and the championship. The '27T Roadster was built by Jon Nilsson and has a 565BBC and Powerglide; Harri's crew are Miia Saarinen and Santeri Virta .

Stig Andersson's very tidy Super Gas '56 Chevy (above) has its race debut this weekend. Stig built the car in one year and got his license at Malmö last weekend. The car is metal except for plastic hood and fenders and the 505cu in BBC was built by Per Bergströ who runs a Super Comp dragster in the same team.

Halvor Överby had a great time at the Main Event and some thirty pictures of the Opel Kapitan can be seen in a six page feature in the June edition of Opel Scene magazine. Despite water on the slicks allegedly from the previous night's washing the car down, Halvor qualified no.2 in Super Street.

Anders Soderberg's Dodge Dart qualified no.1 in Super Street. Pictured with the car is Eurodragsternorth.com chief Tezzii, who is with the team this weekend and set up an in-car camcorder to picture Anders at work. Although the speed was off 5-10km/h, the car qualified no.1 in the first session.

Magnus Johansson has raced his Pontiac GTO in Super Comp for two years but has been a regular top ten finisher in the championship for a long period. He lives 30km from Mantorp and has brought the car back after engine damage at last year's race. The car has a 413 cu in SBC and homebuilt Powerglide trans. Magnus's fiancee Christine Strindler's son Daniel runs a Junior Modified dragster in the same team.

Mats Brag's pristine AA/A Camaro was built in Australia by Brad Anderson in 2003, run by Jay Payne in 2004 and then stored for two years. Mats imported it at the start of 2007 and installed a SBC of 414 cu in with Liberty Extreme trans being used for the first time here. His best time in the car is 6.76 at 335km/h but a slipping blower belt meant a shut-off in the first round of qualifying in Comp Eliminator. Mats is currently 4th in the championship.

Linus Wallberg is driving in Super Gas at the age of 16. Linus is from Västerås and raced in Junior Dragster for five years. The Opel Kadet that he is driving is borrowed from Jan Sjöberg who races it in the bracket class and Linus is helped by dad Leif. His best time today is 10.11

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