2007 Veidec Festival
Fredag / Friday

Photos ©Roger, Tog (Press Day)

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Arto Höylä was in the first pair of the day and clocked 6.0641 in his Top Methanol Dragster...

...in the other lane was Eurodragster.com News sponsor Derek Flynn with his first run on his Hemi engine.

Timo Habermann laid down a 5.8271 which is currently good for fifth in TMD.

Krister Johansson's injected-nitro TMD put in a clean run with all pipes lit, and as usual made things fall off shelves in Race Control.

Dave Wilson leads TMD qualifying by two tenths of a second...

...from fellow Brit Rob Turner.

Belgium's Danny Bellio led off the Top Methanol FC qualifying session and clocked 6.1539.

Jonas Staflund is a welcome returnee to TMFC.

Leif Andréasson leads Top Methanol FC after session 1 with a 5.8313.

Kjell Sjöblom hit bad shake in his qualifying pass and got off the throttle.

Ulf Leanders also had shake and had a go at driving through it before backing off.

Micke Callin blasted into the sixes in Pro Stock qualifying.

We were very pleased to see Tommy Leindahl back on track after his recent crash.

Peter Emilsson is sixth of thirteen in Pro Stock at 7.0219.

Jan Palmqvist is halfway up the field at 7.1581.

Magnus Hansson pulled a 1.0050 sixty foot time and shut off early yet still clocked 7.1999.

Michael Malmgren and Jimmy Ålund sat out a long rain break and then Michael blasted a new track record 6.8420.

Patrik Wikström's return pass was an easy-looking early shut-off 6.7012 which was good for ninth in Pro Mod.

Kaj-Erik Niemenen is a new name to the Eurodragster.com team but we were very pleased to make the acquaintance of his pretty Pro Mod 'Vette.

Kristian Nyström laid down a 6.6992 off the trailer in Pro Mod qualifying but the car disappeared in a cloud of smoke at the top end.

Taz takes care of the intimidation of Hans Knuters' Pro Mod rivals.

Our assistant pit reporter Kirstie sat in the Lindahl Brothers' Pro Mod Camaro yesterday and today Micke Lindahl broke the track record. We call that a "reverse Tramming". For more details ask Kirstie's brother Spencer.

As was rumoured before the race, Pro Mod racer Mats Eriksson has Australian Top Doorslammer legend Victor Bray with him this weekend.

Micke Lindahl held the Pro Mod track record for a few moments before Andy Robinson took it off him with a 6.2501 for #1 qualifying spot.

Stig Neergaard kicked his Personal Best out of the facility in Top Fuel Dragster qualifying with a 5.1970.

It must be the day for Personal Bests since Tommi Haapanen blasted into the fours for the first time today, his 4.9248 put him in third.

Janne Ahonen is sixth in Top Fuel Dragster with a 5.2549.

Micke Kågered was another racer clocking a Personal Best in Top Fuel Dragster qualifying with a 4.8331 which was good for #2 spot.

Urs Erbacher...#1 qualifier...speed record...you know how it goes.

Lex Joon had a Top Fuel Dragster / guardrail / fag paper moment and threw his blower belt when he had to pedal to straighten things out.

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