2007 Stunt Night, Santa Pod Raceway

Photos ©Peter Donaldson

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Martin Hill's Fireforce 3 Jet FC loomed out of the darkness.

Martin put on his usual flame and thunder show...

...and had the crowd clapping and cheering for an encore.

John Everitt welcomed fellow Super Pro ET racer Sam Freeman into the Alien pit.

Jumping Johnny the Jeweller pulled the burnout of the night...

...then in the cold conditions lit them up again at the hit.

Same story on John's second run as the tyres started to blaze off the line but the crowd loved it.

Junior Dragster racer Matthew Seamarks and his dad are always amongst the first to volunteer when drag racing needs promoting.

Matthew put on a good show for the watching kids...

...and the family aspect was to the fore.

Matthew clocked an eight-second pass over the eighth in far from ideal conditions. Note the addition of a parachute pack!

Where does Steve Warner get his energy? He never stops working when he's at Santa Pod and still finds time to drive the Two Seater Dragster.

The conditions were not ideal for drag racing so Steve pulled two burnouts.

On his second pass Steve ran in the nines at 143 mph into an unlit shutdown area.

Terry Grant saw on-track action with his usual Legend and TVR show...

...and the AWOL Stunt Ryderz concentrated on bike stunts rather than spelling.

SPRC Race Director Darren Prentice never stopped all night and he and his team did a great job...

...including Sam (She's Lovely) Stretton who ran the timing system with David Anniwell.

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