2007 London Drag Racing Show
London Motor Museum, 7th-8th July 2007

The London Drag Racing Show is taking place at the spacious former RAF West Ruislip, Aylsham Drive off Ickenham Road. The facility is spacious with plenty of parking space and the hall in which the show is taking place is well lit and airy. The London Motor Museum was set up by male model Elo in November 2006 and he has been working on the project since 2000. The concept is to place up to 100 classic American cars in a museum in easy reach of London. Several of them are on display in the open air this weekend, whereas the Drag Racing show is under cover.

The show has been organised Paul Knight who is supported by Eurodragster.com home and news page sponsor VP Racing fuels. Paul's Pontiac Trans Am is currently fourth in the Super Comp standings, but his time has been spent recently in booking the 35 cars and bikes that are present here this weekend. The show is a real treat for those who want to get to know the sport and see the cars and talk to the drivers at a more relaxed event than at the strip. You can also talk to representatives of Santa Pod and Shakespeare County. The show will be on tomorrow from 10am to 5pm and is highly recommended.

The Nostalgia Fuel Altered Association is represented by by Chaos and Xtreme Racing. Lawrie Gatehouse, class organiser, said that he is looking at a close to record entry for the Open Sports Nationals at Shakespeare County at the end of August. "We enjoyed the runs that Gary Page made as guest driver at the Summernationals, although the first run was spooilt by a snap ring jumping out of the Lenco on the burnout so the car couldn't go into reverse. On the second run, Gary clicked it at 700 feet to get data. What we found was highly encouraging. The plugs were in perfect condition, whereas in the past we have lost electrodes. So we now have the right combination, thanks to Dave Benjamin's advice at the Thunderball and since (he is racing at Salt Lake City this weekend). He advised us to change the gearing and we have gone with 34.5 inch tyres and changed the rear end gearing from 3.90 to 4.10.

"John's recovery from his broken shoulder is going well and the doctors are pleased with his progress. We hope he will be driving Chaos once again at August as John really wants to be the first to run a six in Chaos.

Dennis Wratten's six at the Summernationals was only his third run in the car, the previous runs having been 7.66 and 7.2, and he will be racing more regularly now he has the bugs ironed out. We're also looking for Neil Townson, who's car is really immaculate, and Pete Radcliffe to be joining us at the Open Sports Nationals."

Andy Carter's show car is on display with Gary Cottingham staying in the country as Andy is at Alastaro this weekend with the race car. Gary is responsible for team photography, web updates and merchandise. Andy has been in touch by mobile phone and was pleased with the launch on his first qualifying run which ended up as a blower belt shredding 6.49. "We do about ten to twelve shows a year with the show car", said Gary. "We are doing two at Billing this year and the show car will be out at the Bug Jam and other events at the Pod, along with our merchandise stand". Gary has also been organising the 'Inside Top Fuel' VIP package where spectators can buy a weekend package to get pit access and feel part of the team.

Gino Bernadine is in attendance with his Pro ET Cosworth motor Escort. He said "The Summernationals was a dream for us as we went to the semi-finals, which shows the work we have put on the car is coming to fruition." Even so, the meeting was not all smooth running until then. "We lost our laptop through water damage and couldn't see our data so we kept the same tune in it and dialled in 9.6s when we knew the car was running 9.5s and backed off at the top end. Our best is a 9.05 at 147mph. The engine has turbo, injection and nitrous and has run 730bhp on the dyno without nitrous. Nitrous should add another 200bhp. "We've still some way to go as John Tebenham has got 880bhp without nitrous and runs 7.7s although he has a Liberty box whereas I have a C4 box". Gino has run his car since 1984 adding a self-built tube chasssis in 2000 with the help of brother Trevor. Gino is now sponsored by Vulcan Engineering and Wizard of NoS. Future plans include running the Peak Performance day on 17 August and installing a water and ice intercooler which will help raise the power to 800hp.

Congratulations to local girl Viv Maclennan from Ickenham, winner of the Eurodragster.com competition for free tickets for the London Drag Racing Show. Although Viv's husband has been a drag racing fan "man and boy", it's her first time to the races this year and she's enjoyed it greatly.

Malcolm Motler's Morris Minor pickup could be making its only appearance this year this weekend. "We will be moving house from Hayes to Camberley and need to buy a new garage large enough to work on the car. So it will be in storage for a few months and I have been helping with Steve Wells and Andy Chilton - I think I would go mad if I couldn't do anything at the track". Steve Wells' performance has improved to 9.3s with more to go after the new Hilborn injection system was installed. Meanwhile Malcolm's plans are to put a Procharger on the 374 cu in small block engine. "We're getting all the parts from Steve Morris racing Engines in the US who has been recommended highly to us." The result should be a horsepower increase from 560 to around 750, enough to place the car firmly in the nine second bracket, Malcolm's best being a 10.00.

Steve Bolton's Scamp and Paul Marston's Calibra are on display. Steve said "Before the Summernationals I was no. 1 in the Pro ET points but have now slipped a little. I broke out on our qualifier and was up against Tig Napier in round one. My finger slipped off the transbrake button and I red-lit - I will now be fitting a large mushroom shaped button." Steve's car came over as a rolling shell and Gary Springford fitted the engine and gearbox. I've nothing but praise for his work." With six cars running, the team members help each other out. "Paul's having a dabble in Super Mod. He's running a 555cu in Shafiroff motor without gas and with a Powerglide trans, but in a light car and said he wanted to stir things up a bit." Bug Jam is the place to see whether the owner of Britain's only Drag Racing School can beat up on the established runners of this competitive class.

Matthew Seamarks is here with his immaculate Junior Dragster which is for sale. Matthew who is supported by Dad Steve, said "I've been racing for five years and whilst I can race in Junior Dragster until I'm 18, we would like to sell, have a year working for Dave Day and then look to get enough funds to compete in Super Gas or Super Comp in 2009." The junior is from Half Scale in New Jersey and was imported as a rolling chassis and married up to a JR Race Cars billet motor from Colorado. "The car has gone 7.4s at 87.7 at a RWYB", said Matthew. Sponsors are The Curry Garden (who have become sponsors of Eurodragster.com news page) and Panel Craft of Rushden who sprayed the car.

Phil Toppin recently debuted his new car, which is the ex Tim Hynes Pro Mod Sierra run in the late 80s/early 90s. "We've had the chassis tagged to 8.5 with a new centre section to go where the Lenco went and a blown 512cu in Ford motor. "We bought the car and the motor turnkey and then spent most of 2006 rebuilding it", said Phil. "The blower is a BDS 6-71 with large vanes which I had checked by UK Blowers. The engine was totally rebuilt with new parts and on the first run we did a 300foot launch which ran through to a 14 and I was really pleased with it. We calculated that the motor should put out 800hp. The trans is an ATI 'Glide with a 4-5,000 stall convertor and transbrake. We had a transbrake on the Pop but didn't use it with success, but this should be a lot straighter on the launch. We will run in in Pro ETs, go low nines with little stress on the engine, which will only have about 5lbs boost. That way we can do the chasing rather than be chased, and be in control of the race.

Phil is part of the Feltham Urban Car Club with Terry Spenceley, Dave Russell (on welding duties), Big Joe Williams, Big John and Yorkie. The Club is in the middle of other projects and Dave and Joe will be bringing out the Marina Van that Phil raced in Street Eliminator three years ago with a blown Big Block and tube chassis, its colour being a classified secret. Big John has a Chevy Truck on the way, and Terry an Anglia 105E.

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